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2nd Edition Player's Handbook Rles S!!le"ent
#$e Co"!lete %ook o& D'ar(es
Written by Jim Bambra
Edited by Doug Stewart
Illustrated in color by Brom, Clyde Caldwell, Larry Elmore and Keit !ar"inson
Illustrated in blac" and wite by Larry Elmore and Karl Waller
Ty#esetting by $aye %&Kee'e
Icons by Laurie (oc"ey

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Table o' Contents
Ca#ter 1< Te Creation o' Dwar3es
Ca#ter 6< Te Dwar' Subraces
/ill Dwar3es
=ountain Dwar3es
Dee# Dwar3es
Sundered Dwar3es
Duergar >$ray Dwar3es?
$ully Dwar3es
Ca#ter 9< (our Li'e as a Dwar'
Dwar' Clans
World *iew
Dwar3en Cra'ts
Dwar3es and /umor
)ttitudes Toward %ter Races
War to te Deat
Dwar3en /earts
Dwar3es& Diet
=usic and Singing
Ca#ter :< Caracter Creation
/ill Dwar3es
=ountain Dwar3es
Dee# Dwar3es
Sundered Dwar3es
$ully Dwar3es
)bility Score =odi'iers
%ter Caracteristics
Ca#ter 8< !ro'iciencies
)c@uiring !ro'iciencies
Wea#on !ro'iciencies and S#eciali4ation
+onwea#on !ro'iciency $rou#s
+onwea#on !ro'iciencies
Dwar3en Detection !ro'iciencies
Ca#ter A< Dwar' Kits
TeCom#osition o' te Kits
Warrior Kits
)nimal =aster
)5e .or /ire
/eart $uard
Ra#id Res#onse Rider
!riest Kits
Cra'ts !riests
Ritual !riest
WarriorB!riest Kits
Tem#le $uard
Tie' Kits
!est Controller
WarriorBTie' Kits
$etto .igter
*ermin Slayer
Ca#ter ;< Role !laying and !ersonalities
Te Dwar3en !ersonalities
Te Decadent
Te $lory See"er
Te $rumbler
Te /oarder
Te %#timist
Te !aragon
Te !obic
Te !ragmatist
Te Statesman
Ca#ter C< =ining
Conducting a Sur3ey
=ine !roducts
Duality o' =ine
Ty#es o' =ines
E5ca3ating a Tunnel =ine
!laying %ut a =ine
%3erseeing =ining %#erations
Ca#ter 2< E@ui#ment
+ew Wea#ons
TwoEanded Battle )5e
Close Combat Wea#ons
/ead S#i"e
Knee and Elbow S#i"es
$lo3e +ail
Cain .lail
War =acines
%rc =aser
Ca#ter 17< Dwar' Strongolds
Designing Dwar' Strongolds
Te Strongold o' Ba44a"ra"
Ca#ter 11< Designing
Dwar' Cam#aigns
Creating a /istory
Te Im#ortance o' =yt
Te Im#ortance o' te $ods
Te Races o' te World
Wars and Con'licts
Cam#aign En3ironments
Creating +ew Kits
Design Seets
Dwar' Strongold Design Seet
Dwar' Caracter Kit Design Seet
Com#lete Dwar' Warrior&s
Caracter Seet
Com#lete Dwar' !riest&s
Caracter Seet
Com#lete Dwar' Tie'&s
Caracter Seet
Com#lete Dwar'&s
Caracter Seet >Bac"?
Balor te /ill Dwar' Introduces te Dwar3es
Dwarves are the greatest race ever created by the gods. We are far superior to the
pansy elves, smelly goblins, dirty orcs, and misshapen humans. Dwarves are perfectly
shaped, solid and strong, like the stones that form our dwellings. Our skins are the color
of the earth, our hair and beards are of the finest hue and texture imaginable.
Dwarves are more than just an attractive race. Imbued with unchanging attitudes
and steadfastness, we do not waver, even in the face of great adversity. Well suited to our
lives underground, we can see in the dark and detect underground dangers and pitfalls.
Our craftsmen have created the finest cities and buildings in the world. Our bridges and
high vaulted chambers are wonders to behold, with a strength and permanence of form
that other races have never duplicated.
We have no fear of magic. We shake off its effects as easily as we slay the goblins
who lurk in the dark. We are impervious to poisons and noxious substances that would
kill those of lesser races. uch is our vigor that even cursed weapons fail to possess us,
for our inherent vitality is invincible.
Dwarves are also great warriors, well disciplined, and organi!ed into armies that
strike fear into evil monsters everywhere. Our combat skills against the filthy dark
dwellers are beyond "uestion. It is a particularly stupid goblin, pig#faced orc, or
brainless hobgoblin who does not "uake with fear at the sound of dwarven boots. Our
battle axes have drunk deeply of the blood of such creatures, our hammers have smashed
thousands of their skulls. We will continue until there are none left to kill. $hat is not an
idle boast, it is an oath.
%et we are a peaceful people. We do not seek war, nor do we steal from others.
$hose are the actions of other, less honorable races. We see to our own and those who
attempt to steal that which is ours will die. $hat is not a threat, it is the way of the dwarf.
If you do not wish to feel our wrath, leave us alone.
Dwar3es )s (ou Know Tem
Te &onstrous 'ompendium(, *olumes %ne and Two, discussed ill and
mountain dwar3es, and te duergar >gray dwar3es?F were tey li3e, teir a##earance,
combat abilities, 'riends, enemies, and ow tey 3iew te world0
Te )D*)+CED D,+$E%+S - DR)$%+SG 6nd Edition )layer*s +andbook
and Dungeon &aster*s ,uide introduced metods o' creating dwar' caracters0 $he
'omplete -ook of Dwarves e5#ands te sco#e o' #re3ious te5ts by ma"ing a3ailable new
subraces o' dwar3es and by #ro3iding new rules 'or #layers and D=s0 )ll o' te new
in'ormation is directed s#eci'ically to dwar' caracters0
Dwar3es )s (ou Will Know Tem
!layer carecters a3e usually been ill dwar3es0 +ow you will be able to coose
'rom si5 subraces o' dwar3es0 In addition to ill, mountain, and duergar, tree oter ty#es
o' dwar3es are introduced in tis boo"< dee#, gully, and sundered dwar3es0 Wile tese
a3e a##eared in oter )D-D game #roducts, tey are made a3ailable ere wit te
same attention to detail tat te ill dwar3es were gi3en in te )layer*s +andbook0 Eac
o' te si5 subraces o' dwar3es as its own s#ecial ad3antages and limitations, wic
ma"e te caracters uni@ue and 'un to #lay0
%our .ife as a Dwarf e5amines te social organi4ations o' te dwar3es and te
cra'ts clans0 It describes a ty#ical 'amily and details dwar' education0
Caracter "its a3e been #re3iously introduced wit tis series0 Tey enlarge te
basic caracter classes o' warrior, tie', and #riest0 $he 'omplete -ook of Dwarves
#resents 6: new "its created es#ecially 'or dwar' caracters, including se3en "its
designed e5clusi3ely 'or use by multiEclass caracters0 Kits li"e animal master, a5e 'or
ire, and eart guard greatly e5#and te "inds o' caracters tat can be #layed0
In Ca#ter ;, #layers will 'ind use'ul ints on #laying ty#ical, and not so ty#ical,
caracters0 (ou will also 'ind e5tensi3e in'ormation on te bac"ground and strongold o'
your caracter, in Ca#ter 110 Dwar' strongolds are not merely 'ortresses, but omes
and wor" #laces as well0 Some strongolds may not e3en be 'orti'ied, but dwar3es will
always re'er to teir ome as a strongold0 It is a matter o' racial #ride and a warning tat
a dwar'&s ome is well de'ended0
D=s will 'ind te e5#anded in'ormation in3aluable in 'itting dwar' caracters
into teir cam#aign worlds0 Weter dwar3es are a dominant race or Hust a #eo#le li3ing
in isolation under te eart, tere are #lenty o' suggestions and ideas 'or strongolds and
ad3enture settings0

Te 'omplete )layer*s +andbook Series
Te 'omplete -ook of Dwarves com#lements te oter boo"s in te series0 Tese
andboo"s contain in'ormation use'ul to dwar' caracters and tere is a wide range o'
caracter classes to coose 'rom0 Te 'omplete )riest*s +andbook, wit its descri#tions
o' dwar' religions and o#tional rules 'or #riests, is #articularly recommended0 )lso
recommended are te 'omplete /ighter*s and 'omplete $hief*s +andbooks 'or teir new
combat o#tions, wea#on s#eciali4ations, tie' abilities, and tie3es& guilds0 )ll tree o'
tese boo"s are indis#ensable to D=s and #layers wit dwar' caracters0
Te 'omplete -ook of Dwarves is s#eci'ically targeted to dwar3es ad3enturing in
teir own societies and #ro3ides e5tensi3e bac"ground in'ormation on dwar' cultures,
society, creation myts, and cam#aign settings0
Li"e te oter boo"s in tis series, te rules #resented in tis boo" are o#tional0
)ltoug te oter boo"s in tis series are use'ul tey are not essential0 )ll you need to
use tis boo" are the )layer*s +andbook and te Dungeon &aster*s,uide0
I' you use te 'omplete -ook of Dwarves wit te original )D-DG game,
instead o' te )D-D 6nd Edition game, be aware tat te re'erences re'er to )D-D 6nd
Edition boo"s0 !layers using older boo"s will need to ignore some o' tese0 In most
cases, te rele3ant material will be 'ound in te inde5 or table o' contents0
.inally, many o' te rules #resented in tis boo" de#end u#on te use o' wea#on
and nonwea#on #ro'iciencies described in te )layer*s +andbook0 I' you a3e not been
using tese #ro'iciences in your cam#aign, we igly recommend tat you 'amiliari4e
yoursel' wit tem and introduce tem into your game0
Ca#ter 1< Te Creation o' Dwar3es
Recorded by =ara", $oldenE/ammer, son o' Jarda", /ammer o' te %rcs
In the age before the beginning of time there were no dwarves, elves, or humans
and the world was not yet made. Only the 0ternal /orge existed, in the +ome of the
&aker, in the 'averns of the 0verlasting /lame. Into the 0ternal /orge the &aker placed
stone and fire. 1s the fire heated the stone it expanded, and rivers of molten ore ran from
the interior of the stone, flowing along its sides. With tongs and hammer the &aker
forged the world. +e struck and titanic mountains rose from the surface2 again, and hills
formed, leaving deep valleys and great hollows.
When he was pleased with its shape and form, he "uenched the world in the
$rough of .ife. 1s the water struck the surface, clouds of steam rose to form the sky. $he
waters of the $rough settled in valleys and flowed into the hollows to become seas.
$he &aker held up his work and saw that it was fitting. +e set the world upon a
great pinnacle of the finest mithril, and there it remains until this day.
$he &aker laughed and decided to test his world. +e would make a race of
miners and forgers and they would strive to find the mithril pinnacle upon which the
world rests, deep in its heart.
1nd so the &aker returned to the 0ternal /orge in the 'averns of the 0verlasting
/lame. $aking water from the $rough of .ife and stone from the earth he held them
together. When he was satisfied, he added molten iron to strengthen it. +e gathered this
fine alloy and shaped it on the 1nvil of pirit. $o assist him, the &aker created the gods.
+e beat them into their shapes. .ike him, the gods were broad and stocky, with fine, long
beards of rusty#red iron or shimmering mithral.
$hen he "uenched them in the $rough of .ife so that they, like the world, could
take part of its life#giving waters. One by one he lifted them up and blew on them. $heir
eyes opened and they lived.
$he &aker had forged the gods from the elements of the earth, but his work was
not yet finished. +e took the ,ods of 'rafts and taught them how to make things that
would please him2 he taught the ,od of /ire to burn and to fan the flames of life. +e
taught the ,ods of the 0lements the use of their powers. +e revealed to them all the place
of the gods in the world.
$hen the &aker took rock and iron and heated them in the 0ternal /orge. +e
forged the most pleasing shapes. $hese he took and "uenched in the $rough of .ife, and
so the first dwarves were created.
0ach of the gods then took one of the dwarves and revealed to him the secrets
imparted by the &aker. -ut to /rar, the /ather of Dwarves, the first 3ing, the &aker
himself spoke. +e told /rar of the mithril pinnacle and gave him the gift of wisdom to
rule his people. 1nd so the /irst Dwarves came into the world in full knowledge of their
arts and crafts.
Once the /irst Dwarves had learned these things, the &aker placed them in a
land he had chosen for them on the earth, into the mines and caverns he had created for
their entertainment and their joy. In these sacred caverns the /irst Dwarves multiplied
and prospered, but some became restless and went in search of greater riches. $hese
were ,lordin 1nvil /orger, son of -ardin +ammer -eater. . .

Te original te5t continues wit a catalog o' genealogies0 )s we resume te
narrati3e, a tousand years a3e #assed, and dwar'"ind as e5#anded troug te 3alleys
and mountains o' te land0

1fter the /irst Dwarves had been laid in their tombs, -light came into the world.
$he god of 0vil nursed a dark and ancient envy of the &aker*s creation of the dwarves. In
cheerless caverns, which knew not the glow of dwarves* hearts, he labored to imitate the
maker. ,oblins, hobgoblins, evil giants, and other monsters he made, and dreamed that
they would destroy the dwarves. In imitation of the &aker he labored, but he lacked the
true water from the $rough of .ife to mix with the stone and to make clean clay. 1nd so
they were tainted with his impurities.
4ot content to work his own will, his twisted tongue sowed discontent among the
gods. 1 few began, like him, to imitate the &aker. o it was that elves, gnomes, halflings,
and humans came into the world. -ut these races lacked the iron that had been forged
into every dwarf*s soul, they were sickly and pale to behold. $o compensate for their
deficiencies, the god of 0vil bestowed magic. +e had overlooked dwarven resistance to
his evil, so it was used by other races against themselves.
$hen did the god of 0vil send his creatures against the dwarves. $he monsters
were driven back many times, yet they bred "uickly and returned again and again in ever
increasing numbers.
4ow at this time the lesser races spread over the world above, and they learned of
the wealth of the dwarves. 1nd so, men and elves began to covet the dwarves* jewels and
mineral wealth. ome sought to trade, others lied and used treachery to ac"uire dwarven
treasures. 1n alliance of men and elves formed against the dwarves and they brought war
to the mountain homes. $hus were the great gates of the dwarf kingdoms closed and the
stone halls sealed from the evil of those beneath the sun.
$he lesser races, not content to leave the dwarves in peace, began to dig into the
earth, but knew naught of its ways. $heir folly awakened the dragons.
$he dragons rose in the fury of broken sleep demanding tribute, but the lesser
races could not satisfy their greed. $hey appeased the dragons with tales of dwarven
gold, and told them that the mining of the dwarves had disturbed their slumber. $hose
who had traded with dwarves told what they had learned of the secrets of their realms.
1nd so the dragons came to our ancestral halls and blew in the gates. pitting fire, they
slew many. $hose who survived fled their inheritance into the world above.
ince that day new homes have been created and we give thanks to the &aker for
our increased wealth. -ut prophecy says that one day the caverns of the /irst Dwarves
will be reclaimed. $hen will we be free from the attacks of monsters and the ways of elves
and humans.
I, &arak ,olden#+ammer, son of 5ardak, +ammer of the Orcs, son of &akktat
0lf#layer0 0 0
Te te5t again is gi3en o3er to genealogies be'ore ending wit =ara" $oldenE
/ammer&s seal0
Te Creation o' te World
Dwar3es are a longEli3ed race, 987 years on a3erage, and so tey are closer to te
creation o' te world tan sorter li3ed races, suc as umans0 Dwar3es a3e a clear idea
o' ow tey and te world came into e5istence and tis in turn a''ects ow tey see
temsel3es, te world, and oter races0 =any are te myts o' creation0 Te Scrolls o'
+ar3il, muc debated, describe creation as an accident0

1fter the 'reator had forged the world and made the dwarves, he became weary
and slept. ome .esser ,ods, jealous of the 'reator*s skill, bound him as he slept. $hey
heated the ,reat /orge to make races in their own likenesses, men, and elves. $hese they
placed upon the world.
-ut they fell to arguing among themselves over which part of the world should be
given to their peoples. $he clamor of dispute woke the 'reator who saw what they had
done and became angry. -ut they laughed at him and bound him fast and swore he would
never be released.
$hey fueled the fire of the 0ternal /orge and continued to work. +owever, they
did not know how to control the ,reat /orge and it became too hot. ,reat globules of
molten stone flew into the air and fell to the earth. 1s they fell, the 'reator breathed on
them to cool them so that his people would not be injured. $he force of his breath gave
life to the molten fragments and these became dragons.
1nd so, of all the creatures of the earth, only the dwarves and the dragons were
made by the 'reator. Dwarves by the skill of his hands, and dragons by the power of his

Te idea o' a 'orge to create te world and its #eo#le is a ty#ical dwar3en myt0
=ara" and +ar3il sare te myt, toug tey name it di''erently0 =ara" s#ea"s o' a
=a"er and +ar3il o' a Creator0 Dwar3es in di''erent #arts o' te world will a3e
contrasting 3iews o' te creation myt, in 'ar "ingdoms e3en contradictory 3iews0
Some migt belie3e te world was an accident, a #iece o' roc" tat was ci##ed
away 'rom a greater one by te blow o' a ammer or oter 'orce, and became se#arated
'rom it, and de3elo#ed on its own0
Te creation story is normally #art o' a greater cycle o' creation, in wic te
world is created only to be ra3aged, but ultimately sa3ed, as +ar3il 'oretold<

$he 'reator tried to break his bonds, but they were too secure. +e argued with
the .esser ,ods but they would not listen. 6%ou cannot rule the world unless you can
work the forge,6 he warned.
ometimes when the forge became too hot or too cold, he gave the .esser ,ods
advice, 6add more air6, 6use less fuel6. $hey laughed at him for his weakness in telling
the secrets of the forge. 1gain he warned7 6One day, the forge will burn beyond your
control and the world will be seared by the heat of its flames. $hen you shall free me or
all will perish, even we. $hen will I bring justice to the world you have abused. 1nd my
people shall be saved from your waging of war.6

%ter myts e5ist0 $ully dwar' #riests belie3e te world was swallowed by a
giant monster, digested, and later re'ormed0
=any 'oretell te destruction o' all witin te world0 Some tell o' a world ra3aged
by dragons wo burned away all li'e wit teir 'iery breats0 %nly te races li3ing dee#
witin te world sur3i3ed0 Dwar3es, orcs, and goblins, #rotected in teir subterranean
omes, esca#ed te wrat o' te dragons0
Di''erent mytical belie's may cause 'riction between dwar3es and oter races
and e3en among te dwar3es temsel3es0 =ost mountain dwar3es sun umans and
belie3e in te @uest 'or mitral, te metal o' uncon@uerable wea#ons0 Ir3a", a mountain
dwar' teacer, tells cildren wy0

-eware the ways of man. +e is greedy and avaricious beyond understanding. +e
seeks to possess wealth and riches, but most of all power over others. It is our duty to
resist the mad lust of humankind to dominate other races. 4ot all men are evil, but the
worst are their leaders who lead them into wars against us. It is written that only through
the power of mithral can we protect our halls.

Tis mountain dwar' credo is reHected by (a"ir, a gully dwar' #riest0

.earn to accept the ways of humans, we have no other choice. If a man kicks you,
keep out of reach of his boot. If he spits at you, it will not break your bones. We breed
slowly and must protect our numbers. If we fight mankind, they will eventually kill us all.
1void wealth and riches, but if you must have treasure, hide it well in a filthy place where
none would guess to look. 1lways avoid mithril and those who bear it. It is so precious
that men are driven cra!y with desire.
Wat is te WorldI
To most dwar3es te world is made u# o' te dar" #laces underground0 Te lands
abo3e are strange and remote0 )lmost certainly tey would a3e been 'ormed or sa#ed
by te gods o' oter lands0 =ost dwar3es belie3e tat te world is made u# o' a number
o' #arts created 'or di''erent #eo#les0 Dwar3es were gi3en te dee# eart as teir own,
el3es te 'orests, al'lings te 'ieldsF eac in teir own #lace0
=any belie3e tat te wole world was originally gi3en to te dwar3es0 Teir
legends contain tales o' ow #arts o' te world were ta"en away by oter gods wen tey
created te oter races0
.ew dwar3es could a3e any real "nowledge o' te sa#e o' te sur'ace o' te
world and teir subterranean li3es a3e caused tem to de3elo# some 3ery strange
belie's< worlds sa#ed li"e a globe, an egg, a 'lattened dis", a Hagged roc" wit a central
#innacle and e3en a great de#ression in te eart, among tem0
=any legends are concerned wit te de#t o' te eart0 =any dee# dwar3es
belie3e tat it is #ossible to tunnel so 'ar down tat te diggers emerge troug te
bottom o' te world0 Teir #riests and sages argue incessantly as to wat lies at te
bottom o' te word0 Some claim tat only em#ty s#ace e5ists beneat te world0 =ost
dee# dwar' miners belie3e tat te world rests on a s#i"e o' gold tat will one day ma"e
tem ric beyond e3en dwar3en dreams o' a3arice0 Some duergar religions #roclaim tat
te world rests on teir dwar3is e@ui3alent o' ell and, i' tey dug troug to it, tey
would gain te aid o' te e3il creatures wo dwell tere0 Wit te aid o' tese allies, te
duergar would destroy all wo o##ose tem0
Some tin" te world is a li3ing organism or an intricate macine tat needs
care'ul maintenance i' it is to continue0 Tey belie3e eac race was created to loo" a'ter
its #art o' te world, te dwar3es caring 'or te underground realms0
Wat )re te Celestial Lam#sI
Dwar3es may a3e been created underground, but sooner or later tey emerged
into te world abo3e0 )t tat #oint tey wondered about te ligts mo3ing in te s"y, and
wat te sun was0 Te dwar3es com#ared tese celestial bodies to 'ire beetles or brigt
gems rater tan natural #enomena0 +ar3il&s scrolls e@uate te sun wit te bla4ing
'lames sooting 'rom te cimney o' te $reat .orge0

1fter their arguments, the .esser ,ods grew weary and slept. $he 'reator, bound
and tied, remained vigilant. $hrough the night he watched the ,reat /orge slowly cool.
When the flames were almost extinguished, and all was dark, he blew on the embers to
light the fire. 8ed embers and fresh flames blew up the chimney of the forge and created
the /irst Dawn.

Te ea3ens are inter#reted di''erently by %rEKa4il, te gemEmaster and mystic
wo caugt te ligt o' te sun and #laced it in te gems o' )rbir0 %n te stone o' is all
is an inscri#tion0 Te di''icult te5t is a master#iece o' dwar3en #oetry0

/ear is the sun. $he light. 'arried by the watchman in daily traverse.
,reat is the light of his torch. It conceals his presence.
/ear is the moon. Its ghostly light. ,ray scarred surface, a spoiled gem.
-ring me a jewel from the night sky. One that twinkles in the watchman*s light as
he walks behind the world.
et it upon my tomb.
Te Dwar3en $ods
In one creation myt te gods were made by te =a"er into sa#es e 'ound
#leasing0 In oter creation tales all gods descend 'rom a common ancestor, and a3e since
multi#lied0 Eac god, at is birt, cose is own 'orm to be su#erior, ten created a race
in is own image0 Te gods mated wit teir creations to ma"e oter gods, wic ten
too" teir #lace in te #anteon0
Tales abound o' racial eroes ele3ated to godood 'or great deeds or leading
e5em#lary li3es0 )ncestor worsi# tri3es among tese eroes& descendants0
Te Dwar3en )'terli'e
Li"e umans and oter races, dwar3es a3e teir own 3iew o' te a'terli'e0 Te
maHority o' dwar' warriors and #riests e5#ect to Hourney to some great all o' eroes to
wait 'or te day wen tey will be called u#on to 'igt teir enemies once again0 Cra't
oriented dwar3es loo" 'orward to an a'terli'e o' ard wor" and oter #leasures0 Te more
#essimistic religions e3en claim tat no a'terli'e e5ists0 Tey do, owe3er, say tat a
dwar' can gain immortality by lea3ing stories o' is deeds, or by creating su#erior
Ca#ter 6< Te Dwar' Subraces
Basic in'ormation on dwar3es can be 'ound in te )layer*s +andbook0 Tis
ca#ter #ro3ides additional material about ill, mountain, sundered, dee#, duergar, and
gully dwar3es0 Te di''erences between tem may a3e been #art o' teir creation or may
a3e e3ol3ed o3er tousands o' years o' ard li3ing0
Te 'ollowing descri#tions are #ro3ided as bac"ground only, not de'initi3e
guidelines0 )ltoug eac subrace is gi3en an alignment, indi3iduals may a3e teir own
alignments0 Similarly, te subrace does not de#end on location0 =ountain dwar3es may
be 'ound li3ing at de#ts normally associated wit dee# dwar3es0 )ltoug tey li3e at
suc de#ts, tey are mountain dwar3es, not dee# dwar3es0
Ca#ter : describes adHustments to attributes and e5#erience le3els 'or eac ty#e
o' dwar'0 /ere we are concerned wit origins, a##earance, and te social and
#sycological di''erences between te subraces0
/ill Dwar3es
/ill dwar3es li3e in areas o' rolling ills0 Teir strongolds are #rimarily located
underground, toug tey 're@uently a3e out#osts on te sur'ace0
) ty#ical ill dwar' stands : 'eet tall and weigs about 187 #ounds0 /e is stoc"y
and muscular0 /is s"in is a dee# tan or ligt brown in color and e as ruddy cee"s and
brigt eyes0 /is air could be blac", gray, or brown0 /e 'a3ors dar", somber, eartEtoned
clotes, and wears little Hewelry0
/ill dwar3es are te most common dwar3es0 Tey a3e ada#ted well to li'e abo3e
and below ground0 Tey claim tat tey a3e always li3ed in te ills, but tey may a3e
migrated tere eiter by tra3eling abo3e ground, or 3ia underground #assages0 I' by
sur'ace tra3el, tey are #robably descended 'rom mountain dwar3es0
Te alignment o' te ill dwar3es is usually law'ul good, but tere is no reason
tey cannot be o' anoter alignment0 So long as te maHority o' remain law'ul good,
strongolds o' caotic, neutral, or e3il dwar3es will not unbalance a cam#aign and will
gi3e it more 'la3or and 3ariety0
=ountain Dwar3es
Tese dwar3es li3e beneat te mountains0 Teir strongolds are usually isolated
and tey a3e little contact wit oter races0 =ountain dwar3es tend to li"e teir #ri3acy
and acti3ely discourage 3isitors to teir strongolds0
) ty#ical mountain dwar' is, on a3erage, :6 'eet tall and weigs about 1;7
#ounds0 /is air is a ligter sade tan is ill cousin&s, and is s"in is sligtly more red
in color0
=ountain dwar3es claim tat tey are te 'irst dwar3es and all oter dwar3es are
descended 'rom tem0 Tey are wary o' ill dwar3es because o' teir closer dealings wit
umans, el3es, and oter races0 Tey are clannis and "ee# to temsel3es0 Te maHority
are o' law'ul good alignment0
Dee# Dwar3es
Dee# dwar3es li3e 'ar beneat te sur'ace o' te eart0 Tey may always a3e
li3ed tere, or tey may a3e gone dee# underground to esca#e a dread'ul cataclysm,
marauding monsters, or #era#s were dri3en downward by mountain or ill dwar3es0
Dee# dwar3es a3erage : 'eet to :6 'eet tall and weig about 167 #ounds0 Tey are
large boned, but leaner tan oter dwar3es0 Teir s"in 3aries 'rom #ale brown to ligt tan,
and o'ten carries a reddis tinge0 Teir eyes are large, but witout te seen o' teir
sur'ace cousinsF in color, a wasedEout blue0 /air color ranges 'rom 'lame red to straw
blond0 Te 'emales wear teir beards long, unli"e oter dwar' women >wo are ty#ically
Dee# dwar3es a3e little or no contact wit te sur'ace0 It is too 'ar 'or tem to
tra3el to te world abo3e0 Tey may be on 'riendly terms wit ill and mountain dwar3es,
or tey may arbor a grudge against tem0 Tey may a3oid tem because tey consider
tem tainted by te in'luence o' oter races0
.re@uently neutral in alignment, dee# dwar3es may also be law'ul good or law'ul
neutral0 Tey are Hust as conser3ati3e as ill or mountain dwar3es, and consider
temsel3es to be te sole re#ositories o' dwar3en culture0
Sundered Dwar3es
,nli"e most dwar3es, sundered dwar3es li3e on te sur'ace0 %nce ill or
mountain dwar3es, tey were cut o'' 'rom teir "in and traditional ways o' li'e0 Were
dee# dwar3es went downward, sundered dwar3es were 'orced onto te sur'ace0
Tey may a3e been dri3en tere by 3olcanoes or eart@ua"es tat sattered teir
subterranean omes, or #era#s by orcs or dragons0 .inding no sa'e a3en underground,
tey were 'orced abo3e0 Some may e3en a3e cosen to abandon teir omes and gi3e u#
te subterranean li'e0
%3er te centuries sundered dwar3es ada#ted as best tey could, but abandoning
teir natural abitat as ta"en its toll0 Tey a3e lost muc o' teir racial #ride, and tend
to be a miserable and dirty #eo#le0 Tey a3e de3elo#ed an irrational #obia o' dar"
#laces, yet are uncom'ortable under te o#en s"y, in rain, and wit most sur'ace
Sundered dwar3es may be 'ound li3ing among oter races0 Tey may ma"e u# te
maHority o' te inabitants in a getto, or small grou#s o' tem may be 'ound li3ing or
ad3enturing wit oter races0
)ltoug teir traditional omes are gone, sundered dwar3es continue to 'ollow
te cra'ts, es#ecially mining and smiting0 Tey will wor" 'or umans or el3es0
Wit a eigt o' :6 to 8 'eet, a ty#ical sundered dwar' is sligtly taller tan a
mountain dwar', but e is o' slimmer build, weiging about 188 #ounds0 /is s"in is
usually ligter tan a ill dwar'&s, more #in" tan brown0 /is air is dar" wit tinges o'
blue0 Stronger tan oter dwar3es, tey gain a J1 bonus to Strengt in caracter
Sundered dwar3es are usually law'ul neutral in alignment0 Teir society retains its
traditional law'ul organi4ation, but is more concerned wit maintaining its laws tan
ensuring tat all citi4ens sare in its bene'its0
Duergar >$ray Dwar3es?
Duergar, or gray dwar3es, li3e dee# underground, sometimes below te dee#
dwar3es0 Tey rarely 3enture abo3e ground, 'inding it #ain'ul, e5ce#t during ea3ily
o3ercast days or at nigt0 Te ligt does not cause tem damage, but it does a''ect teir
ability to see clearly0
) ty#ical duergar is : 'eet tall and weigs 167 #ounds0 Emaciated, tey #ossess
#asty s"ins and wite or dull gray beards0 =en and women may be bald, and tose wo
are not usually sa3e teir eads0
=ost duergar are law'ul e3il wit neutral tendencies0 %ter dwar3es 'ind teir
ways re#ulsi3e0 Duergar war on oter dwar' races, and sometimes e3en Hoin 'orces wit
orcs and oter e3il races to raid dwar' strongolds0
Tey 're@uently com#ete wit dee# dwar3es 'or li3ing s#ace and minerals0
,sually te duergar are bested in suc struggles0 Conse@uently, numerous duergar
strongolds are e5ce#tionally #oor, a3ing been dri3en into areas reHected by oters0 In
some cases, owe3er, tis may a3e been to teir ad3antage and may a3e led tem to te
disco3ery o' idden subterranean wealt tat tey could secretly ac@uire0
Duergar may at one time a3e li3ed wit oter dwar3es be'ore tey were dri3en
into te dee# 'or teir worsi# o' e3il gods0 Tey may a3e been created by te e3il gods
to balance te races o' law'ul good dwar3es0 I' tat is te case, tey will a3e a di3ine
mission to eradicate or ensla3e all dwar3es o' good alignment0
E3en toug teir society is e3il, tey still retain many o' te social structures o'
ill and mountain dwar3es0 Tey are clan based, but teir cra'ts are usually in'erior to
tose o' oter dwar3es0
$ully Dwar3es
$ully dwar3es are te most degenerate o' all te dwar' races0 Lac"ing any racial
#ride, tey ma"e 3irtues o' cowardice, 'ilt, witlessness, and dirty tric"s0 Tey li3e in
abandoned strongolds, uman 3illages, or in old mines and ca3es, in sewers, re'use
dum#s, or te slums o' larger towns and cities0 El3es will not tolerate teir de#ra3ity0
)n a3erage gully dwar' is : 'eet tall and weigs only 177 #ounds0 /e is more
slender tan ill or mountain dwar3es and as tin 'ingers0 It is a status symbol 'or a
gully dwar' to a3e a large #ot belly 'or it dis#lays is s"ill as a sca3enger0
S"in ranges in color 'rom oli3e brown to ligt yellow, reminiscent o' old
#arcment0 It is o'ten ard to determine a gully dwar'&s s"in color, owe3er, because o'
te tic" layers o' dirt, scar tissue, boils, and scabs co3ering is s"in0
Teir beards and air range 'rom a dirty blond to a dull, indeterminate color0
.emale gully dwar3es a3e airy cee"s, but no beards0 Te eyes o' bot se5es are dull
and li'eless, 3arying in color 'rom watery blue troug green to a4el0
$ullys are renowned 'or being stu#id and obno5ious0 In s#ite o' tis tey a3e
ig o#inions o' temsel3es and ta"e temsel3es 3ery seriously0 Tey consider oter
dwar3es to be Ku##ityK and Kstuc" u# warts0K $ully dwar3es will lie, steal, bully, and
ceat eac oter and e3ery oter race tey encounter0 I' attac"ed, tey gro3el, wine, run
away, or do wate3er it ta"es to a3oid inHury0 I' combat cannot be a3oided tey will 'igt
al'Eeartedly, usually wit teir eyes closed0
Because gully dwar3es li3e in #laces tat e3en orcs consider unattracti3e, tey
a3e 'ew racial enemies0 Sca3enging most o' teir e@ui#ment 'rom te Hun" ea#s o'
oter races, teir KwealtK does not tem#t oters0 Carrion crawlers a3e been "nown to
turn u# teir tentacles rater tan eat a gully dwar'0
Were do tey come 'romI %ter dwar3es claim tey are a cruel Hest #layed by
te gods on a miscie3ous strongold o' dwar3es0 +ar3il belie3es tat tey are outcasts
'rom a strongold wo later bred and in'ested te world0 !era#s tey are te result o'
cross breeding between dwar3es and gnomes, or dwar3es and goblins0 Tey may e3en
a3e been te result o' a 3ile e5#eriment by an e3il wi4ard0 +o one "nows 'or sure, least
o' all te gullys temsel3es0
Tey are always treated wit contem#t, altoug tey may be em#loyed to
#er'orm menial tas"s0 Encla3es o' gully dwar3es could e5ist in most strongolds were
tey would be little better tan sla3es0
$ully dwar3es are o'ten o' caotic neutral alignment, but tis di3erse #eo#le may
be o' any alignment0

