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Vol 5 Feb 2009 – 1st Annual Issue


Article Author Page

1 Vol 5 Publitorial Saptarishis Astrology 05

Western Astrology
2 Timing Cupid ‐ From A Researcher's Diary Ron Bippus, Canada 19
3 12 Signs In 2009 Tricia, UK 32
4 7 degree of Aquarius/Leo Axis & Other Thoughts Michele Adler, USA 45
5 The Lunar Nodes on the Solar Markers Adam Gainsburg, USA 54
6 Transits and Switchphrases Kat Miller, USA 60
7 Historia de la Astrología – History of Astrology Alejandro Christian Luna, 69
(Spanish) Argentina
8 Active Astrology – 1 Ciro Discepolo, Italy 76
9 Greek Medicine & Astrology ‐1 & 2 David Osborn, USA 80
10 Great Depression Or Not Robert Gover, USA 87
11 The Great Depression & Now Robert Gover, USA 90
12 The Power Of Image In Astrology Grazia Mirti, Italy 95
13 Deklinacije – Declinations (Croatian) Lorin Cerina, Croatia 101
14 New Horary System Revealed Paul Langeveld, Netherlands 118
15 Astrology For Beginners ‐1 Holly Hall, USA 121
16 Bible & Astrology ‐1 Jay Weiss, Sweden 127
17 Moon Venus Conjunction 27th Feb 2009 Dr Tony Phillips, USA 136

Indian Astrology
18 Subscription SA 138
19 Combinations For Successful Astrologers N Sundara Rajan, India 139
20 The Astrology Of Astrologers Terri McCartney, USA 153
21 Guru Nadi ‐1 Chandrashekhar Sharma, India 161
22 Saptarishis Nadi ‐ Gemini Asc ‐ Chart 2 Yenbeeyes, India 168
23 Comet Lulin's Gives Green Light To Earth Margaret George, U.K 177
24 Rare Octuplets Krishnamurthy S, India 182
25 Birth Time Rectification‐ An Innovative Approach Krishnamurthy S, India 185
26 Exaltation & Debilitation ‐Astronomically 1 V.P.Jain, India 202
27 Chandrat Nakshatra Bindu ‐ 1 Paresh Desai, India 208
28 Dnyaneshwari ‐ Chapter 3 V.V.Shirvaikar, USA 211
29 The Mystic Red Book Rabinder Nath Bhandhari, India 217
30 New Light On Jaimini Astrology – Part 2 Madhura Krishnamurthi Sastri, India 224
31 The Best Kept Secret of Pukhraj Alok Jagawat, India 232
32 Mrigasira Nak Padas In Ravana Samhita S.C.Kursija, India 236
33 Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 3 & 4 Saptarishis Astrology 251
34 The Original Teachings of Yoga: From Patanjali Back to Vamadeva Shastri 261
Hiranyagarbha (David Frawley), USA
35 Kumaraswamiyam ‐3 Viswalingam Padmanabhan, India 266
36 Diseases (Malayalam ) Mohan Das, India 273
37 Sukar Nadi ‐ 4 Saptarishis Astrology Team 277
38 Gripping Of Planets By The Nodes ‐ 3 Babubhai Yodh & B.D.Vaghela, India 292
39 Tingling Of Body Parts Raghavendra Rao, India 300
40 Future Prediction From Palmistry T.Stokes, U.K 304
41 House In Hand T.Stokes, U.K 307
42 Sri Sri Tadepalli Shastry Garu ‐2 Shreeram Balijepalli, Canada 310
43 Gangadhar Dasa U.K.Jha, India 314
44 True Jaimini Navamsa Revealed ‐ 1 (South Indian charts) Shanmukha, India 337
45 True Jaimini Navamsa Revealed ‐ 1 (North Indian charts) Shanmukha, India 352
46 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Vic Di Cara, USA 367
47 Rudra’s Army Attacks Mumbai Robert Koch, USA 376
48 Horoscope‐ Male or Female? Yenbeeyes, India 394
49 Kala Chakra Dasa – A Critical Review Shakti Mohan Singh, India 408
50 10th House ‐ Paradox Of Laghu Parasari Ashok Upadhaya, India 416
51 Saptarishis Gurukul SA 418
Saptarishis Blessings

|| Gururbrahmaa Gururvishnu Gururdevo Maheshvarah ||
|| GururSakshaat Parambrahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah||

1st Annual Issue

I t is as if it was only yesterday we started this magazine and a year has so quickly gone

Before we come to astrology I would like to thank all the readers and support team for
making this venture a new chapter in the history of astrology. Never before has a
publication in astrology gone so far and wide. It has been a very humbling experience & we
bow to the 7 Arch Angels and 7 Sages ‐ Saptarishis and ask them for guidance forever; may
they forgive our mistakes.
This space that is called the Publitorial has maintained 3 things
a) A personal approach in its writings since astrology primarily is a science about
humans and humans are people with emotions. The astrological community is one big
family is our attitude.
b) The astro techniques that are mainly written in publitorials are those that are fresh for
both the western counterpart and also the Vedic astrology practitioners and it is a
difficult task to keep it fresh every time.
c) It has been observed that ‘To be a Great Astrologer it is not important to know great
techniques but the attitude with which you approach the subject, determines your success in the
subject’ and these qualities will always be discussed here as no one talks about it.

Best Article Award
We would soon be setting up a separate link for you to poll on the articles that have
contributed towards astrology; kindly note that only registered members can poll. This will
be a yearly poll on the best articles that have appeared in the magazine. Articles written by
Saptarishis Astrology will not be put up for voting in order to create unbiased polling.
Kindly look at the end of this Publitorial for Life Time Achievement Award.

As we start this very 1st annual issue, we must dedicate this huge volume at the holy feet of
an elderly astrologer by the name of N. Sundara Rajan, who was the originator of the idea of
starting a new magazine. We wanted to start a magazine only for the topmost scholars but
after we received repeated complaints we have introduced several articles for the beginners
or semi advanced students so that this becomes a complete family magazine for all categories
of astrologers.

In this issue you would find some fantastic articles and researches by Ron Bippus from
Canada who upon this publishers request spent 6 months working on collecting data and
came out with a method to time relationships, his work must not be ignored today when
divorce rates are high and matches does not happen.

Adam Gainsburg’s article is very smooth and even Indian astrologers should read it. We
also should not miss the great astrologers work of Mr Ciro Discepolo from Italy, his
research can be fruitfully used by both systems of astrology effectively.

Paul Langeveld from Netherlands (92 years old) had promised us few months back that he
would reveal his new horary system to be published in Saptarishis Astrology and he has kept
that promise. Mr Langeveld kept this information to himself for decades as he worked on it
quietly and finally the time has come for it to savored by all.

It is requested of readers to read Margaret’s article on Comet Lulin and see if the houses
moved about by the Comet in ones natal chart have been affected around the time of the
comets arrival, provided of course Jupiter is affected in ones natal chart.

It is certain ‘Bible and Astrology’ would raise some eyebrows but surely make us all think
what has been the best kept secret since thousands of years. Jay has worked on this for
months and months and deserves applause.

Robert Gover’s article has been a super hit as usual. He does not deserve a special mention as
he is an old hand in Economic Astrology apart from being a popular writer in the West.

Once again we must take you to this fantastic researcher from USA whose work has not
been paralleled by any Indian astrologer so far and that is Michele Adler’s phenomenal
research on degrees. Do read it with delight; make her work your Guru and some new light
can come in Indian Astrology in that area. Let us look at some of the world events with a
new system of astrology that can be practiced both by the western astrology adepts & Vedic
astrology counterparts.

Economic Meltdown & Banking System

Western Astrology Standpoint
Before we venture into world events explanation from astrological standpoint, readers must
bear that the real secret behind these transits will be revealed at the very end of this piece.
Bank mortgage companies and financial institutions come under Jupiter . Income from
interest is also governed by Jupiter the same 12th century work Phaladeepika says, so let us
see Jupiter and apply some ancient rules that were revealed for the 1st time in the Vol 4 under

Reference a 12th century work titled Phaladeepika by Mantreswara, page 95, 2008 edition, Motilal
Banarsidas, Delhi.
the title Bhrighu Easy Methodology ‐ Bhrighu Saral Paddathi. In the natural zodiac the 7th
house signifies businesses and 6th house signifies loans/credit. Automatically the institutions
that profit from it would be governed either by the 7th house (secondarily) and/or by the 6th
house (primarily). These two signs will be governed by Libra and Virgo.

SA Rule 1: Wherever Jupiter sits, he ‘Destroys/Activates/Spoils’ minimum one
signification of the house 6th and 10th from it .

Jupiter will always act in righteous ways as we all know. Taking Western zodiac on
15 Sept 2008 when Lehman Brothers Bank filed for bankruptcy Tr Jupiter was at 12 Cp, 10th

from Capricorn will be the sign of Libra, the 7H of business of the Natural Zodiac which
means if we apply the above ancient rule of Jupiter, it destroys the 10th from it and has
destroyed many businesses worldwide including banking. Now, the 6th house of natural
zodiac is the mortgage/loans that we give, the action (karma) of any house is always the 10th
from it, so the action (karma) of the 6th house of mortgage companies will be the 3H of
Gemini which signifies transactions. As we know banks are always transacting something
or the other. Tr Jupiter in Capricorn will first shower light on the 6th from it which will be
the 3H of Gemini in natural zodiac and then destroy it, so it has punished the bad karma of
the banks (10th from 6th) & financial institutions. This whole affair can be explained in many
ways but we would stick to brevity.

SA Rule 2: Wherever Saturn sits, he becomes Judge Dredd or Emperor (Shahenshah) and he
shouts ‘I Am The Law’.

It is that house where
a) Karma is unfinished & you ‘Need’ to finish it.
b) You will make mistakes

This method was revealed in the Vol 4 Nov 2008 issue under the title Brighu Saral Paddathi‐2
c) You will be Judged for your mistakes
d) If the universal law (Dharma) is not followed in that house, Saturn will destroy that
house as He is the Law

The seriousness of this rule has escaped us all, check 20 charts instantly or minimum 5 charts
mentally as you read this and those natives whose lives you know since 60 years you would
realize the magnanimity of the SA Rule 2. But, how does one remember Saturn. Saturn
stands for Karma (judgment of the good and bad deeds) but how to use this Saturn Karma
has escaped us Indians since time immemorial. For the westerners it is suggested to watch
Sylvester Stallone’s movie ‘Judge Dredd’ and remember some of his famous lines now in the
Hall of Fame Quotes – ‘I Am The Law’, remember that dialogue delivery in the
famous Sly style, remember him saying when he was to be judged himself ‘I never broke the
law, I am the law’. That’s typical Saturn for you; he can’t imagine breaking the law since he
is the law. Many of us know that Saturn is a cold emotionless planet, just think of the
synchronicity and more proof that Stallone was actually playing the role of Saturn when he
said in that movie ‘Emotions... there ought to be a law against them.’
For Indians we suggest to watch Amitabh Bachchans movie titled ‘Emperor (Shahenshah)
to understand Saturn, incidentally he plays the role of a self styled law maker who moves in
the night and judges you on the spot along with the verdict just like Judge Dredd. The
character Shahenshah says in that movie ‘Where Shahenshah (Saturn) stands (placed in
horoscope) there the court of law is created, and this court does not end till ones karmas is
not read out. By profession I am a type of Judge who creates his own law, who catches on his
own the culprits and one who runs the court procedure on his own and gives the verdict

This is me Saturn, the Emperor (Shahenshah) of your chart.

It is when astrology rules your mind 24 hrs a day 365 days and in everything you see
astrology, you get far better clues for interpretation of charts, this is the secret of astrology.
Now in SA Rule 2 we learnt that where Saturn sits there he judges. In western zodiac,
Saturn has been in the 6th house of loans, banks, mortgages, servants, job – as he arrived in
this house he started to Judge and give verdict, banking systems worldwide collapsed, people
lost jobs and those still having it faced pay cuts. We all know of the famous secret Swiss
Bank Accounts of the rich and famous and how the Swiss banks help in evading tax – is this
good or bad karma?. See Feb 2009 related news 4 of New York Times and the unthinkable
when it comes to Swiss Banks has happened ‘UBS, the largest bank in Switzerland, agreed
on Wednesday 18th Feb 2009 to divulge the names of well‐heeled Americans whom the
authorities suspect of using offshore accounts at the bank to evade taxes. The bank admitted
conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and agreed to pay $780 million to settle a
sweeping federal investigation into its activities.’ If one has not done any bad karma since
decades then why is one paying $ 780 million to settle an investigation is the question we
need to ask?

For Indians: Court Room Scene ‐ rishite mein to hum iske (tumhare) baap lagte hain, naam hain
Sahenshah, peeshe mein hum bhi aap he ke tarah ek JUDGE hain jo apne Kanoon khudh banata
hain apne mujrim khud pakadta hain, unke mukadme kudh sunta hain aur faisle bhi khud sunata
SA Rule 3: Wherever Saturn sits he ‘Spoils/Destroys/Activates’ one of the significations of
the 2nd house from it. He passes on the judgment of this house on to the 2nd house from it.

The logic of why he destroys the 2nd from it will be discussed in depth in Bhrighu Saral
Paddathi (BSP) ‐3 & 4 in this issue. Now see where Saturn is, he is in Virgo and destroys the
2nd from it which is Libra which stands for businesses and also being 7H of the zodiac again

Each planet has these kinds of secret rules and several rules within them which
Conspire Together to bring the events of this magnitude. As these rules have not been
revealed so far in the BSP series it is no use expanding on it now in this short space.

Indian Zodiac
The value of the zodiac is called ayanamsa in Indian astrology and is roughly 22 degrees less
than the western zodiac, can these same rules be applied to the Universal Zodiac (Kala
Purusha Kundali) whose Ascendant is Aries. Yes it can be. Now take SA Rule 1: Jupiter
destroys the 6 & 10th, Tr Jupiter is in Sagittarius and 6th from it is the 2nd house of wealth of
the natural zodiac so wealth is destroyed, 10th from it is the 6th house of Virgo, banks and
jobs where Mercury is placed on 15th Sept 2008 onwards being exalted so it destroyed the

banks and financial sectors and trading (stock markets) as Mercury also signifies trading.
Now take SA Rule 2: Saturn judges the place where he sits and here he is in Leo in the 5th
house of power, of gambling (stocks) and the 5H of gain of business (11th house signifies
gains/profits and Leo is the 11th from 7H of business), apart from that Leo is the 12th house of
losses to the 6th house of banks (Virgo) so Saturn activated Leo and aspected with its 3rd
aspect the sign Libra –business punishing the sins of these businesses. Now use SA Rule 3:
Saturn destroys one of the significations of the house 2nd to it, which here Saturn being in

Traditional Indian astrology uses Saturn as having 3rd, 7th and 10th aspect only. For the Bollywood
fanatic Indian who wants to understand 3rd aspect of Saturn in a filmi manner, kindly remember the
song of Shahenshah ‘He (Saturn) has lot of strength in his arms – Bada jor hain uske Haatoo
Meinnn, anderee ratoo mein sunsanh raho par………
Leo would destroy the 6th house of jobs and banks. Nearly 2.6 million jobs were lost over
2008, the highest yearly job‐loss total since 1945. On the day of the eclipse 26th January 2009 a
record 86,000 people were fired on a single day as reported in Indian press though the
footnote weblink says 64,500.

Golden Key

We have taken only 2 planets Jupiter and Saturn and ideally we need to take all the planets
as planets ‘Conspire Together’ to create an event, but even if we take these 2 they would
form this same pattern of being in Virgo‐Capri or Leo‐Sagi in a previous cycle few decades
back and in every cycle these kind of events does not happen. Most astrologers have asked
this same question in opposition to Transits Theory and it has also been asked by the anti‐
astrology brigade. Infact this question is immensely crucial that it is asked by everyone
whether student or masters including this author has asked and this is where we stand by
our previous statement often repeated by the Yogis that ‘Jyotish is a science of the yogis and
not for the householders’. This same question was asked by our wanderer the character who
meets the old yogi ‘Babaji’ in the ‘Last Book Of Astrology’. I remember reading it clearly it
was a Tuesday and it is a day when all the inmates of the retreat (ashram) stay away from
Babaji, but once a question is asked it cannot be taken back. First Babaji smiles and then he
says ‘We must spend time in getting to the basics as to who the planets are and what they
are doing. Spend each day of the week thinking on each planet for minimum 5 hours, think
think and think on them. Ask yourself then
1. If Mars is in the 11th house will it give the ‘exact’ same results on a chart of a man born
in the year 1500s versus the chart of a man born in the 1800s vs chart of a man born in
2008. Obviously not the same result, but why, if you think hard enough either for
some minutes or it could years too but you might get the answer, just ask Lord Mars
with enough devotion for the answer is not in books and he just might answer.
2. Planets are not doing time pass when they travel around the zodiac, don’t they get
bored travelling for centuries for 100s of times around the zodiac and delivering the
same results, so now you think if they are doing something else.
3. My boy they are recording the events, the actions that you have done in each cycle of
movement around the zodiac and when the time comes as per their own law they
deliver the result of your karma by judging you of the previous actions of either the
previous cycle or within the cycle (key). Deciphering this is the toughest part

Taking cue from this book ‘Last Book of Astrology’ it is understood that if Jupiter (manager
of banking institutions) and Saturn (law maker) has in the last 12 and 30 years recorded all
the karmas of these banks and accountants and people related to businesses and jobs and seen
that ‘Hey, these guys are crooked they keep on charging the customers unnecessarily, they
invest in shady deals that too money of others, create bogus accounts, act as safe haven for
money launderers in garb of blue collar jobs and customer service, hey nowadays people are
not working properly, not serving their employers, men are not doing ethical businesses
dramatically cheating around so ask the question

a) Would there not be a difference in Karma in two different cycles of 30 years (Saturn),
1978 to 2008 vs 1948 to 1978 or in each 12 year cycle (Jupiter)

b) If the Karmas in the two different sets of years are not the same then how will the
result of Jupiter and Saturn be the same
c) How will the transits results of these two planets be the same

Hence observation of Karma around us becomes the ‘Biggest Teacher In Astrology’ and that
is the reason we have often maintained in this very Publitorial that the last book of astrology
is a phenomenal piece of work since it makes us all think as to our very basics and it is not a
typical astrology book of techniques.

India’s 9/11
The chart below is in the western zodiac and will be displayed below in Indian format but
western ayanamsa and later with Indian ayanamsa. The Asc is 0Ge53, as we had revealed in
previous writings whatever is ones ascendant take two things of note a) Take note of the
Asc sign in the natural zodiac that will display specific traits and b) go to the same number
house in the chart and that too will display specific traits. In India’s chart Ge is the
ascendant which means the Gemini sign of communication and trading, and the 3H of this
chart as Ge is number 3, and 3H shows IT, computers, communications (telephony) and
trading, here additionally 4 planets sit showing the ‘Stress’ on the house and incidentally
India has excelled in all these matters, we are not aware if astrologers gone by ever pointed
that India would excel in these areas, but one can test it on charts and see how this technique
is working out. E.g if you are a Leo sign the number 5 sign, then the 5H of Intelligence
(buddhi), children, getting new job (8th from 10th) would be an Important Factor/Theme in
your life.

If you are a Virgo then accidents, obstacles, fighting with authorities for unjust atrocities
committed upon you or serving people through astrology or compassion, if Scorpio then
occult, inheritance issues all these will crop up and you as an astrologer should never forget
to keep this in your mind before you embark on reading any chart.

The Attack
On 26th Nov 2008, terrorists took Mumbai city hostage and this was predicted one month
back by ‘Babaji’ an Indian magazine by the elderly editor Shri Lachman Das Madan,
probably the only astrologer to predict in advance. Let us today go unconventional and get to
the root of astrology ‘Is Astrology all about predictions or is it not first to understand ‘Who
We Are’? & ‘Why did this happen’?

A chart does not just show the future, it show the past, present and the future. Here in this
space let us look into those areas of India’s chart which our ancestors have avoided writing.
The 1st house has North Node (rahu), rahu means foreigners and rahu denotes separation, so
one predicts that the history of these people were that of foreigners (Britisher’s & Muslims)
and they separated (rahu‐separation) from them. The Asc sign is Taurus which is 2nd
number sign so Taurus qualities of being bull headed and opinionated, fixed in ways and
mindset, ever talkative (2nd house of speech) will dominate the lives of Indians. All of us
know this is truth of us. In 2nd house there is Mars (fiery) and it disposits the 12H (secret
enemies & past karma) and 7H where Ketu (secretive and separative) is there. So since Ta is
the Asc and in 2nd house there is Mars whose traits we just saw, we are always dodged down
by secret enemies, our past karmas (of hatred) and infact for everything we blame it on past

Now to the question at hand, did the Nov 08 attacks have a past karma? Obviously these
particular terrorists are not mad to choose any country, they do not choose a country like
China but they choose India, why India, obviously we must have done something to deserve
it, this question how it is to be traced by astrology is the key and a very difficult key to
unlock. The one who unlocks the ‘Precise Timing Of Karma’ will not stay long to be an
astrologer our ancients have said it in hushed tones. Since we were on the topic of Jupiter in
SA Rule 1, let’s see it in natal chart of India.

Jupiter In India’s chart
8H is the house of Karmic Debts, here the 8L Jupiter is placed in the natural 6H of
debts, obstacles, fighting, mistakes, misinterpretation, cheating. Mark all these key words
and lets come to the basic signification of Jupiter it means religion & religious people. The
8H of Supreme Karma is Jupiter it shows religious people but since it falls in the ‘6H of
Fighting’ it shows we Indians are always fighting over religion and religious scriptures. It’s
not just the fight between Hinduism vs Islam or Christianity, within our Hinduism itself
we keep on dividing, dividing and dividing. It is presumed the Colonial Rulers of India
learnt their famous ‘Divide & Rule’ through us only and implemented it further on us.
6H is the ‘House Of Mistakes’ and maybe somehow the people in power have
committed mistakes in our religious past and interpretation of it. Saints and yogis and even
Incarnations have come and shown us not to be biased towards humans but we still like to
interpret our scriptures the way we want, that’s the issue of the 6H of fighting, when we
fight with anyone we always feel we are right and others are wrong. Inspite of all our
spiritual wealth we are unable to do any amount of real spirituality. Take this case in 2008 in
Rajasthan, India a 6 year old girl was thrown in live fire since she was a lower caste girl who
walked through the lane adjoining the house of a higher caste. We like our Gandhi who
spent his lifetime trying to tell us not to misinterpret scriptures and remove the caste system
but still it prevails. It’s not just Gandhi but so many saints have come and thought us not to
be biased on color, caste or creed but when we are in trouble we go to these very saints to
free us of it but we don’t want to implement their teachings.
Interestingly we like to say that Gods in India created this system of division based
on caste creed and we in the same breath say & literally mean that our mother and father are
Gods, for one second imagine an ideal mother and father they never differentiate among
their children (their creation) but we want to assume that our Gods are of Lesser Love and
they differentiated when they created us. A wise man once said why we are so hell bent on
insulting the intelligence of our Gods.
How is this Jupiter functioning can be thought of in‐depth, India’s majority of
religions (Jupiter) says do not kill even an insect (jupiterean way) but when it comes to
devouring humans or mentally torturing other humans, hurting others hearts or cheating
someone in business or life, we for that matter still feel it is a vegetarian act. We still go to
temples and saints and say God is Great. This is due to our misinterpretation of Jupiter’s
values as it is placed in the 6H of mistakes.

6H is ‘House Of Cheating’ or ‘Being Cheated’ and there is Jupiter (knowledge),
Indians often use their astrology, mantra mumbo jumbo to fool themselves and foreigners.
For everything there is a mantra or a remedy, how come inspite of all our mantras &
remedies the people of India suffer through poverty and corruption. Infact most astrologers
of India have clients who are highly corrupt, do you think so the ‘Soul of Astrology’ –
Jyotisha Purusha is going to leave these astrologers or their families alone. There is a very
funny side to 6H and that is it is a mixture of two things ‘house of cheating and being
cheated’, another way of looking at it is it is house of inferiority (servants) & superiority
(when you fight you feel superior) and this strange ‘House of Double Dichotomy’ has been
so far ignored by ancient writers. Now how to see this double dichotomy, see Jupiter the
most intelligent and religious planet is in this house of double dichotomy of
inferior/superior, of serving/fighting attitude – two opposite traits. So you find our religious
(Jupiter) leaders and astrologers (Jupiter) will act very humble (servant) but at the same
time display huge ego. A westerner often feels very confused to identify an Indian who acts
extra humble and in the same breath displays huge ego. This 6H which carries with it the
fruit of the 2H of Gemini trait cannot be ignored.

6H is House of Dowry, 7th house stands for marriage and 12th from it stands for the
losses, expenses governing marriage & also the comforts for other partner (7H). When
dowry is given it is the expense and loss of someone. Jupiter stands for religion & it seems
we have legalized or rather religised dowry, how unique it is that not a single Govt or saint
has been able to eradicate dowry from our society due to which husbands and their parents
have burnt women alive since time immemorial and what not. We worship female deities
but we curse the day a girl is born in our house, even till date it happens on a major scale.
Jupiter stands is the ruler of the 9 th house of religion & righteous action in Natural Zodiac, it
placed in the 6h of mistakes shows how we have contorted our religion and dharma to suit
our needs. This is our past and present of India. Remember this Jupiter is 8L of Karmic
Debts in 6H of debts, dowry and marriage becoming a religious function (Jupiter) has
become a Debt (6H) for all of us and many take huge loans to get their children married
which they are unable to pay back the debts (6H) back. This menace of dowry is one of the
most significant problems of India and astrologers can’t solve it but they need to remove out
a research article that shows if woman child will be troubled due to dowry or not, this fear
every parent carries for 30 years from the day a girl is born in ones household. A young man
in astrology told us that some of us claim to be research specialists how come no research in
this field has come about forget about eradication of the menace.

Sorry for coining new word
6H is House of Servants and over there Jupiter the significator of children is sitting,
which means children will be our servants, child labor is rampant in India in most industries
& even in the house of the poor cum the elite even though the govt woke up about it after 60
years but we don’t feel bad about it as every day we go to temples.

6H is the House of Sin of Girl Child in India’s chart and see Jupiter represents
children and 6H is the maraca house (2nd from any house is maraca) from 5H of children,
this Jupiter is placed in Venus sign of Libra representing girl child and as it is death
inflicting house (maraca) apart from being 6h of loss, a girl child is not wanted and is often
aborted even in today’s age, often helped by doctors (Jupiter‐vaidya) and astrologers
(Jupiter) by indicating the sex of the child beforehand. See Jupiter along with A9 is in 6H of
India’s chart and they will do adharma (non righteous actions).

6H is House of Fighting and over there Jupiter the significator of religion is sitting,
our religious leaders love fighting among ourselves and further dividing India. Western
astrologer might not understand this but in brief via Jaimini Astrology Jupiter is Career
significator (Amatyakaraka) in India’s chart and Jupiter stands for religion and its allied
branches like astrology is big career now and great to fight about. 6th House is not the house
of praise and Jupiter represents astrologers, incidentally astrologers are not well respected in
India and often part of jokes in society and movies. Here astrologers don’t respect each other
as Jupiter is in 6H and normally you won’t find one top astrologer praising another top
astrologer, God (Jupiter) stopped making those astrologers who would.
In the ‘Now’ we must learn one secret, see this Jupiter is in the 6H of servants,
serving others, so whatever knowledge (Jupiter) you learn in India or from India, it first needs to
be used to serve others and then the automatic fruits (money, fame etc). It cannot be the other way
around – this is such an important key and it is sad when some people do not have time to
give knowledge out in form of books or articles one wonders if they have seen India’s chart
specifically; apart from the general know how that knowledge needs to be used to help
In conclusion to the above lets think with the astrology we know, Jupiter is the planet
of blessings of Gods, sitting in the 6H which is considered not an auspicious house do we
have the blessings of the Gods,

SA Rule 1: 10th from Jupiter – Natal Jupiter is in the 6H so it will destroy, harm &
contort the 10th from it which is the 3H of one’s actions where 4 planets are placed including
the 9th lord of religion and Jupiter itself is the significator of religion. What does this
translate into? It shows that our actions inspired by religion are actually anti humanity (anti
dharmic ‐9L of dharma). We can lie to ourselves that we are highly religious or righteous in
our actions (dharmic) but a chart does not lie to an honest astrologer. If you use this 10th
from Jupiter technique in the 9 th harmonic chart which will always show the cruz of the

Indians can refer to Jupiter’s Natural Period (Naisargik Dasa) that ran from 1979 to 1997 and you can
think of the religious riots that have taken place and new religious‐political parties that have emerged
who have taken religion as the core issue and not good governance.
Problem. See Jupiter in 3H of actions & free will (parakram), this becomes religious actions
and 10th from it is Rahu (muslims/mlechas/foreigners) placed in the 12th house of secret
enemies. It need not be spelt out what this 10th from Jupiter is doing to Rahu. Let us follow
what Gandhi taught us; to exhibit love for all & the enemy within is the greatest enemy. Let
us not aggravate the 6H of enemies more.

This exhibition of 6H of enemies and fighting is so easily displayed in Vedic astrology
internet forums where foreigners shy from writing since they know a truth and talk often
among themselves ‘Indians like to talk of spirituality only but when it comes to walking
their talk, they can’t, in an instant Indians fight on forums trying to prove themselves
superior over fellow Indians on knowledge front. Any Indian forum of astrology if viewed once
in a month looks like a place akin to an asylum of mentally retarded jupitereans’. One would like to
end this piece with a thought, ‘the role of astrologers in any society is to create better
humans, if we astrologers can’t display qualities of a good human being what are we going to
create in others’.
Though this might sound as putting ourselves down but still in our hearts all of us
want this India to improve and in our small ways we all contribute and will continue to
contribute to make it a better place.

Vol 5 Feb 2009 – 1st Annual Issue
It was 2007 and we were talking to a legendary old astrologer from Chennai, we were
complaining that ‘The Astrological Magazine’ has closed down now what will happen to
good astrology whereupon that old man said why don’t you start a magazine and I will be
the editor’. We thought very deeply for 24 hrs, did not consult a single astrologer on the
biggest decision of our life and after those 24 hrs an affirmation was given, without realizing
the gamut of the whole affair of what we were getting into. This is how ‘Saptarishis
Astrology’ started, though now again it has restarted with new management and all of us
should support it by subscribing to it and the question comes into mind if Saptarishis
Astrology should still continue. Coming back, though the old astrologer got busy with
writing a book that we ourselves were insisting from a long time to him, but his love and
blessings towards us continued. Though he has not been able to write an article till now but
in this issue you would find an article on ‘Combinations for Successful Astrologers’ by him.
It is this man whom we dearly love and respect for it is maybe some past life connection we
have always felt towards him. Hence we dedicate this 1st Annual Issue to him, to our beloved
Shri N Sundara Rajan. He shall never be forgotten even though the younger generation does
not know about his vast contribution to the science.
In this issue you would find a great research by Mr. Krishnamurthy on birth time
rectification please put all your energy in applying it and testing it further on extremely
accurate birth times, if feedback is given it will help in improving or correcting the method,
you as a reader owe it to astrology & can’t be counted among those who can only criticise
but not contribute constructively. Yenbeeyes one of the most hardworking astrologers that
we know has written a novel piece on how to identify if a chart is male or female apart from
his enormous contribution of translating Saptarishis Nadi (an old work of the 7 sages) along
with Mr. Bhaskaran Natesan. It gives us great pleasure to see an article revealed for the 1st
time on True Jaimini Navamsa by Shanmukha, may he write many more such pieces for the
sake of Sage Jaimini & kudos to the scholar U.K.Jha for bringing out a tantric dasa called
Gangadhar Dasa, a unique work on timing events easily. This is the first time it is being
revealed anywhere & so far it has been only passed from guru’s mouth to student’s ear from
eternity. The publishers do not expect anything less from him. Lastly on manuscript we
would touch in future issue, but one of the manuscripts Guru Nadi has been translated by
Chandrashekhar Sharma, it is a must read for anyone who wants to know how ancient is

Life Time Achievement Award
People have lost their jobs & many are about to, as per economic reports nearly 2.6
million jobs were lost over 2008, the highest yearly job‐loss total since 1945. The one who
does not have a job and has to feed her/his family knows what it is to not have one. The real
worth of astrology and astrologers comes now to bring about and research a technique by
which one can do ‘Timing Of New Jobs’. A technique that is not 50% but minimum 85%
accurate in its application whether it be a western astrology or Indian astrology technique.
Earlier we were to announce a $10,000 (5 lakh rupee) award for any article that is 95%
accurate in displays how to time new jobs, but our mentors indicated that it would be far
bigger to instead accord a ‘Saptarishis Astrology Life Time Achievement Award’ to the
astrologer who publishes his article on job timing. For many of you fame and money would
not be the instigator to go into this kind of research so please do it for the thousands who are
jobless, your technique will teach 1000s of astrologers who in turn will help 100,000s of
humans and the good karma will come to you only. Some of you astrologers might be
jobless, think of the suffering you are going through, instead of devoting time to internet
forums spend it collecting 20 charts and research on a simple yet effective method of timing.
Any technique needs to be simple and effective for it to be instantly universally acceptable is
what we must remember.
As we wind up this Publitorial of the 1st Annual Issue we welcome the new
volunteers Dr. Gurusaravanan from USA, Renay Oshop from USA,
Carole McMechan from Canada & N.Suryanarayan from India. As a
mark of respect and gratitude to those who subscribed to the magazine
a separate page is put in their honour. Finally we thank with folded
hands the team members & family of Saptarishis Astrology magazine
whose love and support have been a constant encouragement in times of
despair and it’s easy to get depressed while serving astrology with whatever little one does.

Timing Cupid
‐ From A
Researchers Diary
Ron Bippus, Canada.

M any people have wondered about
the magic that drives the timing
of love and romance. All sorts
of theories have been proposed, some of
them rational and some of them clearly

Rules of the Love Game

1. In astrology, the houses that deal with
relationships are the 1st and 7th houses or

R on Bippus is a professional Astrologer
ascendant/descendant axis. For this
reason it is also known as the relationship
axis and the signs on its cusps indicate the
with 35 years experience. Ron has re-typed native’s ability and desire to form
all of William Lilly's "Christian Astrology" partnerships, whether these are romantic
and it is now available in modern English. or business relationships. The planets that
This is the most informative book ever rule the signs that are on the cusps of
written on the art of horary astrology. As these houses are crucial to motivating
well, Ron has turned Lilly’s horary astrology people to start relationships. The 1st house
information into a modern horary textbook and its ruler represent the personal
entitled appropriately enough the “Horary motivations of the native or person who
Handbook”. He lives and practices in owns that natal chart. The 7th house and
Toronto, Canada. its ruler indicate the marriage partner.
2. In classical astrology, the Moon always co‐
rules the ascendant or 1st house and
describes the native’s emotional needs.
Therefore, it is as important in
relationships as the planets that rule the
sign on the 1st house cusp. The
ascendant/descendant axis and its rulers
are always involved at the start of a

3. The 10th and 4th houses or MC/IC axis is also involved in relationships because having the
ability to earn money and financially support a marriage partner and children is crucial to
long term stability. The 10th house or MC rules career or business and allows the native to
earn the financial resources needed to support a marriage partner. The 4th house rules the
home and family and if the MC/IC axis or its rulers are activated by dynamic aspects then
the relationship generally grows into a marriage. Especially effective are easy aspects to the
MC/IC axis because a trine to the MC also is a sextile to the IC; a flourishing career or
business provides the native with the money to turn a romantic relationship into a
marriage. A square to the MC is also a square to the IC, and if a relationship starts under
such difficult aspects it is not as likely to evolve into marriage. Dynamic aspects to the
Nodes may also activate the relationship drive, but generally this is a minor issue unless the
Nodes are conjunct the angles and so drive a strong need for new social connections.

4. The 5th house and its ruler signify the native’s sexual attraction or romantic feelings and the
desire to procreate and have children. You don’t need to be married to have sex and
children, but it is beneficial for the children if they grow up in a stable home under the
nurturing guidance of both parents. The 5th house and its ruler generate intense excitement
and romantic feelings and are always involved at the start of romantic relationships for at
least one of the partners.
5. When the planets that rule the angles are moved by some dynamic method such as
progression, direction or transit and thereby make aspects to natal points then the native
will feel the urge for companionship. Or the reverse can also be true, with these planetary
rulers of the angles being aspected by any dynamic planet.
6. The dynamic methods most obviously useful in relationships are Secondary Progressions
and Solar Arc directions, except where the angles are in signs ruled by Jupiter or Saturn.
Jupiter rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, and Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius.
In the above cases the transits are just as important as progressions. I use both the classical
and modern planetary rulers of the signs since the documented data clearly show that they
both work. This means that Uranus is co‐ ruler of Aquarius and Pluto is co‐ruler of Scorpio.
However, I always look at the classical rulers first since they are much more often involved
than the modern rulers. Venus and Mars play no role in the beginning of a romance unless
they rule an angle or the 5th house. In this case even their transits to natal planets and
angles are useful in triggering relationships.

