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Part I

I. Property Selection Criterion
a) Within 5 miles of UTSA
b) Neighborhood with amenities
c) 4 bedrooms to maximize rents
d) Priced less than $140,000
e) Property location - no high voltage power lines, not on busy corner, etc.

II. Selection of Comparable Sales
a) Selected 3 "model" matches or as close thereto
b) Comparably priced
c) Same subdivision, if possible, or very close in distance to subject

III. Completed Exhibit A - Market Data Grid for 12726 Huntsman View Drive
a) Sales comp approach
b) Using the asking prices and the 2009 BCAD values, compared subject
property and comp features such as lot size, construction quality,
property age, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, fireplaces,
if any, garage spaces, porches, patios, decks, etc.

IV. Completed Adjustment Grids for 12726 Huntsman View Drive
a) Exhibit B-1 - Sales comp approach using BCAD values
b) Exhibit B-2 - Sales comp approach using asking price
c) Researched value websites eppraisal, zillow, and cyberhomes and used the
bcad website to find most recent tax values
d) Compared physical characteristics (site size, construction quality, age, living
area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.) of the subject property
and the 3 sales comps and made cost adjustments as needed to balance
out characteristics
e) Used our textbook and an actual appraisal to come up with cost adjustments,
i.e., 1/2 bath, 1-car garage vs. 2-car garage, fireplace, etc.

V. Completed Reconciliation of Adjusted Final Sales Price
a) C-1 - Determined weighted price using BCAD values
b) C-2 - Determined weighted price using asking price
c) Sale comp #1 received 60% weighting while comps #2 and #3 received 20%

VI. Chain of Title
a) Used to look up book and page number info for title purposes
b) Used book and page number at the Bexar County Clerk's website,, to get complete title info
c) Chain of title evidenced an original purchaser and then the foreclosure of the
property by the bank
VII. Sales Comps
a) Took photos of all three sales comps
b) Used the googlemaps website to provide driving directions from the subject
property to the comps
c) Printed out maps with labels and driving directions from one property to the

VIII. Summary of Quantitative and Qualitative Attributes
a) Used and websites to locate the
property attributes, as well as our knowledge of the general area

Part II

I. Researched and Identified 3 Rental Comps
a) Selected "model" matches, or as close thereto
b) Same subdivision, if possible, or very close in distance
c) Conforming properties (nothing out of the ordinary)
d) Took pictures of subject property and the 3 rental comps
e) Used googlemaps website to print out color maps with properties pinpointed

II. Performed Rental Comp Analysis
a) Used and websites to gather
properties' info
b) Compared subject property to the 3 rental comps using the number of
bedrooms, number of bathrooms, property and lot square footage,
property condition, and distance to/from the subject property and
completed an analysis table
c) Based upon analysis, determined the proposed rental rate to be $1,150/month

III. Extracted Cap Rate from Comparables
a) Used the website to get our property taxes
b) Used a (high) estimate for hazard insurance from another comparably priced

IV. Valuation of Subject Via Direct Capitalization
a) Used
b) Used Real Estate Principles Book to figure out the equations and some of the

V. Valuation of Subject Via Gross Income Multiplier Method
Part III

I. Determined Loan Type and Closing Date for Subject Property
a) Loan type - Conventional
b) Closing date - Wednesday, December 30, 2009

II. Completed HUD-1
a) Used the website as a template for
our HUD-1. Set up HUD-1 form in Excel, typing in all fields as listed on the
website's HUD-1 template
b) Completed Buyer's side of the HUD-1
1. Used data given to us in class, research from a title company, another
property's HUD-1, etc., to complete this portion
c) Completed Seller's side of the HUD-1
1. Used title company data and the Seller's Deed of Trust to complete this
2. Seller pays 6% real estate commission
3. Seller pays one-half of escrow and the deed preparation
4. Seller pays for seller's title policy, recordation and document delivery

III. Completed ProForma
b) NOI computation
c) After tax cash flows