Ca#ter 9< (our Li'e as a Dwar'
Tis ca#ter e5amines te li'estyle o' te dwar3es, te organi4ation o' te clans,
and te 'amily, te smallest unit o' dwar' social organi4ation0
Te clans are te basis o' dwar' society0 ) 'ew dwar3es 'ollow #ro'essions tat set
tem a#art, but tey are in'luenced by mainstream dwar' society, its 3alues and
structures, toug tey may no longer 'ollow tese0
Dwar' Clans
$aret, a uman mercant, on te dwar' clans<
$he dwarves are a close knit bunch, all right. &ake no mistake, entire families
carrying out the same trade. It*s almost unheard of for one of them to take up a different
trade from that of their clan. $hey like to keep things in the family. &ost of them don*t
differentiate between their clan and their guild.
$he dwarves like to keep things tightly regulated. 0very product has a fixed price
and a time assigned to making it.
$rying to bargain with them is like trying to batter down one of their strongholds
with your head. 4o give and take. 4o matter how many of them you try to deal with, the
price is always the same. $ake it or leave it. It*s the worst kind of restrictive trade. Worse
than we had *round here before the government stopped it.
till, I*ll say one thing for them, you know you*re getting "uality goods every time.
$hey never try to sell you anything shoddy or of inferior "uality. It*s a matter of pride for
Dwar' clans are 'amily grou#s tat are all related to one anoter0 )ll te members
o' a clan trace teir lineage bac" to a common ancestor0 Tis could be te 'ounder o' a
strongold, but it may go bac" only as 'ar as te #re3ious generation0
Eac clan s#eciali4es in a #articular cra't or s"ill< blac"smiting, mining, and
wea#onsmiting are e5am#les0
Di''erent clans usually li3e close to eac oter so tat tey can trade s"ills among
temsel3es0 Te relationsi#s between clans are com#licated and interde#endent0 Te
blac"smit clan needs to eat, so tey trade wit ba"ers and butcers0
=ost clans are concerned wit te manu'acture o' goods and ser3ices0 Tey lo3e
to create tings 'rom raw material, and deligt in te wor"ing o' stone and metal0 Tere
are clans tat s#eciali4e in military and #olitical acti3ities0 =ilitary clans include
s#ecialists, suc as /eart $uards, )nimal =asters, and Sar#sooters0 ) #olitical clan is
usually res#onsible 'or go3erning te strongold and com#rises te "ing&s or ruler&s own
'amily, #lus oter ig born dwar3es0 Tese dwar3es a3e undergone long
a##renticesi#s in teir cosen trade and are e5#erts0 Li"e oter dwar3es, tey are
con3inced tat tey are always rigt0 Tey tend to be argumentati3e wit outsiders, e3en
wit #olitical 'amilies 'rom oter strongolds0
In maHor strongolds, eac clan #ractices its own cra't0 In smaller ones, a clan
may #ractice a number o' cra'ts0 %ut o' #re'erence, dwar3es #ractice one cra't only, and
tat one s"ill may be oned to a iger le3el tan would be #ossible i' two, tree or 'our
s"ills were #racticed0
Dwar' #riests are drawn 'rom all te clans in a strongold and may be te only
dwar3es wo are not tied closely to teir clans0 =any #riestoods, li"e tose concerned
wit arts and cra'ts, are a #art o' teir clans and closed to all oters0 Te #riests wo
ser3e te blac"smit&s god, 'or e5am#le, are te s#iritual leaders o' tat clan0
Clans and $uilds
Te clans are regulated by guilds tat legislate all matters o' trade0 $uilds s#eci'y
weigts and measures, @uality, and te #ricing o' items0
.or e5am#le, te $uild o' Ba"ers establises te weigt, #rice, and ingredients o'
loa3es o' bread0 )ll clans con'orm to tese strictures0 Tose o' oter strongolds will
a3e di''erent strictures im#osed by teir guilds0 Tis leads to situations were dwar3es
'rom one ba"er&s clan will get into eated arguments wit a ba"er&s clan 'rom anoter
strongold o3er wic one&s loa' is o' te correct weigt0 Tis, combined wit teir
stubborn nature and inability to com#romise, is wy dwar3es are so wary o' eac oter0
%ne 3iew is always rigt, and all oters always wrong0
>+ote, owe3er, tat tis does not mean tat dwar3es sla3isly adere to narrow
#roduction standards0 Witin te limits establised by te guilds is tremendous room 'or
indi3idual e5#ression0 In 'act, two loa3es o' bread tat con'orm to te same guidelines
may a##ear com#letely di''erent to te uninitiated0 )nd eac guild ty#ically as a
bewildering array o' acce#ted standards to coose 'rom 'or any s#eci'ic ty#e o' item0?
E3en toug te guilds control te business o' te clans, tey may not control te
clan #olitically0 Tis is le't to elders wo andle marriage arrangements, ousing, and
#olitical dealings wit oter clans0 Te elders are te oldest dwar3es in te clan0 Tey are
're@uently also te ricest, a3ing amassed large 'ortunes o3er te centuries0 Some may
be guild masters, but tis is not a re@uirement0 Wen tis does occur, di''erences between
clan and guild become e3en more blurred0
+ew Clans
+ew clans are 'ormed wen a dwar' decides to ta"e u# a di''erent #ro'ession 'rom
tat o' is own clan0 /e may learn a new #ro'ession by a##renticing imsel' to anoter
clan wit te understanding tat e will eiter become a member o' te clan troug
marriage, or tat e will #ractice is new trade at a di''erent site0 In bot cases, e
relin@uises membersi# in is original clan and swears ne3er to re3eal te secrets o' its
guild to oters0
I' e as ser3ed is a##renticesi# and does not marry into te new clan, e is
obliged to mo3e to a di''erent strongold or 'ound a new one0 /is descendants 'ollow is
#ro'ession0 )ltoug still related by blood to is original clan, e is no longer considered
to be #art o' tat clan0 Ties to is immediate 'amily remain strong, and e may call u#on
tem 'or aid i' e needs assistance0 I' e is attac"ed or insulted, is broters and sisters
will @uic"ly come to is aid, as will oters o' teir clan, but e cannot e5#ect teir el# in
matters o' trade and daily li'e0
Clans and Society
) sic" or inHured dwar' will be 'ed and cared 'or by is clan0 Tose in good ealt
are e5#ected to wor" in order to maintain te wel'are and re#utation o' te clan0 +o
dwar' would e3er do oterwise0
Someone wo ceats or doesn&t #ull is own weigt earns te disa##ro3al o' is
'ellow clansmen0 /e will be warned and #ressure will be brougt to bear to ensure tat e
does not bring te name o' te clan into disre#ute0 I' e does not eed te warnings, e
will be ostraci4ed0 )n ostraci4ed dwar' loses all bene'its #ro3ided by te clan0 Te clan&s
guild will #re3ent im 'rom wor"ing and con'iscate is tools i' it can0 I' e sows a
desire to mend is ways, e will be allowed bac" into te clan, and te guild will li't te
ban0 I' not, e will be le't to imsel' and e3en is 'amily will sun im0
To an outsider, dwar' clans a##ear 3ery com#le5, and te relationsi#s between
tem igly con3oluted, because tey are0 Dwar3es would not organi4e teir li3es any
oter way0 Tey "now were teir loyalties lie< 'irst to te 'amily, ten to te clan, te
guild, te strongold, and ten to any oter strongolds to wic te clan is allied0
Dwar3es are a #roud race and maintain teir loyalties0 Tey are willing to de'end eac
oter, o'ten to te deat0 )n insult against one dwar' is considered to be an insult against
all dwar3es0
World *iew
=ost dwar3es coose li'e underground0 It is unusual 'or tem to li3e in a sur'ace
settlement unless e3ents 'orce tem u#0
Li3ing underground 'or tousands o' years as a''ected te world 3iew o'
dwar3es dramatically0 Tey belie3e temsel3es to be te dominant race in te world, te
#rimary 'orce o' ci3ili4ation and culture0 Tis attitude a##lies e3en in cam#aigns were
oter races are actually #redominant0 Dwar3es wo li3e below ground don&t care wo
controls te land abo3e so long as tey are le't alone0 Te sur'ace races may as well be on
anoter #lane o' e5istence0 Dwar3es see little reason to communicate wit oter races
unless an o3er#owering common cause e5ists0
Tis dwar'centric 3iew is dee#ly rooted in all dwar3es, regardless o' were tey
li3e, e3en wen among oter races0 Dwar3es in suc #laces may grudgingly admit tat
umans or el3es a3e acie3ed some le3el o' ci3ili4ation and #olitical #ower, but tese
are in'erior to teir own acie3ements0
Lo3e o' Stability
Li'e underground as ad a lasting e''ect on dwar' #ersonalities0 Tey a3e
de3elo#ed an instincti3e lo3e o' eart and roc" tat re#resent stability and #ermanence0
Eart and roc" may be tunneled and car3ed, arced and buttressed, yet tey remain
always solid and reliable0
Te sea, owe3er, is e3er canging, wit no stability, and #rone to tem#estuous
storms0 It re#resents te 'orce o' caos #re3alent in te world abo3e, and is te antitesis
o' te sa'e, wombli"e ca3erns tat are ome to te dwar3es0
Temes o' solidity and reliability recur continually in te dwar3is world 3iew0
Te world is solid and constant, so li'e sould be conducted in te same manner0 Tis is
closely allied to teir #redominantly law'ul good alignment0
Dwar3es 3alue law and order, and see tese as #art o' te natural order o' te
world0 Society sould be as solid and reliable as te stone o' te eart0 Dwar3es li3e 987
years on a3erage, during wic time trees grow and die, a5e a'ts are made and re#laced
many times, and wooden structures decay and rot away0 Com#ared to te strengt and
durability o' metal and roc", oter tings seem 3ery transitory0 Building to last means
building well0
Dwar3en Cra'ts
Dwar3es are e5#ert cra'tsmen not out o' some godEgi3en ability, but because tey
ser3e long, e5acting a##renticesi#s0 Dwar3es traditionally ser3e a 68Eyear
a##renticesi#, wic begins at te age o' 680 To dwar3es tis is #art o' li'e0 K) Hob wort
doing, is wort doing well0K Tis attitude is dee#ly ingrained and e5#lains wy dwar3es
lo3e to create beauti'ul obHects and la3is so muc time on tem0 Tey see" to create tat
wic will last until time&s end, and tey a3e di''iculty com#reending wy oter races
consider wor" a core rater tan an act o' artistic e5#ression to be sa3ored and enHoyed0
Dwar' cra'tsmen, because o' teir s"ills, #roduce wea#ons, armor, and oter goods more
@uic"ly tan oter races, yet o' su#erior @uality0
Dwar3es and /umor
Dwar3es are 3iewed as umorless, i' not downrigt grum#y, by oter races0 Tis
is a 'air assessment0 Tey do not o'ten tell Ho"es, and a3e no a##reciation o' #ractical
Ho"es0 Society is based on law, order, and a res#ect 'or one&s 'ellows0 ) dwar' does not
abuse tat res#ect by ridiculing anoter&s dignity0
Dwar3es lo3e to wor" and 'ind #leasure in it0 Tis #leasure is so s#iritually
u#li'ting tat any attem#t at umor a##ears 'acile0 Tose not content wit wor" or teir
#osition in li'e may need suc di3ersion, but umor is seen as insult0
Tat&s not to say tat dwar3es are umorless, tey a3e a 3ery blac" umor
concerning teir racial enemies, but teir sense o' umor is 3ery di''erent 'rom tat o'
umans, 'or e5am#le0 Tey do not 'ind Ho"es about #ersonal su''ering or 'ailure 'unny0
Tey do 'ind tose based u#on cle3er stories entertaining0 Te #roblem is tat dwar3en
Ho"es tend to 'ollow a standard narrati3e #attern0 Because o' teir great lengt, endless
genealogies, and catalogs o' dwar3en concerns, it is di''icult 'or oter races to maintain
any interest in tem0 Dwar' comedians, telling Ho"es to oter races, are 're@uently
annoyed wen audience attention sli#s a'ter 18 minutes or so, or wen te audience as
no conce#t o' te im#ortance o' lineage in te Ho"e&s &#unc #aragra#L& Races wo a3e
been subHected to dwar3en umor 'ail to reali4e tat it does not rely on te deli3ery o'
one liners, but on te slow #resentation o' a ca#ter, i' not an entire boo"0
Te dwar3en conce#t o' wealt is di''erent, as well0 Dwar3es are attracted to
obHects 'or teir intrinsic beauty, not 'or any commercial 3alue0 Tey #ri4e 'ine
wor"mansi#, but "now tat cra'tsmen only augment wat te eart as #ro3ided0
$old as te greatest signi'icance to tem, not 'or its 3alue, but 'or its natural
beauty and #liability0 In te ands o' a master cra'tsman, gold can be eated and #oured
into molds, beaten wit a ammer, drawn into wires, or care'ully 'iligreed wit a cisel0
Well made golden obHects are treasured 'or wor"mansi# and beauty0 !oorly made
obHects are melted down to be remade as coins or oter obHects0
Dwar3es are aware o' te scarcity o' gold, and o' its 3alue0 +o dwar' as e3er
sold gold at less tan its current 3alue, a 'act tat as led oter races to see tem as mean
and a3aricious0
Te dwar3es& #assion 'or gold is well "nown, as is teir lo3e o' gemstones0 Tey
lo3e to #ossess tese treasures o' te eart, #olising and cutting tem into brilliant
sa#es tat catc te ligt #er'ectly0 Eac stone is seen as a sining e5am#le o' te beauty
o' te eart0 To tose wo a3e le't teir underground omes, tey are reminders tat true
beauty comes 'rom witin te eart0
Dwar3es are well aware o' te 3alue o' gems0 Were oters 3alue stones by
weigt and scarcity, dwar3es 3alue tem according to teir beauty0
Tey a3e, owe3er, no desire to own or collect #earls0 )s #roducts o' te sea and
sell'is, tey are not considered to be gems0 Dwar3es 'ind tem unattracti3e0 !earls lac"
te dee# lustre o' natural stones0 Still, it is a 'oolis dwar' wo does not reali4e tat
beauty is in te eye o' te beolder0 Wile #earls are wortless, dwar3es are aware o'
teir trade 3alue0
$old and gems are teir greatest lo3es, but oter metals are im#ortant to tem too0
!latinum as many o' te attributes o' gold and is e3en rarer0 Sil3er is easy to wor" and
olds its sa#e better tan gold0 Its color is not as desirable, but it as its own a##eal0
Co##er and oter metals are also considered beauti'ul0 Wile oter metals are more
common tan gold, teir com#arati3e rarity lends tem 3alue0
Iron ore is crucial to te dwar3es0 Wit it tey ma"e wea#ons, armor, 'orges, and
tools0 Iron ore 3eins are seen as te bones o' te eartF bones be@ueated to te dwar3es
to be used 'or teir own #ur#oses0 Wen 'orged wit carbon, dwar3es trans'orm iron into
steel tat is durable and ard witout being brittle0
Toug tey would lo3e to wor" e5clusi3ely wit gold and gems, dwar3es are a
#ractical 'ol"0 Tey "now tat iron and steel wear ard and are in'initely more #ractical
as tools0 Tere'ore tey wor" e5tensi3ely in iron and steel0 Dwar' cra'tsmen #roduce
some o' te 'inest wea#ons, armor, and tools in any world0 Tese goods, because o' teir
@uality, bring iger #rices tat are gladly #aid 'or dwar3en cra'tsmansi#0 )ll cra'ts
necessary to ensure te strongolds are #laces o' beauty are also wor"ed0
Dwar3es willingly li3e under law'ul institutions, res#ecting #ri3acy and #ersonal
s#ace0 Law induces order, organi4ation, and a stable society0 Te society re'lects te
natural order o' te world, wit e3eryting in its #ro#er #lace0 Laws e5ist to be obeyed,
not to be bro"en0 Society e5ists so tat dwar3es may be 'ree 'rom unnecessary intrusions0
E3en toug law is im#ortant, dwar3es are 'airly indi3idualistic0 Tey a3e
#ersonal 3iews tat tey rarely ma"e "nown to oters, one reason tey are seen as a
taciturn race0 /owe3er, wen a dwar' tin"s tat is own 3iews are not being eard, e
will become grum#y, silent, and bear is distress stoically0
Tis stoicism, and te desire not to grie3e oters, is e3ident in te way tey 3iew
wealt as a #ri3ate matter0 %nly #ower'ul and res#ected dwar3es are e5#ected to dis#lay
wealt o#enly, and e3en ten ostentatious dis#lays are 'rowned u#on0 )ll dwar3es are
e5#ected to, and #re'er to, "ee# teir wealt idden0
It is considered bad manners to 'launt accumulated wealt0 Suc bea3ior is
o''ensi3e and as caused dwar3es wo tra3el in te sur'ace world to be dee#ly insulted0
Wealt, #articularly gems and #recious metals, are 'or #ersonal deligt0 Tey sould be
care'ully oarded and dis#layed 'or one&s closest 'amily or cerised 'riends0 It is a mar"
o' acce#tance and 'riendsi# among dwar3es 'or one to re3eal is wealt0 By doing so, e
is not only saring te Hoy o' is #ossessions, but is saying, K(ou are my 'riend, wom I
trust not to steal 'rom me0K >Te e5ce#tion to tis, o' course, is wealt dis#layed troug
e5cellent cra'tsmansi# in utilitarian items0 ) beauti'ully cra'ted and gilded a5e wit an
inlaid gem or two is not ostentatious i' it is 'unctional0 Dwar3es claim tis is not a
subHecti3e distinction, but most oter races 'ind it ard to 'ollow te reasoning0?
%ter races, and el3es in #articular, 'ind tis attitude 3ery strange0 /umans and
el3es deligt in te dis#lay o' teir wealt, allowing oters to admire its beauty0 +o dwar'
would do suc a ting0 It&s no sur#rise tat dwar3es are considered mean and greedy by
races wo cannot understand teir moti3ation0

) #ri3ate #eo#le, dwar3es o'ten a3e di''iculty e5#ressing emotion0 Teir society
is structured to ma"e dis#lays o' anger, en3y, Healousy, and atred unnecessary0 Tey are
ca#able o' arboring grudges and atreds, but tese are usually directed outside o' te
Dwar3es rarely insult or distress eac oter, but oter races distress tem greatly0
+ot gi3ing tem te res#ect tey demand, en@uiring casually about wealt, or ma"ing
tem te butts o' Ho"es, are guaranteed to ma"e dwar3es angry0 But tis anger will
normally only sow itsel' as a scowl or a contraction o' te brows0 %ter races a3e
concluded, tere'ore, tat dwar3es are umorless, not reali4ing tat dwar3es do not
release teir anger0 Tey allow it to simmer and increase until tey e5#lode, becoming
teir own stereoty#es Mgrum#y, taciturn, stubborn, and unyielding0 Dwar3es o'ten des#air
at te e5tremely #oor manners o' oter races0
)ttitudes Toward %ter Races
Dwar3es are basically good #eo#le0 Tey see" to arm no one, merely to coe5ist
wit tem, or e3en better, to be le't alone0 Because o' teir good nature, dwar3es a3e
been "nown to #erse3ere in te 'ace o' insults and ine5#licable bea3ior0 Tey a3e
banded togeter wit men and el3es in times o' crisis, and a3e entered long term trade
agreements o' mutual bene'it0
Tey a3e little #atience 'or te ways o' umans wo sim#ly do tings wrong0
/umans eiter waste time in #etty #ursuits or are so "een to acie3e teir goals, tey are
willing, almost eager, to be 'orce'ul and rude0 Tey a3e no conce#tion o' te #ro#er
rytm o' te world, wic is ardly sur#rising since tey allow teir li3es to be
dominated by te canges o' nigt and day and te seasons0 +o sooner do tey acie3e
someting, tan teir cildren want to cange it, re#lace it, or worse, lose interest in it
El3es sould "now better, but tey lac" te sim#lest 3irtues o' #atience, diligence,
and consistency0 Tey are renowned 'or wasting teir li3es enHoying temsel3es instead
o' #roducing lasting goods0
Te di''erences between el3es and dwar3es a3e led to many disagreements0 Tis
usually occurred because dwar3es considered agreements to be binding until te end o'
time, wile te el3es tougt tey were to last as long as tey were use'ul0 Entire
strongolds may a3e been treatened or destroyed because el3es 'ailed to onor a
#ledge0 !era#s some minor sligt el3es a3e 'orgotten, as been arbored and nurtured
and #assed on to te ne5t generation0
)s 'ellow underground dwellers, gnomes are loo"ed u#on more 'a3orably by
dwar3es, toug te gnomes& deligt in blac" umor and #ractical Ho"es as caused
War to te Deat
Dwar3es do not com#romise wen dealing wit e3il races, #articularly wen
com#eting wit tem 'or li3ing s#ace or wen teir wel'are is treatened0
Dwar3es detest drow, orcs, goblins, obgoblins, and e3il giants, eradicating tem
wene3er 'ound0 Some strongolds are not abo3e ensal3ing suc creatures and 'orcing
tem to wor" in labor cam#s0
Teir atred o' e3il races is as ancient as te dwar3es temsel3es0 %riginally, wars
were 'ougt to determine wo ad te rigt to li3e underground, but te con'lict as
s#read to te sur'ace0 In most game worlds tere sould be #laces were dwar3es a3e
been dri3en 'rom teir ancient strongolds by orcs, goblins or oter creatures o' dar"ness0
Tey now bear a burning and eternal atred 'or tem0
Dwar3es a3e no doubt tat tey are in3ol3ed in a war o' massi3e #ro#ortions0 It
is "nown as te KWar to te Deat,K 'or te dwar3es a3e sworn to 'igt until teir
enemies are destroyed0
Te dwar3es& desire 'or isolation sould be no sur#rise0 Clannis by nature, many
are sus#icious e3en o' dwar3es 'rom oter clans, to say noting o' oter strongolds0
It is among mountain dwar3es tat isolationism is strongest0 =ountain dwar3es
#re'er not to deal wit oter races0 Tey e3en a3e di''iculty understanding ill dwar3es0
Some o' tem belie3e tat ill dwar3es a3e been contaminated by li3ing closely to oter
racesF Kill dwar3es a3e lost te roc" o' teir dwar3isness0K
)ll dwar3es a3e a tendency to isolationismF to wat e5tent tat a''ects indi3idual
#layer caracters de#ends on te bac"ground o' te caracter0
Dwar3en /earts
Dwar3en 'amilies are called earts, a term wic means Kte #lace were
cildren are born and raised0K Te eart is te basic unit o' dwar' society0 ) clan may be
com#osed o' two to a undred or more 'amilies, de#ending on its strengt0
) eart includes grand'ater and grandmoter, teir cildren, and any o''s#ring
o' teir cildren0 .amily members sare te same dwelling and are e5tremely closeE"nit0
,nli"e uman or el' 'amilies, te dwar3en eart is not an insular unit, but #art o' a
larger clan0 /earts witin a clan are united by blood, and tis lin"s te clan togeter,
ma"ing it more tan Hust a collection o' indi3idual 'amilies0
) eart as a single line o' descent0 Cousins, aunts, and uncles are not #art o' te
eart but, as members o' te clan, are close to te 'amily0
In some ways te eart is a con3enient social organi4ation rater tan an
im#ortant entity in its own rigt0 Its #rimary #ur#ose is to create a legal and social
en3ironment into wic cildren may be born and to #ro3ide a stable en3ironment in
wic cildren may be nurtured and educated in te rudiments o' dwar' belie's and
conduct0 )t te core o' te eart is te institution o' marriage0
Dwar3es are not romantics0 Te 3ast maHority o' marriages are arranged by clan
elders0 Teir main concern is to secure te continuation o' te clan by ensuring tat
cildren are #ro#erly raised0 Tey select suitable males 'rom eligible candidates and
ensure tat te 'amily as a warm and secure #lace to li3e0
Dwar' society is about oneEtird 'emale0 Dwar3es are monogamous, and
marriages are entered into 'or li'e0 Tat, along wit te 'act tat males outnumber 'emales
about two to one, means tat many males do not marry0 ) woman wo loses er s#ouse
will, a'ter a year o' mourning, remarry0 $rand#arents #lay as im#ortant a role in cild
rearing as do #arentsF elders 'ind mates 'or widowed grandmoters0
Di3orce does not e5ist in dwar' society0 Cou#les wo a3e grown distant 'rom
one oter will continue to sare te eart and te res#onsibilities o' cild rearing0 %nly
deat can end a marriage0
Li'e Cycle o' te Dwar3es
Dwar3es re#roduce 3ery slowly com#ared to umans and orcs0 Te birt o' twins
is rare and tri#lets and @uadru#lets do not occur0 Te maHority o' 'amilies a3e only one
or two cildren to care 'or0 Tis is seen as a 3irtue because it allows tem to la3is teir
time and care on one cild, and gi3e tat cild a better education tan would be #ossible
wit se3eral0
,ntil te age o' 17, young dwar3es are cared 'or witin te eart0 During tese
'ormati3e years, tey learn to s#ea" and are taugt te traditions and istory o' teir clan
and strongold0 Te cildren sociali4e wit oters daily, o'ten in a s#ecial clan nursery,
wile teir #arents and grand#arents are at wor"0 In te nursery te cildren are taugt
te rudiments o' teir clan&s cra't0 Cildren 'rom an armorer&s clan will #lay wit
miniature suits o' armor, tose 'rom a ba"er&s clan will #lay wit scales and bread doug0
Tey are allowed to 'ollow teir natural instincts and are #ro3ided toy tools and allowed
to dig tunnels and KideyEolesK in te nursery0
)t te age o' 17, more 'ormal education begins0 .or eigt ours e3ery day te
cildren learn runes and local istory0 Training in cra'ts begins wit basic tecni@ues and
s"ills constantly drilled into tem0 Teir education continues until teir 68t year0

%n teir 68t birtday, great celebrations are eld to mar" te coming o' age0 Te
wole clan assembles to witness te e3ent and Hoin in te 'un0 Te clima5 o' te
celebration arri3es wen #arents deli3er te yout to te clan&s guild master and
a##renticesi# begins0 =ales and 'emales bot ser3e te same a##renticesi#, wit no
di''erentiation based on se50
%nce te a##renticesi# begins, te yout lea3es is 'amily eart and goes to
li3e in te a##rentices& dormitoriesF i' a##renticed to indi3idual cra'tsmen, to te
cra'tsman&s eart0 Tey may return ome 'or one day a wee", oterwise tey are busy
learning teir trade0
Dwar' a##renticesi#s are ser3ed 'or 68 years0 )t te end o' te a##renticesi#,
celebrations are eld to mar" te dwar'&s entry into adultood and te acce#tance o' adult
=arriageable )ge
%nce dwar3es a3e attained adultood, tey are eligible 'or marriage0 =ost
'emale dwar3es are e5#ected to marry at tis time0 .emales 'rom military clans, suc as
/eart $uards, 're@uently delay marriage until later in li'e0 .ew young males a3e muc
o#e o' marrying soon, as te clan elders in3ariably coose suitors wo a3e #lied teir
cra't 'or at least 17 years a'ter a##renticesi#0 =ales, acie3ing adult status, will s#end
teir time oning teir s"ills and amassing wealt0 Tose 'rom military clans may lea3e
teir strongolds to go ad3enturing, in te o#e o' ac@uiring wealt and re#utation
enoug to enance teir cances o' marriage0
)dult Li'e

)dult dwar3es usually wor" C to 16 ours a day0 Tose wit cildren are limited
to C ours a day and are e5#ected to s#end te rest o' te time wit teir cildren0 .emale
dwar3es wor" te same ours until a mont be'ore tey are ready to gi3e birt0
!regnancies are 16 monts long, and tradition dictates tat te mont #receding te birt
be s#ent #re#aring te eart 'or its new member0
)'ter wor"ing ours, te time o' unmarried dwar3es is teir own0 .or te 'irst 'ew
ours, unmarried dwar3es usually see" teir own solitude, and an o##ortunity to count
teir wealt0 Ten tey will 3isit te earts o' married relati3es0 )round te earts
stories are told, songs are sung, and cildren #lay0 Single dwar3es o'ten congregate in one
o' te clan&s great alls to 'east and swa# stories, and to be amused by entertainers wit
Huggling, acrobatics, and oter dis#lays o' s"ill0 )'ter an e3ening&s amusement, tey slee#
C ours be'ore rising to wor"0
Dwar3es& Diet
Dwar3es enHoy a wide 3ariety o' 'ood, wit a #re'erence 'or meat0 /ill, mountain,
and sundered dwar3es "ee# cattle, goats, see#, #igs, and 'owl0 Tese animals are gra4ed
abo3e ground on u#land meadows or #lateaus0 Sundered dwar3es "ee# teir li3estoc"
close to ome, ill and mountain dwar3es allow teir stoc" to roam0
In ig ranges, mountain dwar3es "ee# animals more suited to subterranean
e5istence< giant li4ards and beetles0 Dee# dwar3es and duergar also "ee# li4ards and
beetles, and tese are selecti3ely bred 'or coo"ing0 $ully dwar3es eat anyting tey can
sca3enge and rarely breed or maintain any animals 'or 'ood0 Te 'ew gullys wo a3e
tried were so wretced at it teir animals sic"ened and died0
)ltoug meat is a sta#le o' teir diet, large @uantities o' grains are also
consumed0 Wen #ossible weat, rye and barley are grown close to te strongold0 Tey
are ar3ested and "e#t in underground granaries0 =any wo li3e close to umans or
al'lings buy large @uantities o' grain to su##lement teir own #roduction0
Dwar3es wo li3e in te dee# eart substitute 3arious ty#es o' 'ungi 'or grains0
Li"e te giant li4ards and beetles, many o' tese 'ungi a3e been care'ully bred to
#roduce a wide 3ariety o' 'la3ors to e5cite te #alate0 =ost are 3ery care'ul about te
"inds o' 'ungi tey eat, but gully dwar3es will eat anyting0 )s a result, many gully
dwar3es su''er 'rom indigestion and bowel disorders0
Dwar3en coo"ing also ma"es use o' 3egetables 'or 'la3or and 3ariety0 Tey do not
eat s#icy or ea3ily seasoned 'ood, and conse@uently dwar3en coo"ing tastes bland to
umans and el3es, but te 'ood is wolesome, consisting o' tic" stews ser3ed on broad
slices o' bread0 Wile tey are not 3oracious eaters li"e al'lings, 'ew umans or el3es
can eat as muc as a dwar' in a single meal0
Dwar3en cloting tends to be ea3y, somber in color, and ser3iceable0 =ade 'rom
tic" wool or s#un strands o' 'ungi, it is designed to "ee# te dwar3es warm in te
uneated #laces in teir strongolds0 To te untrained eye, colors are uni'ormly drab
grays and browns0 Dwar3en languages a3e o3er 877 words 'or roc", and almost as many
to describe di''erent roc" ues0 !articular sades o' gray and brown re3eal muc about
te clan and status o' dwar3es, i' one as te eye to see0
Boots, belts, and ats are usually made by te leater guilds o' tanned leater
'rom te ides o' cattle or giant li4ards0
=usic and Singing
Dwar3es lo3e to sing0 =any a3e ric baritone 3oices tat eco s#lendidly about
teir cambered alls0 +umerous great alls are s#ecially constructed around natural
acoustic #ro#erties0 E5ce#t 'or solo #er'ormances by entertainers, singing is a grou#
acti3ity0 %n 'ormal occasions songs written to dis#lay teir 3ocal ranges are sung by
massed coirs0 %n less 'ormal occasions, any dwar' may sing witin a all or around te
Teir songs s#ea" o' te beauty o' te eart, commemorate 'amous deeds o'
3alor, or sing o' te construction o' a magni'icent bridge or oter edi'ice0 Some are
laments tat tell o' te deat o' a lo3ed one or great ero, or te loss o' a strongold to
Te songs tend to be long and 3ery well written0 =ost races would lose #atience
wit a s#o"en story, but e3en el3es a3e sat entranced 'or ours by te story songs o'
Dwar3es also enHoy #laying instrumentsF 'lutes, orns, bag#i#es, drums, and
#ercussion instruments es#ecially0 Tey rarely #lay stringed instruments because sort
'ingers are ill suited to #luc"ing strings and #ic"ing out cords0 Teir music is eiter
martial or mourn'ul0 Rarely will musicians accom#any singers< music dam#ens te true
resonance o' te 3oice0 /owe3er, s#ecial songs a3e been written, and are #er'ormed, 'or
3oice and instrument0
Ca#ter :< Caracter Creation
Balur te /ill Dwar' deli3ers is unbiased o#inions on is cousins0
)ah9 $he only decent dwarves are hill dwarves. $hat*s because ain*t nothing
funny or odd about us. 4ot like others. %ou can depend on hill dwarves. We keep to
ourselves. We don*t cause any trouble and we don*t steal from decent folk.
4ot like those sundered and gully types. teal the clothes off your own back, they
would, if you didn*t constantly watch *em. Dirty too. 4ever known one of *em to wash, or
change his clothes either. $hey must sell all the clothes they steal. )robably to deep
dwarves and duergar.
4asty those duergar. 4ame means 6lurkers in the dark.6 hifty, dangerous bunch.
.ike to ambush you. )epper you with crossbow bolts and stab you in the back. $hey give
us all a bad name. -unch of murdering goblin lovers.
Deep dwarves *re all recluses. ,reedy they are, only live that deep *cause they*ve
tunneled out all the gold above. $hat was our gold too9 $hey stole it, but we can*t prove
it. ay they were there first. .iars.
4ow, mountain dwarves. $hey*re not a bad lot. 1 bit uppity, but that*s because
they live in the mountains. We leave *em alone. 4o point going all that way just to find
you*re not wanted. &ost of *em live behind locked doors.
o there you have it9 If you want to deal with dwarves, deal with us. We not only
live closer to you, we don*t harbor any grudges against other folk, except pansy elves,
goblins, pigfaced orcs, and filthy hobgoblins. 4o fairer folk considering what we had to
put up with9
Creating Dwar' Caracters
Selecting Class or =ultiEClasses
Dwar3es may be warriors, #riests, tie3es, or multiEclass warriorB#riests or
warriorBtie3es0 I' you coose a multiEclass caracter, 'amiliari4e yoursel' wit teir
bene'its and limitations in te )layer*s +andbook.
(ou can determine your caracter&s class in se3eral ways0 (ou may coose wic
class or multiEclass combination you want to #lay or you may generate te caracter&s
attributes and decide wic caracter to #lay according to te die rollsF or your D= may
assign you a caracter class0
Te ad3antages and limitations o' eac caracter class will be 'urter modi'ied by
te subrace o' your caracter0
)bility Scores
)ny o' te si5 dice rolling metods in te )layer*s +andbook are acce#table0 /owe3er, i'
you want to generate a s#eci'ic class o' caracter, metods * and *I wor" best0 Tey
allow you to custom design your caracter and are more li"ely to result in good ability
scores0 Don&t ma"e any adHustments to your rolled attributes until you&3e read te ca#ter
on subraces, te #rocedures are di''erent 'rom tose o' te )layer*s +andbook0
Te ma5imum e5#erience le3els tat can be acie3ed by eac subrace are listed in
'haracter 'lass &aximum .evels in tis ca#ter0 Ta"e a loo" at tese be'ore deciding on
your subrace0 I' you wis to #lay a tie', see te $hieving kill 1djustments $able0
Subraces a3e ad3antages and disad3antages0 ) caracter o' a subrace tat as a
large number o' ad3antages will re@uire more e5#erience #oints tan usual to ad3ance in
Subrace Distinctions
Eac subrace as te 'ollowing elements<
)bility Score )dHustments are made to te caracter&s attributes wen te subrace
is 'irst selected0 )dd tem to or subtract tem 'rom your rolled attributes and enter tem
on your caracter seet0
)bility Scores list te ma5imum and minimum abilities scores tat a caracter o'
tat subrace can a3e wen created0 ) caracter wose attributes e5ceed te ma5imum is
reduced accordingly0 I' e does not @uali'y 'or te minimum attributes, e must coose
anoter subrace0
) caracter&s ability scores may cange troug #lay, in wic case e may
e5ceed or 'all below tose gi3en ere0 Initially, te caracter&s scores must con'orm to te
tose o' te subrace0
Languages are te languages commonly "nown by members o' te subrace0
De#ending on te cam#aign bac"ground, all dwar3es may s#ea" te same language or
di''erent languages suc as ill, dee# dwar', or duergar0 I' all dwar3es s#ea" te same
language, entries suc as Kill dwar'K are treated as dwar'0 (our caracter always s#ea"s
is own nati3e language0
I' you are using te nonwea#on #ro'iciency system, languages cost #ro'iciency
slots as described in te #ro'iciencies ca#ter0 ) caracter&s own language does not cost a
slot0 Witout te #ro'iciency system, your caracter will "now a number o' additional
languages de#ending u#on is Intelligence score >see )layer*s +andbook?0
In'ra3ision gi3es te range o' te subrace&s in'ra3ision in 'eet0
S#ecial )d3antages tat te race enHoys are listed ere0 )d3antages common to all
subraces are not included, but will be co3ered later0
S#ecial Disad3antages, suc as 'igting at #enalties in brigt ligt, are described
Racial Enmities sometimes allow s#ecial combat modi'iers to ta"e e''ect wen
'igting s#eci'ic enemies0
)dditional E5#erience Costs are le3ied against certain subraces because tey
bene'it 'rom a number o' ad3antages, wic ma"e tem more #ower'ul tan oters0 To
balance tis, tey are re@uired to earn additional e5#erience #oints be'ore tey can gain a
new le3el0 Tese additional e5#erience #oint costs are e5#ressed in terms o' #ercentages
tat need to be earned0 ) J17N e5#erience cost indicates tat members o' te subrace
must earn an additional 17N e5#erience #oints to increase in le3el0
.or e5am#le, dee# dwar3es re@uire an additional 17N e5#erience #oints0 ) 1stE
le3el dee# dwar' warrior tere'ore re@uires 6,677 e5#erience #oints to become a 6ndE
le3el warrior instead o' te usual 6,7770 ) 9rdEle3el dee# dwar' tie' would re@uire 8,877
e5#erience #oints to become a :tEle3el tie'0
In te case o' multiEclass caracters, te caracter needs to gain te additional
e5#erience #oints in bot classes0 ) 1stEle3el dee# dwar' warriorBcleric re@uires 1,A87
e5#erience #oints to acie3e 6ndEle3el #riest status, and 6,677 to become a 6ndEle3el
Li'e E5#ectancy is an a3erage, used to determine initial and ma5imum ages o'
/ill Dwar3es
Te most common dwar', ill dwar3es are 'ound in many )D-DG cam#aign
worlds0 =etods 'or creating tem are in te )layer*s +andbook, and are included ere to
com#lete te subraces0
)bility Score )dHustments< Te initial ability scores are modi'ied by a E1 #enalty
to Carisma and a J1 bonus to Constitution0 Te minimum and ma5imum ability scores
are as sown0
/ill Dwar' )bility Scores
)bility =inimum =a5imum
Strengt C 1C
De5terity 9 1;
Constitution 11 1C
Intelligence 9 1C
Wisdom 9 1C
Carisma 9 1;
Languages< /ill dwar', common, gnome, goblin, "obold, orc0
In'ra3ision< A7 'eet0
S#ecial )d3antages< +one0
S#ecial Disad3antages< +one0
Racial Enmities< %gres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, and titans su''er a E: #enalty to attac"
ill dwar3es0
)dditional E5#erience Cost< +one0
Li'e E5#ectancy< 987 years0
=ountain Dwar3es
=ountain dwar3es are also 'airly common0 !layers wo a3e e5isting mountain
dwar' caracters generated by using te )layer*s +andbook need only ma"e minor
adHustments to teir caracters0 Tese include eigt, weigt, and age0 %terwise "ee#
te caracter as e is0
)bility Score )dHustments< Initial ability scores are modi'ied by a E1 #enalty to
Carisma and a J1 bonus to Constitution0 Te minimum and ma5imum ability scores are
as sown0
=ountain Dwar' )bility Scores
)bility =inimum =a5imum
Strengt C 1C
De5terity 9 1;
Constitution 11 12
Intelligence 9 1C
Wisdom 9 1C
Carisma 9 1A
Languages< =ountain dwar', common, gnome, goblin, "obold, orc, ogre, troll0
In'ra3ision< A7 'eet0
S#ecial )d3antages< +one0
S#ecial Disad3antages< +one0
Racial Enmities< %gres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, and titans su''er a E: #enalty to attac"
mountain dwar3es0
)dditional E5#erience Cost< +one0
Li'e E5#ectancy< :77 years0
Dee# Dwar3es
Dee# dwar3es li3e 'ar under te eart and a3e su#erior in'ra3ision0
)bility Score )dHustments< Initial ability scores are modi'ied by a E6 #enalty to
Carisma and a J6 bonus to Constitution0 Te minimum and ma5imum ability scores are
as sown0
Dee# Dwar' )bility Scores
)bility =inimum =a5imum
Strengt C 1C
De5terity 9 1A
Constitution 19 12
Intelligence 9 1C
Wisdom 9 1C
Carisma 9 18
Languages< Dee# dwar', duergar, drow, illitid, "uaEtoa, troll, troglodyte, s3ir'neblin,
undercommon, sign language0
In'ra3ision< 27 'eet0
S#ecial )d3antages< E5cellent sa3ing trows against magical attac"s and to5ins0 ) dee#
dwar' 'igures is Constitution sa3ing trow bonuses 'or a normal dwar' and adds an
additional J1 to is bonus0
S#ecial Disad3antages< Dee# dwar3es su''er a E1 #enalty to all rolls in brigt sunligt or
witin te radius o' a continual ligt s#ell0 Ligt s#ells a3e no additional e''ect0
Racial Enmities< %gres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, and titans su''er a E: #enalty to attac"
dee# dwar3es0
)dditional E5#erience Cost< J17N e5#erience #oints to gain a new le3el0
Li'e E5#ectancy< 9C7 years0
Duergar, or gray dwar3es, are ty#ically e3il, but #layer caracters can be o' any
alignment0 =ost good or neutrally aligned races are sus#icious o' duergar0
)bility Score )dHustments< Te initial ability scores are modi'ied by a B6 #enalty
to Carisma and a J1 bonus to Constitution0 Te minimum and ma5imum ability scores
are as sown0
Duergar )bility Scores
)bility =inimum =a5imum
Strengt C 1C
De5terity 9 1;
Constitution 11 1C
Intelligence 9 1A
Wisdom 9 1C
Carisma 9 18
Languages< Duergar, dee# dwar', drow, illitid, "uaEtoa, troll, troglodyte, goul,
undercommon, sign language0
In'ra3ision< 167 'eet0
S#ecial )d3antages< Duergar are stealty0 !arties or indi3iduals at least 27 'eet aead o'
te #arty gain a sur#rise bonus0 Tis causes a E6 #enalty to te o##onent&s sur#rise rolls0 I'
a door or oter screen is o#ened, te bonus is lost0 Duergar recei3e a J6 bonus on teir
own sur#rise rolls0
In addition to te standard sa3ing trow bonuses against magical attac"s >see
aving $hrows?, duergar are una''ected by #aralysis, illusion and phantasm s#ells0 Tey
are immune to all magical and alcemical #oisons0 )gainst natural #oisons tey gain te
standard dwar' sa3ing trow bonus0
In addition tey #ossess te innate magical abilities o' enlarge and invisibility0
Tey can use eac o' tese #owers once #er day0 ) duergar uses te enlarge ability as
toug e were a wi4ard twice is own le3el0 ) 6ndEle3el duergar uses enlarge as toug
e were a :tEle3el wi4ard0 /e may use it only to a''ect imsel' and wate3er e is
wearing or carrying0
S#ecial Disad3antages< Duergar are ad3ersely a''ected by brigt ligt suc as sunligt or
a continual light s#ell0 Tey are not a''ected by te ligt o' torces, lanterns, magic
wea#ons, light or faerie fire0
)''ected by brigt ligt, is enanced ability to gain sur#rise is negated0 De5terity
is reduced by E6 and it rolls are made at a E6 #enalty0
In situations were a duergar is in dar"ness but is o##onents are in brigt ligt,
is De5terity and sur#rise ad3antages are una''ected, but e su''ers a E1 #enalty to is
attac" rolls0
%ter dwar3es distrust duergar and react to tem at E9 #enalty0 I' te caracter "its
are being used, tis #enalty is cumulati3e wit any incurred wen coosing a #articular
Racial Enmities< %gres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, and titans su''er a E: #enalty to attac"
Duergar0 Tese dwar3es do not gain any ad3antage wen 'igting orcs, al'Eorcs, goblins,
or obgoblins0
)dditional E5#erience Cost< Duergar re@uire 67N additional e5#erience #oints0
Li'e E5#ectancy< :77 years
Sundered Dwar3es
Sundered dwar3es are unli"e any oter dwar3es, tending to be dirty and un"em#t,
toug not as 'ilty as gully dwar3es0 Tey li3e on te sur'ace and su''er 'rom
)bility Score )dHustments< Te initial ability scores are modi'ied by a E1 #enalty
to Carisma, and J1 bonuses to Constitution and Strengt0 Te minimum and ma5imum
ability scores are as sown0
Sundered Dwar' )bility Scores
)bility =inimum =a5imum
Strengt C 1C
De5terity 9 1;
Constitution 11 1C
Intelligence 9 1A
Wisdom 9 1C
Carisma 9 1A
Languages< Common, any dwar' dialect, el', goblin, orc, gnome, "obold, al'ling,
In'ra3ision< 97 'eet0
S#ecial )d3antages< +one0
S#ecial Disad3antages< Sundered dwar3es are claustro#obic0 ) sundered dwar' must roll
a success'ul sa3ing trow 3s0 deat in order to o3ercome is 'ear o' te underground
be'ore e can enter dungeons, ca3es, and tombs0 I' te cec" 'ails, e may not enter0
%nce underground e must ma"e a sa3ing trow eac day0 I' e 'ails, e will want to
lea3e te underground by te most direct route0
,nderground, a sundered dwar' attac"s wit a E6 #enalty to is rolls0 Sould e
'ail is claustro#obic sa3ing trow, te #enalty increases by E1 'or eac additional day
e stays underground0 I' e 'ails to reac o#en air, e may attem#t 'urter sa3ing trows
eac day to o3ercome is claustro#obia0 Tese sa3ing trows are made at te same
#enalty as te dwar'&s current attac" roll #enalty0
Racial Enmities< Sundered dwar3es are arder 'or ogres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, and
titans attac"0 Tese races subtract E: 'rom teir attac" rolls wen 'igting sundered
)dditional E5#erience Cost< +one0
Li'e E5#ectancy< 687 years0
$ully Dwar3es
$ully dwar3es are stu#id0 Tey are master sca3engers and a3e raised gro3eling
to an art 'orm0 Tey do not 'igt 3ery e''ecti3ely0 !layers sould bear tese restrictions in
mind wen considering #laying a gully dwar' caracter0
)bility Score )dHustments< Te initial ability scores are modi'ied by a B6 #enalty
to Carisma and J1 bonuses to Strengt and De5terity0 Te minimum and ma5imum
ability scores are as sown0
$ully Dwar' )bility Scores
)bility =inimum =a5imum
Strengt A 1C
De5terity A 1C
Constitution C 1A
Intelligence 9 16
Wisdom 9 1:
Carisma 9 16
Languages< $ully dwar', common, gnome, orc, goblin0
In'ra3ision< A7 'eet0
S#ecial )d3antages< ) gully dwar' may attem#t to gro3el0 )ny time e is in a dangerous
situation and is not immediately engaged in melee, e may trow imsel' on te mercy o'
is attac"er, or 'aint in te o#e tat e will be ignored in te ensuing melee0 Tis causes
is o##onents to ma"e a sa3ing trow 3s0 magic0 I' tey are success'ul tey may attac"
te gully dwar'0 I' tey 'ail tey may not attac" im 'or 1dA rounds, but tey may restrain
im or tie im u#0 Te sa3ing trow is modi'ied by te gully dwar'&s le3el as sown on
te $ro3eling Table0
$ro3eling Table
Le3el =odi'ier
1E: 7
8EC E6
2E16 E9
19J E8
S#ecial Disad3antages< $ully dwar3es are usually stu#id0 ) #layer caracter gully dwar'
is an e5ce#tion to te rule, being su#erior to oters o' is "ind by 3irtue o' is ability to
tin"0 /owe3er, #layers sould not abuse tis ability and allow teir caracters to concoct
cle3er #lans and scemes0 Intelligence cec"s may be re@uested to see i' te caracter
could actually come u# wit suc ideas0
Te cance o' a magical item 'ailing in te ands o' a gully dwar' is increased
'rom 67N to :7N0
Racial Enmities< %gres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, and titans su''er a E: #enalty to attac"
gully dwar3es0
)dditional E5#erience Cost< +one0
Li'e E5#ectancy< 687 years0
)bility Score =odi'iers
Constitution =odi'iers
Dwar3es are nonmagical and gain te 'ollowing bonuses to sa3ing trows against
#oisons and magical attac"s0
Sa3ing Trow Bonuses Table
Constitution Sa3e Bonus
9 E
:EA J1
;E17 J6
11E19 J9
1:E1; J:
1CE12 J8
Dee# dwar3es add a J1 to all abo3e bonuses0
=agical =al'unctions
)ltoug tey gain some bene'its 'rom being nonmagical, dwar3es su''er 'rom it
as well0 I' a magical item is not s#eci'ically created 'or te dwar'&s class, tere is a 67N
cance >:7N 'or gully dwar3es? tat te item will mal'unction wen it is used0 ) cec" is
made eac time te dwar' uses te item and a''ects only te current useF it may wor"
#ro#erly te ne5t time0 Tis a##lies to rods, sta3es, wands, rings, amulets, #otions, orns,
Hewels, and most oter magical items0 )lso, D=s sould note tat a mal'unction is not
usually Hust a sim#le 'ailure to 'unction0 Te item usually does someting dramatic and
color'ul, at te D=&s discretion0
Dwar3es a3e learned to master some magical items0 Wea#ons, sields, armor,
gauntlets, and girdles always wor"0
Dwar' #riests and warriorB#riests may use clerical items witout mal'unction0
Dwar3es also recogni4e cursed magical items tat mal'unction in teir ands0
Tey may dis#ose o' mal'unctioning items0
,nderground Detection )bilities
Since dwar3es are essentially creatures o' te underground, tey gain certain
detection abilities automatically<
Detect or Determine 0 0 0 Roll 1dA
$rade or slo#e in #assage 1E8
+ew tunnelB#assage construction 1E8
SlidingBsi'ting walls or rooms 1E:
Stonewor" tra#s, #its, and dead'alls 1E9
)##ro5imate de#t underground 1E9
Combat Bonuses
)ll dwar3es, unless oterwise s#eci'ied in te subEclass section, gain a J1 bonus
to attac" orcs, al'Eorcs, goblins, and obgoblins0 I' te cam#aign bac"ground ma"es it
#ossible, tis bonus may be canged0 Instead, te obHect o' teir atred may be any oter
monster0 Te caracter may come 'rom a strongold tat as ne3er 'ougt orcs, but does
a3e a long istory o' war'are against drow and duergar0 In tat case, gi3e te J1 attac"
bonus against drow and duergar instead0
I' tis o#tion is used, bonuses gained 'rom caracter "its are added to it0
Caracter Class =a5imum Le3els