In most cases it is quite easy to see who fell first or deeper in love by looking at the number
of dynamic aspects that activate the important relationship points. People who have a dozen
dynamic aspects activating the relationship points all at the same time have little choice but
to feel a deep need for romantic involvement. Whether the partner’s chart is activated to the
same extent does not seem to matter all that much. Generally, the more enthusiastic partner
powers the relationship and sweeps the other person off their feet. The above conclusions are
based on the analysis of 27 relationships, some of them celebrities, others very ordinary
people. What they all have in common is that they all react to exactly the same planetary

Example: Desi‐Lucy

Below follows a detailed analysis of the romance between Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. She
was a B movie star who met Cuban born band leader Desi Arnaz on the set of the movie
Too Many Girls in May of 1940 and they got married six months later. Lucille Ball was born
on the 6th of August 1911, at 17:00 in Jamestown, New York. This gives her chart Capricorn
rising with Venus ruled Libra on the 10th and Taurus on the 5th. Assertive Mars ruled Aries
is on the 4th house cusp. Her father died when Lucy was four years old, and she was raised
mostly by her maternal grandparents. At sixteen she was sent to acting school by her mother
to keep her away from criminal friends. Her acting skills were not particularly good, and she
ended up playing roles in low grade movies. One of these parts was a role in the movie Too
Many Girls.
In order to set the stage for how the romance worked out I looked at the transits for a time
period of four months, starting with the month before the relationship began. That way I
could see the astrological motivators before, during and after the start of the relationship. I
also looked at progressions and directions for two months before and after the beginning of
the romance. Let us look at the progressions first.
In the following section I will state the dynamic aspect followed by its psychological
interpretation. In March, Lucy had Solar Arc Mercury, which is natally in her 8th house of
debt, square her Moon in the 1st. She needed money badly and felt stressed because of it. In
April her progressed Moon trined Venus ruler 5th and 10th, so she was ready to accept a new
5th house love and romance as well as 10th house career and financial opportunities. By July
the progressed Moon had conjoined natal Uranus in the 1st, bringing the excitement and
thrill of a new relationship with the sexy and much younger Desi Arnaz. Next the
progressed Moon squared the MC/IC axis, driving the need to expand her career as well as
cement her relationship to Arnaz by marriage and buying a home.
In April Saturn ruler 1st was transiting her 4th and trine the Ascendant and conjunct the
North Node; this set the stage for the focus on her relationship and family security needs.
By May, Saturn opposed Jupiter in the 10th, indicating that maybe her relationship with
Desi brought her unwanted notoriety at work. She really worried about the age difference.
Saturn also trined the Moon ruler 7th; she was obviously happy to have found a lover who
met her emotional needs. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct the 4th house cusp and trine the
Ascendant, again repeating the need for home and marriage.
In June, transiting Saturn trined Mercury, indicating her finances were much better now.
Transiting Uranus co‐ruler 2nd trined Venus, repeating the theme of greatly improved
finances and also highlighting the sexual intensity of her new found romance. Transiting
Jupiter trined Moon ruler 7th, bringing thoughts of marriage to her mind. Transiting Saturn
squared natal Sun, indicating Lucy`s fear of social disapproval of her relationship with a
man who was six years younger. They eventually agreed to lie about their age and both
claimed to be born in 1914. Saturn then conjoined Mars ruler 4th in the 4th, driving the need
for marriage and a common family home.

Desiderio Arnaz was born on the 2nd of March 1917 at 12:17 PM, in Santiago de Cuba on the
island of Cuba. This gives him 23 Gemini rising, Pisces on the 10th and Libra on the 5th
house of romance. His family fled to the USA because of political troubles, and Desi was
raised in Miami. In April 1940 he had Solar Arc Mars ruler 6th of work and 11th of business
income, which is natally conjunct the MC, square the natal Moon. This activated his career
and work ambition as well as his sex drive. In May the progressed Moon sextiled Mars,
sextiled the Sun and sextiled the MC. His career and finances were doing fabulously well
and he could well afford to think about relationships.
In April transiting Jupiter ruler 7th and 10th sextiled Mercury ruler 1st, sextiled Uranus,
sextiled Ascendant, squared Saturn. The need to start a relationship must have taken over
his whole life. He was in love with love but had serious intentions with Saturn involved.
Transiting Saturn squared Neptune co‐ruler 10th, conjoined Jupiter and sextiled the Moon.
With Neptunes involvement he just had to find his goddess and his feelings were over the
top. Also in May Uranus squared Mercury ruler 1st, and the need for the wild excitement of
a new love was definitely on his mind.
In May transiting Neptune squared the ascendant, indicating the likelihood of falling
helplessly in love and idealizing his partner to the utmost. Transiting Jupiter sextiled Venus
ruler 5th, sextiled Pluto, squared Neptune, conjoined natal Jupiter. The need to expand his
social and professional relationships as well as his romantic life was on his mind when he
met Lucy.

In June transiting Jupiter sextiled the Moon in his 1st and transiting Saturn sextiled the Sun
in his 10th and sextiled the MC. Desi’s career and relationship were doing incredibly well
and his romance with Lucy was seen in a positive light by the movie producers. In July
transiting Neptune squared the ascendant/descendant axis. The time had come to take this
romance to the next level and move forward with a commitment. Transiting Jupiter sextiled
Mars, Sun, and the MC. The movie really boosted his career and allowed him to consider a
permanent arrangement like marriage. Transiting Pluto co‐ruler 6th of work conjoined
Neptune. The fame and fortune he had hungered for were falling in his lap. Desi and Lucy
were married on the 30th of November 1940. The marriage failed all too soon due to his
constant extramarital affairs. He simply could not turn down an offer of sex from a woman.
The rules for predicting romance in a chart are simple and predictable and appear to work all
of the time. One needs to see the rulers of some or all four of the angles activated, either by
being aspected by dynamic planets or these rulers of angles themselves moving through the
chart and activating other planets. It doesn’t seem to matter in which direction the energy
flows, as long as it relates to the angles. Throw in the Moon as the indicator of the native’s
emotional needs and the ruler of the 5th for romance and excitement and the picture is
mostly complete.
1. Male ‐ Ron Bippus ‐ 5 Feb 1945, 8:02 AM, Slupsk, Poland
Female – Barbara Bippus – 1 Nov 1946, 12:30 London, England
Met on her 23rd birthday, 1 Nov 1969.

He had: SA ASC sextile Mars, PR Moon ruler 5th trine Sun ruler 7th, sextile MC, SA Venus
sextile ASC,
TR Uranus co‐ruler 1st conjunct Neptune in his 7th, and TR Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter in the
7th. TR Jupiter trine Sun ruler 7th, sextile MC, trine ASC, TR Saturn sextile Saturn, TR
Neptune square ASC/DES
She had SA Jupiter sextile Moon ruler 7th, PR Moon sextile Neptune and conjunct SN, TR
Jupiter trine Uranus in the 5th, square Moon, TR Uranus trine Saturn ruler 1st

Married on 24 Aug 1974
He had TR Pluto square Saturn ruler 1st, and TR Saturn trine Moon, conjunct NN, TR Jupiter
trine Moon, PR Moon opposite Uranus co‐ruler 1st, sextile Sun ruler 7th
She had PR Moon square Jupiter and Sun, opposite Saturn ruler 1 st, SA ASC trine NN, TR
Saturn ruler 1st conjunct Descendant.

2. Male ‐ Ron Bippus ‐ 5 Feb 1945, 8:02 AM, Slupsk, Poland
Female – Donna Ritch, 3 Oct 1951, 7:35:47 AM, Toronto, Canada

First Date 8 Jul 2006
She had PR Mars ruler 7th conjunct Mercury, SA Mars ruler 7th conjunct the ascendant, PR
Moon trine Node conjunct natal Moon; SA ASC Sxt Neptune
TR Jupiter ruler 5th trine NN, conjunct Moon, trine Uranus; TR Neptune co‐ruler 5th trine natal
Neptune; TR Saturn ruler 4th trine Jupiter, sextile Sun, square Moon ruler 10th, sextile Neptune
co‐ruler 5th, conjunct Pluto; TR Mars ruler 7th Sxt Neptune ruler 5th, sextile ASC; TR Venus
ruler 1st Sxt Jupiter 5th,Tri Neptune co‐ruler 5 th.

He had PR Moon trine Uranus co‐ruler 1 st, SA Jupiter ruler 10th square ASC/DES, square Moon
ruler 5th, conjunct Sun ruler 7th; SA ASC square Mercury ruler 4th; PR MC conjunct Sun ruler
TR Saturn ruler 1st conjunct Pluto, sextile Uranus co‐ruler 1st, square Moon ruler 5th, opposite
Sun ruler 7th, trine MC; TR Neptune sextile MC; TR Jupiter ruler 10th
Cnj Moon, Sqr Sun, Tri Node.

Married 12 Sep 2008
He had PR Moon ruler 5th square Uranus co‐ruler 1st, trine Moon, SA Mars opposite Jupiter
ruler 10th, TR Saturn square Uranus, sextile Moon, TR Jupiter sextile Moon
She had TR Jupiter ruler 5th opposite Uranus, TR Saturn ruler 4th sextile Moon ruler 10th and
Uranus, conjunct SN

3. Female – Donna White, 3 Oct 1951,7:35 AM, Toronto, Canada
Male – Bob Ritch 16 May 1949 – Toronto, Canada‐ No birth time
First Date: 1st of June, 1971
She had PR Moon coruler 1 st sextile Mercury, PR Sun sextile Mars ruler 7th, SA Pluto
sextile Moon co‐ruler 1st. TR Saturn square Mars ruler 7th, sextile MC; TR Jupiter ruler 5th
square Mars ruler 7th, trine MC; TR Neptune coruler 5th sextile Mercury
Married 5 Jul 1974
She had PR MC conjunct Pluto ruler 2nd, PR Moon conjunct SN
TR Saturn square natal Saturn ruler 4th and Jupiter ruler 5th, trine Moon ruler 10th, trine NN, TR
Uranus conjunct ASC,

5. Female ‐ Amy Bippus – 17 Dec 1983, 10:37 AM, Toronto, Canada
Male – Derek Sturge – 15 Aug 1979, 7:30 PM, Owen Sound, Canada

First Date – 21 Sep 2002
She had: PR ASC square Uranus co‐ruler 1st, PR Moon sextile Uranus, conjunct ASC, TR
Jupiter ruler 10th trine MC, conjunct DES, square Saturn, TR Saturn ruler 1st opposite Sun ruler
7th and opposite Neptune
He had: TR Jupiter ruler 10th conjunct Mercury ruler 5th, sextile Moon,
SA MC trine Venus in the 7th, PR Moon sextile Moon
Broke‐up Sep 2008

6. Lucille Ball – 6 Aug 1911, 17:00, Jamestown, NY
Desi Arnaz‐ 2 March 1917, 12:17 PM, Santiago de Cuba
Met on set of film Too Many Girls May 1940, married 6 months later
She had SA Mercury Sqr Moon; PR Moon Tri Venus ruler 5th, Cnj Uranus, Sqr MC
TR Saturn Trine ASC, Cnj Node,
Saturn Opp Jupiter, Tri Moon; TR Jupiter Tri ASC, Cnj IC;
TR Saturn Trine Mercury; Uranus Trine Venus, TR Jupiter Trine Moon, TR Saturn Sqr Sun,
Cnj Mars
He had SA Mars Sqr Moon; PR Moon Sxt Mars, Sxt Sun, Sxt MC
TR Jup ruler 7th and 10th Sxt Mercury ruler 1st, Sxt Uranus, Sxt ASC, Sqr Saturn; TR Saturn
ruler 8th Sqr Neptune coruler 10th, Cnj Jupiter, Sxt Moon; Uranus Sqr Mercury.
TR Neptune coruler 10th Sqr ASC, TR Jupiter ruler 10th and 7th Sxt Venus ruler 5th, Sxt Pluto,
Sqr Neptune, Cnj Jupiter.
TR Jupiter Sxt Moon, TR Saturn Sxt Sun in 10th, Sxt MC.
th th th
TR Neptune coruler 10 Sqr ASC; TR Jupiter ruler 7 and 10 Sxt Mars, Sxt Sun, Sxt MC; TR
Pluto Cnj Neptune,

Married 30 Nov 1940

7. Kay Taylor ‐ April 1, 1954, 6:33 am
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Klaus ‐ February 24, 1942, 4:56 am
Bremen, Germany
First Date: February 18, 2001, 7 pm in Emeryville, CA
She had SA Mars ruler 1 st sextile Sun ruler 5th; SA Venus ruler 7th square Moon; SA Neptune
trine Sun ruler 5th;
TR Uranus sextile ASC, TR Neptune square Saturn ruler 10th; TR Mars trine Sun
He had TR Neptune Cnj Venus ruler 10th and 5th; Uranus Sxt ASC; Jupiter ruler 1st Sxt
Pluto, Sqr Sun, Trine Venus, Uranus sqr Mars ruler 4th
th th
PR Moon Opp Venus ruler 10 and 5 ; SA ASC Sqr Moon; SA Venus Trine Pluto; PR Moon
Opposite Mercury ruler 7th, Sxt Jupiter ruler 1 st, Sxt Moon.

October 12, 2006, 6:04 pm in Emeryville, CA
She had TR Saturn ruler 10th trine ASC, TR Uranus sextile MC, TR Jupiter sextile natal Node.
He had Saturn square Mars ruler 4th, trine ASC, PR Moon sextile ASC, TR Jupiter opposite

8. Gary Paton: 4‐10‐1968 Fairfax, Virginia. 3:06am
Caroline 12‐06‐1966 12:20am Takoma Park, Maryland
First Date –Jan 11, 1998 ‐ sometime in the late morning. we had breakfast and then I showed her
around town
She had PR Moon conjunct Neptune ruler 7th, trine Saturn ruler 5th, conjunct Mercury ruler 1 st ‐
TR Jupiter ruler 7th square Mercury ruler 1st and square Neptune coruler 7th, trine MC, TR
Saturn ruler 5th trine Sun.
He had TR Jupiter ruler 10th conjunct ASC and opposite Jupiter in the 7th and sextile Sun ruler
7th. TR Pluto trine Mercury. PR Mercury ruler 5th sextile natal Mercury. PR Moon opposite
Saturn ruler 1st, Trine ASC. TR Saturn conjunct natal Saturn, sextile ASC
They married later that year.

9. Karen Bippus – 5 Nov 1976, 4:05 PM, Toronto
Jeff Veerden – 29 Apr 1980

First Date – 5 July 2002
She had Pr Moon ruler 4th of home square MC/IC, trine Neptune, opposite Pluto. TR Jupiter
square Ascendant/descendant. Saturn ruler 10th sextile ASC, trine DES, opposite Venus ruler
He had PR Moon conjunct Jupiter ruler 7th, sextile Moon, conjunct Saturn ruler 10th ‐ TR Saturn
ruler 10th conjunct Ascendant and square natal Saturn, opposite Neptune, trine MC, sextile
Mercury ruler 5th ‐ TR Jupiter ruler 7th trine Uranus ruler 10th and square Mercury ruler 5th.
He lacked self‐ esteem, later regretted involvement.

10. Michael Avery: 3 Jul 1980, 19:30, London, England
Met new boyfriend 11 Aug 2008
She had SA MC Trine Pluto; PR Moon Sxt ASC; PR Mercury Trine Moon; PR Venus ruler 7th
Trine Jupiter; SA Venus Sqr ASC
TR Saturn ruler 10th Sxt Uranus, Tri MC, Sqr Neptune, Sxt Mercury, Sxt Sun ruler 5th; TR
Jup Sxt Sun, Neptune Sxt ASC; Uranus Sqr Venus ruler 7th, Trine Mars ruler 1 st.

He had SA Moon Trine ASC; SA Mercury ruler 7th Trine Neptune, Cnj Node, SA Mercury
Sxt MC.
TR Saturn Cnj Jupiter ruler 1 st, Sqr Venus ruler 10th, Sqr ASC; Uranus Cnj Moon,

11. Caroline Kennedy ‐ 16 Jun 1940, 10 PM, Toronto, Ontario
Relationship – Aug 2008 –married in November
She had TR Saturn ruler 1st Tri Jupiter, Sxt MC, Sxt Venus ruler 4th, Trine Saturn, Trine ASC,
Sxt Moon; Uranus Tri Mars ruler 10th, Trine Mercury ruler 5th,
th st
PR Moon Cnj IC, Sxt Venus ruler 4 , Cnj Saturn ruler 1 , Trine ASC; SA Moon Trine

12. His birth data: Burcu Batur ‐ 16 July 1978 , 7:25 a.m Istanbul Turkey
His birth data: Omer Keskiner ‐ 9 Mar 1978 , 2.20 a.m Istanbul Turkey

Our first attraction was on 8 Sep 2008 , 21:00 Istanbul, Turkey
Our first date was on 10 Nov 2007 ; 23:00 Istanbul, Turkey
Our serious relationship started on 12 Jan 2008 ; 22:00 Istanbul, Turkey

8th Sep 2007 ‐ First meeting
He had TR Saturn ruler 7th Square Moon, Saturn Conjunct Saturn
trine MC conjunct Venus, and Jupiter ruler 5th of romance trine ascendant.
TR Saturn trine MC, TR Jupiter Sextile Pluto, Trine ASC.
SA MC Square Saturn, SA Pluto Square ASC,
Both romance and marriage are indicated.
She had TR Saturn trine ASC, sextile Jupiter ruler 1 st, TR Pluto opposite Jupiter, TR Uranus
conjunct Moon. PR Moon opposite Pluto
A sudden shift in relationship values that lead to more than a friendship.

10 Nov 2007 ‐ First date
She had TR Pluto Square Mercury ruler 7th, TR Jupiter ruler 1st sextile MC,
TR Jupiter square Mercury ruler 7th and Venus ruler 5th. TR Jupiter opposite Jupiter, TR Pluto
conjunct ASC. SA Mercury ruler 7th sextile Jupiter ruler 1st.
SA Mars Sextile MC, PR Moon Trine Neptune
Marriage and home are possible, career will flourish. Good time to start a possible marriage.
He had SA Neptune square Pluto ruler 4th. SA Pluto square ASC/DES
Dreams of a home with Omer. PR ASC conjunct Venus. He is in love.

12 Jan 2007 – Committed relationship
He had Transiting Jupiter ruler 5th trine Venus and Trine MC, TR Pluto Trine Saturn ruler 7th.
Progressed Moon trine Saturn ruler 7th. SA ASC conjunct Venus, SA MC trine NN
Good time to pursue romantic and marriage goals.
She had TR Jupiter ruler 1st square Venus, square the Nodes.
PR Moon conjunct IC
She is ready to make new social connections and build a home.

13. My ex‐boyfriend and I had our first date on Jan. 26, 2007 at 8pm in Oshawa.

Debbie Seeney, Nov 2, 1958, 2:35pm, Belleville, Ontario
No data for the man.

She had TR Saturn ruler 12th square Jupiter ruler 1st, TR Jupiter square ASC, TR Uranus co‐ruler
12th trine Jupiter,

SA Saturn square Jupiter ruler 1 st. SA MC square Venus. Transiting Saturn trine natal Saturn,
TR Jupiter trine Uranus; Transiting Neptune co‐ruler 1st trine IC

The aspects are mostly hard, so the relationship was doomed from the beginning. They broke up
9 months later.

14. Brad Pitt – 18 Dec 1963, 6:31, Shawnee, Oklahoma
Angelina Jolie – 4 Jun 1975, 9:09, Los Angeles, California
Romance began on set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, November 2003, Australia
She had Pr Sun square Mars ruler 5th and Pr Moon square Venus and Ascendant

Tr Saturn ruler 7th square Moon ruler 1st and square Mars ruler 5th, TR Neptune sextile Mars
ruler 5th, Tr Jupiter sextile Saturn ruler 7th, Tr Saturn square Mars, TR Pluto co‐ruler 5th sextile
He had Pr Moon opposite Mercury ruler 7th and trine Neptune ruler 4th; SA ASC conjunct
Moon, Tr Jupiter ruler 1st trine Mercury ruler 7th, sextile Neptune ruler 4th.

15. Richard Burton – 10 Nov 1925, 14:48, Pontrhydyfen, Wales
Elizabeth Taylor – 27 Feb 1932, 2:00, Hampstead, England
Met and fell in love during the shooting of Cleopatra in Rome ‐ Jul 1961
She had ‐ Pr Moon trine Jupiter ruler 1 st ‐ SA Neptune conjunct MC, SA ASC trine Neptune, Pr
Moon trine Uranus and Venus ruler 5th – TR Pluto opposite Mercury
He had – PR Sun Square ASC/DES, PR Moon ruler 5th conjunct MC and square ASC/DES,
sextile Mars in 7th, conjunct Venus in 10th, SA Uranus trine MC, opposite Mars in 7th, sextile
IC, SA Jupiter ruler 1 st opposite Neptune co‐ruler 1 st, TR Jupiter sextile Mercury, TR Uranus
conjunct Neptune co‐ruler 1st, TR Pluto square Mercury ruler 7th, TR Saturn sextile ASC/DES

16. Tom Hanks – 9 Jul 1965, 11:17, Concord, CA
Rita Wilson – 26 Oct 1956, 12:00, no birth time, Los Angeles, CA
Met on set of The Volunteers, Jul 1984 ‐ He was married, she engaged to another.
He had SA MC conjunct the Sun, trine Mars; PR Moon sextile MC, sextile Venus.
TR Jupiter ruler 7th opposite Mercury ruler 1st; TR Saturn ruler 5th square Moon; TR Uranus
trine Moon; TR Neptune co‐ruler 7th trine Jupiter ruler 7th and 4th;

17. Paul Newman – 26 Jan 1925, 6:30, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Joanne Woodward – 27 Feb 1930, 4:00, Thomasville, Georgia
Met on set of Broadway play Picnic which opened 19 Feb 1953
He had TR Jupiter trine Mercury ruler 5th and trine ASC, opposite Saturn ruler 1 st, trine Venus
ruler 4th; TR Neptune opposite Mars ruler 10th; TR Pluto ruler 10th conjunct Neptune.
PR Moon ruler 7th sextile ASC and Mercury ruler 5th, trine Pluto ruler 10th, trine MC, trine
Saturn ruler 1st
She had TR Jupiter trine ASC and sextile Venus ruler 5th and 10th, sextile Pluto in the 7th; TR
Saturn ruler 1st trine Moon ruler 7th
PR Moon trine Neptune and Nodes, conjunct Saturn ruler 1st, conjunct ASC.
PR Venus ruler 5th square ASC; PR Mars ruler 4th sextile Saturn.

18. Grace Kelly – 12 Nov 1929, 5:31, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Prince Rainier – 31 May 1923, 6:00, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Met in May 1955 at the Cannes film festival
She had: TR Jupiter ruler 5th trine Mars ruler 1st, square Venus ruler 7th, trine Moon; TR Saturn
trine Pluto coruler 1st; TR Uranus ruler 4th trine Mars;
PR Moon trine Saturn ruler 4th, Venus ruler 7th; PR Mars ruler 1st opposite Jupiter ruler 5th
He had: PR Moon sextile Moon, trine ASC, conjunct MC; TR Jupiter sextile Mercury ruler 1st
sextile Sun ruler 4th; TR Pluto sextile ASC; TR Saturn ruler 10th square Neptune ruler most of
the 10th

19. Ben Affleck – 15 Aug 1972, 2:53, Berkeley, California
Jennifer Garner – 17 Apr 1972, 8:30, Houston, Texas
Met on set of Daredevil June 2002
He had: PR Moon ruler 1st conjunct Neptune co‐ruler 10th, trine Mercury ruler 4th;

TR Neptune opposite Mercury; TR Jupiter ruler 10th trine MC; TR Saturn ruler 7th square
MC/IC, sextile Sun, conjunct Saturn; TR Uranus sextile Jupiter
She had: SA Neptune ruler square Mercury ruler 1 st and 5th, PR Mercury trine Jupiter ruler 7th;
PR Moon trine Mercury, conj SN,
TR Saturn ruler 10th conjunct Moon, trine Uranus co‐ruler 10th; TR Pluto sextile Uranus; TR
Jupiter ruler 7th square Sun ruler 4th,TR Uranus sextile Sun

20. Roy Rogers 5 Nov 1911 12:15, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dale Evans, 31 October 1912, Uvalde Texas No Time
They worked on several movies. He proposed in Sep 1947, married NY eve
He had TR Saturn ruler 1st square Sun ruler 7th, Saturn square Saturn, Saturn square Mercury
ruler 5th; TR Jupiter conjunct Mercury, conj MC, sextile Uranus co‐ruler 1st, sextile Venus ruler
PR ASC opposite Venus ruler 4th; PR Moon trine Moon, trine Node; PR MC opposite Pluto
ruler 10th; SA Neptune trine Moon; SA Jupiter Opposite Pluto

21. Tom Cruise ‐ 3 Jul 1962, 15:10, Syracuse, NY
Katie Holmes – 18 Dec 1978, 9:32, Toledo Junction, OH
Met in April 2005, engaged 2 months later in June
She had PR Moon conjunct Saturn ruler 7th, trine Mercury, conjunct Jupiter ruler 5th, trine MC;
SA ASC sextile Uranus co‐ruler 7th;
TR Saturn ruler 1 st sextile Nodes in April; TR Jupiter ruler 5th sextile; TR Neptune opposite
He had PR Moon opposite Venus ruler 7th, trine Mercury; SA Uranus ruler 4th sextile Node
TR Uranus co‐ruler 4th opposite Pluto co‐ruler 1st; TR Jupiter ruler 5th square Sun ruler 10th,
sextile MC, trine Saturn ruler 4th, sextile Node; TR Saturn ruler 4th sextile Mars ruler 1st;

22. Humphrey Bogart – 25 Dec 1899,13:30, New York, NY
Lauren Bacall – 16 Sep 1924, 2:00, New York, NY
They met and fell in love on set of “To Have and Have Not” Aug 1943
He had SA MC Square Uranus; PR Moon Trine MC, Trine Venus ruler 1st; SA Pluto co‐ruler
7th trine Jupiter; PR MC sextile Mars ruler 7th; SA Jupiter Trine ASC
TR Saturn ruler 10th conjunct SN, conjunct Neptune; TR Jupiter Sextile Moon,
TR Jupiter square ASC/DES, sextile Pluto co‐ruler 7th
She had
SA MC opposite Saturn ruler 7th; PR ASC trine Jupiter; SA Mars ruler 10th and 5th
opposite Mercury; SA Sun conjunct IC
TR Jupiter Sqr Saturn ruler 7st, Cnj Venus ruler 4th, Tri MC; TR Saturn Sqr Uranus, Sxt Node,
Sqr Sun, Tri Mars; TR Uranus Sxt Venus ruler 4th; TR Pluto co‐ruler 5th Cnj Venus

23. Brooke Shields – 31 May 1965, 13:45, New York, NY
Chris Henchy – 23 March 1964, New York, NY No birth time.
She started dating Henchy shortly after divorce from Andre Agassi in April 1999
She had PR Moon trine Mercury ruler 1st; PR MC sextile ASC; SA Node trine Saturn ruler 5th,
TR Jupiter ruler 7th sextile Jupiter, sextile Nodes, sextile Moon, sextile MC, sextile Venus, TR
Pluto opposite Jupiter ruler 7th ; TR Saturn ruler 5th trine Uranus, trine Pluto
Engagement; July 18 2000 PR Moon trine Nodes and Sun, TR Saturn ruler 5th conjunct Mercury
Wedding Apr 4 2001 ‐ TR Saturn conjunct Mercury, PR Moon trine Venus,
TR Uranus trine Venus, SA Node trine Neptune co‐ruler 7th.

24. Elvis Presley – 8 Jan 1935, 4:38, Tupelo, MS
Priscilla Presley – 24 May 1945, 22:40, Brooklyn Heights, NY
Met in November 1959 in Germany
He had PR Moon Conjunct Mercury ruler 10th, Conjunct Node, SA Moon Conjunct IC,
TR Jupiter ruler 1st Sextile Venus, Sextile Node, Square Moon, Sextile Mars ruler 5th, Conjunct
ASC, Square Neptune ruler 4th

She had SA Saturn ruler 1st square Venus ruler 5th, PR Mercury sextile Pluto ruler 10th
TR Saturn ruler 1st Square Neptune, Conjunct ASC, Opposite Saturn, Sextile Moon, Trine
Mercury; Pluto ruler 10th Trine ASC; Neptune Trine Saturn, Sextile ASC

Married 1 May 1967
He had SA Venus conjunct Moon, SA Neptune co‐ruler 4th square Sun, PR Moon trine
Neptune, PR MC trine Moon, TR Jupiter ruler 4th square Uranus, sextile MC, opposite Venus,
conjunct Pluto, conjunct SN, TR Uranus trine Mercury ruler 10th,
She had PR Moon trine ASC, SA Uranus square Neptune, PR Venus square Saturn, TR Saturn
opposite Neptune, square ASC, trine Pluto, square Saturn

25. John Lennon – 9 Oct 1940, 18:30, Liverpool, England
Yoko Ono – 18 Feb 1933, 20:30, Tokyo, Japan
They began their affair in spring of 1967
He had PR Venus ruler 7th Sxt Pluto; SA MC Cnj Moon; PR Mars ruler 1st Cnj DES; PR Moon
ruler 5th Tri Uranus, Tri Neptune.
TR Sat ruler 10th Opp Mars ruler 1 st, Sxt Moon, Trine Pluto, Sqr MC, Opp NNod; TR Jupiter
Sxt Mars, Opp Moon.
She had SA Moon ruler 10th trine Mars ruler 7th, PR Moon opposite Mars, SA MC opposite
Venus ruler 1st.
TR Uranus co‐ruler 5th Sxt Pluto, Cnj Jupiter; TR Saturn ruler 4th Cnj DES, Sqr MC, Sxt Sat,
Tri Moon, Cnj Jupiter

Married – 20 March 1969
He: PR Moon trine Sun, PR MC conjunct Moon. PR Moon sextile ASC
TR Uranus conjunct Mars ruler 1st, TR Jupiter trine Moon, conjunct Mars,
She: PR Moon trine Moon, PR ASC trine Nodes, PR ASC trine Mercury

26. Demi Moore – 11 Nov 1962, 14:16, Roswell, NM
Ashton Kutcher – 7 Feb 1978, 12:30, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Began dating April 2003, married 24 Sep 2005
She: PR Moon ruler 5th square Saturn, Cnj Mercury ruler 7th; PR MC conjunct SN; PR Venus
opposite Moon; SA Mercury Sqr ASC.
TR Saturn square ASC/DES, conjunct IC, trine Jupiter ruler 1 st; TR Jupiter square Mercury
ruler 7th, square Neptune co‐ruler 1st, conj Mars,

He: PR Moon Sxt Uranus co‐ruler 10th, Sqr Pluto; SA MC Trine Uranus, SA MC Sqr ASC; SA
Mars conjunct IC; SA Moon Trine Uranus;
TR Saturn ruler 10th trine Venus, conjunct Jupiter ruler 7th, sextile Saturn;
TR Pluto Sxt Sun ruler 4th; TR Jupiter Sqr Uranus co‐ruler 10th, Sxt ASC

27. Santosh

19/05/1980, 11:50 am as per Indian standard time (+5.30)
place ‐ Berhampur, India 84E51 19N21

15/12/1986, 02:00am as per Indian standard time (+5.30)
place ‐ Barua, India 84E40 18N54

Relationship started on Akshaya Tritiya ‐ 20th April 2007

He had PR Sun ruler 1 st Sxt Nodes; PR Moon Trine Uranus co‐ruler 7th, Sxt Sun ruler 1st; PR
MC Sxt Nodes; SA Nod Cnj Saturn ruler 7th , SA Uranus Sxt Pluto co‐ruler 4th,
TR Saturn ruler 7th Sxt Pluto co‐ruler 4th, Tri Neptune; TR Jupiter Sxt Pluto co‐ruler 4th, TR
Pluto Trine ASC;

This is a very powerful social and personal commitment.TR Saturn ruler 7th sextiles Pluto ruler
4th of home.TR Pluto trines ASC. You have a need to build a home and family with a marriage

She had PR Moon ruler 10th Trine Pluto, Trine Venus ruler 1 st, Cnj Mars ruler 7th, Sqr Saturn
ruler 4th
TR Uranus co‐ruler 5th Cnj Jupiter; TR Saturn ruler 4th Trine Nodes; TR Jupiter Trine Nodes,
Cnj Saturn, Jupiter Sqr Mars ruler 7th

This is a good financial match for her as well being a love match.

On the wedding day, 29/01/2008
He had: PR Venus sextile Sun ruler 1 st. SA Mercury conjunct Venus ruler 10th and PR Mercury
square Pluto ruler 4th. TR Pluto trines ASC. The focus is on building a career to build a home
and raise a family.

TR Jupiter opposite Venus ruler 10th. This marriage is primarily to start a home and family but
is also a very public spectacle to announce the marriage
She had: TR Saturn ruler 5th sextile Mercury. Words of love and romance will be heard. TR
Saturn square Moon ruler 10th. The wedding is very public and everyone admires her. PR Moon
squares Uranus ruler 5th and Sun ruler 11th. Her friends will have to take second place to her
romance and marriage.

12 Signs In 2009
Tricia, U.K.

2 009 is going to be a tough and
challenging year on many fronts
and for most people. First of all the
governments of the world are going to be
encountering many challenges to their
regimes regardless of the style from
dictatorship to democracy. Dramatic
developments will shake up the world
order and make themselves felt for the
next ten to twelve years, whilst a new
world order and system of governing is re
established around the globe.

We see both Saturn and Jupiter entering
new signs this year, heralding changes
ahead in the climate and in personal and
interpersonal relationships. Saturn is
Tricia has been studying astrology exalted in Libra by the end of the year and
will be taking to task those who fail to
for over thirty five years, and align themselves with fairness and justice
currently lives in UK. She has been as represented by the scales of the seventh
featured by media such as radio, TV, sign of the zodiac.
magazines including Starteller, and
currently writes western sun columns Saturn retrogrades from the onset of the
for two UK newspapers and online year till May and can bring harsh lessons
magazines. for all, but especially socially for the less
well off, those in low paid employment as
She has studied Vedic astrology since
well pensioners and unions who represent
1988, and is a member of The British those working in low paid and manual
Association of Vedic Astrologers, jobs. Difficult times in employment fields
whose journal Gocara has featured will upset all as old forms of employment
some of her articles. You can visit her are lost, and new ones begin to take their
website to find out more: place. A challenge for the entrepreneurial, but very disturbing for those who just
want a reliable job and work routine. This
movement of Saturn is keenly felt by
Capricorns and Aquarians as they have
Saturn as their ruler and will find health
and well‐being is keenly threatened under
this retrogradation. Countries ruled by
Saturn such as Russia will also be
exercising more power but finding they have to take a step back in time as the muscle they
flex is not as influential or powerful as they once believed, their range of rule over countries
they denied democracy to, is waning fast, and the movement of Saturn into Libra ensures
they are not going to get much support for continuing with oppressive practice in the
traditional ways they once employed.

Jupiter is retrograde from June till October and this is not good for commerce, publishing
fields, the press generally nor for the oligarchs and oiligarchs who seek to sustain an old
empire which the new order disdains and which no longer looks respectable or desirable as
the new world order begins to shake up old values and priorities. More religious riots can
break out and disputes between religious leaders will also make the headlines.

Stars 2009


I n December 2008 Mars your ruler conjoined with Pluto in solar tenth bringing a
dramatic change into your career zone as well as your status. 2009 will see you
desperately trying to find out how it happened and what you can do to put everything
back to normal.

Sustaining progress in life and improving your public image will
take your expertise and initiative to the limits in 2009. Certainly
opportunities for new career directions and life paths are
presented but the climate is so unpredictable even you might feel
that losses possible outweigh the advantages of any benefits of risk

You begin the year promoting major changes at work and home, and some may even be
negotiating new land or property moves. After 22 August into the second half of the year,
environmental conditions begin to change whether you want them to do so or not.

You are advised to take extra care while travelling in January but also in September and
October. More journeys in connection with work are highly likely; ensure mechanical
failures don't upset plans and use reputable transport companies for boosting security levels
for long distance travel.

Mid February brings a weekend retreat or pleasure outing but you will be taking time to pay
more care to health and exercise regimes also.

July can be a stressful time due to changes demanding a new style of operating and mid
September to mid October bring challenges in situation where you have to be on your toes
with many around you vying for power or struggling to dominate you and take control.

Venus retrograde from 6th March ‐ 17th April suggests either you or a loved one, or both,
may be ill or be visiting someone in hospital. Expenditure can also be a source of distress at
these times. Those who are single can expect some romantic attraction to raise hopes of new
relationship. Avoid triangular relationships as you are scandal prone in the year ahead.

By October expect to be deafened by the sound of wedding bells, but take care of finance and
use any increase in income to help out when the going gets tough again by the end of

Your best bet for 2009 if you are looking to get the most fun out of life, is to join as many
groups as possible, or go on new courses to make the most of planetary support. A male
associate will help with providing a new opportunity for gain and success.
You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from
Tricia at


ou begin the year with Mars in solar tenth actively animating a huge drive in your
campaign to sort out property and career prospects. This makes you more ambitious
than ever before.
The second week in January brings the prospect of more travel
connected to business affairs and some may even be flying at home or
abroad. Ensure vehicle maintenance is up to scratch, get
windscreen wipers changed, and top up the de frost, and be extra
vigilant while driving. Health needs some minor attention at the
start of the year also. Avoid viruses and people with sniffles.

The second half of February brings a hectic time and a kick start to business affairs taking
you in some new and unusual directions.

March to April Venus is retrograde so be extra patient and wait for frustrations and delays
to disappear rather than fighting them and lowering vitality. March to April can be
challenging financially and some extra expenses or debts will force you to be extra careful
with the limited resources at your disposal. Energy levels can be low at this time too. Money
or lack of it can be a problem.

July brings plans to fruition or completion plans made in February, and by the beginning of
August you are ready for a complete new start in a different direction.

