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735-4098/410-0250 - 1 -
I. Drugs affecting the Eyes, Ears, and Nose.
Glaucoma- Acetazolamide (Diamox) inhibits
the aqueous humor production.
- Pilocarpine (Pilocar).
Rhinorrhea- Phenyleprine.
Otitis edia- hi!h dose o" oral Amoxicillin.
Aller!ic rhinitis- Diphenhydramine (#enadryl)
and $hlorphenyramine %hich are
- &oratidine ($laritin)' cetirizine ($l ()yrtec).
II. Drugs affecting the Central and Peripheral
Nervous System
*tatus +pilepticus- ,- diazepam (-alium) or
lorazepam (
- ,- phenytoin (Dilantin) or Phenobarbital.
- -alproic acid.
/ebrile seizure - ,- or rectal diazepam (-alium).
$erebral edema - annitol by promotin!
osmotic diuresis.
ysathenia ! - Pyridosti!mine (estinon)
inhibits acetylcholinesterase acti.ity.
Par0inson1s Disease - &e.odopa (&-dopa)' acts
as dopamine a!onist.
III. Drugs affecting the Cardiovascular System
Patent ductus arteriosus- ,ndomethacin
(,ndocin)' an 2*A,D.
$on!esti.e (eart /ailure - Di!oxin (&anoxin)' a
cardiac !lycoside that enhances the a"terload.
- Dopamine and Dobutamine' due to its #eta-3
adrener!ic e""ect.
yocardial ,n"arction- +pinephrine (Adrenalin).
- orphine' a narcotic a!ent "or se.ere pain.
-entricular "ibrillation- &idocaine.
- -erapamil.
*inus #radycardia- Atropine sul"ate. Palpitation related to hyperthyroidism- Propranolol (,nderal) by bloc0in! #-3 adrene!ic acti.ity. Palpitation or hypertension %ith underlyin! $OPD- etoprolol (2eobloc).
Matthew 6:33
But seek ye frst the kingdom of
God, and his righteousness; and
all these things shall be added
unto you.
IV. Drugs affecting the Respiratory System
Pulmonary +dema- /urosemide (&asix).
- (ydrochlorothiazide ((ydrodiuril).
*tatus Asthmaticus4Anaphylactic shoc0-
+pinephrine (Adrenalin).
#ronchial asthma- ,soproterenol (,suprel)' an
adrener!ic a!ent %ith #eta-5 e""ect.
- 6heophylline (6heodur)' inhibits the slo%-
reactin! substance o" anaphylaxis
- 6erbutaline (#ricanyl)' *almeterol (*eretide).
- ,patropium bromide ($ombi.ent)' an
anticholiner!ic a!ent.
#ronchospasm %ith cardiac disease-
etaproterenol' 6erbutaline' *almeterol'
/ormoterol' and Albuterol.
All are pure #eta-5 adrener!ic a!onist.
7hoopin! cou!h- $odeine' a narcotic a!ent
%ith antitussi.e acti.ity.
V. Drugs affecting the astrointestinal System
Acute Pancreatitis and $holecystitis-
Propantheline bromide (Probanthine)' an
anticholiner!ic a!ent.- orphine.
Abdominal cramps related to diarrhea
- Atropine sul"ate.
2ausea and .omitin!- etoclopromide (Plasil)'
Promethazine ($l (Phener!an)' and
Ondansetron ()o"ran).
All are antiemetic a!ents.
(eartburn and !astritis- AlO(' !O(' $a$O8'
2a5$O8' antacids that neutralizes the acidity.
- Omeprazole (&osec)' +someprazole (2exium)'
are proton-pump inhibitors.
- Ranitidine ()antac)' /amotidine (Pepcid)' are
(5- receptor anta!onists.
Peptic 9lcer Disease- *ucral"ate ($ara"ate)
coats the ulcer-linin!.
P9D related to (. pylori in"ection- $ombination o" #ismuth' Amoxicillin' and etronidazole. - $ombination o" Omeprazole' Amoxicillin' and $larithromycin (most e""ecti.e).
N!"#NG $%&'" #N B!#($
%))lied *harm+ology

DR. CARL E. BALITA REVIEW CENTER TEL. NO. 735-4098/410-0250 - 2 -
$onstipation in patients %ith ,' stro0e' post-
sur!ical procedures- &actulose.
,rritable #o%el *yndrome- Psyllium (etamucil).
VI. Drugs affecting the Renal System
$on!esti.e (eart /ailure- /urosemide (&asix)'
a loop diuretic inhibitin! sodium and chloride
2ephrotic *yndrome- /urosemide (&asix).
(yperaldosteronism- *pironolactone
VII. Drugs affecting the Endocrine System
Diabetes ellitus- Oral hypo!lycaemic a!ents
- ,nsulin.
(yperthyroidism- ethimazole and
Propylthiouracil' antithyroid a!ents that
pre.ents "ormation o" 68 and 6:.
(ypothyroidism- &e.othyroxine (*ynthroid).
Addison1s Disease- (ydrocortisone (*olu-
VIII. !ntimicro"ial !gents
#acterial Pneumonia in in"ants and children ;
< years old- Amoxicillin %ith cla.ulanic acid
#acterial Pneumonia in older children and
adolescents- +rythromycin (community-
- ,- ce"uroxime (hospital-acquired).
Pulmonary 6uberculosis- Ri"ampicin
(Rimactane)' ,soniazid (,2()' Pyrazinamide
&eprosy- Dapsone.
$holera- 6etracycline.
Amebiasis- etronidazole (/la!yl).
*hi!ellosis- $otrimoxazole (#actrim).
,n"lammatory #o%el Diseases- *ul"asalazine
$irrhosis %ith (epatic $oma- 2eomycin.
Osteomyelitis- 2a"cillin' $lindamycin (Dalacin-$).
I#. !ntiparasitic !gents +nterobiasis (Pin%orms) and Ascariasis (Round%orms) - ebendazole. alaria- $hloroquine' Primaquine' and =uinine.
#. Drugs affecting the $ematologic System
Patients %ith history o" , or *tro0e- Aspirin
(Aspilet)' an antiplatelet dru!.
Patients %ith Arrhythmia or those prone to
6hromboembolism- 7ar"arin ($oumadin) and
(eparin sodium.
Pulmonary +mbolism' *tro0e' ,- *trepto0inase
and 9ro0inase' %hich blood clots.
#I. Drugs that affect the %usculos&eletal System
Rheumatoid Arthritis- Aspirin.
Gout- $olchicine.
- Allopurinol.
#II. Drugs for '"stetrical (ses
9terine Atony- Oxytocin (*yntocinon).
- ethyler!ono.ine (ether!in).
Preterm &abor- 6erbutaline (#ricanyl).
Preeclampsia- (ydralazine (Apresoline).
- ethyldopa (Aldomet).
+clampsia- a!nesium sul"ate.
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