Te ma5imum le3els dwar3es can acie3e are restricted and are listed according
to subrace0 =ultiEclassed caracters may ad3ance to te ma5imums o' eac class0
Standard Class Limit Table
Caracter Class
Subrace Warrior !riest Tie'
/ill 18 17 16
=ountain 1A 17 16
Dee# 1: 16 17
Duergar 16 16 1:
Sundered 1: 17 18
$ully C C 1A
E5ceeding Le3el Limits
Caracters may e5ceed te ma5imum le3els and ad3ance to any le3el, but tey
must earn two, tree, or e3en 'our times te amount o' normal e5#erience #oints re@uired
'or eac le3el0 Tis is an o#tional rule0
)lternati3ely, a caracter may e5ceed ma5imum le3el limits i' e as e5tremely
ig ability scores in is #rime re@uisites0 .or e5am#le, a ill dwar' warrior is limited to
18tEle3el0 Wit a Strengt o' 1C, e may be allowed tree bonus le3els and ad3ance to
1CtEle3el0 Bonus le3els re@uired are as 'ollows<
Bonus Le3els Table
!rime Re@uisite Bonus Le3els
1:E18 J1
1AE1; J6
1C J9
12 J:
=o3ement Rates and Encumbrance
)ll dwar' subraces a3e a base mo3ement rate o' A0 I' te o#tional encumbrance
rules are used, tese may be adHusted 'or dwar' caracters0 Because tey are stoc"y and
sturdy 'ol", tey are more ade#t at carrying ea3y loads tan oter races0 To simulate tis
wit te encumbrance category rule, allow dwar3es to reduce te mo3ement #enalty as
'ollows< Ligt encumbrance as no e''ect on mo3ement, =oderate reduces mo3ement by
oneEtird, /ea3y by oneEal', and Se3ere by twoEtirds0
I' te o#tional system is used, te caracter&s mo3ement rate is determined using
$able :; on #age ;C o' te )layer*s +andbook, e5ce#t tat te modi'ied mo3ement rate is
read 'rom te ne5t column to te le't0 Cross re'erence te caracter&s Strengt wit is
encumbrance0 )t te to# o' te column is te mo3ement rate, si't one column to te le't
and use te modi'ied mo3ement rate0 .or e5am#le, a dwar' wit a Strengt o' 1A,
carrying 177 #ounds, as a mo3ement rate o' 80
Tie3ing S"ill )dHustments
Te Tie3ing S"ill Subracial )dHustment Table gi3es adHustments to be made to a
caracter&s tie3ing s"ills by subrace0 Tose 'or ill and mountain dwar3es are te same
as in te )layer*s +andbook.
SubEracial Tie3ing S"ill )dHustments Table
S"ill /ill =tn0 Dee# Duergar Sundered $ully
!ic" !oc"ets EEE EEE J8N J8N EEE J17N
%#en Loc"s J17N J17N EEE EEE J8N E8N
.indBRemo3e Tra#s J18N J18N J17N J17N J17N J8N
=o3e Silently EEE EEE EEE J17N J8N EEE
/ide in Sadows EEE EEE J8N J8N J8N E8N
Detect +oise EEE EEE EEE J17N EEE EEE
Climb Walls E17N E17N E17N E17N EEE E8N
Read Languages E8N E8N E18N E18N E17N E68N
%ter Caracteristics
Eac dwar' name consists o' a #re'i5 and a su''i50 To create a name eiter select
or roll 'or a #re'i5 and a su''i50 $ender is indicated by te su''i5, so male caracter
names are generated using te =ale Su''i5 Table and 'emale names on te .emale Su''i5
Table0 .or e5am#le, a roll o' 6 on te !re'i5 Table gi3es KBalE,K and a roll o' 1 on te
=ale Su''i5 Table gi3es us KEaim,K 'or te name Balaim0
Dwar' +ame $enerator Tables
!re'i5es >1d67?
1 BE 11 $ilE
6 BalE 16 $imE
9 BelE 19 KilE
: Bo'E 1: =orE
8 BolE 18 +alE
A DE 1A +orE
; DalE 1; %3E
C DorE 1C TE
2 DwE 12 TorE
17 .arE 67 TrE
=ale .emale
Su''i5es Su''i5es
1 Eaim 1 Ea
6 Eain 6 Eala
9 Ea" 9 Eana
: Ear : Ei#
8 Ei 8 Eia
A Eim A Eila
; Ein ; Eina
C Eo C Eon
2 Eor 2 Eola
17 Eur 17 Eona
I' you cannot create a name you li"e, try adding a Kb,K Kd,K K',K Kg,K K",K Km,K Kt,K
K3,K or K4K between te #re'i5 and te su''i50
/eigt and Weigt
Eiter coose your caracter&s eigt and weigt or generate tem randomly0 Tey
are listed on te table below 'or eac subrace0 Ta"e te base score a##ro#riate 'or your
race and add te die roll modi'ier0 Bi4arre combinations sould be ignored and rerolled0
.emales tend to be ligter and sorter tan males so te base numbers 'or eigt
and weigt are di3ided into maleB'emale 3alues0 Tere is a broad range in eac category0
)3erage /eigt and Weigt Table
Race /eigt >in0? Weigt >lbs0?
Dee# :8B:6J6dA 177BC7J:d17
Duergar :1B:7J6dA 28B;8J8d17
$ully :7B9CJ6dA C7BA8J:d17
/ill :9B:1J1d17 197B178J:d17
=ountain :2B:;J1d17 1:8B118J8d17
Sundered 87B:CJ1d17 198B117J9d16
Starting )ge and Li'e S#an
Coose or generate a caracter&s starting age and #ossible li'e s#an using te table
below0 To determine starting age, add te die roll to te base starting age0 (ou will only
a3e an idea o' ow long e is li"ely to li3e, assuming e dies o' old ageL
)s an alternati3e you may #lay an older caracter, one wo as been drawn or
'orced into ad3enturing late in li'e0 (our caracter starts at 1stEle3el, but is ability scores
are adHusted to re'lect is greater age as sown on te )ging E''ects Table0
Tese adHustments may result in eiter e5ceeding or 'alling below te minimum
and ma5imum abilities re@uired 'or your subrace, but tis is not a #roblem as long as te
caracter met tem be'ore e aged0

+ow decide on te a##earance o' te caracter&s air and beard color, eyes, s"in,
and so 'ort0 Loo" at te ty#ical a##earances gi3en 'or eac subrace o' dwar' 'or an idea
o' wat te caracter migt loo" li"e0 Eac o' te o#tional caracter "its contains a
suggested distincti3e a##earance to 'urter 'les out any dwar' caracter0
)ging E''ects Table
Race Starting =iddle%ld *enerable =a5imum
)ge )geO )geOO )geOOO )ge
Dee# :8J9d16 1:7 1C; 6C7 J6d177
Duergar :7J:dA 187 677 977 J6d177
$ully 97J6d16 677 19: 677 J8d67
/ill :7J8dA 168 1A; 687 J6d177
=ountain 87JAdA 187 677 977 J6d177
Sundered 68J:d: 177 19: 677 J8d67
O E1 StrBConF J1 IntBWis
OO E6 StrBDe5F B1 ConF J1 Wis
OOO E1 StrBDe5BConF J1 IntBWis

Ca#ter 8< !ro'iciencies
!ro'iciencies are te best way to @uanti'y te 3arious s"ills tat distinguis
dwar3es 'rom eac oter0
)c@uiring !ro'iciencies
/ow wea#on and nonwea#on #ro'iciency slots are ac@uired is described on #age
81 o' te )layer*s +andbook0 Detection #ro'iciency slots are described below0
Re'er to te 'ollowing table wen it is necessary to determine te number o'
#ro'iciency slots a caracter starts wit, te number a3ailable, and at wat le3els new
ones are ac@uired0
!ro'iciency Slots
Wea#on +onwea#on Detection
!ro'iciencies !ro'iciencies !ro'iciencies
$rou# Initial MLe3els !enalty Initial MLe3els Initial MLe3els
Warrior : 9 E6 9 9 8 :
!riest 6 : E9 : 9 8 :
Tie' 6 : E9 9 : 8 9
WarriorB!riest : 9 E6 : 9 8 :
WarriorBTie' : 9 E6 9 9 8 9
Wea#on !ro'iciencies and S#eciali4ation
%nly singleEclass 'igters may a3e wea#on s#eciali4ation0 =ultiEclass
'igterB#riests and 'igterBtie3es a3e oter bene'its to o''set teir lac" o' s#eciali4ation0
$he 'omplete /ighter*s +andbook contains many new and use'ul 'orms o' wea#on
s#eciali4ation tat will enance te abilities o' dwar' warriors0 (ou do not need to use it
in your cam#aign, te )D-DG game wor"s #er'ectly well witout te o#tional rules, but
tey are recommended0
+onwea#on !ro'iciency $rou#s
+onwea#on #ro'iciencies are used to add more de#t to a caracter and to assess
is cances o' success at certain tas"s0 Dwar3es come 'rom a di''erent cultural
bac"ground tan umans and oter races so tey do not automatically learn teir
nonwea#on #ro'iciencies 'rom te same grou#s0 Dwar3es may draw #ro'iciencies 'rom
te grou#s below, instead o' tose on #ages 8:E88 o' te )layer*s +andbook.
Te number o' slots needed 'or #ro'iciencies and te ability modi'ier may di''er
'rom tose in te )layer*s +andbook0 Tese canged costs and ability modi'iers are used
'or dwar' caracters only0
Initial nonwea#on #ro'iciencies a3e been selected 'or te 3arious dwar' "its in
te ne5t ca#ter0 I' you are using te "its, te tables below are only use'ul wen te
caracter gains e5#erience and becomes eligible 'or additional slots0 I' you design your
own "its, or do not use "its, tese tables will still #ro3e use'ul0
Tere are si5 dwar' nonwea#on #ro'iciency grou#s< $eneral, Cra'ts, Warrior,
Rogue, !riest, and S#ecial Bac"ground0 Wen a #layer selects a #ro'iciency 'rom tose
categories listed under K!ro'iciency $rou#s,K it re@uires te number o' #ro'iciency slots
listed0 I' a #ro'iciency is selected 'rom any oter category, it will re@uire one additional
#ro'iciency slot beyond te number listed0 ) #ro'iciency not listed in any o' te dwar'
grou#s may still be #urcased >'rom te )layer*s +andbook or oter su##lement?, but at
te cost o' two additional #ro'iciency slots
$eneral $rou#< Tis grou# is a3ailable to all dwar3es0 It is #art o' teir
bac"ground and training0
Cra't $rou#< Te cra't grou# re#resents te clanEbased nature o' dwar' society
and te long a##renticesi#s tat young dwar3es undergo be'ore becoming adults0 )
dwar' may coose one cra't at no cost in #ro'iciency slots0
Warrior, !riest, and Rogue $rou#s< =ultiEclassed caracters may select
#ro'iciencies 'or eac o' teir classes0 ) warriorB#riest could coose 'rom bot Warrior
and !riest grou#s0
S#ecial Bac"ground< Tis grou# is only used i' te dwar' is 'rom an unusual
bac"ground, suc as dwar3es wo li3e in a strongold subHect to ea3y 'looding during
te s#ring taw0 Tese dwar3es would a3e learned to swim to a3oid drowning wen
teir tunnels 'illed wit water0 Tey may also a3e become e5#ert boatwrigts and boat
Dwar' +onwea#on !ro'iciency $rou#s
Rele3ant Cec"
!ro'iciency Slots )bility =odi'ier
)nimal /andling 1 Wisdom E1
)##raising 1 Intelligence J9
)rtistic )bility 1 Wisdom 7
Dancing 1 De5terity 7
Direction Sense 1 Wisdom J6O
Dwar' Runes 1 Intelligence J6
Endurance 1 Constitution 7
Eti@uette 1 Carisma 7
.ireEBuilding 1 Wisdom E1
.ungi Recognition 1 Intelligence J9
/eraldry 1 Intelligence 7
Languages, =odern 1 Intelligence 7
Local Dwar' /istory 1 Carisma J6
Riding, LandEBased 1 Wisdom E6
Ro#e ,se 1 De5terity 7
Sign Language 1 Intelligence J6
Signalling 1 Intelligence J6
Singing 1 Carisma J6
Slow Res#iration 1 +B) +B)
Sound )nalysis 1 Wisdom 7
Sur3i3al,,nderground 1 Intelligence 7
+a3igation 1 Intelligence 7
O ,nderground only
Rele3ant Cec"
!ro'iciency Slots )bility =odi'ier
)griculture 1 Intelligence 7
)nimal Training 1 Wisdom 7
)rmorer 1 Intelligence 7
Blac"smiting 1 Strengt J1
BowyerB.letcer 1 De5terity 7
Brewing 1 Intelligence J1
Car#entry 1 Strengt 7
Cobbling 1 De5terity 7
Coo"ing 1 Intelligence 7
Engineering 6 Intelligence 7
$em Cutting 1 De5terity 7
/erbalism 6 Intelligence 7
Leaterwor"ing 1 Intelligence 7
Loc"smiting 1 De5terity J1
=ining 1 Wisdom 7
!ottery 1 De5terity E9
SeamstressBTailor 1 De5terity E6
Smelting 1 Intelligence 7
Stonemasonry 1 Strengt 7
Wea#onsmiting 6 Intelligence E1
Wea3ing 1 Intelligence E6
Rele3ant Cec"
!ro'iciency Slots )bility =odi'ier
)lertness 1 Wisdom J1
)nimal Lore 1 Intelligence 7BJ1
BlindE'igting 1 +B) +B)
$aming 1 Carisma 7
/unting 1 Wisdom E6
Intimidation 1 StrengtB
Carisma 7
=ountaineering 1 +B) +B)
Sur3i3al 1 +B) +B)
>/ills, =ountains?
Rele3ant Cec"
!ro'iciency Slots )bility =odi'ier
)lertness 1 Wisdom J1
BlindE'igting 1 +B) +B)
Disguise 1 Carisma E6
.orgery 6 De5terity E1
$aming 1 Carisma 7
Li# Reading 1 Intelligence E6
Local /istory 1 Carisma 7
Juggling 1 De5terity E6
=usical Instrument 1 De5terity E6
!est Control 1 Wisdom 7
Set Snares 1 De5terity E1
Tigtro#e Wal"ing 1 De5terity 7
Tumbling 1 De5terity 7
*entrilo@uism 1 Intelligence E6
Rele3ant Cec"
!ro'iciency Slots )bility =odi'ier
)ncient /istory 1 Intelligence 7
)strology 6 Intelligence 7
/ealing 6 Wisdom E6
/erbalism 6 Intelligence E6
Languages, )ncient 1 Intelligence 7
Local /istory 1 Carisma 7
=usical Instrument 1 De5terity E6
ReadingBWriting 1 Intelligence J1
Religion 1 Wisdom 7
S#ellcra't 1 Intelligence E6
Rele3ant Cec"
!ro'iciency Slots )bility =odi'ier
Boating 1 Wisdom 7
Boatwrigt 1 Intelligence E6
.ising 1 Wisdom E1
=ountaineering 1 +B) +B)
+a3igation 1 Intelligence E9
Riding, )irborne 6 Wisdom 6
Sur3i3al 6 Intelligence 7
Swimming 1 Strengt E1
Weater Sense 1 Wisdom E1
+onwea#on !ro'iciencies
+ew #ro'iciencies are described ere, wit additional in'ormation about dwar'
#ro'iciencies0 Tose not described are uncanged 'rom te descri#tions in te )layer*s
) caracter wit tis #ro'iciency is able to instincti3ely recogni4e signs o'
disturbance in te immediate 3icinity0 Tis gi3es a J1 bonus on te caracter&s sur#rise
rolls wen e ma"es a success'ul #ro'iciency cec"0
)nimal Lore
Te e''ecti3eness o' tis #ro'iciency 3aries according to te bac"ground o' te
dwar'0 ) dwar' wo as li3ed is entire li'e underground "nows little about animals
li3ing abo3e ground, but e will be 3ery "nowledgeable about tose underground0 In tis
case, a dwar' gains a J1 modi'ier to is Intelligence wen dealing wit underground
animals, but as no "nowledge o' sur'ace creatures0 ) sundered dwar' wo 'ears te
underground may only a3e "nowledge o' abo3e ground animals0
Dwar3es wit bac"grounds o' trade wit oter races or wo li3e bot below and
abo3e ground, may a3e normal animal lore #ro'iciency wit no modi'iers, "nowing bot
abo3e and belowEground animals0
) caracter may imitate te calls and cries o' animals as described in te )layer*s
Dwar3es are more ade#t at ma"ing armor tan oter races0 Teir armorers are te
'inest in any world and teir s#ecial s"ills are care'ully idden 'rom outsiders0 Tey are
ca#able o' #roducing ig @uality armor 3ery @uic"ly0 Instead o' 6 wee"s #er le3el o' )C
below 17, a dwar' armorer re@uires only 16 wee"s #er #oint o' )C below 170 Wile a
uman armorer ta"es 17 wee"s to ma"e a suit o' cain mail, a dwar' armorer labors only
;6 wee"s >8 / 16?0
$he 'omplete /ighter*s +andbook contains e5tensi3e rules about te use o' te
armorer #ro'iciency and is recommended to any caracter interested in utili4ing tis
#ro'iciency to te 'ullest0
)strology is only a3ailable to dwar3es wo li3e on or near te sur'ace o' te
world0 Dee# dwar3es and oters wo do not a3e easy access to te sur'ace do not a3e
te astrology #ro'iciency0 In order to use astrology, you a3e to see te stars0
BlindE'igting is cea#er 'or dwar3esF tey only gain te bene'it wen 'igting
in3isible o##onents0 Teir inerent in'ra3ision allows tem to 'igt e''ecti3ely, e3en in
total dar"ness0
) caracter wit te boating #ro'iciency is needed to guide a boat down a ra#id
stream and to reduce te danger o' ca#si4ing a canoe or "aya"0 /e also assures te
ma5imum s#eed o' a boat0
Tis #ro'iciency is distinct 'rom +a3igation and Seamansi#, wic a##ly to
si#s on oceans, seas, and large la"es0
Te boatwrigt #ro'iciency allows a caracter to construct all "inds o' watercra't
u# to a ma5imum lengt o' A7 'eet0 Larger 3essels cannot be built0
Te time re@uired to build a boat de#ends on si4e0 )s a general guide, a boat
re@uires one wee" o' construction time #er 'oot o' lengt0 Two caracters wit te
boatwrigt #ro'iciency cut tis time by al'F tree reduce it to oneEtird0 ) ma5imum o'
one boatwrigt #er 8 'eet o' lengt can wor" on te same 3essel0
Te basic boat includes ull, masts >i' a##licable?, dec", and bences as re@uired0
.eatures suc as a cabin or a sealed old add about a wee" a#iece to com#lete0 Caracters
witout te boatwrigt #ro'iciency can aid te boatwrigt in construction, but two suc
caracters e@ual te time sa3ings tat one additional s"illed boatwrigt could #ro3ide0
Direction Sense
Dwar3es recei3e a J6 bonus to teir modi'ier wen using teir direction sense
underground0 Tey may use it abo3e ground, but at a E6 #enalty to Wisdom0 Sundered
dwar3es sould re3erse tese modi'iers to re'lect teir 'ear o' te underground0
Dwar' Runes
Dwar' runes are te basic dwar3en al#abet and are taugt to all young dwar3es
as a #art o' teir basic education0 De#ending on te cam#aign bac"ground, runes may
a3e been a gi't 'rom te gods, a creation o' te dwar3es temsel3es, or an altered 'orm
o' some oter written language0 Dwar3es will still claim runes to be an intrinsic #art o'
teir cultural eritage, and tey may ta"e o''ence i' accused o' a3ing co#ied runesL
Dwar3en runes are 'ound engra3ed in stone and only rarely written on suc
transitory materials as #arcment, clot or #a#er0 Tey are used to denote ownersi#, gi3e
warnings o' nearby dangers and to record istory0 Te tombs o' dwar3es wo a3e been
#ro#erly interred, as o##osed to asty burial during battle, are engra3ed wit runes tat
tell te occu#ant&s clan, is #arentage, cildren, and te deeds o' is li'e0 In te absence o'
#ro#er interment, dwar3es erect stone monolits or engra3e entire ca3ern walls de#icting
te deeds o' teir dead0 Tese list te clans, te names o' tose wo died and te nature
o' teir deats0 Te numbers o' slain enemies are greatly detailed0
Dwar3en runes are not a #onetic 'orm o' writing, but a conce#tual one, wit eac
rune delineating an idea or im#lying a range o' ideas de#ending on #lacement0 ) single
rune migt con3ey #ages o' uman or el' writing or be as sim#le as a sign saying Kstairs0K
It&s a matter o' "nowing wat te rune means and ow it is to be inter#reted in conte5t0
Dwar3en runes do not contain conHunctions or #ronouns, but #ro#er names are
re#resented by altering an e5isting rune0 Tis ma"es runes di''icult 'or oter races to
understand, and dwar3es consider temsel3es su#erior to races wo cannot read e3en te
most sim#le o' tem0 )ll dwar3es "now tem at no cost0
) ardy and resilient race, dwar3es automatically gain te Endurance #ro'iciency
>see te )layer*s +andbook, #age 8C? at no cost0
.ungi Recognition
)ltoug tey #re'er not to, dwar3es sometimes a3e to sur3i3e on a diet o'
'ungi0 Tey would rater use tese as su##lements to teir regular diet, but wen times
are ard, or wen in3ol3ed in an e5tended underground e5#edition, it is use'ul to be able
to tell edible 'ungi 'rom te #oisonous or unwolesome 3arieties0 )##ro5imately 87N o'
underground 'ungi are #oisonous0 Tey may cause an u#set stomac or be so #oisonous
tey cause deat0 It is im#ossible to ar3est edible 'ungi witout te 'ungi identi'ication
I' te caracter as #lenty o' ligt and an o##ortunity to study te 'ungus in
@uestion closely 'or 17 minutes, no #ro'iciency cec" is re@uired0 I' e is unable to see
te 'ungus #ro#erly, o'ten te case wen using in'ra3ision, or as to ma"e a asty
decision about edibility, a #ro'iciency cec" must be made0
$em Cutting
) dwar' wit tis #ro'iciency may cut 6dC gems #er day instead o' 1d170 /e also
as a greater cance o' increasing te 3alue o' a gem0 I' a dwar' rolls a 1 or a 6 during
cutting, e increases te 3alue o' te gem to tat o' te ne5t most 3aluable class >see #age
19: o' te Dungeon &aster*s ,uide?0 .or e5am#le, Duram is cutting a 'ancy stone wit a
'inised 3alue o' 177 g#0 /e does an e5@uisite Hob and actually increases its 3alue to tat
o' a #recious gem wit a 3alue o' 877 g#0
)ny caracter wo 'ails a gem cutting roll cuts te gem, but does so #oorly and
reduces its 3alue to te ne5t lower category0 Duram, 'lused wit success, tries is and
at a #recious stone wit a 'inised 3alue o' 877 g# but e sli#s wit is cisel and reduces
its 3alue to tat o' 'ancy gem >3alue 177 g#?0
) caracter wo rolls a 67 wen cutting a gem s#lits it in al' and ends u# wit
two uncut gems wit a combined 3alue one class lower tan tat o' te original gem0
Duram starts one more gem0 It as a 3alue o' 87 g#0 /e #laces is cutting clam#, o3er
tigtens te Haws, and s#lits te gem in al' >e rolls a 67L?0 /e now as two uncut gems
wit a 3alue o' 8 g# eac0
Tis #ro'iciency allows a caracter to intimidate oters to do as e wises0 It
in3ol3es an im#licit treat o' 3iolence0 Treatened +!Cs will do as tey are told, but will
arbor resentments against im0 I' an o##ortunity arises 'or intimidated +!Cs to re3enge
temsel3es tey will do so0
Intimidation may be attem#ted wit one o' two abilities, Strengt or Carisma0 I'
intimidating by Strengt, te caracter is treatening immediate, #ersonal, bodily arm0 I'
by Carisma, te intimidation consists o' subtle treats, wic need not be #ysical0 +o
matter wic ability is used, te intimidation attem#t is always modi'ied by te di''erence
between te e5#erience le3el o' te intimidating caracter and te e5#erience le3el or /it
Dice o' te 3ictim>s?0 Creatures wit less tan one /it Die are considered to a3e a le3el
o' 70
) AtEle3el warrior attem#ting to intimidate an /D1E1 goblin would gain a JA
bonus to is intimidation ability0 )gainst a 17tEle3el uman warrior, our AtEle3el
dwar'&s intimidation #ro'iciency would be reduced by E:0 /iger le3el caracters are less
li"ely to be intimidated0
Wen a caracter is attem#ting to intimidate more tan one caracter, and all are
witin 1E: e5#erience le3els o' eac oter, te le3el is te a3erage o' tem0 I' one or more
caracters are o3er 'i3e e5#erience le3els abo3e te oters, te igest e5#erience le3el is
used, te oter caracters gaining con'idence 'rom te #resence o' a #ower'ul indi3idual0
Wen attem#ting to intimidate more tan one, te number o' caracters is used as
a negati3e modi'ier0 I' a dwar' is attem#ting to intimidate 'i3e goblins, is intimidate
#ro'iciency is reduced by E80
Intimidation may only be used against intelligent creaturesF slimes and sambling
mounds are too stu#id to notice tat someone is trying to intimidate tem0
!layer caracters are ne3er 'orced to submit to intimidation, and may coose ow
tey are going to react to an attem#t0
Local Dwar' /istory
Tis #ro'iciency is di''erent 'rom te local istory #ro'iciency, a caracter wit
tis #ro'iciency is only "nowledgeable about dwar' istory0 Tis is cie'ly concerned
wit lineages and e3ents a''ecting dwar3es0 It deals wit te 'ounders o' te clans and
strongolds, and traces te descendants to te #resent0 Te battles and e3ents o' clan and
strongold are "nown, as well as te 'ates o' tose wo a3e le't to establis new omes
or wo #erised wile ad3enturing0
Te e5tent o' geogra#ical "nowledge is de#endent on te cam#aign bac"ground0
Tose wo a3e ad no contact wit te world abo3e may be totally ignorant o' wat lies
on te sur'ace, but will a3e e5tensi3e "nowledge o' teir own strongold0 Tose wose
relati3es a3e establised new strongolds or are members o' suc strongolds would
a3e "nowledge o' te area between te two and some "nowledge o' te geogra#y
surrounding tem0 E3en so, most dwar3es, unless tey li3e in close #ro5imity to oter
races, a3e a 3ery a4y idea o' were te sea is, 'or e5am#le0
Wile a caracter wit tis #ro'iciency "nows dwar' istory, is "nowledge o' te
istory o' oter races is minimal0 I' umans 'ougt a great battle against eac oter, a
dwar' wo did not li3e wit umans is not li"ely to a3e eard o' it0 I' te battle in3ol3ed
dwar3es e would #robably "now o' it0 I' it in3ol3ed dwar3es 'rom is own strongold or
clan, e would a3e e5tensi3e "nowledge o' te e3ents leading to it and te course o' te
battle0 )s wit some oter dwar' #ro'iciencies te e5act e5tent o' an indi3idual&s
"nowledge is determined by is bac"ground0
Te local dwar' istory #ro'iciency may be used to entertain oter caracters0
Wen so engaged, e gains a J6 bonus to is Carisma wile dealing wit dwar3es0 Wit
oter races e does not gain te bonus, because dwar' stories tend to be dull, slow
mo3ing and o3erly concerned wit wo is related to wom, teir #laces o' origin, and all
o' te #laces te eroes& ancestors 'ounded along te way0 Trying to tell a dwar' story to
ostile beings is li"ely to incite tem to 3iolence0 %rcs will not be im#ressed, e3en wit
te bestEtold dwar' tale0
Wit te loc"smiting #ro'iciency a caracter can ma"e and re#air all "inds o'
mecanical loc"s0 Tie3es wit tis #ro'iciency gain a 17N bonus to teir loc"#ic"ing
s"ill, because tey are intimately 'amiliar wit te internal structure and wor"ing o'
Te )layer*s +andbook #ro3ides basic in'ormation on mining and tis #ro'iciency
is described in detail in Ca#ter C0 =ining o#erations are usually at te eart o' dwar'
=odern Languages

Te modern languages dwar3es may learn are determined by te cam#aign
bac"ground0 I' a caracter li3es in a strongold tat as ad no contact wit goblins, e is
unli"ely to a3e learned goblin0 Te languages 'or dwar3es in te )layer*s +andbook
sould be considered as suggestions only0 Dwar3es may learn any language tat suits
teir bac"ground0 Suggested languages are< dee# tongue, drow, el', gnome, goblin, local
uman common tongue, "obold, orc, troll, ogre0
!est Control
Tis #ro'iciency is used to "ee# dwar' strongolds 'ree o' #ests li"e rats, carrion
crawlers, Hermalaines, "obolds, and oter small creatures0 Similar to te set snares
#ro'iciency, it is concerned wit catcing underground #ests and does not use snares0
Tra#s are set to trigger metal cages, dro# nets, or iron doors tat sut o'' indi3idual tunnel
sections0 S#ring tra#s or small dead'alls may be rigged >damage 1dA ma5imum? using
tis #ro'iciency0 Tere is no E: modi'ier wen using #est control to tra# larger creatures0
%nly tie' caracters may use tis #ro'iciency to rig larger tra#s suitable 'or
uman or orc si4ed creatures0 Tese tra#s may include crossbows, larger dead'alls, and
s#i"ed s#ringboards0
) caracter wit tis #ro'iciency does not a3e te ability to ma"e te items
re@uired 'or tese de3ices, e can only set te tra#s and teir triggers0
) #ro'iciency cec" must be rolled wen te tra# is set0 ) 'ailed #ro'iciency
cec" means tat te tra# will 'ail to o#erate0 It may not a3e been set #ro#erly, was
#oorly concealed, or it was too small or too large 'or te creature to trigger0
Setting a tra# ta"es one our and te caracter must a3e te #ro#er e@ui#ment
and materials wit im0
Caracters wit te animal lore #ro'iciency gain a J6 bonus wen attem#ting to
set tra#s to catc animal #ests0
Riding, )irborne
Tis #ro'iciency is rare among dwar3es, and is most 're@uently 'ound in tose
li3ing in remote mountain areas, among dwar3es wo a3e be'riended giant eagles or
a3e tamed and trained winged mounts< gri''ins, i##ogri''s, or oters0 Tis #ro'iciency
may not be used to lea# onto te bac"s o' mounts, unless you also a3e te Hum#ing
#ro'iciency0 In oter res#ects, tis #ro'iciency is uncanged 'rom te )layer*s +andbook0
Riding, Land )nimals
Because o' teir stout, stoc"y build, dwar3es are uncom'ortable riding orses or
oter animals o' similar si4e0 Tey are ca#able o' riding don"eys, #onies, and smaller
creatures0 Dwar3es may lea# onto teir saddles0 Some suitable mounts 'or dwar3es are
dire wol3es, giant boars, and giant li4ards0
Sign Language
Sign language is most 're@uently used by dwar3es wo were engaged in long
running war'are wit oter dwar3es or races0 It #ermits silent communication wit
anyone wo sees and understands te signals0 Te ma5imum range is usually line o' sigt
in a lit area, or te e5tent o' te recei3er&s in'ra3ision0 Sign may be an e5tensi3e language
ca#able o' andling long con3ersations, or sim#ly a means o' communicating a 'ew easy
to understand #rases suc as Kattac",K Korcs beind te roc",K or Kyou tree mo3e le't0K
) #ro'iciency cec" is made wen s#ea"ing or inter#reting sign0 Te J6 bonus sould
only be used wen gi3ing sort, easily recogni4ed commands0 =ore detailed signals
re@uire a
E1 modi'ier0
Te signalling #ro'iciency allows a caracter to send messages underground using
sound0 To send a signal, ta# on a section o' wall wit a roc", ammer, or a #iece o' metal0
Te sound will eco troug roc" to a distance o' 1d: miles0 Te sound transmitted by
tis #ro'iciency resembles morse code and it may be used to send e5tensi3e messages or
sort commands and instructions0 To send a message, roll a #ro'iciency cec"0 I'
success'ul, te message transmits as desired0 I' not, te message may be only #artially
understood or com#lete nonsense0 It may e3en con3ey a meaning contrary to te message
sent0 Success'ul transmission o' a message is no guarantee tat it will be understood by
te recei3ing end and #ro'iciency cec"s are re@uired to correctly inter#ret te message0
It is #ossible to 'ail to understand an incorrectly sent signal, yet still in'er a message 'rom
it, one 3ery di''erent 'rom wat was intended0
Slow Res#iration
) caracter wit tis #ro'iciency as te ability to enter a dee# trance and reduce
te amount o' air e needs to stay ali3e0 To induce te trance, e must be in a rest'ul
#osition, eiter sitting or lying down0 )'ter concentrating 'or one turn, #ulse and
breating dro# well below normal, so tat breating re@uires only 17N o' te rate wen
resting0 Te caracter emerges 'rom is trance at will, 'ully aware o' anyting tat as
occurred nearby0
Te smelting #ro'iciency is closely tied to te =ining #ro'iciency0 Between tem
tey #ro3ide all o' te metal to te strongolds0 Wit tis #ro'iciency a smelter can be
o#erated0 See Ca#ter 20
Sound )nalysis
Tis #ro'iciency allows a caracter to gauge te si4e o' underground areas by
generating noise and analy4ing te ecoes tat return0 ,sing tis s"ill, e can calculate
distances u# to one mile, and determine sound direction0
To use sound analysis, te caracter must wor" in absolute silence0 Te sound
created must a3e a sar#, staccato @uality0 ) owl or wail is ine''ecti3e, but a clic"ing
sound, or loud KeyK wor"s well0
Te !C must ma"e a #ro'iciency cec"0 I' te cec" is success'ul, e as
correctly analy4ed te si4e o' te area in @uestion to witin #lus or minus 68N o' its
eigt, widt, and lengt0 I' te cec" 'ails, te eco as become garbled in its
re3erberations0 +o 'urter attem#ts by te !C to analy4e tat area will succeed, toug
oters wit te #ro'iciency may try0
) #ro'iciency cec" o' 8 or less means te caracter as learned not only te si4e
o' te analy4ed area, but oter details as well< te number o' brancing side #assages,
weter tere is a straigt or wandering corridor, and weter or not water e5ists0
Te disad3antage o' tis ability is tat, wile it is use'ul 'or learning about a
com#letely un"nown area, it announces te caracters to all creatures in earing range0
Tey will certainly be #re#ared, and may go loo"ing 'or te intruders0
Sur3i3al, ,nderground
,nderground sur3i3al #ro3ides "nowledge o' te underground0 It el#s te
caracter distinguis between edible and #oisonous insects and to be able to determine
te sa'ety and stability o' tunnels, ca3ern ceilings, and te li"e0
,nderground +a3igation
) caracter wit tis #ro'iciency can determine direction underground and te
sortest route to te sur'ace0 By care'ul analysis o' air currents and contents, a caracter
can e3en determine weter tere are any #oc"ets o' #oisonous gas in te air0 )
success'ul #ro'iciency cec" is re@uired to use te #ro'iciency0
) dwar' wea#onsmit is not only more s"illed tan a uman one >Intelligence E1,
instead o' E9?, but ca#able o' #roducing wea#ons at a 'aster rate0 Te costs remain te
Wea#on Construction Table
Construction =aterial
Wea#on Time Cost
)rrowead ;Bday 1 c#
Battle )5e ; days 17 s#
/and )5e 9 days 8 s#
Dagger 9 days 6 s#
Crossbow 18 days 17 s#
Crossbow 16 days 8 s#
.or", Trident 18 days 17 s#
S#ear, Lance 9 days : s#
Sort Sword 18 days 8 s#
Long Sword 69 days 17 s#
Sword 9: days 6 g#
$he 'omplete /ighter*s +andbook contains e5tensi3e rules on te use o' te
wea#onsmiting #ro'iciency and is igly recommended to tose interested in using te
#ro'iciency to te 'ullest0
Dwar3en Detection
!ro'iciencies >%#tional?
+ot all dwar3es a3e te same ability to detect underground #enomena, some are
better tan oters0 Detection #ro'iciencies may be used as an alternati3e to te system
described on #age 61 o' te )layer*s +andbook to detect slo#es, new tunnels, sliding
walls, stonewor" tra#s, #its, dead'alls, and de#t underground0 Li"e nonwea#on
#ro'iciencies, it is an o#tional system0 I' you don&t use nonwea#on #ro'iciencies in your
game, ten detection #ro'iciencies may be ignored0 I' you do use tem, detection
#ro'iciencies will ada#t te abilities more smootly to your game0
+umber o' Detection !ro'iciencies

