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Welcome to CIMA.You’ve just made the decision
to study for one of the world’s most prestigious
financial qualifications. This is your first step to
becoming a financially qualified business leader.

You will become a qualified Chartered Management Accountant
once you have completed all of the following:
• passed or received exemptions from the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting
• passed or received exemptions from the managerial and strategic levels of the
CIMA Professional Qualification
• gained a minimum of three years’ relevant practical experience and had your career profile
assessed and approved
• passed the CIMA Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting (TOPCIMA).
And to recognise your efforts along the way, we will award you a certificate when you complete
the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and also when you complete the CIMA Advanced
Diploma in Management Accounting (the managerial level). If you are exempt from an entire
level, you will not be eligible for a certificate.


The CIMA Professional Qualification is different from any other
financial qualification and here are just some of the reasons why:
CIMA gives you more career options
With its emphasis on strategic business skills, a CIMA qualification widens your career
options both within and outside financial management. Four out of ten members work in
areas such as operations management, project management and IT. Particularly in times
of recession, CIMA makes it possible to combine the security of holding a professional
qualification with the excitement and reward of being a business leader.

CIMA is the best preparation for an international career in business
A CIMA qualification is in demand around the world, making you marketable across
international boundaries and business sectors. CIMA is a quality standard that is recognised
around the globe - and the rewards are excellent too. According to new UK research,
members of professional bodies earn 37% more during their lifetime than university graduates.

CIMA marks you out as a financially qualified business leader
By choosing CIMA you are taking the first step towards a dynamic and rewarding career.
As a business qualification, it ensures you won’t be a faceless number cruncher. As a
guarantee of high standards, it will open doors throughout your career. And with generations
of CIMA members in senior management positions, it’s a proven path to high achievement.

CIMA places you at the heart of business decision making
With CIMA you will quickly acquire the wider strategic expertise needed for senior
management roles including strategy development, decision making and risk management.
Since your knowledge spans all areas of business, your contribution to informed decisions
will be valued at the highest levels of the organisation.

With CIMA you are part of a powerful global network of business leaders
CIMA is a proven route to business achievement. Our members constitute a network of
high-achieving business professionals both inside and outside the finance sector. Your CIMA
qualification is your link to this network.


‘It was hard work but I was very happy to have chosen
CIMA. I was certain it was going to give me a really
strong foundation for my career’ Lai Siew Kiw, IBM

As a strong, global brand, we can offer you a qualification
that is recognised and valued worldwide.
Once you become a member, the designatory letters (ACMA/FCMA) and
chartered status denote your professionalism, practical experience, credibility
and integrity along with your commitment to ethics and CIMA professional

To further enhance the reputation and employability of Chartered
Management Accountants, we have published the CIMA Code of Ethics
for Professional Accountants which sets out the principles of professional
behaviour all members and students must follow. It also provides useful
tips to help you resolve any ethical issues.

CIMA’s Code of Ethics is based on the International Federation of
Accountants’ (IFAC) Code so you can be assured that CIMA’s ethical
framework is strongly aligned with global standards across the profession.

Remember that if a complaint is made against you for failing to uphold the
code, it could result in disciplinary action. Good ethics also just make good
business sense so get to grips with our code at


We want to ensure you achieve your business potential
and we are always looking for new and better ways to
support you through your studies and training.
Our flexible learning methods fit around you and your busy lifestyle and our
adaptable approach lets you gain work experience while studying for a CIMA
qualification anywhere in the world.

We hope you never stop wanting to learn. By assessing your skills in a real
business setting, we equip you with the wider financial and strategic expertise
you will need to contribute fully to an organisation.

We also provide ethical guidance to help you maintain the highest standards
of ethics. And if you need to talk to an expert, we have a free, confidential
ethics helpline: 0800 358 7663, +44 20 8849 2303 or

With your goals in mind, we have developed the CIMA Commitment.
Together we can form a partnership which will enhance your experience as
you progress towards becoming a Chartered Management Accountant.

To maximise your career development and opportunities, CIMA will:
• deliver a prestigious, forward looking and globally recognised qualification
• regularly review and update the CIMA qualification and CPD products to
provide you with maximum career potential
• consult CIMA members, employers, students, tuition providers and academics
when reviewing and monitoring the qualification
• maintain the highest level of quality assurance at all stages of the
assessment process.

