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Yamaha Board should always be ON PLEASE never TURN IT OFF!!!

Zoom in to see over view of the board first.
1) Using Scene Memory Up and Down arrow key scroll to Scene 003 and hit Recall Button.


2) make sure white ON button has orange light (to activate the Speakers)
Red fader controls’ front speakers and subwoofers.
Yellow fader controls the ceiling speakers.
3) EVERY channel’s that you want to use needs to have orange light ON (to activate the
Microphones) CUE light is for Monitor in the Master Control room only.

one you turn on CUE on each channel you still need to turn the MONITOR LEVEL knob to
adjust the volume.
4) MIX / Matrix
YOU MUST CLICK SEL button before changing anything on this menu.

(on the left) 1, 2, 3, 4 are Monitor Return controls to the stage.
13 is for effects for singers.

In order to send particular channel to the monitor, first click SEL button on particular
channel and then turn the knob in the MIX/Matrix 1, 2, 3, 4 to appropriate levels as
desired by the artist on the stage.

If you are looking at the stage starting from right to left we use Return 1, 2, 3 respectfully.

ALSO knob 13 on MIX/Matrix menu controls the effects on each particular channel.
SEL button must be ON , then turn the 13th knob to add effect to SELECTED channel.
5) to change Soft Patching inside the board to activate one of the other channel in unusual
case, that is not already programmed please refer to the following table to see the stage
MIC # to assign on the board to one of the fader.
Mic # Digital Patch # Usual Usage

Mic 1 SLOT 1-5

Mic 2 SLOT 1-6 Swami

Mic 3 SLOT 1-7 podium

Audio 1 SLOT 1-8

Mic 4 SLOT 1-9 Tabla

Mic 5 SLOT 1-10 Harmonium

Mic 6 SLOT 1-11 Main Singer

Mic 7 SLOT 1-12 Chorus

Mic 8 SLOT 1-13 Chorus

Mic 9 SLOT 1-14 Chorus

Audio 2 SLOT 1-15 Keyboard

Audio 3 SLOT 1-16 Keyboard

Mic 10 SLOT 2-1 Chorus

Mic 11 SLOT 2-2

Mic 12 SLOT 2-3

Audio 4 SLOT 2-4

Mic 13 SLOT 2-5

Mic 14 SLOT 2-6

Mic 15 SLOT 2-7

Mic 16 SLOT 2-8

Mic 17 SLOT 2-9

Mic 18 SLOT 2-10

Mic 19 SLOT 2-11

Audio 5 SLOT 2-12

Mic 20 SLOT 2-13

Mic 21 SLOT 2-14

Mic 22 SLOT 2-15

Audio 6 SLOT 2-16
In the following window we can see which patch is assigned to the fader on the board.
(click on that if desired to change the patch)
You will get the following window to pop up and click on the soft patch# again

Then you will get the following window and change the SOFT PATCH FROM the given Table of
before you leave please click ON button on Red and Yellow faders (so the Lights on them will be
off )

Here I have attached a Floor Diagram as its laid out on the stage.