) dwar' caracter recei3es is standard number o' nonwea#on #ro'iciency slots
according to is caracter class0 In addition, e recei3es anoter 'i3e slots solely to buy
detection #ro'iciencies0 Te initial number o' #ro'iciencies increases i' e is o' ig
Intelligence0 Detection #ro'iciency slots must be used to #urcase detection #ro'iciencies,
but may be s#ent on any te #layer wises0
,sing Detection !ro'iciencies
Detection #ro'iciencies may be used any time a dwar' is underground, witin 17
'eet o' te #articular #enomena0 Determining de#t underground is te e5ce#tion to tis
rule and may be attem#ted any time0
To use a detection #ro'iciency, a dwar' must concentrate 'or one melee round0
)ny modi'ier 'or te #ro'iciency listed in te Detection )roficiency $able is added to te
a##ro#riate ability score0 ) J1 modi'ier is ac@uired i' te dwar' is actually toucing
stonewor"0 Detection #ro'iciencies are cec"ed by rolling 1d670 I' te caracter rolls is
adHusted ability score or less, e is success'ul, oterwise e 'ails0 ) roll o' 67 always 'ails0
I' success'ul, te dwar' sees te #enomenon or becomes aware o' is
a##ro5imate de#t underground0 I' e 'ails, e cannot try again witin tat 17E'oot area0
Im#ro3ing Detection !ro'iciencies
Te !ro'iciency Slots Table sows te number o' le3els te caracter needs to
attain to ac@uire new detection #ro'iciency slots0 Tese slots may be s#ent on any
detection #ro'iciency, but not nonwea#on or wea#on #ro'iciencies0 /owe3er, nonwea#on
#ro'iciency slots may be s#ent to im#ro3e detection #ro'iciencies0
Dwar3en Detection !ro'iciencies Table
Detect or Determine 0 0 0
M o'
Slots Rele3ant Cec"
Re@uired )bility =odi'ier
$rade or Slo#e in !assage 1 Wisdom J:
+ew TunnelB!assage Construction 1 Wisdom J:
SlidingBSi'ting Walls or Rooms 1 Wisdom J6
Stonewor" Tra#s, !its, and Dead'alls 1 Wisdom 7
)##ro5imate De#t ,nderground 1 Wisdom 7
Ca#ter A< Dwar' Kits
Te "its in tis ca#ter allow 'urter indi3iduali4ation o' dwar' caracters0 Eac
"it is a collection o' abilities, #ro'iciencies, ad3antages, and disad3antages wic better
de'ine te caracter0
Te "its are entirely o#tional0 ) dwar' caracter can easily be created witout
tem, but te "its will add detail0 %nly one dwar' "it is allowed #er caracter0
It is #ossible to incor#orate tese "its into e5isting cam#aigns0 ) "it must be
com#atible wit a caracter&s #ast actions, bac"ground, and establised #ersonality traits0
I' a 'igter as been #layed as cautious and care'ul, resorting to combat only wen
negotiation as 'ailed, it would be unseemly to ma"e im a Battlerager0
%nce a #articular "it as been assigned, it cannot be e5canged 'or a new one0
Te caracter can abandon it, but gi3es u# all bene'its and indrances0
Wen designing a new caracter, 'irst determine is ability scores, class or
classes, s#eciali4ation, and alignment0 %nce tese elements a3e been decided, coose a
"it, #ro'iciencies, money, e@ui#ment, and oter details0
Te "its in tis boo" are uni@ue to dwar3es0 )ltoug oter races may a3e
similar "its, tese "its are #ermitted to dwar' caracters only0 /owe3er, te "its in te
'omplete )layer*s +andbook series may be used wit dwar' caracters, unless e5#licitly
stated oterwise0 Wen using te 'omplete /ighter*s, te 'omplete )riest*s or te
'omplete $hief*s +andbooks, teir guidelines sould be 'ollowed0
.i3e di''erent caracter classes are discussed in tis ca#ter0 Tere are "its 'or
warriors, #riests, tie3es, warriorB#riests, and warriorBtie3es0 ) caracter may only use a
"it tat belongs to is class0 It is not #ossible, 'or e5am#le, 'or a tie' to use a warrior "it0
=ultiEclass caracters are an e5ce#tion0 ) #layer wit a multiEclass caracter is not
restricted to tese o#tions0 /e may coose any one "it 'rom tose rele3ant to is
caracter0 ) warriorB#riest could coose a warrior, a #riest, or a warriorB#riest "it0 )
caracter may a3e only one "it0
) multiEclassed caracter is not allowed to s#eciali4e in any wea#on wen
selecting a warrior "it0 ) 'ew o' te multiEclass "its allow caracters to be wea#on
s#ecialists, but tese are te only ones allowed0 Te Battlerager cannot be used as a
multiEclass "it, only single class warriors may use tis "it0
Te Com#osition o' te Kits
Eac "it consists o' se3eral elements<
.irst is a descri#tion o' te bac"ground, a##earance, and manner o' te caracters
in tis "it, including any re@uirements necessary to ta"e te "it0
Role< Te role o' te caracter in dwar' society and in te cam#aign0
Secondary S"ills< I' you are using te secondary s"ills rules 'rom te )D-DG
6nd Edition game, te "it may re@uire your caracter to ta"e a s#eci'ic s"ill instead o'
coosing or randomly rolling 'or it0 It is recommended tat, in order to get te most out
o' te "its, you use te wea#on and nonwea#on #ro'iciency rules instead0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Te "it may re@uire a dwar' to ta"e a s#eci'ic wea#on
#ro'iciency, or to coose one 'rom a limited range0
Wea#on #ro'iciencies re@uired 'or a "it are not bonuses unless s#eci'ied0 Tey
must be ta"en to 'ill te wea#on #ro'iciency slots a3ailable to a 1stEle3el dwar'0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Caracter "its #ro3ide bonus nonwea#on
#ro'iciencies 'ree, witout a3ing to s#end any o' te slots tey would normally be
granted0 E3en i' te #ro'iciencies belong to grou#s oter tan Dwar' or $eneral, tere is
no carge 'or tem0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Some +onwea#on !ro'iciencies are
recommended, not re@uired0 I' te caracter decides to ta"e a recommended nonwea#on
#ro'iciency, it still 'ills one o' te slots0
E@ui#ment< Some dwar' caracters use s#eci'ic e@ui#ment, wile oters a3e
limitations or restrictions on te way tey ac@uire or use e@ui#ment0
Distincti3e )##earance< =any "its a3e a distincti3e a##earance, ma"ing te
caracter s#ecial and more easily recogni4able 'or wat e is0 Tese are suggestions only,
and not re@uirements0
S#ecial Bene'its< =ost "its grant s#ecial bene'its0
S#ecial /indrances< )ny disad3antages tat inder a caracter0
Wealt %#tions< Some "its a3e s#ecial rules regarding wealt0 Tese s#eci'y te
amount o' money recei3ed wen a caracter is created and limit ow it can be s#ent0
Warrior Kits
Warriors ma"e u# te maHority o' any dwar' strongold, being bot cra'tsmen and
soldiers0 %ter, more s#eciali4ed dwar' warriors are described below0
)nimal =aster
Te )nimal =aster as a close a''inity wit te animals em#loyed to guard
strongolds0 /e loo"s a'ter and controls tem, ma"ing sure tey are #ro#erly 'ed and
e5ercised0 /e trains tem to act as guards and to attac" on command0 )nimal =asters
de3elo# a dee# bond wit teir animals and are reluctant to endanger te animals& li3es0
)n )nimal =aster must a3e a Wisdom o' 16 or more0
Role< Well res#ected members o' dwar' society, )nimal =asters are usually
welcome at any strongold, toug tey are treated wit wary res#ect0 I' tey are willing
to train oters in te art, tey are e3en more welcome0
)nimal =asters are res#onsible 'or loo"ing a'ter a strongold&s animal guards0
Tese are usually 6d: brown bears or 8d: wol3es, but oter animals suc as giant li4ards,
ca3e bears, boars, or giant rats may be used0 Tey may train a strongold&s ca3alry
mounts, i' tese are #resent0
Secondary S"ills< )n )nimal =aster sould a3e $room >animal andling? and
Tra##erB.urrier secondary s"ills0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Tey may be #ro'icient wit any wea#on0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )nimal Lore, )nimal Training >cosen animal?,
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )nimal /andling, )nimal Training
>oter animal?, )##raising, Direction Sense, Dwar' Runes, Eti@uette, /erbalism,
/unting, =odern Languages, Ro#e ,se, Sign Language, Signalling, ,nderground
E@ui#ment< Wen created, te )nimal =aster may a3e any "ind o' wea#ons and
e@ui#ment0 /e starts wit one 'ully trained animal o' is coice, wic e may e@ui#
wit leater or metal armor0
Distincti3e )##earance< )nimal =asters 're@uently dress in te #elts or s"ins o'
teir animal carges0 Tis el#s bond im to is animals and ma"es tem more acce#ting
o' is #resence0
S#ecial Bene'its< )n )nimal =aster gains an )nimal Training #ro'iciency0 Tis
bonus #ro'iciency is automatically at J10 /e must coose te "ind o' animal e is ca#able
o' training u#on ta"ing te #ro'iciency0 /e may buy anoter )nimal Training #ro'iciency
but te second does not gain te J1 bonus0
Te bonus )nimal =astery #ro'iciency allows im to train 'our animals at one
time, instead o' tree0 .or eac additional slot s#ent on )nimal Training, one e5tra animal
can be trained0
Because o' is a''inity wit tem, an )nimal =aster reduces te time it ta"es to
train te animals by one wee" #er slot s#ent on te #ro'iciency, but it ne3er ta"es less
tan two wee"s0 Tis e5tra slot includes te )nimal Trainer&s initial J1 bonus0 /e can
increase te number o' tas"s e can teac an animal by J1 'or eac slot s#ent on Training0
%ne wo cooses brown bears as te animals 'or is bonus #ro'iciency can teac 'our
bears at one time0 /e can teac tem 6d:J1 tric"s or tas"s in 6dAE1 wee"s0
Wen wor"ing wit wild animals, e gains a J: ability modi'ier to is cances o'
taming tem, i' te animals are o' a litter wose moter e as trained0 Wen wor"ing
wit suc animals, an )nimal =aster&s commands are obeyed on rolls o' 1E12 on a 1d670
%nly wen e rolls a 67 will te animals re'use to obey0
I' an )nimal =aster as te Sign Language #ro'iciency, e may direct is own
trained animals wit it0 Tey must be able to see is ands 'or tis to wor"0
)n )nimal =aster wit te Signalling #ro'iciency can direct #ersonally trained
animals by using sim#le sound signals0 Wen wor"ing wit animals oter tan is own,
e may direct tem by ma"ing a success'ul )nimal Training cec"0
S#ecial /indrances< )nimal =asters tend to be loners, s#ending more time wit
animals tan wit oter dwar3es0 Conse@uently, tere is always a le3el o' distrust0 =ost
dwar3es, obsessed wit teir cra'ts, a3e little in common wit )nimal =asters wo
dedicate teir li3es to creating a ra##ort wit teir animals0 %ter dwar3es react to
)nimal =asters at B60 Tis does not mean tey will be antagonistic, but tat tey are
wary o' te trainer and is animals0 Tey will sow res#ect, but witout 'riendsi#0
Wealt %#tions< )n )nimal =aster starts wit only :d:517 g#0
)5e .or /ire
)n )5e .or /ire is a mercenary wo is willing to sell is ser3ices to te igest
bidder0 ,sually an allEround 'igter, ca#able o' engaging in and to and combat, e is
able to use a crossbow and oter missile wea#ons0
Role< /e is 're@uently a dwar' wit a se3ere case o' wanderlust and a strong
desire to tra3el beyond is strongold0 Te best way to accom#lis tis is to ire out as a
guard or a mercenary0 /e may 'ind em#loyment wit a mercant wo is setting out on an
e5#edition dee#er underground, or #lanning to tra3el abo3e0 /e may be wor"ing 'or a
dwar' noble wo is 3isiting relati3es in oter lands, or trying to reca#ture a mine 'rom
orcs or dragons0 !era#s e as tra3eled to aid a strongold attac"ed by monsters0
/e may acce#t em#loyment wit anoter race, #ro3iding te money is good
enoug0 /e wants to be #aid to 'igt0
Secondary S"ills< )n )5e 'or /ire sould a3e te Wea#onsmit, )rmorer or
BowyerB.letcer secondary s"ills0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Tey may coose any wea#ons tey li"e0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Endurance, Local Dwar' /istory, Local /istory0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, )rmorer, BowyerB.letcer,
Direction Sense, .ireEbuilding, Dwar' Runes, Sur3i3al, ,nderground +a3igation,
E@ui#ment< )n )5e 'or /ire may s#end is starting money on wate3er arms,
armor, and e@ui#ment e can a''ord0 Wen e is created, i' it is agreed tat e is #art o' a
military 'orce wit s#eci'ic e@ui#ment re@uirements, e is re@uired to buy tat e@ui#ment,
but at al' te #rice0
Distincti3e )##earance< Tese are te most indi3idualistic o' dwar3es and do not
con'orm to any single standard0
S#ecial Bene'its< .igters recei3e one 'ree wea#on s#eciali4ation >a and or
missile wea#on?0 It must be one commonly associated wit dwar3es0
Wen em#loyed, e ne3er #ays 'or is own u#"ee#0 Rooms at inns, 'ood and
drin" are all su##lied by is em#loyer0
S#ecial /indrances< Dwar3es are clannis 'ol" wo distrust anyone wit an
inde#endent attitude0 Wen reacting wit oter dwar3es in any situation oter tan
military, an )5e 'or /ire su''ers a E9 reaction #enalty0
In addition, an )5e 'or /ire wo is #art o' a military 'orce is subHect to te
disci#line and dictates o' its commander0 /e is no longer 'ree to come and go as e
#leases0 /e is 'urter restricted by te contract e as signed wit is em#loyer0 =any o'
tese are 'or a 'i5ed duration, and re@uire im to be a3ailable trougout te term0
Disa##earing be'ore te end o' te contract is li"ely to gi3e im a #oor re#utation as a
Tere is always a 'ear tat e as been ired to underta"e a suicidal mission or to
act as a decoy or sacri'ice, wile oters a3e more im#ortant, and sa'er, duties0
Wealt %#tions< /e recei3es te standard 8d:517 g# starting money0
Te Clansdwar' is wat most #eo#le tin" o' wene3er dwar3es are mentioned0
Tey are te maHority in dwar' society, its cra'tsmen and militia0 Tey are s"illed in a
cra't and recei3e military training 'rom adolescence0
Role< Clansdwar3es are usually closely bound to teir strongold and only lea3e
to conduct teir cra't somewere else >at a location tat is usually turned into anoter
strongold?0 Tey gi3e dwar' society its #articular @ualities o' "insi# and care'ul
Tey are not restricted to te strongolds and may be 'ound li3ing in gettoes or
on te edges o' te towns and cities o' anoter race, ma"ing a li3ing by selling teir
Wile clansdwar3es are cra'tsmen, all dwar' settlements #ride temsel3es on teir
militia0 Tey are armed and e@ui##ed wit items o' teir own manu'acture, and train
regularly in small unit and large scale tactics0 =any clansdwar3es are Husti'iably #roud o'
being e5#ert 'igters as well as su#erb cra'tsmen0
Secondary S"ills< )ny suitable cra't s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Clansdwar3es may be #ro'icient wit< a5e, ammer, ligt
or ea3y crossbow, mace, #ic", #olearm, sort sword, s#ear0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Clansdwar3es gain two cra't #ro'iciency slots
o' teir coice0 Bot must be s#ent on te same cra't0 Tey also recei3e te Dwar3en
Runes and Endurance #ro'iciencies0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )##raising, )rtistic )bility, and any
related to teir 'irst cra't0
E@ui#ment< Clansdwar3es may buy any e@ui#ment tey li"e0
Distincti3e )##earance< Te cra't o' a clansdwar' is readily a##arent 'rom is
cloting0 Eac clan as a uni@ue emblem or cut o' clot tat distinguises tem 'rom all
oter clans0 Tis may be as ob3ious as a leaterEwor"ing a#ron or as discrete as a small
an3il badge0
S#ecial Bene'its< Clansdwar3es gain a J9 reaction bonus wen dealing wit
oters o' teir clan0 Tey gain a J6 reaction bonus wen dealing wit dwar3es o' oter
clans engaged in te same cra't0
Clansdwar3es are always seltered and gi3en aid witin teir own clan0 ,nless
one is "nown to a3e inHured members o' is own clan, e will be 'ed and oused gladly0
S#ecial /indrances< ) Clansdwar' is #art o' a tigtlyE"nit society tat ne3er
'orgets eiter a misdemeanor or soddy wor"mansi#0 /e is e5#ected to be scru#ulously
onest and #ro'essional in is dealings wit oters0 )ny dwar' wo 3iolates tat trust
becomes an outcast, no longer welcome at te earts o' is clan0 +ews o' bad bea3ior
s#reads @uic"ly, and oter dwar3es, earing o' it, will react to im wit a E9 #enalty0
) Clansdwar' wo becomes an outcast may again be acce#ted by is "in, but te
#rocess ta"es years0 It is better to "ee# one&s nose clean and do te Hob tan to #ro3o"e
Wealt %#tions< ) Clansdwar' starts wit te standard 8d:517 g#0
/eart $uard
) /eart $uard is a 'emale dwar' wo as recei3ed intensi3e military training0
.re@uently a wea#on s#ecialist, se 'igts as well as, i' not better tan, most males0
+ot all strongolds a3e /eart $uards0 Some see 'igting as a male role and do
not encourage women to ta"e u# arms0 In most strongolds, /eart $uards 'orm a
res#ected, elite 'igting 'orce dedicated to de'ending te strongold and its cildren 'rom
e5ternal treats0
+ot all 'emale warriors are /eart $uards0 )ny o' te "its can be used 'or 'emale
caracters, so a #layer is not restricted to #laying a /eart $uard caracter Hust because
se is 'emale0 +o male dwar3es, owe3er, may become /eart $uards0
Role< /eart $uards were originally 'ormed as a #urely de'ensi3e 'orce to de'end
te strongold in case o' attac"0 In a 'ew strongolds, male dwar3es a3e come to see
women as su#erior and lea3e all im#ortant decisions to tem0
/eart $uards are igly regarded0 Tey 'orm an e''ecti3e 'igting 'orce, well
trained in combat and tactics0 %utside dwar' society, tey are a curiosity, i' oters are
e3en aware o' tem0 )s a result, oter cultures are sus#icious o' /eart $uards, i' not
scatingly critical o' teir abilities0 )ny wo see tem in tis ligt are in 'or a nasty
)ltoug originally 'ormed to #rotect strongolds, members are as 'ree as any
dwar' to ad3enture or tra3elF tey are not restricted to a strongold0
Secondary S"ills< Se sould a3e Wea#onsmit, )rmorer, or BowyerB.letcer
secondary s"ills0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< /eart $uards must be #ro'icient in traditional wea#ons o'
battleF a5e >one or two anded?, s#ear, and ligt crossbow0 Se may only s#eciali4e in
tese wea#ons0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Endurance, .ire Building, and Local Dwar'
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, BlindE'igting, Direction
Sense, Dwar' Runes, .letcerBBowyer, Intimidation, Local Dwar' /istory, Ro#e ,se,
Sign Language, Signalling, Slow Res#iration, Wea#onsmiting0
E@ui#ment< Wen a /eart $uard is created se must be e@ui##ed wit at least
cain mail armor, a battle a5e, a s#ear, and a ligt crossbow0
Distincti3e )##earance< /eart $uards are distinguised by red surcoats wit
orange 'ire badges embroidered on te 'ront0
S#ecial Bene'its< ) /eart $uard 'igter recei3es one 'ree s#eciali4ation in battle
a5e, s#ear, or ligt crossbow0 Se must #ay te initial wea#on #ro'iciency, but te
s#eciali4ation is at no cost0
Se also gains an additional J1 bonus to attacc" and damage wen de'ending er
strongold0 Wen 'igting to #rotect young dwar3es, se gains a J6 bonus to attacc" and
damage rolls0 To gain tis bonus te attac"er must be in a #osition to #ysically arm te
young, or about to enter a nursery or ome0
S#ecial /indrances< Witin dwar' society only te most male oriented strongolds
react negati3ely to /eart $uards0 In te male dominated societies o' oter races, a
'emale dwar' wearing armor and carrying wea#ons is sometimes not ta"en seriouslyF
+!Cs react at E9 to te /eart $uard0
Wealt %#tions< Se recei3es te standard 8d:517 g#0 I' tis is not enoug to buy
te re@uired e@ui#ment, te e@ui#ment is #ro3ided 'ree, but te caracter starts wit no
Te Battlerager 'ills a #articular nice in dwar' society and culture0 /e is a
'earless warrior, able to create an insane rage witin imsel' wic increases is 'igting
ability and distorts is #ysical 'eatures0
Wile enraged, a Battlerager&s 'ace becomes twisted and is teet grind togeter0
S#ittle 'lies 'rom is mout and dribbles down is beard0 /is eyes enlarge, bulge, and
become bloodsot0 Si4e increases >is eigt by an inc or more? as is muscles swell
and is body e5#ands0
/is 'igting ability becomes awesome, allowing im to 'igt longer and arder
tan any oter dwar'0 Wile in is rage, e is almost unsto##able0 ) dangerous enemy, e
is a menace to 'riend and 'oe ali"e0
) Battlerager must a3e a minimum Strengt o' 18 and Intelligence and Wisdom
scores no iger tan 170
Role< /e is belie3ed to a3e been touced by a dwar3en deity, and is eld in
re3erence and 'ear by is 'ellows0 =adness and irrational bea3ior are commonly
associated wit Battleragers0 =any belie3e tat, i' "illed in battle, Battleragers return to
te eart, to be reborn wit more #ower0 Tere'ore tey a3e no 'ear o' deat0
Wile tere is no Battlerager $uild, tey tend to band togeter and occu#y
outlying sections o' strongolds0 Tey are gi3en to drin"ing, rowdy and boisterous
singing, and drun"en dancing0 %ters #re'er not to sociali4e wit Battleragers i' #ossible0
Tey are @uic" to anger and will a3enge any imagined insult wit a battle a5e0
In war Battleragers come into teir own0 $rou#s, and e3en indi3iduals, will
carge aead o' te military to attac" te enemy wit no regard 'or teir own sa'ety0
In a cam#aign, Battleragers are dangerous not only to oters but to temsel3es0
Battleragers #layers must be rec"less, ne3er weiging te odds0 Tey are argumentati3e,
coarse, and de'initely not di#lomatsL KI' it mo3es, "ill itLK is te li"ely res#onse o' a
Battlerager0 =ost o' tem li3e sort, o'ten glorious, li3es0
Secondary S"ills< Battleragers a3e no secondary s"ills o' any wort0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Battleragers must s#eciali4e in battle a5e >single or twoE
anded? and warammer0 Warammers are trown at enemies wile carging, usually
accom#anied by a battle cry suc as KStitc tat, $oblinLK Tey cannot start wit any
oter ranged wea#on #ro'iciency, and it is 'orbidden to learn or use a ranged wea#on0
>,ntin"ableL =issile wea#ons are coward&s toysL?
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Endurance, Intimidation, Singing0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )##raising, )rmorer, BlindE'igting,
Dancing, Direction Sense, Sound )nalysis, ,nderground +a3igation, ,nderground
E@ui#ment< Battleragers must start #lay wit a battle a5e and a warammer0 Tey
may wear any ty#e o' armor, but it must be sligtly larger tan re@uired to accommodate
te increased si4e wen in battle rage0 Tey usually carry wines"ins containing a 3ile
concoction o' 'ermented goat&s mil" and erbs Kgutsa"erK0 Tey are te only creatures
"nown to drin" gutsa"er witout becoming 3iolently ill0
Distincti3e )##earance< Battleragers are te most distincti3e o' warriors0 Wit
rings troug teir noses, ears, and sometimes li#s, tey will dye teir air and beards
3i3id colors0 Tey o'ten sa3e teir 'aces and eads, sometimes lea3ing long tu'ts o' air
tat are sti''ened wit lime or tic" grease0 Tattoos on te 'ace and body in te 'orm o'
s#irals and abstract designs are a source o' intense #ride 'or all Battleragers0
S#ecial Bene'its< Tey e5cel at 'igting0 +ot only are tey s#ecialists wit battle
a5e and warammer, tey are able to enter a 'urious "illing rage tat endangers 'riend and
'oe ali"e0 Tey a3e little control o3er it0 )ny time one 'eels insulted, treatened, or wen
in combat, e will bellow a battle song at te to# o' is lungs0 )'ter 'i3e rounds, during
wic time e can 'igt or #er'orm oter acti3ities, e enters te rage0 Tis lasts until
tere are no enemies le't to slay0 Weter enemies are standing to 'igt or lying wounded
on te ground, te Battlerager will ac" tem a#art0 /e will ten turn to anyone le't ali3e,
e3en is 'riends0 During te rage, Battleragers continue to sing, #ausing only to scream
insults at 'oes0
) Battlerager can try to come out o' te rage at te beginning o' eac round by
ma"ing a Wisdom cec"0 I' e succeeds, is rage ends and e su''ers te e''ects below0 I'
not, e remains enraged0 /e may attem#t witdrawal eac round, until e succeeds0
/e may attem#t to #re3ent a "illing rage by ma"ing a success'ul Wisdom cec"0
I' e succeeds, e can control imsel' 'or te rest o' te encounter0 During te ne5t 'i3e
rounds, e will gnaw 'erociously on is sield rim or grind is teet togeter in an e''ort
to control imsel'0 I' e 'ails te cec", e enters te rage0
) silence s#ell will #re3ent im 'rom entering a rage, but e will attac" te
caracter wo cast te s#ell, i' e can tell wo it was0 I' not, e will attac" all wo get in
is way0
Te Killing Rage< Wile in a "illing rage, te Battlerager recei3es te 'ollowing
s#ecial bene'its< J1 to attac", J9 to damage, J17 #, and E1 bonus to is )C >e0g0, )C :
dro#s to )C 9?0
Immunity to tese wi4ard s#ells >no sa3ing trow necessary? charm person, emotion,
fear, friends, hypnotism, sleep, irritation, ray of enfeeblement, scare, geasF and
tese clerical s#ells command, charm person or mammal, enthrall, cloak of
bravery, remove fear, symbol0
/e gets a J: sa3ing trow bonus, on to# o' is dwar' bonus, against tese wi4ard
s#ells< blindness, $asha*s uncontrollable hideous laughter, hold person, charm
monster, confusionF and against tese clerical s#ells hold person, hold animal0
Te finger of death s#ell "ills a Battlerager instantly, i' e 'ails to ma"e a sa3ing
trow0 I' e ma"es is sa3e, e doesn&t su''er te 6dCJ1 #oints o' damage until is
"illing rage ends0
Wile in te rage, e is immune to K% results 'rom te !uncing and Wrestling rules
and ta"es only al' damage 'rom bareEand attac"s0
Killing Rage Disad3antages< ) Battlerager su''ers te 'ollowing disad3antages
wile enraged<
/e is obli3ious to #ain0 Te D= ta"es note o' te Battlerager&s current it #oints
wen te caracter 'irst enters is "illing rage, reducing tem as e ta"es damage0
Te #layer is not told ow many #oints o' damage e ta"es 'rom enemy attac"s,
or ow many e as le't0 /e is only aware tat e is enHoying imsel'
tremendously0 /e is told ow muc damage is caracter as recei3ed wen e
'alls o3er dead or te rage ends0
/e must continue to 'igt eac melee round until all o##onents a3e been "illed0 /e
may attac" any enemy witin range o' is wea#on0 I' none are in range, or once
e "ills an o##onent, e must attac" te nearest enemy0
/e cannot ta"e co3er 'rom missile attac"s0
I' anoter caracter does someting tat e inter#rets as an attac", suc as itting im
to mo3e im out o' te way, e must roll an Intelligence cec"0 I' success'ul, te
Battlerager may ignore is 'riend0 I' e 'ails, is 'riend becomes is enemy, and is
treated as an enemy until te 'igt is o3er and te rage as #assed0
/e is tem#orarily una''ected by te clerical s#ells bless, cure light wounds, aid, cure
serious wounds, cure critical wounds, heal, regenerate, and wither0 /e only gains
te bene'its o' tese s#ells wen e is not enraged0
Te taunt s#ell is automatically success'ul and causes im to abandon is current
enemy and rus to attac" te taunter0
%nce te rage is o3er, e loses all o' its ad3antages, including te 17 bonus it #oints0
Tis could cause im to die instantly, or colla#se unconscious, i' e as 7 or less
it #oints remaining0
)'ter te rage subsides, e su''ers a E1 #enalty to is attac" rolls, a E9 #enalty to
damage rolls, and J1 #enalty to is )C0 Tis e''ect remains 'or te same number
o' rounds tat e was enraged0
S#ecial /indrances< Being a #syco#atic "iller wit an a5e is a s#ecial indrance
in itsel', #articularly because e is a liability to imsel' and all wo ad3enture wit im0
%ter dwar3es react to Battleragers wit a E9 reaction adHustment #enalty0 But instead o'
attac"ing, tey will witdraw0 %ter races automatically sense te latent 3iolence in a
Battlerager and react to im wit a E6 #enalty, toug tey may not a3e enoug common
sense not to attac" im0
Wealt %#tions< Te Battlerager recei3es te normal 8d:517 g#0
/igborns are members o' 'amilies wo old #olitical #ower witin a clan0 )
/igborn dwar' may belong to te ruling 'amily o' a strongold0 Tey are able to trace
teir lineage bac" to te beginnings o' time0 /igborn ancestors include te great
warriors and cra'tsmen o' legend0 Tey tend to bea3e in an arrogant manner to oter
dwar3es, belie3ing teir lineage ma"es tem su#erior to teir 'ellows0 Tey consider
temsel3es te e#itome o' dwar' culture, te 'inest members o' teir race0
Role< /igborn dwar3es are te law en'orcers o' a strongold0 Tey u#old te
law, insuring tat tey continue to bene'it 'rom te order o' dwar' society0 Tey e5#ect to
be admired and treated wit muc res#ect, i' not subser3ience0
/igborns belie3e tat te continuance o' dwar' society rests 'irmly on teir
soulders0 It is teir res#onsibility to ensure tat li'e continues in a regular, orderly
manner, so tat clansdwar3es may #ly teir cra'ts in #eace and security0
/igborn dwar' ad3enturers are te younger sons or daugters o' a wealty
'amily0 )s #art o' teir education tey are e5#ected to tra3el in order to learn ow oter
dwar' strongolds are managed, and to e5#erience 'irst and te way oter races organi4e
temsel3es0 ,sually, tis sim#ly increases te igborn&s sense o' is and is race&s
im#ortance, as e constantly com#ares te sortcomings o' oters to is own in'lated
Secondary S"ills< Te Scribe secondary s"ill is suitable 'or /igborn dwar3es0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< /igborn dwar3es must ta"e te sword, ammer, and ligt
crossbow #ro'iciencies0 Te last #ro'iciency may be used 'or a wea#on o' is coice, or
to s#eciali4e in one o' te re@uired coices0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Endurance, Eti@uette, /eraldry, Local Dwar'
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )##raising, )rtistic )bility, BlindE
'igting, /unting, =odern Languages, =ountaineering, Sur3i3al >any?0
E@ui#ment< /igborn dwar3es must always loo" teir best to set an e5am#le to
oter dwar3es0 Tey must start wit at least banded mail armor0 Since tis is worn to
re'lect status, it costs at least 17N to 68N more tan usual, as do te 'ine wea#ons
/igborns must use0
Distincti3e )##earance< Teir status is a##arent 'rom te 'ine cra'tsmansi# o'
wea#ons, armor, and cloting0
S#ecial Bene'its< Dwar3es o' law'ul alignment res#ect /igborn dwar3es and
react to tem wit a J9 bonus0 ) /igborn may also demand 'ood and selter 'rom oter
dwar3es, and tis is willingly #ro3ided 'or im and is retinue0 Te /igborns administer
Hustice among members o' teir clan0 In matters in3ol3ing two clans, only te ruling
'amily o' te strongold can ma"e binding decisions0
S#ecial /indrances< ) /igborn dwar' may administer Hustice, but is decisions
may be later o3erruled by a /igborn clansman o' greater status0
/igborns need to maintain teir status by 'inding and #urcasing te best goods
a3ailable0 Tis means tat tey always s#end an additional 17N to 68N on goods and
ser3ices0 I' a /igborn 'ails to do so, is reaction bonus dro#s by E1 eac occurrence,
until it reaces 70 /e may only increase is reaction to its 'ormer le3el by engaging in
cons#icuous consum#tion0 Tis means a new suit o' clotes and new e@ui#ment 'or
imsel' and is retainers, all #urcased at 68N abo3e te usual #rice0 /e must trow a
ban@uet 'or is entire clan >costing 1,777 to 8,777 g#?, gi3ing gi'ts to sow tat e
deser3es te res#ect o''ered im by tose o' lower status0 Tese gi'ts are usually cra't
related, suc as a 'ine set o' tools, an an3il, or a loom0
+onlaw'ully aligned dwar3es tend to be irritated by /igborn dwar3es&
su#eriority and react to tem at E90
/igborn dwar3es are too #roud 'or teir own good, seeing temsel3es and teir
race as su#erior to all oters0 Tis attitude causes oter races to react to tem wit a E6
Wealt %#tions< /igborn dwar3es start wit :77 g#, #lus te standard 8d:517
Te %utcast is te mis'it, te dwar' wo brea"s all te rules go3erning bea3iorF
e re'uses to 'it easily into any nice, or to settle at one Hob 'or long0 /is bea3ior is
usually so at odds wit oters tat e is soon ostraci4ed by is 'ellows0 %utcasts can be
'ound wandering dee# underground or among umans, el3es, gnomes, or monsters0
Role< %utcasts are ty#ically o' neutral or caotic alignments0 Tey may be good
or e3il, but te one ting tey a3e in common is an a3ersion 'or te regimented li'estyles
o' teir 'ellows0 E3il %utcasts are li"ely to become racial traitors and lead te dwar3es&
enemies against tem0 $oodEaligned %utcasts are li"ely to 'ind te com#any o' oter
races more in line wit teir own natures0
)ltoug %utcast dwar3es are normally not 'ound in strongolds, wole
communities o' tem a3e grown u# at te edges o' certain strongolds0 Tey a3e
usually been gi3en un#leasant Hobs tat no one else wants, suc as cleaning sewers or
dis#osing o' garbage0
Secondary S"ills< %utcasts may coose any secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Tey o'ten #ic" wea#ons tat are not normally associated
wit dwar3es, suc as te sort bow, @uartersta'', sic"le, sling, or wi#0 Tey may a3e
any wea#on tey coose0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )##raising, one cra't #ro'iciency >#layer
coice?, Endurance, Sur3i3al >any?0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )nimal /andling, BlindE'igting,
Direction Sense, Dwar' Runes, Intimidation, =odern Language, Riding >#ony?0
E@ui#ment< %utcast dwar3es may a3e any "ind o' e@ui#ment0
Distincti3e )##earance< =any wo li3e among oter races 'ollow teir ado#ted
race in matters o' dress0 Tey o'ten wear brigt colors0 +ear strongolds tey are usually
#oorly dressed, wearing only rags and casto''s0
S#ecial Bene'its< By #aying an additional 17N e5#erience cost to increase in
le3el, an %utcast may =o3e Silently as a ranger o' te same le3el0 .or e5am#le, a warrior
needs 6,777 e5#erience #oints to reac te 6ndEle3el0 I' e ta"es te =o3e Silently
o#tion, e #ays an additional 17N, or 6,677 e5#erience #oints to become a 6ndEle3el
warrior0 Tis ability must be ta"en wen te caracter is 'irst created, or it is 'ore3er lost0
Te P! #enalty must be #aid at e3ery le3el0
S#ecial /indrances< Te %utcast su''ers a E9 reaction #enalty 'rom all oter
dwar3es wit te e5ce#tion o' oter %utcasts and Way'inders0
Wealt %#tions< %utcasts start wit only 9dA517 g#0
Ra#id Res#onse Rider
Ra#id Res#onse Riders are te dwar3es& e@ui3alent o' ca3alry0 =ounted on
suitably sturdy beasts, tey are ca#able o' mo3ing 'aster tan oter dwar3es, and #ac"ing
more #unc wen tey attac"0 !onies or mules are commonly used as mounts, but
creatures suc as bears, boars, and dire wol3es are sometimes used0 .lying creatures,
gri''ons, i##ogri''s, or #egasi, may be em#loyed0 In suc cases, Land Based Riding
!ro'iciency re'erences sould be canged to )irborne Riding0
