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An Exclusive by Sole Distributor ProEdge Global

By Tommy Seah ACFE Regent Emeritus

This kind of Fraud is not uncommon, but its often diffcult to spot,
a lot times, organizations dont even know they have been victimized
- Jim Tiller, Chief Security Offcer of INS (USA)


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K n o wl e d g e i s E mp o we r i n g
Procurement Fraud :
2014 annual CSI Certication Masterclass

A practical and hands-on training from the
No.1 Fraud Buster in Asia Pacic region :
& 28
August 2014
Parkroyal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Global economies and organisations understand the reality of the fraud risks
inherent in the procurement process but is enough being done to prevent it?
The usual remedy appears to be the strengthening of internal controls.
If strengthening of internal controls can eradicate Procurement fraud, we will
not have any fraud for the past 100 years.
The reality is that there will always be fraud.
Motivation, opportunity, and rationalization its the recipe for fraud, any type
of fraud. Abuse within the procurement cycle is common and can be
damaging, from the magnitude of potential monetary losses to the
reputational damage that can come from a loss of trust of important
stakeholders such as investors, customers, and other suppliers.
Procurement fraud is a risk for all organisations that carry out any form of
procurement activity. In reality that applies to virtually every organisation
globally, on a daily basis. The published fraud risks to both the public and
private sectors are immense and the losses are well documented.
This CSI Certifcation Masterclass will provide you with practical experience
and the Snap-On Tool to tackle procurement fraud. We will provide you
with the tools to go back to your organisations so that you will be able to
request for an objective internal organisational system review using the
SEATA platform.
Tommy Seah
Certifed Fraud Examiner (CFE)
Regent Emeritus, ACFE (Texas, USA)
Vice-Chairman 2006, ACFE
Board of Regents
Chairperson, CSI World Headquarters
World Class Financial Mgt. Expert
Double Firsts in Financial Management
and Accountancy (U.K.)
Chartered Banker, International
Accountant, Auditor, Investigator
Member of Advisory Board to SOX
Institute (N.Y.)
Another Event Proudly Organised
by ProEdge Global Sdn. Bhd.
(PSMB Registered
Class C Training Provider)
Tommy Seahs
New Book on
Psychology of Fraud
for registered &
paid participants
before 30th June 2014
Integrity. Intelligence. Independence.
Partner :
In addition of two full days of exceedingly enjoyable and instructional
you will receive :
the CSI Certifcation that carries the initials CSI - Certifed Investigation
Specialist upon successful completion of the CSI Procurement Fraud
Certifcation Masterclass. This is a highly sought after certifcation for
participants who have an interest in pursuing the world renowned
Certifed Fraud Examiners qualifcation awarded by the Association of
Certifed Fraud Examiners headquartered in Texas, USA.
Your personal autograph copy of the latest CSI World Headquarters
publication on the Psychology of Fraud by the Number 1 Fraud Buster
Regent Emeritus Tommy Seah.
A one-time photography session with Number 1 Fraud Buster Regent
Emeritus Tommy Seah.
A CSI World Headquarters car decal that will enable instant recognition
by your peers of your association with the CSI World Headquarters
Your personal excel copy of Snap-On Tool for assessing the
Procurement fraud risk in your respective organisation.
You will be instantly recognised as someone with the confrmed and
tested skill for system review and appraisal.
You are someone that gone through rigorous and robust training in
data analytics and digital forensic training making you an expert in
the cuttting edge area.
You are someone certifed as a hands-on person with sound practical
analysis and fnancial management skills.
You are someone that is well recognised with the technical training in
fraud detection, prevention and investigation.
Having the CSI certifcation, distinguish the faker from the doer in an
organisation. And as such strenghtens your position in the organisation
and make you a much sought after professional.

Who Should Attend

Purchasing / Procurement Managers Supply Chain / Logistic Managers
Internal Auditors & Audit Managers Finance Managers / Controllers
Risk Management & Regulatory Managers Contract Managers
Buyer / Sourcing Managers Materials Managers
Chief Financial Offcers Chief Investigators Investigators
In-house General / Legal Counsels Legal & Compliance Managers
Accountants and Independent / External Auditors
Some of worlds
leading government
linked companies,
banks & fnancial
institutions staff
trained by Tommy :
Malaysian Airport Holdings Bhd
The Government Investment
Corporation of Singapore
The Stock Exchange of
Deutsche Bank (participants
from 40 countries)
Westpac Banking Corp
Monetary Authority of
Singapore (Central Bank)
United Overseas Bank (UOB)
BNP Paribas
Bank of China (China-wide)
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank
Bank Negara Malaysia
Bank Islam
Philip Morris
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Bursa Malaysia
Securities Commission Malaysia
and many more...
0830 Registration & Morning Tea
0900 Workshop Commences
1030 Refreshments & Tea Break
1045 Session Commences
1230 Networking Lunch
1330 Session Commences
1515 Refreshments & Tea Break
1530 Session Commences
1700 Course ends
Some Comments from
Past Delegates :
The subject matter was
well presented and at a
suitable pace. - Manager,
BNP Paribas
The way the program
was conducted - Lively -
Able to keep ones atten-
tion. - Head of Internal
Audit, Credit Lyonnais
Interesting, informative
and lively presentation -
Investigation Offcer, Inland
Revenue Board (IRB)