A change in direction or status is important for you in the year ahead, but don't let this
override the need to uphold good health regimes

September 21‐ mid October brings more changes in the types of activity you get involved
with and there could be the loss of one role of responsibility but this brings more leisure
Last year was unpredictable and you would have found yourself going in one direction only
to find opportunities came from another. This year brings to an end the obstacles to progress
and better trends for feeling more in control of the direction you want to go in. Watch

August for more support for what you set out to achieve.

Finances can be more reliable from June‐October so use any gains for essentials not
October‐November brings a few power struggles which can be irritating but also creative as
you develop new strategies to ward off those who compete for control. June is a lovely
month for travel and small self indulgences, also for the possibility of romance to boost your
ego. You will make extra effort to look good and admirers will be around to notice.
You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from
Tricia at


f you haven't already made changes then these are likely this year before the end of
October, possibly bringing a promotion. However till 14th May some financial
catastrophes could force you to reassess your spending habits and sort out essentials
from desirables to balance the books.
2009 is a year of making new friends in high places, and feeling that the
luck which deserted you last year has finally returned thank goodness!
Rather than doubt yourself you begin to develop awareness that
there is a higher force at work it was just that you didn't know which
way they were taking you.

March‐ April is not your best time for affairs related to children, investments or love affairs,
wait until May for these areas of life to be less frustrating and challenging. Those entering
education will find this time of year especially challenging.

November and December bring a creative time of the year but also a need to work out what
you want and how to gain the co operation of others in order to get it.

A trine between Jupiter, Saturn and your natal sun begins to form by the end of October
bringing the opportunity to make great progress into realising your dreams and hopes for the
future, though you will also have to put experience and lessons learned to good use to make
this a reality.

Mars in solar first during late July to August can be unsettling making you prone to rash
actions and impulsiveness which could bring regrets. You’ll want to initiate new friendships
and business directions but find yourself overcome by insecurity and nervousness which
interferes with creating good rapport. You'll tend to adopt a pioneering and overly
competitive approach which antagonises people and stops them from cooperating. This gives
rise to a situation in September where you will need to be extra careful about how you speak
to others if you want to avoid disputes and hostility. Men around you could also be
vulnerable with many distressing changes affecting their health.

May ‐ July brings a pleasant and relaxing time when your talents attract admiration and a
romantic interlude ensures you charm everyone under your spell.

You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from
Tricia at


he first half of the year continues in ways you have become accustomed to while
autumn could provide a financial jolt which rocks the boat a little. Jupiter moves
into your solar eighth early in the year and this means good luck trends slowly
change and come in from new directions. This can bring family
matters to a head and if tension has been simmering then 2009 will
bring them to a head with separations likely. Opposition
surrounds you at the start of the year with someone trying to
outsmart every move you make. It could be that cultural differences
begin to create communication problems and throughout the year
this will present many barriers and a need to establish new family

Men are especially antagonistic and hostile till May, then again for the second half of the
year, and could be in need of a health check up, or just some TLC.

By the beginning of July relationship issues reach a climax as you get caught between health
constraints and career demands, and perhaps some debts which drain resources to stretching
point. By the end of July you will need to carefully introduce a new health and exercise
regime, and plan goals and directions more carefully for success. The 22nd July brings some
space for starting new projects and for promoting your own ideas and personal goals. Take
care of father figures and mentors as they could feel threatened by your thrust for freedom
or are suffering major setbacks themselves.

The first three weeks in August bring a little romance your way as well as deeper self
understanding. You feel more attractive and your social life will be more upbeat. You could
meet a soul mate in a group or team setting and this looks set to get your pulse rating. By the
end of the year you encounter problems with someone who doesn't appreciate your
contribution or expertise, possibly a Capricorn who feels they know better than you.
You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from
Tricia at


M any Leo's are mourning the loss of either a love that might have been or a loved
one that has departed. Financial pressures surround you and continue to do so till
October, depressing family joy, and bringing likelihood of family separations
before the end of October. Tough times will eventually disappear and on a brighter note, you
find it easier to deal with the stresses and strains in life.

Communication skills need developing so courses on how to improve them should be
greeted with open arms. You are wiser in the year ahead and in a better position to bring

about improvements with greater ease than last year.

The second week in January brings travel for work purposes while
some changes in the work routines arrive during the first two months
of the year. You might experience the worst side of possibly an
Aquarian during 20th January to 20th February, but use the
encounter to strengthen your own position, and learn new skills,
rather than allowing it to turn into an explosive situation. Around 9th
February you're best advised to sort out essential domestic and work administration and put
personal affairs in order. Father figures or employers are encountering their own problems
and will be difficult to deal with. You'll find women around you more supportive at this

February to March can bring financial setbacks perhaps due to lack of support from the bank
or credit company and money owed does not get paid.

15th June ‐13th October brings another round of spending cuts as finance or incomes are
under threat. 22nd July sees good support for plans made in February to conclude or come to
fruition, while some projects are completed and come to an end. Overseas travel is
highlighted but so are hospital checkups, and even some secret affairs which could cause a
stir or a sparkle depending on how you react.

The beginning of August brings business and relationship affair to a climax where it is make
or break time. Avoid the limelight and provoking arguments to win the day, or risk losing a
good friend. Late August through September brings pleasant and appealing time when you
easily persuade all around you that despite your occasional battle for their admiration, you
are essentially a charming person who is full of good ideas. This era is also an excellent time
for initiating new plans and life directions as few will oppose you and vitality will match
ambition. You can be accused of exaggerating in order to illustrate, but your dramatic
approach is what singles you out as an entertaining and lively companion.
You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from
Tricia at


Q uite a struggle continues between a need for doing something new, but having to face
constraints which continue old patterns you have felt as frustrating and limiting for a
few years. The good news is that Saturn moves out of your solar first by October
leaving you wiser, freer but oh so much older with age marks to prove it!

The bad news is that mortgage or other debts pose many problems and
this situation plants a seed of trouble which could grow into a family
rift unless handled carefully.

You’ve worked so hard this past few years in spite of unhappy if not

depressing circumstances which have upset your life plans. Jupiter

aspects solar tenth from 6th January promising some easier flow of energy where
opportunity and achievement are concerned, so make the most of this trend to find out
which tasks to prioritise.

February to March sees you set to lose a friend, who tries to dictate unreasonable terms,
while partners could be more competitive and argumentative, but debts and health problems
are affecting their overall performance and so patience is needed.

March‐April could bring more financial worries and a need to take a closer look at where
expenditure can be controlled in painless ways. Changes in the work routine are also likely.
July highlights a pleasurable interlude where leisure and pleasure trips offset some trying
times, but don't neglect minor health problems which arise as you get rid of tensions.

August brings to end problems with transport or roads which have interrupted many of your
domestic and work routines.

21 September ‐ 15 October Venus brings new clothes and more relaxation and even the
chance of a makeover to cheer you up. Make the most of pleasant vibes that surround you as
you'll look good, feel good and will be winning friends and admirers and influencing
everyone you come into contact with. There could even be a nice little romantic encounter.
Do take care of health however, as there is a warning of some exhausting factors which leave
you in need of a little respite from all the summer activity.

By the end of December you'll be loosening many of the shackles which have held you back
for the past two and a half years and life will take on a more optimistic feel than ever before
with a brighter looking future than you ever dared wish for.
You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from
Tricia at


T he year ahead brings major changes in the second half but let’s take a look at the
beginning of the year before revealing more about those.

Jupiter moves into solar fifth from 6th January and can activate romantic yearnings as well
as a need to learn more, socialise and spend more time with younger people. However, it can
also be a trigger for job changes and for problems to emerge with employers, bank managers
and other people in positions of authority. It can also bring some health issues to a head
which won’t wait any longer for proper investigation, so take care.

January 26th brings some changes in the work routine and although
you balance DIY projects with work activity a warning comes not to
overdo it. 15th June‐ 13 October is especially vulnerable times for
health, but also times when you need to get specialist advice.

July brings a need for a change in life direction and modification of

ambitions to accommodate emerging market trends.

By August a good trend supports taking time out for leisure or a holiday, though I do hope
this isn’t enforced, and comes from choices you made for yourself. You’re very adaptable in
the work environment and take a caring approach in all you do, but it may be that this year
you need to learn to accept the care of others instead of always being the one to give it.

After 2nd August a new trend arrives, a sudden upheaval could spoil things or turn things
around in ways you hadn’t thought would happen. This could indicate a domestic situation
which gets out of hand, or a need to stay away from home for some reason, could even be a
hospital stay for some, so take care, as this trend seems to last for the final months of the

Venus your ruler is retrograde from 6th March‐17th April and is not good for progress or the
feel good factor. It augurs a trend for unexpected and rather frustrating and delaying
circumstances to surround plans and goals with many surprises to upset the daily routine.

October 15th‐8th November sees a more supportive role from Venus who helps make you
more relaxed, more positive, radiant and optimistic and anticipating some much needed
sharing with those you love. Enjoy it while it lasts……………..
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Tricia at


T he 9th February eclipse brings the need to make important decisions about career
moves. A new opportunity could be offered but also a need to examine it more
carefully so you don’t jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. This time of year
also makes you inclined to make new moves in your job but there is a warning to wait until
the end of the month to avoid making hasty decisions based upon temporary situations.

Many of you could either be living in a new home or be coming to
the end of an unsettled phase in your home life, thank goodness.

January brings transport problems to the fore along with a need
to take extra care of pets if you have any, while February brings a
need to be extra careful when crossing roads or travelling so don’t
take any risks.

20th April‐May brings a situation where you look to be lashing out at someone who is trying
to control what you do or manipulate you in some way. Take a backward step to see if
anything they are saying has any truth in it, if not then carefully explain your position
before moving on to pastures new.

7th ‐31 May and 7‐29 September brings tough times financially so be prepared to make do and

mend or at least learn to cut back spending and live within your means.

20 May‐21 June brings currents of change on the work front and responsibilities could change
with a shakeup in roles and status, some of which might not meet with your approval sadly,
but then this year is set to be stimulating, and frustrating simultaneously and you could
drive with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake not knowing which pedal to
press down, especially around November/ December later in the year.

2008 was an excellent year for enterprise and adventure but 2009 brings a need to consider
more carefully what your long term goals and aspirations are, and you do need to spring
clean the wardrobe of your ambitions and decide which fits and which should be thrown out
as no longer appealing or useful.

Venus brings a ‘‘Trinny and Susannah’’ moment from 9‐31 December when a makeover and
new set of clothes and accessories will help you feel and look good and attract the right sort
of admiration from those you seek to impress. You’ll look beguiling and have an irresistible
mystique which is attractive to others and ensures you come into contact with a range of
potential partners ready to navigate the new path you have singled out for your future.
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T he major problem area for you seems to be stores of vitality which seem to fluctuate
wildly for the first eight months. The reason could be a rise in the need to travel
more frequently than usual, and often through heavy traffic in city and urban areas.
Some stressful situations could arise where energy is drained leaving you needing time to
unravel from the stress and lack of progress which ensues.

Your appetite for adventure and exploration becomes almost
compulsive during the first half of the year. Be warned however
that not all journeys will go to plan and be prepared for some quite
unexpected encounters. The roads look like being subject to many
weather foul ups so ensure a blanket and spares, along with emergency
supplies are kept in a safe place in your vehicle or rug sack.

After August things become less fraught and more settled with enjoyable opportunities and
more gainful travel. Watch out for a rise in appetite as comfort eating and compulsive eating
habit can upset the digestive system more than ever this year, and you are more prone to
indisposition if not ‘time out’ as a result of poor diet.

Take care of the pennies till later this year as the credit crunch spoiled every aspect of
business, domestic and social life for you, although with your entrepreneurial abilities you
are also well placed to find some creative solutions which have excellent profitability built

into them as well!

March‐April brings a change in the usual routine when either a new focus or temporary
break from normal patterns or even a new work environment can be expected. 4‐17th July
also shows a time when your routine, job or status undergoes a surprising stimulus for

21 May‐22 June sees a time when you find it hard to understand why some people around
you insist in throwing their weight around or obstructing or opposing your plans,
challenging your very modus operandi in the most provocative way. They can be overly
controlling or overbearing and your broad mindedness and renowned sense of humour is
going to be tested to its limit in this situation. A time maybe to assert your needs, set out
boundaries and let the other person know just how far you allow them to go before you put
your foot down. This situation could result in you having to make a decision to make a break
from certain quarters or group of people and take on their work yourself, instead of
continuing with them.

Independence and entrepreneurial adventures are keynotes for you in 2009 with many
opportunities for expanding your horizons and testing new initiatives will stimulate your
creativity and innovative talents.

December brings a time when you are recognised and rewarded for the things you do as well
as there being a few admirers who give a welcome boost to your ego. Watch out for a few
romantic moments to brighten up the year.

Jupiter is retrograde 15th June‐ 13 October and this signals an era when you have to go
backwards and retrace your steps before you can go forwards again. You might have to take
more time to examine plans more carefully or get help ironing out the details before progress
will be made. Health will need care, be aware that this time too will pass, and take some
time out to visit a health or personal trainer who can deliver good programmes for healthy
regimes as well.
You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from
Tricia at


S aturn is retrograde from the turn of the year to 17th May and for you this brings delays
and obstacles as you are confronted with financial, family or health matters which
will not go away and constantly demand your attention, time and energy.

March‐ April your solar tenth ruler Venus is retrograde bringing some
challenging situations at work where you may not get the
promotion you sought, or have to take on more responsibility which
places you in a compromised situation for a while. Love affairs
and children can also be challenging, play it by ear and know it isn’t
likely to last long, just exercise patience and wait for 17th April
when things should resolve themselves.

Just when you feel those things are under control an unexpected turn of events in June‐
August means heavy spending on family, home and health, with some parting of the ways
with a family member to deal with. Be warned to keep up with insurance payment and to
ensure all treasured possessions are not exposed to danger or theft especially until the end of

15th June‐13 October can also bring a sudden halt or interference with personal plans and
projects. Ruler Saturn will be exalted in Libra by the 30th promising a better phase for you
where your special talent for dealing considerately and fairly with others is going to be put
to the test. A change in circumstances is promised for this time as well as changes in your
personal circumstances, career and status which may leave you breathless as to its
magnitude of impact on your life. Write to me and let me know how this works out for you
when it happens.

July brings the need to tidy up important personal affairs especially where health, image and
behaviour is concerned. You will also be initiating long standing heartfelt projects. Men
around you such as father figures, mentors, the bank mangers, bosses or others in positions
of authority will be sending out distress signals. During 21st June‐ 22nd July is not a good
time to ask your bank manager for a favour or expect your employer to offer you a raise in
position or salary, unless you are prepared to do some very skilful grovelling to get what you
want! 7th June‐‐‐6th July brings either a break from work, more enjoyable interactive social
events, or even a career change which proves welcome in the end.

Between 6th March‐17th April you will be given some idea of what lies ahead career wise but
investments could also prove a source of worry at this time, take care that it doesn’t get out
of hand on the dates mentioned for July. Investments particularly may be a source of
irritation when they fail to yield the expected result.

By the end of the year all’s well that ends well and you greet New Year celebrations with a
cheery smile, new polished public image and a few admirers making you feel all the ups and
downs of the year were worth it.
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Tricia at


J upiter enters your solar first from 6th January, offering challenges to your perspective and
grasp of love life and the universe, so be on your guard in the year ahead, and don’t take
anything for granted, many see this as a positive influence, but be aware that while
Jupiter in solar first does make you feel more positive and humorous in your approach to
life, it also gives many new and challenging changes which can create so many stressful

The last week in January brings changes in your routine and a busy time to test your

reserves. You could end up going on a wild goose chase, or simply campaigning to support a
favourite cause political or environmental or both.

Sadly the financial downturn has hit you more than most and Feb‐
March sees you robbing Peter to pay Paul with little left to buy basics
let alone desirable things in life. February you need to ensure your
food intake is well balanced and nourishing, and power struggles
around you can be a cause of endless upset and annoyance.

7th‐31st May and again 7‐29th September sees you struggling again to make ends meet and
don’t overspend next December as another downward spiral sees you trying hard to hang on
to slim gains this year.

Jupiter comes to your aid this year but he tends to be a rescuer from dire trouble and only
intervenes as a last resort, rather than providing the fast track you would prefer to have.
Certainly he will open doors for you at the last minute when all others have closed, but are
you ready and willing to take advantage of all new offers? Changes, challenges, sadness,
partings and family separations have left their scars, but ruler Saturn moves into solar ninth
and is exalted by November making you look more closely at how you relate to others as
well as the new situations you find yourself in. A test of how much you know, and how
much you are prepared to reconcile this with past lessons and integrate this with new
learning is about to be presented.

Mid July to mid August brings another ego conflict to deal with, but by now you should be
weary of competing with the problems others present, so just agree with their demands to
keep the peace but do what you want anyway!

After July changes to the work scene take up time and energy and you will either need to be
extra flexible or just take time out for some relaxation before throwing yourself into
anything too unsuitable for your talents and skills.

Around 6th August you’ll be making up for lost time when things didn’t got so well in July,
and you’ll be starting some new projects and moving towards more positive trends which aid
your progress. After 22nd August things will fall into place more clearly and you begin to
manage life more effectively.

Venus retrogrades March to April and can interfere with domestic plans and with faith in
good fortune in life. Your beliefs are going to be put to the test at this time.

Venus helps with the sticky patch in July by sending a loving vibe that makes you more
charming and less likely to upset those around you, and gives you the edge you need when
dealing with sticky situations. A romantic encounter could also occur providing a much
needed distraction from some of the troubles you face, but only time can tell if it will be long
lasting‐‐or an astrologer who looks more closely at your personal astrological chart.
You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from
Tricia at


2 009 should bring many surprise gains, and excellent group encounters and team
endeavours to be thankful for, especially May‐July. The year is going to be more
challenging certainly but also lively and interesting.

There is a need to be more secretive and diplomatic due to many secretive affairs taking place
around you, which not all are aware of. However this year you can expect completion of one
area of life in relationships or business and perhaps a new career or role at work.

Sadly some mourning for things past and passed away colours your life at the beginning of the
year and leaves you with a heavy heart or even hostility, and this could last for months to come
in 2009. From June –Oct you are especially vulnerable to feeling under the weather, but don’t let
it spoil things at work or allow it to cloud the future, which does look brighter.

28th March is a watershed where fiancés and family are concerned, so keep money on one side to
get you through a reversal of financial stability, and get a part time job to boost income.
The first week in August you need to take care of expenditure especially if you are planning an
overseas trip where the pound might not stretch as far as you thought it would.

Saturn is retrograde till May and this can mean that career and status take
a backward step and plans for promotion may recede rather than take a
giant leap forward. Work issues and personal plans will be obstructed and
sorry but some of you could find the recession means major work changes
are in the pipeline, but see it as an opportunity to reshape your

Saturn moves into solar eighth by November bringing hard work and a
need to pay special attention to detail, especially in administrative task either at home or work.
You will need to set boundaries and establish proper guidelines not just on spending habits but
also upon what others can realistically expect from you. There may be a situation where you
have a parting in the family or a fall out which creates distance between yourself and family
members, so patience in relationships will be required if permanent splits are to be avoided, for
the next two years. Career moves are likely to be a source of stress, and any gains you thought
were going to arrive may be from insurance companies, or even the benefit system…

Jupiter is retrograde from June to October so money will be in short supply providing some
stressful times when things don’t go to plan and finances don’t support new initiatives as it is
being needed for more mundane matters like essentials. Good fortune may feel as though it has
deserted you, but hang in there and wait for your ruling planet to go ahead, sometimes the
obstacles are there to stop you going in the wrong directing.

November brings some pleasant encounters with more harmony and pleasantness in your life,
and if you are looking for romance then this is the month when it can come into your life, a
time when the difficulties in love during March and April can be revisited and evaluated so that
you can set the record straight and get onto a more harmonious footing with loved ones.
You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from
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7th degree of
Aquarius/Leo axis &
Other Thoughts
Michele Adler, USA

T he 6‐7th degrees of the Aquarius/Leo
axis are highlighted now with the
solar eclipse that occurs at 6
Aquarius 30 on January 26 (2009). The last
eclipse nearest to this degree was Jan. 26,

From a general perspective, this eclipse will
oppose the natal Pluto in Leo of a lot of the
early baby boomer generation. I personally
think that the decanate/dwad flavor can
Michele Adler is a full-time US help understand an eclipse in a personal
chart, providing more meaning to the natal
astrologer, who began her study of astrology house position in which the eclipse falls,
in 1972. She has written three books on and/or any planet with which the eclipse
astrology. Her most recent is Predictive may have a conjunction, opposition or
Astrology: Cycles of Change, Seasons of square. (For the record, I don’t use trines
Meaning, a compilation of western astrology and sextiles when working with eclipses.)
prediction techniques. She taught astrology This particular degree falls in the “pure”
in the Dade County school system’s adult Aquarius decanate, which Uranus rules. It
education division while living in Miami, and falls in the Aries dwad. So the degree span
gives it a number of characteristics:
also wrote two paperback astrology books for
aggressive (Mars‐ruled dwad) science
a Miami publisher. She also contributed to (Uranus/Aquarius); unusual (Aquarius)
writing the biographies that are part of the leadership (Mars); unconventional
Astrodatabank software. She continues to (Uranus) warfare (Aries); astrology
teach and consult in the Tampa Bay area, (Uranus) leadership (Mars); unusual
and is presently preparing an in-depth (Uranus) accidents (Mars) are a few that
course on the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Her come to mind.
web site is
This particular degree axis didn’t lend itself
to the wide variety of events that I have
seen with other degrees. But based on my
research, I think an appropriate theme for it
is the consequences of great heights.

This theme is literal in the field of science and aeronautics, which is appropriate when you
look at its decanate and dwad. The early degrees of Aquarius have long been associated with
the US National Space Administration (NASA). The point was well illustrated by Liza K.
Hall in the June/July 2003 edition of The Mountain Astrologer. She noted that NASA is
“highly sensitive to stressful placements near 7 Aquarius. When we look at the charts of
NASA’s three fatal disasters, we find that the chart ruler of all of them was at or very close
to 7 Aquarius and was involved in stressful major aspects.”

On Jan. 27, 1967, the Sun was at 7 Aquarius 21 when three American astronauts perished in a
fire while trapped in a space capsule on the ground during a test of Apollo I. The Challenger
disaster that occurred on Jan. 28, 1986 had Mercury at 6 Aquarius 08 and the Sun at 8
Aquarius 28.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the bill for the NASA creation on July 29, 1958, 9:36
PM, EDT, Washington DC. That gives NASA a Sun in 5 Leo 25, in conjunction with
Uranus in 11 Leo 37, in the 6th house, using that creation time. So NASA’s Sun would
definitely be affected by the January 2009 eclipse in 6‐7 Aquarius, and its Uranus would have
been affected by the eclipse of Aug. 1, 2008.

The 6‐7 fixed axis can be associated with
difficulties for the astronauts, even non‐related to The heroic landing of the US Airways

technology. US Astronaut Lisa Nowak was airbus on Jan.15, 2009 in New York

allegedly trying to harm a female air force captain City’s Hudson River happened just 11

when she found that both women were in a days before the eclipse, and with

relationship with the same man. At the time that transiting Mercury at 6 Aquarius 04

Nowak drove to Orlando (February 5, 2007) to retrograde.

confront the woman, Nowak’s converse secondary
progressed Mars was at 6 Leo 34.

While I don’t anticipate a space disaster, NASA could be affected by the inevitable budget
cuts in the next year or so.

Technical achievements

There have been other technical achievements associated with this degree.

In 1988, French physicist Albert Fert discovered the Giant Magnetoresistance effect,
recognized as the birth of spintronics, ultimately leading to music players and laptops. At
the time of his discovery, Fert’s converse secondary progressed Jupiter was at 6 Aquarius 13.

Hall, Liza K. “The Space Shuttle Columbia,” The Mountain Astrologer, June‐July 2003, p. 42.
Jan.27, 1967, 6:31 PM time for awareness of fire, Cape Canaveral, Florida. Source:,
as well as in Hall’s article listed above in The Mountain Astrologer.
Source: Lois Rodden in April 1999 Data News, quoting Heinz Antoni in “Introduction to Trines in
Political Astrology”

Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity on March 1, 1896, at 2 PM GMT. At the time,
Becquerel’s secondary progressed Sun and secondary progressed Mars were both at 7

The initial flight of the Concorde occurred on March 2, 1969 at 3:40 PM in Toulouse, France,
with the Midheaven at 7 Leo 39.

The heroic landing of the US Airways airbus on Jan.15, 2009 in New York City’s Hudson
River happened just 11 days before the eclipse, and with transiting Mercury at 6 Aquarius 04
retrograde. I’ve elaborated on this below, so I won’t repeat myself here except to say that it
certainly belongs in the achievement category, as all passengers and crew survived. It is not
the only plane crash into a New York City River to occur with transiting Mercury in the 6‐7
Aquarius degree span. More on this further into the blog.

Nuclear‐related Incidents and Milestones
The 6‐7th degrees of the Aquarius/Leo axis have also been associated with nuclear‐related
events. There is one event that seems to provide a potentially haunting theme to this degree,
and that is the concept of setting things in motion. A particular event of 1942 illustrates this
concept. On Dec. 2, 1942 at 3:30 PM, Enrico Fermi switched on the first atomic pile in
Chicago as part of the wartime Manhattan Project, and declared: “The chain reaction has
begun.” Transiting Pluto was at 7 Leo 56.

It is too easy to assign a theme to a degree based on one incident. It’s true that we are always
setting things in motion, but like a chain reaction, a series of problems seem to be unfolding
one event upon another, such as we’ve seen in America’s current economic debacle, and its
far‐ranging effects on not only Americans but other countries.

I also think that the concept of nuclear energy has begun to make inroads as a viable source
of electricity. That it has gained more interest is unusual, but in keeping with an eclipse in
this degree which would have had influence from November 2008.

There are a few other incidents related to nuclear energy.

On April 10, 1945, the US Atomic Energy Commission was formed, with Pluto at 7 Leo 56.

The National Reactor Testing Station in Idaho Falls, Idaho was destroyed on Jan. 3, 1976 at
9:01 PM. The transiting Moon was at 7 Leo 27.

Source: The Eureka Effect by Nick Kollerstrom and Mike O’Neill. London: The Urania Trust, p. 38.
Ibid, p.9

On April 26, 1986, at 1:23 AM8 , a reactor blew at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl,
Ukraine, which killed 31 people and left 300 treated for radiation poisoning. The Vertex for
the event was 7 Leo 37.

On Jan. 31, 1958, at an unidentified overseas base possibly near Libya, a B‐47 bomber with
one nuclear weapon in strike configuration was making a simulated takeoff during an
exercise when the aircraft caught fire and burned for seven hours. Although the weapon's
high explosives did not detonate, there was some contamination in the area immediately
surrounding the crash. Following the accident, exercise alerts were temporarily suspended.
Transiting Venus was at 7 Aquarius retrograde.

On Dec. 2, 1962, Louisville and Nashville trains derailed while carrying nuclear weapons
components. The material was not damaged. Transiting Saturn was at 7 Aquarius 02.

UFO event

UFO events did not seem to proliferate with this degree axis. However, on June 24, 1947 at
2:58 PM a UFO was sited over Mt. Rainier, Washington, marking the “birth” of the UFO
era in public awareness. At the time, Saturn was at 7 Leo 03.

Attaining Heights in Careers
The theme of heights that I associate with the 6‐7th degrees of the Leo axis is not limited to
technology or even to the literal.

Elvis Presley began his “rise” to fame on July 19, 1954, when his first recording played in
Memphis, starting a huge surge of fans. At the time, his secondary progressed Sun was at 7
Aquarius 06. Actor Sean Connery achieved fame as James Bond in the first Bond film, Dr.
No, which was released in the US on May 8, 1963. At the time, Connery had a solar arc
Ascendant/Saturn conjunction at 7 Aquarius. On Nov. 17, 1558, Elizabeth I ascended the
throne of England upon the death of her half‐sister, Queen Mary (Tudor). She had a
secondary progressed Ascendant at 7 Aquarius and transiting Jupiter was also at 7 Aquarius.

Another interesting tidbit about achieving heights: Michael Jordan, considered by many to
be the greatest basketball player of all time, first joined his team, the Chicago Bulls, in 1984.
At the time, he had a converse secondary progressed Sun at 6 Aquarius 58 (7 Aquarius), in
conjunction with his secondary progressed Venus at 7 Aquarius 08. I’m not a basketball

The vertex is frequently associated with “fated” events; I have difficulty in processing this concept.
Whenever I find myself saying something is “fated”, it is frequently when I can think of no other
explanation, and that has been a particular problem with the vertex. It is, however, an important angle,
and in event charts I would place it on equal footing with the ascendant and Midheaven. Hence, it is
included here.
News accounts

follower, but I always loved to watch Jordan play because he seemed to “fly” with his jumps‐
achieving great heights.

The 2009 Eclipse and the Symbol Systems
The Sabian symbols and 7 Aquarius/Leo. In Blain Bovee’s book, The Sabian Symbols &
Astrological Analysis. He pairs the symbols, and the combination can be quite useful. For
the 7 Aquarius/Leo axis he pairs 7 Aquarius (“A child born of an eggshell”) with 7 Leo (“The
constellations in the sky”), and suggests that the pair be applied to watching “for understanding
that connects the dots, sees patterns, deals with identifiable complexes.” This concept of
constellations is in tune with Aquarius and also with space exploration, a NASA function.

The Charubel system gives 7 Aquarius the symbol of A Crown and Sceptre. Charubel
associates this with “one who is entitled to more than he possesses, and who has powers of
which he is unconscious.” Sepharial sees 7 Aquarius as A Target Pierced by a Rapier, and
calls it a degree of vulnerability.

Regarding 7 Leo, Charubel and Sepharial can be quite effusive. Charubel calls 7 Leo “as
glorious a degree as any in the zodiac,” and gives its symbol as A
pyramidal figure with a Maltese cross at the top, or rather on the apex.”
Sepharial calls 7 Leo A scepter, on the crest of which shines a diamond
like a magnificent star. He calls it a degree of superiority, again
superiority being a “heightened” position.

Isidore Kozminsky also sees 7 Leo in lofty terms, noting that it is
under the influence of Mercury: A book, on which is a crown, resting
on a golden throne. He says it is a symbol of fame.16 His interpretation
of 7 Aquarius is different: he says that it is under the influence of the
planet Neptune. The symbol he gives is A naked foot bleeding; above, a burning lamp. He feels it
is a symbol of suffering.

Countries with 7 Aquarius/7 Leo prominent.

Iran has Mercury in 6 Aquarius 05 in conjunction with Mars at 9 Aquarius and the Sun at 11
Aquarius based on the Feb. 1 1979 chart. The United Arab Republic has Venus in 6 Aquarius
05, along with an 8 Leo Ascendant (based on a Feb. 1, 1958 chart). Venezuela has Uranus at 6
Aquarius 46. (Interestingly, this Venezuela chart, based on a Sept. 22, 1830 date, has a tight
Bovee, Blain. The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide,
2004, p. 195‐196.
Charubel and Sepharial. The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized. Abingdon, MD: Astrology Center of
America, Astrology Classics, 2004.
Ibid, p. 17
Ibid, p. 76
Kozminsky, Isidore. Zodiacal Symbology and its Planetary Power. Washington, DC: American
Federation of Astrologers (no date given)

square between Jupiter at 8 Cardinal 28 and Pluto at 8 Aries 47. (Refer to my article on the
Articles page about 8 Cardinal also published in May 2008 issue Vol 3.) The United Arab
Emirate (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharja, Ajman, Fujaira and Umm al Quaiwain) formed on Dec.
2, 1971, has the North Node at 6 Aquarius 53.

There are numerous charts of the United States, but one in particular worth observing is
that of the Cornwallis surrender on Oct. 17, 1781. In the January 2009 issue of Dell Horoscope,
Bill Meridian quotes the imminent astrologer Charles Jayne on the use of this chart, which
in Jayne’s view, was when the US truly became independent. Using that chart, this
January eclipse is aligned with a Mars/Pluto conjunction in the Cornwallis chart, which
ranges from 4‐6 degrees of Aquarius.

Eclipse Activation Points

I t cannot be overlooked that Mercury turned retrograde at 7 Aquarius on Jan. 11, 2009. I
think this brings in a Mercury emphasis with this eclipse. That can’t be entirely
beneficial—Mercury frequently operates as The Trickster, more than we’d like to think.
Mercury then returns to 7 Aquarius on Feb. 21, 2009, when it is officially considered direct by
those of us who allow for the shadow period of the retrograde factor. Jupiter will be
transiting 7 Aquarius on Feb. 4‐7, 2009, and Mars will be at 7 Aquarius on Feb. 14, 2009.

You should also be aware during the next six months following this eclipse of the times
when the Moon is transiting either 7 Aquarius or 7 Leo. In particular, if the eclipse is in
conjunction with a natal planet, one should especially look to the New Moon on April 25,
2009 at 5 Taurus 04, the square to the eclipse point of 6‐7 Aquarius. Matters pertaining to
the eclipse could be prominent then.

I also like to follow Dietrech Pessin’s work. As I noted in my own book, Pessin discovered a
two‐year cycle to eclipses that she details in Lunar
In particular, if the eclipse is in Shadows: The Lost Key to the Timing of Eclipses.
conjunction with a natal planet, one Some other critical times related to this eclipse
should especially look to the New could occur on Oct. 26, 2009 at the First Quarter
Moon on April 25, 2009 at 5 Taurus Moon of 2 Aquarius 44; on July 26, 2010, with the
04, the square to the eclipse point of 6-7 Full Moon at 3 Aquarius 00; and on April 25, 2011,
Aquarius. Matters pertaining to the with the Last Quarter Moon at 4 Aquarius 34.
eclipse could be prominent then.

One should always take the solstice points into

Source: All data is from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, published by
Cinnabar Books (Bristol, UK), 1996 edition.
Meridian, Bill. “January’s Planets and You.” Dell Horoscope. January, 2009, p. 13.
Mars/Pluto conjunctions tend to get judged harshly when they sometimes have more innocent
interpretations. For example, they can symbolize the transformation (Pluto) of leadership (Mars), and
this may simply reflect a new president.
Pessin, Dietrech. Lunar Shadows: The Lost Key to the Timing of Eclipses. Boston, MA. Galactic
Press, 1997 (first edition)

consideration with eclipses. The solstice point of 7 Aquarius is 23 Scorpio. The solstice point
of 7 Leo is 23 Taurus. Note that fixed signs have other fixed signs for solstice points, unlike
Cardinal and Mutable signs.

Asteroid Involvement

The asteroid Tisiphone is also in 6 Aquarius on the day of the eclipse. Martha Lang‐
Wescott’s research on asteroids associates Tisiphone with justice prevailing. In her
fascinating newsletter, Tools of the Trade, she says that Tisiphone’s placement “would seem
to say that events hold a theme related to an eye for an eye and some form of Getting What is
Deserved.” Martha’s research with the asteroids has been phenomenal. You can find out
more about her and her work at

US Airways airbus crash in Hudson, interesting degrees and the legend of Sedna

On Jan. 15, 2009, at 3:31 PM in New York City, a US Airways airbus crashed into the
Hudson River and all on board survived after heroic action on part of the flight crew and the
rescue units. It is interesting to note that transiting Mercury at the time was at 6 Aquarius
04, almost exactly in conjunction with the degree of the upcoming eclipse. (On a side note, it
should be mentioned that the Ascendant for the 3:31 PM time was 9 Cancer 48, which would
be in conjunction with Jupiter’s North Node at 10 Cancer, a fortunate placement. Longitude
for Jupiter and the Sun was about 7 degrees apart, but they were parallel in latitude.)

However, this is not the first time a commercial flight has gone down in a New York River.
At 11:56 PM , on the same day as the flight that killed rock legend Buddy Holly, Feb. 3, 1959,
an American Airlines Flight crashed into the East River in New York City. Mercury was at
7 Aquarius 27, opposing the Midheaven at 11 Leo 09.

Some Thoughts On Sedna

There was something else about the US Airways event that caught my eye that might be of
use to people researching Sedna. In mythology, Sedna is considered to be the Inuit Goddess
of the sea, and of the Eskimo underworld, and one legend popularly associated with her is
that she was lured into marriage by an evil bird spirit. There could be some Sedna
connections to the US Airways crash, in that it occurred in a body of water (a river, not the
ocean) during an especially frigid day, with the cause being a double bird strike that crippled
the plane’s engines.

Sedna is presently at 20 Taurus, and I checked some of my research regarding the 20th degree
of Taurus to see if there was anything remotely akin to the event. A few things seemed to
jump out:

Lang‐Wescott, Martha. Tools of the Trade. Treehouse Mountain. February 2009, p.3
Because Sedna moves slowly, I am confining this to the 20th degree rather than rounding up to 21, as is
customary in these kinds of studies.