Ra#id Res#onse Riders are 'ound in only a 'ew strongolds0 Tey are not
e5tensi3ely used and a##ear cie'ly in strongolds tat are under constant treat o'
Tey are o'ten @uite tall, as dwar3es go, and tat e5tra eigt el#s a lot wen
Role< Tey are well trained, but someting o' an anomaly in a military based on
in'antry units0 Wile res#ected, tey are considered odd by oter dwar3es0 Tey stic"
togeter and consider temsel3es bot elite and su#erior to oter dwar3es, wom tey see
as lowly 'oot sloggers0
Secondary S"ills< Te caracter sould ta"e te $room >)nimal /andling?
secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Ra#id Res#onse Riders must be #ro'icient, and ideally
s#eciali4ed in, te lance >any, according to mount&s si4e?0 Tey may use any oter
wea#ons tey see 'it0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )nimal Training, Endurance, Riding >Land
Based?0 Te ty#e o' mount must be noted 'or #ro'iciencies0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )nimal /andling, )rmorer, BlindE
'igting, Intimidation, Leaterwor"ing, Sign Language, Signalling, Trac"ing,
,nderground Direction Sense, ,nderground +a3igation0
E@ui#ment< Tey may wear any "ind o' armor e5ce#t #late mail0 Tey must start
#lay wit a lance, but oterwise may a3e any "ind o' wea#on0
Distincti3e )##earance< Tey will usually wear some 'orm o' leater trousers to
#rotect teir legs0 Tey tend to select 'ierce loo"ing armor, wit studs, #rotruding oo"s,
or orned elmets0
S#ecial Bene'its< ) Ra#id Res#onse Rider starts wit a 'ully grown mount tat
as at least ;8N o' its #ossible it #oints0 Roll it #oints normallyF i' tey come to less
tan ;8N o' te #ossible total, increase it to ;8N0
Teir mounts are igly trained and res#ond to all commands gi3en by teir
masters0 Tey do not a3e tele#atic ra##ort wit teir mounts, and i' te mount is "illed,
tey lose only te mount0
Ra#id Res#onse Riders gain a J1 to attac" and damage rolls wen 'igting
S#ecial /indrances< Because o' teir close a''inity to teir mounts, most dwar3es
react wit a B6 #enalty0
Wealt %#tions< Ra#id Res#onse Riders start wit 8d:517 g#0
) Sar#sooter is igly s"illed wit eiter te ligt or ea3y crossbow0 /e as
s#ent te maHority o' is yout training as a BowyerB.letcer, and as ad regular
#ractice wit is crossbow0 /e is s"illed in ra#id loading and e5#ert at in'licting te most
damage #ossible wit is wea#on0 E5uding con'idence in is abilities, e tends to disdain
tose wo resort to andEtoEand combat0
Role< Sar#sooters 'orm eiter #art o' a crossbow unit or ma"e teir li3ing
sooting 'or #ri4e money at 'airs0 Wen in battle, a Sar#sooter&s targets are enemy
o''icers, wi4ards, and clerics, to #re3ent tem 'rom coordinating attac"s or casting s#ells0
Secondary S"ills< /e sould a3e te BowyerB.letcer secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< ) Sar#sooter must be a s#ecialist wit eiter a ligt or
ea3y crossbow >and, tere'ore, must be a 'igter?0 /e may not begin #lay wit any and
wea#on s#eciali4ations, but may learn tem later in is career0 I' gun#owder wea#ons are
used, a sar#sooter may s#eciali4e in te ar@uebus0 )ll te s#ecial bene'its 'or
crossbows are a3ailable 'or ar@uebusesF te caracter as a su##ly o' #er'ectly molded
ar@uebus balls and su#erior gun#owder0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )rtistic )bility, BowyerB.letcer, Endurance0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, )##raising, Direction Sense,
Ro#e ,se, Sign Language, Signalling0
E@ui#ment< Sar#sooters start wit te crossbow o' teir coice, at no cost0
Distincti3e )##earance< Tey are set a#art 'rom oter dwar3es by te care tey
la3is on teir crossbows and bolts0 Te crossbow is made o' te 'inest materials and te
butt is o'ten inlaid wit intricate #atterns0 Te bolts a3e only te 'inest 'ligts, and tey
burnis te #oints to a 'ine, ra4or sar#ness0
S#ecial Bene'its< In addition to is crossbow s#eciali4ation, e gains a 'urter J1
to attac" rolls0 /e 'ires 'aster tan oter s#ecialists as sown on te Sar#sooter )ttac"s
Sar#sooter )ttac"s Table
Ligt /ea3y
Le3el Crossbow Crossbow
1EA 9B6 1B1
;E16 6B1 9B6
19J 8B6 6B1
Tis increased rate o' 'ire assumes tat te Sar#sooter as time to lay out is
bolts in easy reac, minimi4ing te time re@uired to noc" a bolt0 /e gains tese
ad3antages only wit te ty#e o' crossbow in wic e as s#eciali4ed0
Wen using is #ersonal wea#on and sar#ened bolts, a Sar#sooter can in'lict
e5tra damage0 In is ands, a ligt crossbow causes 1dA damage 3s0 any si4e creatures0 )
ea3y crossbow causes 1dAJ1 3s0 SB=, and 1dCJ1 against larger creatures0 /e only gains
tese bonuses wen e uses is #ersonally built and maintained crossbow and is own
sar#ened bolts0
S#ecial /indrances< Sar#sooters may not start wit any and wea#on
s#eciali4ation, and are limited to sort wea#ons, daggers, and and a5es0
I' a Sar#sooter loses is customEbuilt crossbow or as no time to sar#en is
bolts, e loses is ability to increase damage0 /e cannot Hust #ull out anoter crossbow
#re3iously builtF it must 'irst be used 'or 1d: wee"s to Kbrea" it in0K In addition, it ta"es
one our to sar#en eac bolt and tey must be care'ully stowed, i' tey are not to
become dulled0
Wealt %#tions< Sar#sooters start wit 8d:517 g#, #lus teir own customi4ed
!riest Kits
Te creation myts o' te dwar3es described in Ca#ter 1 can be used as te basis
'or designing numerous dwar' religions0 !layers will bene'it 'rom te 'omplete )riest*s
+andbook tat describes :1 #riestoods tat may be used wit dwar' caracters0 Wile
recommended, te 'omplete )riest*s +andbook is not essential0 Te #riest and
warriorB#riest "its wor" as well wit clerics 'rom te )layer*s +andbook.
Barred< Tis #aragra# a##lies only to dwar' #riests >single or multiEclassed?
using te 'omplete )riest*s +andbook0 It re'ers to #riestoods in te andboo" and
details wic o' te #riest classes >#lus cleric? may not ta"e te "it0 I' it is not being used,
te section may ser3e as a guide to te "ind o' religion te "it sould a3e0
Cra'ts !riest
Cra'ts #riests are tose wo are dedicated to te #atron deities o' one o' te
dwar3en cra'ts0 )ltoug tey 're@uently will a3e a tem#le in a strongold, tey usually
#reside o3er a srine or ca#el in te wor"so#s were teir cra't is #racticed0 Tey are
usually members o' tat cra't&s clan0
Barred< Cra'ts #riests usually worsi# te god o' cra'ts, but tey may belong to
most oter religions0 In suc cases, tey are te #riests wo #re#are ceremonial and
sacri'icial items0 !riests o' te 'ollowing gods may not be cra'ts #riests< birt and
cildren, deat, e3il, disease, 'ertility, Hustice, marriage, lo3e, miscie', tric"ery, and
Role< Cra'ts #riests are more concerned wit teir cra'ts tan wit te wel'are o'
'ellow dwar3es0 Tey will see" out te 'inest raw materials and are o'ten engaged in
e5#editions to disco3er new mines or 'ound new strongolds0 Teir e5#ertise in tese
matters is igly sougt0 Rarely tied to a central tem#le, tey are 'ree to go were tey
Secondary S"ills< Cra'ts #riests may coose any secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Tey may be #ro'icient wit any o' tese wea#ons< a5e,
ammer, ligt or ea3y crossbow, mace, #ic", #olearm, sort sword, s#ear0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )rtistic )bility, any Cra't #ro'iciency,
Endurance, and Religion0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )##raising, Dwar' Runes, Eti@uette,
Local Dwar' /istory, ,nderground +a3igation0
E@ui#ment< Cra'ts #riests must a3e access to te tools re@uired 'or teir cra't0 I'
tese are large, suc as a 'orge, te #riest is not re@uired to own one, but te D= sould
in'orm im were e can go to use one0 )#art 'rom tat, Cra'ts #riests may use any "ind
o' e@ui#ment0
Distincti3e )##earance< )ccording to te s#eci'ic religion0
S#ecial Bene'its< ) Cra'ts #riest gains a J9 reaction bonus wen dealing wit
dwar3es o' is own clan, and a J6 reaction bonus wit dwar3es 'rom oter clans engaged
in te same cra't0
,nless a Cra'ts #riest as inHured members o' is own clan, e will gladly be
gi3en 'ood and selter by is clansmen0
S#ecial /indrances< Cra'ts #riests a3e no s#ecial indrances0
Wealt %#tions< Tey start wit 9dA517 g#0
) !aria is a #riest wo as le't is strongold, eiter 3oluntarily or under
#ressure0 /is #ractice o' religion was so re#ulsi3e tat oter dwar3es e5#elled im0 /e
will o'ten worsi# gods o' an e3il alignment, but may worsi# caotic good or caotic
neutral gods0
!arias may be #riests wo a3e turned to one o' te dar"er gods o' a #anteon,
or e may be #art o' a grou# o' !arias, witin or on te 'ringes o' dwar' society0 !riests
'rom e3il strongolds are usually #arias0
Barred< !riests o' te god o' community and most good aligned deities may not
ta"e tis "it0 /owe3er, #arias may be #riests o' caotic gods0
Role< Tey may be te #riests 'or a community o' %utcasts, in wic case tey
are te s#iritual leaders o' suc communities0 Tese may be situated on te outs"irts o'
strongolds or witin a getto o' anoter race&s town or city0
!arias may also e5ist in a dwar' community, were tey "ee# teir #ower idden
'rom tose wo do not sare teir religion0 Tey are secreti3e, and o'ten 'ear'ul o'
disco3ery0 E3en so, teir religion may a3e a substantial number o' aderents among te
oterwise law'ul good dwar3es0 In an e3il cam#aign, tey may engage in "idna##ing and
Tey may be wandering #riests wo Hoin ad3entures 'or 'inancial reward or to
#ursue some #ersonal goal0
Secondary S"ills< !arias may coose any secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< ) !aria may use any wea#on tat is not 'orbidden by is
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Disguise, Endurance, and Religion0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )ny0
E@ui#ment< ) !aria must s#end all o' is starting 'unds on e@ui#ment0 )ny
money not s#ent is lost0
Distincti3e )##earance< !arias a3e no distincti3e a##earance, as tey a3e no
desire to be singled out0
S#ecial Bene'its< By #aying an additional 17N e5#erience cost to increase in
e5#erience le3el, a !aria may =o3e Silently as a ranger o' te same le3el0
I' a !aria is o' caotic or e3il alignment, e may elect not to a3e any su#eriors0
S#ecial /indrances< ,nless e li3es in a community o' %utcasts, a !aria is not
'ree to o#enly worsi# is deity0 !riests o' oter dwar' religions will acti3ely #re3ent im
'rom doing so, e3en by im#risonment or e5ecution0 Tey are more li"ely, owe3er, to try
to #ersuade im o' te error o' is ways by engaging im in interminable religious
Wealt %#tions< ) !aria starts wit te standard 9dA517 g#0
) !atrician is a #riest o' a /igborn clan0 /e o'ten acts as te 3oice o' is 'amily
in religious matters and sees to teir s#iritual wel'are0 Te #riestly e@ui3alent o' te
/igborn warrior, e traces is lineage to te 3ery beginning o' time0
Because o' teir bac"grounds, !atricians o'ten rise @uic"ly in te ierarcy until
tey gain a #osition commensurate wit te #olitical clout o' teir 'amilies0 Tey a3e
little to do wit e3eryday religion and a3e little contact wit te mass o' dwar3es0 Wit
te e5ce#tion o' oter /igborns, !atricians are 're@uently arrogant and #atroni4ing
toward oters0
Barred< ) !atrician is not barred 'rom being a member o' any religion0 /owe3er,
e will not Hoin a religion tat calls u#on im to gi3e is money away or to dress in a
common 'asion0
Role< !atricians can be aggra3ating indi3iduals wo sir" religious duties0 Tey
e5#ect and demand res#ect, i' not subser3ience0 Teir #atroni4ing manner can be 'un to
#lay, but sould be tem#ered wit a willingness to eal or to aid oters in times o' need0
Secondary S"ills< !atricians may coose any secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< !atricians may coose any wea#on #ermitted by teir
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Endurance, Eti@uette, Local Dwar' /istory,
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )##raising, )rtistic )bility, BlindE
'igting, /erbalism, /unting, =odern Languages, =ountaineering, ReadingBWriting,
Sur3i3al >any?0
E@ui#ment< Tey must dress according to teir station and start #lay wit at least
banded mail armor0 Tis costs 17N to 68N more tan usual, te same as 'or any
/igborn0 !atricians must also a3e 'ine wea#ons costing 17N to 68N more as well0
Distincti3e )##earance< Tey are cloted in te 'inest regalia o' teir religion,
e3en wen #er'orming mundane tas"s0
S#ecial Bene'its< Dwar3es o' law'ul alignments res#ect !atricians and react to
tem wit a J9 bonus0 %ter dwar3es willingly #ro3ide 'ood and selter 'or !atricians0
S#ecial /indrances< )ltoug a !atrician is #rimarily a #olitical a##ointee, e is
sometimes as"ed by te ig #riest o' is religion to underta"e dangerous missions0 Te
!atrician is e5#ected to organi4e and e@ui# a #arty o' dwar3es out o' is own 'unds0
)s a /igborn, e is e5#ected to "ee# u# a##earances, buying only te 'inest
e@ui#ment 'or te #arty and s#ending 17N to 68N more on e@ui#ment and ser3ices0 I' a
!atrician 'ails to do tis, is reaction bonus dro#s by E1 'or eac dwar' tat e 'ails to
ade@uately e@ui# until it reaces 70 /e may increase is reaction bonus to its 'ormer le3el
by donating large amounts o' money to is religion and by underta"ing some a4ardous
+onlaw'ully aligned dwar3es are irritated by te !atrician&s su#erior airs and react
to im at E90
Wealt %#tions< ) !atrician starts wit 987 g#, #lus 9dA517 g#0
Ritual !riest
Te Ritual !riest is te most common #riest in dwar' society0 /e o''iciates at
religious meetings and insures tat worsi# is #ro#erly conducted0 /e #resides o3er
marriages, deats, and nameEgi3ing ceremonies 'or cildren0
)de#t at 'igting, te Ritual !riest is o'ten willing to gi3e is li'e in te de'ense o'
is strongold0
Barred< Tere are no barred religions 'or a Ritual !riest0
Role< /e de3otes most o' is time to te worsi# o' is gods and te needs o' is
'ellow dwar3es0 /e is o'ten called u#on to intercede wit is deity on teir beal'0 /is
deity may call u#on im to #er'orm some @uest or e may be granted a 3ision0 /e may be
ordered by is su#eriors to #er'orm a s#ecial tas"0 ) #arty o' ad3enturers is ten 'ormed0
Secondary S"ills< /e sould a3e te Scribe secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< ) Ritual !riest may be #ro'icient in any o' te wea#ons
a3ailable to #riests, #lus< battle a5e, crossbow, andBtrowing a5e, morning star, military,
and warammer0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Dwar' Runes, Endurance, Local Dwar' /istory,
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )ncient /istory, )strology, /ealing,
/erbalism, Local /istory, ReadingBWriting0
E@ui#ment< Ritual !riests may a3e any "ind o' armor0
Distincti3e )##earance< )ccording to is religious custom0
S#ecial Bene'its< /e is always res#ected by oter dwar3es, and may as" and be
granted selter in any strongold0 /e recei3es a J1 reaction adHustment wen dealing
wit dwar3es0
S#ecial /indrances< ) Ritual !riest as no s#ecial indrances0
Wealt %#tions< ) Ritual !riest recei3es te standard 9dA517 g#0
WarriorB!riest Kits
WarriorB#riests are common in dwar' society0 Tey combine te 'igting abilities
o' te warrior wit te s#iritual #owers o' te #riest0 Tey may be #art o' a religion
com#rised o' warriorB#riests or tey may com#lement a religion, #ro3iding it wit
additional muscle0
) Cam#ion is a member o' a religion wo as been selected to undergo intensi3e
training as a warrior0 /e is e5#ected to de'end is creed at all times, and may be called
u#on to do so in single combat against an e3il monster or members o' an enemy religion0
) Cam#ion must a3e Strengt and Wisdom scores o' at least 180 /e must also
a3e a Carisma o' at least 1:0
Barred< ) Cam#ion cannot belong to a religion tat as restrictions against
3iolent bea3ior0
Role< Te Cam#ion de'ends is religion wit is li'e and su#erior combat ability
and maintains a clear ead to #romote it0 )s a de'ender o' is creed, e must always act
in its best interest, e3en wen doing so causes im distress or #ysical arm0
Secondary S"ills< /e sould a3e te )rmorer and Wea#onsmit secondary s"ills0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< /e may a3e any wea#on #ro'iciency0 ,nli"e oter
warriorB#riests, e may s#eciali4e in one wea#on0 Tis wea#on must be cosen wen te
"it is ta"en and cannot be canged0 /e may ne3er s#eciali4e in any oter wea#on0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Endurance, Intimidation, Religion0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, )ncient /istory, BlindE
'igting, Dwar' Runes, /unting, Local Dwar' /istory, =usical Instrument, Singing0
E@ui#ment< ) Cam#ion is allowed one wea#on s#eciali4ation >tis is an
e5ce#tion to te restriction against multiEclass caracters?0 Tis wea#on is s#ecially
blessed and acts in all res#ects as a magical weapon <=F it can e3en arm monsters tat
can only be it by magical wea#ons0 Te wea#on may be J6 or iger andBor a3e added
bonuses wen used to attac" certain ty#es o' monsters, suc as undead0 Te blessed
wea#on belongs to is curc and e is carged wit its care0 It may ne3er be lent and, i'
lost, is #aramount duty becomes its reco3ery0
) Cam#ion wo 'inds a su#erior wea#on and decides to "ee# it must return is
blessed wea#on to te main tem#le o' is religion as soon as e is able0
Distincti3e )##earance< Cam#ions are mar"ed by teir role and a3e an air o'
su#eriority0 Tey usually dress in 'ine clotes, unless s#eci'ically 'orbidden to do so by
teir religion0
S#ecial Bene'its< See E@ui#ment and Wea#on !ro'iciencies0
S#ecial /indrances< /e may ne3er a re'use a 'igt related to is religion0 /e must
de'end it at all times0 /e may be re@uested to #er'orm tas"s set by is su#eriors0 I' e
re'uses to acce#t a callenge or a @uest, e loses is wea#on s#eciali4ation and is
religion will send anoter Cam#ion to reclaim is blessed wea#on0
Wealt %#tions< ) Cam#ion starts wit Ad:517 g#0
Tem#le $uard
Tem#le $uards are warriorB#riests normally stationed in a religion&s tem#le0 Tey
a3e a good mi5 o' abilities 'rom bot classes, and 'orm te elite o' a religion&s warriors0
Barred< I' $he 'omplete )riest*s +andbook is used, Tem#le $uards cannot belong
to a religion tat as #oor 'igting abilities0
Role< ) Tem#le $uard as a number o' roles in a cam#aign0 /e guards te
#recincts o' is tem#le, #rotecting its members 'rom attac"0 /e is te wea#on instructor
'or #riests o' is religion, and it is is duty to train tem in te use o' te religion&s cosen
/e may act as a re#resentati3e o' is religion and may rise in its ierarcy, li"e
any oter #riest0 /is duties, owe3er, are concerned wit organi4ing de'enses and
out'itting and leading e5#editions, rater tan wit religious ser3ices0
Secondary S"ills< ) Tem#le $uard may a3e any secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< /e must be #ro'icient in a wea#on tat is re#resentati3e o'
is religion0 I' e worsi#s te god o' war, is #ro'iciency would be battle a5e0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, Religion0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< BlindE'igting, Dwar' Runes, Eti@uette,
Intimidation, =odern Languages, Sign Language, Signalling0
E@ui#ment< )'ter e as bougt is wea#ons and oly symbol, a Tem#le $uard
must buy te best armor e can a''ord0
Distincti3e )##earance< Tem#le $uards dress according to teir religion, but
always a3e a more martial a##earance tan oter #riests0 Tey always carry a wea#on
and sield0
S#ecial Bene'its< )ny time te Tem#le $uard is 'igting in de'ense o' is tem#le
or oter oly #lace o' is religion, e gains a J6 to attac" and damage rolls and a J6 to
is sa3ing trows0
S#ecial /indrances< ) Tem#le $uard is rarely a 'ree agent and is usually gi3en is
orders by a /ig !riest0 Tis may lead to long #eriods o' tem#le duty, inters#ersed wit
s#ecial missions0
Wealt %#tions< Tem#le $uards start wit 8d:517 g#0
Te *indicator is imbued wit te s#iritual #ower o' is deity0 Wen tis #ower is
mani'ested, e becomes a 'earless and #ower'ul warrior0 /e is able to enter a rage similar
to tat e5#erienced by BattleragersF is 'ace becomes contorted and e grinds is teet
togeter0 See Battlerager 'or details concerning canges in a##earance0
) *indicator must a3e a minimum Strengt o' 18, Intelligence no iger tan 17,
and Wisdom no iger tan 1:0
Barred< *indicators cannot belong to any religion tat is concerned wit #eace or
lo3e0 Tey worsi# gods o' war, deat, elemental 'orces, ligtning, 'ire, strengt, or
Role< Tey are o'ten te most #otent 'orce o' a religion, e5#ected to gi3e teir
li3es 'or teir religion0 =ost are well aware tat teir li3es are li"ely to be sort, toug
sometimes glorious0
Secondary S"ills< *indicators may coose any secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Tey must be #ro'icient in battle a5e >one or two anded?
and warammer, regardless o' te restrictions im#osed by teir religion0 Tey cannot start
#lay wit any ranged wea#on oter tan warammer, and may not a3e any oter ranged
wea#on #ro'iciency0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Endurance, Intimidation, Religion, Singing0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )##raising, )rmorer, BlindE'igting,
Dancing, Direction Sense, /ealing, /erbalism, Sound )nalysis, ,nderground
+a3igation, ,nderground Sur3i3al0
E@ui#ment< *indicators must start #lay wit a battle a5e and a warammer0 Tey
may wear any ty#e o' armor, but it must be sligtly larger in si4e tan normal to
accommodate teir increased si4e wen in a "illing rage >see Battlerager?0
Distincti3e )##earance< Tey usually a3e 'acial and body tattoos0
S#ecial Bene'its< *indicators gain all te s#ecial bene'its o' Battleragers, but are
not allowed to s#eciali4e in any wea#on0
Because o' teir iger Wisdom, *indicators are usually able to e5ert more
control o3er teir own actions0
S#ecial /indrances< *indicators a3e te same indrances as Battleragers, e5ce#t
tat members o' teir own religion do not react to tem wit a negati3e #enalty0
Wen enraged, *indicators cannot cast any s#ells, but may bene'it 'rom s#ells
cast #rior to becoming enraged0
Wealt %#tions< *indicators start wit 8d:517 g#0
Tie' Kits
True dwar' tie3es wo steal 'rom oter dwar3es to ma"e a li3ing are almost
none5istent in dwar' society0 Dwar3es caugt stealing are ea3ily 'ined and may be
banised i' tey continue0 True dwar' tie3es are usually 'ound #lying teir illegal trade
among oter races0 $he 'omplete $hief*s +andbook contains "its 'or tem0 /ere we loo"
at caracters wo, wile tecnically o' te tie' class, are a #art o' law'ul dwar' society0
Tey may be o' any alignment0
Di#lomats are 'ound only in strongolds tat a3e dealings wit oter races0 Tey
act as middlemen, translators, and s#o"esmen0 Tey must rely on teir wits to smoot te
way, #articularly wen negotiations sour0 ) Di#lomat&s minimum Carisma is 190
Role< Di#lomats may re#resent teir strongold, act as inter#reter 'or te
strongold&s leader, or be em#loyed by a dwar' mercant0 Sometimes a Di#lomat will be
ired by umans or oter races to assist ma"ing deals wit te dwar3es o' a #articular
=any use teir #osition to s#y u#on oter race&s de'enses0 =ost races consider
suc acti3ities as es#ionage, but dwar3es 3iew it as merely ta"ing necessary #recautions0
Secondary S"ills< ) Di#lomat sould a3e te TraderBBarterer secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< )ny "ind o' wea#ons normally #ermitted tie3es0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Te Di#lomat starts wit any 'our modern
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, BlindE'igting, Disguise,
$aming, Local /istory, Reading Li#s, Sign Language, Tigtro#e Wal"ing, *entrilo@uism0
E@ui#ment< Because o' te sensiti3e nature o' teir missions, Di#lomats sould
dress as unobtrusi3ely as #ossible and #ossess easily concealed wea#ons suc as daggers
and darts0
Distincti3e )##earance< Di#lomats tend to loo" li"e e3eryone&s idea o' a ty#ical
dwar'0 E3en toug di''erent races or cultures see tem in di''erent ways, Di#lomats
"now ow to dress in order to matc te #reconce#tions o' oters0
S#ecial Bene'its< Di#lomats gain a J17N modi'ier to Detect +oise and a J8N
modi'ier to te %#en Loc"s ability0
Tey gain a J9 reaction bonus dealing wit oter races, e5ce#t racial enemiesF
ten te reaction bonus dro#s to J10
S#ecial /indrances< Di#lomats su''er a B17N #enalty to teir !ic" !oc"ets
Wealt %#tions< Di#lomats recei3e 9dA517 g# instead o' te normal 6dA517 g#0
Dwar3es enHoy entertainment during leisure ours, altoug oter races are
sur#rised tere are dwar3es wose trade is to entertain0 Tere are dancers, singers,
Hugglers and tumblers, musicians, tigtro#e wal"ers, and 'ire eaters0 Tey rarely tell
To be an Entertainer, a caracter as to a3e a minimum De5terity o' 1:0
Role< Li"e most dwar' trades, Entertainers are go3erned by a guild0 Tey are
trained 'rom an early age and are 3ery ade#t at wat tey do0
/umans and el3es o'ten 'ind te sigt o' dwar' Entertainers gamboling around a
stage ilariously 'unny, muc to te annoyance o' te Entertainers and dwar3es in te
audience0 Te #er'ormance o' an Entertainer is meant to dis#lay te #ysical #rowess o'
te dwar3es in an edi'ying manner0 Tey are certainly not meant to be lauged atL
Secondary S"ills< )ny0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Entertainers may use any wea#on0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )n Entertainer may coose two o' te 'ollowing
s"ills< Dancing, Juggling, Local Dwar' /istory, =usical Instrument, Ro#e ,se, Singing,
Slow Res#iration, Tigtro#e Wal"ing, Tumbling, *entrilo@uism0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )ll o' te abo3e, #lus )lertness0
E@ui#ment< Entertainers start wit ro#e, Huggling balls and s"ittles, and a musical
instrument0 Tese are #ro3ided by te Entertainers& $uild0
Distincti3e )##earance< Entertainers usually dress in sober dwar3en colorsF dar"
browns or slate grays0 Tey can easily be identi'ied by teir e@ui#ment, wic tey ta"e
S#ecial Bene'its< Entertainers gain a J1 ability modi'ier wen using te Singing,
Dancing, Juggling, and Ro#e ,se #ro'iciencies0
S#ecial /indrances< Entertainers tend to be lauged o'' stage wen tey #er'orm
outside dwar' society0 Tis ma"es tem reluctant to #er'orm 'or any audience not made
u# o' dwar3es0
Wealt %#tions< Entertainers start wit only 6d:517 g#0
Loc"smits are masters at building and ta"ing a#art loc"s0 Tese cra'tsmen are
well res#ected in dwar' society0 In many ways te true tie'&s worst enemy, loc"smits
ma"e it ard 'or a tie' to e5ercise is trade0
Role< Tey are e5#ert in ma"ing and o#ening loc"s0 Tey are also e5#ert at
'inding and disarming tra#s0 Teir cra't sa'eguards omes and builds strong loc"s 'or te
gates o' dwar' strongolds0
To ad3enturers, tere are many bene'its to a3ing a loc"smit along0 Tey can
'ind and remo3e tra#s, o#en loc"s, and a3e all o' te oter s"ills o' tie3es0
Secondary S"ills< Loc"smits o'ten a3e tecnical s"ills, suc as =ason, =iner,
or Woodwor"erBCar#enter0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Tey usually carry a5es and ammers0 !ractical dwar3es,
tey "now tat not all loc"s can be #ic"ed0 Sometimes it is necessary to brea" a door
down instead0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Car#entry, Loc"smiting0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, Engineering, Stonemasonry0
E@ui#ment< Loc"smits sould a3e one set eac o' loc" ma"ing and loc" #ic"ing
Distincti3e )##earance< +o distincti3e a##earance0
S#ecial Bene'its< Tey gain a J17N modi'ier to teir %#en Loc"s ability in
addition to tat #ro3ided by te Loc"#ic"ing #ro'iciency, and a J17N bonus to teir
.indBRemo3e Tra#s ability0
S#ecial /indrances< Loc"smits a3e a E17N #enalty to teir Climb Walls ability
and a E8N #enalty to teir !ic" !oc"ets ability0
Wealt %#tions< Tey start wit :d:517 g#0
!est Controller
!est Controllers "ee# a strongold 'ree 'rom rats, giant s#iders, centi#edes,
carrion crawlers, "obolds, and oter #ests0 Tey are e5#erts at setting tra#s and in
eradicating minor animal and monster nuisances0
Role< !est Controllers are members o' te !est Control $uild0 Troug
e5#erience tey learn all o' a strongold&s tunnels, #assages, and sewers0 )ltoug tey
#er'orm an in3aluable ser3ice "ee#ing underground settlements abitable, teir true
wort becomes a##arent wen a strongold is under attac"0 Ten tey use teir e5#ertise
to rig tra#s along #assages o' e5#ected enemy ad3ance to slow and "ill te in3aders0
Enemies entering a dwar' strongold are li"ely to 'ind teir way beset wit deadly tra#s0
)s members o' an ad3enturing #arty, !est Controllers are use'ul to #rotect te
#arty&s cam# area and to 'ind and disarm tra#s set by oters0
Secondary S"ills< Tey sould a3e te secondary s"ill o' Tra##erB.urrier0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< !est Controllers usually carry daggers and darts, but may
use any ty#e o' wea#on normally #ermitted to tie3es0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )nimal Lore, !est Control0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, Blac"smiting, BlindE
'igting, Car#entry, Direction Sense, Set Snares, Sign Language, Signalling,
Stonemasonry, Trac"ing, ,nderground Sur3i3al, Wea#onsmiting0
E@ui#ment< !est Controllers sould e@ui# temsel3es wit cages and oter tra#s0
I' one as te blac"smiting or wea#onsmiting #ro'iciencies it can be assumed e as
built 1d: tra#s be'ore starting #lay0
Distincti3e )##earance< !est Controllers wear siny blac" leater armor and
blac" leater elmets0
S#ecial Bene'its< Tey gain a J8N bonus to teir =o3e Silently and .indBRemo3e
Tra#s abilities0
S#ecial /indrances< Tey a3e a E17N #enalty to teir !ic" !oc"ets ability0 %ter
dwar3es, e5ce#t *ermin Slayers and Way'inders, consider tem to be unsa3ory caracters
and react to tem wit a E6 #enalty0
Wealt %#tions< Tey start wit te standard 6dA517 g#0
WarriorBTie' Kits
=ultiEclass warriorBtie3es 'ill many s#ecialist roles0 Wit teir ability to 'igt
e''ecti3ely, cou#led wit teir tie3ing abilities, teir ser3ices are muc in demand0
WarriorBtie3es are o'ten more tan Hust te sum o' teir #arts0 Te "its below describe
some o' te ways in wic tey 'it into dwar' society0
$etto .igter
$etto .igters li3e in te gettos o' nondwar3en towns or cities0 $enerally 'rom
#oor 'amilies, tey a3e ad to loo" a'ter temsel3es 'rom an early age0 Te ty#ical
$etto .igter as a ardbitten, sel'Ecentered attitude, de3elo#ed in order to sur3i3e te
rigors o' te getto0
$etto .igters may come 'rom dwar' strongolds0 In suc cases tey would be
'rom #oor clans wit bad re#utations0 Suc caracters are always sus#ect to oter
dwar3es, and tey 'ind it di''icult to ma"e a li3ing by onest means0
Role< Te $etto .igter ne3er 'orgets is lowly origins and may arbor
resentments against dwar3es wo are better o''0 /owe3er, e stays true to is roots, and
will try to better te li3es o' getto cildren0
Secondary S"ills< ) $etto .igter may a3e any secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Wea#on #ro'iciencies a3ailable to $etto .igters are
determined by te cam#aign bac"ground0 I' te $etto .igter is 'rom a re#ressi3e city,
most wea#ons may be 'orbidden to citi4ens, and dwar3es may be es#ecially restricted0 It
may be illegal 'or dwar3es to #ossess any wea#ons witin te city, wit sti'' 'ines or
im#risonment te usual #unisments0 In suc a city, a $etto .igter would be restricted
to concealed wea#onsF daggers or darts0 In oter societies, $etto .igters may be
allowed to be #ro'icient in any wea#on0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, Disguise, Endurance0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< BlindE'igting, .orgery, $aming, Local
/istory, Li# Reading, Sign Language, Tumbling, *entrilo@uism0
E@ui#ment< $etto .igters sould start #lay wit tie'&s #ic"s and a ro#e0
%terwise, tey may e@ui# temsel3es as tey see 'it0
Distincti3e )##earance< $etto .igters do not a3e a distincti3e a##earance, but
many bear scars or a3e am#utated 'ingers 'rom street 'igting0 Some wear an eye#atc0
S#ecial Bene'its< ) $etto .igter gains a J1 bonus to attac" and damage wen
using a dagger or "ni'e0 Wen attac"ing wit two wea#ons, e does not su''er any
#enalty wit is #rimary wea#on, and only a E6 attac" #enalty wit is secondary wea#on
>see te )layers +andbook, #age 2A?0 I' is secondary wea#on is a dagger or "ni'e, e
still gains te J1 to attac" and damage0
/e gains a J8N modi'ier to is !ic" !oc"ets and /ide in Sadows s"ills0
S#ecial /indrances< $etto .igters a3e bad re#utations wit te autorities o'
te town, city, or strongold in wic tey li3e0 Law en'orcement agents o' te same
town, city, or strongold react at E9 to a $etto .igter0
/e su''ers a E8N #enalty to is cance to .indBRemo3e Tra#s0
Wealt %#tions< ) $etto .igter starts wit only 9d:517 g#0
Dwar' mercants wo trade mainly wit oter races, te Traders see" to dri3e te
ardest bargain tey can0 Tey usually deal in dwar3en wea#ons, armor, and oter metal
goods, but will trade in uncut gems, iron, or oter ores wen tere is a glut o' tem0
Traders trans#ort teir wares on mules or #onies, ta"ing teir goods to uman and
el3en towns or cities were tey sell tem to local mercants0 Some traders a3e
establised teir own so#s in suc #laces, eliminating te middleman0
Role< Tey are o'ten willing to tra3el 3ast distances in searc o' bargains0 Some
Traders deal wit te races o' te ,nderdar", #articularly dee# gnomes, and sometimes
wit drow or duergar0 %ters act as te only contact some mountain dwar' strongolds
a3e wit te outside world0 Traders are 3ital to te strongolds, bringing in goods tat
local dwar3es are unable to manu'acture temsel3es0
Traders are ad3enturous by nature and are always loo"ing 'or a good deal0 Entire
cam#aigns may be based around te acti3ities o' a Trader and is com#anions,
trans#orting goods troug ostile lands or in searc o' lost treasure0
Secondary S"ills< Traders sould a3e te TraderBBarterer secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Traders sould be #ro'icient in ligt crossbow and a
