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Mapua Institute of Technology
1st Place - June 2006 Architect Board Ea!ination
10th Place - March 200" Master Plu!#er Board Ea!ination

$o you are a#out to ta%e the #oard ea!& 'er(ous) *ou should #e& A fe+ !onths #efore I too%
!ine, I ha(e eperienced +hat e(ery #oard ea!inee goes through& -neplaina#le ner(ousness&
Butteflies in the sto!ach& .atatonic loo%s& A! I ready)

/or one thing, it0s #etter to #e ner(ous '12 than to feel your s+eat dripping and your (eins
popping 1' T3E 4A* 1/ T3E E5AM itself& I!agine yourself staring #lan%ly at those test
6uestionnaires& 78 !inutes ha(e past& *ou are already at 6uestion nu!#er 91, yet your ans+er
sheet re!ains #lan% - a co!plete !ental #lac%out& *our !ind then +anders& As you loo% along
the +alls of the 6uiet classroo!, you re!inisce your days in college& 3o+ you +ish you
re!e!#ered +hat that professor had taught you& *ou ga:e up the ceiling and +onder a#out the
future of your career, hanging in the #alance, through these test 6uestions you are holding right
no+& *ou inhale deeply and pour out a sigh of air& *ou pray for luc%, hoping the net 6uestion
+ould #e so!ething that you ha(e read in your 1-+ee% re(ie+& *ou turn the net page& Ts%&
2here in ;od0s na!e did they get all these 6uestions)))

Mi< ni< !i<ni< !ai< ni< !u&

This is a typical story of +hat could go through a !ind of a #oard ea!inee& A #oard ea!inee
+ho did not prepare, relied on luc%, and had no idea ho+ to go a#out ans+ering the #oard ea!
Than%fully, that did not happen to !e& 2hen I too% the Board Ea!s for Architects in June 2006
and for Master Plu!#ers in March 200", !y confidence +as s%y-high& All #ecause I +as
prepared& This leads !e to a conclusion, =Talo n preparado an !a"al#no&>

$o for al!ost 12 !onths no+, I ha(e #een sharing to others through se!inars, lectures and
infor!al discussions, ho+ I prepared for the #oard ea!ination& Allo+ !e to share +ith you
so!e tips and tric%s #ased on !y o+n eperience that can help you prepare for your o+n re(ie+&

The first and !ost i!portant tip that I +ould gi(e you is $ET *1-? ;1A@& 2hether you Aust
+ant to pass and get a license, or !ay#e land a place a!ong the top 10, or pro#a#ly get a grade
of B0C on the !ost dreaded su#Aect, it helps if you ha(e a direction& The !ore specific your goal
is the #etter& Try to +rite it on paper and feel co!!itted to it& Mine +as to top the #oard ea!s -
and I did&

'o+ in order for you to +or% on that goal, you !ust ha(e the ?I;3T M1TIDATI1'& This is the
second and e6ually i!portant tip& *our !oti(ation is your dri(e in achie(ing your goal& It could
#e anything fro! a person that inspires you Ean idol or a lo(ed oneF to a !aterial pro!ise Eli%e an
all-epense out-of-the-country trip or a #rand ne+ carF& It0s up to youG -se this to %eep you going
e(eryday& -se this to get you up early in the !orning +hen you nor!ally +a%e up late& 2hen
you are !oti(ated, you feel li%e you can do anything& This gi(es you a psychological ad(antage&

The #oard ea!ination, Aust li%e any other sport or co!petition, is all a#out ho+ you prepare for
a fight& It is all a#out setting your !ind, #ody, and e!otions straight #efore the !ain e(ent&
4uring the preparations, you are your o+n ene!y& The less you %no+ a#out yourself, the harder
it is to succeed in this underta%ing& That is +hy you ha(e to train hard& 2hat you do to your ti!e
is all up to you& *ou could sit #ac% and rela if you +ant, #ut %eep in !ind, all the others !ight
ha(e already gone far ahead in their re(ie+s +hile you are still sitting pretty +aiting for that
right !o!ent&

