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Green Wednesday not Black Friday

Fri, Nov 27, 2009 4:00 PM - Wed, Dec 2, 2009 9:00 PM Central

Estate Auction with collectibles, vintage clothing, fancies, silver, art, jewelry, figurines, china, toys, books, records,
and more

Keep checking back as we are still uploading items.

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Lot# 1 High Bid: $0.00

Antique Wooden Folding Chair

Dark Brown Stain

Lot# 2 High Bid: $0.00

Two Dolls In Original Boxes- Bowing Party Whitney & A Holland Story Book Doll

Two Dolls in Original Boxes- Bowing Party Whitney & A Holland Story Book Doll

Lot# 3 High Bid: $0.00

A Hard Plastic Spiderman Figurine With String

Marvel Label

Lot# 4 High Bid: $3.00

Four Mother Of Pearl Handled Serving Pieces-two Have Sterling Marks On The Attaching Metal

Four Mother of Pearl Handled Serving Pieces-Two have Sterling marks on the Attaching metal

Lot# 5 High Bid: $0.00

Beautiful Crystal Biscuit Jar With No Chips Or Breaks And 8 Inch Crystal Bowl

Beautiful Crystal Biscuit Jar with no chips or breaks and 8 Inch crystal bowl

Lot# 6 High Bid: $0.00

Copper Ice Bucket


Lot# 7 High Bid: $0.00

The Three Magi-paper Machie'-18 Inches Tall

The Three Magi-Paper Machie'-18 inches Tall

Lot# 8 High Bid: $0.00

"The Prospector" 1 Troy Oz .999 Silver Coin

Lot# 9 High Bid: $5.00 11/29/2009
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"1933 Century Of Progress" Bookmark

Original Card

Lot# 10 High Bid: $3.00

8 Gold Rimmed Green Frosted Juice Glasses

Very Good condition

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Lot# 11 High Bid: $3.00

8 Gold Rimmed Green Frosted Water Glasses

Matching Above

Lot# 12 High Bid: $0.00

Antique Wooden Waterbury Clock Case

with Painted Victorian Woman on Front in very good condition(No Works Inside)

Lot# 13 High Bid: $0.00

Oversized Wheel Cut Crystal Sugar And Creamer

with green painted embellishments

Lot# 14 High Bid: $0.00

Plain Tin Match Safe

Plain Tin Match Safe

Lot# 15 High Bid: $0.00

Waterford Bottle Stop

with Green Sticker and Mark

Lot# 16 High Bid: $0.00

Wedgwood Jasperware Cameo Wall Hanging


Lot# 17 High Bid: $0.00

Battleship In Lucite Paperweight-adv For Construction Aggregates Corporation

Battleship in Lucite Paperweight-Adv for Construction Aggregates Corporation

Lot# 18 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of 4 Seasons Vintage Prints -4 By 6 Framed In Gold

Set of 4 Seasons Vintage Prints -4 by 6 framed in gold

Lot# 19 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Pair Of Metal Items-Cobbler's Tool And Hand Hammered Two Handled Plate

Pair of Metal Items-Cobbler's Tool and Hand Hammered Two handled Plate

Lot# 20 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Rubber Bathing Cap And Rubber Beach Shoes

Vintage Rubber Bathing Cap and Rubber Beach Shoes

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 21 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of 6 Hand Made Note Cards With Lady Cut Outs

with envelopes(Vintage)

Lot# 22 High Bid: $0.00

Huge 24 Inch Brass Decorative Plate

with a Rennisance Minstral Scene

Lot# 23 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Woven Tapestry Runner

Condition Old and Used

Lot# 24 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Very Vintage Handywork

Tatted Doily, Hand Made Lace Tablecloth-One Cross Stitched Tablecloth and One Embroidered

Lot# 25 High Bid: $0.00

12 Inch Gold Tree Top Angel Holding A Lute

12 Inch Gold Tree Top Angel Holding a Lute

Lot# 26 High Bid: $0.00

Stained Glass Terrarium With Chain

Stained Glass Terrarium with chain

Lot# 27 High Bid: $0.00

Brass Planter And Brass Napkin Holder

Napkin holder has roses on it

Lot# 28 High Bid: $0.00

Floral Bedroom Lamp

White with pink flowers- 17 inches tall 11/29/2009
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Lot# 29 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Decorative Plates, Glass Candle Holder, And Seashell Angel

one plate is imperial Austria, one plate is chokin, one plate is trisha romance

Lot# 30 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Umbrella With Lucite Handle

