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F ull Gospel Lighthouse Church, Inc.

624 Torringford West St., PO o! "2#", Torrington, CT #6$%#&"2#"

Phone' "&()6#*&4)%&4"+$
P.stor' /e0. 1.niel ossid2
July 2014
Dear Friend,
Greetings to you on this beautiful summer day! I'm very thanful the !ord is
moving by "is #$irit, and to be a $art of it is %ust great& ' (hristian )oman
re*ently re*eived $rayer at the *hur*h be*ause of e+*ru*iating $ain in her %a)&
'fter )e $rayed, the $ain subsided and the mus*les rela+ed signifi*antly, and she
testified that Jesus ans)ered $rayer! #he is very ha$$y and getting ba* to living
,here is a verse of #*ri$ture in my heart today that is found in Malachi 3:6
that says, -For I am the Lord, I change not;- ,hat's a $o)erful verse be*ause
everything in this life *hanges, from finan*es to governments. youth to old age.
relationshi$s to material goods. from ho) )e loo at things to the out*ome of our
de*isions& /verything here on earth *hanges in one )ay or another& If nothing else
has *hanged in your life, you're still *hanging! 0ou are older no) than )hen you
first started reading this letter! I am not that old, but I have been on earth long
enough to no) that life is s series of *hanges and I must ada$t to these *hanges&
1ut I also no) that there is 2ne )ho has never *hanged in all the years I have
no)n "im3 the !ord Jesus (hrist& "e never *hanges! "e is the same yesterday,
today, and forever 4Hebrews 13:85& I have learned that I *an run to "im des$ite all
the things I fa*e on a daily basis& I *an turn to "im in lonely times, diffi*ult times,
and $la*es of my life )hen I no) that no one no)s )hat I am feeling, thining,
or going through& ,he assuran*es )e have from the 6ord of God gives me ho$e in
an un*hanging God!
Titus 3: ! " says, -#ut a$ter that the %indness and lo&e o$ 'od our
(a&ior toward man a))eared, *ot b+ wor%s o$ righteousness which we ha&e
done, but according to His merc+ He sa&ed us,,,- 6e have a tenden*y to try to
fi+ )hat's )rong )ith our *hara*ter or nature and many times be*ome frustrated
be*ause )e fall ba* into the same $atterns as before& ,his is )hy God sent "is
#on into the )orld3 not to rehabilitate us sinners, but to regenerate us, or give us a
born again e+$erien*e& 0ears ago our *ountry s)it*hed from leaded fuel to
unleaded fuel& ,he old engines *annot run effi*iently on unleaded fuel& It )as
in*onvenient and *ostly and franly, a $ain in the ne* )hen the *hange *ame!
,he advent of unleaded fuel )as the start of the demise of my old faithful *ar 4and
very first *ar, might I add5& ,he more I tried to fi+ that *ar the )orse it got& I
finally gave u$ and started over )ith a ne)er *ar& 7o more fuel8related $roblems!
1ut that's lie us& 6e sin time and energy into rehabilitating our *hara*ter but fall
short time and time again be*ause our $roblems are not al)ays natural or even
ne*essarily $ersonality disorders& 9any of our issues are s$iritual& 6e have a
broen s$irit, )hi*h only God our #avior *an fi+& Jesus *ame to give us a brand
ne) start& 7o matter ho) young or old you are, you must be born again! Jesus
said so, in -ohn 3:3, ./eril+, &eril+, I sa+ unto +ou, 01ce)t a man be born
again, he cannot see the %ingdom o$ 'od&- "e then )ent on to e+$lain that there
are t)o distin*t natures3 one natural and the other s$iritual& ,he first nature is
)here )e live today& It is material, it is natural, )ith everything that goes )ith it&
6e live in a beautiful, but fla)ed, )orld& It has a time $eriod atta*hed& It is but for
a season& 2ur fo*us is self8$reservation& ,he se*ond nature is of an endless
*reation& ,he fo*us of this nature is the !ord our God, the Giver of life&
,he #*ri$ture says, -#ut as it is written, 0+e hath not seen, nor ear
heard, neither ha&e entered into the heart o$ man, the things which 'od hath
)re)ared $or them that lo&e Him- 4I 2orinthians 3:45& 6e *annot imagine the
grandeur of heaven, the %oy of seeing dear de$arted loved ones, and the $ea*e of
no)ing )e are forever safe from danger, si*ness, and harm& 1ut far above all
these )onderful thoughts is the no)ledge that )e )ill be )ith Jesus (hrist, the
2ne )ho died on the *ross )hile )e )ere yet sinners! 6hen )e )ere far from "is
gra*e and undeserving of "is mer*y, "e still granted it to us& "e loved us before
)e )ere born. long before )e did good or )rong, long before )e *ould *hoose or
re%e*t "is salvation $lan& "e )as ind and generous enough to $rovide forgiveness
of sins and %ustifi*ation from every )rong by taing our blame, being $unished for
our transgressions& 0es, "e so loved our )orld that "e gave heaven's best& 7o)
the *hoi*e is ours& 6ill )e re*eive "im or not: 9y $rayer is that you )ill gladly
re*eive "im into your heart and let "im )ash you and *leanse you and *hange
your life so you )ill be able to stand before "im )ith *onfiden*e on that day&
!et me invite you to our *hur*h& 6e meet at ;24 ,orringford 6est #treet, in
,orrington, (,& 2ur s*hedule of servi*es is #unday at 10 '9 and < =9 and
6ednesday at <3>0 =9& ?ntil ne+t month, may God bless you!
@ev& Daniel 1ossidy