Domain Awareness Center

Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Privacy and Data Retention
June 26
, 2014
Hearing Room 4
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 2
6:00 PM

Draft Meeting Minutes
1. 6:15 pm Call to Order and determination of quorum
Members Present: Chairperson Jurcenoks and Vice Chair Hofer, Members Wactor, Johnson,
Cagle, Kayyali, Grey, Wolff, and Aestetix.
Members Absent: Harris, Chan, De Loa,
2. 6:20 pm Approval of minutes from May 22 and review the notes from June 12 (There
was no quorum on June 12
and therefore the attached notes are NOT official
The May 22
minutes were approved unanimously. There was discussion about the June 12

meeting notes not being official minutes because there was no quorum. To ensure the
conversation was officially entered into the record, a motion was made to attach them to the
June 26
Agenda and that motion also passed unanimously.
3. 6:25 pm Review submitted input to DAC Recommendation on City Privacy Officer and
Citywide Privacy policy (attached)
The discussion focused on the role of a Privacy Officer and it was noted that the officer ensures
compliance with the policy as their primary focus. Additionally, they can lead efforts to update
the policy, monitor adherence, and be aware of emerging issues that other jurisdictions may be
addressing to see that the City’s policies remain current and relevant.
Member Wolff noted that he sees four distinct roles for a privacy officer (or a Privacy
Commission) that cannot be performed by one individual:
1. Commission: provides high level policies and an opportunity for public input.
2. Privacy Advocate: Reports to the Commission on emerging policy matters.
3. Chief Privacy Officer: Reports to the City Administrator on Citywide compliance and oversees
departmental officers.
4. Departmental Privacy Officers who ensure the policies are adhered to throughout the City’s
Member Cagle emphasized the need to enforce the policy to ensure compliance, Member Grey
also noted that a committee cannot act swiftly the way an individual officer can. There was
general agreement about the need for a specific individual assigned the oversight.
Other issues identified included; the fact that the need is greater if they were overseeing a City-
wide versus a DAC Policy, and that most cities don’t have an officer but issues of privacy are
heard by the Police Commission.
Member Kayyali cited San Francisco’s yearly audit of the FBI/Joint Task Force which is reviewed
at the Police Commission. She noted that it was less likely the City would need an officer for just
the DAC.
It was agreed to continue this discussion until further along in the policy development.
4. 6:35 pm Review submitted input to Privacy Policy Draft. (Updated Policy Draft
Member Cagle suggested the Committee look at the City’s Draft Framework and see if and how
the current Privacy Policy Draft and the City’s draft could be merged together both for efficiency
and because it is in line with the committee’s advisory role.
The Committee agreed to make edits on the City’s original draft for the next meeting. Also, a
series of areas for further development were mentioned including: the Guiding Principles,
Whistleblower Protection, and Data Retention Periods. It was suggested that two committee
members be assigned to work directly with staff on merging all of the submitted comments and
the two documents.
A motion was made that committee members would send all of their comments on the City’s
Draft Framework to City Staff and to the Chair and Co-Chair by June 30
and that the Chair
would merge these into one Privacy Policy draft renamed to "DAC Notes and Principles"

Everyone will review and comment on the existing sections on the document by Monday July
7th, 2014 so the comments can be included in the next meeting agenda packet.
Several Members agreed to submit more substantive language on various topics listed below:
Specifically: Nadia – Metrics, Matt - Data Minimization, Aestetix - Prevention of abuse - with
Matt helping on section "Penalties for Abuse," Brian – Transparency, Robert Grey - Definition of
Privacy, Phil - Citizens ability to "correct/amend" collected data about them., and JJ - Data
retention for Non-city Data submitted to the DAC.
JJ will Consolidate all new sections for DAC Notes and Principles and submit to City Staff for
distribution with the Agenda on Monday July 7th.
5. 7:25 pm Working groups - Feedback from existing groups - suggestion of new ones.
This item was continued.
6. 7:45pm Open Forum
There were no speakers under Open Forum.
7. Meeting Adjourned at 8:02