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 31 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Baby Picture In Oval Frame

frame condition poor- 22.5 inches tall x 19 inches wide

Lot# 32 High Bid: $3.00

Hov Man Torp Paperweight From Sweden

Depicts Old couple traveling

Lot# 33 High Bid: $3.00

Pair Of Metal Candlestick Lamps

21 inches tall- circa 40s- need to be rewired

Lot# 34 High Bid: $0.00

Pair Of Alabaster Lamps

11 inches tall- circa 50s

Lot# 35 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of Veranda Dishes

settings for six- dinner plates, soup bowls, salad plates, and oversized mugs

Lot# 36 High Bid: $0.00

Crystal Bud Vase

Crystal Bud Vase

Lot# 37 High Bid: $0.00

Clear Glass Water Pitcher

9 inches tall- good condition

Lot# 38 High Bid: $0.00


7 inches in diameter - excellent condition- not marked

Lot# 39 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Four Advertising Glasses From Prudential

"The Rock"

Lot# 40 High Bid: $0.00

Two Prints

One is called "Confidences", other is called "Debutantes"- vintage framed in gold- 8.5 x 12

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 41 High Bid: $0.00

Two Crystal Glass Holders

Each hold 12 goblets or stemware

Lot# 42 High Bid: $0.00

Stovetop Chrome Bun Warmer

Snow Flake Top

Lot# 43 High Bid: $0.00

Group Of Drawer Pulls And Other Hardware

Group of Drawer Pulls and other hardware

Lot# 44 High Bid: $0.00

Pottery Planter In Blue And Gold

No mark- 6 inches tall, 5 inches in diameter

Lot# 45 High Bid: $0.00

Aniversary Clock

German Koma Quartz- non battery gravity clock

Lot# 46 High Bid: $6.50

Male Stetson Fedora Hat

"The Sovereign" made for Maurice L. Rothschilds Company

Lot# 47 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Electronic Sandwich Maker From Late 40s

(George Forman predecessor)- Art Deco Style

Lot# 48 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Wooden Drying Rack

Small Size

Lot# 49 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Handthrown Teapot

Made by Scupe 1984

Lot# 50 High Bid: $0.00

Handpainted Tile From Audobon Iowa And Small Brown Jug Flower Pot

Handpainted Tile from Audobon Iowa and small brown jug flower pot

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 51 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Clear Glass Crystal

Vase and matching candle stick holder and press glass bowl

Lot# 52 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Electric Percolator

Art Deco Style- circa 30s

Lot# 53 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Mixer

Dormeyer Chicago

Lot# 54 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Four Religious Motivatonal Pictures

Lot of four religious motivatonal pictures

Lot# 55 High Bid: $0.00

Demi Pareau Brooch And Earrings

Juliana Style- earrings are chandelier, whole set has crystals and rhinestones

Lot# 56 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Vintage Photographs With Children And Young Women

12 pictures by professional chicago studios

Lot# 57 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 80s Jewelry With Earrings, Necklaces, Emmons Pin

Lot of 80s jewelry with earrings, necklaces, emmons pin

Lot# 58 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Damask Napkins And Tablecloth

Lot of Damask Napkins and tablecloth

Lot# 59 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Gold Vintage Music Box

Gold Vintage Music Box

Lot# 60 High Bid: $0.00

Sponge Glazed Ewer

15 inches tall

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 61 High Bid: $0.00

Asian Plaque With Two Flying Cranes

Asian Plaque with Two Flying Cranes

Lot# 62 High Bid: $0.00

Three Asian Prints

Artist Signed- 17 x 12

Lot# 63 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Handheld Hairdryer Called "handy Hanna"

Vintage Handheld Hairdryer called "Handy Hanna"

Lot# 64 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Stemmed Cordial Glasses

9 total

Lot# 65 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Juice Glasses With Anchor

Blue rimmed- 8 total

Lot# 66 High Bid: $0.00

Shell Chip And Dip Set


Lot# 67 High Bid: $3.00

Teddy Bear Perfume Compact

by Hypnotique- in box

Lot# 68 High Bid: $0.00

Pair Of Chrome Serving Items

Relish Dish, other is an oil and vinageratte salt and pepper condiment set

Lot# 69 High Bid: $3.00 11/29/2009
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Gecko Lizard Figurine And Mount St. Helens Ash Carved Bird