Course Schedule
For registration and enquiries, please contact our Program Manager KENNETH :
Email : Tel : +603 2116 5671 Fax : +603 2116 5999 Web :
Your immediate beneft in attending this Certifcation Masterclass
Why CSI Beneft the Individual?
What are the deliverables in this
CSI Certifcation Masterclass
Your Fraud Investigation Coach

Over the 2 days, interactive lectures
will enables participants to :
Learn to know the difference between
procurement fraud and employee
Learn why procurement offcers are not the
sole contributors to procurement fraud
Learn the types of fraud that could occur in
every of the six phases in the procurement
Learn why fraud is a risk to all organisations
globally and discuss global procurement fraud
trends and themes.
Identify red fags of procurement fraud and
discuss fraud by internal staff.
Learn how to identify the fraudsters
Develop the right approach in understanding
gender differences in procurement fraud.
Learn how to develop a compass to
counter-procurement fraud.
Develop an in-depth understanding of
procurement fraud in context of your work
environment including the managing of third
party risks.
Develop your own awareness programme
both for your own organisations and third
party suppliers to understand the
management of this risk.
Real life case studies will be provided in order
to equip you with an insight of what
procurement fraud investigation is really like in
the real world.
Learn how to ask questions and identify the
barriers to conversation
Develop your skills as an interviewer.
Learn how to overcome resistance in an
Learn about a best practice approach to
procurement fraud investigation.
The only Regent Emeritus of the Association
of Certifed Fraud Examiners (ACFE) within
the Asia Pacifc
Vice-Chairman 2006, ACFE Board of
Regents, (Texas, USA) World Headquarters
Chairperson, CSI World Headquarters
Chartered Banker, Accountant, Auditor,
Investigator, Fraud Examiner
Tommy is someone you will want to know in person. Not just
because he is the elected Vice Chairman (2005/07) of The
Association of Certifed Fraud Examiners Board of Regents
based in Texas, USA. Or the fact that he being the only Re-
gent Emeritus in Asia is very often referred to as the Number
One Fraud buster.
It is him that you want to know. It can very often be a defn-
ing moment for some and a life transforming moment for oth-
ers. He motivates you to do great thing without even trying.
Somehow your day become so much better just because
he is talking to you. It is not charisma. He is frank to the point
of being blunt. He is able to cut through all the smoke and
see things as it is. But being a practicing CFE which is is a
post graduate professional qualifcation recognized by the
FBI and USA Central Intelligence Agency in its recruitment of
auditors for combating fraud does not hurt.
His services in providing technical training is much sought af-
ter continuously by numerous banks in the region, including
Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines
and Taiwan.
Tommys previous experience includes systems based audit-
ing in an American International Bank, where he was the Se-
nior Regional Auditor responsible for the Banks audit in the
Asia Pacifc region. He has also held the top executive posi-
tion of Chief of Internal Audit in a prime offshore bank where
his audit duties cover the Singapore and Hong Kong opera-
tions of the bank. He covers all areas of the banks audit of
operations and IT systems. He also has practical working ex-
perience in the Operations Department of a foreign bank.
Tommy is the author of 8 banking books including The Key
to Malaysian Financial Institutions Compliance & Economic
Crime Requirements Published Online by John Wiley : 5 JAN
2012 DOI: 10.1002/9781118269213.ch71. His publications has
received excellent review and frst class commendation from
some of the most authoritative professional certifcation body
& top rated banks in the world. His latest 2014 publication is
The Psychology of Fraud Understanding Gender Bias.
For the past thirty years, Tommy Seah has trained some of the
top banks and fnancial institutions in the region. In particular,
his expertise in SOX 404, AML and Basel II systems implemen-
tation is much sought after by fnancial institutions and banks
in Germany, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,
Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.
His prolifc training career has seen him trained over many
CFOs, Compliance Offcers, Auditors, Risk Managers, fraud
investigators, fnancial analysts, forex managers, IT Profes-
sional, legal counsels, private bankers and accountants.
Today, he is still a very much a hands on practitioner doing
Independent Third Party work for audit practice assurance,
compliance review & fraud investigation in the Asia Pacifc
Region. He is also a Certifed SOX Professional & appointed
as Professor of Economics of the CHINA Institute of Directors.