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The Envirosystems LLC offers its Portable Airwall Container System (PACS) in a
modular system that is self-contained. The dust collecting unit are pre-wired and plumbed
to provide a rapid dust collecting solutions for a wide variety of industrial manufacturing

Built into a standard ISO container, the PACS 10K will provide 10,000 CFM of air
filtration with a filtration efficiency of over 99.9% down to 0.5 micron and it will do it
within minutes of arrival on site.

This unit can be operational within minutes of arrival by any standard form of intermodal
ISO transportation method. A single point power plug connection and quick disconnect
compressed air connection are all that are required to have the unit operational. To secure
operation it is only necessary to unplug the power and air, close the doors and load back
onto any standard form of intermodal transportation.

H-2 The PACS system,H-2 in conjunction with a customer supplied generator can be
used for dust control at the openings of ships holds, in tunnel construction or maintenance
and at disaster scenes.

One Airwall model AW-100MDC, 10,000 CFM dust collection unit provides the dust
filtration by pulling air into the front of the container through 8 ft. wide double doors.


1.) Interior Room Dimensions: 9’

3.5”’ Wide x 7’ 9” High x 7’ 8.5”
2.) Approximate Overall Dimensions:
9’ 9.75 Wide x 8’ 6” High x 8’ Deep
3.) Air Inlet Door Openings: 8’ wide
x 7’ 9” high, Approximate
4.) Operator Door Openings (1 each
end): 36” x 80”
5.) Lighting: (1) Clear Panel, (Light
fixture optional)
6.) Total Estimated Shipping

Container: 3,500 lbs

Airwall unit: 2500 lbs.
Total Estimated Shipping Weight: 6,000 lbs.


Airwall AW100 MDC

1. This Dust Collection Ventilation

System is provided with an automatic
pulse cleaning system. Pulses of
compressed air automatically clean
the cartridges by reverse
pressurization. A preset solid state
timer, controlling both frequency and
duration of the pulses controls
cleaning. A Digital Photohelic gage
monitors differential pressure. When the dust is dislodged from the cartridge filters it
drops into collection drawers. These drawers will be accessible from the rear wall of the
container and can be removed and the dust disposed of according to applicable
regulations. The reverse pulse system requires 90-110 Psig of clean compressed air
(supplied by the customer). Electrical requirements are 120VAC, 60 Hz, Single Phase for
this pulse control system and this power will be provided by a control transformer located
in a control panel on one end of the container.

2. Airwall Construction and Details:

a) Construction: Structural steel
frame with 18 Galvanized sheet
metal skin. It comes with a tubular
steel frame.
b) Overall Dimensions per unit: 94”
high (includes fan) x 80” wide x 48”
c) Blower Motor per Unit: 10 HP, UL
/ CSA approved, TEFC
d) Blower Power Requirements: 208-
240-/480 VAC, 32.2-28.0/14.0 FLA,
3 Phase, 60 Hz. We have other
frequencies and voltages available.
e) Quantity of Filter Cartridges per Unit: (15)
f) Filter Media Description:
Type: CX (Cellulose)
Sq. Ft.: 240-Sq. Ft. per Filter Cartridge, Bottom (Qty 15)
g) Air Volume Rate per Unit: 10,000 CFM
NOTE: Certain options are available including: Silencers, HEPA filter packages,
specialty filter cartridges and Dust Discharge Hoppers. H-5INTEGRATED CONTROL

The Envirosystems Integrated Control Panel (ICP) contains all of the controls necessary
to operate your system. All controls are mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure. Panel
mounted controls include:
1) Disconnect switch for 3 Phase Supply Power.
2) Master power “On” light.
3) Fan Mode Selector H-O-A f switch.
4) Manual Mode Fan On-Off Switch
5) Digital Airwall Filter monitor.
6) Filter purge control with H–O–A positions.

The ICP will provide for single point power connection to a 3 Ph power source and will
include a control transformer for 120V single phase power. The motor starter will operate
from a 120V coil. Additional control relays may be added to provide an auto start feature
using a signal from a remote PLC or other similar device. Optional control relay coil
voltages are available. Various other relays or PLC controls may also be housed in the
ICP for installations requiring these components. The starter will be capable of operation
from either the ICP directly or from a remote device by use of mode selector switch

The benefits of having a portable system are multifaceted. You can bring the dust
collection system to a wide range of outdoor sites where environmental contamination is
a major concern.


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