Gecko Lizard Figurine and Mount St. helens Ash Carved Bird

Lot# 70 High Bid: $0.00

Hobo Dresser Dish

Holds Coins, Pen, and Wallet

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 71 High Bid: $0.00

Miniature Cloisonné Tea Set With Cups, Teapot, And Tray

Miniature Cloisonné Tea Set with Cups, teapot, and tray

Lot# 72 High Bid: $0.00

Pair Of Gold Beaded Eppelets

Pair of Gold Beaded eppelets

Lot# 73 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of 11 Amethyst Purple Salad Plates With Gold Trim

Set of 11 Amethyst Purple Salad Plates with Gold Trim

Lot# 74 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of Asian Decorative Dishware

Covered Blue Rice Bowl on plate, small fingertip vase, covered blue ginger jar, chopstick holder with
laquer chopsticks

Lot# 75 High Bid: $0.00

Transferware Fruit Plate

Transferware Fruit Plate

Lot# 76 High Bid: $0.00

Asian Lot Of Porcelain

Two Fingertip vases, six lusterware salt and peppers, two asian bowls, and set of asian costers

Lot# 77 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Copper Plated Teapot Kettle

Condition distressed

Lot# 78 High Bid: $0.00

Schlitz Cooler Bag

Schlitz Cooler Bag 11/29/2009
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Lot# 79 High Bid: $0.00

Madona Head Vase

11 inches tall- by artmark Chicago

Lot# 80 High Bid: $0.00

Mercury Dime

1941- historical designer A. Weiman

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 81 High Bid: $3.00

Brooch And Clip Earring Set

Rhinestone and silver toned clips- juliana style

Lot# 82 High Bid: $0.00

Silver Button And Bead Necklace

36 inches long

Lot# 83 High Bid: $0.00

Eisenhower 1972 Gold Clad Silver Dollar Necklace

Wlp initials on back

Lot# 84 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of Three Plates Bradford Exchange Soul Of The Wilderness Collection

Winter solace, chance of flurries, and silent watch by bradley j perish

Lot# 85 High Bid: $0.00

Floral Print By Borurne

18 x 18

Lot# 86 High Bid: $0.00

Two Crockery Dough Bowls

One pink ribbon, one green- both have chips

Lot# 87 High Bid: $8.50

1950 Black Sleeveless Cocktail Dress Chiffon Pleated Over Satin

1950 black sleeveless cocktail dress chiffon pleated over satin

Lot# 88 High Bid: $8.50

Cashmere Mink Collar Sweater

Cashmere mink collar sweater

Lot# 89 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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1960s A Line Camel Coat

1960s a line camel coat

Lot# 90 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Signature And Rhinestone Jewelry

Gold circle pin, rhinestone necklace, parklane lariot necklace, sa pin, and pair of clip earrings

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 91 High Bid: $0.00

Pair Pioneer Speakers

24 inches tall, 14 inches wide

Lot# 92 High Bid: $0.00

Electrofonic Modular Stereo Phonograph Turn Table

Electrofonic modular stereo phonograph turn table

Lot# 93 High Bid: $3.00

Two Porcelain NIB Dolls

Blue eyed blonde and brown eyed brunette

Lot# 94 High Bid: $0.00

Six Ring Displays In Blue Velvet

Six ring displays in blue velvet

Lot# 95 High Bid: $0.00

1940s Black Woman's Hat

1940s black woman's hat

Lot# 96 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Ceramic Animals

Blue bird on nest planter, lefton rabbit, lusterware kitty

Lot# 97 High Bid: $0.00

Rugged Planter Resembling Rock By Floraline

Rugged planter resembling rock by floraline

Lot# 98 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Depression Glass

Green rosebowl, gold ash bucket, and amborina foot bowl

Lot# 99 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Onyx Chess Set With All Pieces

Onyx chess set with all pieces

Lot# 100 High Bid: $0.00

Gold Edge White Milkglass Plates

One relish dish and one deviled egg plate

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 101 High Bid: $3.00

Needlepoint Tapestry Bag With Beaded Fringe

Needlepoint tapestry bag with beaded fringe

Lot# 102 High Bid: $0.00

Print Of Mardi Gras

Framed 15. 5" x 18. 25"

Lot# 103 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Asian Items

Two wall pockets male and female, and covered mug

Lot# 104 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Costume Jewelry In Quicsh Pan