concealable and wea#on suc as a dagger, "ni'e, or and a5e0 %terwise, tey may be
#ro'icient in any wea#on tey coose0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )##raising, Endurance, +a3igation0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, )nimal /andling, Direction
Sense, /unting, Local Dwar' /istory, Local /istory, Riding >Land Based?, Sur3i3al >as
a##ro#riate?, ,nderground +a3igation0
E@ui#ment< ) Trader starts is career wit a mule and #ac"s and #anniers 'or
carrying goods and e@ui#ment0
Distincti3e )##earance< Traders do not a3e to belong to a guild and a3e no
standard a##earance0
S#ecial Bene'its< ) Trader gains a J1 to attac" and damage only wen #rotecting
is goods or animals0
) Trader also gains a J1 reaction bonus 'rom mercants and oter traders0 Tis
bonus is based on is re#utation as a 'air and onest Trader0 I' e ceats on a deal and is
later disco3ered, te bonus canges to a E6 #enalty0
S#ecial /indrances< Traders a3e no s#ecial indrances0
Wealt %#tions< ) Trader starts wit :d:517 g#0
*ermin Slayer
Te *ermin Slayer is a igly s"illed s#ecialist wo enters te tunnel systems o'
monsters suc as "obolds, goblins, and Hermlaines, wit te intention o' eradicating tem0
*ermin Slayers are also ade#t at negotiating te constricted #assages created by giant
rats, centi#edes, and oter #ests and 3ermin0
Tey are used to 'igting in con'ined s#aces and are e5#erts at iding in sadows,
were tey wait to sur#rise teir #rey0
*ermin Slayers are similar to !est Controllers, but were a !est Controller uses
tra#s to catc is #rey, *ermin Slayers acti3ely unt 3ictims wit ligt crossbows and
and a5es or ammers0
) *ermin Slayer must a3e minimum scores o' 1: in Strengt and De5terity0
Role< Tey belong to teir own guild, wic sells teir ser3ices to tose wo
re@uire tem0 =any o#erate as 'reelancers, selling teir s"ills to umans and oter races
wo are e5#eriencing #roblems wit K3ermin0K
Witin dwar' societies #lagued by #ests, *ermin Slayers are igly regarded0
Teir willingness to enter narrow tunnels is seen as commendable by oter dwar3es0 In
strongolds were tey are not constantly em#loyed, tey are o'ten 3iewed wit
sus#icion and distaste0 =any a3e been "nown to turn to illegal acti3ities in order to
su##ort temsel3es, but teir willingness to enter e3en sewers as #ro3ed teir wort as
reco3erers o' lost items and as earned tem a re#utation 'or being incredibly toug0
%utside o' dwar' society, *ermin Slayers are someting o' an enigma0 Tey do
not readily 'it te image oter races a3e o' te trades0 =ost umans are ama4ed tat a
s"ill as s#eciali4ed as *ermin Slayers e3en e5ists0 E3en so, tey easily 'ind wor" in
uman cities as #est e5terminators, and teir ser3ices a3e o'ten been called u#on to
eradicate bands o' raiding "obolds and goblins 'rom teir lairs0
Secondary S"ills< ) *ermin Slayer sould a3e te /unter secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< *ermin Slayers must be #ro'icient in ligt crossbow and
and a5e, ammer, or dagger0 =any 'a3or te s#ecialist wea#ons o' te close combat
'igter0 $enerally, *ermin Slayers sould coose 'ast wea#ons tat re@uire little s#ace0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, Endurance, Trac"ing, ,nderground
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Direction Sense, Sign Language,
,nderground Sur3i3al, !est Control, BlindE'igting, Intimidation, Set Snares, Swimming0
E@ui#ment< *ermin Slayers may s#end teir money on any "ind o' e@ui#ment0
De#ending on te current Hob, tey a3e a wide 3ariety o' armor o#tions a3ailable0 I'
stealt is re@uired, tey sould wear no more tan leater armor0 Wen see"ing to destroy
te o##osition, metal armor may be worn, e3en toug tis causes teir tie' s"ills to be
=ost *ermin Slayers carry at least two ligt crossbows, allowing tem to 'ire two
sots be'ore a3ing to reload0
) new *ermin Slayer caracter recei3es a ligt crossbow, 17 bolts, and a @ui3er
'ree o' carge0
Distincti3e )##earance< Tey are distinguised by te bandannas around teir
eads, and by teir abit o' anging te dried eads or s"ulls o' teir 3ermin 3ictims
about teir waists0
S#ecial Bene'its< *ermin Slayers recei3e a J8N bonus to teir .indBRemo3e
Tra#s, Detect +oise, and =o3e Silently s"ills0 Because o' teir s#ecial training, *ermin
Slayers recei3e a J1 bonus to attac" and a J6 bonus to damage wit one cosen and
wea#on, wen 'igting small si4ed creatures0 Tey recei3e a E1 initiati3e bonus anytime
tey are 'igting in a restricted tunnel or #assage0
S#ecial /indrances< *ermin Slayers a3e a E17N #enalty to teir !ic" !oc"ets
s"ill and a E8N #enalty to teir Read Languages s"ill0
Tey are not trained to 'igt large creatures, so ogres, trolls, ogre magi, giants,
and titans 'ind tem easier to attac" tan oter dwar3es0 Large creatures are only
#enali4ed E6 wen attac"ing *ermin Slayers0
Wealt %#tions< *ermin Slayers recei3e te standard 8d:517 g# starting gold,
#lus teir 'ree ligt crossbow, 17 bolts, and @ui3er0
Te Way'inder is a ardy mi5 o' warrior and tie' wo usually o#erates
inde#endently o' oter dwar3es0 /e cares 'or imsel', acting on is own initiati3e, and is
able to sur3i3e 'or long #eriods o' time on a minimum o' 'ood0
) Way'inder must a3e a minimum Intelligence o' 160
Role< Way'inders are traditionally em#loyed as underground e5#lorers and s#ies0
Tey cart te best routes underground, note su##lies o' 'ood and water, and mar" down
te location o' any mineral de#osits tey 'ind0
Way'inders are 're@uently em#loyed to e5#lore new areas 'or mining and to cart
underground waterways0 Tis is te only dwar' "it wit Swimming as a bonus
Te dwar3en military em#loys tem as underground scouts and guides0 Tese
intre#id e5#lorers 're@uently 3enture into monsterEin'ested ca3erns in order to learn te
numbers and #ositions o' guards, and any wea"ness in te monster de'enses0 %nce tey
a3e re#orted teir intelligence, tey guide te dwar' troo#s to te locations, 'ollowing
teir own ma##ed routes0
In uman society te Way'inder as 'ound em#loyment wit mine owners,
#ros#ectors, and #arties o' ad3enturers0 Te Way'inder&s combat and tie' s"ills ma"e
im doubly use'ul to is colleagues0
Some Way'inders a3e become 3ery ric disco3ering lodes o' te 'inest sil3er,
gold, and e3en mitril during teir e5#lorations0 Teir ability to 'ind alternate routes
ma"es iding te disco3ery 'rom teir em#loyers a sim#le tas", and ten tey can e5#loit
it temsel3es0
Secondary S"ills< ) Way'inder sould a3e te +a3igator secondary s"ill0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Way'inders may cose any wea#on #ro'iciencies #ermitted
to warriors and tie3es0
Bonus +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< Endurance, Swimming, ,nderground
+a3igation, ,nderground Sur3i3al0
Recommended +onwea#on !ro'iciencies< )lertness, BlindE'igting, Direction
Sense, .ungi Recognition, /erbalism, Local Dwar' /istory, Loc"smiting, =ining,
=odern Languages, Ro#e ,se, Set Snares, Sign Language, Signalling, Slow Res#iration,
E@ui#ment< Way'inders sould start wit a suit o' leater armor and a sield0
Tey sould carry basic sur3i3al e@ui#ment suc as ro#es, #itons, a ammer, 'ood
su##lies, waters"in, etc0
Distincti3e )##earance< Tey usually dress in blac" leater armor and carry blac"
sields0 ,nli"e most dwar3es, teir beards are eiter worn 3ery sort or braided into tigt
ringlets, wic gi3e teir cins a Hagged a##earance0
S#ecial Bene'its< Tey gain a J17N bonus to teir /ide in Sadows and =o3e
Silently s"ills0 Tey are also able to learn languages easily0 Eac language learned by a
Way'inder costs only al' its listed number o' slots0 So, 'or te cost o' one slot, a
Way'inder could learn bot te Sign and $oblin Language #ro'iciencies0
S#ecial /indrances< Way'inders a3e a E17N #enalty to teir !ic" !oc"ets and
Read Languages s"ills0
Tey are not @uite trusted by oter dwar3es due to teir inde#endent nature0 Te
'act tat some Way'inders a3e ceated on teir em#loyers in te #ast as dee#ened te
distrust0 )s a result, Way'inders a3e E6 reaction #enalty wen dealing wit oter
dwar3es0 Tis #enalty is ignored in situations were a Way'inder&s ser3ices are being
acti3ely sougtF ten teir inde#endent nature is 3iewed more #ositi3ely0 %ter dwar3es
will remain sus#icious o' a Way'inder&s moti3es0
Wealt %#tions< Way'inders start wit te usual 8d:517 g# 'or multiEclassed
Ca#ter ;< Role !laying and !ersonalities
.arondil, an El', S#ea"s o' Dwar3es
.et*s get one thing straight, I have nothing against dwarves personally. It*s just
that they*re so different from regular folk. $hey really are a bit freakish. 5ust look at them.
/our foot six at best, often just as wide. $he proportions are all wrong. 1nd that hair9 It
grows all over the place. &ost of them look like they*ve rugs stuck to their faces. 1nd the
smell9 $he less said about that, the better.
I*m really not prejudiced, but I do believe in calling a s"uat a s"uat. 1nd that*s
just what they are, s"uat and ugly things, the victims of a mean joke of the gods. 4o
wonder they live below ground. 4o one takes them seriously, except themselves. 1nd they
do take themselves seriously. 1 few have even had the nerve to call me flighty, if you can
believe that.
-esides, they are so obsessed with work they never laugh, never have any fun.
Work, work, work, that*s all they do besides sleep, drink vast "uantities of alcohol, and
smell. &ind you, it*s hardly surprising given their repressive society. $hose guilds are
nothing short of legali!ed slavery.
>nderground is the best place for them. Down there, they can*t go *round
depressing other folk. %ou can tell how bad it is down there by the number of them who
escape every year. %ou know the type, either greedy merchants or homicidal killers. +ave
you ever tried discussing philosophy with a dwarf? $hey*re not at all interested in life,
stars, flowers, or freedom. One rude little beast had the effrontery to tell me to shut up
with my 6mindless pansy drivel,6 or he*d hack my legs off. +a9 $he stumpy little runt
couldn*t reach any higher, my legs were all he could hit9
Oh, they*re all right from a distance, I suppose. 5ust keep them in their holes,
away from decent folk, and everything will be fine. I*m not prejudiced, but I still don*t
want any living in my woods9
%ter races tend to stereoty#e dwar3es, lum#ing tem all togeter as sus#icious,
a3aricious, taciturn, obstinate, grum#y, grim, and umorless creatures0 Tey see tem as
rigid and unyielding as stone, wile grudgingly admitting tat dwar3es are ardy and
tenacious 'igters0
Wile all tat is true, it is a gross generali4ation0 =any dwar3es will not 'it neatly
into anoter race&s conce#tion o' tem0 +o two are e5actly ali"e0 Tey may a3e te same
caracter "it, but eac as is own goals, interests, @uir"s, and 'laws setting im a#art
'rom is 'ellows0 Tere are, owe3er, certain discernible @ualities sared by te entire
Te Dwar3en !ersonality
6+umph9 ,et lost96
EEDwar3en =a5im
Dwar3es are not umans wit sort legs, broad torsos, and long beards0 Tey are
anoter race entirely, wit distincti3e #ersonality traits and belie's tat set tem a#art
'rom umans0 !laying a dwar' is more callenging tan #laying a uman warrior, cleric,
or tie'0 )s umans, we "now our basic traits, and #ortray tem easily in a game0 It is
more di''icult to ma"e dwar3es belie3able and 'un, but te #otential reward is wort te
Basic !ersonality
Dwar3en #ersonality is molded by many 'actors0 Tey see temsel3es as a #roud
and noble race, maintaining teir own ways0 Tis is not because tey are stubborn, but
because e5#erience as taugt tem tat teir ways are best0 Tey do not understand wy
oter races consider tem dour and taciturn0 Belie3ing tat tere is a time and #lace 'or
e3eryting, dwar3es a##roac wor" seriously, wit an attitude o' commitment0 Dealing
wit oter races is always seen as wor" and dwar3es always wor" solemnly0 Wile tis
as led to 'alse #ortrayals, dwar3es don&t care0 Tey "now tey are su#erior to all oter
races0 I' oters 'ail to recogni4e tis, it is not te dwar3es& loss0 Tey are content to lea3e
oters alone, unless tey are in direct con'lict or com#etition 'or li3ing s#ace or
resources0 Wen attac"ed, te entire strongold will 'igt0
Knowing ow te race generally 'eels about most tings el#s to de'ine indi3idual
#layer caracters0 E3en i' te caracter&s #ersonality is entirely di''erent 'rom te norm, it
can be de'ined by noting te di''erences0
Te Dwar3en !ersonalities
Te 'ollowing #ersonalities are #ro3ided as s#urs to te imagination0 Tey are
intended as conce#ts to be used and de3elo#ed by #layers wit dwar' caracters0 Eac
#ersonality #ro3ides a 'ramewor" 'or te caracter&s role #laying #ersonality, and can be
amended, added to, or combined wit oter #ersonalities0
!layers are encouraged to alter and modi'y te #ersonality ty#es in any way tey
li"e0 Caracteristics can be combined to create new ty#es0
) #layer may wis to cange is caracter&s #ersonality0 In te course o'
ad3enturing, e may a3e e5#eriences tat cause im to cange and grow0 Suc canges
sould be rare, and sould mar" a maHor turning #oint in li'e0 ) #ersonality sould not be
canged Hust 'or te sa"e o' trying someting new0 Te cange sould de3elo# naturally
out o' te e3ents o' te cam#aign, #era#s as a result o' a catastro#ic e3ent0
Eac #ersonality descri#tion includes te 'ollowing in'ormation<
It starts wit a general descri#tion o' te caracter&s attitudes, moti3ations, and
outloo"0 It suggests ow e is li"ely to 'unction in a ty#ical cam#aign0 In some cases,
recommendations are made as to wat ty#e o' #layer may 'ind a #articular #ersonality te
most enHoyable to #lay0
Best Suited .or< Some #ersonality ty#es are more a##ro#riate 'or certain
alignments tan oters, and some are more a##ro#riate 'or certain "its0 Tese are
recommendations, not ard and 'ast rules0 +o3ice #layers are ad3ised to remain witin
te alignment and "it recommendations0
Combat Situations< Eac #ersonality ty#e a##roaces combat situations
di''erently0 Some migt carge straigt aead wit wea#ons swinging, wile oters migt
old bac" to si4e u# te enemy be'ore committing temsel3es0
Role !laying Situations< /ow is a caracter li"ely to react to +!CsI Tese
suggestions sould be used as guidelines wen roleE#laying con3ersations, small tal",
interrogations, and inter3iews0 Tere are also ideas about ow te caracter migt
interact wit oter !Cs0
Te Decadent
Te Decadent is one wo 'ollows te ways o' oter races instead o' dwar3en
ways0 /e may a3e been li3ing in close #ro5imity to oter races, suc as el3es or
umans, or e may a3e made a conscious decision tat anoter culture ad su#erior
@ualities to is own0 !ossibilities include a dwar' wo was ca#tured wile young and
raised by a tribe o' orcs0 /is loyalties would be to orcs, rater tan is own race0 )
caracter may a3e con3erted to te oter race&s religion, 'orswearing dwar3en tings0
Best Suited .or< Decadent dwar3es are suitable 'or all "its and alignments e5ce#t
te Battlerager0 Te %utcast "it is a good coice0 ) Decadent #ersonality allows a #layer
to roleE#lay someone wo is outwardly dwar3en, but is 'ar 'rom dwar3en inside0 It also
allows dwar' #riests or warriorB#riests to be members o' anoter race&s religion0
Combat Situations< Tere is no s#eci'ic Decadent combat res#onse0
Role !laying Situations< Decadent dwar3es may act li"e umans, el3es, or oters
in dwar' 'orm, and will sare te attitudes o' teir ado#ted race0
Tey are 3iewed wit sus#icion by oter dwar3es0 Tey are ne3er com#letely
trusted0 Dwar3es will be circums#ect wit a Decadent dwar'0
Tey don&t get on 3ery well wit oter dwar3es, seeing tem as de'icient in some
way0 =any oter races a3e di''iculty acce#ting a Decadent dwar' unless e grew u# as
#art o' teir society0 ) dwar' wo was raised by a tribe o' orcs would be acce#ted by te
orcs o' tat tribe, but e would still be a racial enemy to oter orcs wo don&t "now im0
$lory See"er
Te $lory See"er o#es to become 'amous by #er'orming eroic deeds0 /e
dreams o' becoming one o' te eroes o' legend wose deeds are still sung toug te
ero died a tousand years ago0
Best Suited .or< )5e 'or /ire, Battlerager, /igborn, or any #riest or
warriorB#riest "it0 Law'ul and good alignments are best 'or a $lory See"er, but caotics
may also 'ill tis role0
Combat Situations< /e 'igts 'or glory, re3eling in te action, and dreams o' is
#ortrayal by storytellers to generations yet unborn0 /is lo3e o' action causes im to ta"e
ris"s, but e will try to a3oid endangering is com#anions0 /e will #lace imsel' in gra3e
danger to #rotect oters or to rescue tem, or e3en Hust to see i' e can sur3i3e it, i' tat
action alone would be eroic0
RoleE!laying Situations< /e enHoys being te center o' attention, but is not
necessarily a s"illed s#ea"er0 /e may recogni4e is wea"nesses and allow oters to lead
in negotiations0 /e wises only to be ac"nowledged 'or te ero e is0 Wen dealing wit
dwar3es, #articularly i' e is te only dwar' in a #arty, e will ta"e command o' te
situation, or at least ma"e it clear tat e is te leader o' te #arty, e3en i' e is not0 /e
wises oters to see im as an e#ic 'igure0
Te $rumbler
Te $rumbler lo3es being una##y0 +oting satis'ies im0 It&s eiter too dam#,
too dar", too smelly, too cold, too ot, or sim#ly wrong0 Tere is ne3er a rigt0 /e may
grudgingly admit tat tings are not too bad, but tey are bad enoug0 /e is only a##y
wen e as someting to be una##y about0
/e is not always 3ocal about is una##iness0 ) 'ew wellE#laced moans may be
te best #rotest, as long as e3eryone "nows tat e is not a##y0
Best Suited .or< =ost "its, e5ce#t te Di#lomat, will wor"0 To gi3e im
someting to grumble about, see to te negati3e side o' te "it0 .or instance, a Loc"smit
could be com#laining tat e&s always te one to o#en loc"s and loo" 'or tra#s0 Te
*ermin Slayer ris"s is nec" e5#loring tunnels, wit little tan"s0 Te real "ey to #laying
a grumbler is remembering tat e actually enHoys wat e does, e Hust ne3er admits it0
Combat Situations< Te $rumbler may a##roac combat as Hust anoter core to
be done, or as an o##ortunity to ta"e out is una##iness on oters0 /e may a##roac
combat wit disguised 4eal, ne3er admitting is enHoyment0 Ta"en to e5tremes, te
$rumbler will com#lain about te slo##y 'igting metods o' is o##onents, or teir
treacery, wic caused im inHury0
RoleE#laying Situations< /e 'its te stereoty#e o' te dour, taciturn dwar'0 /e only
s#ea"s to com#lain, and someting as sim#le as ordering a room at an inn sounds li"e a
com#laint >K)nd don&t stic" me in a room in'ested wit lice, I want a decent oneEEma"e
sure it isn&t o3er te common room or I won&t get any slee#K?0
Te /oarder
Tis caracter is obsessed wit ac@uiring, oarding, and counting wealt0 /e
ne3er s#ends it i' e can a3oid it, and e is always te 'irst one to searc te #oc"ets o'
3an@uised o##onents0 In is s#are time e counts is gold and #olises is gems0 /e
ta"es te race&s lo3e o' wealt to an a3aricious e5treme, and may become 3iolent i'
someone e3en loo"s at is treasure0 /e doesn&t li"e tal"ing about it because tal" arouses
oters& greed0 /e co3ets any treasure tat isn&t is, and is o'ten s#otted eyeing it
en3iously0 %ter #arty members can easily mani#ulate im by o''ering gems and oter
material rewards0
Best Suited .or< )ny alignment0 ) good caracter will be a #ri3ate indi3idual wo
doesn&t want oters #rying into is a''airs0 /e won&t steal 'rom oter #arty members, but
e is not a3erse to #oc"eting an odd gem or trin"et 'ound on an enemy or in a treasure
aul >es#ecially i' no one else noticed it?0 /e readily rationali4es wy e sould a3e
tings tat aren&t currently is0 +eutral and e3il caracters are more li"ely to steal, but
tey are smart enoug not to be ob3ious0 Lea3e one o' tem alone wit a treasure cest
and e is guaranteed to ri'le it, #oc"eting te coicest items0 Tis is te wrong caracter
to lea3e guarding te #ac"s0
)ny ty#e o' tie' caracter ma"es an ideal /oarder, as do most oter caracter
"its e5ce#t Di#lomat and /igborn0
Combat Situations< Te /oarder is o'ten a determined 'igter wo reali4es tat
te @uic"est way to get more loot is to ta"e it 'rom #eo#le or creatures wo no longer
need it >i.e., dead ones?0 /is greed can lead im to be 'oolardy, or to go o'' on is own in
dangerous areas0 Te sigt o' a beauti'ul gem in te eye o' a statue, across a camber 'ull
o' orcs, is li"ely to lead a /oarder to 'igt is way to it, or lea3e is com#anions to 'igt
wile e snea"s around te edge in te o#e o' #oc"eting te gem in te con'usion0
RoleE#laying Situations< Te /oarder is always loo"ing 'or te best deal in any
situation0 ,nli"e te Statesman, e is 're@uently not 3ery good at getting itF is greed is
so a##arent tat oters can easily mani#ulate im and stri"e ard bargains0
Te %#timist
Te o#timist is an outgoing, ceer'ul caracter, always loo"ing on te brigt side,
e3en wen circumstances are dire0 To te o#timist, tere is always a brigter and better
tomorrow, and e3en te worst situation can be turned to ad3antage0
Best Suited .or< Ideally suited to #layers wo wis to #lay ceer'ul caracters0
Ta"en to its e5treme, an %#timist can be as muc an irritation as a $rumbler0 Instead o'
'inding 'ault, e3ery situation as a redeeming @uality0
Te %#timist wor"s best wit good or neutral caracters, e3il isn&t 3ery o#timistic
>but may ide beind an o#timistic 'acade?0
Entertainer, )nimal =aster, and Sar#sooter wor" well wit tis #ersonality, but
it can be used interestingly wit $etto .igter0
In Combat Situations< Te %#timist is no 'ool0 In combat e is ca#able o'
weiging te o##osition and acting to ensure te best #ossible result0 /e is not gi3en to
rusing into combat, but neiter will e sir" is res#onsibilities0 /e may counsel a
timely retreat or a rearEguard action, rater tan a 'rontal assault, but wen te ci#s are
down, e&ll meet is 'ate wit a grin0 /e genuinely belie3es tat any odds can be
o3ercome wit te rigt #lan0
RoleE#laying Situations< Te ceery good nature o' te %#timist suits im well0
/e enHoys meeting #eo#le o' oter races and e o'ten canges te o#inions o' tose wo
tin" all dwar3es are dour0
Te !aragon
Te !aragon ta"es racial #ride to te e5treme0 Dwar' acie3ements are te igest
#ossible and no oter race can o#e to measure u# to te standards dwar3es a3e set0 /e
'inds 'ault wit oters, es#ecially oter races, but e can Hust as easily 'ind 'ault wit
oter subraces0 /e is always com#aring te li'estyles and actions o' oters to is own
way o' li'e, and tey rarely, i' e3er, matc is standards0
To tis caracter, el3es are 'ligty and a#ateticF orcs are wretced, brutal, and
de#ra3edF umans and al'lings too easily distractedF and gnomes are obsessed wit te
wrong tings0
Best Suited .or< )ny alignment will wor" well0 Law'ul good !aragons will be
el#'ul and o''er unwanted suggestions o' ow oters can im#ro3e temsel3es and
bene'it 'rom being law'ul and good0 Caotics will sim#ly be sowo''s and 'ault 'inders0
E3il and neutral caracters can be 3indicti3ely o#inionated and callous about oters0 )
!aragon may be used wit any "it0
Combat Situations< !aragons can always 'ind reasons to be in combat0 K!aL Tey
need a dwar' in tere to sow tem ow it&s doneF umans and el3es got no idea0K Tey
can Hust as easily 'ind reasons not to get in3ol3edF KDon&t see wy I a3e to 'igt &emF it&s
a uman #roblem, not mineLK
RoleE#laying Situations< ) bad coice 'or a Di#lomat0 It is too easy 'or im to be
obno5ious and rude to oters0 $i3en te will to remain silent, e&s still li"ely to o#en is
mout and cut loose wit barbed comments0 In e3eryday situations, e is li"ely to ma"e
more enemies tan 'riends0 /e creates 'riction among 'ellow #arty members, #articularly
i' tere are oter races #resent, wit is o#inions0
Te !obic
/e is scared0 /e may be unable to a##roac bodies o' water, or as a morbid 'ear
o' eigts, or a 'ear o' o#en s#aces, or o' enclosed #laces, or o' certain ty#es o' monsters<
goblins or umber ul"s, #era#s0
Wate3er te #obic is a'raid o', it #re3ents im 'rom 'ully 'unctioning wen
dealing wit te obHect o' is #obia0 /e may sim#ly re'use to go anywere near it0 Tis
may be re#resented in gaming terms by gi3ing te caracter #enalties to is attac" and
damage rollsF #enalties o' E6 to E8 are suitable0 %r e may a3e to ma"e a sa3ing trow
3s0 #araly4ation to a##roac te ting e 'ears0
Best Suited .or< !layers wo enHoy 'lawed caracters will 'ind !obics good 'un
to #lay, toug tey are more restricted tan oter caracter ty#es0
)ny alignment or caracter "it can be used wit a !obic0 Sundered dwar3es are
always claustro#obic0 ) !obic may easily be combined wit anoter #ersonalityF a
$lory See"er wit a 'ear o' water, 'or e5am#le0
Combat Situations< Te !obic #er'orms well until 'aced wit te obHect o' is
#obia0 Ten e becomes reluctant to 'igt, and may e3en 'lee as i' a''ected by a fear
s#ell0 ) sa3ing trow may be called 'or in suc situations to see weter e continues to
'igt, or 'lees0
RoleE#laying Situations< In most situations te !obic 'unctions normally, acting
as te #layer wants, but 'aced wit is #obia, e canges dramatically0 Wen e is
combined wit oter #ersonalities, tere are intriguing #ossibilities0 Imagine an orcE
ating Battlerager wo as a suicidal disregard 'or is own sa'ety wen 'igting orcs, but
turns and 'lees wen 'aced wit a single "obold0
Te !ragmatist
In any gi3en situation, te #ragmatist "nows wat as to be done and does it,
rutlessly and e''iciently0 /e ta"es only calculated ris"s, and is ne3er 'oolardy0
Best Suited .or< !ragmatists are only suitable 'or neutral and e3il caracters0
$ood caracters su''er 'rom a3ing to do te rigt tingF !ragmatists do te re@uired
ting0 Suitable 'or )5e .or /ire, *ermin Slayer, Sar#sooter, Trader, or $etto .igter0
Combat Situations< /e #re'ers to weig te odds be'ore committing to combat,
considering wea"nesses and o##ortunities tat may be e5#loited to best ad3antage0 %nce
engaged, e will 'igt to eliminate is o##onents as @uic"ly as #ossible, by any means,
owe3er rutless or underanded0
RoleE#laying Situations< ) !ragmatist can be gru'' and taciturn, or e may be
more o#en, e3en a##y and gregarious0 In negotiation, e #uses 'or te best deal, but e
also "nows wen e as acie3ed all e can0
Te Statesman
Te Statesman is concerned wit getting te best deal 'or is clan, strongold, and
race, in tat order0 /e e5udes natural leadersi#, or at least li"es to tin" tat e does0
Tis may be a result o' is birt, is u#bringing, or is own in'lated o#inion o' imsel'0
/e ta"es carge o' most situations, acting in a decisi3e and im#osing manner0
Best Suited .or< Te Statesman is best suited 'or te Di#lomat and /igborn "its0
Te Cam#ion and $etto .igter are also use'ul0 Caotic caracters are usually too
care'ree or sel'Ecentered to ma"e good Statesmen0
In Combat Situations< /e does not see imsel' as a good combatant0 /e would
rater engage in di#lomacy, but i' tat 'ails e may try to ta"e command o' a #arty0 /is
success de#ends on weter e is also a com#etent commander0
RoleE#laying Situations< In tese situations, e is at is best0 /e lo3es to #resent
is credentials and debate issues and try to obtain te best deal0 /e tends to become te
mout#iece 'or a #arty, negotiating 'or necessities0
Ca#ter C< =ining
+ew dwar' strongolds are establised 'or a wide 3ariety o' reasons, but tey are
almost always sited near substantial de#osits o' minerals or gems0 Tis ca#ter contains
rules 'or establising and o#erating mines0 It is assumed tat most e5isting strongolds
are built around #ro'itable and e5tensi3e ones0
Conducting a Sur3ey
+ot all regions will yield someting o' 3alue, regardless o' te success o' te
#ro'iciency roll0 E5am#les o' #laces were mining is a waste o' time include regions o'
dee# sand or dirt and areas o' ardened la3a0 Streams 'lowing troug tese regions may
a3e carried traces o' ores or a gemstone, but a caracter wit te mining #ro'iciency
"nows tat mining tese areas is guaranteed to yield noting0
I' a miner see"s to e5ca3ate an area tat migt yield 3aluable material, e can
ma"e a =ining #ro'iciency cec" a'ter sur3eying te area0 /e may determine tat
increasing te area o' is sur3ey swee# could yield someting o' 3alue0
Te lengt o' time re@uired 'or a sur3ey will de#end u#on te conditions o' te
searc0 ,nder ideal conditions, it would ta"e a wee" to sur3ey an area o' : s@uare miles0
Ideal conditions mean tat te caracter is not constantly 'ending o'' goblins and
marauding bandits, nor is e unting 'or 'ood0 I' te searc is being conducted abo3e
ground, dee# snow could ma"e #ros#ecting nearly im#ossible, wile e3en a tin layer
would tri#le te time needed0 Steady rainstorms, roug terrain, and sort dayligt ours
all inter'ere wit a sur3ey o' te sur'ace0
,nderground searces are limited by te natural 'ormations o' ca3erns and
#assages0 Te area tat can be e5amined in one wee" is reduced underground to 6 s@uare
miles, conditions #ermitting0 Te natural sa#e o' te #assages may be suc tat te
caracter is restricted to a narrow 177Eyard stretc, or tat te searc must be carried
dee#er into te eart0
)'ter te searc is com#leted, a #ro'iciency cec" must be made by te miner0 I'
unsuccess'ul, te searc as eiter 'ailed to disco3er anyting o' 3alue or te caracter
tin"s e as 'ound te best site 'or te mine0 Te miner may searc te area again,
see"ing to 3eri'y is original 'indings, but it becomes increasingly more di''icultF te
amount o' time re@uired is multi#lied by te number o' sur3eys >te second sur3ey ta"es
twice as long, te tird ta"es tree times as long, etc0? and a cumulati3e E1 #enalty is
im#osed on eac subse@uent #ro'iciency cec" >E1 on te second cec", E6 on te tird
cec", etc0?0
I' te cec" is success'ul, te sur3eyor as determined te e5tent o' mineral
wealt in te area, witin a reasonable margin o' error0 Tis does not guarantee a
success'ul mine, but does locate te best site 'or one0 I' te area contains noting o' 3alue
or is unsuitable 'or mining, a success'ul #ro'iciency cec" re3eals tat 'act0
=ine !roducts
Wen a miner locates minerals, consult te =ining !roducts Table0
=ining !roducts Table
Roll D177 !roduct o' =ine
71E97 Co##er
91E:7 Tin
:1EAA Lead
A;EC: Iron
C8E26 Sil3er
29E2; $old
2C !latinum
22 =itrilO
77 $emstonesO
O Indicates only tat mitril or gemstones may be #resent0 =itril e5ists dee# under te
eart, in dense metamor#ic 'ormations0 Te actual #resence o' mitril must be
con'irmed by cec"ing te =itril .ormation Table0 I' gemstones are indicated, cec" te
$emstones Table0
=itril .ormation Table
Roll D17 =etal Disco3ered
1E8 Sil3er >igest @uality?
AEC $old >igest @uality?
2 !latinum >igest @uality?
17 =itril
$emstones Table
D177 Class o' Stone
71E68 %rnamental
6AE87 SemiE#recious
81E;7 .ancy
;1E27 !recious
21E2: $ems
28E2A Jewels
2;E22 Roll twice on tis table
77 Roll tree times on tis table
Duality o' =ine
Because a mine as been establised does not mean tat it automatically yields
3aluable metal or gems0 Te @uality o' te ore must be determined0 E3en te igest
@uality metal re@uires some #rocessing be'ore it can be sold0
I' te yield o' te mine is a metal, it will #robably be in te 'orm o' ore >metalE
bearing roc"?0 Wile #ure nuggets may be disco3ered occasionally, a caracter wit te
smelter #ro'iciency must se#arate te metal 'rom te ore0
Te @uality o' te ore is e@ual to te number o' coins tat can be #roduced 'rom it
by a single miner in one wee"0 ) co##er mine, wit a rating o' 677 c#, would mean tat a
single miner, wor"ing 'or one wee", #roduces a #ile o' ore tat can yield 677 c# o'
co##er wen smelted0 Te amount o' coinage indicates ow muc is #roduced, not tat
coins must be #roduced0 %neEtousand coins o' iron, 'or e5am#le, e@ual one suit o' #late
armor, 177 s#ear eads, or 877 arroweads0
To determine te @uality o' te mined ore, roll 1d17 and com#are it to te result
'or tat metal on te %re Duality Table0 Tis e@uals te coin e@ui3alent #roduced #er
wee" #er miner0
%re Duality Table >Roll 1d17?
=etal 1 6 9 : 8 A ; C 2 17O
Co##er177 677 687 977 987 :77 877 ;87 1777 6777
Iron 677 977 877 ;77 277 1677 1A77 6777 9777 :777
Sil3er 68 87 177 677 977 :77 877 ;87 1777 6777
$old 17 68 87 177 677 977 :77 877 ;87 1777
!latinum 8 17 67 :7 ;8 177 687 :77 C77 1777
O I' a 17 is rolled, roll 1d17 again0 I' anoter 17 results, te mine is a #ure 3ein o' te
igest @uality and re@uires no smelting0 I' 1E2 results, te metal must be smelted0
Ideally, te smelted metal as te same 3alue as its coin e@ui3alent< i0e0, 67 17E
coin ingots o' sil3er are wort 677 s#0 In a true medie3al economy, owe3er, e3eryting
is negotiable0 =iners may not be able to get tis muc 'or teir bullion, or may get more,
de#ending on local conditions, wo te buyer is, and regional su##ly0
I' a caracter sells te ore witout smelting, te selling #rice can be no more tan
68N o' te 3alue o' te #ure metal, and it may be as low as 8N0 Te as"ing #rice will
de#end on te di''iculty o' trans#ortation and te cost o' smelting te ore0
+ewly mined gemstones are not nearly as 3aluable as tey are a'ter 'inising0
$emstones are roug and e3en unrecogni4able wen 'irst disco3ered0 Caracters wit te
=ining or $em Cutting #ro'iciencies can correctly identi'y a stone a'ter 1dA rounds o'
Te @uality o' a gemstone mine de#ends on te number o' stones in eac 'ind and
te 3alue o' te stones0 Te number o' stones is tat wic one miner can e5ca3ate in one
Te 3alue o' te stones is te a3erage 3alue 'or an uncut stone, wic is 17N o'
its cut 3alue0 To reali4e te 'ull amount 'rom te gemstones, a miner needs to em#loy a
caracter wit te $em Cutting #ro'iciency0 Some stones are more or less 3aluable tan
tis amount, but te a3erage is as accurate as we need to get to calculate te income 'rom
te mine0
Te out#ut o' a gemstone mine does not remain constant, it is rolled eac wee" to
determine te wort o' tat wee"&s out#ut0 Te number o' miners at wor" eac wee" is
determined be'ore te dice are rolled0
$emstone Duality Table
Class o' MBdwar' )3erage
Stone Bwee" ,ncut *alue
%rnamental :d17 1 g#
SemiE#recious 9dA 8 g#
.ancy 1d16E1 17 g#
!recious 1d17E1 87 g#
$ems 1dAE1 177 g#
Jewels 1d:E1 877 g#

