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Subject: RE: INSVU Training for 287g

We are aware the 2879 anniversary training andiiiiii~ ave already completed that training.

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Subject: FW: INSVU Training for 287g

LT, the training deadlines for FY09 Virtual University.

Please note the ones that are due on the anniv. of academy graduation. If you've already taken them
please advise.
Thanks ... (b)(6), (b)(7)(C)

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Here's some training for 287(g) officers required by Hal Since your heading up that department, I'm forwarding this
correspondence for your distribution. Thanks!

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Criminal Alien Program
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November 03 2008 1:29 PM

rainmg for 287g

Lee I Walter
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Just a quick follow up on the above subject The below list is from the Office and Training Development on mandatory
courses for the 287g folks to complete. All of these courses are located on the INSVU which I believe, they already have
access too. The deadlines listed for 08 will repeat for 2009. As of now, the 2009 versions have not been posted on the

If you or Lt. Cronise should have any questions, feel free to ask.

Authority Course Description Requirement Deadline

5 CFR930 Infonnation Training will Annual (fiscal year) May 31, 2009
DHS Policy Assurance reinforce computer training requirement
MDll053 Awareness security policies and . for all federal
Training (IAAT) guidelines to all employees and
(Formerly CSAT) Information contractors who
Technology users. access ICE
information systems.
DHS MD 11042.1 Securely Handling In the course of your Annual (fiscal year) January 31, 2009
ICE Sensitive But job duties, you training requirement
Unclassified For handle a variety of for all federal and
Official Use Only Sensitive but contract employees.
Information Unclassified (SBU) /
For Official Use
Only (FOUO)
information. It is
your responsibility to
protect this
information from
unauthorized access,
reproduction, and
destruction. The
processes that you
follow are dependent
upon the type,
sensitivity, statute
and regulation or
guidance, which
governs the

Section 287(g)(I)- This course reviews how the various 287(g) State and Local Annual
Refresher Training Refresher Training courses are structured and how Law Requirement
Course Navigation to navigate through the lesson screens. Enforcement -
Officers 1 year after
Section 287(g)(2) - This course reviews the actions mandated by the State and Local Annual
Orantes Injunction Orantes Injunction, which requires officers to Law Requirement
complete certain tasks when processing EI Enforcement -
Salvadorans. Officers 1 year after
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Section 287(g)(3) - This course reviews the international treaty State and Local Annual
Consular obligations and types of treaties held by the United Law Requirement
Notification and . States concerning people who are detained or Enforcement -
Access arrested outside of their home country. Consular Officers I year after
notification and access processes and related actions graduation
are addressed.
Section 287(g)(4) - This course reviews the issues, Board of State and Local Annual
Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) decisions, discussions, Law Requirement
Immigration Appeals and summary of findings for selected court cases. Enforcement -
(BIA) Decisions Officers 1 year after
Section 287(g)(5) - 1bis course reviews the new features made to the State and Local Annual
Revised DHSIUSCIS Employment Authorization DocumenVCard (BAD), Law Requirement
Documents DHSIUSCIS ADIT Stamp, and DHSIUSCIS Enforcement -
(including EAD, Permanent Resident Card (I-551) issued by the Officers 1 year after
ADIT Stamp, & 1- Department of Homeland Security (DRS). graduation
Section 287(g)(6)- This course reviews the terms, requirements, and State and Local Annual
Nonimmigrant documents for nonimmigrant entry into the United Law Requirement
Refresher Training States; alien applicants who are exempt from visa Enforcement -
and passport requirements; and nonimmigrant Officers 1 year after
classifications. graduation
Section 287(g)(7) - This course reviews the types of electronic State and Local Annual
Electronic Sources of information (Web sites and search engines) Law Requirement
Information available online. Enforcement -
Officers 1 year after
Section 287(g)(8)- This course reviews the provisions of the State and Local Annual
Stop Trafficking Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVP A); Law Requirement
Refresher Training the act of trafficking, traffickers, victims of Enforcement -
trafficking, and combat trafficking measures; the Officers 1 year after
difference between the acts of smuggling and graduation
trafficking of illegal aliens. and the various
trafficking enforcement functions performed by ICE


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