The 20th degree of Taurus is connected to a fixed star called Rana, which is part of a much
larger constellation known as Eridanus, and called “the river.” Some associate Rana with
accidents at sea. I have heard it is supposedly of the nature of Saturn, though some stars
within Eridanus are considered fortunate.
For 20 Taurus, Sepharial calls the degree “a crow, or raven, stand(ing) upon a water‐pot.”
Isadore Kozminsky sees it as “a flight of white eagles.” Martin Goldsmith’s take on the
Sabian degree is “flying amid wisps of clouds, the pilot of a reconnaissance glider surveys a
line of tramping soldiers and radios their commander that they need to change their course.”
(I find Goldsmith’s interpretation here to be fascinating, as the heroic pilot who landed
the plane had to put it in glide mode as both engines had failed. He was also an experienced

Sedna and Sarah Palin

Since I’m on the subject of Sedna, I can’t help but think of Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican
US VP nominee, and very much connected to the Inuit imagery as she is Governor of the
state of Alaska. At the time she was nominated for Republican vice‐president, she had a
secondary progressed Venus at 21 Taurus, in line with the current transiting Sedna at 20

Some think that she was “abandoned” by presidential candidate John McCain and
mishandled by his staff, much as in legend Sedna was abandoned by her father when she
attempted escape from her evil spouse. Her father cut off her fingers as they clutched to his
boat, and Sedna’s fingers reinvented themselves as the whales and seals of the ocean. It is
interesting that in spite of losing the election, Palin continues to garner coverage and
interest. As Joseph Campbell once observed, mythology is something that never happened,
yet is always happening.

I do not know enough about Sedna to comment further on this, and I certainly don’t think
there will be a good grasp of its symbolism for a long time. I offer the above only for what it
may be worth to those who are studying Sedna. From very limited research, I think Sedna
may have to do with survival. Time will tell.

Predictive Tidbit.

In Lunations and Transits Step by Step, Sophia Mason said to note the rulers of the signs in
which the current Nodes of the Moon reside. With the nodes being in Aquarius and Leo
right now, we should look to any major aspects between the “transiting” Sun and Uranus (or
Sun and Saturn if you consider Saturn to be the ruler of Aquarius). In a personal chart,

Op cit, Charubel and Sepharial
Op cit, Kozminsky
Goldsmith, Martin. The Zodiac By Degrees. York Beach, ME: Red Wheel/Weiser, 2004, p. 50.
Mason, Sophia. Lunations and Transits Step by Step. Parma, Ohio. A‐C Tapes and Publishing, 1996,
p. 55.

Sophia says “there will be a reaction according to the house position” which should be
taken into consideration with the house positions in which the current transiting Nodes fall.
For example, on March 12, 2009, there will be a conjunction of the Sun and Uranus at 22
Pisces. In what house does that fall in your natal chart, and what houses do the Sun and
Uranus rule?

The Nodes will be transiting the Capricorn/Cancer axis beginning in August 2009, in which
case Moon/Saturn aspects can be noteworthy, especially if (a) they form a significant aspect
in your natal chart; or (b) they are involved with the angles of either the natal or the
progressed and directed charts. This Nodal axis could be significant since it involves the
Moon, which means that all major aspects between the Moon and Saturn will occur every
month. Though I have not worked a lot with this concept, this could be interesting if you
happen to have a transiting or progressed Saturn/Moon connection going on, or if you have
a natal Saturn in Cancer.

Ibid, p. 55.
The Lunar Nodes
On the Solar Markers
Adam Gainsburg, USA.
“The inhale is both new life and testament to the
death of its predecessor.
The exhale is likewise an end, and also the
primordial promise of a new beginning.”
– Author, from the unpublished “Sacred Breath
Alive: the Breath of the Soul”

In classes and readings with clients who are
astrologically aware, I find I am often
conveying the simple and altogether
fascinating fact that the Lunar Nodes move
in the opposite direction as the planets,
asteroids and bodies cast on a horoscope. If
say you were born after your friend with a
Adam Gainsburg is a popular counseling North Node at 17 Taurus, your North Node
would be 16 or earlier than hers. This article
and teaching astrologer in the US and UK.
seeks to explore the meaning of the Nodal
His three books each focus on unique areas of Axis’ alignment to the cardinal points of
Soulsign Astrology. Most recently published our solar year: the solstices and equinoxes.
is his Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open
Heart. Due in 2009 Adam will publish, The Lunar Nodes
Empowering Our Collective Journey, a truly The ‘reverse’ horoscopic direction of the
new vision for synthesizing the synodic Lunar Nodes conveys several important
richness of Mars and Venus, evolutionary ideas about their character. The first is that
understandings into the masculine and the Nodes are fundamentally different than
feminine as fundamental principles, and a any other body or calculated point in
post-modern re-integration of the Sumerian astrology. Their closest cousins are the
sky-priests' star knowledge. Learn more at: horoscopic angles in that both Nodes and angles are products of intersections of
planes. But this is where the similarity ends,
for the Nodes are not parented by any
geocentric plane like any angle (ie, DC, IC,
Vx, AVx, and the North, South, East and
West Points, among others). Our Nodes
instead originate from the Moon’s orbit and
our system’s ecliptic. Thus they are born of
celestial pathways carved out by the Moon
54 1
and Sun, of potentialized locations where the Moon and Sun will arrive in the future, and of
agreed upon but usually forgotten contracts concerning where the Moon and Sun already
have been (in the past).

Our planet’s Lunar Nodes also The Nodes of the Moon naturally represent
distinguish themselves in their the sum of our past (SouthNode) and future
amusingly unique motion about (NorthNode), whether or not such
us. Their jagged movement
information is known by the native.
through the zodiac causes their
consistent flunking of Celestial
Dance classes, as they are the quintessence of the “two steps forward, one step back”
concept, often reversing those numbers and even their directions! A Geiger counter pattern
is a good way to picture their movement; the Nodes click around backward and forward,
forward and backward, as if marking the footsteps of a drunkard who try as he might just
can’t manage to reverse walk.

The plain fact that the Nodes form an axis is another distinguishing feature about them. To
work with them in any way requires we understand the differences between a planetary
body – singular – and an axial spectrum – polarity pair. Keep in mind that a planet is only a
planet; it exists in one position at any time, notwithstanding its polarity position. Polarities,
especially those expressed on the material plane, evolutionarily imply a development toward
deepening into the polarized reality that composes them in order to bring about a deeper and
therefore more efficient result.

As mentioned, the Nodes’ retrograding forwardness signifies a very different function than
other points. Similar to a planet’s retrograde movement indicating a ‘time out’ from, a
challenge to, or an illuminating of what has been assumed or automatic, the Nodes of the
Moon naturally represent the sum of our past (SouthNode) and future (NorthNode),
whether or not such information is known by the native. Other polarity pairs work equally
well to describe the Lunar Nodal axis, such as familiar/unfamiliar, interior/exterior,
reliable/unreliable, and, in the words of iconic cultural bard Bob Dylan, “dying” / being

An equally useful way to work with the Nodes, while remaining loyal to the crucial fact that
they function as an axis, is to correlate the SouthNode to the memory held in the body
(conscious or otherwise) and the NorthNode to the experiences and future memories‐in‐
making specifically meant to replace them. Correlating the Nodes to levels and qualities of
body memory and thus also to the degree of somatic intelligence can be highly useful not
only for individuals but collectives as well.

Cardinal Energy
One such application of this idea is an examination of the interaction between the Nodes
and the cardinal days in our year. The “cardinal days” are the two solstices and two
equinoxes. Together they divide the year into four, providing biorhythmic benchmarks for
calibrating our bodies, hearts and minds to the seasonal flow. Spring cleaning, summer fun,
fall colors and winter quiet are examples of the ubiquitous practice of adjusting our inner
senses to the outer seasonal reality.
55 2
Cardinal points – heretofore defined as the 0° mark of each of the cardinal signs ‐ have been
a subject of astrological focus for thousands of years. They have come to demarcate our
seasons, refer us to ancient
Earth‐based spiritual practices An equally useful way to work with the Nodes,
and divide the solar year into
while remaining loyal to the crucial fact that they
four. Planetary ingresses into the
cardinals are universally function as an axis, is to correlate the SouthNode
recognized as timers of action, to the memory held in the body (conscious or
change, initiation and visible otherwise) and the NorthNode to the experiences
events at the social level.
and future memories-in-making specifically meant
Cardinal signs argue “Life is a
highway; life is meant to start to replace them.
things, get things going, move
toward actually accomplishing/manifesting something. They connect the prior quadrant’s
development to the one they begin.” Outer planets crossing into cardinal signs often
demarcate major shifts in cultural attitudes toward the hot issues of the day. Astrologers
have connected outers’ ingresses into them to trigger the outset of wars and aggressive
actions, the manifestation of changing weather cycles, and overt actions taken in new
cultural directions.

Nodes & Cardinal Points
The interaction of the nodes with the cardinal points is a worthwhile inquiry. The points
themselves are: March equinox at 0° Aries; June solstice at 0° Cancer; September equinox at
0° Libra; and December solstice at 0° Capricorn; month names are given to avoid
hemispheric discrimination. When the Lunar Nodal axis reaches any pair of these cardinal
points, they will already have traveled through the entire cardinal sign. They will, in very real
terms, defy the astrological basis that the 0° position is the beginning. They instead treat the
beginning degree as their fruition point. For the nodes, these points mark their ending and
summation experience of their ±1⅔‐year traverse of the sign. How do we wrap our heads
around these contrary motions?

Deeper Into The Nodes
Because the nodes are cellular bookends for our lunar reality between past and future – in
contrast to other planetary functions bookended by their own nodes – the interaction of the
lunar nodes with the cardinal points produces events of identity‐related issues (Moon). As
with any nodal transit, what is being altered is the default orientation to life: be it first‐
person, second‐person, or third‐person. While I enthusiastically agree that nodal transits
relate to emotional security needs, parental issues and relationship
requirements/dependencies (Moon), I have come to see nodal effects first need to be
correlated to the entire meta‐orientation from which one creates a personal reality. Out of
this basis can come any psychological, mental and emotional delineations. Abstract as this
suggestion may seem, the very nature of what a node and especially a nodal axis is demands
a description broad enough to encapsulate their enigmatic nature. We cannot go to old
definitions to describe the new; we require a re‐positioning of our perspective further up the
consciousness spiral in order to include all that has come before.

56 3
With this in mind, we might restate the description of the nodes given previously –
“signifying the default orientation to life” – now as “the relative‐mind nature” or “our relative‐
consciousness nature” illuminating the distinction between an individual’s relative
consciousness and their absolute consciousness or Soul essentiality. Nodes represent the way
we ourselves are developing into greater capacity for greater consciousness. Or:

It is less that we own a perspective or position – that “we have” our opinions – and
more that that perspective or position is exploring itself through us. The nodal axis
signifies how Mind is developing from South to North as us.

Consonant with many spiritual understandings from the East, I have also found multiple
places in Vedic astrology as well which supports this idea.

Nodes at 0°
When the Nodal axis hits 0° of a cardinal sign, the preparation for its activation has been
completed and the core idea, new orientation, or event is seeded. An interior, subtle shift
occurs in response to the awakening of a nascent potential. The nodes’ reverse movement
through the sign led to completion at its 0° point. Nodal events generally do not indicate
pragmatic events. I have postulated in prior writing that the reason for this is the simple fact
that a node is absent of a physical body energetically interacting with the physical plane.
This suggests and supports the
idea that a Node entering the Philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de
cardinal’s 0° effects a different Chardin (1881-1955) coined the term “noosphere”
kind of ‘event.’
to refer to, simplistically put, “a group mind

Let’s now link the statement created from multiple individuals.”
above – that nodal events trigger
the onset of a change in meta‐orientation to life and the relative‐mind nature – with the idea
that nodal contacts to the cardinal points trigger a different type of event from the nodes’
journey backwards through the sign. I am proposing that when the lunar nodes come into
contact with cardinal points, the result is an evolutionary seeding which may very well not
produce immediate, tangible outcomes. Rather, the result can be imaged as presenting one’s
findings after an exhaustive research effort and setting a course of action on what to do in
response to the report’s conclusions. Transposing this idea out of the workplace and into human
development, the “delivered report” becomes the cellular instructions housed in one’s DNA
library and activated in timed accord with one’s stage in life. And the “course of action”
becomes the creative solution or result to this cellular injunction to take action in alignment
with one’s genetic instructions.

This new course will challenge what has come before if it misaligns or impedes what is
needed to happen next. The individual’s responsiveness or resistant reactions to “what they
must do” is the evidence of their relative attachment to the present conditions.

57 4
Nodal “Frames”
Difficult to find evidence for with typical astrological research techniques, these notions for
me have surpassed the test of time and accuracy in my active astrological practice since
2005. Together they are an
especially adept tool at framing
I have observed in general when a nodal transit
the entirety of a native’s
occurs, the tangible results of the nodal hit often
transits, progressions,
directions, etc. in the essential takes five months to appear in the native’s life.
evolutionary or personal cellular
instructions for the period in question. They do not replace planetary transits; rather, they
contextualize them in the lucid clarity of the native’s cellular growth schedule. That the
transiting nodal axis correlates to the invisible seeding or activating of new regions of our
cellular imperative – our evolution – will be nothing new to those already fluent in evolution
applied to the astrological art. To hopefully contribute something useful to this population of
astrologers is the connection of nodal transits to the native’s Somatic Intelligence ‐ their natural
capacity to consciously respond to their life from multiple levels within them in fullness. (See note 3).
With this basic idea in hand, any astrologer can transcend the limits of intellect‐only
astrology practices and successfully prescribe specific somatic exercises to augment, catalyze,
enhance or unblock their physiological and thus psychological functioning. Examples are
numerously found in any relevant physical, yogic, breathing, meditative or healing exercise
modality to the client’s needs.
Applied to the collective level, nodal contacts to the cardinal points signify a society or
culture’s relative‐mind nature having been sufficiently prepared (through the axis’ transit
backward through each degree of the sign) so that new desires, ideas and directions are
seeded. Where are such seeds planted? In the collective mind. Philosopher and Jesuit priest
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881‐1955) coined the term “noosphere” to refer to, simplistically
put, “a group mind created from multiple individuals.”

Working With
Integrating any planetary transit to the cardinal points synchronized with a nodal axis’
transit to same gives the astrologer a multi‐level accuracy not found by only employing the
former. In both individual and collective research, I have found the nodes to kick off a five‐
month clock to begin. That is, I have observed in general when a nodal transit occurs, the
tangible results of the nodal hit often takes five months to appear in the native’s life. The
specific means through which and the functions within which the transit’s effects show up
will be signified by the most active and relevant personal transits, progressions, etc.
occurring within that window. And certainly, the nature of the planets involved as the
“means” through which the earlier nodal transit materializes very much shapes the kinds of
experience and insights to be had.
For those interested in adding this observation to their transit work, I invite you to identify
your (or your clients’) next nodal transit‐to‐natal contact. Next is to note what such a
contact might be referring to in terms of influence or growth and then begin to keep an eye
out for when related events actually occur in that domain of your self. You can also note
other interim planetary transits (transits, progressions, etc.) occurring and you may find a
deeply meaningful ‘story’ or narrative playing out between the originating nodal transit,
through the relevant planetary activators and culminating in the visible results of the
58 5
NOTES first‐person orientation is a pure subjective
1. A growing number of astrologers seem to sensing of the world, second‐person is a
be including select polarity positions into purely relational sensing, and third‐person is
their chart work. Evolutionary Astrology is purely objectifying. We each have each of
the most well‐known to include polarity work these perspectives multiple times within our
in its set of techniques. The polarity position makeup. Again, it is perspective distinctions
of a planet is simply that: that zodiacal which results in the myriad expressiveness of
position in exact 180° opposition to that of the consciousness (Zen’s “Ten‐thousand
planet itself. In line with much astrological Things”) and determines the relative stages
literature, I have added my voice on point of consciousness evolution.
polarities as well, ranging from the general –
how to glean the qualities of a body’s 6. Having little functional knowledge of
astrological polarity – to the specific – Vedic practices, my original introduction to
techniques to delineate the polarity position this facet of Vedic astrological understanding
of Pluto and Chiron. These are explained in of the Moon was through the work of
my second and third book respectively. astrologer Sam Geppi ( and
then further through that of astrologer
2. Actual lyrics are “He not busy born is busy Dennis Harness Ph.D. (
dying” from the song, It's Alright, Ma (I'm
Only Bleeding) by Bob Dylan, 1965, 1993.
Interestingly, the stanza just prior to this one 7. “Difficult” because astrological research
contains the lyric: “Darkness at the break of almost exclusively relies on material events of
noon / Shadows even the silver spoon / The all kinds to correlate to the astrological
handmade blade, the child's balloon / Eclipses signatures under research.
both the sun and moon / To understand you
know too soon / There is no sense in trying.” 8. Note that ‘multi‐level accuracy’ does not
(Italics added) refer to multiple planet hits to cardinal points;
while they would each signify an important
3. “Somatic Intelligence” is a term used in the influence on our collective consciousness,
Soulsign work (Breathwork, meditation, they are of the same class or level of
sound healing)) referring to the degree of influence: planetary bodies with physical
conscious functioning in one’s anatomy, characteristics. In contrast, the nodal axis
physiology and subtle energetics. A portion of brings another level of influence into the
this clinical theory suggests that the clearer of equation entirely, again the result of what the
unacknowledged (sub‐ or unconscious) axis essentially is and therefore isn’t (see “The
memory the body is, the greater its somatic Lunar Nodes,” above).
intelligence. The term implies not just
awareness of an aspect or level of self, but the 9. I have also observed many of my clients
capacity to respond to life at multiple levels and manifesting the seeds of their evolutionary
each appropriately. next steps in less time, as early as two
months. The five month is an estimated
4. From The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness, p. 145, average on my part.
Soulsign Publishing, 2005.

5. Perspectives such as these have been proven
by integral theory to represent the linking
structure in consciousness between all
spiritual, religious, and cultural divides. A
59 6
Transits and
Kat Miller, USA.

witchwords are powerful one‐word
affirmations which attract desired
experiences, help clear unwanted
energies and can be used to help ease
astrological imbalances, enhancing life
experiences. Switchwords were first
introduced by James T. Mangan “The
Secret of Perfect Living” first published in
1963. Shunyam Nirav brought them back
into focus with his book “Switchwords,
Kat Miller is a natural health care Easily Gives to You Whatever You Want
practitioner. She specializes in energy in Life” in 2006.
healing techniques. She is founder of the
Emotional Freedom vial, Healing Energy The Switchwords and Switchphrases in
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The Emotional Freedom vial is available

Transits and Switchphrases
February through June 2009

February 1: Mercury back to direct motion
This Switchphrase means: Transition, let it go (anything that has been causing problems for
you), stop regretting, end laziness, begin (whatever you have been putting off) and progress.

February 7: Mercury transits to Capricorn
This Switchphrase means: Let go of fault finding, immerse in thoughtful conversation, free
the mind and breathe easier.

February 12: Sun transits to Aquarius
This Switchphrase means: Promote improved perspective, progress spiritual and psychic
awareness, turn setbacks into uplifts, shield yourself, be solid and be strong.

March 5: Mercury transits to Aquarius
This Switchphrase means: Transition to improved comprehension, finalize decisions and

March 6: Venus goes Retrograde
This Switchphrase means: End desire for revenge, allow setbacks to transform into uplifts,
expand and build character and become master of your life.

March 7: Mars transits to Aquarius
This Switchphrase means: Stop looking for trouble, be beautiful, lighten your mood, release
sensitivity, avoid carelessness and promote forgiveness and elimination of remorse.

March 14: Sun transits to Pisces
This Switchphrase means: Relax, regain control, quiet your ego, intensify intents and
become a success.

March 22: Mercury transits to Pisces
Switchphrase: DivineORDER‐PUT
This Switchphrase means: With great efficiency, build.

April 14: Sun transits to Aries
This Switchphrase means: Intensify intents to promote progression, be sharp‐witted, gain
power, expand and improve perspective.

April 15: Mars transits to Pisces
This Switchphrase means: Eliminate remorse, help others, relax and stop talking about it
(whatever you are regretting).

April 18: Venus goes back to direct motion in Pisces (house of exaltation)
This Switchphrase means: Increase comprehension, take responsibility, dispel greed, dispel
sorry, expand beyond perceived limitations and safely move rapidly ahead.

April 24: Mercury transits to Taurus
This Switchphrase means: Increase sturdiness and balance, be a good orator, improve the
situation, dispel hypersensitivity and clear inertia.

May 1: Jupiter transits to Aquarius
This Switchphrase means: Be generous, increase comprehension, let go of anger and
resentment, accept love and dispel pain.

May 7: Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus
This Switchphrase means: Increase personal ability to express yourself, increase focus, be
protected and turn setbacks into uplifts.

May 14: Sun transits to Taurus
This Switchphrase means: Reconnect with Source, dispel anger and resentment, find
comfort, go beyond previous limitations, and produce high spirits.

May 17: Saturn goes to direct motion in Leo
This Switchphrase means: Be in touch with yourself, take responsibility, turn setbacks into
uplifts, enjoy the task at hand, center attention on yourself and promote discovery.

May 24: Mars transits to Aries (its own house)
This Switchphrase means: Release tension and resistance, expand capacity, manifest refined
protection and share yourself.

May 25: Mercury reenters Aries in retrogression
Switchphrase: ACT‐LIGHT‐NOW
This Switchphrase means: Use your words to lighten your load and act on good impulse.

May 31: Venus transits to Aries
This Switchphrase means: Allow yourself to be beautiful, eliminate remorse and allow
yourself to know the way.

June 5: Mercury transits to Taurus
This Switchphrase means: Increase personal ability to be a good orator, attract, accept and
experience love, begin to help others, increase focus on self, be caring and master of your

June 15: Sun transits to Gemini
This Switchphrase means: Be secure, expand capacity to turn setbacks into advantages,
increase pep, and finish lots of meticulous work.

June 15: Jupiter goes retrograde
This Switchphrase means: Rejuvenate, increase comprehension, harmonize well with
others, and remember to ward off apartness.

June 30: Venus transits to Taurus (its own house)
This Switchphrase means: Regain control, get energized, keep the secret of enjoying tasks,
release guilt and give respect (to yourself and others).

June 30: Mercury transits to Gemini (its own house)
This Switchphrase means: Transition to love and acceptance, nourish ambition, let go of
anger and resentment, makes yourself beautiful and calm emotional distress.

Universal Switchwords List
Universal Switchwords are words that work for in 95‐100% of people. Following is a
comprehensive list of Universal Switchwords.

ACT‐ be a good orator; transition
ADD ‐ find or increase percentage; enlarge what you have
ADJUST ‐create balance; assume or carry a burden; handle uncomfortable or unpleasant

ALONE ‐ nurture or heal; increase focus on self
AROUND ‐ gain or improve perspective
ATTENTION ‐ do detailed work; avoid carelessness
BE ‐ be at peace and in good health; have good form; dispel loneliness; skill in sports; to be
unaffected by ridicule

BETWEEN ‐ use or enhance telepathy; increase psychic awareness
BLUFF ‐ dispel fear or nervousness; enhance imagination and dreams
BOW ‐ dispel arrogance
BRING ‐ unite with; manifest; make it so; deliver the goods
BUBBLE ‐ expand beyond perceived limitations; get energized; get excited
CANCEL ‐ eliminate negativity or unwanted conditions; eliminate, erase or dis‐create debt
or any kind of negativity, or any unwanted thought or condition; dispel annoyance; to dispel
worry; eliminate poverty

CANCER ‐ calm emotional distress; soften (from astrology’s Cancer the Crab)
CARE ‐ memorize; remember; retain
CHANGE ‐ dispel emotional or physical pain; get something out of the eye
CHARLTON HESTON ‐ stand straight and tall (or use someone you know who stands
straight and tall)

CHARM ‐ manifest your heart’s desires
CHLORINE ‐ mingle; share yourself; make a difference; blend; become one with
CHUCKLE ‐ turn on personality
CIRCULATE ‐ end loneliness; mingle
CLASSIC ‐ appear cultured, suave

CLEAR ‐ dispel anger and resentment
CLIMB ‐ rise; enhance your view point
CONCEDE ‐ stop arguing, "kiss & make up"
CONFESS ‐ end aggression
CONSIDER ‐ be a good mechanic, a fixer of things

CONTINUE ‐ create or increase endurance; continue swimming
COPY ‐ have good taste; increase fertility

COUNT ‐ make money; reduce smoking
COVER ‐ reduce nervousness; subdue inner excitement
CRISP ‐ dispel fatigue; feel refreshed; revitalize; enhance; rejuvenate; brighten
CROWD ‐ dispel disobedience in children, pets or subordinates
CRYSTAL ‐ clarify the situation, things; look to the future; improve clairvoyance; purify;
neutralize; access Universal Knowledge

CURVE ‐ create beauty; make something beautiful
CUT ‐ for moderation if tempted to excess; sever ties
CUTE ‐ think; discern; be sharp‐witted; be clever
DEDICATE ‐ stop clinging

DIVINE ‐ work miracles or extraordinary accomplishment; increase personal ability
DIVINE‐LIGHT ‐ multiply intensity; increase enlightenment; brightly focus positivity
Divine ORDER ‐ anytime you have some organizing or cleaning to do, or packing for a trip,
be efficient; clean up a mess; put in optimum order; revamp

DO‐ eliminate procrastination
DONE ‐ create completion; meet a deadline; keep a resolution; build willpower
DOWN ‐ stop bragging
DUCK ‐ dispel hypersensitivity
ELATE ‐ transform a setback into an uplift or benefit

FIFTY THREE ‐ pay primary concern; take responsibility
FIGHT ‐ win a competitive game; intensify intents
FIND ‐ build a fortune
FOR ‐ promote
FOREVER ‐ keep a secret

FORGIVE ‐ eliminate remorse; end desire for revenge
FULL ‐ optimum level; go beyond; expand capacity
GIGGLE ‐ get in the mood for writing; enjoy the task at hand
GIVE ‐ sell; help others
GO ‐ end laziness; begin; progress

GUARD ‐ protection of body, spirit or property; preserve personal safety
HALFWAY ‐ make a long distance seem short
HELP ‐ eliminate indecision or uncertainty; increase focus

HO ‐ relax; to reduce tension; to yawn; to sigh
HOLD ‐ build character

HOLE ‐ be attractive, appealing
HORSE ‐ be solid; be strong; gain power
HORSESHOE‐ remain steadfast; strengthen the soul; safely move rapidly ahead; increase
sturdiness and balance

JACK LALANNE ‐ enthuse (or use someone you know who is an enthusiast)
JUDGE ‐ love to read; increase comprehension
LEARN ‐ be youthful; look youthful; rejuvenate
LIGHT ‐ be inspired; lighten load, mood or stress
LIMIT ‐ set parameters; keep others from taking advantage of you; back off; stop; regain

LISTEN ‐ predict the future; in touch with nature and self
LOVE ‐ generate, radiate, experience love; acceptance
MAGNANIMITY ‐ be generous; end pettiness
MASK ‐ save from harm; shield
MONA LISA ‐ smile; dispel hate; dispel envy (or someone who represents a smile to you)

MOVE ‐ increase energy; eliminate tiredness; increase pep; clear inertia
NEXT ‐ finish lots of meticulous work; repeat; at this time
NOW ‐ end procrastination; act on good impulse
OFF ‐ quit an unwanted habit; go to sleep
OFFER ‐ dispel greed

OIL ‐ clear friction; smooth; release tension; release resistance; separate
ON ‐ get new ideas; obtain transportation; nourish ambition; build; produce
OPEN ‐ release; tolerate; understand; comprehend; free the mind; breathe easier; be artful;
dispel inhibitions; allow

OVER ‐ end frustration
PERSONAL ‐ publish a successful newspaper or newsletter; be a success
PHASE ‐ set goals, routine or pattern; improve situation
POINT ‐ improve eyesight and focus; find direction; decide
POSTPONE ‐ stop pouting; let it go
PRAISE ‐ be beautiful; stop being critical; stop fault finding; make yourself handsome

PUT ‐ build; expand
QUIET ‐ quiet the ego

REACH ‐ locate misplaced objects; reach solutions for problems; repair things; find what
you’re looking for such as misplaced items like keys, papers, tools, etc., forgotten ideas,
information in your mind or memory like names, numbers, etc., solutions to problems;
invent; solve problems; remember, recall; retrieve

REJOICE ‐ stop being jealous
RESCIND ‐ undo; restart; cancel; redo; (similar to Control‐Z on a Windows computer you
undo last action) Caution: Always use BETWEEN, CRYSTAL and LISTEN with
RESCIND to avoid possible time loop

RESTORE ‐ restore fairness; restore honesty
REVERSE ‐ bury a grudge; stop
RIDICULOUS ‐ get publicity; center attention on you
ROOT ‐ dig; discover; grow
SAGE ‐ dispel evil

SAVE ‐ stop drinking alcohol and other unwanted habits
SCHEME ‐ advertise; design; create
SHOW‐ be devout; virtuous; moral; give respect
SHUT ‐ stop looking for trouble
SLOW ‐ be wise; have patience

SOPHISTICATE ‐ publish a successful magazine; become a larger success
SPEND ‐ dress better; be beautiful
STRETCH ‐ prolong a good feeling or event or sense of well‐being; grow intellectually,
mentally, spiritually or physically

SUFFER ‐ handle success; handle prosperity
SWEET ‐ be soothing to others; be caring
SWING ‐ have courage; be bold
SWIVEL ‐ relieve constipation; relieve diarrhea

TAKE ‐ become a good leader
TAP ‐ convert; adapt; renovate
THANKS ‐ stop regretting; release guilt
TINY ‐ be polite; be kind; be courteous; reduce size; decrease importance
TOGETHER ‐ master any activity; have it all together; become single‐minded

TOMORROW ‐ eliminate remorse; dispel sorrow
UNCLE ‐ dispel untogetherness; ward off apartness
UNMASK ‐ bring into focus; expose; lay bare

UP ‐ be in high spirits; dispel the blues; dispel inferiority complex
WAIT ‐ learn a secret

WASTE ‐ appear rich; show opulence
WATCH ‐ learn a skill; perfect a skill
WHET ‐ stimulate; sharpen; hone; refine; finalize
WITH ‐ be agreeable; compatible; harmonize well with
others; immerse in
WOMB ‐ feel cuddled; be cuddly; be secure; reconnect with

In addition to Universal Switchwords there are Broad and Personal Switchwords. Broad
Switchwords work for most people (50‐90% of people). There are thousands of Broad
Switchwords. Personal Switchwords work for individual people. Personal Switchwords
often are names of family members and close friends, as well as words that have been
individual to their experiences in setting up switches which attract the experiences the
Switchwords embody.

History of Astrology
Historia de la Astrología
Alejandro Christian Luna, Argentina.

L os primeros indicios que nos hablan
de una observación metódica del
cielo datan de una fecha tan lejana
como 15.000 años antes de Cristo, en astas
o huesos encontrados por Marshack y que
poseen incisiones que él consideró marcas
de caza, basadas en un calendario lunar.
Cerca del año 10.000 a.C. se encontraron en
el noreste de Africa, en la localidad de
Susfana, lo que se ha interpretado como la
primera muestra de un zodíaco, donde
podían verse una svástica y doce signos,
unificando el ciclo lunar (svástica) con el
ciclo anual o solar (zodíaco).
Alejandro Christian Luna began Tanto en estos casos como en el de las
pinturas rupestres de Altamira y Lascaux
studying astrology with Mrs Lliana Diez . (donde algunos interpretan la
Continuing studying in Centro Astrologico representación de la bóveda celeste)
de Buenos Aires and Casa XI until 2003. estaríamos hablando de la prehistoria de la
At this moment is working as professional astrología y de un pensamiento mágico
astrologer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his propio de la infancia de la humanidad.
practice he works together with Hasta la época de los primeros filósofos de
Psychology, Astrology and Science Grecia, fue el pensamiento mítico el que
following the ideas of Ken Wilber and generó la explicación de toda experiencia
Roberto Assagioli, and working with the humana. Y son los mitos cosmogónicos los
que relatan en las diferentes culturas el
Astrological wisdom of Classical Astrology.
origen del mundo.
He has written articles in different
Cerca del año 700 a.C. ocurre un cambio
magazines, and also written a book "Urania fundamental en el pensamiento. Aparecen
y Sofia" .Some of his articles were translated en Grecia los primeros filósofos, llamados
in Portuguese & French and some are los "filósofos de la naturaleza".
available in Este cambio que va del pensamiento mítico
al racional, se habilita cuando, tanto
Homero con su Ilíada como Hesíodo con
su Teogonía, transcriben las historias
referidas a los dioses dando lugar a una
posterior profundización con crítica y
debate acerca de estas historias, trasmitidas
sólo oralmente a lo largo del tiempo.

Podemos pensar que en este momento la astrología podría haber sido alcanzada por la ola
desmitificadora, pero lo que ocurrió fue que el mismo pensamiento racional se utilizó para
intentar legitimarla.
Según Empédocles, los cambios en la naturaleza se dan porque los cuatro elementos (en
diferentes proporciones) constantemente se separan y se juntan, gracias a dos fuerzas que
llamó "odio" y "amor" respectivamente.
No se sabe si Empédocles tuvo algún contacto con las ideas egipcias o babilónicas, pero es
evidente la relación entre su filosofía y la astrología, donde aún hoy hablar de las
cuadruplicidades de los doce signos es parte de la columna vertebral del saber astrológico.
Asimismo la diferenciación de las fuerzas activas de la naturaleza en la polaridad amor /odio
se relacionan con las fuerzas activas que, según la astrología caldea (y luego por la astrología
como un corpus), son vehiculizadas por dos pares de planetas polarizados como benéficos:
Venus y Júpiter (amor) y maléficos: Marte y Saturno (odio).
En el Timeo, Platón nos muestra la cosmología astrológica subyacente en su filosofía. Relata
que el Demiurgo (el dios–creador) creó el mundo a partir de los cuatro elementos. Todo en la
creación tiene existencia, es idéntico o diferente a algo.
El Demiurgo creó al mundo y le dió un alma, el "ánima mundi", luego lo partió en dos
mitades, creando dos franjas circulares oblicuas entre sí, el Ecuador y la Eclíptica.
La franja del Ecuador responde a lo idéntico ya que es única y rota siguiendo el movimiento
de la esfera celeste. La franja oblicua, la Ecliptica, rota en dirección contraria, se subdivide en
siete círculos desiguales que forman los círculos o esferas del sol, la luna y los planetas y que
conforman el movimiento de lo diferente.
Está implicita aquí la idea pitagórica (y por ende también caldea) de la armonía de las
esferas. Platón halló razón y lógica en los movimientos de la esfera celeste.
La materia del alma del mundo es una sola, cuando un individuo emplea su intelecto el
movimiento de su alma se une a los movimientos celestiales del alma del mundo. Si
conocemos la identidad de las cosas estamos en contacto con el Ecuador, si conocemos la
diferencia es porque estamos en contacto con la Eclíptica. El Demiurgo nos hizo a nosotros
con la misma materia del alma del mundo, cada uno de nosotros tiene su propia estrella y
antes de encarnar se nos mostró como funciona el cosmos. Así es que la contemplación del
cielo nos ayuda a recordar vagamente nuestro origen.
Los signos del zodíaco en la astrología mística posterior toman de Platón la expresión de
formas "ideales".
Algunos años antes de Cristo surgieron en Alejandría muchas religiones e ideas filosóficas
nuevas, a partir del "sincretismo", la mezcla de religiones antiguas que se daba.
Una de las más importantes fue el hermetismo, de origen egipcio. Proviene su nombre de
Thot‐Hermes, más conocido como Hermes Trismegisto (el tres veces grande), una figura
que es una mezcla de mito y realidad.
Las obras atribuidas a Thot‐Hermes son numerosas, hay obras prácticas de astrología y
alquimia, como el Liber Hermetis, el Picatrix y la Tabla Esmeralda, estas
dos últimas más tardías, y con seguridad, la autoría no pudo ser de
Hermes Trismegistos, pero si de sus seguidores, los filósofos herméticos.
El hermetismo refleja una tradición diametralmente opuesta al
racionalismo aristotélico, es más un cuerpo místico de doctrinas, una
forma mística de pensamiento. Ensalza la experiencia numítica, el
conocimiento directo con lo sagrado.

La frase "Como es arriba es abajo", sintetiza el pensamiento hermético y demuestra la
relación íntima entre hermetismo y astrología.

En la Edad Media, el poder de la Iglesia cristiana se encargó de disolver el desarrollo de las
ideas filosóficas originarias del mundo griego. En el año 529 la Iglesia cierra la Academia de
Platón en Atenas. Los conventos tuvieron el monopolio de la enseñanza, la reflexión y la
experimentación “científica”.
Uno de los llamados padres de la Iglesia fue San Agustín (354‐430), quien estudió astrología
en su juventud, transformándose luego en su principal enemigo. Su crítica tiene tanto
argumentos lógicos como espirituales. El golpe más fuerte lo da cuando toca el tema de los
gemelos o los mellizos, y la abismal diferencia dada en el destino que viven. El determinismo
de la astrología de la época chocaba con la idea del libre albedrío, núcleo del cristianismo. San
Agustín sostenía que cuando los astrólogos hacían predicciones acertadas era porque estaban
asistidos por demonios, deseosos de que las almas renuncien a su libre albedrío. Este
pensamiento continúa aún hoy en muchas personas que ven pecaminoso el querer
inmiscuirse en asuntos que van más allá de lo que entienden como “normal”, metiéndose en
los asuntos de Dios. Tanto en ese momento como ahora, era habitual considerar a la
astrología como un prosaico método de adivinación en lugar de una filosofía astral como lo
fue en sus inicios.
A medida que el cristianismo se iba imponiendo en el mundo romano, la astrología era
relegada a un lugar cada vez menos importante, hasta desaparecer casi totalmente a partir de
la invasión visigoda a Roma en el 410.
Simultáneamente a la “introversión mística” dada en Europa, el impulso de los árabes
comenzaba a ser notable. La cultura islámica tomó de los griegos la filosofía, la medicina, la
astrología y las ciencias, dándole a Aristóteles un lugar protagónico.
Muchos textos astrológicos griegos que el occidente latino había perdido, fueron traducidos
al árabe gracias a astrólogos y filósofos como Al‐Kindi, Abu‐Maschar y Masha‐allah, donde
sus nombres y sus aforismos aparecen en mucha bibliografía europea posterior. Los
Tetrabiblos de Ptolomeo fueron traducidos en el 1138. Desgraciadamente la traducción del
griego al árabe y del árabe al latín introdujo muchos errores debido a la misma estructura del
lenguaje; errores que se fueron perpetuando hasta hace pocos años. En este momento equipos
interdisciplinarios compuestos por astrólogos y filólogos están traduciendo directamente
originales griegos, mostrando de otra manera el saber astrológico de antaño.
En definitiva, la astrología se vio beneficiada por los enormes adelantos de las matemáticas y
del álgebra, propios del mundo islámico. Los llamados partes arábigos son desarrollados por
ellos a partir de su uso por los astrólogos helénicos.
El Renacimiento trajo consigo una nueva manera de acercarse a la realidad: la investigación
de la naturaleza basada en la observación, la experimentación sistemática y la experiencia.
Surge el llamado método empírico, propio del conocimiento científico. Galileo Galilei (1564‐
1642) dijo: “el libro de la naturaleza está escrito en un lenguaje matemático”
La astrología se vio directamente beneficiada; los adelantos técnicos
perfeccionaron la confección e interpretación de los horóscopos, que
fueron aprovechados a su vez, por reyes y papas. Vale como ejemplo la
fecha elegida para la Coronación de Isabel 1ra, calculada por el astrólogo
británico John Dee, cuando los tránsitos del Sol, Venus y Júpiter
aspectaban favorablemente a esos mismos planetas en la carta natal de
Isabel (quien se las arregló para mantener unida a Inglaterra durante 44
años bastante complicados).