In addition to te base 3alue o' te stones mined in a gi3en wee", tere is a 1N
cance #er wee" o' o#eration tat a miner will disco3er an e5ce#tional stone0 I' an
e5ce#tional stone is 'ound, its 3alue is e@ual to te base 3alue o' te mine&s stones
multi#lied by a d177 roll0 .or e5am#le, an e5ce#tional stone 'ound in a semiE#recious
stone mine is wort 17 g# >te a3erage 3alue o' an uncut, semiE#recious stone? 5 d1770
!layers may also consult te Ty#e o' Stones Table to determine te e5act ty#es o' stones
Ty#es o' Stones Table
%rnamental Stones
1d177 Stone Ty#e
71E7C )4urite
72E1A Banded )gate
1;E6: Blue Calcite
68E96 Eye )gate
99E:7 /ematite
:1E:C La#is La4uli
:2E8A =alacite
8;EA: =oss )gate
A8E;9 %bsidian
;:EC6 Rodocrosite
C9E21 Tiger Eye )gate
26E77 Tur@uoise
SemiE!recious Stones
1d177 Stone Ty#e
71E7; Bloodstone
7CE18 Carnelian
1AE69 Calcedony
6:E91 Cryso#rase
96E92 Citrine Duart4
:7E:; Jas#er
:CE88 =oonstone
8AE82 %ny5
A7EA; Duart4 Crystal
ACE;8 Rose Duart4
;AEC9 Sardony5
C:E21 Smo"y Duart4
26E77 Qircon
.ancy Stones
1d177 Stone Ty#e
71E16 )le5andrite
19E68 )mber
6AE9C )metyst
92E81 Crysoberyl
86EA: .lourite
A8E;; Jade
;CE27 Jet
21E77 Tourmaline
1d177 Stone Ty#e
71E68 )@uamarine
6AE87 Blue S#inel
81E;8 !eridot
;AE77 To#a4
1d177 Stone Ty#e
71E68 $arnet
6AE87 Jacint
81E;8 %#al
;AE77 Red S#inel
1d177 Stone Ty#e
71E68 Diamond
6AE87 Emerald
81E;8 Ruby
;AE77 Sa##ire
Ty#es o' =ines
Te two ty#es o' mines commonly in use are #lacer mines and underground
!lacer =ines
!lacer mining in3ol3es a #an or sluice to si't gra3el, dirt, sand, and water 'rom a
'lowing stream or ri3er0 Tis tecni@ue is most commonly em#loyed abo3e ground, but
can be conducted below0 !lacer mining is a relati3ely sim#le o#eration re@uiring little
e@ui#ment0 )t te basic le3el, te only re@uirements are a caracter wit a sallow #an
and a great deal o' #atience0
!lacer mines collect mineral de#osits 'rom underground 3eins eroded by water
and tumbled downstream0 .inally de#osited in te streambed, te miner ar3ests tem
'rom te water0 %nly mineral wealt, eroded 'rom de#osits, collects along te streambed0
Since erosion is slow, #lacer mining is muc less #ro'itable tan dee# mining0
!lacer mines do not yield #ro'itable amounts o' co##er, iron, mitral, or
gemstones0 Caracters wo a3e disco3ered gold, sil3er, or #latinum may try to mine te
de#osits0 ,nderground mines are re@uired 'or all oter metals and gems0 To calculate te
3alue o' #lacer mines, determine te @uality and ten roll 1d: and multi#ly by 170 Tis is
te #ercentage o' its to# 3alue te mine will yield0 .or e5am#le, i' a gold mine could
yield 177 g# #er wee", a #lacer mine will yield only 17 to :7 g# #er wee"0
Tunnel =ines
%#erating an underground, or tunnel, mine re@uires a great deal more wor" tan
#lacer mines, but te #otential 'or wealt is muc greater0 ,nderground mining tunnels
into te eart, searcing 'or 3eins o' ore and gemEencrusted roc" tat is remo3ed and te
minerals and gems ten e5tracted0
E5ca3ating a Tunnel =ine
E5ca3ating a tunnel is ard wor" and time consuming0 Te rates 'or e5ca3ating by
te 3arious races 'ollow0 Rates are in cubic 'eet, #er miner, #er eigtEour day0
=ining Rates Table
Ty#e o' Roc" *ery
Race o' =iner So't So't /ard
$noll, /al'ling,
/uman ;8 87 68
$nome, Kobold C7 A7 97
$oblin, %rc C8 A8 97
Dwar', /obgoblin 27 ;7 98
%gre 187 177 87
/ill $iant 687 187 ;8
.ire $iant, .rost $iant977 677 177
Stone $iant 877 987 1;8
) tunnel mine must 'ollow te si'ting 3ein o' mineral troug te eart0 Suc a
#at ty#ically re@uires a tunnel 17 'eet wide and 17 'eet ig0
Wen a miner disco3ers a 3ein, roll 1d17 and multi#ly by 17F tis is te de#t in
'eet needed to intersect te 3ein0 =ining may now begin in earnest0 To determine te #at
o' te 3ein, roll 1d: and consult te =ineral *ein Direction Table0
=ineral *ein Direction Table
D: Roll *ein Runs
1 +ortESout
6 EastEWest
9 +orteastESoutwest
: +ortwestESouteast
Te 3ein always runs at least 67 'eet in te direction indicated0 )'ter eac 67E'oot
section is e5ca3ated, roll 1d17 and cec" te *ein !at )lteration Table to determine te
new #at o' te 3ein0
*ein !at )lteration Table
D17 Roll Cange
1E6 Stee# descent
9E: Sallow descent
8 Cur3es rigt >17EA7 degrees?
A Cur3es le't >17EA7 degrees?
; Continues straigtR
C Sallow ascentO
2 Stee# ascentO
17 *ein ends
O I' te mine starts on te sur'ace, te 'irst time tis is rolled it is treated as descent rater
tan ascent0
=iners wo wis to continue wor"ing te mine must 'ollow te 3ein, e3en i' it
goes in a direction tey do not wis to 'ollow0 I' te #at o' te 3ein ta"es a course tat
ma"es it im#ossible to 'ollow, suc as emerging into tin air troug a cli'' 'ace, tat
#articular course o' te mine as run out0 I' te 3ein ends in bot directions, te mine is
#layed out0 Tis rule ta"es #riority o3er te Duration of &ining ite rules0
In unusual circumstances, say a tunnel tat ends at a cli'' wic o3erloo"s a
gorge, miners may try to #ic" u# te 3ein again on te oter side0 Te D= must decide
ow li"ely tat 3ein is to continue, de#ending on te situation0
Soring a Tunnel
) tunnel mine must be su##orted, or sored, wit wood or stone #illars0
%terwise, sections o' te tunnel will almost certainly ca3e in0 Soring can be done by
caracters wit =ining, Car#entry, or Stonemasonry #ro'iciencies0
Eac 17E'oot section o' tunnel re@uires two side and one ceiling brace, eac at
least 1 'oot tic"0 I' te tunnel is 17 'eet wide and 17 'eet ig, eac brace uses 97 'eet o'
bracing material0 Eac soring brace re@uires 'our ours to build0
!laying %ut a =ine
=ines contain 'inite amounts o' mineral wealt0 Sometimes, tis amount is
enoug to "ee# miners busy 'or generations0 =ore 're@uently te mine #lays out a'ter a
#eriod o' intensi3e mining0
To determine te lengt o' time a mine will #roduce be'ore de#letion, roll 1d177
at te start o' te mining o#eration0 Te result is te number o' wee"s te mine can be
wor"ed0 I' te result was doubles >11, 66, 99, etc0?, te mine as a muc longer duration0
Roll 1d177 again, te result is te additional number o' monts te mine will #roduce0
)dd tis 'igure to te number o' wee"s set by te 'irst roll0 I' te second roll is also
doubles, roll 1d177 a tird time, te result is te number o' additional years te mine is
will o#erate0 .urter doubles rolls are treated as tens o' years, undreds o' years, and so
.or te sa"e o' con3enience, treat eac mont as 'our wee"s and eac year as :C
wee"s or 16 monts wen totaling u# te mine&s longe3ity0 !lease note tat a Kwee"K is
te amount o' wor" tat one dwar' can #er'orm in a wee"0 I' 16 dwar3es are engaged in
e5ca3ating a mine, 16 wee"s o' te mine&s li'etime are used u# 'or eac wee" o'
I' te mine is a #lacer mine, disregard any doubles rolls 'or te duration o' te
'ind0 ) #lacer mine is always de#leted a'ter 1d177 ours o' wor"0
%3erseeing =ining %#erations
In order 'or a mine to #roduce at ma5imum e''iciency, te caracter in carge
must ma"e a success'ul =ining roll eac wee" o' te mine&s o#eration0 I' te roll
succeeds, te mine #roduces normally0 I' it 'ails, #roduction is reduced by al' 'or tat
wee"0 Tis could be te result o' #il'ering among laborers, a ca3eEin wic causes te
loss o' 3aluable #roduction time, te intrusion o' some monsterEEan umber ul" or
an"eg, #era#sEEor #lain old bad decisions on te #art o' management0 Te e5act details
sould be wor"ed into an ad3enture i' #ossibleF unting te umber ul" troug te
tunnels or rescuing tra##ed miners be'ore tey su''ocate0
)ltoug o3erseeing a mine #ro3ides steady wor", #layer caracters will
#robably 'ind it best to ire an +!C wit =ining #ro'iciency to act as o3erseer, 'reeing
temsel3es u# 'or more e5citing #ursuits0
Ca#ter 2< E@ui#ment
Tis ca#ter describes te e@ui#ment used by dwar3es< smelters, twoEanded
battle a5es, close combat wea#ons, and war macines0
) smelter is a 3ery ot 'urnace used to se#arate metal 'rom oreEbearing roc"0 Te
'urnace is su#erEeated by 'orcing air 'rom a bellows, o'ten o#erated by two or more
dwar3es, troug burning coal0 %re is 'ed into te smelter in iron buc"ets mo3ing along a
cain, wic tows te buc"ets along a rail and dum#s teir contents into te 'urnace0
Te ore is eated to te metal&s melting tem#erature >wic is below te roc"&s?0
Water or acid are occasionally added to enance te #rocess0 Te molten metal runs out
'rom te base o' te smelter and into molds or trougs "nown as K#igs,K ence te term
#ig iron0 Te #igs are sold to blac"smits, wea#onsmits, and armorers to #roduce metal
goods, wea#ons and armor0 Smelters can also ma"e alloys, suc as steel or bron4e0
Te amount o' ore tat can be #rocessed is more a 'unction o' te si4e o' te
smelter tan o' any caracter&s wor" rate0 ) small smelter can #rocess ore as 'ast as 'our
miners can dig it0 ) medium smelter can #rocess te ore #roduced by u# to 67 miners0 )
large smelter can #rocess ore e5ca3ated by u# to 177 miners0
In addition to te cost o' smelting e@ui#ment, a smelter is e5#ensi3e to maintain
because o' te materials re@uired to o#erate it0 ) small smelting o#eration costs 8 g# #er
day to o#erate, te cost o' a medium o#eration is 16 g# #er day, and a large one costs 68
g# #er day to run0 Smelter costs only a##ly wen te smelter is in o#eration0 To "ee# it
o#erating at ma5imum e''iciency, it is common #ractice to collect a stoc"#ile o' ore
be'ore 'iring te 'urnace0 %nce all te ore is smelted, te e@ui#ment is allowed to cool
and is ten cleaned0
$i3en its bul", e3en a small smelter is not 3ery #ortable0
Smelters Cost Si4e
Small 1,777 g# 97&597&
=edium 6,777 g# 87&587&
Large 8,777 g# ;8&5;8&
+ew Wea#ons
=ost wea#ons used by dwar3es are described in te )layer*s +andbook0 /ere we
loo" at te twoEanded battle a5e and close combat wea#ons0
TwoE/anded Battle )5e
Te twoEanded battle a5e as a longer a't tan a standard battle a5e and must
be wielded wit two ands0 Wit two large blades e5tending 'rom it, it allows te user to
swing it in an arc witout a3ing to cange te angle o' te blade0
Close Combat Wea#ons
) wole range o' wea#ons a3e been de3elo#ed to suit te close 'igting style o'
some warriors0 Tese wea#ons are not standard to any "it, but are 'a3ored by warriors
wo 'igt in con'ined s#aces0 )5es .or /ire, some Battleragers, and aggressi3e /eart
$uards may decide to s#eciali4e in tem0 ) caracter&s Strengt bonus is added to te
damage tey cause0
/ead S#i"e
Tis unusual wea#on consists o' an iron elmet wit a large >1 to 6 'oot? s#i"e on
te to#, sometimes called a Kbelly s"ewer0K ) 'igter em#loys tis wea#on wen
carging0 Running, bent 'orward, e attem#ts to s#ear is o##onent in te stomac0 Te
attac" roll is made at a E9 #enalty, and e loses any armor class bene'its ig De5terity
may gi3e im0 I' e im#ales is enemy, e scores double damage0
Knee )nd Elbow S#i"es
Tese are s#i"ed guards used in close combat to elbow and "nee o##onents0
Wen not in use tey a##ear to be decorati3e stubs at te center o' te "nee and elbow
cu#s, but, acti3ated by #ressure, s#i"ed blades Het out and loc" in #lace0 Since tey are
stra##ed to te caracter as #art o' is armor, it is 3irtually im#ossible to disarm im0
Wen a 'igter is being gra##led or wrestled e may elect to ma"e an attac" wit
is s#i"es, instead o' bo5ing or wrestling0 Tis attac" is made wit a E6 attac" #enalty0
$lo3e +ail
Tis is a gauntlet constructed o' iron or steel, wit a large s#i"e #rotruding 'rom
its 'ace0 Warriors usually wear glo3e nails on bot ands0 ,sed 'or slasing, generally at
an enemy&s 'ace, tese are sometimes called K'ace ri##ers0K
Wea#on List
Cost Weigt S#eed Damage
Item >g#? >lbs? Si4e Ty#e .actor SE= L
battle a5e 17 17 = S 2 1d17 6dC
Close Combat Wea#ons
/ead S#i"e 17 17 = ! : 1dA 1dC
Elbow s#i"e 1 6 S S 6 1d: 1d:
Knee s#i"e 9 6 S ! 1 1d: 1d:
$lo3e +ail 6 6 S ! 6 1d:J1 1d:
Cain .lail 1 8 L B A 1d:J6 1d:J1
Cain .lail
Te cain 'lail is a AE'oot lengt o' weigted cain0 In combat it is wirled around
3ery 'ast and swung at te enemy&s legs0 ) caracter wo is #ro'icient wit a cain 'lail
will use it to "noc" is o##onent o'' balance0 /e must state tat e is attac"ing te legs,
and rolls at E: attac"0 I' e succeeds, e rolls 'or damage normally0 In addition, is target
must succeed in a De5terity cec" or be "noc"ed to te ground by te cain&s im#act0
War =acines
Dwar3es #roduce some tecnologically ad3anced war macines 'or te de'ense o'
teir strongolds, and to attac" teir enemies abo3e and below ground0
War macines a3e bot an armor class, indicating ow di''icult te macine
itsel' is to damage, and it #oints, measuring ow muc damage te macine can ta"e
and continue wor"ing0
) grinder is constructed o' wood or metal and consists o' a series o' uge, rotating
blades designed to co# u# and dri3e bac" attac"ers0 Tey are custom built to te widts
o' te corridors were tey will be used0 Te blades in 'ront 'ill te corridor, lea3ing only
a 'ew inces at te sides0
Wit te aid o' a com#licated gearing system, si5 dwar3es are able to #ro#el a
grinder at ig s#eeds using #edals and cran"s0 Te #edalers sit beind an iron sield,
wic #rotects tem 'rom missiles and many s#ells0
) grinder as a T/)C7 o' 17 and in'licts 9dC damage #er round on anyting
witin reac o' its blades0 Te best way to a3oid one is to 'lee or to cause enoug damage
to sto# it 'rom wor"ing0
Te 'laws o' te grinder are its inability to turn corners and te di''icult ascent o'
stee# corridors0 Dwar' engineers a3e been able to o3ercome tese #roblems to a limited
degree0 =ost areas designed 'or grinder usage a3e smootly cur3ing corners tat
cannel, rater tan restrict, te grinder&s mo3ement0 Circular rooms a3e also been
constructed at #oints were tunnels con3erge to allow grinders to cange direction >muc
li"e a roundouse?0 Tere are e3en a 'ew turntables set in te 'loors, at strategic locations,
to allow e3en 'aster redirection0
To #ermit grinders to ascend stee# #assages, a cable is 'astened to te bac" o' te
macine and connected to a winc at te to# o' te ascent0 )s te grinder descends te
tunnel, te cable is let out0 Wen it reaces bottom, te cable is winced bac", #ulling te
grinder to te to#, ready 'or anoter run0
Tree si4es o' tese giant crossbows are used by dwar3es0 Tey 'ire large bolts in
'lat traHectories0 Eac ballista re@uires a crew to mo3e, load, and 'ire0 Tey are slow to
loadF te rate o' 'ire dis#lays ow o'ten tey may be 'ired0
Wen used in dwar' strongolds, ballistas a3e #edal and gear systems similar to
a grinder0 Tis, cou#led wit a winc system, allows tem to be mo3ed bac" and 'ort
and tra3ersed 'rom side to side0 ) ballista is #edaled 'orward to 'ire its bolt, ten winced
bac", out o' sigt, to be reloaded0
%rc =aser
Te orc maser is not a war macine as suc, but it is 'ound as a standard #art o'
most strongold de'enses0 It is a large iron slab, at least 1 'oot tic", co3ered wit s#i"es0
Te 'ull widt o' a corridor, it is mounted eiter on rollers or inged to te ceiling0
Te roller 3ersion is #laced at te to# o' stee# slo#es0 I' in3aded, teams o'
dwar3es lure te in3aders u# te slo#es0 +ices a3e been ollowed out o' te walls to
allow te dwar3es to dodge out o' te corridor0 Te orc maser rumbles down, #ic"ing u#
s#eed, and smasing e3eryting in its #at0 It is ten winced bac", ready 'or anoter run0
Te ceiling 3ersion is less e''ecti3e0 It is mounted at TEHunctions and swings down
'rom te ceiling, slamming in3aders into te wall0
Wea#on Table Damage /it
Wea#on =o3ement SB= L R%. )C !ts Crew
$rinder 16BAB1O 9dC 9dC +) 7 177 A
Ligt ballista 2 6dA 9dA 1B9 6 97 1
=edium ballista A 9dA :dA 1B: 7 87 6
/ea3y ballista 9 :dA 8dA 1B8 7 ;8 :
%rc maser, roller 16 :dA :dA +B) +) +B) +B)
%rc maser, ceiling +) 9dA 9dA +B) +B) +B) +B)
Ca#ter 17< Dwar' Strongolds
=ala"ar te %rc on Dwar' Strongolds
>s orcs is *ard. -ut them stunty dwarves is *ard, too. &uch *arder than elves *n*
oomans. $hey dig into those *oles of theirs, and fill *em wif traps *n* hurty stuff. $hey! got
loads of twisty tunnels wif big iron gates and fings wot fall on yer *n* s"uash yer flat.
We is bestest at nicking their *oles from *em. We got lots, much more than wot you
can count on two *ands. Orcs are right *ard. We kill dwarves, cook *em, eat *em, *n* then
use their beards fer beds. We*s takes their gold too, they gots lots.
I *eard of a place wot got both stunties *n* orcs in it. -ig, *uge place it is, wif lots
and lots of tunnels. Orcs got one *alf, stunties got t* other *alf. /ight*n all the time. 1in*t
many stunties left there, them bin done for by orcs. $hem all be dead soon, but ain*t it *alf
great of *em to build us strongholds9
Strongolds are te omes and wor"#laces o' te dwar3es0 Tey can range 'rom
sim#le 'amily residences to uge subterranean cities0 Te strongold design se@uence
allows you to design a strongold, eiter by ma"ing a series o' coices, or by random die
rolling0 (ou may also combine te two metods0
Designing a strongold by ma"ing coices creates te most consistent and logical
strongold, one tat 'its #er'ectly into your cam#aign world0 ) maHor strongold is an
ideal ad3enture setting0
Te random metod uses a series o' die rolls, o'ten modi'ied by #re3ious rolls0 I'
you coose tis metod you may ignore or augment any unusual results0
Ideally, te random metod sould be used in conHunction wit ma"ing coices0
Tis way, you can guide te design #rocess by selecting certain 'eatures wile omitting
oters0 (ou can let te dice decide tose areas o' strongold design about wic you a3e
no clear ideas0 It can also be an entertaining metod to rationali4e some o' te strange
results acie3ed by #urely random design0
Wen using te tables it is im#ortant to bear in mind tat tey are guidelines0
Tey do not attem#t to co3er te enormous di3ersity o' 'actors tat determine a
strongold&s constituent #arts0 Do not 'eel constrained by tem0 E5#and on any o' te
categories as needed0
.or e5am#le, te design se@uence #laces one dominant subrace in a strongold
containing se3eral0 (ou may decide tat you want te subraces to be e@ual, no one being
more #ower'ul tan te oters0 (ou may also want all si5 subraces to be #resent in te
strongold0 Wile tis scenario cannot be created using te design se@uence, 'ollow your
own instincts and ignore tose #arts o' it tat limit you0
I' te #layer caracters are to ad3enture in a dwar3en setting, ten te setting
sould be as detailed as you can ma"e it, including te names o' te leaders, clans,
military 'orces, and te bac"grounds o' te subraces0
I' te cam#aign is to ta"e #lace in a uman or oter setting, ten #layers need
only enoug in'ormation to gi3e an idea o' wat te strongolds are li"e0 Tis does not
a3e to be 3ery detailed0
Designing Dwar' strongolds
Te strongold design tables are intended to ma"e creating a strongold an easy
tas"0 Tey do not attem#t to deal wit e3ery as#ect o' design0 Te tables do not de'ine te
numbers or si4es o' indi3idual dwellings or wor" #laces, or s#eci'y te e5act numbers o'
+!Cs witin tem0
+ame o' te Strongold
E3ery strongold needs a name0 (ou may coose a name or randomly create one
using te tronghold 4ame ,enerator0 To use te generator, 'irst turn to te dwar' name
generator in Ca#ter :0 Roll 1d: to determine te number o' syllables in te strongold&s
name0 Roll 'or eac syllable on te Dwarf 4ame )refix $able0 Ten, eiter assemble tem
in te order generated or rearrange tem to ma"e a better sounding name0 Ten turn to te
Strongold Su''i5 Table, below, and roll once to 'inis te name0 .eel 'ree to add oter
letters between eac #re'i5 andBor su''i5 i' te name is too di''icult or sim#ly does not
&sound rigt&0
Strongold Su''i5 $enerator
Roll 1d67
1 Eac" 11 Ea"
6 Earr 16 Eig
9 Ebe" 19 EHa"
: Edal 1: E"a"
8 Eduum 18 Elode
A Edu"r 1A Emal"
; Ee't 1; Eme"
C Eest 1C Era"
2 E'i" 12 Ete"
17 Ega" 67 E4a"
Subraces !resent
=ost strongolds were created by a #articular subrace o' dwar'0 Tis subrace is
te one tat controls te strongold and com#rises te maHority o' its citi4ens0 (ou may
coose, or you may wis to generate randomly on te ubrace $able, wo olds te
Coose or randomly determine te number o' dwar3es #resent0 Tis will gi3e you
te number o' male dwar3es li3ing in te strongold0 Tere are a##ro5imately al' as
many 'emales as males, regardless o' subrace0 Te number o' cildren is e@ual to about
al' o' te 'emale #o#ulation0 I', 'or e5am#le, te total #o#ulation o' te strongold is
around :77, tere would be 668 males, 116 'emales and about A9 cildren0
Subrace Table
1d177 =ain Subrace MDwar3es
71E17 Dee# Dwar3es 9d177J87
11E67 Duergar 6d177J177
61E97 $ully Dwar3es 1d177J177
91E;7 /ill Dwar3es 9d177J177
;1E27 =ountain Dwar3es 9d177J177
21E28 Sundered Dwar3es 6d177J87
2AE77 =i5ed Subraces See below
(ou may decide tat your selected subrace is te only one #resent, or you may
wis to add oters to te strongold0 ) mi5ed strongold is one a3ing more tan a single
subrace o' dwar3es0 Te #rimary one is dominant and olds #olitical #ower o3er te
strongold, but tey do not a3e to be te maHority witin it0
Te Dominant Subrace Table determines te subrace tat controls te strongold0
I' you want to add oter minor subraces to te strongold, te table will sow you ow
many are #resent0 (ou can select tis or determine it randomly0
Dominant Subraces Table
M %ter
1d177 Dominant Subrace Subraces
71E17 Dee# Dwar3es 1d9
11E67 Duergar 1d:
61E68 $ully Dwar3es 1d6
6AE;7 /ill Dwar3es 1d:
;1E27 =ountain Dwar3es 1d:
21E77 Sundered Dwar3es 1d9
=odi'ying te Dominant Subrace
In strongolds a3ing one or more minority subraces, te number o' te dominant
subrace is altered by te =odi'ied Subrace Table, according to te number o' oter
subraces #resent0 I', 'or e5am#le, tere are tere are 677 dee# dwar3es in a strongold
wit tree oter minor subraces #resent, te number o' dee# dwar3es is reduced by 87N
to 1770
=odi'ied Subrace Table
%ter Subraces
!resent =odi'ier
1 E17N
6 E68N
9 E87N
: E;8N
Determining te +umber o' Subrace =embers
So 'ar, you "now ow many subraces are in te strongold, but not wic ones
tey are, nor teir numbers0 Te Subrace Tables list te main subrace and te subraces
li"ely to sare a strongold wit tem0 %nce te minor subraces a3e been selected,
coose or randomly determine teir numbers0
In te e3ent tat a random roll results in te same subrace being designated more
tan once, maintain teir numbers eac time tey occur, as toug tey were a di''erent
subrace0 Total te results to determine te numbers #resent0
Dee# Dwar3es Subraces Table
1d177 Subrace M o' Subrace
71E68 Duergar 8d17
6AE87 $ully 9d16
81E;8 /ill 6d17
;AE77 =ountain 9dA
Duergar Subraces Table
1d177 Subrace M o' Subraces
71E:7 Dee# Dwar3es9d16
:1EA7 $ully Dwar3es 9d17
A1EC7 /ill Dwar3es 6d16
C1E77 =ountain Dwar3es 6d16
$ully Dwar3es Subraces Table
1d177 Subrace M o' Subrace
71E67 Dee# Dwar3es1d17
61E:7 Duergar 6dA
:1EA7 /ill Dwar3es 9d16
A1EC7 =ountain Dwar3es 6d17
C1E77 Sundered Dwar3es 6dA
/ill Dwar3es Subraces Table
1d177 Subrace M o' Subrace
71E17 Dee# Dwar3es1d16
11E67 Duergar 6dC
61E:7 $ully Dwar3es :d17
:1E27 =ountain Dwar3es 9dA
21E77 Sundered Dwar3es 9dA
=ountain Dwar3es Subraces Table
1d177 Subrace M o' Subrace
71E17 Dee# Dwar3es6d17
11E67 Duergar 6d17
61E68 $ully Dwar3es 6dA
6AE;7 /ill Dwar3es 6d16
21E77 Sundered Dwar3es 9dA
Sundered Dwar3es Subraces Table
1d177 Subrace M o' Subrace
71EA7 $ully Dwar3es 17d17
A1EC7 /ill Dwar3es 9d16
C1E77 =ountain Dwar3es 6d17
Subraces li3ing in strongolds eld by oters are almost always a minority0 Tey
are tere because tey are e5iles, traders wo a3e establised a si4able base, or because
tey a3e #articular s"ills to sell0 Subraces may also be #resent because tey a3e
e5#erience in 'igting certain "inds o' monsters, or because tey a3e been cut o'' 'rom
teir own #eo#le by disaster0 Tey may a3e intermarried wit te dominant race0
(ou may generate tese subraces in more detail by treating tem as trading
encla3es or 'amily strongolds0 Te 'ollowing #aragra#s gi3e some general guidelines
on ow te 3arious subraces 'unction witin anoter subrace&s strongold0
Dee# dwar3es usually li3e at great de#ts and "ee# to temsel3es0 )s minor
subraces, tey tend to be in small 'amily grou#s, #lying a cra't or trade0
Duergar li3ing among oter subraces are usually not o' an e3il alignment unless
te strongold&s alignment is e3il0 Tey may be tolerated by neutral dwar3es, but are
always treated wit wary sus#icion0
%ter subraces li3ing among te duergar will usually be e3il and will a3e Hoined
te duergar to a3oid #ersecution in teir ome strongolds0 E3il duergar strongolds will
tend to ensla3e oter subraces, unless tey are allies0
$ully dwar3es may be 'ound li3ing among any subrace o' dwar', usually
em#loyed to #er'orm menial or un#leasant tas"s0
) gully dwar' strongold may contain oter subraces, but tese will usually sare
similar attitudes and bea3ioral #atterns wit tem0
/ill and mountain dwar3es may be 'ound at any de#t and li3ing wit any oter
subrace0 Tey are clannis and "ee# to temsel3es0 Tey are li"ely to be te em#loyers o'
oter subraces0 Wile tese oters will usually be #resent in te strongold on a 'i5ed
term contract, it is not unusual 'or a strongold to a3e encla3es o' oter dwar3es wo
a3e been tere 'or generations0
Sundered dwar3es are only 'ound li3ing among oter dwar3es wen a #art o' te
strongold is abo3e ground0 /ill dwar' strongolds, wic are built abo3e and below te
ills, are ideal0 I' te strongold is entirely below ground, sundered dwar3es will
congregate around one o' its entrances, were tey will construct santy towns in order to
conduct trade0
%3erall )lignment
(ou may eiter select a strongold&s alignment to matc tat o' its dominant race
or roll on te %3erall Strongold )lignment Table0 ) strongold&s o3erall alignment
determines its general outloo"0 +ot all o' te strongold&s inabitants need to be o' tis
alignment0 In good aligned strongolds, e3il caracters will usually "ee# teir alignment
idden 'rom teir 'ellows0
%3erall Strongold )lignment Table
6dA Dee# Duergar $ully /ill =ountain Sundered
6 C+ L$ L$ LE LE CE
9 +E +E L+ L+ L+ +E
: +$ L+ LE L+ L+ L$
8 + LE +$ L$ L$ LE
AEC + LE C+ L$ L$ L+
2 + + + L$ L$ +
17 L+ C+ +E +$ +$ +
11 L$ CE C$ C$ + C+
16 LE +$ CE + + C$
Ty#es o' Strongolds
Strongolds 3ary in si4e and im#ortance0 (ou may a3e an idea o' te "ind o'
strongold you want0 I' not, you can determine it randomly0
Te #o#ulation modi'ier is used to determine te number o' dwar3es wo li3e in a
strongold and te numbers o' eac subrace will be modi'ied by tis #ercentage0 .or all
strongolds, oter tan secondary ones, you&ll need to adHust te numbers #re3iously
ac@uired0 To do tis, multi#ly te numbers you a3e by te #ercentage gi3en0
De#ending u#on wo built te strongold, it may e5tend abo3e ground, wit stone
towers and battlements, s#reading o3er te sides o' ills or mountains0 Sundered dwar3es
always build teir strongolds abo3e ground0 Dee# dwar3es and duergar ne3er do0
Strongold Ty#e Table
1d177 Ty#e o' !o#ulation
Strongold =odi'ier
71E78 =aHor 677N
7AE88 Secondary 177N
8AE;7 %ut#ost :7N
;1EC7 $etto 68N
C1E27 Trade Encla3e 17N
21E77 .amily 8N
=aHor strongolds are ca#ital cities0 Some dwar3es wo li3e in tem are
#ower'ul, and o'ten rule secondary strongolds0
$ully and sundered dwar3es ne3er build maHor strongolds0 $ully dwar3es may
li3e in tem, but tey will a3e mo3ed into tem only a'ter te original inabitants a3e
been "illed or dri3en away0
=aHor strongolds contain large numbers o' dwar3es0 Tey are te eigt o'
dwar' engineering and construction and are nearly always located around a 3ery
#ro'itable mine0 Te gates o' maHor strongolds are sturdy and 'lan"ed wit stone towers0
Secondary strongolds are te most common0 Tey are similar to maHor
strongolds, but are not as large0 Tey may be inde#endent or allied #olitically and
militarily wit a maHor one0 =ost maHor strongolds began as secondary and grew in si4e
and im#ortance o3er centuries0
)n out#ost is a strongold tat as been 'ounded to #rotect an area or to e5#and
te realm o' a secondary or maHor strongold0 It may a3e been a mine tat grew in si4e
and began to accommodate more tan Hust te miners wo wor"ed tere0
=ines are establised to e5tract minerals 'rom te eart0 Te dwar3es wo li3e in
tem are engaged cie'ly in te mining o' gemstones or in mining and smelting ores0
Suc an out#ost is rarely sel'Esu''icient, but relies ea3ily on trade or outside su##ly0
Trade encla3es are situated in te towns and cities o' oter races and subraces 'or
te #ur#ose o' conducting trade0 Tey may be 'orti'ied ouses or stone 'orts 'or te
traders, teir guards, and teir 'amilies0
$ettoes are areas witin cities and towns o' oter races were clusters o'
dwar3es li3e0 Tis could be a wealty city bloc" inabited by wellEtoEdo dwar' mercants
and cra'tsmen or an im#o3erised santy town were dwar3es e"e out a li3ing as best
tey can0
) 'amily strongold is ome to a single 'amily o' dwar3es0 Tey are small and
o'ten consist o' a single ouse or underground ca3ern inabited by a 'amily0 Dwar3es
wo li3e in 'amily strongolds tend to be 3ery reclusi3e and clannis0
Te )ge o' te Strongold
Because tey li3e so long, dwar3es 'ind it easier to measure te #assage o' time in
terms o' generations, instead o' years0 ) dwar' tin"s o' is strongold as being 'ounded
tree generations ago, not 1,777 years be'ore0 ,sing te si4e o' te strongold, determine
its age using te +umber o' $enerations column0
Te #eriod re#resented by a generation will 3ary between subraces0 To 'ind te
a##ro5imate number o' years since a strongold&s 'oundation, multi#ly te number o'
generations by te dominant race&s li'e e5#ectancy on te table below0
)ge o' Strongold Table
Ty#e o' Strongold M$enerations
=aHor 6d17
Secondary 6dA
%ut#ost 1dAE1
$etto 1d:E1
Trade Encla3e 1d:E6
.amily 1dAE1
%n any roll o' 7 or less >a'ter modi'iers are a##lied? te strongold as been
'ounded in te current generation0
Racial =odi'iers<
Subtract 6 'or gully dwar3es, 1 'or sundered dwar3es0
Li'e E5#ectancy Table
Ty#e o' Dwar' Li'e E5#ectancy
/ill 987 years
=ountain :77 years
Dee# 9C7 years
Duergar :77 years
Sundered 687 years
$ully 687 years
Dwar3es are traditionally ruled by a "ing or cie', but tese are only two o' te
#ossible 'orms o' go3ernment a3ailable0 =aHor strongolds are always ruled by a 'eudal
"ing0 (ou may decide oterwise, but tis sould be a conscious decision, not determined
by a random roll o' dice0 (ou may select te ty#e o' go3ernment in oter strongolds or
roll on te $o3ernment Table0
$o3ernment Table
1d177 $o3ernment
1E17 Colony
11E67 Con@uered
61EA7 .eudal
A1EC7 $uild
C1E27 %ligarcy
21E177 Teocracy
171E117 )narcy
)dd 17 'or gully dwar3es
)dd 17 'or caotic aligned strongolds
) colony is a strongold s#eci'ically establised by anoter strongold and under
te direct rule o' its #arent0 Colonies may be 'ounded to e5#and #olitical #ower, to
subHugate con@uered races, or to e5#loit mineral resources0 Tey may also be establised
to #rotect strategically im#ortant areas or to redistribute e5cess #o#ulation0
) con@uered strongold as been con@uered by in3aders and is now controlled by
tem0 Te con@uered #eo#le may a3e been ensla3ed by te con@uerors0 To disco3er wo
te con@uerors are, consult te War Table below0
Cances are tat te con@uered dwar3es will not be allowed any wea#ons or
armor0 Some may a3e banded togeter to 'orm a resistance and may be iding in secret
locations in or near te strongold0
.eudal strongolds are ruled by a dwar' "ing or one o' is nobles0 =aHor
strongolds nearly always a3e monarcs, but e3en a lowly 'amily strongold may be
ruled by a "ing wose #ower e5tends only to is immediate 'amily0
Secondary strongolds and out#osts may be ruled by a "ing, or by a #rince or
du"e wo owes allegiance to a maHor strongold0
) guild strongold is ruled by te guild masters o' eac clan0 Te guild masters
meet to regulate all as#ects o' li'e witin te strongold0 Tey may be eaded by a guild
master wo is elected by te oters, 'or one or more years0
)n oligarcy is an elite grou# o' dwar3es, elected or selected on te basis o' teir
wealt, to rule a strongold0 %ligarcies usually wor" to 'urter teir own goals and
ambitions0 Te oligarcic members may be /igborns, $uild =asters, or mercants wo
a3e amassed large 'ortunes0
) teocracy is a strongold ruled by #riests o' one or more dwar3en deities0
Teocracies attem#t to im#ose teir strictures and belie's on all te inabitants o' te
strongold0 Tey will ty#ically stri3e to su##ress oter religions0
)n anarcy is a 'orm o' nongo3ernment usually restricted to gully dwar3es, but
may be 'ound in any strongold wit a caotic alignment0 In anarcy, citi4ens do wat
tey want, wen tey want to do it0 )n anarcy could be tem#ered by a desire to maintain
society by a3oiding arm to oters, as in a community tat is caotic good0 )lternati3ely,
it could be a case o' no one a3ing any regard 'or te e''ects o' teir actions on oters0
) strongold does not e5ist in isolationF it as contact wit oter strongolds and
races0 Te nature o' tese contacts determines te strongold&s attitude and its military
strengt0 Te #ercentage o' dwar3es in te militia re'ers to te number o' male and
'emale dwar3es wo regularly drill and carry arms0 Tey are included wen determining
te armed 'orces o' a strongold >see =ilitary .orces?0
)ttitude Table
1d67 )ttitude in =ilitia
1 Decadent 68N
6E9 Declining 87N
: Dis#ossessed 87E177N
8 E5iled 87E177N
AE; E5#ansionist 177N
CE2 .riendly 87N
17 Integrated 68N
11E67 Isolationist ;8E177N
) decadent strongold is one in wic traditional dwar' 3alues a3e been
'orgotten or are little used0 Tese dwar3es will e5ibit #ersonality traits more in "ee#ing
wit oter races0
Te +!C military 'orces o' a decadent strongold are li"ely to be badly trained
and 'igt at B1 to attac" and damage0
) declining strongold was once #ower'ul and ric, but as 'allen u#on ard
times0 Its mines may a3e #layed out, or it may a3e been struc" by a #lague tat
de3astated te #o#ulation0 !era#s te once #ro'itable trade it conducted wit
neigboring races as ended, and now te strongold is sort o' commodities tat it once
too" 'or granted0 ) declining strongold may a3e been in3ol3ed in a war tat so ta5ed
its resources tat real reco3ery was too e5#ensi3e0
Dis#ossessed dwar3es a3e lost teir ancestral omes and now li3e in a situation
tey belie3e is tem#orary, e3en toug tey may a3e been tere 'or generations0 Tey
a3e a #assion to reclaim teir ancestral omes and may e3en mount e5#editions to do so0
%r tey may acce#t tat teir omes are lost and establis new ones 'or temsel3es0 E3en
ten, grou#s will #eriodically set out to attem#t to reca#ture te ancestral strongold0
Consult te War Table to determine wo dro3e tem 'rom teir ancestral earts0
E5iled dwar3es a3e been e5#elled by teir own "ind0 Tis may a3e been 'or
some e3il act or #ractice, or tey may a3e been 'orced out by oters wo were e3il0 In
eiter case, tey see" to return to teir omes0
E5#ansionist societies are strong and robust0 Tey see" to e5#and into new areas,
e3en i' tey must go to war to ac@uire tem0 ) strongold wit tis attitude is 're@uently
antagonistic toward oter races0 It may see" to e5#and underground at te e5#ense o'
oter subterranean races0 It may be e5#anding abo3e ground, #era#s dri3ing el3es 'rom
a nearby 'orest so tat te dwar3es can get at te mineral de#osits beneat it0
.riendly dwar3es are as o#en as dwar3es e3er get0 Tis doesn&t mean tat oter
races are welcome, but tat 'riendly ty#es are less closed tan te rest o' teir race0 Tey
usually a3e more dealings wit umans or el3es tan oters, e5ce#t 'or integrated
Integrated strongolds are tose tat a3e become a #art o' anoter race&s society0
Tey most 're@uently occur among sundered dwar3es or dwar3es in trade encla3es0 Tey
will retain teir traditional ways and li'estyles, but are more "nowledgeable about te
races tey li3e among tan oter dwar3es0 Integrated strongolds are most li"ely to a3e
trade and military agreements wit oter races0 Tey are li"ely to Hoin wit armies o'
oter races to de'eat a common 'oe0
Isolationist dwar3es a3oid dealings wit all races, and o'ten wit oter dwar'
subraces0 Tey loo" only inward and "ee# teir gates 'irmly loc"ed0 *isitors are
unwelcome and tres#assers are dealt wit sar#ly0 Tey usually li3e in remote or
inos#itable regions0 =ountain and dee# dwar3es are 're@uently isolationist0 Some li3e
close to oter races, but sun all contact wit tem0
+o absolute 'igures are gi3en 'or strongold resources because cam#aigns
're@uently a3e di''erent scales o' wealt0 Te Strongold Resources Table uses relati3e
di3isions o' wealt, but does not e5#ress wat tese resources are0
Te Starting $old =odi'ier is an o#tional rule tat may be a##lied to a caracter&s
starting wealt to ta"e into account te relati3e wealt o' is ome strongold0 Tese
modi'iers cannot reduce a caracter below te minimum caracter 'unds 'or is class0
Tat is, i' e rolls 8d:517 g# 'or is starting wealt, te minimum e could generate is 87
g#F is starting wealt may not 'all below tis amount0
.or e5am#le, a warrior 'rom a #oor strongold must subtract 17EA7 g# 'rom is
starting gold0 /e rolls is normal 8d:517 g# 'or a miserly total o' A7 g#0 Ten e rolls is
#oor strongold #enalty o' 1dA517 g# and gets EA7 g#L Since tis would lea3e im wit
no money at all, e automatically recei3es te minimum o' 87 g#0
Strongold Resources Table
Starting $old
1d67 Relati3e Resources =odi'ier
1 *ery !oor>subsistence? E1dC517 g#
6B8 !oor E1dA517 g#
AB17 .air E1d:517 g#
17B1: )3erage no modi'ier
18B1; Com'ortable J1d:517 g#
1CB12 Wealty J1dA517 g#
67J Ric J1d17517 g#
Racial =odi'iers to 1d67 Roll<
Duergar E8
$ully Dwar3es E17
Sundered Dwar3es EC
=ountain and /ill Dwar3es J6
Strongold =odi'iers to 1d67 Roll<
=aHor J9
Secondary J1
%ut#ost 7
$etto E9
Trade Encla3e J6
.amily 7
Relationsi#s wit %ter !layer Caracter Races
E3en te most isolationist strongolds must a3e some sort o' relationsi# wit
oter #layer caracter races, e3en i' 3ery distant ones0 Strongolds may a3e 'riendly ties
wit oter races, or tey may be at war wit tem0
Weter you select te strongold&s relationsi#s, or determine tem randomly, a
se#arate determination must be made 'or eac race tat li3es near te strongold0 D=s
wo want te detail can determine di''erent relations toward eac settlement in te area,
e3en i' many o' tem ouse te same race0
I' te strongold as a 'riendly, o#en relationsi# wit te race, members o' te
race may 3isit te dwar3es regularly and a 'ew may e3en li3e among tem0 Trade is bris"0
)n indi''erent relationsi# is one tat is neutral and businessli"e0 Trade is li"ely,
but 'ew members o' te race 3isit te strongold0 Te only ones li"ely to li3e among te
dwar3es are mercants0
In a cautious relationsi#, te strongold does not welcome 3isitors 'rom te oter
race0 Tose wo enter are searced and watced closely0 Te strongold tries to a3oid
con'rontations and gi3ing o''ense, but relationsi#s are strained and guarded0 +o one o'
te outside race li3es among te dwar3es0
In a treatening relationsi# 3isitors are acti3ely discouraged by te treat o'
3iolence0 Tey are turned bac" at te borders or eld and interrogated to learn wy tey
are in te dwar3es& territory0
In a ostile relationsi#, intruders are attac"ed and dri3en bac" 'rom te
strongold&s borders0 )rmed 'orces are ready to re#el in3aders0 Relationsi#s are strained
and an uneasy #eace migt e5ist as described under WarB!eace0
In a war situation, combat is regular and serious0 Te D= can decide wo started
te war and wy0 In any case, all o' te strongold&s resources are allocated to gaining
3ictory o3er te enemy0
Relationsi# to %ter !layer Caracter Races
1d67 El3es $nomes /al'lings /umans
1 .riendly .riendly .riendly .riendly
6 Indi''erent .riendly .riendly .riendly
9 Indi''erent .riendly .riendly .riendly
: Indi''erent .riendly Indi''erent Indi''erent
8 Cautious Indi''erent Indi''erent Indi''erent
A Cautious Indi''erent Indi''erent Indi''erent
; Cautious Indi''erent Indi''erent Indi''erent
C Cautious Indi''erent Indi''erent Indi''erent
2 Cautious Indi''erent Indi''erent Indi''erent
17 Treatening Indi''erent Cautious Indi''erent
11 Treatening Indi''erent Cautious Cautious
16 Treatening Indi''erent Cautious Cautious
19 Treatening Cautious Cautious Cautious
1: Treatening Cautious Cautious Treatening
18 /ostile Cautious Treatening Treatening
1A /ostile Cautious Treatening Treatening
1; /ostile Treatening Treatening /ostile
1C /ostile Treatening Treatening /ostile
12 )t War Treatening /ostile /ostile
67 )t War /ostile /ostile )t War
61J )t War )t War )t War )t War
Strongold )lignment
law'ul good E6
law'ul e3il J6
neutral e3il J6
caotic neutral J1
caotic e3il J8
Race&s )lignment
law'ul good E6
neutral good E1
law'ul neutral E1
Strongold&s )ttitude is<
E5#ansionist J8
.riendly E8
IsolationistO 7
I' te strongold is isolationist, treat all results o' : or less as 2&s on te
Relationsi# Table0
War and !eace wit %ter Races
Dwar3es not only a3e dealings wit oter uman and demiuman races, tey
also a3e to contend wit e3il monsters and oter races below ground0 ) war may a3e
been raging 'or generations or it may a3e Hust begun0 To determine i' te strongold is at
war wit any underground races, use te WarB!eace Table0
WarB!eace Table
1d67 Situation
1E17 !eace
11E18 ,neasy !eace
1AE67 War
)ttitude =odi'iers<
Declining J6
Dis#ossessed J17
E5#ansionist J8
.riendly E8
I' te strongold is at #eace now, it may a3e been at war in te #ast0 Roll on te
!eace Table to determine ow long te strongold as been at #eace0
!eace Table
1d17 Duration
1 1d16 monts
6 1dA years
9 6dA years
: 9d17 years
8 8d17 years
A 1d: generations
; 6dA generations
C 6d17 generations
2E17 )lways at #eace
I' te strongold as been at war, roll on te War Table to determine its enemies0
To disco3er te lengt o' te war, roll on te War Duration Table0
Te reasons 'or #eace are as 3aried as te reasons 'or war0 Te enemies may a3e
been eliminated, or inHured so badly tat tey mo3ed to anoter #lace0 Te war may a3e
colla#sed a maHor tunnel system, sealing o'' te de'enders 'rom teir attac"ers0
)n uneasy #eace is one in wic 'riction still e5ists between te dwar3es and teir
enemies0 Te strongold may again go to war, but one or bot sides are lic"ing teir
wounds0 Di#lomatic incidents may still occur o3er dis#uted territory0
Roll on te War Table to determine te strongold&s enemies0 To establis te
lengt o' te #eace, roll 1dC on te !eace Table0
E3en de'eated enemies may still be in a #osition to treaten a strongold, and may
be #re#aring a renewed assault e3en now0 Bands o' orcs, 'or e5am#le, could a3e been
de'eated tree generations ago0 Since ten, tey a3e been breeding and enlisting oter
orcs and giants against te day wen tey will storm te strongold&s de'enses0
)n )ggressi3e strongold is li"ely to be #re#aring a #reem#ti3e attac" against its
'oe0 )n Isolationist one will be engaged in strengtening its de'enses, antici#ating an
attac"0 ) Decadent strongold is li"ely to ignore te buildu#, wile a Declining one may
be #owerless to do anyting about it and may well be o3errun wen te attac" comes0
To determine wo is at war wit te strongold or as been at war wit it, coose
or roll on te War Table0 .eel 'ree to select races not on te table i' tat suits your
cam#aign0 Creatures on te War Table are listed by general category only0 )ll giants are
included in te giant entry0 Some races may a3e oter races ser3ing tem as troo#s or
sla3es0 )s always, ignore any illogical results0
War Table
1d177 Enemy
71E78 Beolders
7AE17 Dragons
11E67 Drow
61E97 Dwar3esO
91E98 $iants
9AE:7 $nolls
:1E87 $oblins
81EA7 /obgoblins
A1EA8 Li4ard =en
AAE;7 =ind .layers
;1E;8 %gres
;AEC8 %rcs
CAE27 Trolls
21E28 ,ndead
2AE2C Roll two more times
22E77 Roll tree more times
O I' dwar3es are rolled tey will be duergar i' te strongold is good or neutral in
alignment0 I' te strongold is e3il, roll on te =ain Subrace Table to determine teir
enemies0 Tese enemies can also be e3il dwar3es >i.e., duergar can 'igt duergar?0
Duration o' te War