Holiday pins and floral pins, and necklaces, earrings and ring

Lot# 105 High Bid: $0.00

Sterling Bottom Etched Glass Bud Vase

Sterling bottom etched glass bud vase

Lot# 106 High Bid: $0.00

Schmid Music Statue Of Mother And Baby Jesus

Plays ave maria

Lot# 107 High Bid: $0.00

Schmid Music Box Santa Claus

Plays santa claus is coming to town

Lot# 108 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 6 International Cookbooks

Two chinese, one italian, one bon appetite, boston, and betty crocker

Lot# 109 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Lot Of Six Ceramic Beer Mugs Including Three From South Carolina

Lot of six ceramic beer mugs including three from south carolina

Lot# 110 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Six Brass Swans

Lot of six brass swans

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 111 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Floral Teacups And Saucers

One is m & z austria, one is c. Wales made in japan

Lot# 112 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Footed Dishes

One is wheel cut crystal with cover, one is pink swirl depression, one is marigold carnival

Lot# 113 High Bid: $3.00

1950s Red Floral Tablecloth

1950s red floral tablecloth

Lot# 114 High Bid: $0.00

Royal Haeger Sea Green Cornucopia

16 inches long

Lot# 115 High Bid: $0.00

Royal Haeger Orange Console Bowl

12 inches long, 5 inches in diameter- mid century modern

Lot# 116 High Bid: $0.00

Large Lusterware Egg On Stand

6. 25 inches tall

Lot# 117 High Bid: $0.00

Country Style Kitchen Clock By New Haven With Cow, Sheep, Chickens, And Cat

Country style kitchen clock by new haven with cow, sheep, chickens, and cat

Lot# 118 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Books

One is success with words, the other is the oxford dictionary of quotations

Lot# 119 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Lot Of Quaker Oats Advertising Items

Four tins and one radio

Lot# 120 High Bid: $0.00

Quaker Oats Cookie Jar

Quaker oats cookie jar

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 121 High Bid: $0.00

Toothpick Holder With 12 Sword Toothpicks

Toothpick holder with 12 sword toothpicks

Lot# 122 High Bid: $3.00

Lot Of 2 Men's And 11 Ladies' Watches

One men's watch running

Lot# 123 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Four Door Poles And One Brass Asian Women Statue

Lot of four door poles and one brass asian women statue

Lot# 124 High Bid: $0.00

Madona Headvase By Haeger

Madona headvase by haeger

Lot# 125 High Bid: $0.00

Lenox Relish Dish

Lenox relish dish

Lot# 126 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Costume Jewelry Including Pins, Bracelets, Necklace, And Pin By Emmons

Lot of costume jewelry including pins, bracelets, necklace, and pin by emmons

Lot# 127 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Collector Plates Winnie The Pooh

Time for a game of poohsticks, time for a little celebration, and hello pooh

Lot# 128 High Bid: $0.00

4.5" Wedgwood Vase

Cream on silver

Lot# 129 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Lot Of Amber Glassware Including Footed Compote And Two Relish Dishes

Lot of amber glassware including footed compote and two relish dishes

Lot# 130 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Decorative Vases And Flowerpots

Cat pitcher, two floral bud vases, two floral flowerpots

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 131 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Sterling Silver Rings

Amethyst with small diamond chip, silver band, and a blue stone in silver ring

Lot# 132 High Bid: $3.00

Lot Of Older Women's Watches

10 17 jewels

Lot# 133 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Kitchenware Including Presto Salad Shooter, Nut Chopper, And Tupperware Ham Container

Lot of kitchenware including presto salad shooter, nut chopper, and tupperware ham container

Lot# 134 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Cake-breaker

In original box

Lot# 135 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Jewelry With Rhinestones, Sterling Earrings, Rings, Pins, Crystals, And Ladybug Watch

Lot of jewelry with rhinestones, sterling earrings, rings, pins, crystals, and ladybug watch

Lot# 136 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Vintage International Santa Clauses In Original Boxes

Lot of two vintage international santa clauses in original boxes

Lot# 137 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Bradford Exchange Collector Plates Spirit Of The Wilderness

All have certificates- grey guardian, silver scout, golden generations

Lot# 138 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Pieces Of Unfinished Pine Dollhouse Furniture

Cupboard 12 inches tall, armoire 15 inches tall, door 9. 5 inches tall (could be used for barbies)

Lot# 139 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Repair Lot Of Jewelry

Includes beads, rhinestones, amethyst, chains, necklaces

Lot# 140 High Bid: $0.00

Pitcher And Six Gold Bottomed Liquor Cups

Pitcher and six gold bottomed liquor cups

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 141 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Novelty Porcelain And Music Box