En el año 1543 se publica el libro Sobre las revoluciones de los orbes celestes del
astrónomo polaco Nicolás Copérnico. Esta obra comienza a cambiar la visión que el mundo
tenía de sí mismo; demostrando mediante la observación y las matemáticas, que la Tierra
(junto con los demás planetas) gira alrededor del Sol. Este cambio de paradigma habilitó una
nueva cosmovisión, donde la Tierra (y por ende el ser humano) dejaba de ser el centro del
Universo como hasta entonces se creía. La oposición de la Iglesia no se hizo esperar

El alemán Johannes Kepler (1571‐1630) demostró que los planetas
recorren órbitas elípticas y opinó además, que las mismas leyes
que regían en este sector del cosmos regían en todo el Universo.
Señaló también la existencia de una fuerza que mantiene a los
planetas orbitando alrededor del Sol, fuerza que explicaría la
relación entre las fases de la Luna y las mareas. Galileo Galilei se
burlaba de Kepler porque “había dado su consentimiento de que
la Luna domina el agua”.
Kepler, como astrólogo que era, bien conocía la influencia de la Luna
sobre el agua, ya que rige a Cáncer, signo de ese elemento. Y de hecho estaba doblemente en
lo cierto. La burla de Galileo ejemplificaba en realidad como eran vistos los cultores de la
astrología por los científicos de la época. Burla que hoy en día ejerce toda persona que se
considera “racional”.
La importancia de Kepler en la historia de la ciencia es capital; la teoría de la gravedad de
Isaac Newton está basada en los descubrimientos del gran astrónomo alemán. Por eso se ha
ocultado tanto su cabal conocimiento de la astrología (¡Dios mío, Kepler astrólogo! ¡que mal
le hace esto a la ciencia!... exclamarían los doctos).
Kepler practicaba la astrología y hacía horóscopos; entre ellos los del Emperador Rodolfo II y
el del general Wallenstein. Censuró a la astrología convencional, intentando reformar la
disciplina. Advirtió a los críticos de la astrología que “no tiraran las frutas frescas junto a las
Los aspectos planetarios son la base de la astrología kepleriana, ya que aporta nuevas
relaciones de longitud eclíptica entre planetas (como la semicuadratura, la sesquicuadratura,
el quintil, el biquintil, el septil y el nonil), que se suman a los tradicionales aspectos
ptolemaicos (conjunción, oposición, cuadratura, trígono, sextil, semisextil y quincuncio).
Jean Baptiste Morin de Villefranche (1583‐1656) está considerado como el más grande
astrólogo francés. Y aplica la lógica cartesiana al ámbito del saber astrológico, sobre todo al
pasarlo por el tamiz de la razón, con método, orden, análisis y con la clarificación de cada
argumento. Para hacer esto, Morin hizo lo mismo que Descartes con la filosofía, no dar nada
por sentado, dudar de todo, construir una astrología desde los mismos cimientos. Vaciarla de
los contenidos ptolemaicos que dotaban a cada planeta de "significación universal".

En la esfera británica, el astrólogo William Lilly (1602‐1681) tuvo –y
tiene– una gran importancia. Es considerado un maestro en la astrología
mundana y horaria. Su enfoque tiende más a lo profético y a lo mágico,
con un estilo que recuerda al de Nostradamus.
En su Astrología Cristiana sostiene que una astrología predictiva bien
hecha es compatible con el cristianismo. Su predicción más espectacular
tuvo que ver con el incendio de Londres en 1666, acontecimiento que él
había predicho 15 años antes. Luego del mismo, fue detenido como

sospechoso de causarlo, pero las investigaciones posteriores lo libraron de culpa y cargo.
Durante la época de la Ilustración, el arte de hacer horóscopos se extinguió casi
completamente; excepto en Inglaterra, donde algunas personas, consideradas bastante
excéntricas, seguían interesadas en la ciencia de los astros.
A principios del siglo XIX, la astrología en Inglaterra retoma un impulso que luego
arrastraría a toda Europa y más tarde a América.
Los astrólogos británicos adaptaron el vocabulario científico para sus analogías simbólicas,
como la electricidad y el magnetismo. Por otra parte, la moda del ocultismo (la “sombra” de
la época victoriana) también tocaba algunos puntos coincidentes con el hermetismo y la
astrología. Por ejemplo el concepto de correspondencias entre las distintas entidades del
Universo, la existencia de seres intermediarios entre la humanidad y Dios ‐ángeles, espíritus,
maestros ascendidos‐ con los cuales sólo los “iniciados” pueden contactar. Muchos astrólogos
de la época tomaron sus nombres a partir del nombre de ángeles, como Sepharial, Raphael o
Esta "movida" antirracional produjo numerosos grupos de personas (artistas, poetas,
intelectuales) que se unían en sectas y sociedades secretas. Muchos conseguían formar su
propio culto, en base a mistificaciones más que con verdaderos misterios herméticos. Entre
los más conocidos podemos nombrar a Eliphas Lévi y a Gérard Encausse (Papus) en el
esoterismo francés. En Inglaterra, Aleister Crowley y Dion Fortune. Entre las sociedades
secretas tenemos la Order of the Golden Down, la Ordo Templi Orientis, la Orden de los
Nuevos Templarios y la Thule Gessellshaft.
La Sociedad Teosófica fue fundada en 1875 por Helena Petrova Blavatsky, más conocida
como Madame Blavatsky. La Doctrina Secreta de la teosofía, con su particular comparación
de las religiones del mundo y los conceptos de karma y reencarnación, dotó a muchos
astrólogos de una conexión espiritual que necesitaban como complemento a lo intelectual de
su quehacer.

La desviación del pensamiento racional iniciada muchas décadas atrás con el romanticismo y
mantenida gracias al estudio de la psicología humana profunda, hizo que poco a poco el
positivismo fuera menos dogmático y se abriera la posibilidad de que surgiera una nueva
astrología. Una astrología que a finales del siglo XX ya era un verdadero "boom".
Ya desde el siglo XIX, arqueólogos, antropólogos y diversos investigadores de la cultura
antigua vuelven sus ojos hacia la astrología, entendida como fenómeno digno de estudio
dentro de un marco puramente histórico. Podemos citar las obras de numerosos autores,
como Histoire de l'astronomie ancienne (1817) de M. Delambre , La astrología española en la
Edad Media (1841) de A. Rodríguez Navarrete y Astrología y Religión en el mundo
grecorromano (1903) de Franz Cumont. Los astrólogos, aún con un complejo de inferioridad
con respecto a los serios científicos sabelotodo, comienzan a publicar con seudónimos, sobre
todo en Inglaterra. R.C. Smith, más conocido como Raphael, publica hacia 1824 su primer
Almanaque, repetido luego anualmente. Richard James Morrison (Zadkiel) funda en 1831 la
revista Heraldo de la Astrología. Los libros de Frederick William Alen
(Alan Leo) se siguen publicando en la actualidad; por ejemplo,
Astrología Moderna, cuya primera edición data de 1895.
A principios del siglo pasado comienzan a proliferar columnas de
horóscopos en los diarios. Cuando nació la hermana de la reina Isabel de
Inglaterra (el 21 de agosto de 1930) el Sunday Express publicó su
horóscopo, elaborado por R. H. Naylor. El éxito fue tal que comenzó a
publicarse una columna de astrología; la primera, el 5 de octubre de 1930.

Esta astrología solar es la que vemos plasmada con tanta superficialidad en todos los diarios y
revistas de la actualidad.
El francés Paul Choisnard trata de apoyar la astrología sobre las bases de la matemática y la
física moderna.
La astrología ligada al ocultismo tiene al clérigo Eliphas Levi y a Papus como figuras más
representativas. El danés Max Heindel fusiona la ciencia de los astros con la filosofía
Rosacruz y la Teosofía. El suizo Karl Kraft (1900‐1945) opera sobre estadísticas, consideradas
más tarde como poco fiables.

El alemán Reinhold Ebertin es autor de obras de gran resonancia, siendo autor de la
Cosmobiología, y principal referente de la escuela astrológica alemana.
En los Estados Unidos de América, de la escuela de la asociación Rosacruz surgen
importantes astrólogos, como Elbert Benjamine, Evangeline Adams y Maurice Wemyss. No
podemos dejar de nombrar a otros con diferentes enfoques y nacionalidades: André Barbault,
Nicolás DeVore, Charles Carter, Walter Koch, Jacques Sadoul, Demetrio Santos.
Despues de numerosos y estériles debates, la ciencia institucional se erige como la principal
adversaria de la astrología. En 1975, ciento ochenta y seis destacados científicos (entre los que
se incluían dieciocho Premios Nobel) publican en la revista Humanist unas "Objeciones a la

La ciencia institucionalizada sencillamente considera que la astrología no merece ser
estudiada, y cuando así lo hace, los resultados son publicados siempre y cuando no prueben
su validez. Cuando muestran algún indicio que la convalide, se los desacredita o ignora.
A fin de cuentas, según Maggie Hyde "No se trata de un problema de pruebas, sino de una
lucha entre sistemas de creencias".

Muchos astrólogos se alejaron de la ciencia para seguir el camino de la psicología, en especial
el trazado por el suizo Carl Gustav Jung (1875‐1961).
En su libro "La interpretación de la naturaleza y la psique", Jung define la sincronicidad, con
la que pretende explicar ciertos casos extraordinarios, "coincidencias significativas",
imposibles de explicar causalmente.
Su teoría de los Arquetipos explica el poder de los símbolos astrológicos y como éstos
trabajan en la imaginación. Los signos del Zodíaco serían doce imágenes arquetípicas,
manifestaciones del inconciente colectivo, que dan cuenta de la Totalidad.
Jung ubica a la Astrología dentro de una realidad psíquica. Para entender como trabajan los
símbolos arquetípicos es necesaria una clase especial de pensamiento: la actitud simbólica.
Por esta razón los métodos de las ciencias físico‐naturales son inapropiados para comprender
la astrología. "Que una cosa sea o no un símbolo depende de la actitud de la conciencia que la

Si Freud considera al ser humano casi como un animal (en lo que respecta
a lo instintivo de su naturaleza), podríamos decir que Jung también lo
considera un animal, un animal simbólico.
A partir de Jung aparece una nueva astrología, la llamada humanística o
psicológica, cuyas figuras más importantes son Dane Rudyhar (1895‐1985),
Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Richard Idemon, Stephen Arroyo,
Alexander Ruperti y otros, casi todos provenientes de Gran Bretaña y
Estados Unidos.

Más allá del lenguaje simbólico de la astrología, Jung no descarta una posibilidad
causal de su influencia en los seres vivos, aunque no pudo establecer ninguna certeza
empírica suficiente.

Sin embargo, muchos investigadores persiguen algún dato que incluya a la vez psique y
materia. Las investigaciones más recientes han puesto en evidencia la increíble analogía entre
el mundo de la microfísica y el Universo, entre el microcosmos y el macrocosmos.

Albert Einstein demuestra que el espacio y el tiempo no son entidades separadas e
independientes sino un continuum espacio‐tiempo, del que participan todos los procesos del
Universo. En su teoría del campo unificado propuso que la esencia del Universo no son las
partículas sino los campos.

F. D. Peat, a partir de la teoría del orden implicado de Bohm, afirma que el Universo entero
se encuentra plegado sobre si mismo en cada región del espacio. "Los eventos sincronísticos,
entendidos como una coincidencia significativa entre microcosmos y macrocosmos, son
aplicables si consideramos que, bajo los estratos de un orden implicado individual, existe un
nivel más profundo que contiene, plegada, toda la información del Universo". Como
analogía literaria, vale la del cuento de Jorge Luis Borges “El Aleph”, solo que cada punto del
espacio sería un “Aleph”.

La llamada New Age, no deja de ser la última filosofía globalizadora, donde se pueden
encontrar las más diversas disciplinas trabajando mancomunadamente. Allí, la Astrología
ocupa un lugar preponderante, siendo la principal vocera de la llamada Era de Acuario, que
ya estaría dando sus primeros frutos.

Sólo el Tiempo y la Historia dirán que cosas de la New Age serán importantes para la
Humanidad. Mientras tanto, la rueda sigue girando...

Active Astrology ‐ 1
Ciro Discepolo, Italy

S ome astrologers (honestly, few of
them and not those belonging to the
Hall of Fame of Astrology in the late
two centuries) claim that the Solar Returns
must be cast for the place where one was
born, or for the place of one's residence ‐
and not for the place where the native
actually is when the Solar return takes

I disagree, and one can easily find my
reasons, supported by hundreds of practical
examples, in many of my approximately
fifty books. One can change ones destiny by

Ciro Discepolo was born in Naples in 1948, changing ones location of Solar Return.

where he works as a journalist and writer. He Let me introduce a case described in my
worked for twenty years with the most popular book “Nuovo Trattato delle Rivoluzioni
daily of his town, Il Mattino. He worked for five Solari” (Armenia) ‐ a really striking case, in
years at the CNR (National Research Council). He my opinion.
has been dealing with astrology since 1970. He
has published over 50 books, most of them My daughter Laura had a peculiar birthday
bestsellers in Italy as well as abroad. In 1990 he in 2001, compared to that of her astral twin.
founded the quarterly Ricerca ‘90, which has been The latter is one of my friends’ daughter
publishing since then. He has been doing who was born in the same town as Laura,
statistical researches from the very beginning of only twenty minutes later than Laura.
his interest in astrology. At the beginning of the According to my subsequent observations
90s, he obtained very brilliant results with though, I believe that she was born only ten
researches on astral heredity on a sample of over minutes later than my daughter.
75,000 subjects. He has held seminars, courses and
lectures in different universities in Italy and Laura was born in Naples on the 27th of
abroad, and in several culture clubs. He is deeply May 1975 at 11.25 pm. Both of them would
interested in informatics. Astrologically speaking, have faced horrible constellations, had they
he followed the school of André Barbault. He spent their birthday in Naples: perhaps the
founded the school of Active Astrology. most awful ones that I could imagine. In fact they would have had the Sun conjunct
to Saturn in the 12th House, four celestials
in the 12th House, and Mars in the 6th
House of SR.

I warned both of them and suggested them to relocate their SR to Australia. In fact my
daughter went and visited a very peculiar place called Monkey Mia. Despite its ape‐like
name, it is a magical place with bungalows facing the sea, where you can almost hug
dolphins that come to the shore and “befriend” with tourists. Laura
spent her birthday there, and two months later married. After that,
she found home close to mine; in April she underwent an eye
surgery that solved her serious short‐sightedness; eventually she
started looking for a serious job. According to her acquaintances,
Laura had the most wonderful year of her life.
Let us see what happened to her astral twin, call her Ilena. She
wasn’t able to leave and twelve months later she reported that she
had had a real annus horribilis: the day after her birthday, her
brother was urgently hospitalized for a very bad acute illness. He
spent one month poised between life and death (she spent much time by his side, in the
hospital). Three days after her birthday, while she was eating one of her molar teeth
fractures; she had to take antibiotics for one month for a badly cured infection. After years
of stable position, she lost her job and spent the whole year in unemployment. After seven
years of stable relationship, her boyfriend left her to marry another woman; she fell into
depression and spent the rest of the year in bed. According to her acquaintances, Ilena had
the most awful year of her life.

Laura ‐ Solar Return For Naples

2001 Aimed Birthday Of My Daughter

Now I would like to have this case explained by those who claim that the Solar Return must
be domificated for the native’s place of birth, or place of steady domicile.
Of course, my friend authorized me to release ‐ if necessary ‐ the real name and astrological
data of Ilena, just in case somebody, having no scientific argument to oppose, claimed that
this case is a mere fruit of my imagination. Even more, this is what Ilena herself told me: “If
anybody doubted of this story I authorize you to publish in future books of yours my birth
certificate besides Laura’s birth certificate.

Even more: you can add my postal address, my phone number, and even my mobile phone
number! And just in case some of your silly colleagues argued that we have invented this
story together, I and you, there’s no problem: we’ll let him verify the date of the
hospitalization of my brother at the hospital “Cotugno”; my via crucis at the dentist; my
dismissal (it has been registered at INPS); the wedding of my former fiancé; and the
antidepressant therapy that a real doctor ‐ not a virtual one ‐ ordered to me.”.

If astrology is true and if the “aimed birthdays” do not work, is there any astrologer in the
world who’s able to explain this case? On the Web, somebody wrote that the ten‐minute gap
between the two horoscopes of the two girls may explain such a huge difference in the Solar
Returns of each of them. My comment? If you believe so, you can believe in anything.

Not only: if you follow the non‐reasoning of such persons, following the same twisted
wavelength, could they prove that their life had been different if ‐ at the very same
Greenwich time ‐ they were born in any other part of the world? How could they? Would
they live a life with an Italian birth sky and a second life with, say, a Brasilian or Japanese
birth sky? If so, we should come to the conclusion that neither classical Astrology is true.

If this isn’t enough, consider what follows.

Another really difficult case to solve for the opponents of the Aimed Solar Returns is the
accident suffered by pop singer Madonna on the day of her birthday in 2005.

It is really a puzzling case. Madonna (born in Bay City, MI, USA, 16th of August 1958, at
7:05 am, according to Archivio Bordoni) fell down from a horse on the day of her birthday in
2005, actually a few hours after the Solar Return. She suffered from several fractures.
What do you think? Does the Solar Return cast for the States explain the event? Or does the
Solar Return cast for the place where she was actually (near Bristol, in England)? In the
latter case she had Uranus over the Ascendant and three celestials in the 6th House, among
them the Sun and Saturn. Following: Madonna’s birth chart; her SR for the States; and her
SR for Bristol, England.

Madonna’s birth chart SR for the States

SR for Bristol, England

Greek Medicine &
Astrology ‐1 & 2
David Osborn, USA.

H ippocrates, the Father of Greek
Medicine, once said that the
physician who was ignorant of
astrology could not rightly call himself a
Galen, however, was a hard‐headed
empiricist who tended to be more skeptical
regarding Medical Astrology. Nevertheless,
the use of astrology in medicine and holistic
healing has been a persistent, widespread
and time‐honored practice in other
David Osborn was born in Tokyo Japan in 1952 traditional medical systems like Ayurveda
and grew up largely in the Orient as the son of a as well.
diplomat. Apart from Greek Medicine he has In Greek Medicine, Medical Astrology is
studied various other healing sciences. David was called Iatromathematica, or "doctorly
able to study Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad at calculations". After calculating and
the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque New considering the planetary influences
Mexico. What he learned there helped him operating in the patient's natal astrology
greatly in his understanding and appreciation of chart, the medical astrologer would
Greek Medicine. He was also surprised to discover formulate a judgment of the patient's innate
that much of what Dr. Lad had given in his constitutional nature and temperament vis‐
evening lectures about diet and therapeutics had a‐vis his/her acquired condition or health
actually been written by Hippocrates in his challenges and give his advice and
Aphorisms over two thousand years ago. In 1982, recommendations to the patient.
David started to study herbal medicine by
Medical Astrology, in East or West, is
correspondence course with Michael Tierra, C.A.,
based on the notion of Cosmic Sympathy ‐
N.D., author of The Way of Herbs. Michael's
that the planetary and celestial influences
eclectic system of Planetary Herbology, which
depicted in the natal astrology chart
integrates the herbal healing principles of East
and West, exerted a very profound and formative symbolize or resonate with Universal Life
influence on David's approach to herbal medicine Forces of Nature and the cosmos. Healing
and natural healing. While living in Berkeley, is simply a matter of integrating and
California, David started teaching astrology harmonizing the forces of life and health
groups and continuing his astrological studies within the individual with these Universal
with Mariah Larkin, PhD, a protégée of Donna Life Forces.
Cunningham. All Medical Astrology in Greek
Medicine is based on the principles of
Hermetic philosophy, which states: "As
above, so below; as within, so without." In
other words, everything that happens within the human body, or the individual
microcosm, has its parallel in the outer macrocosm of Nature and the cosmos.

Qualities and Elements
Also important in Greek Medicine is the concept of temperament: that everything in
the universe, from the individual human being, to the substances we consume as foods and
medicines, and even to the far‐flung stars and planets, has its own distinct inherent makeup
of qualities and attributes. In Greek Medicine, the primary parameters for measuring
temperament are the Four Basic Qualities: Hot, Cold, Wet and Dry.
In Greek Medicine, everything in the universe, including the human body and its
various constituent parts, is made up of Four Elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water ‐ in
varying proportions. The Four Elements, and their basic qualities, are:
FIRE: Hot and Dry
AIR: Hot and Wet
EARTH: Cold and Dry
WATER: Cold and Wet
The polarity of Hot versus Cold is called the primary or active polarity because it
controls or initiates changes in the other two qualities, Dry and Wet, which form the
secondary or passive polarity. Heat evaporates moisture, producing dryness, whereas cold
condenses moisture, producing wetness.
The Four Elements I listed above are the same ones used in astrology. I have listed
them in order, from the most Yang to the most Yin.
Fire is the most active, dynamic, Yang element because it is the greatest emitter of light,
heat and energy. Its basic qualities are Hot and Dry, which are both Yang in nature.
Water is the most passive, Yin element because it is the most cooling, and the greatest
receiver of energy. It basic qualities
are Cold and Wet, which are both
Of all the traditional medical systems I had
Yin in nature.
These two extreme studied, Greek Medicine proved to be the closest
elements, Fire and Water, are fit with Medical Astrology.
inherently Cardinal in modality
because, as the polarities of Yang and
Yin in Nature, they initiate or drive all manifestation and change. This is abundantly
evident in the physiology and metabolism of the human body: Fire assimilates, circulates
and metabolizes Water, whereas Water contains and cools down Fire, keeping it in check.
As proof of the inherently Cardinal modality of the Fire and Water elements, we only
need to look at the first Fire sign of the zodiac, Aries, and the first Water sign, Cancer; both
signs have a Cardinal modality.
The other two elements, Air and Earth, are moderate and mixed in their basic
qualities. Since Hot is the primary quality of Air, it is a Yang element ‐ active, subtle, light,
dynamic and energetic, although less so than Fire. Since Cold is the primary quality of
Earth, it is a Yin element ‐ heavy, dense, passive, substantial ‐ but not as much so as Water.
Being moderate elements caught in the middle, Air and Earth are primarily acted
upon by the Cardinal forces of change. Air's inherent modality is Mutable, since it readily
responds to and welcomes change. Earth's inherent modality is Fixed, since it tends to resist
change as the most solid, stable, persistent and enduring element.
Accordingly, the first Air sign of the zodiac, Gemini, has a Mutable modality. The first
Earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus, has a Fixed modality.

The Four Temperaments
Actually, I was introduced to the study of Greek Medicine through Medical Astrology. I
had tried reading several books on Medical Astrology, but none of them really made any
sense to me until I read a book on the subject in French that related the Four Elements of
astrology to the Four Temperaments of Greek Medicine. This proved to be the golden key
that unlocked the doors of understanding, and after that I was able to bring together
everything I had previously learned in the field of traditional medicine and holistic healing
under the all‐inclusive umbrella of Medical Astrology. Of all the traditional medical systems
I had studied, Greek Medicine proved to be the closest fit with Medical Astrology.
There was a simple, neat correspondence between the Four Elements and the Four
FIRE: Choleric Temperament
AIR: Sanguine Temperament
EARTH: Melancholic Temperament
WATER: Phlegmatic Temperament
The Four Temperaments are the basic constitutional body mind types of Greek
Medicine. They are analogous to the doshas of Ayurvedic medicine, but instead of three
doshas, Greek Medicine has Four Temperaments.

Choleric Temperament
The Choleric temperament is characterized by an abundance of the Fire element and
the Yellow Bile humor; it roughly corresponds to the Pitta Dosha of Ayurveda. The Hot and
Dry qualities predominate.
Body Type
The Choleric body type is of short to medium build and frame, and has a reddish
complexion if heat predominates or a sallow complexion if bile predominates. The physique
tends to be lean, compact and muscular, with warm, rough, dry skin and veins and tendons
clearly defined. The digestion and metabolism are strong and quick, the urine scanty, thin
and dark, and the stools tending to be soft and smelly.
Mind & Personality
In mind and personality, Cholerics are bold, passionate, creative, imaginative, flamboyant
and independent. They can also be prone to anger, irritability, impatience, stress, burnout
and a short temper. Physically, Cholerics tend to suffer from febrile and inflammatory
diseases, infections, bilious disorders, hyperacidity, acid reflux and stress burnout.
In astrology, the Fire signs ‐ Aries, Leo and Sagittarius ‐ are basically Choleric in

Sanguine Temperament
The Sanguine Temperament is characterized by an abundance of the Air element and
blood, or the Sanguine humor. It has
no real equivalent in Ayurveda, but
could be considered a blend of the In astrology, the Air signs - Gemini, Libra
wetness of Kapha with a little of and Aquarius - are basically Sanguine in
the heat of Pitta, since the Sanguine temperament.
temperament is warm and moist.
Galen considered blood to be
the very essence of life and health, and the most desirable of all the humors, being perfect
nourishment perfectly digested. In Greek Medicine, the Sanguine temperament is generally
considered to be the most healthy and balanced.
In Ayurveda, blood is not considered to be a dosha, since the word "dosha" means,
"defect", or an inherent predisposition towards pathology and imbalance. In Ayurveda, blood
is Rakta Dhatu, one of the seven tissue types.
Body Type
The Sanguine body type is of medium to tall build and frame, and has a pinkish, rosy,
blushing complexion. The physique is elegant, graceful, statuesque and shapely, and the skin
smooth, rich and creamy. The digestion and metabolism are generally moderate and
balanced, but the appetite, especially for sweet or rich foods, can exceed the digestive
capacity. The urine is thick and bright yellow, showing balanced, moderate heat and
moisture, and the stools are well‐formed.
Mind & Personality
In mind and personality, Sanguines are sociable, outgoing, curious, sensuous, playful,
indulgent and optimistic. The very word Sanguine means positive, optimistic and hopeful.
Sanguines have a synthetic intellect that likes to see the big picture, and a good sense of
social appropriateness, discretion, judgment and communication skills. Physically,
Sanguines are prone to excesses and congestions of the blood, metabolic excesses of the
blood like diabetes, high cholesterol, uremia and gout, and digestive stagnation and
putrefaction from overeating. The respiratory and genitourinary tracts can also be sensitive
problem areas.
In astrology, the Air signs ‐ Gemini, Libra and Aquarius ‐ are basically Sanguine in

Melancholic temperament
The Melancholic temperament corresponds with the Earth element, and has a
predominance of its humor ‐ black bile, or the Melancholic humor. Its basic qualities are
Cold and Dry, giving it a close correspondence with the Vata dosha in Ayurveda.
Body Type
The Melancholic body type tends to be tall, thin and lean, with prominent bones, joints,
tendons and veins. The skin is cool, dry and leathery, and the complexion is an olive color or
a dull yellow. The appetite and digestion tend to be poor or irregular, the urine pale and thin,
and the stools constipated, hard and dry, flatulent or irregularly shaped.
Mind & Personality
In mind and personality, Melancholics tend to be realistic, pragmatic, prudent, cautious,
introspective, austere, frugal and withdrawn. Melancholics are also famous for their blue
moods. The Melancholic temperament is also called the Nervous temperament, because they
are also prone to nervous agitation, stress and exhaustion. Physically, Melancholics also
suffer from a colicky, delicate, poor or irregular digestion, constipation, irritable bowel, poor
immunity, arthritic, rheumatic or neuromuscular disorders and insomnia.
Of all the Four Temperaments, the Melancholic temperament is the most prone to illness and poor
health. That's because the Melancholic temperament is contrary to the Sanguine in all its
basic qualities and characteristics.
In astrology, the Earth signs ‐ Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn ‐ are primarily Melancholic in

Phlegmatic Temperament
The Phlegmatic temperament is characterized by an abundance of the
Water element and its Phlegmatic humor, which includes not just
phlegm, but also all the clear fluids of the body, like plasma, lymph,
synovial and serous fluids.
Being Cold and Wet in its basic qualities, the Phlegmatic
temperament corresponds to the Kapha dosha in Ayurveda.
Body Type
The Phlegmatic body type is heavy set, with a heavy frame
and bone structure and rounded, pudgy features, with tendons, bones
and joints not prominent. The digestion and metabolism are slow but
steady in a healthy state, energy conserving and anabolic dominant; with aggravation.
However, the digestion and metabolism can become torpid and sluggish. The urine tends to
be clear, thick and scanty, and the stools abundant, tending towards softness.
Mind & Personality
In mind and personality, Phlegmatics tend to be sentimental, subjective, sensitive,
faithful and good natured. The mind tends to be slow but steady, but with Phlegmatic
aggravation, it can become slow, passive and sluggish.
Physically, Phlegmatics are prone to coughs, colds and lung congestion, lymphatic
congestion and obstruction, edema and water retention, a slow digestion and metabolism,
and a hypoactive thyroid and adrenals.
In astrology, the Water signs ‐ Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces ‐ are primarily Phlegmatic in
These are the basic Four Temperaments, or pure types. However, most of us are of
mixed temperament. One of the great strengths of Medical Astrology is its ability to
delineate the constitutional nature and temperament, the inherent strengths and weaknesses
of the individual, with unparalleled sophistication and intimate detail.

Planets: Nature and Temperament
In Medical Astrology, each planet represents a certain set of physiological or metabolic
functions tied together by a common theme, which concerns the planet's inherent nature and
temperament. And, like everything else in Greek Medicine, even the far‐flung planets have
their own inherent nature and temperament.
The main parameters for measuring a planet's nature and temperament are the Four Basic
Qualities. Each of the Four Temperaments has planets that resonate with its influence.
The hot, dry, fiery, Choleric planets are Mars and the Sun. Of course, Mars is the
principal Choleric planet, especially concerning pathology, as it concerns heat, fevers,
infections, inflammation, bilious conditions and the like. The Sun concerns the righteous,
normal fire of the organism, what Greek Medicine calls the Innate Heat, as well as the other
vital principles ‐ the Vital Force and Thymos, or the immune force of the organism. The
Sun also represents the heart, the principal organ of the Vital Faculty. In Ayurvedic terms,
the Innate Heat would be Agni, and the Vital Force Prana.
Jupiter is the principal Sanguine planet, ruling expansion and growth; it represents the
liver, the principal organ of the digestive system and Natural Faculty, which governs
digestion and metabolism, nutrition and growth. It is assisted by Venus, which is mainly
Sanguine, but slightly colder and more Phlegmatic in temperament. It's interesting to note

that the Sanguine temperament, considered to be the choicest and most desirable in Greek
Medicine, is represented by Jupiter and Venus, the major and minor benefics.
Both planets have a warming, moistening, enriching influence.
The Melancholic temperament is also called the Nervous temperament, and is cold and
dry. It is represented by Mercury and Saturn, which also share these qualities.
Mercury, while cold and dry, is also light, quick and mobile in nature.
It represents the Nervous temperament, the nervous system, and the throat, lungs and
respiratory tract. Mercury also rules speech and communication.
Saturn, while cold and dry, is also heavy and slow in nature. It is mainly concerned with
the functions of the black bile humor, especially the bones and connective tissue, which
require black bile for their formation, and with black bile's storage receptacle, the spleen.
Saturn is also associated with common pathologies of aggravated black bile, like arthritis and
Metabolically speaking, Jupiter and Saturn are complementary opposites.
Sanguine Jupiter favors growth, expansion, enrichment and excess, whereas Melancholic
Saturn favors aesthenia, wasting, hypometabolism and deficiency.
The principal Phlegmatic planet is the Moon, which rules all fluid metabolism in the
body. The Moon is also very nurturing and anabolic, being associated, along with her
domicile sign of Cancer, with the stomach and the female breasts. The Phlegmatic Moon is
the complementary opposite to the Choleric Sun; together, these two luminaries represent
the core Yin ‐ Yang, Water ‐ Fire principles of physiology and metabolism. The Moon is
assisted in her Phlegmatic functions by Venus, the other feminine planet.
In addition to the seven classical planets, the Ascendant or Rising Sign, called Horoskopo
in classical Greek astrology, is also very important. The Ascendant, although not actually a
planet, is probably the single most important planetary factor in Medical Astrology, because
it represents the physical body ‐ its basic structure and appearance, and inherent
constitutional strengths and weaknesses. In terms of its inherent temperament, the
Ascendant is pretty neutral, and varies according to its sign, and the planets conjuncting or
aspecting it.
The outer planets also have their inherent natures and temperaments, even though they
weren't part of classical Greek or Hellenistic Astrology. They are as follows:
Uranus, being the higher octave of Mercury, is Nervous or Melancholic in temperament,
but primarily Nervous, being associated with nervous and spasmodic afflictions.
Neptune is primarily Phlegmatic in nature, being associated with the psychic sensitivity
of the Water element. Medically, Neptune rules the lymphatic system.
Pluto, I feel, has a dual nature and temperament: Its intense, passionate drive as the
higher octave of Mars makes it partially Choleric, but its ability to plumb and purge the dark
subliminal depths of the psyche and subconscious mind also makes Pluto Phlegmatic.
Together, the Choleric Fire and Phlegmatic Water principles of Pluto interact in a dance of
both mutual destruction and mutual regeneration and transformation.
Hard aspects between certain planets in the natal astrology chart can show tendencies
towards excess or aggravation of a certain humor or temperament.
With the Sun and Mars, these aggravations would be Choleric in nature.
With Mercury and Saturn, or Saturn and Uranus, they would be Nervous or Melancholic.
With Venus and Jupiter, Sanguine afflictions like diabetes are common.
There is a lot that Medical Astrology has to say about the planets that I have left out of
this discussion. While this information is also valid, I have chosen to focus on aspects of the
planets that are little understood and appreciated, but deserve to be better known, which

concern the basic principles of Greek Medicine as the original source and foundation for
Medical Astrology in the West.

Aphorisms from the Secretum Secretorum

Among them what Mercury the Babylonian says in his
Aphorisms entitled Secret of Secrets, from which we have
picked out 45, where we can find a lot of the knowledge in
whose path we are in.

(1) The content of the first one is that anyone who pretends
to gather the powers of the stars is forced to assume their
(2) The Sun should be asked for the raise of prestige, praising
of fraternity, amplitude of designs, authority over the
powerful, humiliation of the sovereigns, splendor of lights
and vanishing of darkness.
(3) The Moon should be asked for fluidity of movements,
disclosure of secrets, abundance of waters, extinguishing of
fires, and invalidation of completed facts and dissolution of
harmonic atmospheres.
(4) Saturn should be asked for limitation of movements,
hiding of secrets, impoverishment of countries, decrease of
intentions, temptation of souls and water stagnation.
(5) Jupiter should be asked for the accumulation of goods,
conciliation of opinions, rejection of temptations, mitigation
of grief and security of earthly and maritime paths.

(6) Mars should be asked for promotion of animosity,
boldness of spirit, taming of beasts, subordination of
passions, splendor of lights, generation of insurrection and
submission of enemies.

Great Depression Or
Not ?
Robert Gover, USA

mong financial experts there is a
huge disagreement as to whether
the USA (and world) is headed into
another great depression.
From an astrological perspective, both
pro and con financial opinions are right—
that is, stock markets are likely to rebound
and indicate we are out of depression danger
before they sink again into numbers as bad
as or worse than the 1930s.

