Philippine Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes (Executive Order 51


Brief history…
• 1981 International Code of Marketing was approved by the members of the World Health Assembly
– 118 countries voted in favor – As of today 163 Countries are implementing the International Code

• 1986 Philippine Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes (EO51) was signed by President Corazon C. Aquino
– The first law in Asia

Aim of the Code
From a press statement of Sec. Benzon last October 28,1986
“ The Code in effect aims to contribute to the provision of safe and adequate nutrition of infants by the protection and promotion of breastfeeding;”

Scope of the Code
“The Code applies to the Marketing, and practices related thereto, of the following products: breastmilk substitutes, including infant formula; other milk products, foods and beverages, including bottle fed complementary foods, when marketed or otherwise represented to be suitable, with or without modification, for use as a partial or total replacement of breastmilk; bottles and teats. It also applies to their quality and availability, and to information concerning their use.”

Key issues Covered by the Code
• Intensification of the dissemination of information on breastfeeding and proper nutrition • Regulation of Advertising, Marketing and Distribution of breastmilk substitutes and other related products, including bottles and teats

Key issues covered by the Code
• Banning on the use of the health care system for the promotion of infant formula and other related products • Banning on donation, samples and other giveaways by milk companies to health workers and the general public

The Code and the Health Workers
Sect. 6 (b) “Manufacturers and distributors shall not be permitted to give, directly or indirectly, samples and supplies of products within the scope of this Code or GIFTS of any sort to any member of the general public, including members of their families, to hospitals and other health institution, as well as to personnel within the health care system “

The Code and the Health Workers
• Sect.7(b) “ No facility of the health care system should be used for the purpose of promoting infant formula and other products within the scope of this Code.” • Sect.7 (c) “ Facilities of the health care system shall not be used for the display of products within the scope of this Code, or for placards or posters concerning such products”

The Code and the Health Workers
• Sect 8(a) “Health workers shall encourage and promote breastfeeding and shall make themselves familiar with objective and consistent information on maternal and infant nutrition, and with their responsibilities under this Code

The Code and the Health Workers
Sec. 8(b) Information provided by manufacturers and distributors to health professionals regarding products within the scope of this Code shall be restricted to scientific and factual matters, and such information shall not imply or create the belief that bottle feeding is equivalent or superior to breastfeeding

Question 1: What materials should we accept from the Milk Companies?
Role Game: IAC and the Industry (10 minutes) -3 minutes study the materials -7 minutes IAC will tell us why the materials violates the Code and the Industry will tell us why the materials instead are in full compliance with the Code

Question 2: Why are children born in hospitals, and to Health Workers less likely to breastfeed than those born at home?

Even if you Promote Breastfeeding…

Your messages are clear…

…DHA will make your child grow and be smart

They create child geniuses …and has nucleotides like BM

…and will make your babies beautiful

…and supplies your needs… clocks…conferences …mother’s classes

Gifts of any kind given to health workers: Why?

They want us to be comfortable with their giveaways?

Would you sell the health of your children for a few hundred pesos?

Many do…

Source: Photos taken during monitoring, December 2003

Rampant violations of the Milk Code: Mother Classes conducted my Milk Companies

June, 2007 Milk Code Monitoring

• Prevent misconceptions from
– Advertisements – Health workers

• Transform health workers to advocate Breastfeeding • Establish supportive home, community and work environments • Gain political will and commitment

What can you do to save children’s lives in your Community
• Enforce the Milk Code in your Community, Workplace & health facility:
- No milk companies supported activities - No health workers/BHWs promoting/selling infant formula and other breastmilk substitutes - No materials/items that promotes infant formula and other breastmilk substitutes should be present

• Pass city/municipal/barangay support of the Milk Code



Your Choice! Your Country’s Future! Be one of us in Promoting, Protecting and Advocating Breastfeeding!

Thank You!