Two jackolaterns and one happy face bank

Lot# 142 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Decorative Ceramics

Vintage bird on tree, lusterware flowervase, and haeger vase

Lot# 143 High Bid: $3.00

Vintage Sleigh Reindeer And Candle Set In Ceramic

Vintage sleigh reindeer and candle set in ceramic

Lot# 144 High Bid: $3.00

Pair Of Hand-embroided Butterfly Pillowcases And Dresser Scarf

Pair of hand-embroided butterfly pillowcases and dresser scarf

Lot# 145 High Bid: $0.00

Manger Nativity Set In Luster Ware

Manger nativity set in luster ware

Lot# 146 High Bid: $0.00

Tidbit Tray Gold On Clear Glass

Tidbit tray gold on clear glass

Lot# 147 High Bid: $0.00

Composite On Wood Elephant Bookends

Condition distressed

Lot# 148 High Bid: $0.00

Painted Wooden Box With Roll Calendar, Country Candlestick,and

Includes roll calendar, country candlestick, bavarian german miniature ashtrays, i love detroit kazoo,
crocheted bookmark, and the little bible 11/29/2009
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Lot# 149 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Bells

One crystal, one brass with wood handle, and one brass on stand

Lot# 150 High Bid: $0.00

Two Blue Ribbon Bowls

Made in roseville ohio

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 151 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Seven Brass Candlesticks

Lot of seven brass candlesticks

Lot# 152 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Underground Atlanta Beer Mugs

Lot of two underground atlanta beer mugs

Lot# 153 High Bid: $0.00

Cream Jardinair

No mark- manufacture flaw on bottom

Lot# 154 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Vintage Christmas Ornaments

12 total

Lot# 155 High Bid: $0.00

Two Vases

One navy blue jardinair and one hand thrown vase with natural flora impressions drip glaze

Lot# 156 High Bid: $0.00

Two Pieces Of Pottery

One green bean pot and one camark vase

Lot# 157 High Bid: $0.00

One Elgin Kitchen Clock With Rosa Damascena

One elgin kitchen clock with rosa damascena

Lot# 158 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Pieces Of Glass

One press glass bowl, one fostoria cubic glass vase, and glass jardinair with basket pattern circa 30s

Lot# 159 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Lot Of Miscellaneous Kitchen Flatware

Lot of miscellaneous kitchen flatware

Lot# 160 High Bid: $0.00

Two Porcelain Dolls

Dressed in victorian clothes

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 161 High Bid: $0.00

Kitchen Prayer Wall Hanging By Gale Brown

Kitchen prayer wall hanging by gale brown

Lot# 162 High Bid: $0.00

Sampler From Old Fernald High In Iowa Brick Schoolhouse

Sampler from old fernald high in iowa brick schoolhouse

Lot# 163 High Bid: $0.00

Toothpick Holder From The Farmer's Grain Cooperative Colo Iowa

Toothpick holder from the farmer's grain cooperative colo iowa

Lot# 164 High Bid: $0.00

Cookie And Hot Chocolate Set For Four

Christmas decorations

Lot# 165 High Bid: $0.00

North Avenue St Paul Federal Bank In Copper

North avenue st paul federal bank in copper

Lot# 166 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of 50s Pink Salt And Pepper Shakers

Set of 50s pink salt and pepper shakers

Lot# 167 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Foreign Money

Bahamas, australia, and more

Lot# 168 High Bid: $3.00

Silver Mercury Dime 1920 Barber Quarters 1901 And 1915 D

Silver mercury dime 1920 barber quarters 1901 and 1915 d

Lot# 169 High Bid: $0.00 11/29/2009
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Limoges Madona And Child Statuette

Limoges madona and child statuette

Lot# 170 High Bid: $0.00

Music Box By Splendid Of New York

Music box by splendid of new york

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via
Lot# 171 High Bid: $0.00

Early 60s Console Bowl

Early 60s console bowl

Lot# 172 High Bid: $0.00

Christmas Platter Early 60s

Lot# 173 High Bid: $0.00

Brooch And Clip Earring Set

Glass cameo by park lane

Lot# 174 High Bid: $0.00

Memorial Coin Of Robert And John Kennedy

Memorial coin of robert and john kennedy

Lot# 175 High Bid: $0.00

Cocktail Costume Jewelry Ring

Sterling with czs 11/29/2009