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I had many problems getting the 'MultiPlayer of Call Of Duty 5 world at war' to work
so I took the time to make a 'little' tutorial.
-- this should work fine .. tested on 2 PCs...
! P!"#! $!"D %&! '&O! %&I() *!C"+#! I%'s (!C!##"$, !
1.install game
2.install patch 1.2 then 1.4
3.create the following folders
for XP bos! C!"#ocuments and $ettings"%user name%"&ocal $ettings"'pplication
and for *ista girls! C!"+sers"%user
4. in the profiles folder -, create a new folder of folder will be our future account
0. in the profiles folder -again/ -, create acti(e.t1t -te1t document/
-- ou should now ha(e 2 things in the %profiles folder% 2, acti(e.t1t and a folder that goes b
our future account name --
3. open the acti(e.t1t and write the future account name into it. -if our future account name is
%lol% then write %lol% into the acti(e.t1t/
4. now ou need the %pbsetup% application - here!
Code- #ele.t all
7. run the pbsetup - , click add game and select Call of #ut! )orld at )ar
-- ou should see it now below -8n the application of course/ --
9. click %check for updates% button and it will update our pb-client to the newest (ersion.
1:. after the P;setup ou will need this -, %C<#0 Pri(at Client Patch 1.4 =< P; >8C>% it%s
an application? that ou will run in background .. -e(ertime ou wanna pla cod0mp/
/ use google or use this link-
Code- #ele.t all
http-00www.1inks not allowed only Dire.t inks are. $eport me.
9rapidshare download:
-somewhere it%s listed as malicious software? but ignore that/ - ou wanna pla? don%t ou 6
11. after downloading %C<#0 Pri(at Client Patch 1.4 =< P; >8C>% --, @+= 8A .
-- ou will get a nice logo of C<#0 --
ok; so here it .omes-
12. start Co#)a)mp.e1e -- - forget the cracked Co#)a)mp.e1e - ou need the original file
. /
13. ingame -, press B3 to enable the client patch - this will allow ou to connect to a cracked
ser(er - without pressing B3 the %Coin ser(er% button will not respond .
14. connect to a ser(er b adding it into our fa(orites or using console -, connect followed
b the desired ip address.
.ra.ked ser<erlist .an be found here-
Code- #ele.t all
10. ou show now be able to pla online? 9*+% $!"D O( !!!:
---, after the game is starting up ou need to press B4 to deacti(ate the client patch -, -if ou
dont do that - after 1minute -, error C<@@+PA memor error will occur/
// $!M!M*!$ / after e1iting a ser(er? ou need to repeat the process with B3 and B4 if ou
want to connect again to the same or a different ser(er .
"DDI%IO(" I(=O %&"% I# $!""""", (!C!##"$, %O >(O' !!!
after our e1it the game -return to windows/ and want to pla again ou will =DD# A< #<
1. go to our profiles folder -that ou created in step 3./ and open our account folder
2. in it -, delete the configEmp.cfg file - if ou not gonna do this - forget about plaing again
-this is necessar? because if not deleted before each pla -, =< P&'F ./
hint 1.! if a %GGG% folder is created b itself in the profiles folder - ou did something wrong .
-delete it and re-do the step 3./
hint 2.! DO (O% D!!%! ,O+$ "CCO+(% =OD!$ - ou will loose all progress? Cust
delete the configEmp file ..
hint 3.! b deleting the configEmp file? the settings ingame -like controls and graphics? also
custom class names/ will be reset to defaults. - pittfull? but true...
it will not delete our custom classes thou... Cust the names of them ..
AH'A%s 8A? if ou still not managed to make it work . 8 dont know .. ou should get help ...
write me a PH.
-not sure if the post is compliant with the forum rules? so please notif me/
+PD"%! on (O P* CI!(%- 96.3:
here%s the 1.4!
Code- #ele.t all

http!55m:::1.gamecopworld.com5games5pcEcallEofEdutE0.shtmlICall of #ut! )orld at
)ar (1.4 J)8=#<)$K P@8*'AD C&8D=A P'ACH
1. Change your GUID. Take a look at this post for further info and downloads.
2. Use to reinstall your !unkbuster and to update it.
". #pen $regedit$ by selecting $%un$ fro& the $'tart$ &enu( type $regedit$ and click $#)$.
*rowse to $+),-./#C0/.10C+I2,3'#4T50%,3,lectronic 0rts3,0 Ga&es3*attlefield 23ergc$ and highlight $ergc$ in the left
pane. /ook at the encrypted key in the right pane 6long string7 net to $6Default7$.
6#n 89:bit syste&s( the key will be located in $+),-./#C0/.10C+I2,3'#4T50%,35ow89"22ode3,lectronic 0rts3,0
Ga&es3*attlefield 23ergc7
%ight click on $6Default7$ in the right pane( select $1odify$ fro& the contet &enu( type $;";2$ at the beginning of the $<alue
data$ and click $ok$.