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Integration – Complete Practice Papers for Use of English (Fourth Edition

Practical Skills for Work and Study
Unit 6: Bamboo Publishing Group
Suggested Solutions
Notes to students: 
Do NOT copy the exact words from the following when doing the exercise. Rephrase the answers in your
own words.

TASK 1 Report on publishing plans (60 marks)
The following are the points to be included in the report. Link them up in complete sentences systemically.

(Reasons for stopping the publication of Teenworld) 
A drop in advertising revenue since 2002 
∵ low-priced cheaply produced magazine  not attracting advertisers 
A decline in circulation since 2001 and 6,000 copies sold in 2007 
The Teenworld Sales Campaign has failed 
No potential for opening up the China market for Teenworld 
The age group of Teenworld readers: 16 to 17 
The estimated age band for 11 to 20: keep shrinking from 2008 to 2013 
The readership for Teenworld expected to decline in the next few years 
A cheaply produced magazine not fit in with our other specialist publications 
Low profit margin due to its low price 
The board of directors are not pleased with Teenworld 
105 magazines for teenagers already in the market 
The editor, Jane Wong, has resigned and it is hard to find a replacement 
Although being praised by the Education Department on the content of Teenworld 
it has received the greatest number of complaints among all our magazines 
from teachers and parents expressing worries about the sensitive issues discussed in it 

Reasons for launching new IT magazine 
Only 8 magazines on IT in the market 
According to a phone survey: 65% of respondents most willing to buy an IT magazine 
70% willing to pay $75 at most for a quality magazine 
Can publish a high-priced IT magazine with an attractive profit margin 
and attract advertisers who consider selling expensive goods to highly-paid professionals 
Estimated age bands of 2008-2015 show a shift of population from teens to ages 20-40, which is the expected
readership for IT magazines 
Hong Kong being in the throes of an IT revolution 
Great potential in the China market for an IT magazine 
Floppy, the latest Japanese IT magazine, has achieved sales of 1 million copies per issue in eighteen months 
If we close down Teenworld, we can shift some staff to the IT magazine

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Quite a lot of free-lance writers interested in IT 
A specialist IT magazine rather than a general one suits our style more 
The Asia Express Credit Card will give a 24% discount on the cost of a subscription for our new IT magazine
Provide some forms of sponsorship and guaranteed advertising 

Reasons for publishing the new IT magazine as a monthly magazine 
More time to search for good articles 
The magazine can be sold at a higher price, hence a larger profit margin 
Attract high value advertising 
The magazine can be kept for a longer time and read many times 
Passed on to friends 

Reasons for launching the IT magazine in March 2008 instead of later 
February-March: the peak time for subscripting magazines 
Kowloon Publications is thinking of launching an IT magazine in China, so it is better to do it before them 
A big conference to be held in March 2008  a good time for promoting our new magazine 
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our company 
the only concern: being a rush; but given all the above reasons, we should launch it in March 2008 

we propose stopping Teenworld 
and publishing a new IT magazine on a monthly basis in from March 2008 onwards

Marking Scheme Marks
Content points (1 mark for each point) 42
World limit and balance 2
Coverage 2
Tone (appropriate for report) 2
Plagiarim (effort in paraphrasing) 2
Readability and Organisation 4
Language 4
Use of appropriate headings for different sections 2

TASK 2 Writing questions for a survey (18 marks)
2. How much are you willing to spend on/pay for a magazine?
3. For whom do you buy/purchase magazines?
4. Where do you usually buy/purchase magazines?
5. How long do you keep a magazine?

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6. When do you usually buy/purchase magazines? // On what occasions do you buy/purchase magazines?
7. What makes you buy a magazine? // What attract you to buy a magazine?

Marking Scheme Marks
Award 3 marks for each question:
correct content 6
accuracy 6
fitting the options 6

TASK 3 Choosing a name for the new magazine (9 marks)
1. It is hard to pronounce.
2. It is sexist.
4. It is the name of an existing magazine in Japan.
5. It may be offensive to religious people.
6. It is silly.
8. It is irrelevant.
9. The initials make up the word BAD, so it is not suitable.
10. It means death when pronounced in Cantonese.

Marking Scheme Marks
For each reason 8
For the “” 1

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