Robert Gover (born November 2, 1929) The worse stock market crash so far
in 2008 occurred September 15 when the Full
grew up in an endowed orphanage (Girard Moon was conjunct and opposite the
College in Philadelphia), received a B.A. in current Saturn‐Uranus opposition, which at
the time was conjunct and opposite the US
Economics from the University of Pittsburgh,
Neptune, square the US Mars. The Dow
worked as a journalist, became a best-selling Stock Index dropped around 500 points,
novelist at age 30, lived most of his life in setting off comparisons to the Crash of 1929.
California, and now lives in Rehoboth The Crash of ’29 also occurred when
Beach, Delaware. On the Run with Dick and the US Mars‐Neptune square was hit—but
Jane is his ninth novel. His previous book, at that time it was hit by an opposition of
Time and Money, explores economic and Jupiter and Saturn afflicting the US Mars‐
planetary cyclical correlations. His first square‐Neptune, with the Moon conjunct
novel, One Hundred Dollar the US Neptune.
Misunderstanding, a satire on American The Crash of ’29 was closely followed
racism, remains a cult classic that helped by a grand cross pattern formed by a
break down America's fear of four-letter Uranus‐Pluto square afflicting the USA’s
words and sexually explicit scenes, as well as Sun‐Saturn square. (Of course other planets
were also involved but to keep it simple, I
sensitizing Americans to sanctimonious
am focusing only on the Uranus‐Pluto
hypocrisy. He can be contacted at square.) or The USA’s Sun‐Saturn square is due
to be hit full force by a Uranus‐Pluto square
that will first come exact in 2012 and be
most potent in the mid‐2000‐teens.

T he Uranus‐Pluto square of the 1930s came most exact in 1933 with Uranus
at 20 Aries and Pluto at 20 Cancer. The upcoming Uranus‐Pluto square will
come exact in January 2012 with Uranus at 8 Aries and Pluto at 8 Capricorn.
Pluto will be roughly opposite where it was in the ‘30s.
The mid‐1930s was when unemployment hit its peak of around 25%. Layoffs occurred
rapidly between the end of 1929 and through the early 1930s.
This time, the movement of the pertinent planets suggests that unemployment will
sink more gradually and peak sometime after 2012, probably in 2015.
In my book Time and Money: the Economy and the Planets, I said that we went into
the great depression of the 1930s via a crash that resembled going over Niagara Falls in a
barrel, but that we will get into the coming great depression via a series of stock crashes that
resemble whitewater rafting down the Snake
In other words, this time the build- River. There will be up moves during the
up of economic problems will occur coming three years that will make it appear
we have avoided the worst—only to be
over seven years, as compared to four
followed by more frightening drops, and the
years in the 1930s. bottom won’t come till around 2015.
I base that forecast on a comparison of
the Uranus‐Pluto square of the 1930s and the
upcoming Uranus‐Pluto square, which is only now (4Q 2008) beginning to have its effect.

Two economic studies are of interest here: Fisher Investments and Martin Weiss’
Safe Money Report. Fisher predicts the economy will not sink into another great depression
while Weiss predicts the coming great depression is likely to be as bad as or worse than the
1930s. Both can be found online.
Both Fisher and Weiss buttress their opposed predictions with roughly the same
economic data. The main difference is that Weiss peers further into the future than Fisher.
Weiss says, in effect, that what can go wrong, will go wrong, and he sees a lot of economic
sectors poised to go wrong. By contrast, Fisher cites important differences between the 1930s
and now, indicating that economists have learned from the 1930s and will avoid past
The Weiss prediction correlates with those made by astrologers who specialize in the
stock market and overall economy, including my own forecasts. The history of hard angles
from Uranus tells us to “expect the unexpected.” The history of hard angles from Pluto tells us
we are moving into a time of tremendous change. The history of great depressions during
the 1800s suggests that solutions of the past are not likely to solve problems of the future.
Each new major economic crisis presents new problems, requiring new remedies.
Many economic forecasters today (as in the 1930s) believe in a kind of self‐fulfilling
prophecy effect. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith, in his classic The Great Crash: 1929
(Houghton Mifflin), captures the superstition of that time (page 94):
“In Wall Street, as elsewhere, there is deep faith in the power of incantation. When
the market fell many Wall Street citizens immediately sensed the real danger, which was
that the income and employment‐‐prosperity in general‐‐would be adversely affected. This
had to be prevented. Preventive incantation required that as many important people as
possible repeat as firmly as they could that it wouldn’t happen. This they did.”
Yet it happened anyway. Keeping a positive attitude is not to be confused with
wishful thinking. The modern economy is so vast and complex; it’s about as responsive to
incantation as the weather. Once a hurricane has built up momentum and is on its way,

there is nothing we humans can say to stop it. But there is plenty we can do to mitigate its
The Uranus‐Pluto square has a history of bringing massive changes in unexpected
ways. To cite just two examples:
1) The decade after Columbus ran aground in the Bahamas in 1492, the indigenous people
of the Americas were almost entirely decimated, while Europe and Asia were
transformed by huge imports of gold and silver. (Uranus in Aquarius, Pluto in
2) The 1760s in the American Colonies, following what Americans call the French and
Indian War, led into the American Revolution when governance was turned upside
down, ending rule by kings and launching rule by the ruled around the world.
(Uranus entering Aries, Pluto leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricorn.)

Past history suggests that what we face is not just another depression but a decade or
more of cultural and/or systemic change. Its basic assumptions and beliefs those are due to
change. Not only does our present economic system make the rich ridiculously richer and
the poor tragically poorer, a build‐up of environmental problems must be dealt with. Beliefs
now woven into our sense of reality will have to be ferreted out and jettisoned.
Some define this as “our planet imperiled.” But it’s not our planet that’s imperiled; it’s
our human species that’s in danger of fouling our Earthy nest to the point where we may
become extinct. Planet Earth will go whirling on through space with or without us.
This crisis we’re now entering is indicated by the unprecedented long duration of this
now‐forming Uranus‐Pluto square, in combination with dire economic and environmental
conditions. By the year 2020, I doubt that we will still be making comparisons to the 1930s.
The more apt comparison will be the early 1500s.
The good news is that the Obama Administration is poised to launch a massive public
works project to upgrade the USA’s crumbling infrastructure and deal with the weather‐
effects of climate change.
Unlike previous administrations, Obama has indicated he will enlist the active
participation of the American population. Rather than slumping into personal hopeless
depression, people would become busy doing what needs to be done. If Obama keeps his
word, it will promote a mood of cooperation and can‐do determination, so that instead of
being destroyed by fear and greed, we may prove equal to the tasks we face and create a new

The Great Depression
and Now
Robert Gover, USA.

omparing today’s economic travail
with the Great Depression brings
up the question of which
astrological patterns are the most potent:
aspects, signs, house placements or transit‐
For instance, a T‐square formed by
Saturn, Uranus and Pluto was extant as
the nation was sliding deeper into the
Great Depression in 1931. These same
planets will form another T‐square in the
summer of 2010.
However, the T‐square of 1931, when
Robert Gover (born November 2, 1929) viewed as transits to the USA’s natal
chart, hit the USA’s Cancer Sun, whereas
grew up in an endowed orphanage (Girard the upcoming T‐square by these three will
College in Philadelphia), received a B.A. in hit the USA’s natal Venus and Jupiter
Economics from the University of conjunction in Cancer, more than 10
Pittsburgh, worked as a journalist, became a degrees from the Sun.
best-selling novelist at age 30, lived most of In 2010, Saturn will be 2 Libra, 12
his life in California, and now lives in degrees from the USA’s Sun at 14 Cancer.
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. On the Run In 1931, T Saturn was 16 Capricorn within 2
with Dick and Jane is his ninth novel. His degrees of an opposition to the USA’s Sun.
previous book, Time and Money, explores But if we give more weight to Signs,
economic and planetary cyclical both the 1931 and 2010 T‐squares afflict the
correlations. His first novel, One Hundred USA’s cluster of planes in Cancer.
Dollar Misunderstanding, a satire on If preciseness of aspect trumps the
importance of Signs, then we conclude
American racism, remains a cult classic that
that the summer of 2010 will not be near
helped break down America's fear of four- the bottom of the present economic crisis.
letter words and sexually explicit scenes, as We will have to wait for 2014‐2015 for that,
well as sensitizing Americans to because that’s when the Uranus‐Pluto
sanctimonious hypocrisy. He can be square from Aries to Capricorn will most
contacted at or precisely afflict the USA’s Sun, more closely duplicating the affliction to the Sun
in 1931 and 1932.
But if we downgrade the importance
of transit‐to‐natal patterns, then the T‐
square of 2010 can be expected to bring as much pain and suffering as the one in 1931. And
some economist point to 1931 as the worst of the Great Depression. However,
there is no universal
agreement among
economists about this, as But if we put more weight on transit-to-natal, then

many economists calculate we can expect the bottom of our present economic
the bottom of the last great discontent to arrive no sooner than 2014, or more
depression differently.
likely 2015.
If we upgrade the
importance of transit‐to‐
natal orbs, then we can expect the bottom of the present economic downturn to arrive no
sooner than 2014. For that is when the square formed by transiting Uranus and Pluto will
most tightly impact the USA’s Sun in Cancer, being simultaneously opposite the USA’s
Saturn in Libra.
When I was first learning the basics of astrology, my instructor asked the class to
keep a Moon and Mercury diary. Moon and Mercury are the swiftest moving of the planets
and thus have more noticeable day‐to‐day effects. What I learned from keeping this diary is
that it was when my Sun, Mars and Moon in Scorpio were most accurately hit by major
aspect transits (trines, squares, conjunctions, oppositions) that the effects in my life were
most dramatic.
When dealing with such major cycles as depressions and/or great depressions, the
focus is on the outermost planets. If we put more weight on such patterns as the T‐square
formed by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, and discount how they aspect the USA’s Cancer
planets, then we can expect the summer of 2010 to roughly correspond to the autumn of 1931.
But if we put more weight on transit‐to‐natal, then we can expect the bottom of our
present economic discontent to arrive no sooner than 2014, or more likely 2015.
I use the natal chart for the USA that has Gemini Rising. That loads the 2nd house of
money with Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. Most American astrologers use the Sibley
chart, which has Sagittarius rising, and loads the 8th house of inheritances.
The question of which celestial patterns to emphasize is further complicated by the
fact that in the 1930s, the economy appeared to recover by 1935, only to take another nosedive
thereafter and not begin a sustained recovery till the “stimulus” of spending on World War
II in 1939. President Franklin Roosevelt had pushed though domestic spending programs
which appeared to lift the economy by 1935 but thereafter Roosevelt was persuaded by
conservatives to back off socially beneficial programs.
Was it really the stimulus of WWII that lifted the economy? Would the economy
have recovered sooner if FDR’s public works program had been larger and longer? Spending
for WWII dwarfed FDR’s public works spending, suggesting a more forthright domestic
spending program would have lifted the US out of the great depression before WWII.
This is an important question as we move into the future. Our economy has become
dependent on the military‐industrial complex—spending on
“defense” as a way to keep money flowing. But spending for wars
comes at the expense of spending for domestic programs, and the
production of goods and services that create things of lasting
wealth. Most of what is produced for the M‐I complex is destroyed
in wars or becomes obsolete. Defense spending expands money
wealth but constricts real wealth, the goods and serves usually
measured by money.

This dilemma goes to the heart of the question: What’s the economy for—the further
enrichment of the rich or the wellbeing of all? Nothing enriches the rich more than
spending on wars. When government feels threatened by enemies, it spends “whatever it
takes.” Spending to upgrade the general population is not favored by the rich elite and their
minions, who would much, prefer a distressed population anxious to work cheap.
President Obama is up against the same dilemma that FDR faced eight decades ago.
Big corporations thrive on cheap labor, and depressions drive down wages. Conservatives—
those seeking to conserve the kind of economic system that most profits them—can be
expected to resist Obama’s domestic stimulus and boost his bailout for banks now, and for
subsequent military spending at the expense of social programs.
Progressives, by contrast, favor uplifting the lower and middle working class. They
are pushing for more domestic spending to stimulate the economy.
Partisanship takes us to the influence of Signs. In the 1930s, Pluto was in Cancer; it
will be opposite Cancer in Capricorn in 2010. Saturn was in Capricorn in 1931; it will be in
Libra in 2010. Uranus was in Aries then; it will be in late Pisces moving into Aries by 2010.
The Signs have a qualifying effect on the energies of the planets. Aries, Cancer, Libra
and Capricorn are the Cardinal Signs, described as “making things happen.” It’s when the
outermost planets have been in Cardinal Signs that turning‐point events have happened in
economic history.
Uranus in Neptunian Pisces is definitely less assertive than Uranus in Mars‐rule
Aries, where it is more head‐strong, innovative, revolutionary and reckless.
People born with Pluto in Cancer (1914 to 1939) put more emphasis on home and
family, while people born with Pluto in Capricorn (the American Revolution generation) are
more goal‐oriented, hard‐working and persistent.
Saturn in Capricorn, where it was in the 1930s, is viewed as more ambitious and goal‐
oriented than it is in Libra, where the vibe is more conciliatory, seeking consensus. That, at
least, is the conventional textbook interpretation.
But seeking consensus has not been the prevailing mood for previous visits of Saturn
in Libra: Civil War 1860s, the flourishing of the Ku Klux Klan and Prohibition in the 1920s.
In the 1950s, the first H‐bomb was detonated and the Korean War was underway.
As for Uranus in mid‐Aries, in the 1840s we had a great depression, war with Mexico,
and the California Gold Rush.
Pluto last transited Capricorn during the years leading up to and into the American
Revolution. The time before that, the early 1500s, was when Spanish conquistadors fanned
out through the Caribbean and Central America, spreading diseases Native Americans had
no immunity to. Both periods revolutionized whole cultures.
Given this history, I don’t put much weight on Libra’s qualifications of Saturn’s
effects, but I do put lots of weight on Uranus’ sojourn through Aries and Pluto’s though
Capricorn. That’s why I see the coming extra‐long Uranus‐Pluto square aspect as potentially
awesome. It effectively began in 2008 and will last till 2018, although it moves in and out of
7‐degree orb during this period.
I put the most weight on major aspects, especially transit‐to‐natal aspects. For history
suggests these have manifested the most dramatic turning‐point events, the effects of which
are with us today.

The first two biwheel charts show T‐squares formed by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in
1932 and 2010.

The T‐square in 1932 coincided with what some economists cite as the bottom of that
great depression, although it lasted another decade. Note that in 1932 the T‐square hit the
USA’s natal Sun‐Saturn square.
It’s possible that the upcoming T‐square in 2010 will be perceived as another low
point, but it does not form a grand cross with the USA’s Sun‐Saturn square. Although it
does hit the USA’s Venus‐Jupiter pair in Cancer, it’s more likely that the economic low
won’t come till 2014‐2015 when the Uranus‐Pluto square forms a grand cross pattern with the
USA’s Sun‐Saturn square.

Chart #3 shows the Federal Reserve’s natal on the inner wheel under the transits for
the summer of 2010. At this time a grand cross pattern formed by transiting Pluto, Uranus
and Saturn, with backup by Jupiter and Mars, indicates the Fed will become a major issue.
With Pluto conjunct the Fed’s Sun (opposite its natal Pluto) this could be the beginning of
the end for the USA’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, and its debt‐based money system.

The Power Of
Image In Astrology
Grazia Mirti, Italy.

"With his sight, man contemplates the
harmony around him, to then realize it in
his soul" Plato, Timaeus, 47d

According to Marsilius Ficino the 5 senses
are the channels through which man, the
Microcosm, is connected to the world, the
Macrocosm. In Ernst Gombrich's History
of Art (1) it is clearly stated that what ones
thinks of an image depends on what one
thinks of reality. In antiquity, in Medieval
and Renaissance times up to the Baroque,

Grazia Mirti, Piamontese and Sagittaire in the Aristotelian tradition images were
considered as descriptive, while in Platonic
with Moon in Ascendent, Teacher, working and Neo‐platonic culture they were
full time with Astrology the love of her life. considered revelatory, or even magical.
Reality could be imitated by an image or a
Working in AMICA since 1982, Sirio Il
thought could be visibly expressed. It
Gran Pescatore di Chiaravalle.Director of could precisely describe an event in all its
LINGUAGGIO ASTRALE, magazine from detail, represent a concept or idea, and
CIDA (Centro Italiano di Astrologia)from even illustrate a motto, making an
1985 to 2001 and SESTILE from 1992 to exhortation or advice more convincing and
2004. Today in ‘La Chioma di Berenice’, effective.
Astrology Magazine under direction of
Elisabetta Mirti. Lectures and workshops in Others have thought that the image not
Italy and other countries, in 2005 in only describes but expresses something
representation of Italian Astrologers in more? this happens when, after having
Paris, Bilbao, Chicago and York. In 2008 in seen an image, we reflect on it, meditate
Mondial Cogress in Denver (Colorado) she on it and contemplate it ourselves. For this
published in German in the Chiron Verlag. reason images are strong, powerful and
magical (2). Astrology thrives on symbolic
She has one of the most important collection
images, images born out of and derived
of Astrology books in Italian language. from thousands of years of decoding the
stars, of lives spent contemplating the
heavens ? we can all bring to mind images

of beautiful zodiacs from all epochs, sculptured or painted, noble, refined,
simple, illuminated, sophisticated or not, representations of the heavens and the infinite
treasures they contain.

Marsilius Ficino, in a letter to Lorenzo de'Medici the Younger, writes: "Celestial bodies are
not to be sought outside ourselves: the heavens, in fact, are within us, and we have within us
the vigor of Fire, the celestial origins"(3).

When we observe our beloved stellar images we
rediscover within ourselves treasures that have
been hidden away for centuries and millenniums.
We connect to archetypes, we live in symbiosis
with the strength of these images, which makes up
our world of researchers, coloring and illuminating
it, through the solace of a strength that surpasses
the centuries and
millenniums. Each one of us filters these images
through our own cultural and astrological
inheritance, attributing many meanings to them,
sometimes one differing from the other.

A particularly effective example can be seen in an
astrological game called the Triumph of Fortune (4)
played in the Italian Courts of the 16th century. The
original edition can be found, as can most
astrological treasures, in the Vatican City library
(5). It contains a global synthesis of astrological
knowledge, the like of which I have never previously seen. The author, Sigismondo Fanti,
originally from Ferrara, dedicated time, talent and thought to this work, devising and
designing it himself. Not many know of it and examining it together would constitute a
communing astrological rite, capable of expressing the universal fascination and strength of
images in Astrology. This international meeting is a moment in
which images go beyond words and speak a language that everyone can understand, without
translations or comments!

The Triumph of Fortune is part of a graphic literary genre to which the so called 'Fortune'
and 'Venture' books belong. The Triumph of Fortune was printed in 1527 in Venice, and
stands out among other similar works (Libro della Ventura [the Venture Book] by Lorenzo
Spirito, 1482, and Le ingeniose Sorti [The Ingenious Fortunes] by Francesco Marcolini of
Forli, 1557), in that it has quite specific characteristics. Few copies of it are known as the
Church banned it and so they were destroyed. The language used by Sigismondo is very
complex and requires decoding by an expert paleographer. This work, carried out on it by
the Italian, Francesco Ciconte, (who I personally engaged for the task) was undertaken with
the aim of better understanding the spirit of this astrological work in its entire entirety.

At the beginning we find a dedication to Pope Clement VII, the illegitimate son of Giuliano
de'Medici, born in 1477. He was nominated cardinal in 1513, later tied to Bologna, and became

Pope in 1523. There were a number of important events during his Pontificate: the sacking of
Rome, the break away from the Catholic Church by Henry VIII, the marriage of Catherine
de'Medici to the son of Francis I in Marseillies. The Triumph of fortune was dedicated to
him just 7 years before his death. After the usual compliments the author writes to the Pope:
"I, Sigismondo Fante, ever faithful lover of the doctrines of the Quadrivium (the highest
level of university studies, which also included Astrology), and unworthy mathematician,
?do not restrain myself from consulting the entire body of the mathematical sciences and
infinite authors, both modern and ancient: man is in fact guided by the 12 Fortunes
of the world, associated with the 12 different winds and even guided by the 12 families of
beautiful and victorious Italy, by the terrestrial, aquatic and airborne animals, by the 4
elements, together with all the images of the firmament and our wandering stars; also two
great luminaries guide him, the Moon and the Sun. All the world's famous men up to now
are grouped altogether in the sentences of 72 astrologers or sybils".

The author conceived and realized his masterpiece with the aim of being able to interrupt his
exile and return to his natal city, Ferrara, but unfortunately was unsuccessful in this.
Each one of the plates is carefully decorated with historical subjects, famous people, wars
and events, as in an encyclopedia or popular almanac, and offers us a synthesis of all then
known astrology, from antiquity to the 16th century.

There were two different ways of playing the Triumph of Fortune, either by using a clock or
dice. The first move consisted of choosing one of the 72 questions proposed by the game.
Here lies the subtle difference between this game and others similar. Sigismondo Fanti
proposed not only futile and personal questions, but also more general interest and
sometimes philosophical questions. Here are a few examples:
1. When should one start a war?
2. Can a fortress be conquered?
3. Can faith be interrupted?
4. Who will win the duel?
5. Is the horse a good buy?
6. Should one change master?
7. Will the servant be grateful to his master?
8. Will the servant rebel?
9. Where will the war take place?
17. Whether one wishes to be loved by the beloved ?
19. Whether the lover should suffer for the beloved
20. Whether there will be famine or plenty this year
21. How many women will a man keep company with
22. What is the meaning of a certain eclipse or the appearance of a comet
23. Whether it is the case to take a beautiful or quite ugly woman
25. How many husbands with a woman have
26. Whether a man will have children
33. Whether the woman is pregnant or not

As you can see, the questions can be of personal interest or general. Each question indicates
which of the 12 Fortunes one needs to go to and to which letter one needs to refer. Once the
Fortune has been found one follows the instructions and goes to the corresponding noble
family. As the author notes, the Family has already been chosen on the basis of the question

asked, and takes into account the history of the latest generations. If the question concerns
love affairs, the family chosen would be the one about which there is much gossip and
amorous goings‐on ? such as with today's Princes of Monaco or the British Royal family.
Nothing is left to chance. In general it refers to the best known Italian families of the time:
Aragona, Colonna, Gonzaga, Este, Bentivoglio, Gritti.

At this point one decides whether to continue the game by
throwing the dice or using the time in which the question was
asked. In this case we have a clear application of Horary
Astrology. As can be seen in the upper part of the picture, the
circle is surrounded by dice and in the lower part by 21 hours.
The hours between 21 and 24 are repeated in nos. 1,2,3,
according to the indications given by the author, who perhaps
had some difficulty in graphically placing the 24 sections of
the circle inside the drawing, and above all in inserting the
writing into them.

The Wheel one needs to refer to is indicated by the family asked, then followed by the use
of the dice or time. The Wheel contains Animals, the Deadly Sins, the Arts (Grammar,
Rhetoric, Dialectics, Arithmetic, Music, Geometry, Astrology), the Theological Virtues,
Heaven and Fortune.

The next passage takes into consideration the Celestial Spheres, including the traditional
planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. The 12 zodiac signs and
some constellations follow ‐ Ursa Major, Bootes, Hercules, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Perseus,
Serpens, Auriga, Eridanus, Argo Navis and Centaurus ‐ and finally, the 4 elements: Air,
Water, Earth and Fire, which are rare found represented graphically.

Following the course indicated by going from one stage to another one arrives at the answer,
which is shown in the Atlas of the Astrologer Prince, a collection a 72 decorated plates, each
one containing 11 zodiac drawings in boxes with a number of answers in verses of rhymed

It is interesting to note the names of some of the astrologers cited: Albumassar, Al Kindi,
Ptolemy, Firmicus Maternus, the most famous sybils and Picatrix. The answers are often
ironic or unexpected.

The Triumph of Fortune contains several examples. If we choose to answer question n?1 (if
it is time for war), following the course indicated we would get the answer: Avoid cruel and
troublesome war in which you will be defeated, as the god Mars is happy with your
adversary and he wants to imprison you, making you bow your head.

If we want to know which faith ‐ Christian, Jewish or Muslim ‐ is best, we refer to the
corresponding question and after having checked the Fortune, Family and the Wheel of
Faith, finally the sybil Samia will say: That blind Jew of enlightened blood who has made
limbo clean, clearly shows that there is no faith in this ungrateful world that can stand up to

To the woman who asks how many husbands she will have, the final answer is two.
This is not an easy game to play as Sigismondo also made some mistakes that often create
difficulties for the players. In fact, at the end of his work there is a substantial list of errata.
On the other hand, it is very interesting to note the final comments distinguishing his work,
signed by a curious character ‐ Mercurio Vannullo Romano ‐ who is certainly a friend of the
author, if not the author himself, and that serve to praise the work without reservation. In
singing the author's praises he points out that he has written works in the fields of algebra
and geometry. With regards to the use of the time for choosing the solution to the question
he observes: "Celestial influences permit and consent that a certain question be resolved
more rapidly at one time rather than another". This statement fits in very well with the
principles of magical Astrology and the Planetary Hours. Further on he notes that
Sigismondo Fanti, in contrast to traditional theories, says that Mars and Venus are well
placed in the Sixth House, which he considers 'a sign of great and higher knowledge and
speculation'. The second note refers to the 72 pages containing the answers to the questions
given. The astrological figures, notes the commentator, are calculated only on the hour,
ignoring degrees and submultiples, but are complete with Ascendants, Domiciles, Houses
and all the planets. But this, in his opinion, this does not prevent the results from being
highly satisfactory. The answers have been carefully studied. When speaking about Military
Arts, for example, Natural, Artificial and Astrological teachings are taken into account.
Here is an interpretation regarding this, attributed to Haly Halbenragel (a clear
transposition of a famous Arab astrologer): "If the Ascendant is Cancer, it is a bad sign for
those starting a war as this is a very fickle sign; the Moon then, which is lower than all the
other celestial bodies, is Lady of the Ascendant and there will be many changes and
difficulties?". According to the commentator, those who are not able to carry out astrological
calculations can use the game to get valid answers. The commentary regarding the author
finishes in a eulogistic style worthy of saint: Ferrara rejoice, as your reputation, thanks to
your Fanti, rises higher and higher? The architects call him the new Vitruvius in Astrology
he is so expert that he is regarded as equal to Alchindo the teacher of Vitruvius and Ptolemy.

(1) Gombrich E., La Storia dell'Arte raccontata, Leonardo, Mondadori ed., 1995
(2) Tarrabochia Canavero Alessandra, Vorrei parlarti del cielo stellato, Simonelli ed., Milan
1999, p65.
(3) Ficino Marsilio, Scritti sull'Astrologia, edited by Ornella Pompeo Faracovi, BUR classici,
Milano 1999.
(4) Sigimondo Fanti, TRIOMPHO DI FORTUNA, ed. Aldine, Modena, 1983.
(5) The original can be found in the Vatican Apostolic Library (Col. Cicognara, VII, 1645).

*Transcript of the conference held on the island of Mykonos, Saturday 10 June 2000, during
the 1st International Congress of the Astrological Federation of Southern Europe (F.A.E.S.).

Aphorisms from the Secretum Secretorum

(1) Venus should be asked for harmonization of the souls,
expansion of enjoyment, rejection of preoccupation, influx of
desires, nobility of lineage, extinguishing of fire and
domestication of animals.

(2) The Scribe should be asked for manifestation of the hidden,
study of mysteries, unfastening of the tongue, circulation of
wealth, defamation and transmission of slanders.

(3) Abundance of smoke, untarnished animosity, observance of
feast, intensity in invocations, procure as possible; election of
the correspondences and minutia in the petition: those are the
milestones of talismans.

(4) If the objective is in the nature of the ruler the acquisition
will be easier, and vice versa.

(5) Signs can degenerate the actions of the celestial bodies and
neutralize their positions, but they can also improve them.

(6) If the ascendant sign is not from the same nature of the
request or the requester, the invocation would be meaningless
and; the requester bewares!

(7) The talismans of fixed stars last longer than those of the

Declinations –
Lorin Cerina, Croatia

Bezbroj puta su vođene rasprave što je
natalna karta i koje podatke nam ona
donosi. Ukoliko krenemo od pretpostavke
da je natalna karta ujedno i DNA model
osobe, što predstavlja jedinstvenu
kombinaciju deoksiribonukleinskih
kiselina ili na engleskom Deoxyribonucleic
acid zbog kojeg sam i izabrala naslov pod
tom skraćenicom, onda možemo zaključiti
kako planete sa svojim položajima u
zodijaku, kućama, aspektima, vladarstvima
kao i planetima koje su OOB ili van
granica, predstavljaju ukupni ustroj neke
osobe, dakle fizički izgled, koji je temeljen
na kemijskim mehanizmima koji osobu
pokreću i čine onim što ona jeste.

Lorin Cerina (born April 20, 1966, Split, Tradicionalno je astrologija pokušala
pripisati planetima kemijska svojstva te
Croatia, Europe), ­­­with 22 years of svakom zodijačkom znaku pripisala
western astrological experience, mainly pripadnost nekog elementa od kalijevog
focused on Cosmobiology and Declinations, fosfata preko kalcijevog sulfata, natrijevog
writes for web portals and magazines, has klorida, pokušavajući pronaći koji element
own practice, now learning Jyotish, in an nedostaje te njegovim unosom popraviti
attempt to help people get better zdravlje. Promatrajući kako je lista
perspective on astrology and its value. She sastavljena možemo primijetiti da je
has been a dedicated supporter of svakom znaku dopao par kemijskih
Saptarishis Astrology since a long time. As elemenata.
Croatia is small country, in deep need of
DNA također funkcionira u paru i nizu,
quality astrological knowledge, her work is
ponavljajući određene modele tijekom
focused on propagating Western, Jyotish
izgradnje. No, ono što je važno
and Chinese astrology. napomenuti ta izgradnja ili sparivanje se događa uz prisustvo kemijskih reakcija
koje potom proizvode i
elektromagnetizam. Tako i u mozgu
svakog čovjeka leži neka kemijska tvornica
koja daje naputke – ali tu je zapravo i
daljnje pitanje – kako i zašto su određene
naredbe definirane.
Ukoliko nastavimo s pretpostavkom da je slika natalne karte, ujedno i slika kemijskog
karaktera neke osobe, primjećujemo kako osobe s OOB planetima imaju povišenu energiju.
To su ljudi koji od malog postižu mnogo, koji imaju visoke ciljeve i uspijevaju ih dostići,
poput prosjaka koji postaju bogataši, gdje u cijeloj priči ne postoje čarobni žapci ili zlatne
ribice – nego samo jaka energija. Dakle radi se o osobama visoke energije i jakih poriva.

Tu dolazimo do riječi poriv. Poriv, želja, opsjednutost, fiksiranost na određeni cilj – sve ove
riječi su međusobno povezane s energijom koja je potrebna da bi se nešto i postiglo. S druge
strane kao što nam je svima poznato cilj ili uspjeh mogu biti definirani u pozitivnom ili
negativnom smjeru. Dakle, OOB planete ne moraju nužno ukazivati na smjer kretanja
poriva, cilja, želje ili energije, da li će se odvijati u pozitivnom ili negativnom smjeru nego
samo energiju. Stoga i primjećujemo da osobe s OOB planetima možemo naći i među onim
koji nose Nobelovu nagradu ali i onima koji u bolnici pokušavaju razriješiti svoje mentalne
konflikte. Ovdje shvaćamo kako energija OOB planete može postati nekontrolirana.
Govorimo o sindromu genija na rubu ludila kao i luđaka na rubu genijalnosti.

Razmišljajući o ovoj situaciji nekontroliranosti možemo dati jednostavnu usporedbu. Osobe
s planetima koje su van granica su poput nuklearnih centrala. Kada je sve po protokolu – te
nuklearne centrale funkcioniraju dobro, te uz maleni trošak daju mnogo energije. Međutim,
krene li nešto po zlu, znamo koje su posljedice – razaranje i uništenje svega u okolici pa i
trajne posljedice.

Povijesni Pregled

Povijesno istraživanje tekstova o deklinacijama se proteže od neke 100 godine naše ere do
današnjih dana, te zapisi postoje u fragmentima kod raznih autora. Podaci koje ću ovdje
iznijeti su možda i nepotpuni jer daljnja istraživanja traju.

Razvoj shvaćanja i upotrebe deklinacija bi mogli generalno podijeliti na tri perioda:

A. Rani Period (100‐1800)
B. Srednji Period (1800‐1980)
C. Tekući Period (1980 do danas)

A. Rani Period (100‐1800)

Prvi kojeg ćemo spomenuti je PTOLOMEJ (100 – 178), koji u svom TETRABIBLOSU, se
referira na deklinacije prilikom računanja primarnih direkcija. Iako se još riječ ANTISCIA
ne koristi u Tetrabiblosu, Ptolomejevo spominjanje znakova kao onih koji vladaju, naređuju i
slušaju se usko povezuju s principima anstiscije. O tome piše i FIRMACUS MATERNUS
(280‐360) koji ukazuje i pripisuje Ptolomeju pojam antiscije u Ptolomejevom djelu Mathetis.

ANTIOHIJE iz Atene (2 stoljeće) spominje zodijak koji vidi i čuje jedan drugoga, nešto
poput antiscije, a direktna referenca se nalazi u opisu planeta i Sunca po deklinacijama.

PAULUS ALEXANDRINUS (4 stoljeće) također spominje znake koji slušaju i
zapovijedaju, te one znake koji čuju i vide jedni druge – ponovo ukazuje na pojam antiscije.

JEAN BAPTISTE MORIN (1583 – 1656) je primijenio antisciju po deklinaciji a onda
napustio većinu primjene primarnih direkcija po Ptolomeju, prihvaćajući Regimontanusuvu
smjernicu po kojoj je ekliptika imala veće značenje i snagu od ekvatora (Astrologia Gallica,
knjiga 22: Direkcije).

WILLIAM LILLY (1602‐1681) je izgleda direktno primjenjivao paralele po deklinaciji, tako
da u CHRISTIAN ASTROLOGY piše: Deklinacija planete jest njena udaljenost od
ekvatora i kako se kreće otuda bio prema sjeveru ili jugu tako se i njena deklinacija bilježi kao
sjeverna ili južna.

Nadalje Lilly piše o znacima: Znaci Antiscije su oni koji su iste vrline i koji su jednako
udaljeni od prvog stupnja dva tropska znaka, Raka, Jarca i na kojim stupnjevima, kada se
tamo Sunce nalazi, dan i noć imaju jednaku dužinu. I kako su tamo Antiscije, te kada su
tamo dobre planete, smatramo to jednakim sekstilu ili trigonu, tako postoje i kontra‐antiscije
za koje nalazimo prirodu kvadrata ili opozicije, i da bi znali gdje je, ne treba ništa više nego
pogledati znak i stupanj Antiscije, jer u suprotnom znaku i stupnju se nalazi kontra‐antiscija.
Time se prvi put jasno iskazuje koncept kontra‐antiscije.

B. Srednji Period (1800‐1980)

Do 1880‐tih godina paralele u deklinacijama su bile prihvaćene u praksi – barem do nekog

ROBER CROSS (6‐ti Raphael), je u svom djelu PRIVATE INSTRUCTIONS IN
GENETICAL ASTROLOGY, 1881 g., tvrdio kako nije pronašao da paralele pri rođenju
imaju bilo kakav odlučujući utjecaj, ali ih je koristio kod sinastrija i progresija.

A.J. PEARCE je istaknuo važnost paralela za mundane i klimatske događaje (TEXT BOOK
OF ASTROLOGY, 1890 g.).

W. J. SIMMONITE je napisao da je paralela od veće važnosti nego bilo koji drugi aspekt i
mnogo jača od konjukcije (THE ARCANA OF ASTROLOGY, 1892 g.).

C.E.O. CARTER je imenovao konjunkciju zajedno s paralelom “roditeljem svih aspekata”,

C.C. ZAIN opisuje početni ciklus svih tijela prelaskom 0° deklinacije krećući se sjeverno dok
se kretanje prema jugu nije uzimalo u obzir za južnu hemisferu (MUNDANE
ASTROLOGY, 1935 g.).

Sve do ovog momenta nije bilo razlike između paralela na obje ili na južnoj ili sjevernoj
hemisferi, niti ju je itko spominjao.

A.J. PEARCE je definirao paralele kao jednaku udaljenost od ekvatora ili imajući istu
deklinaciju, bilo da su istog ili suprotnog smjera. Također su i Raphael (1881), Sepharial
(1898), Alan Leo (1908), George Llewellyn (1910) bili istog mišljenja dok je de Vore, oko 1947
godine, definirao paralele mjerene u stupnjevima južne ili sjeverne deklinacije bez spomena
kontra‐paralele. Cijeli niz autora se referira na isti način (Bonnie J. Amstrong, Barbara
Watters, Al H. Morrison i drugi), sve dok ROGER HUTCHEON nije napisao:
Tradicionalni astrolozi su stoljećima koristili dva aspekta u deklinaciji i to paralelu i kontra‐

Tek 1959 godine, R.C. FIREBRACHE piše o tome kako mnogi
astrolozi smatraju da ukoliko su dva tijela iste ili gotovo iste
udaljenosti od ekvatora, jedno sjeverno a drugo južno, da su to
također paralele.

CHARLES A. JAYNE je ispravno zaključio da neke paralele
djeluju kao opozicije a neke kako konjunkcije te ove prve prvi put
ispravno i jasno nazvao kontra‐paralelama, i taj izraz ujedno i
nalazimo prvi put u tisku 1958 godine.

ALFRED WITTE je oko 1915 godine, koristeći djela Guida Bonatija razvio sustav središnjih
točaka. Sam sustav je nazvao PLANETARNIM SLIKAMA. Osim planeta uključio je i
REINHOLD EBERTIN (1887‐1974) je razvio sustav poznat pod nazivom
KOZMOBIOLOGIJA, i utro put promjenama koje su slijedile tijekom 1940 i 1950‐tih godina.
Kroz rad Ebertina i Jaynea, mnogo više se davalo pažnje deklinacijama, koristeći pri tom
tradicionalnu primjenu, razvili su tri različite tehnike:

­ progresivni deklinacijski grafikon
­ midpointi deklinacija
­ ekvivalenti longituda.