To support and enhance your success, we will:
• provide an easy and efficient way for you to use online functionality
such as payments, exam registration and study support
• offer quality services and relevant resources to support your study and
training needs
• make maximum use of new technology when delivering and supporting
the qualification
• respond professionally, efficiently and in a timely manner to your queries
and requests
• inform you of important notices through our website, magazines and emails
• maintain the highest level of quality assurance and transparency in our
exemptions policy
• effectively monitor tuition and training standards with CIMA approved
colleges and employer organisations.

In return, you will be committed to:
• your studies and practical training
• responding on time and appropriately to deadlines
• updating yourself on CIMA’s Rules of Exam Entry and payment procedures
prior to each exam session
• making maximum use of our support services and resources, including CIMA’s
magazines and website
• conducting yourself at all times in accordance with CIMA’s Code of Ethics
• applying for membership status to enhance your career
• valuing the importance of lifelong learning and adhering to CIMA's
continuing professional development (CPD) requirements throughout
your career.


The CIMA qualification is a critical step on your way to a rewarding
business career.
So, how should you get started?
Step one
You must send a copy of your highest level educational certificate (and transcript where
available) to CIMA. If you have a relevant professional qualification, please submit this too. In
order to support our students we need to understand what previous qualifications they have,
even if these qualifications do not result in any exemptions.
Please email or fax us (+44 (0)870 787 9408):
• copies of your highest level certificate(s) for qualifications gained
• copies of the corresponding transcript(s) showing the subjects you studied and the marks
you obtained (with a key to grades achieved where grades are used in place of marks)
• a copy of the registration confirmation issued at the end of the online registration process
which you should have printed off when you first registered with CIMA.
If your original certificates or transcripts are not in English, please provide copies of the original
language documents as well as English translations. These must be certified as a ‘true translation
of the original’ by someone who has a good understanding of both languages other than yourself
or a family member. Please do not send us original certificates or transcripts as we cannot
guarantee their safe return. If you do not have any post-school qualifications or are unable
to locate them, please write to us to explain.

Step two
Once we know what qualifications you already have, we will tell you if you are eligible for
any exemptions. You will need to check the link at for more
information about the exemptions that may apply to you based on your relevant qualifications.
Exemptions are a concession and are only awarded at CIMA’s discretion. It’s important that you
don’t book any tuition or enter CIMA computer based assessments or exams until you have
written confirmation from CIMA of your exemptions status. CIMA will not be responsible for any
fees incurred as a consequence.

Step three
Decide which papers you want to take and when you want to take them. You may be starting at
the CIMA certificate level or at another point in the Professional Qualification. When you are
ready to take the Professional Qualification examinations you can enter for these through our
online exam-entry service. You will be able to enter and pay online and will receive instant
confirmation of your entry. Please check the CIMA website well before each exam sitting to see
the most up-to-date information and the list of available exam centres.

Step four
You need to decide which study method you will use. See
for a full description of the options available. To improve your chances of success in the exams,
we advise you to attend a course that has been approved though our CIMA Learning scheme.
Our approved college list can be found at You could also
choose, which delivers the only complete online, interactive, on-demand
training for our qualification at the certificate, managerial and strategic levels.
If possible, discuss your study options and any study support with your employer. The level of
financial support and study/exam leave that they offer may affect your choice of study method
and the number of papers you attempt at each sitting.

Step five
Next, draw up a study and revision plan and book study and exam leave with your employer. Use our
helpful study planner to prepare more effectively at
Refer to the study and exam tips on the CIMA website at
There you will find a wide range of resources including exam techniques, study guides, pilot exam
questions and post-exam guides that will help you get maximum benefit from your study time.

The CIMA Professional Qualification syllabus is regularly updated in line with the challenges
and opportunities presented by a constantly evolving marketplace and the changing
needs of business. It is built on three specific learning pillars: Management Accounting,
Business Management and Financial Management. Each pillar contains three subjects:
two at managerial level and one at strategic level.