Te lengt o' te war is determined 'irst in terms o' years, and ten generations0
I' te duration o' te war is more tan te age o' te strongold, ten te strongold as
been at war since its 'ounding0 Its inabitants a3e ne3er "nown #eace0
War Duration Table
1d17 Duration
1 1dC days
6 1d: wee"s
9 1d16 monts
: 1dA years
8 6dA years
A 9d17 years
; 8d17 years
C 1d: generations
2 6dA generations
17 6d17 generations
Ty#es o' War
%nce it as been determined tat a war is in #rogress, or tat one occurred in te
strongold&s #ast, you can ten determine wat ty#e o' war it was0
War Ty#e Table
1d17 War Ty#e
1E9 S#oradic
:E8 Steady
AEC Escalating
2 Siege
17 In3asion
)ttitude =odi'iers<
Declining J9
Isolationist J1
S#oradic< Te war consists o' s#oradic s"irmises and border incidents0 +o maHor
battles a3e been 'ougt and neiter side is ma"ing any real #rogress, or e3en #using te
#oint 3ery ard0 Enemies rarely #enetrate 'ar into te strongold and are content Hust to
test its de'enses e3ery once in a wile0
Steady< ) steady war consists o' constant #ressure maintained by bot sides0
Border s"irmises are common and te enemy ma"es regular raids against te
strongold0 Te strongold sends 'orces to attac" enemy cam#s and lairs0
Escalating< Te war steadily increases in scale0 Bot sides are adding more
resources in an e''ort to #re3ail0 Large battles are li"ely and te strongold&s militia is
always armed and ready to 'igt0 Wars may continue to escalate 'or years, or tey may
@uic"ly culminate in one decisi3e battle0
Siege< %ne side as ado#ted >or been 'orced to ado#t? a com#letely de'ensi3e
stance0 !era#s goblin 'orces surround te strongold, cutting it o'' 'rom all outside
contact0 %r #era#s te dwar3es a3e done te same to a giant 'ortress0 In eiter case,
constant #ressure must be maintained against te besieged0 )ttem#ts are made to #ollute
or #oison water su##lies, destroy 'ood reser3es and cro#s, and sut o'' su##lies o' air to
underground de'enders0 Te de'enders may send out #arties to secure aid 'rom oter
strongolds, or conduct sorties to disru#t te attac"ers0
Li'e in strongolds under siege is muc arser tan normal0 .ood and water are
o'ten in sort su##ly and te inabitants must contend wit te constant treat o'
storming #arties, disease, and declining morale0
In3asion< Te #rimary de'enses o' te strongold a3e been o3errun and enemy
'orces occu#y substantial #ortions o' te strongold0 )lternati3ely, te dwar3es may a3e
ad3anced 'rom teir strongold into te enemy&s territory in 'orce0 Te goal may be to
#unis raiders, or ca#ture ground, or con@uer and subHugate te enemy, or eliminate te
enemy entirely0
We a3e already establised te number o' citi4ens in te militia on te )ttitude
Table0 Loo" u# te dominant race and multi#ly te total militia number by te #ercentage
gi3en to determine ow many militia members are o' te dominant race0
)ll members o' te militia are 1stEle3el0 Teir leaders are usually o' iger le3els
and are in addition to te total number o' militia in a strongold0
Te armor ty#e is assigned 'or an a3erage strongold0 Tis may be adHusted to
re'lect te wealt o' te strongold0 Te militia o' a #oor strongold may only be able to
a''ord leater armor, wile a ric one could out'it its militia in banded or e3en #late mail
=orale< )n a3erage morale is 'urnised 'or eac militia0 Tis is modi'ied
according to te attitude o' te strongold0
Leaders< Te number and e5#erience le3el o' leaders is determined by te number
o' dwar3es in te militia0 In te case o' ill dwar3es, 'or e5am#le, 'or e3ery :7 militia
members tere is a 6ndEto AtEle3el leader #resent0 .or e3ery 1A7 militia tere is a At
le3el leader #resent, and so on0
=orale =odi'iers<
Decadent< E9
Declining< E6
E5#ansionist< J6
Isolationist< J1
Dee# Dwar3es
=orale< Elite >19?
Dee# dwar' militia are e@ui##ed wit scale mail armor and carry sields0
Wea#ons Total =ilitia
)5e and ligt crossbow 18N
)5e and ea3y crossbow 18N
)5e and ammer 68N
S#ear and sword 68N
!ic" and ammer 17N
TwoEanded sword 17N
Dee# Dwar' Leaders >!late mail and sield?
M =ilitia Class Le3el
e3ery :7 Warrior 9
87J Warrior ;
Warrior :
177J WarriorB!riest :E;B8EC
677J Warrior 2
977J Warrior 17
Warrior C
WarriorB!riest ;BC
WarriorB!riest 8B8
WarriorB!riest :B:
=orale< Elite >19?
Duergar militia are e@ui##ed wit cain mail armor and carry sields0
Wea#ons Total =ilitia
!ic" and ammer 67N
S#ear and #ic" 67N
S#ear and ammer 67N
!ic" and ligt crossbow 67N
/ammer and sword 17N
/ammer and ea3y crossbow 17N
Duergar Leaders >Banded mail and sield?
M =ilitia Class Le3el
e3ery :Warrior 6
e3ery 2Warrior :
87J Warrior A
Warrior :
177J WarriorB!riest 9EAB:E;
977J Warrior 17
Warrior C
WarriorB!riest ;BC
WarriorB!riest 8B8
WarriorB!riest :B:
$ully Dwar3es
=orale< ,nsteady >;?
$ully dwar' militia is e@ui##ed wit leater armor and sields0 Tey only 'igt
wen 'orced to0 Te 'irst reaction o' most gully dwar3es, militia or oterwise, to danger
is to dro# teir wea#ons and run awayL
Wea#ons Total =ilitia
)ny tey can sca3enge 177N
$ully Dwar' Leaders >Cain mail and sield?
M =ilitia Class Le3el
e3ery :Tie' >Leater? 6EA
e3ery 8Warrior 6E:
e3ery 17 Warrior 6EA
87J Warrior C
177J Warrior 17
!riest 1E17
/ill Dwar3es
=orale< Elite >19?
/ill dwar' militia is e@ui##ed wit cain mail armor and sields0
Wea#ons Total =ilitia
Sword and s#ear 67N
Sword and ligt crossbow 18N
)5e and ammer 68N
Sword and #olearm 17N
)5e and ea3y crossbow 17N
)5e and mace 17N
/ammer and #ic" 17N
/ill Dwar' Leaders >!late and sield?
M =ilitia Class Le3el
e3ery :7 Warrior 6EA
1A7J Warrior A
Warrior :
677J WarriorB!riest 9EAB:E;
967J Warrior C
Warrior ;
WarriorB!riest AB;
WarriorB!riest :B:
=ountain Dwar3es
=orale< Elite >19?
=ountain dwar' militia is e@ui##ed wit cain mail armor and sields0
Wea#ons Total =ilitia
Sword and s#ear 97N
Sword and ligt crossbow 17N
)5e and ammer 68N
Sword and #olearm 78N
)5e and ea3y crossbow 17N
)5e and mace 17N
/ammer and #ic" 17N
=ountain Dwar' Leaders >!late and sield?
M =ilitia Class Le3el
e3ery 97 Warrior 6EA
187J Warrior A
Warrior :
677J WarriorB!riest 9EAB:E;
977J Warrior C
Warrior ;
WarriorB!riest AB;
WarriorB!riest :B:
WarriorB!riest :B:
Sundered Dwar3es
=orale< Steady >11?
Sundered dwar' militia is e@ui##ed wit ring mail armor and sields0
Wea#ons Total =ilitia
)5e and sword 18N
)5e and s#ear 18N
)5e and ligt crossbow 18N
!olearm and mace 78N
!olearm and ammer 17N
/ammer and ea3y crossbow18N
!ic" and dagger 17N
=ace and sword 17N
TwoEanded sword 78N
Sundered Dwar' Leaders >Cain mail and sield?
M =ilitia Class Le3el
e3ery 87 Warrior 6E;
177J Warrior C
Warrior 8
187 WarriorB!riest 6E;B9EC
977J Warrior 2
Warrior C
WarriorB!riest ;BC
WarriorB!riest 9B9
WarriorB!riest 9B9
S#ecial .orces
In addition to militia, a strongold may a3e s#ecial ty#es o' 'orces0 Tese are
described in te Caracter Kits and include /eart $uards, Battleragers, and *ermin
Slayers, among oters0 Te number o' s#ecial 'orces sould not be more tan 17 to 67N
o' te total number o' male dwar3es #resent in a strongold0 .or sim#licity, add tese to
te number o' male dwar3es in te militia rater tan subtracting tem0
War =acines
) strongold may also a3e war macines a3ailable0 Tese are described in
Ca#ter 20 Roll once 'or e3ery 87 militia members in te strongold0
War =acine Table
1d17 M War =acines
1E8 +one
2 6
17J 9
)ttitude =odi'iers<
Decadent< E9
Declining< E6
Isolationist< J1
E5#ansionist< J6
Certain strongolds are guarded by animals0 Select tese according to weter te
)nimal =aster "it is being used, and te subrace o' te dwar'0 Suitable animals include
bears and wol3es 'or mountain and ill dwar3es, steeders 'or duergar, giant li4ards 'or
dee# dwar3es, giant rats and beetles 'or gully dwar3es, and dogs and wol3es 'or sundered
Total Strengt
.inally, add u# te number o' leaders in te militia, #lus s#ecial troo#s, and add
tese to te number o' dwar3es in te strongold to determine its total strengt0
Te Strongold o' Ba44a"ra"
In tis e5am#le, we are going to create a maHor strongold 'or mountain dwar3es0
Te D= as already decided tat tis is to be a #ower'ul and e5#ansionist strongold0
/owe3er, since te details a3e not yet been wor"ed out, e consults te strongold
design se@uence 'or ins#iration0 /e will coose tose elements e wants 'rom te design
se@uence, rater tan rely on random die rolls0 But, wor"ing troug te se@uence, e
allows te dice to determine certain 'eatures 'or im0
+aming te Strongold
Te D= as already come u# wit a name and, because e is creating a mountain
dwar' strongold, tere is no need to roll 'or a #rimary subrace0 /e wants te strongold
to be 3ery large so e selects te ma5imum number o' mountain dwar3es #ossible, 9870
/e notes tis on te design seet0
Subraces !resent
)s e loo"s o3er te ne5t #art o' te design se@uence, te D= decides tat it
would be 'un to a3e a 'ew oter subraces o' dwar3es #resent0 /e selects two< duergar
and gully dwar3es0 /e also cooses te ma5imum number #ossible, 67 duergar and 16
gully dwar3es0
Rater tan generate se#arate strongolds 'or te subraces, te D= assigns tem
as #art o' te mountain dwar' strongold0 /e decides tat te duergar once li3ed beneat
te strongold, were tey 'ougt te mountain dwar3es0 Two generations ago, te
duergar were 'inally de'eated and most o' tem 'led0 ) 'ew, owe3er, were ca#tured and
im#risoned0 Tese later renounced teir e3il ways0 Wen tey did so, tey were gi3en
teir 'reedom and #ermitted to remain witin te strongold0 )ltoug tey a3e not
married into any mountain dwar' clan, te duergar a3e #ro3ed temsel3es to be loyal
and 3aluable members o' te strongold0 Tey remain a distinct grou#, but a3e ser3ed
admirably in te strongold&s military 'orces0 Tey e3en el#ed to de'end against oter
duergar wo attac"ed te strongold0
Te gully dwar3es, on te oter and, a3e ne3er been really integrated into te
strongold0 Tey are outcasts wo li3e and wor" in te garbage #its0 Tey a3e been ere
'or 'our generations, and were 'irst attracted to te strongold by wondrous tales o' Kuge
treasure #its,K 'illed wit bro"en items and bones0 Te gully dwar3es ser3e a use'ul role
recycling garbage0 Tey #retty muc "ee# to temsel3es and rarely 3enture 'ar 'rom te
garbage #its0 Tey continue to 'ollow te ways o' gully dwar3es0 ) wily dee# dwar'
mercant sells wate3er use'ul items te gully dwar3es reco3er and #ro3ides tem wit
trin"ets and toys in e5cange0 Wile 'ew mountain dwar3es will sociali4e wit tem, te
gully dwar3es are recogni4ed as #er'orming a use'ul and 3aluable 'unction witin te
Witout consciously doing so, te D= as also introduced a dee# dwar' mercant
into te strongold0 To "ee# matters sim#le, e decides tat tis dee# dwar' is te only
one #resent0 /e is te sole sur3i3or o' a dee# dwar' strongold tat was o3errun by drow0
Te D= now as tree oter subraces #resent in is strongold, but e decides
not to reduce te number o' mountain dwar3es accordingly0 Ba44a"ra" is to be a 3ery
large strongold0
)s e wants Ba44a"ra" to be e5#ansionist, te D= cooses law'ul neutral 'or its
alignment0 Tis allows it to im#ose te will o' its leaders on oters witout being too
concerned about weter teir actions are seen as &good&0 /e does not want te #layer
caracters to be e3il, so e dismisses law'ul e3il as a #ossible alignment0 Te oter
alignments do not 'it is conce#tion o' ow te strongold o#erates, so e does not
consider coosing one o' tose0 Wen e later discusses alignments wit is #layers, e
decides tat e will gi3e tem te coice o' law'ul good, law'ul neutral, or neutral good
'or teir caracters& alignments0 But e also "nows tat it may be necessary to allow oter
alignment coices de#ending on te caracter "its e ma"es a3ailable to tem0
Si4e o' Ba44a"ra"
)s it is a maHor strongold, te D= now increases te numbers o' dwar3es
#resent by 677N0 Tis gi3es im ;77 mountain dwar3es, 6: gully dwar3es, and :7
duergar0 )t 'irst e considers not doubling te number o' duergar, but later tin"s it would
be good to allow tem as #layer caracters0 /e increases te number o' dee# dwar3es to
tree by gi3ing te mercant a son and a daugter0 +ow te son and te daugter can
become #layer caracters, i' any o' te #layers wis to #lay tem0
Since Time Began
Te D= wants Ba44a"ra" to be 3ery old, so e decides tat 67 generations a3e
#assed since its 'ounding0 Tis e@uates to C,777 years, a 3ery long time 'or a strongold
to a3e grown and e5#anded0
Ba44a"ra" is to be 3ery im#ortant in te D=&s cam#aign world, and e decides
tat it was 'ounded by te mountain dwar3es& god o' war0 +ot only does tis 'it in wit
is conce#tion o' te strongold, but it also gi3es te strongold a religious signi'icance
tat is in "ee#ing wit its im#ortance in te cam#aign0
Deat to %ur Enemies
%riginally, te D= intended to ma"e Ba44a"ra" a 'eudal strongold, but it now
occurs to im tat, because Ba44a"ra" was 'ounded by a god, it would be logical to a3e
it ruled by te #riests o' tat god0 /e determines tat te ig #riest is also te "ing,
ma"ing te strongold a 'eudal teocracy ruled by warriorB#riests0 /e decides as well tat
te "ing&s o''ice is ereditary, #assing to te "ing&s eldest son0
) strongold ruled by warriorB#riests 'its neatly into is original conce#tion o' an
e5#ansionist strongold0 %n te strongold design seet e notes tat all o' te
strongold&s mountain dwar3es and duergar are in its militia0 Te gully dwar3es "ee# to
temsel3es, so tere is no need to include tem in te militia >tey wouldn&t be muc el#
Te Rices o' te Eart
)s Ba44a"ra" is to be te largest strongold in is cam#aign world, te D= wants
it to be a wealty one0 It will not only a3e te resources to #ursue its ambitions o'
con@uest, but te #layer caracters will bene'it 'rom te o#tional starting gold rules wen
tey 'irst out'it teir caracters0
Treatening te Enemy
Ba44a"ra" is an e5#ansionist strongold, but does not a3e any ambition or desire
to s#read abo3e ground0 Tere'ore, te D= is not concerned about its relationsi# to
oter #layer caracter races a#art 'rom te gnomes0 /e determines randomly tat te
relationsi# wit te gnomes is Kcautious0K $nomes are not welcome at Ba44a"ra", but
te strongold does not see" to con@uer gnomis territory0
Ten, out o' curiosity, e decides to roll relationsi#s wit el3es and umans, too
>ignoring al'lings because e as decided tat none li3e in te area?0 /e gets an Kat warK
result wit te el3es, but downgrades tat to Kostile0K Relations wit te umans are
Kindi''erent,K so te two races a3e little to do wit eac oter0
War is %ur Li'e
,# until now, te D= as not really considered wose territory te dwar3es o'
Ba44a"ra" are e5#anding into0 /e "nows tat at one time, Ba44a"ra" de'eated a 'orce o'
duergar and tat te duergar a3e attac"ed te strongold witin te current generation0
So it is sa'e to assume tat te strongold is at war wit tem0 Te two subraces are
com#eting 'or te same underground territory and resources0 But tis is all too neat0 )n
e5#anding strongold would also a3e come into contact wit oter subterranean races0
/e adds trolls and goblins to te list o' te strongold&s enemies0
Ba44a"ra" is now at war wit tree races0 It is time to determine ow long tese
wars a3e been going on0 Te war wit te duergar as been s#uttering on 'or at least two
generations0 Te D= decides to randomly roll 'or its duration, using 6dA, and disco3ers
tat te war as been 'ougt, o'' and on, 'or eigt generations0 It as been a steady war o'
occasional small s"irmises0
Te D= as no clear idea about te wars against te trolls or goblins, so e lets
te dice decide0 /e rolls 1d17 to determine te Troll War&s duration and gets a 8EE6dAEE
years wit a 'ollowEu# roll o' nine years0 Cec"ing te war ty#e, e gets a s#oradic war0
Tis loo"s good0 Te dwar3es e5#anded into troll territory nine years ago0 Since ten te
two races a3e been 'igting0 Te dwar3es a3e not #used any 'urter into troll country,
and te trolls content temsel3es wit minor raids0
Te D= ten disco3ers >troug te magic o' dice rolling? tat te war wit te
goblins as only Hust begun, 'our wee"s be'ore0 Tis war is muc more intense0 It is an
in3asionF te dwar3es a3e entered te goblin&s territory and are intent on wi#ing out
teir ated enemies0 Tis is also good 'or is cam#aign, as it allows is 1stEle3el #layer
caracters to 'igt in te 'ront line witout too muc danger o' tem being "illed0
)'ter a bit o' tougt, te D= decides tat te war will s#read0 Tere are more
goblins tan te dwar3es antici#ated, #lus tey a3e allies wo may come to teir aid >te
trolls are logical 'riends at tis time?0 Te war could e3en turn into a subterranean world
war, as more races are drawn into it0 But all tat is 'or te 'uture0 Te D= can #ro3ide
tis e5tra in'ormation a'ter e sees ow te actual cam#aign #rogresses0
Te =ilitia o' Ba44a"ra"
Wit war on tree 'ronts, Ba44a"ra" needs a wellEe@ui##ed militia0 )s a wealty
strongold, tis is not a #roblem0 Its mountain dwar' and duergar militias wear #late mail
armor and enHoy igerEtanEnormal morale0
S#ecial .orces o' Ba44a"ra"
To allow is #layers a wide coice o' caracter "its, te D= does not s#eci'y any
s#ecial 'orces0 /e is going to wait to see wat "its is #layers coose0 Ten e&ll decide
ow many s#ecial 'orces e wants te strongold to a3e0 )s an alternati3e, te D= may
decide tat e wants te ad3enturing #arty to consist #rimarily o' Way'inders and *ermin
Slayers and #ossibly a *indicator or Battlerager along to s#ice tings u#0 In tis case, e
would de'ine wic s#ecial 'orces are a3ailable, and tis would limit te coices
a3ailable to is #layers0
War =acines and )nimals
/e as no clear idea o' wat e wants ere0 /e decides to lea3e tese sections
until e "nows wic caracters is #layers coose0
.inising Touces
Te D= as com#leted te design se@uence and as created te bare bones o'
Ba44a"ra"0 /e now needs to 'les out some +!Cs and draw a 'ew ma#s0 %nce e&s done
tat, its ready 'or #lay0 Later e can elaborate u#on its istory and bac"ground, as is
cam#aign #rogresses or as e 'eels ins#ired0 .or now, Ba44a"ra" #ro3ides su''icient
in'ormation to gi3e im and is #layer caracters te im#ression tat it is a real and
3ibrant #lace0
Ca#ter 11< Designing Dwar' Cam#aigns
Tis ca#ter is 'or D=s wo want to design te bac"ground o' a dwar' cam#aign0
We a3e loo"ed at te creation myts o' te dwar3es, ow tey and te world were
'ormed, ow dwar3es a3e de3elo#ed, teir istory, wy subraces o' dwar3es e5ist, and
ow dwar3es interact wit oter races0 We sall now e5#lore te "inds o' cam#aigns tat
can be run using dwar3es as te main caracters0
Creating a /istory
Te creation te5t o' =ara" is one o' many #ossible bac"grounds 'or a dwar'
cam#aign0 It re3ealed ow a strongold o' dwar3es migt 3iew te world and teir #lace
in it0 (ou could use tis as #art o' your cam#aign bac"ground or de3elo# your own myt
cycle0 Te myts may be acce#ted by all dwar3es, or may only be eld by one strongold
or subrace0 Te creation myt may be belie3ed as trut by all dwar3es, but wit
dissension among elements o' related istory, suc as te names o' te eroes or te
#recise role o' te gods0
In te 'irst creation myt all dwar3es began li'e togeter and later migrated to new
strongolds0 Tey could trace teir lineage bac" to te .irst Dwar3es, teir common
ancestors0 Since all o' tem came 'rom common stoc", subrace 3ariations ad to be
)s an alternati3e, a'ter tey were created, tey could a3e been #laced by te
gods in ca3erns around te world0 Tis would #ermit tem to li3e in any #lace or
situation, witout a3ing to ma"e u# stories about ow tey s#read across te world0
Tey could li3e beneat tro#ical islands, under ice ca#s, or steamy Hungles, as well as te
more tem#erate illy and mountain country0 Tey may a3e been isolated 'rom oters
and teir de3elo#ments and subse@uent istories may a3e di3erged in countless ways0 In
suc cases, you will need to decide ow tese dwar3es would di''er 'rom te more
traditional ill dwar3es o' te )layer*s +andbook and =onstrous Com#endium
)##endi50 Do tey constitute de'initi3e subraces o' dwar3es, wit mar"ed di''erences in
a##earance and outloo", or are tey Hust ill dwar3es li3ing in unusual #lacesI
Coices o' Subraces
)s D= you a3e 'ull control o3er wic dwar' subraces to include in your
cam#aign world, eiter as #layer or non#layer caracters0 (ou may decide tat some o'
tese subraces do not e5ist in your cam#aign world at all0 In Ca#ter :, si5 di''erent
subraces are a3ailable 'or #layer caracters0 (ou do not a3e to use all o' tem0 (ou may
wis instead to restrict #layers to ill and mountain dwar3es0
I' dwar3es are an underground race, wit little sur'ace contact, wy are ill and
mountain dwar3es di''erentI Te distinctions may a3e arisen 'rom an encounter wit
oter races suc as el3es or umans, or because te mountains are also inabited by e3il
monsters, and te ills are less #rone to monster incursions0
=ountain dwar3es a3e 'ar less contact wit umans and el3es, wo only e5#and
into te mountains in searc o' mineral wealt or wen #o#ulation #ressures or warring
enemies 'orce tem into new areas0
I', in your cam#aign world, te gods created te di''erent subraces o' dwar3es,
ten tere is no reason to come u# wit any oter rationale wy tere are se3eral "inds o'
dwar3es in te world0 Te creation myt e5#lains te di''erences0 I' not, you need to
include te se#aration o' te subraces as #art o' your istory o' te dwar3es0
I' you a3e already wor"ed u# te mytic istory o' your world, using te
suggestions in $he 'omplete )riest*s +andbook, all you need to decide is ow dwar3es
'it into tat istory0
)lternati3ely, you may create your own myts 'or your world0 Tere is no reason
wy dwar3es and umans sould agree ow te world was created0 Tey could sare
common belie's, but wit more em#asis being gi3en to te gods o' eac race and teir
role in te mytic istory o' te world0
Te Im#ortance o' =yt
(ou will need to decide on te im#ortance o' dwar3es in your cam#aign world0 I'
umans are te dominant race, ten muc o' wat 'ollows can be wor"ed into a uman
oriented cam#aign world0 I' dwar3es are to #lay an im#ortant role in te cam#aign, ten
it is im#ortant to a3e more 'ully de'ined creation myts and istories 'or te dwar3es0
/owe3er you design your cam#aign setting, you need to ma"e some "ey
decisions0 Do dwar' myts tell te wole storyI Do oter races sare te dwar' mytI
Does eac race and culture a3e its own inter#retation o' a common mytI Was te world
created by one being or by manyI Wat role did eac being ta"e in creating itI Was it te
god or gods o' one #articular race wo created te worldI %r was te world created by a
3ariety o' racial gods, eac one concerned wit #rotecting is own creationI
In some belie' systems, te world may always a3e e5isted0 Creation myts
would ten be concerned wit te creation o' a #articular race and teir #lace witin it0
(ou don&t a3e to wor" u# all te answers in detail, all you need is a general 'ramewor",
so tat you can de3elo# oter as#ects o' te cam#aign&s design around te mytos0
Some readers may be wondering wy tey sould boter wit tis at all0 (es, you
could Hust de'ine tings as tey are now, wit no regard 'or te distant #ast0 But a wellE
de3elo#ed mytology ma"es your cam#aign more 3ibrant0 Te religious belie's and
mytological bac"grounds o' dwar3es, umans, and oter "ey races el#s not only to
e5#lain, but to de'ine, racial 'riendsi#s and animosities0 ) istory o' te races can be
built on tat bac"ground to e5#lain te times and e3ents o' your cam#aign0
/ow muc you tell your #layers is u# to you, de#ending on te ty#e o' cam#aign
you are running0 Remember tat no religion olds all te answers to te @uestions o' te
uni3erse0 Were ga#s disturb our understanding, #eo#le tend to ma"e u# suitable stories
to 'ill tem0 ,ncom'ortable truts sometimes get idden tis way0 E3en wen mytic
istory is largely true, eac race as a 3ested interest in em#asi4ing its own im#ortance
and su##orting its racial 3iews0 Te istory o' a war between dwar3es and el3es is li"ely
to sound 3ery di''erent wen recounted by tose two sides0
Bear in mind tat, gi3en te #ride and stubbornness o' te dwar3es, tey are li"ely
to belie3e tat tey were te 'irst race, e3en i' oter races claim >and can su##ort teir
claims? tat tey e5isted be'ore te dwar3es0 Te dwar3es may e3en see oter races as
'ailed attem#ts to #roduce beings as #er'ect as dwar3es0
Te Im#ortance o' te $ods
(ou will also need to decide ow im#ortant te dwar3en gods are to te dwar3es0
Do te gods go3ern all as#ects o' li'e, or are tey only worsi##ed 'or certain "ey
'unctions or to re@uest 'a3orsI Do te gods and down laws as masters addressing
ser3ants, or do tey sim#ly ligt te way and let teir 'ollowers inter#ret signs as best
tey canI
(ou need to determine te si4e o' te dwar3en #anteon0 Tis is #articularly true
in a cam#aign tat in3ol3es #riest #layer caracters0 Eac o' te gods witin a #anteon
sould a3e some s#ecial attribute 'or wic e or se is 3enerated0 Some may a3e more
tan one0 Ty#ical attributes 'or dwar3en gods are arts and cra'ts, eac art and cra't wit
its own deity0 War, Hustice, eart, elemental 'orces, good, metalwor", race, and strengt all
a3e teir #atron deities0 $i3en tat dwar3es breed so slowly, and tat tis is seen as a
reason 'or teir decline, an interesting religion migt deal wit 'ertility0 !era#s te
'ertility goddess is dead or im#risoned0 I' se is eld #risoner, were and by womI
$he 'omplete )riest*s +andbook will be 3ery use'ul in el#ing to create and
#o#ulate your #anteon0 It includes :1 sam#le religions suitable 'or dwar3es0 D=s
interested in creating wellEbalanced and detailed religions will 'ind it an in3aluable tool0
Wen designing a dwar3en #anteon, it is not necessary to 'les out all o' te
gods0 ) 'ew o' te maHor deities are enoug to start witF oters can be added as needed0
)s wit all gods, a 'ew decisions must be made about teir abilities0
)re tey immortalI Do gods li3e 'ore3er, or will tey e3entually age and dieI )re
tey indestructibleI Te gods may be immune to damage, or tey may be inHured0 Does
ra#id ealing 'ollow inHury, or can tey actually be "illedI
/ow muc in'luence do te dwar3en gods e5ert u#on te worldI Te gods may
use te dwar3es as #awns in a cosmic game, or tey may be remote 'rom daily e3ents0 In
a cam#aign were eac race as its own #anteon, it is ad3isable to let te 3arious races
o' gods ta"e a bac"ground role, rater tan com#eting 'or #ower0
/ow interested are te dwar3en gods in te worldI Tey may not ta"e any interest
in te world on te sur'ace and be content to restrict teir acti3ities to te subterranean
realms0 Wy, 'or e5am#le, would a dwar3is $od o' War be concerned wit con@uering
te agricultural lands belonging to umans or al'lingsI /e would be 'ar more interested
in ca#turing te mineral ric lands beneat te sur'ace, and lea3e te world abo3e to
oter races0 Dwar3en gods o' te arts and cra'ts may also be so absorbed in te
de3elo#ment o' teir own s"ills tat tey are not interested in oter a''airs0
Wat are te gods& intentions toward te worldI Tis is an im#ortant @uestion0
Wat do te dwar3en gods want wit te world and its racesI Te gods migt want to see
teir own race dominant, or at least #rotected0 %r tey may sim#ly wis to #ursue teir
own a''airs0 =ost dwar3en deities may be content to be #ro#erly recogni4ed and
worsi##ed, but don&t o3erloo" te acti3ities o' e3il or caotic gods wo act out o' malice
or a sense o' miscie'0 Tey may be more interested in u#setting te stable li'estyle o' te
dwar3es and teir 'ellow gods tan wit establising teir own #ower base0 !era#s tey
are so discontented tat tey are #re#ared to lead e3il races against te dwar3es in order
to destroy te oter gods0
Te Races o' te World
(ou also need to decide weter dwar' creation stories 'or oter races are true or
weter tey are sim#ly te 3iews o' te dwar3es0
/umans are traditionally seen as a new race in te #rocess o' sei4ing #ower 'rom
te declining elder races o' el3es and dwar3es, or as a3ing already usur#ed tem0 Tis
may be te case in your world, or you may a3e uman lands e5isting 'ar 'rom dwar' and
el' territory wit little contact between tem0 )noter interesting twist is to loo" at te
earlier stages, wen umans are still an u#start race in a world dominated by dwar3es and
Wars and Con'licts
,nless dwar3es in your world are a relati3ely recent race, tey will a3e a long
istory o' con'lict beind tem0 Tese con'licts could a3e in3ol3ed strongolds o'
dwar3es 'igting eac oter, or teir traditional goblin, orc, obgoblin, and giant enemies0
Wars against umans or el3es may also a3e occurred0
Dwar' *ersus Dwar'
Con'licts between dwar3es could a3e led to te original se#aration o' te
subraces0 ,nless you are running a dee# eart cam#aign, it&s best to allow ill or
mountain dwar3es to be te 3ictors o' suc con'licts, so tat tey retain #ossession o' te
strongolds tat are iger and better #ositioned0
Con'licts may ta"e #lace between strongolds o' ill dwar3es0 ) real or imagined
sligt could cause tem to turn on eac oter0 Suc a war could rage 'or undreds or e3en
tousands o' years0 It may e3en a3e gone on 'or so long tat its original causes a3e
been 'orgotten and all eiter side now "nows is teir 3eement atred 'or te enemy0
Ci3il wars are, alas, a #ossibility witin in a strongold0 ) maHor disagreement
between clans may lead to a strongold being s#lit into 'actions, eac controlled by
se#arate clans more tan #re#ared to ma"e war u#on te oters0
Intradwar3en wars may also be caused by com#etition o3er mineral rigts,
#articularly were ric lodes o' gold or mitral e5ist0 Dis#utes may arise o3er #ossession
o' a #ower'ul arti'act, suc as an an3il ca#able o' creating magical wea#ons0
Wars may also be initiated by te inter3ention o' e3il deities, or by oter races wo
succeed in 'omenting trouble between ri3al strongolds0 Duergar are in3ariably ready to
attac" oter strongolds in order to ca#ture sla3es and loot, or merely to e5ercise teir
atred o' oter dwar3es0
Dwar3es )gainst E3il
Dwar3es a3e traditionally 'ougt long and bitter wars against teir e3il enemies
beneat te eart0 Tis struggle as become one o' K"ill or be "illed0K )s well as goblins,
orcs, obgoblins, and giants, te war could in3ol3e drow, mind 'layers, ogres, trolls, or
any oter intelligent race tat inabits te dee# eart0
In some worlds tese wars a3e raged constantly 'or centuries0 In oters tey are
s#oradic a''airs were e3il races ma"e small gains, or are #used bac" eac time tey try
to ad3ance0 Entire mountain ranges once 'illed wit maHestic dwar' strongolds may a3e
'allen to ordes o' goblins and orcs0 Tese once e5alted alls are now in'ested wit e3il
monsters0 Te descendants o' tose wo were dri3en 'rom teir ancestral alls now long
to dri3e out te goblins and restore tose alls to teir 'ormer s#lendor0
Situations can e5ist were te dwar3es are constantly under siege0 Tey beat bac"
te orcs, but orcs breed 'aster tan dwar3es do, so it is only a matter o' time be'ore te
orcs& losses are re#lenised0 >By e5tension, it can be seen tat in order to #re3ail in a war
against any o' te 'astEbreeding goblinoid races, dwar3es must in'lict muc ea3ier
casualties tan tey su''er0 In 'act, dwar3es must be 3ery care'ul to a3oid ea3y losses in
any but te most des#erate engagements0? Dwar3es a3e been "nown, grudgingly, to turn
to umans and el3es 'or assistance in times o' need0
)t War wit /umans and El3es
Dwar3en relationsi#s wit umans and el3es are usually cautious0 Dwar3es may
a3e 'ougt el3es or umans o3er mineral rigts or oter dis#utes0 El3es are o'ten
augty toward te dwellers underground and tis attitude ma"es 'or tense interracial
!re3ious con'licts could a3e ended in stalemate wit neiter race gaining te
u##er and0 ) tenuous #eace may now e5ist between tem0 )lternati3ely, a war could
a3e been 'ougt tat ended wit 'ew dwar3es le't ali3e0 In sel'Ede'ense, te sur3i3ors
sut temsel3es in teir strongolds and se3ered all ties wit oter races0
)noter #ossibility is tat, in a war between el3es >or umans? and dwar3es, te
dwar3es emerged 3ictorious0 Te di''iculty is tat success too" a 3ery ea3y toll u#on
dwar' li3es and resources0 Te 3ictors returned to teir strongolds only to come under
attac" by goblins and orcs0 )lready wea"ened by te 'irst war, tey 'ound temsel3es
unable to de'eat te monsters and were dri3en 'rom teir strongold0 During te years
tat 'ollowed, te el3es >or umans?, reco3ered 'rom te war and #ros#ered, wile te
dwar3es struggled to sur3i3e0 Te dwar3es would be 3ery resent'ul toward te el3es >or
umans?, e3en accusing tem o' inciting te goblinBorc attac"s0 >)nd at te same time,
te el3es and umans migt sei4e te o##ortunity to wor" some re3enge on te enemy
tat so recently umiliated tem0?
Tese are broad istorical scenarios, e3en te most cataclysmic o' wars may a3e
ta"en #lace so long ago tat no one really remembers it0 But dwar3es and el3es,
es#ecially, a3e long memories0 Te resultant racial animosity sur3i3es and trust between
te races as 3anised0
Relationsi#s between umans, el3es, and dwar3es do not a3e to be antagonistic0
Tey may sim#ly 'ail to understand one anoter and 'ind it di''icult to ada#t to te ways
o' te oter0 Rater tan ris" con'lict, trade and oter deals could be carried out
di#lomatically, in order to minimi4e te #ossibility o' misunderstandings0
Dragon Wars
Dragons, wit teir lo3e o' treasure, a3e always loo"ed wit en3y on te wealt
o' te dwar3es0 Dragons cannot mine gems and ores and dwar3es can0 Dragons loo" at
dwar3es as a race tat as been created, not only to su##ly tem wit wealt, but wit
nourisment as well0
Dragons a3e ta"en o3er entire strongolds, "illing or dri3ing te inabitants
away0 Tese strongolds may be eld by a single dragon, 'amilies o' tem, or by one
dragon wit ordes o' oter e3il allies0
Te dwar3es would ten attem#t to ta"e bac" teir omes and treasures0 Tey
may not react 'a3orably wen umans and oter races dri3e out te dragons, only to "ee#
dwar3en ore and gems 'or temsel3es0 Wen te dwar3es demand teir treasures and are
told tat tey cannot a3e tem, it is li"ely to lead to war0
Cam#aign En3ironments
In te standard ad3enture cam#aign caracters are drawn 'rom a wide range o'
classes and races0 Te eroes tra3el troug a 3ariety o' lands, meeting di''erent races
and cultures0 (our "nowledge o' dwar3es may now be used to good e''ect to de3elo#
strongolds, and to #ro3ide additional bac"ground in'ormation 'or #layer caracters0
Te )llEDwar' !arty
In tis cam#aign all o' te caracters are dwar3es0 Tere are no wi4ards in te
#arty0 Warriors, #riests, tie3es, warriorB#riests, and warriorBtie3es may be #resent, but
tere are no dwar' wi4ards0 Tere may be reasons 'or uman wi4ards or gnome
illusionists to Hoin te #arty to alle3iate te de'iciency in magic0 (ou may decide to retain
te true dwar3en 'la3or by allowing wi4ards only as o##onents0
Tis ty#e o' cam#aign wor"s well wen te dwar3es are beset by an outside
treat0 !era#s te strongold is under attac" by ordes o' monsters and no oter
assistance can be secured0
Te %utcasts& !arty
In te outcast, #arty te #layer caracters are #rinci#ally or e5clusi3ely dwar3es,
but are outcasts 'rom teir own society0 !era#s tey be'riended an el3en wi4ard or
warriorBwi4ard0 Tey may a3e been 'alsely accused o' some einous crime, murdering
teir lord or betraying teir own strongold to orcs0 Tey would wander te world, abo3e
or below ground, see"ing to clear teir good names and to become wealty and 'amous
Te Single Class !arty
/ere, all te caracters a3e te same class0 Tey are all warriors, #riests, tie3es,
or multiEclassed0 Tey may be #art o' te same military 'orce, tem#le, or guild, and may
a3e been gi3en a mission to #er'orm0 Tis cam#aign can be 3ery e5citing wile te
grou# as a clear and common goal0 I' tere is no goal, owe3er, te cam#aign can
@uic"ly 'all a#art0 .or tis reason it wor"s best as a limitedEduration ad3enture, wit
e3eryone understanding tat te grou# o' caracters will disband wen teir @uest is
com#leted and a new grou# will be created0
Te *endetta !arty
Tis cam#aign is similar to te standard ad3enturing #arty e5ce#t tat it
em#asi4es interracial animosity0 Te caracters are members o' di''erent races >or
subraces? and eac as a grudge against te oters0 Tere may a3e been 'ierce wars and
bro"en alliances in te recent #ast, so tat tere is no trust among tem0 Tis ty#e o' #arty
needs to a3e clear ad3enturing goals tat de#end u#on te coo#eration o' te wole
#arty, in order to acie3e a 'inal #ur#ose0 %terwise, its members will 'all to s@uabbling
endlessly, and it would #robably end in tem "illing eac oter0 Ideally, by te end o' te
mission, tey will a3e learned enoug about eac oter to o3ercome teir #reHudices0
Te *endetta Cam#aign
Tis cam#aign in3ol3es one o' te traditional enemies o' dwar3es< orcs, goblins,
el3es, or umans0 !era#s te el3es are trying to discredit te dwar3es or sut down teir
trading o#erations, or te dwar3es a3e decided tat tey don&t want umans e5#anding
into teir mountains0 Te dwar3es may a3e e5#lained to te umans tat tey are not
welcome and te umans res#onded by murdering te dwar3es& ambassadors0 I' te
umans are a young race, tey may a3e been tric"ed into an e3il alliance by cra'ty
giants or 3enge'ul el3es0
Te Wide World Cam#aign
In te wide world cam#aign te dwar3es tra3el around te globe, o'ten in te
com#any o' oter races0 Dwar3es in tis cam#aign may 3isit strongolds, but tey tra3el
#rimarily troug uman lands0 Tis is closest in tone to wat many #layers would
consider a Kty#icalK )D-DG game0
Te Dee# Eart Cam#aign
In tis cam#aign te dwar3es can be members o' any subrace and te entire
cam#aign is set underground0 It may be dee# witin te eart were dee# dwar3es and
duergar li3e0 It may be a strongold o' ill or mountain dwar3es wo a3e eiter turned
teir bac"s on te world abo3e or a3e ad little contact wit te outside0
) big ad3antage in tis cam#aign is tat you don&t need to design any o' te
world&s sur'ace and you can e''ecti3ely dis#ense wit te istories o' umans and el3es0
(ou will need ma#s o' te e5tensi3e ca3erns and dungeons were te cam#aign is to ta"e
#lace0 Te dee# eart cam#aign can ta"e #lace witin ca3erns or a ollow eart0 It may
in3ol3e an e#ic Hourney to te center o' te globe0
Wile some #eo#le consider tis setting limiting, it really is no di''erent 'rom a
sur'ace cam#aign0 Te biggest di''erence is tat caracters ne3er see te s"y0 )nyting
tat is #ossible on te sur'ace is #ossible beneat te sur'ace >tis is a 'antasy game, a'ter
all?0 )nd te unusual setting can ma"e e3en 'amiliar and wornEout #lots seem 'res and
Dwar' Wars
Interdwar3en war'are can in3ol3e wars between subraces or between di''erent
strongolds o' te same subrace0 It will wor" best i' one side is clearly te bad guys and
te oter side >#re'erably te one te !Cs are on? is clearly te good guys0 Te #layer
caracters may be able to resol3e te dis#ute troug cle3er di#lomacy or inter3ention
be'ore te war escalates out o' control0 It could be a blood 'eud between two clans tat
as been raging 'or years and will only end wen one side as been destroyed or dri3en
Te Lost Clan
Considering te way dwar3es mo3e, e5#and, and relocate, it is not unreasonable
to assume tat occasionally an entire clan could dro# 'rom sigt0 Te !Cs may be an
e5#edition sent out 'rom te central strongold to trac" down and reestablis contact wit
a lost clan o' dwar3es tat disa##eared generations be'ore0 %r tey could be 'rom tat lost
clan, trying to wor" teir way bac" to te sur'ace o' te world to once again lin" u# wit
oter dwar3es0
Te Siege Cam#aign
) siege cam#aign is set witin a strongold or a series o' strongolds0 Te
dwar3es are under constant attac" by bands o' e3il monsters in a 'igt to te deat0 Te
e3il creatures are #robably under te sway o' a #ower'ul and carismatic tyrant wo is
leading tem on a ram#age across te dwar3es& territory0 .or added tension, te dwar3es
may #ossess a #ower'ul arti'act tat tis tyrant needs to guarantee is con@uests, and now
e will sto# at noting to get it0 Te e3il 'orces may a3e already ca#tured te u##er or
lower le3els o' te dwar3es& strongold, along wit undreds o' ca#ti3es, and cut te
dwar3es o'' 'rom te outside world0
.or a di''erent twist, te !Cs may be a returning #arty o' ad3enturers wo 'ind
temsel3es unable to get bac" into teir strongold because it is ringed by besieging
enemies0 %r tis scenario could be combined wit te lost clan conce#t, and te
caracters must esca#e troug te enemy cam#, 'ind te 'abled lost clan, and return at
its ead to dri3e te monsters 'rom te gates and sa3e te strongold0
Creating +ew Kits
)'ter you a3e designed your cam#aign world, you may wis to add #ro'iciencies
tat are s#eci'ic to te world you created0 ,sing Ca#ter A as a guide, many new "its can
be created0 I' you wis to design a "it, consider te 'ollowing @uestions about te dwar'
and is role in your cam#aign<
Descri#tion< Wat is te dwar' li"eI Is e drawn 'rom s#eci'ic literary or
mytological sourcesI )re tere any s#ecial re@uirements 'or a caracter wo wises to
#lay tis ty#e o' dwar'I
Barred< I' te dwar' is a #riest, are tere any reasons certain dwar3es sould not
be allowed to be #riests in tis "itI
Role< Wat #lace does e a3e in te cam#aignI /ow is e regarded by is own
race and cultureI By oter races and culturesI Is tere a #articular attitude or outloo" e
needs in order to ac@uire tis "itI
Wat "inds o' acti3ities does e #er'orm in a cam#aignI Is e a ty#ically taciturn
dwar', or a loudEmouted oa'I Wat is is relationsi# wit oter caractersI Is e
'riendly, distanced, wary, im#assi3eI Does e arbor any strong racial atredsI /ow does
e react to el3es, gnomes, and oter nonuman racesI
Secondary S"ills< I' you are using te secondary s"ills system, decide weter te
"it re@uires any #articular s"ills0
Wea#on !ro'iciencies< Certain ty#es o' dwar3es 'a3or #articular wea#ons0 +ote
tese, along wit any wea#ons te caracter must a3e0
+onwea#on !ro'iciencies< =any dwar3es a3e certain s"ills in common, and all
sould a3e te Endurance #ro'iciency0 (ou may assign one or two #ro'iciency slots tat
are witout cost to te caracter0 I' a##ro#riate, tese may come 'rom listings oter tan
te Dwar3es and $eneral listings in Ca#ter 80
E@ui#ment< I' a "it is best "nown 'or s#eci'ic ty#es o' e@ui#ment, te caracter
sould #urcase te s#eci'ied e@ui#ment at te start o' te cam#aign0 I' some, but not all,
dwar3es o' tis ty#e use te same e@ui#ment, it need not be re@uired0 In tat case, sim#ly
list it as recommended0
S#ecial Bene'its< )ltoug not necessary, most "its sould a3e some s#ecial
bene'it0 )ny "ind o' bene'it is acce#table, but it sould relate to te way tis #articular
dwar' o#erates in 'iction, mytology, or in your own image o' im0
!ossible bene'its include<
Bonuses to reaction rolls, #articularly wit certain races0
Bonuses on #ro'iciency use, es#ecially in s#eci'ically de'ined situations0
Bonuses to attac" andBor damage rolls, es#ecially against certain enemies or in s#ecial
) 'ree wea#on s#eciali4ation0
S#ecial resistances, suc as immunity or a sa3ing trow bonus against s#eci'ic
magical attac"s0
S#ecial rigts witin te culture in wic te dwar' normally tra3els, suc as
immunity 'rom #rosecution or 'ree lodging on demand0
S#ecial /indrances< %ne or more s#ecial indrances sould be im#osed to limit
te caracter0
!ossible indrances include<
!enalties to reaction rolls, es#ecially 'rom certain races0
!enalties to attac" andBor damage rolls, #articularly against certain enemies or in
s#ecial circumstances0
Restrictions against learning certain #ro'iciencies0
Social or cultural restrictions a''ecting ow easily te caracter can mingle wit
di3erse grou#s0 /e may be #roibited 'rom carrying wea#ons witin is
strongold, or cannot marry, or is #unised e5cessi3ely 'or certain crimes0
Wealt %#tions< Does te dwar' a3e less or more starting gold tan oter
caractersI )re tere any restrictions #laced on ow starting gold must be s#entI
(ou may also ada#t "its to oter classes by adHusting te "it&s s"ills, wea#ons,
#ro'iciencies, bene'its, and indrances0