Sredinom 1970 godina javlja se još jedna tehnika koja naglašava važnost planeta van granica,
čiji je začetnik Kt BOEHRER (Kate Bear). Ona je ujedno i formirala naziv Out – of –

C. Tekući Period (1980 do danas)

Od tog vremena tijekom 1980 – tih godina, mnogi astrolozi neovisno istražuju deklinacije,
njihovo djelovanje i primjenu.

CHARLES & LOUIS HANNAN ukazuju na važnost Solsticija i Ekvinocija u
deklinacijama te ih nazivaju TOČKAMA SNAGE – Power points. Iako su podučavali o
točkama snage i planetima van granica uglavnom su se bavili mundanim utjecajima. Nakon
toga su proučavali kardinalne točke i teške aspekte u 8 (osmom) i 16 (šesnaestom)

harmoniku, potom longitudu preračunali u deklinaciju, te su pronašli kako planete u natalnoj
karti, progresijama, tranzitima i deklinacijski midpointi koji padnu na 0°i 23° 26` 08˝ donose
dodatnu snagu i da midpoint između dva tijela u longitudi (16°20´N/S) ima srednju snagu.

JOHN WILLNER, koji se deklinacijama bavio nekih 50 godina je u svojoj knjizi THE
POWERFULL PARALLELS, 1997 g., jasno definirao razlike između sjevernih i južnih
paralela kao i razliku između paralela i kontra‐paralela.

PAUL F. NEWMAN, 1999 godine prezentira originalna simbolička značenja za svaki
pojedini stupanj deklinacije – nešto poput Sabijanskih simbola, ali s potpuno drukčijim
značenjem i kontekstom, te je kroz druge radove pojasnio razlike između sjevernih i južnih

LEIGH WESTIN je iste godine, 1999, predočio podatke o Venere koja je OOB u
Biku/Škorpionu i Marsu OOB u Lavu/Vodenjaku. Ovaj rad ima svoju važnost i težinu jer
Westin uspostavlja vezu između deklinacija i magnetskih zemljinih polova.

Kt BOEHRER (Kate Bear), (1923‐2004), se intenzivno bavila proučavanjem deklinacija i bila
poznata u svijetu kao “Declination Lady”, zbog knjige koju je izdala 1994 Deklinacije: Druga
Dimenzija. Štoviše, razvila je novi sustav prikaza deklinacijske karte te dala tablicu
konverzije koja nam olakšava pronalazak pozicija u relacijama deklinacije – zodijački


1. Tradicionalna Primjena
Obuhvaća kartu s pozicijama u longitudama te listu s
deklinacijama (Sefarial, Simmonite, Pearce, Leo, De Luce,
Robson, Hone, Jacobson, Mayo i Zain). Preporučena je orbita
od 1°.

Jedan od pristupa ovoj problematici je bilo ucrtavanje
sinusoidne karte unutar tradicionalne (Magi Society).

Bonnie Amstrong je upotrijebila jednostavan način prikaza deklinacija ispod karte tako da bi
nacrtala tri linije od kojih je svaka na početku bila numerirana s 23°27´N, u sredini s 0 a na
kraju s 23°27´S, te je jedna linija predstavljala natalne, druga progresivne a treća tranzitne
položaje planeta izražene u deklinacijama.

2. Progresirani Deklinacijski Grafikon

Reinhold Ebertin je u knjizi Astrological Healing (1989), oformio
grafikon koji je nazvao Life Diagram (životni Dijagram) te ga ucrtao na
45° koristeći progresirane deklinacije.

S jedne strane su postavljeni natalni položaji te se promatralo kretanje
progresivnih planeta preko tih natalnih linija, što je moglo dati uvid u
zdravstvenu sliku, bilo fizičku bilo psihičku.

Ebertin je učestalo koristio ovaj deklinacijski graf kada je bilo potrebno
odrediti vrijeme liječenja ili operacije.

Tako su astrolozi njemačke Hamburške škole bili izvor znanja američkim (Hans Niggeman,
Otto Wilhem, Richard Svehla, Ebertin).

3. Midpoints Na Deklinacijama

Ebertin je prezentirao polu kružnicu koja je imala +/‐ 30°
predstavljajući tako prostor za ucrtavanje deklinacija.

4. Longitudinalni Ekvivalent

Ovom tehnikom se longitudinalni ekvivalent deklinacija preračunava u longitudu.

0x 0c 0v 0b 0n 0 m  30m 
Radi se o povratku s deklinacija na longitudu, a ovo
područje je definirala i osmislila Kt Boehrer izrađujući
karte koje su danas već trebale biti sastavni dio
Halloranovog softwarea.

30  0 0 0 0 0 0

5. Out Of Bounds

Koristeći eliptičnu kartu za ucrtavanje položaja planeta uočeno je da većina planeta stane
unutar karte koja izgleda poput oka. Jedan dio njih povremeno izlazi van karte ili se nalazi
van granica karte tako da je Kt Boehrer i oformila ovaj izraz – planeta van granica. Pored
ovog je preračunala deklinacijske veličine u longitudinalne ekvivalente te dala tablice

30°00' Ephemeris for  Transits 16 Mar 2006 ­  Even t Chart,  16  Mar 2006, 14:13:2 5, CET ­ 1:00 
Geo centric Tra nsits (Decl.): 1 Jan 2000 to 3 1 De c 2000 
Jan  Feb  Mar  Ap r  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Se p  Oct  Nov  D ec 




N (+) 

­ 1 0° 
­ 2 0° 
S (­)
­ 3 0° 

Sunčevo kretanje – deklinacije

Većina planeta se kreće unutar ovog raspona, međutim uvijek postoje periodi kada određene
planete pređu ovu granicu. Tada planete izlaze van granica (OOB – Out‐Of‐Bounds) ili
iznad | ispod Ekliptike po deklinaciji.
Planete koje idu OOB su:
Mjesec – gotovo do 29° svakih 18,6 godina, kada je sjeverni čvor u blizini 0° Ovna (Major
Lunar Standstill)
Merkur – 27°
Venera – 28°
Mars – 27° – s time da je 1907 godine bio 28°54´ S
Uran i Pluton s dužim vremenskim periodima (mjeseci)
Jupiter povremeno – vrlo kratko
Saturn i Neptun – NIKADA.

Promatrajući sustav astroloških znakova dakle počevši od Ovna ka Ribama, sustav
deklinacija je podijeljen na dva dijela, kao što smo prije napomenuli, na sjeverne (+) i južne (‐
). Sjeverni obuhvaćaju područja od 0°Ovna do 0° Vage (Ovan, Bik, Blizanci, Rak, Lav i
Djevica), a južni od 0° Vage do 0° Ovna (Vaga, Škorpion, Strijelac, Jarac, Vodenjak i Ribe).
Promatrajući područje koje odgovara deklinacijski maksimum (N) on je na 0° Raka i
minimum na 0° Jarca (S). U ovom momentu smo se dotaknuli još jedne poznate astrološke
vrijednosti – Solsticij i Ekvinocij. Zajedno s 15° fiksnih znakova ove tri vrijednosti tvore –
deklinacijske točke snage, te ovo područje možemo definirati kao:
a) Ovan – Vaga odgovara 0° deklinacije
b) Rak – Jarac odgovara 23°27´ sjeverne i južne
c) 15° fiksnih znakova odgovara 16°20´5˝ sjeverne i južne

Možemo zaključiti da promatranjem deklinacija dobivamo još neke informacije koje su bitne
bilo za natalnu kartu, bilo za predikcije ili mundane događaje. Pomoću deklinacija vidimo:

‐ da li je neki planet OOB (Van granica)
‐ da li su prisutne paralele
‐ da li su prisutne kontraparalele.
Imajmo na umu da Sunce nikada nije van granica. Isto vrijedi i za Saturn i Neptun u ova
naša moderna vremena. Zapravo, ukoliko je planet položen u Blizancima, Raku, Strijelcu ili
Jarcu – taj planet može biti van granica. S mjesecom je druga priča. Mjesec ima svoj ciklus u
kojem ide OOB po nekoliko dana svaka dva tjedna u periodu od deset godina a nakon toga
ne ide OOB slijedećih devet godina. Ciklus je predvidljiv. Ponovo, Pluton čini iznimku zbog
svojih ekstremnih orbitalnih promjena.

Ova granica od 23°27´ ili oblikvitet ekliptike, nije konstanta, nego vremenom varira. Npr.
Zimski solsticij 1999 godine iznosio je 23°26´15˝, zima 2001 iznosio je 23°26´20˝, zimski
solsticij 2004 iznosio je 23°26´27˝, a 2010 godine iznositi će 23°26´17˝, tako da varira od
21°59´‐ 24°36´u vremenskom rasponu od 40 000 godina.

Osobine Oob Planeta

Promatrajući planete van granica, možemo reći za osobe koje imaju OOB, da su njihovi
životi često ispunjeni mnoštvom aktivnosti i događanja – više nego jedan prosječan ljudski
Planete van granica su od velike važnosti i imaju snažan utjecaj na ljudski karakter, donose
ubrzanu životnu aktivnost, utječu na psihološki profil, a često su vrlo aktivne i u
momentima nesreća, bolesti, te drugih ljudskih aktivnosti. Čak kada planeta nije OOB
tranzit neke druge planete koji sjeda na deklinaciju koju zauzima neka planeta u natalnoj
karti jest od velike važnosti. Ukoliko se tranzitni planet nađe na istoj deklinaciji kao u
natalnoj karti onda imamo paralelu, a ukoliko se nađe na istoj deklinaciji ali u odnosu na
natalni planet u ˝opoziciji˝ onda govorimo o kontra‐paraleli.

Osobe s OOB planetima ne poznaju granice i ne prihvaćaju ograničenja – uglavnom, za njih
nema zastajanja ili zaustavljanja, što može dovesti do razvoja kreativnosti i uspjeha, čak i
iznad očekivanih sposobnosti – u neku ruku genijalnosti. Ljudi s OOB planetima vole kršiti
pravila te stvarati neki svoj “vanjski” svijet. Sposobnost onih s OOB planetima jest postići
izvanredne stvari i prebroditi velike prepreke u životu.

Jasno da kao i u svakoj priči postoji i onda druga strana – mračna strana, te se OOB planete
mogu i negativno iskazati, dovodeći do nestabilnog ponašanja, ponašanja koje se kosi sa svim
standardima i civilizacijskim vrednotama, onako kako smo ih definirali. OOB planete mogu
dovesti do mentalne neravnoteže, ili u najblažem obliku stvoriti pritisak i stres u životu

Promatrajući ove dvije tvrdnje podsjetimo se na onu koja kaže da je vrlo tanka linija između
genijalnosti i poremećenosti. Upravo se oba polariteta uočavaju kod osoba s OOB planetima.

Jasno, nije svejedno o kojoj se planeti radi ali uzimajući u obzir cikluse planeta te njihova
kretanja zasigurno je Mjesec taj koji će u većini slučajeva biti OOB.

OOB planete guraju osobu da pokušava više i više i više... pokušavajući tako probiti granice
koje su postavljene. Primjer iz strane države je doktor Jack Kevorkian, liječnik koji se zalaže
za eutanaziju onih koji su neizlječivo bolesni i kojima službena medicina ne može pomoći.
Sigurno je ovo tema koja je jako potresla svijet jer postavljaju se pitanja moralnog prava neke
osobe da oduzme drugoj osobi život, a u biti bi trebala pokušati sve da spasi taj isti život. Da
ne ulazimo u dublju problematiku ove teme, Jack Kevorkian ima OOB Merkur u
Blizancima, te znamo da Merkur povezujemo s liječnicima i liječenjem. U Rimskoj
mitologiji Merkur je mogao ljude uspavati sa svojim magičnim štapom ili biti glasnik
mrtvih. Jack Kevorkian je imao mnoge ponovljene sukobe sa zakonom zbog svog vjerovanja
u pomoć neizlječivim pacijentima izvršavanjem samoubojstva. Merkur na 25°39´ N je
iskazao radikalno ponašanje i uvjerenje o eutanaziji – koje se kosi s postavljenim društvenim

Promatrajući OOB planete uzimamo u obzir i natalne aspekte jer tako dobivamo potpunu
priču. Da bi interpretirali značenje neke planete koja je OOB uzimamo njene kvalitete i
karakteristike koje su inače pripisane pojedinoj planeti te razmislimo koje bi ekstremno
ponašanje takve planete moglo biti. Mars koji je OOB lako donosi nasilje ili pretjeranu
hrabrost i fizičku energiju, Venera OOB donosi opsjednutost ljepotom ili izuzetnu
umjetničku kreativnost... Mjesec je najčešće povezan s emotivnom nesigurnošću te
problemima koji nastaju kao rezultat odnosa s majkom – osobom koja predstavlja majku.
Donosi nesigurnost ali i osobu koja stalno pokušava postići više u životu zbog podsvjesne
potrebe za uspjehom, istaknutošću ili materijalnom sigurnošću koja bi trebala zamijeniti
ljubav i pažnju koju osoba nije primila od majke u djetinjstvu. Često se ovakav Mjesec
iskazuje u problemima s težinom – hrana kao zamjena za ljubav i pažnju. Još gore
iskazivanje jest kada osoba ne zna reći “ne” upravo zbog potrebe da bude prihvaćena i
voljena. Ponekad se Mjesec OOB fizički može iskazati kao bipolaran poremećaj. Dakle,
Mjesec OOB je pokazatelj stalne prijetnje osnovne sigurnosti osobe: emotivne, fizičke,
materijalne, duhovne i mentalne. Stoga Mjesec OOB ukazuje definira stupanj nesigurnosti
prvo na emotivnom planu jer osoba i na najmanji znak “opasnosti” reagira odmah
(nesigurnost rađa strah), pa potom na fizičkom ili materijalnom (donoseći prekomjernu
težinu, jer hrana stvara privremen osjećaj sigurnosti), te se na kraju aktivira duhovna
sigurnost (jer se javlja i osjećaj krivnje ) i na kraju se iskazuje mentalna nesigurnost i reakcije
(sumnja, nepovjerenje a ponekad i paranoja). To su izuzetno osjetljivi ljudi koji pate u
procesu prolaska kroz život. Često su ovo uzroci da se osoba trudi raditi što više, postići što
više, osigurati se što više. Uzimajući u obzir da je za postizanje izuzetnih rezultata na bilo
kojem polju života ujedno potrebno i mnogo radnih sati, shvaćamo da se ove osobe na taj
način indirektno i ograđuju od prave ljudske povezanost, pokušavajući s jedne strane
odglumiti povezanost i tvrdeći sebi da jesu povezani dok su s druge strane u biti samotnjaci –
iz straha da ne budu povrijeđeni. Ovakva situacija donosi pritisak i stres.

Nadalje, prihvaćeno je mišljenje da nije jednako iskazivanje planeta OOB kada se planeta
kreće Sjeverno ili Južno. Naime, kada je planet OOB Sjeverno, tada su planete otvorenije,
okrenute prema vani i aktivno se iskazuju na vanjskom planu. Planete OOB koje se kreću
Južno, su zatvorenije, okrenute prema unutra i aktivno se iskazuju na unutarnjem planu.
Pretpostavka je kako planete koje su postavljene na sjevernoj deklinaciji ukazuju na sijanje
karme, dok one postavljene na južnoj deklinaciji ukazuju na žetvu karme. Dakle, planete

sjeverne deklinacije ukazuju na karmu koju stvaramo za idući život, dok one južne
deklinacije ukazuju na zadatke koje moramo razriješiti u ovom životu.

Postoji uvjerenje da ukoliko je MC na sjevernoj deklinaciji – radi se o osobi koja je u centru
pažnje javnosti – političari, državnici, poznate ličnosti... dok oni kojima se MC nalazi u na
južnoj deklinaciji ostaju skriveni od javnosti i vode neki standardni način života.

Prema autorici Sarah Laurent, postoje još dvije dodatne točke snage koje trebamo uzeti u
obzir. Ona kaže da bilo koja planeta iznad 14°22´N ukazuje na veliku moć, snagu, sposobnost
osobe da pravilno koristi energiju, što joj dodatno donosi mogućnost odgovornog
rukovođenja te kontrole svog vlastitog duhovnog razvoja. Drugu točku snage vidi u rasponu
od 0° do 14°22´N za što tvrdi da je pokazatelj talenta.

Gledajući dosada navedeno mogli bi zbrojiti:
Planete sjeverne deklinacije – sijanje karme
Planete južne deklinacije – žetva karme
MC na sjevernoj deklinaciji – istaknutost u javnom životu
MC na južnoj deklinaciji – skrivenost od javnog života
planeta iznad 14°22´N ukazuje na veliku moć, snagu
planeta u rasponu od 0° do 14°22´N ukazuje na talent
Točke snage (Power points) 23°27´ ‐ 16°20´ ‐ 0°
Pozicija prenatalne eklipse (PNE)

Ipak uzimajući u obzir nedostatno istraživanje ovog područja astrologije smatram da bi ovaj
popis trebalo uzeti s rezervom te dalje istražiti navedene tvrdnje.

Što se tiče OOB planeta rekli smo da se one ponašaju ekstremno i bez ograničenja. Idu do
svojih krajnjih granica u iskazivanju simbolike koju pojedini planet predstavlja. Tako planet
van granica svoju simboliku može iskazati u potpunosti, jasno i glasno, ali može i u tišini
raditi na svojim planovima, ciljevima i željama. Pretpostavka jest da način iskazivanja dakle,
otvoreni ili prikriveni, može ovisiti o položaju deklinacija sjeverno ili južno, te aspektima
koja OOB planeta ima. Sposobne su nadići potencijal koji im je dan u natalnoj karti, a s
negativne strane su sposobne donijeti ponašanje koje je van svih društveno prihvatljivih
standarda. Kratko definirajući OOB planete možemo iskazati:

nestabilne, ponašanje van granica, ponašanje poput urana, kreativne, nasilne

Opisujući OOB planete kažemo da se ponašaju ekstremno, sklone avanturama i hrabrije
nego one unutar granica. Ukoliko je OOB planeta loše aspektirana može odustati i izgubiti
svaku nadu da bilo što postigne, postati nesretna i mrzovoljna. Ukoliko je takva planeta i
vladar karte, rezultat može biti osjećaj uzvišenosti, ne pripadnost grupi i nemogućnost
potpunog uklapanja u grupu. Osoba s takvom OOB planetom se pita zbog čega ljudi oko
njega ili nje ne mogu shvatiti njegovu ili njenu uzvišenost, nadmoć...

Ako je cjelokupna karta jaka i dozvoljava sigurnost osobe u drugim životnim područjima,
osoba će vjerojatno prevladati ovu negativnu crtu osobnosti, pa se čak i našaliti na svoj
vlastiti račun, shvaćajući i prihvaćajući to jednostavno kao drugu stranu svoje osobnosti.

Kada su u pitanju spore planete one imaju drukčiji utjecaj na osobnost, te njihovo sporo
kretanje donosi problem koji traje manje – više cijeli život, karakterne osobine nad kojima
sama osoba nema nikakve mogućnosti utjecaja ili mijenjanja.

Iako smo rekli da se planete najčešće nalaze u Blizancima/Rak i Strijelcu/Jarac kada su
OOB, Westin je u svom radu pokazao kako planet može biti van granica i kada se nalazi u
drugom znaku ‐ Venera povremeno ide OOB kada je u Biku i Škorpionu, a Mars u Lavu i

Istraživanje OOB planeta je još u tijeku, međutim interesantno je pogledati 1991 godinu kada
su Mjesec i Mars bili van granica. Te godine su Amerikanci pokrenuli Pustinjsku oluju, te je
uočeno da ova kombinacija može rezultirati ratom. U Hrvatskoj je rat već trajao, a karta
Hrvatske ima Mjesec OOB (25S37), Merkur 24N32, te ono što je interesantno Mars na dan
proglašenja nije OOB ali je na 16N34, Venera 16N39 – na drugoj važnoj poziciji koja je
sastavni dio deklinacijskih točaka snage.

Nerijetko osobe ekstremnog ponašanja imaju jedan ili više OOB planet. S druge strane,
rađeno je istraživanje koje je u preko 31‐noj natalnoj karti, ukazalo da neke poveznice sigurno
i postoje. Naime, od 31 natalne karte, 20 karata je imalo OOB planet – jedan ili više, a sve
karte su pripadale osobama koje su imale kliničku dijagnozu šizofrenije. U postocima
gledano 66% karata je sadržavalo OOB planete. Kod nekih osoba s OOB planetama
ustanovljen je bipolaran poremećaj, maničn depresija. Promatrajući karte kriminalaca
ponovo se uviđaju OOB planete, ali se primjećuju i paralele i kontra‐paralele među vanjskim
planetima s osobnim točkama karte koje su na najvišim deklinacijama. Međutim, ne samo
ubojice nego i njihove žrtve imaju teške energije unutar karte s kojima se moraju nositi.

Stoga možemo zaključiti da OOB donosi nestabilno ponašanje, a energija koja se iskazuje
može ukazivati na mentalnu neravnotežu. U najmanjem slučaju stvara pritisak i stres.

Obzirom na činjenicu da osobe s OOB planetom vole rušiti pravila, spomenimo ovdje i
Alberta Einsteina, koji je imao OOB Mjesec i koji je sa svojom teorijom relativnosti srušio
dotad uvriježena pravila. Iako je bio dislektičar te imao jedva prolaznu ocjenu iz matematike
tijekom školskih dana ipak je pozitivno iskazao svoj OOB planet – srušivši pravila. Druga
strana priče je ta da određeni dio znanstvenika, Alberta Einsteina smatra plagijatorom, koji je
uzeo i uobličio rad dvojice svojih prethodnika, te da cijela teorija relativnosti nije njegov
originalan rad nego prepisan i uobličen tuđi rad.

Prethodno smo spomenuli deklinacijske točke snage... Recimo ovdje da 0° je svojevrsni
midpoint. Bilo koja planeta koja je u kontra‐paraleli, 0° automatski postaje midpoint.
Ukoliko se neki planet nalazi na 0°, imamo midpoint koji cijeli život treperi, stalno na njega
djeluju poput okidača tranziti, progresije i solarni lukovi. Iako je Ebertin ovu metodu stalno
koristio, danas je rijetko tko koristi, te zaslužuje i daljnje istraživanje.

Paralele I Kontra‐Paralele

Planete mogu biti u paraleli ili kontra‐paraleli a istovremeno ne moraju biti u konjunkciji ili
opoziciji, te svaka konjunkcija koju vidimo u natalnoj karti nije nužno i paralela. Štoviše,

planete mogu biti u sekstilu ili kvadratu ili nekom drugom aspektu ali deklinacijski gledano
su paralele ili kontra‐paralele u igri. Paralele i kontra‐paralele pojačavaju postojeći aspekt u
natalnoj karti i naglašavaju ga.

Ukoliko imamo konjunkciju i paralelu, teme koje predstavljaju planete će se obično
pozitivno odvijati, slagati, zajedno surađivati.
Ukoliko imamo opoziciju i paralelu, dolazi do konfrontacija, razdvajanja i suprotstavljanja.

Promatrajući razne aspekte, često znamo vidjeti trigon koji se ne iskazuje ili neki drugi
aspekt koji se ponaša kao da ga i nema. Postoje dva objašnjenja kada je ovakva situacija. Prvo
je da neki aspekt u natalnoj karti koji se ne iskazuje nikada nije napravio paralelu i vjerojatno
se zato ne iskazuje. Druga mogućnost je da neki pozitivni ili laki aspekt ima kontra‐paralelu i
umjesto da donosi dobre stvari donosi loše stvari. Podsjetimo se ponovo – deklinacija je ona
koja događaj veže za ekliptiku, gdje se sva akcija odvija.

Zbog ovoga je važno procijeniti svaku paralelu i kontra‐paralelu i to na više razina. Točnost
po deklinaciji kao i po longitudi – orbis ne bi smio biti veći od stupnja i pol, te se preferira
samo jedan stupanj. Također, ovaj način nam daje bolji uvid u vrijeme događaja – kada će se
nešto odigrati. Cijela priča se temelji na astronomskom podatku – ekliptika je područje
života, područje Sunčevog kretanja, mjesto gdje se sve odigrava, te deklinacija kaže gdje i
kada, dok longituda može dati samo privid.

Slika predstavlja vezu između longitude i deklinacije. 30
stupnjeva longitude od 0° Raka do 0° Lava predstavlja
samo 3°18´ u deklinaciji, dok od 0° Vage do 0° Škorpiona se
širina povećava na 11°28´ deklinacije.

Također vidimo da od 0° Ovna/Vage do 15° Ovna/Vage
predstavlja 5°55´ deklinacije što je veći pomak nego u
cijelom području Vodenjaka od 0° do 30° (20°09´‐ 23°27´) ili Jarca od 0° do 30° (23°27´ ‐
20°09´), zbog čega neki autori smatraju da se ne može uzimati jedan stupanj orbite za
paralele i kontra‐paralele nego je potrebno koristiti klizajuću skalu orbita.
Paralele i kontraparalele su vidljive na deklinacijskoj karti te nam ukazuju na značenja koja
su slična konjunkcijama i opozicijama samo u izraženijem obliku. Naime, konjunkcija ili
opozicija promatrana u nekoj karti (natalnoj, tranzitnoj), ima neki period trajanja, dok kada
su u pitanju deklinacije one su zapravo mnogo dužeg trajanja.

Vrijednost ovakvog promatranja jest ne samo kod natalnih karata nego i kod promatranja
ciklusa. Naime, ove godine, 05.02.2006 su se nanizali planeti na 15° južne deklinacije (S) i to
Sunce, Merkur, Venera, Jupiter, Neptun i Pluton. Iako će Neptun i Pluton ostati na ovih 15°
južne deklinacije duže vremena podsjetimo se da je ovih 15° samo stupanj razlike od 16°
deklinacije koje smo ranije u tekstu spomenuli kao jednu od tri deklinacijske točke snage.
Svi se dobro sjećamo eskalacije osjećaja zbog neukusnih karikatura muslimanskog proroka,
te ono što je slijedilo nakon toga. Također, potonuće broda s oko 1500 putnika od kojih je niti
trećina pronađena i spašena. Nekoliko urušavanja krovova u Njemačkoj pod težinom
snijega.... uvod u još gore kataklizme ili?

Povijesno gledano možemo pretpostaviti da kada se Neptun i Pluton sretnu na
deklinacijskim točkama snage (Solsticij, Ekvinocij i 16°20´N/S), svjetski događaji postaju
naglašeniji – možda i turbulentniji. U svakom slučaju za široku populaciju negativni i
odvijaju se na globalnom nivou. Ukoliko pogledamo kada se ova paralela počela odigravati i
formirati, možemo reći da smo tek na početku velikih događaja. Naime, početkom 2004
godine Neptun je bio na 16°57` S, Pluton na 14°31` S te je približavanje ka 15° S već bilo
vidljivo. Krajem te iste godine Sumatra je bila pogođena razarajućim potresom, popraćena
tsunamijem koji je odnio oko 226,000 života. Katrina i Rita, su opustošile Louisianu i
Mississippi, a Pakistan je imao potres koji je odnio oko 73,000 života, srušene kuće i mnoge
beskućnike na pragu zime. (I nas je malo zatreslo i to početkom prosinca, što mi u Zagrebu
nismo osjetili jer je udar bio u blizini Visa, te 23.01.2006 u okolici Zagreba – što smo vjerujem
svi osjetili. Međutim, ovo nije izuzetak, jer promatrajući popis i jačinu udara potresa diljem
svijeta u ovom periodu vidljivo je da su potresi jačih magnituda.) Neptun je tada bio samo
29´ udaljen od 16N/S20, pozicije koja odgovara 15° fiksnih znakova, točke koja je poznata kao
midpoint kardinalnih točaka. Četiri kardinalne točke i njihova četiri midpointa, po
Witteovoj teoriji o midpointima su povezani s svjetskim događajima. Ne samo to nego
približavanje deklinacijskim točkama snage kada se odigravaju paralele i kontraparalele svijet
je zahvaćen promjenama. Dodajmo i to da je najbliža Neptun – Pluton paralela upravo ova
koja se odvija sada na 15° S, u zadnjih 2000 godina. Vjerujem da će se ova paralela iskazati na
globalnom nivou te da će predstavljati velike momente u vremenu koje slijedi, a naročito
zato što djeluje poput okidača u kartama država i onih koji predvode te države. Podsjetimo se
još i to da iako to nije tema ovog teksta o paralelama, Pluton je u konjunkciji s Galaktičkim

Povijesni podaci koji povezuju Neptun – Pluton paralele i kontraparalele nam pokazuju
koliku snagu na globalnom nivou nose te dvije planete. Problem je taj što se one odigravaju
svakih 500 godina te presjek možda i nije najbolji kao statistički pokazatelj. Ali ipak
pogledajmo koje su to godine bile....

1513‐1514 Neptun – Pluton paralela
1613‐1618 Neptun – Pluton serija kontraparalela i jedna paralela
1720‐1722 Neptun – Pluton paralela
1875‐1866 Neptun – Pluton tri paralele i četiri kontraparalele na ekvinociju
1916‐1918 Neptun – Pluton paralela koja je trajala 11 mjeseci
1967‐1968 Neptun – Pluton kontraparalela
2005‐2006 Neptun – Pluton paralela

Pogledajmo što se povijesno dogodilo u navedenim periodima...
1513‐1514 je period velikih geografskih otkrića. Vasco Nunez de Balboa prvi prelazi Panamsku
prevlaku i izbija na Tihi ocean, Juan Diaz de Solis otkriva ušće rijeke La Plata, a 1519
Španjolac Hernan Cortes zauzima državu Asteka i osvaja čitav Meksiko. Prema povijesnim
podacima nekadašnja populacija Meksika je brojila između 15‐30 milijuna ljudi koja je
svedena na 3 milijuna ljudi, Inka su sa 8 milijuna svedeni na 1 milijun, kao i Asteci koji
istrijebljeni. Nije se radilo o vojnoj snazi koja je ove narode desetkovala, jednostavno se
radilo o virusu koji je za ove narode bio poguban – virus kozica i ospica je harao te je na kraju
Cortez s malim bojem ljudi pokorio Asteke, Pizzaro narod Inka , sve u slavu i čast
Španjolske države.

S druge strane Machiavelli, firentinski državni sekretar i diplomat, osmislio je i napisao u
svom “Vladaru”, 1513 godine, novu političku teoriju, koja je bila nužna zbog raznih upada
stranih sila u relativno dobro sređene talijanske gradove – države. Iz ove knjige se razvio
Makijavelizam – umijeće kojim vladar može izboriti i održati vlast nasuprot okolini željnoj
moći, te su za postizanje cilja opravdana sva sredstva, čak podmuklost i himbenost, a u tom
procesu se odbacuju moralna i vjerska načela.

Pogledamo li položaje Neptuna i Plutona, vidimo sličnu situaciju današnjoj. Neptun se
nalazio na 16°34´ Vodenjaka (16°10` S), Pluton na 27°34´ Strijelca (18°05` S), sve paralele, a
Pluton u konjunkciji s Galaktičkim centrom. Dakle, osvajanje teritorija, širenje virusa,
smanjenje ljudi na zemlji i otimanje tuđih teritorija – je tematika ove paralele iz razdoblja 1513
‐ 1514, a konfiguracija se na nebu danas gotovo ponavlja. Da li nas čeka isti niz događaja i da li
se ciklus ponavlja? Razlika je u tome što se dodatno i Venera i Jupiter nalaze na 16° S, dakle
četiri planete su na deklinacijskoj točci snage.
Druge datume prepuštam Vama na istraživanje.

Uzimajući u obzir da se ova paralela odigrava u znacima koji pripadaju transpersonalnim
osobinama horoskopa (Škorpion, Strijelac, Jarac i Vodenjak) zapravo kolektivnim modelom,
imajući u vidu prošla povijesna iskustva, ovaj period nam može donijeti brza širenja bolesti i
virusa, epidemija, bankrot nacija i napuhanih financijskih balona, velike promjene i nerede
na polju radne snage (štrajkovi, traženja prava), naročito onih koji su na granici siromaštva.
Iako smo o tome pisali u prošlom broju “Merkura”, podsjetimo se da tranzitni Mars se šeta
oko Algola. Nasilje i gruba sila za postizanje ciljeva. Sjetimo se kompanije Ford koja otpušta
oko 15.000 radnika, a kod nas je zadnji primjer Coca Cola koja pokušava isto tako otpustiti
višak radnika, stvarajući tako podlogu za pad standarda i povećanje grupacije koja će biti na
granici siromaštva. Više nezaposlenih donosi i manjak u državnoj blagajni što konačno opet
može povećati vanjsko zaduživanje i pad ekonomske snage države. Troškovi života mogu
rasti jer država mora imati punu blagajnu. Čitajući vijesti jučer (09.02.2006) je uveden novi
porez za banke koje žele posuđivati novac u inostranstvu što može dovesti do povećanja rata
kredita te pokušaj da se davanje kredita smanji na najmanju moguću mjeru. Ne zaboravimo i
priljev stranaca u Hrvatskoj koji bi mogli svojom jeftinom radnom snagom trećeg svijeta
poremetiti ionako nestabilno tržište rada. No, iako je naglasak na radu nemojmo zaboraviti
stanje s nekretninama koje se u Hrvatskoj prodaju strancima, a vlada je također izjavila da to
mora prestati, te pokušava stopirati takvu prodaju strancima. Ostaje nam vidjeti razvoj
događaja tijekom Ožujka kada će Pluton doći u konjunkciju s Galaktičkim centrom, prvi
puta nakon 1759 godine. Ako uzmemo Plutona kao vladara Škorpiona, vjerujem da će dug i
pozicije moći biti glavna tema – za većinu država.

Deklinacijska Tehnika

Proučavajući rad Kt Boehrer vidljiva je razlika u odnosu na Ebertinovu školu. Ebertin je
uzimao deklinacije onakvima kakve one jesu, te ih ucrtavao na deklinacijsku kružnicu. Kate
je u suradnji s astronomima došla do zaključka da je potrebno preračunati deklinacije planeta
koje su OOB da bi se mogao vidjeti skriveni aspekt. Planete s ekscentričnom orbitom tvore
aspekte koji su iskrivljeni. Preračunom deklinacijskog položaja planete u longitudinalni

ekvivalent, planete tada mogu tvoriti trigon ili neki drugi aspekt, dok istovremeno u
deklinacijskom sustavu mogu tvoriti paralelu, kontra‐paralelu ili uopće ne imati nikakav
deklinacijski aspekt. Cijeli smisao ovakvog preračuna jest otkrivanje aspekata koji su
skriveni u ovim položajima.

Uzimajući konkretni primjer to izgleda ovako:

Ukoliko se Mjesec nalazi na 27N45, da bi odredili njegov longitudinalni ekvivalent prvo
pronalazimo razliku između deklinacijskog položaja Mjeseca i deklinacijskog maksimuma
23N27. Razliku koju dobijemo oduzimamo od deklinacijskog maksimuma i rezultat koji
dobivamo, pomoću tablica konverzija pretvaramo u nove longitudinalne pozicije Mjeseca.
25S37 Mjesec
‐ 23S27 deklinacijski maksimum
2°10´ razlika

23S27 deklinacijski maksimum
‐ 2°10´ razlika
21S17 planetarna ko‐deklinacija

Koristeći tablicu konverzije dobivamo:

21°17´ odgovara: 5 Blizanaca 21 / 24 Raka 39 i 5 Strijelca 21 / 24 Jarca 39.

Ovim sistemom pretpostavlja se kako je položaj na 25S37 isti kao i 21S17. – longitudinalni
Stoga je Kt Boehrer napravila tablice konverzije u kojima se lako može izvršiti
preračunavanje deklinacije u longitudinalni ekvivalent ‐ sjeverni ili južni.

Zbog čega je ovaj sustav preračunavanja uveden? Kada pogledamo natalnu kartu ona se
sastoji od jednakih 12 segmenata – znakova – iako u stvarnosti zodijak nije jednakih
segmenata. Osnovna ideja koju je Kt Boehrer razradila jest da ne samo da planet vibrira nego
i njegov longitudinalni ekvivalent zbog deklinacijske aktivnosti. Međutim, imajmo u vidu da
ucrtavanje planeta i longitudinalnih ekvivalenata u jednu kartu može stvoriti popriličnu
zbrku i od 30 točaka za razmatranje. Stoga bi bilo dobro raditi dvije odvojene karte te ih

Promatrajući položaj planeta u karti i dodavanjem deklinacije preračunate u longitudinalni
ekvivalent može se dogoditi da se nova pozicija planete nađe nešto ispred ili iza planete u
karti. Npr. Merkur natalno na 15°, a longitudinalni ekvivalent ispred bi bio na 14°45´ a iza na
15°15´ nekog znaka. Ukoliko se nalazi ispred – ovo je okidač u karti – za progresije, tranzite, a
ukoliko se nalazi iza – ovo je objašnjenje zbog čega neki ljudi osjećaju tranzite i nakon
njihovog prolaska.

Uzmimo za primjer Mars kvadrat Saturn, koji se kod nekih osoba iskazuje kao frustracija i
kašnjenje – odlaganje, dok kod drugih ljudi donosi dobru organizaciju i ambiciju i sposobnost
osobe ka pozitivnoj integracije te dvije energije u pozitivnom smjeru.

Na kraju kada preračunamo deklinaciju u longitudinalni ekvivalent povećava se mogućnost
novih aspekata stoga je važno prihvatiti neka pravila vezana za orbite:

Natalni aspekti: ne više od 2.5 stupnja
Solarni luk: 2/3 stupnja aplikacijski i 1/3 stupnja separacijski
Tranziti vanjskih planeta: ne više od 1/3 stupnja
Jupiter ili Saturn: 1 stupanj
Mars: do 1.5 stupnja.