CIMA Professional Development

of the Chartered ACCOUNTANT
Institute of Management Accountants

Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting

Paper 6 Paper 3 Paper 9
Management Management Management
Strategic level Accounting Accounting Accounting
Business Strategy Risk and Control Financial
Strategy Strategy

Award: CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

Paper 5 Paper 2 Paper 8
Integrated Management Financial Analysis
Management Accounting
Decision Practical
Management Experience
Managerial level Requirement
Paper 4 Paper 1 Paper 7
Organisational Management Financial A minimum of
Management and Accounting Accounting and three years'
Information Performance Tax Principles relevant practical
Systems Evaluation experience,
recorded as a
Career Profile with
Business Management Financial Record of Skills
Management Pillar Accounting Pillar Management Pillar Development (RSD)
Pre-requisite entry requirements to the CIMA Professional Qualification
Includes: CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, degrees in
business or accounting and AAT Technician/Diploma level

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting
C01 Fundamentals of Management Accounting • C02 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
C03 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics • C04 Fundamentals of Business Economics
C05 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law


CIMA’s unique qualification structure and adaptable
approach means you can gain valuable business
experience while studing for your exams.
You can sit the five certificate subjects in any order and in any combination.
At this level exams are held by computer based assessment at CBA centres.
They may be taken at any time of year.
You must complete the Certificate in Business Accounting before moving on
to the Professional Qualification. CIMA paper based exams are held twice a
year, in May and November. You can only sit exams if you have paid all fees
due. All exam entry is via My CIMA so access to the internet is necessary to
be able to enter exams. For an up-to-date list of exam dates and deadlines
refer to the ‘study’ planner or visit
You must complete and pass all managerial level exams before you can sit
any strategic level exams. The managerial level exams may be taken in any
order with any number of subjects at a particular diet.
When attempting the strategic level subjects, students must sit all three
exams together in the first sitting. If you do not pass all three papers,
you will be credited with those which you have passed and will only
need to re-take the failed papers.
The pass mark for all exams is 50% and we send exam results out as follows:
• May exams - end of July
• November exams - end of January
You can choose to receive your results by email or access your results directly
from our website via MY CIMA. You’ll need your contact ID and your candidate
number, which appear on your admission advice, for both these services.


‘I’m more than aware how tough it can be to hold down a demanding
job and study on top of that. But it was worth it in the end. Being a
CIMA member opens up a lot of doors for you. As far as my own career
was concerned it really gave me the boost I needed. Qualifying was a
significant milestone for me.’ Tom Pearce, Nintendo UK

The CIMA qualification is as much about the practical
work experience you have achieved as the exams you
have passed.
Employers around the world value the CIMA Professional Qualification
because it creates ambitious and experienced employees who can apply
their expert knowledge in the real world. You will need to familiarise
yourself with our practical experience requirements which you can find at
The CIMA Training scheme has been developed to encourage and recognise
the quality of training that employers offer. We work closely with employers
across all industries in countries around the world to make sure that they can
support you effectively. When looking for a new employer, membership of the
CIMA Training scheme is a sign that they are committed to your development.
If your current employer isn’t registered as a member, why not encourage
them to join?
CIMA MY JOBS is your one-stop-shop for new positions with a management
accountancy focus. Here you’ll find all the information you need about
developing your career further, finding that next career opportunity or
even migrating to a new country.
Make sure you keep copies of job descriptions or appraisal forms when
you move between jobs and roles as these will help you update your
Career Profile and Record of Skills Development.


We offer a whole range of courses and resources
to help further your personal development.
• is an innovative online product range that provides
interactive training for CIMA qualifications.
• CIMA Publishing provides a range of products and services that support
lifelong learning and professional development.
• Our e-magazine Velocity is a dedicated study support and information
resource that is emailed to all CIMA students. It is produced every
second month.
• We will also send you nine copies of Financial Management magazine every
year to provide you with relevant technical articles, up-to-date exam
notices, information about student support resources and job opportunities.
Articles focus on how new developments relate to the syllabus and how
they work in practice.
• provides a considerable range of articles, reports and tools
that will give you the information and guidance you need. See the resources
section at
• My CIMA is a personalised area of the website through which you can
update your personal information, register for exams, check exam results,
pay fees and download CIMA magazines.