Grafički Prikaz Deklinacija


Korištenje engleskog naziva Latituda, u astrološkom jeziku, označava MERIDIJAN, koji
predstavlja širine: Sjeveru geografsku širinu (ka Sjevernom polu), te Južnu geografsku širinu
(ka Južnom polu).

Korištenje engleskog naziva Longituda, u astrološkom jeziku, označava PARALELE, koje
predstavljaju dužine: Zapadnu geografsku dužinu (zapadno od Greenwicha), te Istočnu
geografsku dužinu (istočno od Greenwicha).

Ove dvije vrijednosti se sijeku te predstavljaju zemljinu mapu. Ekvator i početni meridijan
su označeni sa 0 stupnjeva. Promatrajući Zemljinu mrežu meridijana i paralela uviđamo da

su meridijani označeni od 0‐90 Sjeverno i 0‐90 Južno, dok su paralele označene od 1 – 180
Zapadno i 0‐180 Istočno.

Zemljina mreža vrijednosti meridijana i paralela se preslikava na nebesku sferu. Nebeska
kružnica koja odgovara Zemljinom Ekvatoru naziva se Nebeski Ekvator, te dijeli nebesku
sferu na sjevernu i južnu polutku.


Nulti stupanj za mjerenje nebeskog početnog meridijana jest proljetna točka (0° Ovna). Ova
točka se još u astronomiji naziva početna satna kružnica. Deklinacija je koordinata
sastavljena od udaljenosti dnevne kružnice od ekvatora. Deklinacija se označava grčkim
slovom delta. Deklinacije se mjere u stupnjevima, minutama i sekundama. Dakle, deklinacija
je u biti zemljina latituda ili meridijan, ali preslikana na nebesku sferu.


Ulogu nultog stupnja za mjerenje nebeske početne paralele jest početna satna kružnica (0°
Ovna) te se mjeri samo prema istoku. Udaljenost od početne satne kružnice do neke točke
prema istoku se zove rekstacenzija, te se označava grčkim slovom alfa. Rekstacenzije se
računaju u satima, minutama i sekundama, a punom kutu od 360° odgovara period od 24 sata,
što predstavlja vremenski period Zemljinog okretaja oko osi.

Antiscia i kontra‐antiscia:

Antiscij planeta je zodijački stupanj koji se preslikava kao u ogledalu u odnosu na solsticijske
točke i os Rak – Jarac, te antiscij planete je stupanj na kojem bi se planet nalazio ali u
suprotnom godišnjem dobu, što ujedno podrazumijeva istu deklinaciju ali razliku u Sjeveru
ili Jugu. Možemo reći da su antiscije definirane dvjema točkama koje su jednake udaljenosti
od Raka ili Jarca, te se planeta nalazi na istom stupnju deklinacije ali sjeverno ili južno.
Kontra‐antiscij je suprotni znak na longitudi, te se ovaj sustav odnosi na os Ovan / Vaga.


New Horary System
Paul Langeveld, Netherlands

F or some years I have been busy
trying to find a way in timing of the
moment of the outcome in horaries
because at a certain moment the same clear
indication seemed to demonstrate itself.
Unfortunately I have not yet succeeded in
finding the absolute infallible system but
considering my age of 92 years I think it's
time to reveal it to you all before it is too
late so that with your help my system may
once become infallible indeed, if only after
Paul Langeveld is from Netherlands, born in my death !
Amsterdam on the 7th of October 1916. After
being forced to work for the Germans during the After having been working on hundreds of
2nd World War in Munich (South Germany) them I found by accident that the good
where he had to endure all bombardments he ones did have one thing in common by
came home after the war, mentally and physically which you could tell for certain if the
in a bad condition. Still he had to go into military answer was right or not!
service for the third time and after training with I don't have to tell you how important this
the new weapons in Scotland for six months he had is! Up to this day I did not tell anybody of
to go for two years to South East Sumatra in the this with the exception of Caroline Allen,
Dutch East Indies. You ‘ll understand that during whom I told everything in order to save
those horrible years he had numerous moments of the "system" in case I would die before I
peril in his life and when he came home at last he had published it myself.
was really fed up with the set back in life and
And up till now nothing has come off it
wanted to know urgently why all this happened to
him. He was 32 years old at the time and had no for some reason or another but now the
future at all. Then after trying several religions he time has come I think to publish it! Before
finally met an old lady who was a theosophist and I start explaining I want to confess that
taught him to make his own Natal chart. Then he the system won't work in charts with a
bought all the books of Alan Leo and locked very speedy outcome because the Moon
himself up to study, after which he soon did not have the time to progress and also
understood why he had all that misery. At the age there are two ways the chart has to be
of 72 and some courses wise he changed to horary made as soon as you think this is it,
which he has been practicing for the last twenty namely single or in biwheel, and the
years now. His email id is reason for this is also an enigma up till now. I have chosen an example which is
rather recent, can be traced easily and has
the advantage to have a long term solution
so that many directions can be given.
The question was: "Will the insurance company pay?" 22 September 2008 1645 ACST
Adelaide SA ‐ AC 12Pi 20 ‐ Moon 00 Can 50.

I approached this question in a way that querent had only one desire not to have to
pay and secondly that she only had to do with her own Firm and nothing with the Insurance
Cy so it would come down to Jupiter (10 ruler) and Saturn her income from the firm (11
ruler). Both rulers are less than 2 degrees apart but we don't know the exact day and as both
rulers are still a long time not in aspect, an aspect of the Moon to Saturn before that would
be possible !

This is the moment of telling the quintessence of the system and it's very simple as always if
you know it namely when both planets concerned are in partile aspect or with the Moon the
answer 'll be right if the Moon 'll be in an Angle within 8 or preferably less degrees from the
Angle ‐ if not it won't be right !

That's all ! Simple n' est‐ce pas ?
Now I'll show you.
I am working with Solar Fire Gold, a program with the possibility of proceeding a chart by
seconds up to years in any speed you want. I trust your programs’ll have the same
possibility. So we put the horary into this form, called "Animate chart" situated left of the
"Astrologer Assistant" and put in Days.

By proceeding days we soon come to 23 Sept. with the Moon at 14 Can 55. We now change
days (right above) into minutes and press < accelerated backwards> till we stand on 14 Can 19
in partile sextile to Saturn Natal. This looks very good but as you can see now this is not
because the Moon is Not in an Angle so we are looking further with days till we come to 28
Sept and Moon in Virgo as far as possible and we proceed with minutes to the partile
conjunction to Saturn, one of the best aspects there are, but the Moon is at this moment
NOT in an angle and so you know that this answer is not right either so we proceed with
days again till we arrive at 2nd October at 19:53 we see that is 's Not a good solution !

Now you know how to proceed and for first exercise you might go
on till you arrive at 21 November at 23:45:12 when you see that
Saturn and Jupiter are in partile trine and the Moon conjunct
Saturn on Cusp 2! This is too nice to be not true but the Moon is
not in the right place! Then now is the moment to make also the
Biwheel of this outcome and then we see to our joy that here the
Moon is within 8 degrees of Cusp 7, right in the Angle so this
answer is good!

You can imagine that I have not been surprised at all when I received a mail from the
astrologer in question that I had been right because the Company paid for everything
including the car hire!

I hope to have explained this phenomenon in a way that all of you’ll be extraordinary
successful in horary in the next future!

Astrology For The
Beginners ‐1
Holly Hall, USA.

D o you not LOVE being a
beginner, I do, and it's filled with
child like curiosity and new
wisdom. Like an adventure each time we
embark on anything new. (By the way this
is very Aries/Mars like and 1st house like).
Anyways, for the beginners, focus on your
Sun Sign. Look up your approx, Ascendant
(rising) sign and your Moon sign as well.

For the Novice and Pros
You all ready know your Mercury/Venus
and Mars signs. So do include them, as
well as your Moon and Ascendant. I
include details for all my readers in the
Holly Hall has almost twenty years next few pages.

experience as a professional Astrologer.
Radio, newspaper, magazine appearances Below write down Your Signs
and columns fill her resume. With her Another's' Planet Signs
psychic grandmother and clairvoyant My Sun Sign
mother's legacy, Holly will propel your is:
spiritual growth., My Ascendant
Sign is:
My Moon
Sign is:

My Mercury
Sign is:
My Venus
Sign is:
My Mars Sign

Clock your life ‐ minute by minute‐day by day‐year by year. Thinking about this is
exhausting and yet scientists have proven that there is no such thing as lateral time.
Everything happens all at once‐it is our minds that break down the events of our lives. And
how is this done/ each one of us will have a different approach. The certainty of this is in
your birth chart. The planets, its dance with each other, are a reflection of you. And as an
astrologer I witness this simply by interpreting a chart and now you can too! Whether you
are a Fire, Water, Earth Or Air Sign You Can Find Happiness In Every Moment of life! I
am also wanting to show you how to turn despair and emotional negativity into a positive
and necessary evil so to speak. We are all perfect just the way we are. We have strength and
gifts to share and if not shared then you will positively feel Misplaced, unfulfilled and
unsatisfied. Finding your place is the key and by the end of these series of articles you will
be much closer to that place then you are now. In fact you may be in that place right now
and not even know it‐ let's find out.

Ok Lets get started! A little bit of basic info, on what each major planet represents.
Remember the planet nor signs make up who you are, nor do they control who you are.
They reflect who you all ready are. Like looking in a mirror. The mirror and your ability to
see visually and record that image you see in that mirror is a reflection of your physical self.
The mirror does not "make" your image. Again, another

Sun‐ This is the sign you are born to learn. Like a new
outfit. The question is, are you squeezing into this outfit?
Or maybe you try it on and it fits but, mmm, is it you? In
most cases the answer will be..."not quite". And that is
perfect! Because you are learning the characteristics of that
sign. Very simple yes?

Moon‐ The Moon Sign is your emotional kneejerk reaction to daily life. It also represents
the characteristics you came into this life with.

Mercury‐This represents how you communicate and how you "hear" others. How you learn
and share your knowledge and your gifts.


Obstacles are like wild animals. They are cowards but they will bluff you if they can. If they see you
are afraid of them... they are liable to spring upon you; but if you look them squarely in the eye, they
will slink out of sight.
~Orison Swett Marden

Symbol‐The Ram
Motto‐"I Am"

☼SUN‐If you are a newbie at being a Fire Sign, meaning‐you have no other planet in the
FIRE sign in your birth chart. . Then this is an adventure for you! So hope your enjoying the
ride! As a new baby FIRE you are here to acquire courage, strength, leadership and a
philosophy that is truly your own. Fuelled by fire‐ you have its magical strength and passion
to Go Do and BE! To light up your world and those around you. Your past life role will
determine the ease of this fit. Remember the Sun sign is an outfit, a costume it is not the
whole of you! So do look up your moon sign, for past life influences.

And as a Fire Sign, your goal will be to fight for first place. Nothing else will do. And you
have the gift. In fact you have the gift to make winners out of everyone else around you if
only by example. Now that's a win win situation. The battle field only appears in life when
he/she believes in order for a winner there must be a loser. Learning that we cannot make
losers of others‐only can they make losers of themselves is another amazing lesson for Fire.
If you have many other planets in the Fire element then you are already comfortable with
this outfit, in fact it maybe a little worn out and in this lifetime you are here to repair it and
make it new again, better than before‐like new and improved me! Adding to your courage,
your passion, your adventure! You are here to lead others into a win win situation. And if
you are finding life is a battle field and your adventures not at all fun and games, then life is
giving you a red flag‐ then rest assure at the end of this section we will reveal the secrets to
rid the red flags and even the white flags. Because a Fire Sign never gives in or gives up. If
you are surrendering then it is to surrender to the battlefield‐we do not want to create losers
in order to feel we have won, now do we. You are an infinite being. Perfect just as you are.
No one is as innocently fresh and courageous as you! You are an empowering being!

Athletic Daring Heroic Spirited
Ardent Excitable Initiating Territorial
Adventurous Encouraging Opposing Valiance
Brave Fearless Persistent Warrior
Courageous Fun Simple Winner
Competitive Friendly Straight forward
Driven Fighter Strong

¡MOON‐ If you are a believer of past lives then you may relate to the idea that you
acquired the Fire qualities. If you have Mercury/Mars and/or Venus in a Fire Sign as well,
then you have been successful in not only using your ability to create win win situations but
you have demonstrated courage and strength earning metals of honor. And this will be
presented to you in this lifetime through the many wonderful friends and or family you
acquire. You will have a few very important souls cross your path that you will feel an
instant connection with. And the Karmic "metal" is paid forward. Write down all the people
in your life that you would consider your hero. Some one that helped you believe, rescued
you or taught you a valuable lesson. This may be people that spend but a moment in your
life, a family member or a long life friend. In many cases with the Moon strong in your

chart this will come from women in your life. Emotionally you are quick to temper anger
easily and display your anger with aggression. Slamming doors, screaming, basically
anything healthy that allows you to rid the Fight or Flight chemical‐"adrenalin" out of your
system. Once that is done you are fine, you feel better, you quickly get over your
frustrations…others may not but that's another chapter…for them.

MEN‐Emotionally you will be attracted to strong women or women that need to be rescued.
And like wise this type of women are attracted to you. You may find that other women in
your lover's lives will come across as strong, masculine and driven.
WOMEN‐If you are a Women Fire/Moon you will also find that strong women gravitate
towards you because subconsciously they feel safe around you. You may also help lovers
deal with and stand up to strong women in their lives.

£MERCURY‐ If your Moon and/or Sun is NOT in the sign of a Fire Sign and you have
Mercury in a Fire then you have developed the courage to speak your mind long before this
life time. And you definitely say what is on your mind. You even say what is on another's
mind if they are shy, wounded, introverted etc. You have the ability to stand up for others,
become their hero through how you communicate.

Journal Tip!
At the end of these series there would be a free Journaling Book‐Each day before you journal,
write down the first Fear Saying‐then the next and the next and so on…
Since one of the main attributes to overcome for a Fire Sign is Fear. I strongly advise you
read one of the many quotes below every day!

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. ~Marie Curie

Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop. ~Usman B. Asif

Keep your fears to yourself but share your courage with others. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Panic at the thought of doing a thing is a challenge to do it. ~Henry S. Haskins

The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear ‐ fear of the unknown, the complex,
the inexplicable. What he wants above everything else is safety. ~Henry Louis Mencken

There is a time to take counsel of your fears, and there is a time to never listen to any fear.
~George S. Patton

Many of our fears are tissue‐paper‐thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear
through them. ~Brendan Francis

There is much in the world to make us afraid. There is much more in our faith to make us
unafraid. ~Frederick W. Cropp

There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them. ~Andre Gide

Fear is faith that it won't work out. ~Sister Mary Tricky

Fear is the lengthened shadow of ignorance. ~Arnold Glasow

Fear is the father of courage and the mother of safety. ~Henry H. Tweedy

Fear is the highest fence. ~Dudley Nichols

Fear is the needle that pierces us that it may carry a thread to bind us to heaven. ~James

To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.
~Katherine Paterson, Jacob Have I Loved

Fear has a large shadow, but he himself is small. ~Ruth Gendler

Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends. ~Shirley Maclaine

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. ~Bertrand Russell

Every man, through fear, mugs his aspirations a dozen times a day. ~Brendan Francis

Fear is just your feelings asking for a hug. ~Danielle Sanchez‐Witzel and Michael Pennie,
My Name is Earl, "South of the Border Part Uno/Dos," original airdate 7 December 2006,
spoken by the character Joy Turner

He has not learned the lesson of life who does not every day surmount a fear. ~Ralph Waldo

Those who fear life are already three parts dead. ~Bertrand Russell

Fear makes us feel our humanity. ~Benjamin Disraeli

A cheerful frame of mind, reinforced by relaxation... is the medicine that puts all ghosts of
fear on the run. ~George Matthew Adams

There are times when fear is good. It must keep its watchful place at the heart's controls.

Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself. ~Samuel Butler

Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is. ~German Proverb

If a man harbors any sort of fear, it percolates through all thinking, damages his personality
and makes him a landlord to a ghost. ~Lloyd Douglas

A cat bitten once by a snake dreads even rope. ~Arab Proverb

Fear prejudices courage. ~Abigail Charleson

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light? ~Maurice

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. ~Author Unknown

Fear is a slinking cat I find beneath the lilacs of my mind. ~Sophie Tunnell

I would sort out all the arguments and see which belonged to fear and which to creativeness.
Other things being equal, I would make the decision which had the larger number of
creative reasons on its side. ~Katharine Butler Hathaway

He who fears something gives it power over him. ~Moorish Proverb

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death. ~Author Unknown

He who fears to suffer, suffers from fear. ~French Proverb

There are several good protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice. ~Mark

Fear can be headier than whiskey, once man has acquired a taste for it. ~Donald Dowes

Fear dances with courage. ~Ever Garrison

The wise man in the storm prays God, not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from
fear. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journals, 1833

Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile... initially scared me to death.
~Betty Bender

To lead is difficult when you're a follower of fear. ~T.A. Sachs

I have accepted fear as a part of life ‐ specifically the fear of change.... I have gone ahead
despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back. ~Erica Jong

The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to
be afraid. ~Lady Bird Johnson

The Bible and
Jay Weiss, Sweden

T his article is my attempt to reveal a
slice from the tip of the iceberg on
the topic of “The Bible and
Astrology”, which is a huge ocean of deep
knowledge as well as sensitive and
complicated subject in respect to various
world religions and believers.
While I avoid delving into the bottomless
richness of the topic, I try to provide a
taste of the infinite biblical exploration
options, on the edge of a tea spoon.


ince time in memory, throughout all
civilizations and cultures, human
Jay Weiss has been a Professional beings were looking ahead to foresee
the future, both as a collective groups of
Astrologer and consultant since 1995. With
people and as individuals.
technical education and a management Prophets and “Messengers of God”
background in the IT/telecom industry he appeared and disappeared in different
found his way to astrology in 1992 due to a cultures, some never to be remembered,
very unusual event in his life, which impact while others leaving a substantial mark on
could be evaluated at the earliest many humanity for generations to come.
years later. In parallel with astrology A common ‘item’ for most of them was
studies and practice, Jay also studies none less than the Bible.
Psychology and is today a consultant in the
area of improving human relation The Bible has been the central source of
development. Permission is granted to laws, directives, history and inspiration as
reproduce or use this article in any other well as ‘a reference book’ for Judaism and
way only in its entirety. If any part of the Christianity and later some parts of it also
for Islam, for over 3500 years and 2000
article is used or referred to they must
years respectively.
include the reference to the source. Moreover, the Bible is one of the most sold For any other purposes and read book ever.
please contact him at
The earliest culture that we are aware of
that were observing, studying and actually
practicing the heavenly bodies, i.e. what is
referred to as astronomy and astrology
today were the Babylonians some 4000 years ago. This is described very clearly in the Bible
as we’ll see later.

Throughout the entire period and up to our time, scholars hunted for discovering the bible’s
origins and hidden messages. An extensive ‘bible code’ research was launched at different
institutions and universities since the PC computer appeared some 25 years ago, allowing
computer programs to search for unknown codes which confirm world events, past and
The results so far are simply amazing, as major events became alive within the plain text of
the bible, the Torah in particular. The Torah constitute of the five first books of the Old
Testament, also known as the five books of Moses.

The codes in the Torah, which are a fascinating issue in itself, are based on the assumption
that it was actually written as a stream of letters, which later were divided into chapters and
[To make this clearer, imagine that you have before you a plain text, of 78,064 letters (as in
the first book of Genesis), which you may arrange in any number of letters per line,
resulting in different tables of XY lines and columns, each providing a genuine matrix].
Timing of major future events 3000 years ahead of time may sound unbelievable but believe
me, it’s all there, in the Bible. In the next article I will provide a few examples of World
War 2 and the Nuremberg trails, and the murder of Egypt’s president Anwar Saadat in 1981
and the murder of Israel PM Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, to name a few.

Statistical information reveals that around 2.8% of the total biblical verses of 23,144 mentions
that God controls the heavens and its contents, which play an active role in the destiny of
humanity on Earth, both collectively as cultures and nations and personally as individual
human beings.
We should also remember that all living creature, plants etc. on earth are under that same
control as they are too Gods creation.

A number of questions arise, which I will leave open and as they are beyond the topic of this
article (and probably beyond us all) BUT just as well an indisputable integrated part of it
and must be born in the background of the reader’s mind.

1. What and/or who is the entity or force we call God?
2. How are we a part of and ‘fit in’ with this force we call God?
3. Who wrote the bible in the format that is known to us today and who were the ones who
wrote the various parts prior to the final editing and ‘putting together’ the final version ?
4. What is religion and what purpose does it serve in the context of ‘Bible & Astrology’?
5. Did our ancestors acquire the astrological knowledge by observations only or were there
other sources dating tens of thousands of years back to other civilizations ?
6. Where are the indications for astrological influence on human lives on planet Earth in the
7. One may also ask why for generations, religious leaders have forbidden the use of
heavenly bodies, by interpreting different biblical phrases to their own benefit.

Later in this article you will be introduced to the source reference for this attitude.

One way or the other, many questions in the context of astrology and the bible may
remained unanswered regardless of attempts to “interpret” the original Hebrew text and
even worse by translating it to other languages. Evidently, there is not a single translation of
the Bible to another language which is even near to the original text, both in single words
and whole phrases.
While the reader may wonder how I dare write such a statement, I can calm your mind
down by implying that much of the text, especially in the books of the Kings and Prophets
are a sort of ‘slang of the period’ and a “language of hints”, which is very difficult to
interpret nowadays, also for an advanced Hebrew language Scholar.

When I use the word ‘bible’ in this article I solely refer to the OLD TESTAMENT with the
major weight on the TORAH.
Other references will be to the QABBALA, which describes the interpretations of the
hidden secrets of the TORAH, therein also the secrets of the heavens and its elements.
Other related sources will be mentioned as applicable.

One has to bear in mind that some understanding of human nature (i.e. Psychology) is
needed in particular when attempting to understand the inclination of humans to OBTAIN,
PERCIEVE and INTERPRET information.
The reader MUST remember at all times that any written word is produced by another
human being, for the specific purpose of conveying some form of information just as this
article. It is up to the reader to identify with, accept or reject that information, whatever the
purpose may be.
This is valid for ALL walks of life AND particularly in relation to occult issues.

It is my belief, based on experience and my current phase of knowledge that the Bible is
much more than “just a history/story book” and as we will see in later articles the coding in
the Bible may blow away any humans mind. Intellectually I mean…

Often we may observe that science is ‘colliding’ with astrology, simply due to the ‘fact’ that
it cannot be proven in accordance with scientific roles.
Well, is everything in our life meant to be visible and clear to us?
Certainly not!

Note: all original translations from the original Hebrew text follow ‘as is’. No
interpretations or variants of words have been done to any of the mentioned word or verses.
Whenever there is a (J) in this document it indicates my own researched

Part one

The Beginning of Dawn

T he Bible starts with the 5 books of Moses, the TORAH.
The first book is Genesis where the first chapter of 31 verses is a short and
remarkable description of the creation of the world. All verses from verse 2 to 31

start with the word “AND”, indicating a continuation in the event of creation. 31 is also the
numerical value of “EL”, God in Hebrew.

Genesis Chapter I;
(1) “In the beginning God created heaven and earth and the earth (1) was without form and
void and darkness upon the deep and the spirit of GOD (2) was hovering upon the water(3).”
(2) And God said let there be light (4) and there was light.
(3) And God perceived the light as good and God divided between the light and darkness.
(4) And God named the light DAY and the darkness ‘he’ named NIGHT, and there was
EVENING and there was MORNING, one day”.

Already at this stage, when observing the order of creation in the first 2 verses describing the
creation, we discover the four elements (triplicities) used in astrology in the order of Earth(1),
Air(2), Water(3) and Fire(4).

From here I jump to verse 15 “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the
heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for
days, and years”
And in verse 16 & 18 we read “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the
day, and the lesser light to rule the night and the stars also’’ (18) “And to rule over the day
and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness>

If we were to create a horoscope of the world at this stage it will be a chart with nameless
heavenly bodies placed in various positions.

T he first indication of a Zodiac, heavenly bodies and their purpose (!) as well as the
base reference for a calendar are clearly described within the plain text. The
rulership of the ‘greater light’ for the day and the ‘smaller light’ for the night are
defined but there is no mentioning to neither the Sun or Moon been those luminaries. In
verse 18 we find the same pattern of rulerships repeated once again.
We may argue the meaning of ‘Rulership’ in the context of creation but I doubt if a
satisfying explanation is possible, particularly when we take into consideration the occasions
where God’s own rulership is mentioned.

The interesting word here is ‘SIGNS’, ‘OTOT’ in Hebrew, which also mean SIGNALS.
It is not that clear as to what kind of signs/signals the text refers to, where the ‘assignments’
for the ‘LIGHTS’ are relatively very well defined already at this stage.

First in chapter 15 verse 5 we find a clear but general mentioning of the “STARS in the
SKY” for the second time since creation in chapter 1. No names are mentioned for any of the
heavenly bodies until we reach verse 12, where the SUN, (Heb. SHEMESH) “at Sun set…”,
is first mentioned in connection with Abrams (later Abraham) visionary sight shown by
God, of what’s to come of his offspring’s in the future. (Abraham
lived from 1812 BCE to 1637 BCE according to several
interpretations of the Old Testament.

Note: The plain text does not tell us who named the Sun, Moon
and other heavenly bodies; however referring to chapter 2 verses
19‐20 we find the first human being Adam was the one naming all living creatures.
Was Adam also the one who named the heavenly bodies and did he already have a prior
knowledge about them and their function?
This challenging question remains open with me.

The period when Abraham lived is around the end of the third millennium BCE AFTER the
creation and around 350 years after the great flood which occurred around 2348 BC.
For comparison, Buddha lived in the middle of the sixth millennium BCE, leading the Vedic
civilization and its development.

Here we may find a very clear indication that regardless of whatever happened before the
flood in connection with the heavenly bodies was lost as there is no mentioning of them
between the creation and up to the period when Abraham lived some 2000 years later. The
entire story of the flood period (plain text) where Noah & his family accompanied by a
couple of each sort of living creature were saved by been in the Arc for 40 days does not
mention any heavenly bodies. However the encoding of chapter 8 reveal another amazing
story which I will include in part 2…

In “Sefer Yetzira”, “The Book of Creation”, which is said to be written by Abraham we find
among others, direct reference to the planets by name. In chapter 4 (of 6) verse 7 we read
among others “….. 7 stars (planets) in the world Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury
This little book is a true giant by its content as it describes what the first chapter of Genesis
is missing, namely the Description of the creation of the world using the Hebrew alphabet

Although not directly related to astrology at first glance, we find in Genesis chapter 17:5 and
17:15 a description of a change that may indicate that it is possible to change ones destiny (i.e.
ones horoscope) by changing ones name!
God himself changed the names of Abram and Sari his wife to Abraham and Sarah, thereby
‘removing’ whatever was a negative influence on the 5th house of progeny Interestingly God
added ONE single letter to both names, the letter HEA (H) which is the 5th letter in the
Hebrew alphabet and has the numeric value 5! as well as generating a new numerical value
to their names. (J)
For the sake of doing justice to the above I must mention that according to the scripture,
Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah 90 years old when she gave birth to their son to
Yitzhak (Issac).

Another interesting issue is found in verse 21, where God in advance tells Abraham the
name of the child to be born AS WELL AS the timing! “…at this time in the next year!”.
An average pregnancy is around 273 days (10 Moon month or 9 Solar month) and therefore I
can only interpret this as the soul which was about to enter the ‘not yet conceive Sarah” was
already assigned its role nearly THREE month prior to conception!
In other words a horoscope was already there before the physical baby
was even ‘initiated’…
Therefore I strongly perceive this example to been one that allow us to
connect between soul assignment, a birth chart and a conception chart, a
subject that deserves very deep and serious research.
In addition to the above we can also derive a hint about what we call in our days

The mentioning of the Moon (Heb: YAREACH) for the first time is relatively much later.
In Chapter 37 verse 9 where in the dream state, Joseph is shown the Sun and the Moon and
11 stars bowing to him. Once told, his father Jacob instantly interprets the dream by replying
“what is this dream that you have dreamed? Will I and your mother and brothers come
before you and bow to the ground?”.

This description evidently associates the Sun with father and the Moon with mother.
Moreover, it shows that Jacob had knowledge of astrology, probably also due to his residing
for 21 years in Babylon. .
Here we see the first biblical clue to astrological interpretation of a dream! – WOW!
Note: No clue as to what planets symbolized Joseph’s 11 brothers, nor do we find any text
about his sister Dinah.

As we read later in chapters 40 to 45 Joseph became a high official in Egypt and Jacob and his
family were forced to leave their land due to famine and seek refuge in Egypt.
In chapter 44:14 and chapter 41 we can read how Joseph’s dream turned into a wholesome

Jacob, ALSO renamed by God to become Israel, had 12 sons, which later grew into 12 tribes.
Those 12 sons’ personalities were later assigned and used as one uses the 12 zodiacal signs for
defining people’s personalities. (See Genesis 49:5 to 49:7 and Deuteronomy 32:8).

The above raises a very interesting astrological question which I have been breaking my
head over for long many years:
In Joseph‘s dream he was shown 11 stars, which symbolized his 11 brothers. The Sun and the
Moon symbolized his mother and father. Counting Joseph himself we have 12 heavenly
bodies, which may be either planets or Stars or both AND the Sun and the Moon, totaling

Are we ‘missing’ a planet in our solar system that needs to be discovered?
Interestingly, the same question was raised in the book “The 12th Planet” by Mr. Zecharia
More on that issue will be available in a later article.

One of the greatest astronomical mysteries, which naturally also manifested astrologically is
found in the book of Joshua chapter 10 verses 12‐13: “Then spoke Joshua to the Lord …… and
he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand still upon Giv’on, and thou Moon, in the valley of
Ayalon” (13) “And the Sun stood still and the Moon stayed….. so the Sun stood still in the
midst of heaven and hasted not to go down as it use to on a regular day”.
Here we simply experience that the Earth stopped its rotation
around the Sun from midday while at the same time the Moon
stopped its rotation around Earth (or maybe….?).
Astronomically we may raise many questions in connection with
this phenomenon but honestly: who dares to imply that he/she can
explain this amazing display of Gods power in the universe?
Sorry ‐ not me…

Part of an Ancient Egyptian zodiac

Astrologically we may encounter a few dilemmas here:
1) All new born babies during those hours had the same time of birth and within the
same area nearly the same place of birth, i.e. the same chart. OR
2) If time was time still in movement the constellations and planets were changing while
Sun and Moon maintain the same position OR
3) The date in force that day lost some time, probably around 5‐10 hours

These are not easy dilemmas to solve and lack a deep and serious research.

To summarize so far, it is evident that the ancient biblical personalities had great knowledge
of astrology and astronomy, using it on daily bases. In some cases they were also assisted by
the power of the creator to influence the natural flow of the Sun and Moon.

Above and beyond the early verse referring to the heavenly bodies as source of “signs and
…etc.” there is no visible evidence that the heavenly bodies should be used for worshiping
On the contrary:
This maybe the right moment to take a look at Chapter 4:19 in the 5th Book of Moses,
Deuteronomy, where God, through Moses is Warning against worshiping the heavenly
bodies as Gods, as they are the ones serving God, their creator:
“When you raise your eyes to the heaven and see the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, all
the Host of Heaven, you’ll be driven to bow and worship them and serve them, which the
Lord God has shared to all nations under the entire heaven”.

Nearly 900 years later, the prophet Yishayahu (Isaiah) emphasized a
reminder to the people of Israel: “Lift up your eyes high and behold

who has created those that bring out their host by numbers and call them all by name,
by the greatness of his might and strong power, no one is missing”. Isaiah, chapter 40
verse 26.

There is not much doubt of the message in 4:19: Don’t worship the stars as Gods as they are
there to serve him and to be signs for various issues (including probably also a horoscope (J))
for you.
In simple words, one may understand this by implying that when humans lack faith in God,
they will tend to find ‘God Substitutes’ in form of the heavenly bodies.
This is probably the central statement of the Bible that was used as the main argument
against astrology by Jewish and Christian priests for more than 3500 years and 2000 years

Further, one may discuss the issue of
(1) Direction Of Purpose that human beings in some cultures worship the heavenly bodies
as gods and in other it is totally forbidden. Those cultures can be defined as single God
cultures and multiple Gods cultures.
(2) It is the opinion of many nowadays that we lost a great deal of ancient knowledge
regarding the true and correct usage of astrology and its secrets.
The reference emphasis may be hidden in chapter 31 verse 18 in Deuteronomy: “And I [God
(J)] will surely hide my face in that day for all the evils which they have done and that they
turned to other Gods”.
The word ‘Hiding My Face’ can easily have multiple interpretations, which among others
are connected to not been able to obtain necessary knowledge. Many scholars use this verse
as a reference point to the question “where was God during the second world war’s Jewish

Will we ever regain this knowledge again? Yes!
In Ezekiel 32:29 the prophet deliver a clear message for the future declaring “Neither will I
[God (J)] hide my face any more from them, for I have poured out my spirit upon the house
of Israel, said the Lord God”

A Taste Of Biblical ‘Astrological’ Progressions:
Progressions are used by many astrologers in
different values and varieties.
We find several places in the Bible, where ‘A day for
a year’ is mentioned very clearly, often in connection
with the number forty (40), in itself a very
significant number throughout the Old Testament.
As an example, those are found among others in (1)
Numbers 14:34 “And the number of days that you
tour [the spies sent to the land of Kna’an were there
for 40 days (J)] the land, forty days, a day for a year,
day for a year shall you bear your sins, forty years
and you will know my breach of promise” and (2)
Ezekiel 4:6 “And when you have accomplished them,
The Beit Alfa synagogue floor zodiac
mosaic from the 5th century C.E.
lie again on your right side, and you shall bear the sins of the house of Judea, forty
days again, a day for a year, a day for a year”.

A few examples for the number 40 are the duration of
(1) The great flood for 40 days,
(2) Moses stay on Mount Sinai for 40 days,
(3) the wandering of the children of Israel in the desert for 40 years, David & Goliath ordeal
prior to the event 40 days, profit Ezekiel (Yechezkel) ordered by God to sleep on each side
for 40 days as quoted above. There are several other examples throughout the Bible; all of
them have a direct connection with the astrological system of progression “A Day For A

By now I am sure to have opened a huge Pandora box, but please relax.
As I mentioned at the beginning, this is only the tip of the Iceberg…

Bless thy ‐ May thy go in peace

I do

End of Part One………..

Moon Venus Conjunction – 27 Feb 09
Dr. Tony Phillips, USA
February 26, 2009: Be careful, this sort of thing can cause an accident.

O n Friday evening, Feb. 27th, the 10% crescent Moon will glide by Venus, forming a
gorgeous and mesmerizing pair of
lights in the sunset sky. Moon‐
Venus conjunctions are not unusual, but this
conjunction has some special qualities:

(1) Venus is at maximum brightness:
magnitude ‐4.6. The planet is twenty times
brighter than Sirius, the brightest star in the
sky. It is so luminous that it can actually
shine through thin clouds and cast subtle
shadows on the ground.

Right: A Moon‐Venus conjunction in Dec.
2008 photographed by Tamas Ladanyi of
Mönichkirchen, Austria. This month's
conjunction will be even tighter and brighter.

(2) As seen from North America, the Moon‐Venus separation is only a little more than 1o.
Stick up your thumb and hold it out at arm's length. Venus and the Moon will fit
comfortably behind the thumb‐tip. Tight conjunctions like this are the
most beautiful of all.

(3) Not only is the Moon a crescent, but so is Venus. A small telescope pointed at the
glittering planet will reveal a slender 20%‐illuminated disk.

Add it all together and you've got a major distraction. Evening drivers should pull to the
verge. Staring at Venus and the Moon could be riskier than texting!

Venus is a crescent because, like the Moon, it has phases. The planet can be be full, gibbous,
new, or anything in between. The illuminated fraction we see on any given date depends on
how much of Venus' nightside is turned toward Earth.

It might seem odd that Venus is brightest now when it is a crescent. That reverses our
commonsense experience with the Moon, which is brightest when it is full. A 6‐month
animation of Venus created by Hong Kong astrophotographer "Wah!" solves the mystery at
a glance: For more details see it on

T he crescent phase of Venus occurs when Venus is close to Earth, very big and bright.
The full phase of Venus, on the other hand, occurs when Venus is on the opposite
side of the Sun, far away and relatively dim.

Crescent Venus is so bright, you can see it in broad daylight. During the day on Friday, scan
the sky for the crescent Moon. Hint: Stand in the shadow of a tall building to block the glare
of the Sun. At noon, the Moon will be due east of the Sun's position. Got it? Look a few
thumb‐widths around the Moon and—voilà!—Venus pops out of the blue. The planet is
surprisingly easy to see when you know where to look.

Once daytime Venus has been located, you might feel tempted to examine the planet with
binoculars or a telescope. Don't. The nearby Sun can damage your eyes if you accidentally
point your optics in that direction.

Wait until the Sun sets and behold the pair framed by deepening twilight blue, first with
your unaided eyes, then with a small telescope. On the Moon, you will see mountains,
craters, and a vast expanse of nighttime lunar terrain gently illuminated by Earthshine. On
Venus, you will see a delicate little crescent of impenetrable clouds.
It's a nice way to end the day.

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