‘If I decide to travel, I know that CIMA is an established
qualification in countries throughout the world and will
give me credibility wherever I choose to go - because
employers have confidence in the qualification and the
practical experience it requires.’ Alice Carroll, Deloitte


CIMA UK – Head Office CIMA Hong Kong CIMA Singapore
26 Chapter Street Suites 1414 – 1415 51 Goldhill Plaza #08-02
London SW1P 4NP 14th Floor Jardine House Singapore 308900
United Kingdom Central, Hong Kong T. +65 6535 6822
T. +44 (0)20 8849 2287 T. +852 2511 2003 F. +65 6534 3992
F. +44 (0)20 8849 2450 F. +852 2507 4701 E.
E. E.
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CIMA Australia CIMA India 1st Floor, 198 Oxford Road
Suite 1305 Unit 1-A-1, 3rd Floor Illovo, Johannesburg
109 Pitt Street, Vibgyor Towers, C-62, G Block South Africa
Sydney NSW 2000 Bandra Kurla Complex Postal Address:
Australia Bandra (East) PO Box 745, Northlands 2116,
T. +61 (0)2 9376 9900 Mumbai 4010 051 India South Africa
F. +61 (0)2 9376 9905 T. (022) 3291 1383 T. 0861 CIMSA/+27 (0)11 788 8723
E. F. (022) 4050 9300 F. +27 (0)11 788 8724 E. E.
CIMA Botswana
Plot 50676, 2nd Floor, Block B CIMA Ireland CIMA Sri Lanka
BIFM Building, Fairgrounds Office 45-47 Pembroke Road 356 Elvitigala Mawatha
Park, Gaborone, Botswana Ballsbridge Colombo 5
Postal Address: Dublin 4 Sri Lanka
PO Box 403475 T. +353 (0) 1 643 0400 T. +94 (0)11 250 3880
Gaborone, Botswana F. +353 (0) 1 643 0401 F. +94 (0)11 250 3881
Telefax. +267 395 2362 E. E.
F. +267 395 2362 / 397 2982
E. CIMA Malaysia CIMA Zambia
Lots 1.03b and 1.05, Level 1 6053, Sibweni Road
CIMA China KPMG TOWER Northmead, Lusaka
Unit 1905 Westgate Tower 8 First Avenue Zambia
1038 Nanjing Road (W) Bandar Utama Postal Address:
Shanghai 200041, P.R.China 47800 Petaling Jaya Box 30640, Lusaka, Zambia
T. +86 (021) 5528 5119 Salangor Darul Ehsan T. +260 (0)1 290 219/291 708
F. +86 (0)21 5228 5120 Malaysia F. +260 (0)1 290 548
National enquiry no: +400 820 4080 T. +60 (0)3 7723 0230 E.
E. F. +60 (0)3 7723 0231 E.

CIMA’s global offices may change during the year, so please visit the global web links for the most up-to-date
contact details. For a full list of global contacts, please visit

Chartered Management Accountants are financially qualified business leaders.
They operate within all areas of organisations in both the private and public sectors, driving success and
creating value through a combination of the application of leading edge techniques and an in-depth
understanding of the businesses in which they operate. While qualified in accounting and finance,
their focus is commercial and forward looking, pre-empting and adapting to businesses’ changing needs.

Specifically they:

• design, implement and manage (automated) integrated information systems that combine financial
and non financial data to provide insightful (electronic) reports to assist in managing performance
and inform decision making
• design, implement and manage (automated) transaction processing activities, including financial
accounting, payroll, purchasing and payments, often carried out in a shared service centre
• design, improve, measure and manage end-to-end business processes and activities, often extending
beyond the organisational boundaries, ensuring delivery of optimum efficiency and effectiveness in
the use of resources
• work as an analyst, consultant, relationship-, project- and change manager in support of the business
and as a business partner integrated into divisional, operational units and processes throughout the
organisation, bringing commercial and strategic insight, innovative thinking and a collaborative approach
• take responsibility for formulating and managing organisational policy, strategy and objectives, producing
business plans, forecasts, scorecards, cost/benefit analysis and budgeting information as appropriate
• design and implement excellence in corporate governance, including risk management, internal audit
and controls, company secretarial, corporate social responsibility and stakeholder reporting
• determine capital structure and acquire and manage funds. Carry out due diligence in mergers,
acquisitions, business partnerships and joint ventures.

If you need to speak to us, there’s someone on the other end of the
line during regular office hours. We can answer your questions on:
• exemptions • key dates and deadlines • exam entry • fees • receiving literature
• general advice about colleges, course providers and methods of study
• general advice about applying for membership.
There is also a worldwide network of CIMA staff and members who can give you support.
Go online to find your local branch and more about the student events planned for your region.

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