Ti!e is one of the !ost critical resources in your entire preparation& 1nce ti!e goes #y, it can
ne(er #e #rought #ac%& $o spea%ing of ti!e, the first 6uestion you ha(e to as% yourself isH
=23E' AM I ;1I'; T1 TAIE T3E E5AM)> It !ay sound si!ple #ut #elie(e !e, this
si!ple 6uestion +ill deter!ine ho+ !uch etraordinary effort you !ay ha(e to eert throughout
the rest of your re(ie+& I %no+ so!e people +ho spent 7 !onths studying, payed a lot of !oney
for their re(ie+ classes, only to #ac% out 9 +ee%s #efore the ea!& /or so!e uneplaina#le
reason, they found the!sel(es not yet ready and +ould Aust opt to ta%e the net #oard ea!,
+hich is scheduled 6 !onths or 1 year later& 'o+ that0s a lot of ti!e gap until the net ea!&
*ou +ould easily forget !ost of the topics discussed in the re(ie+ center and you +ould #e
forced to ta%e refresher courses again later on& If they +ere unsure, they should ha(e not enrolled
i!!ediately& It0s a +aste of ti!e and a +aste of !oney& In !y opinion, the only logical
eplanation for their #ac%ing out is that they +ere half-hearted +ith their re(ie+& *ou %no+, once
you ha(e decided that you are going to ta%e the #oard J go full-forceG As the saying goes, =Todo
'a KToG>& 'e(er e(er #e half-hearted& That0s +hy the sooner you decide, the #etter your chances
of !a%ing the !ost out of your ti!e& In !y case, I decided to ta%e the June 2006 Board Ea! for
Architects as early as 'o(e!#er 2008& I had L !onths preparation&

.o!pleting the Professional ?egulation .o!!ission EP?.F re6uire!ents for filing a #oard
ea! application is a total hassle& *ou are luc%y if you don0t encounter any pro#le!s here and
there& 4epending on the #oard ea! you are going to ta%e, the P?. re6uires certain docu!ents
you ha(e to su#!it to their office E+hich is located in MoraytaF #efore a certain deadline Eusually
9 +ee%s #efore your ea!ination dateF& .hec% the P?. +e#site for the re6uired docu!ents&

$u#!it the re6uire!ents A$AP& 4on0t cra!& ;etting all the docu!ents consu!es a @1T of ti!e
Eand !oneyF& /iling for a #oard ea! application should #e the least of your pro#le!s once you
are already studying for the #oard ea!& *ou don0t +ant this to interfere +ith your study
schedule& I!agine yourself already 7 !onths deep in your re(ie+, and in the #ac% of your !ind,
you are still +orrying if you going to #eat the deadline for application #ecause you ha(en0t got
your docu!ents yet& Belie(e !e, it +ould ta%e 2EEI$ to co!plete the re6uire!ents, +hat +ith
all the red tape in(ol(ed& The diplo!a and transcript of records usually ta%es 2 +ee%s !ini!u!&
'BI clearance can #e fro! 1 to 9 days& '$1-issued #irth certificates can ta%e 1 day to 1 +ee%
Edepending +here you +ere #ornF& And epect long line in the P?. #uilding +hen applying& It0s
not a #ree:e& *ou +ill ha(e to go fro! one place to another to #uy !etered docu!entary sta!ps,
ta%e a picture, pay the cashier, etc& By the ti!e you are finished, epect yourself to #e all tired
and s+eaty&

*ou should %no+ +hat su#Aects you are to tac%le in your re(ie+& The P?. #oard usually issues a
curriculu! sho+ing the co(erage of the ea!ination& *ou ha(e to %no+ ho+ !any days the
ea! is and +hat su#Aects +ould #e ta%en in +hich days& /or ea!ple, the Architects #oard
ea! is scheduled for 9 days& /or 4ay 1H +e ha(e the su#Aects 3istory and Theory of
Architecture, Principles of Planning, and Architectural Practice& But these su#Aects are
co!pressed into one ea! only& It is a 128-ite! ea! that starts LH00a! to 8H00p!& -nli%e the
su#Aects in the first day, 4ay 2 is di(ided into three ea!s for each three su#Aects& The 1st ea!
is Building -tilities, a 100-ite! ea! that starts LH00a! to 12H00nn& The 2nd ea! is $tructural
4esign, a 70-ite! ea! that starts 1H00p! to 2H18p!& The 9rd ea! is Building Materials and
Methods of .onstruction, a 60-ite! ea! that starts 2H90p! to 8H00p!& /or 4ay 9H +e ha(e the
su#Aect Architectural 4esign and $ite Planning, a dra+ing-type ea! that starts LH00a! to
8H00p!& ;i(en all these data, I %ne+ ho+ to #alance !y ti!e and create so!e strategies in
ans+ering co!e ea! day& I %ne+ I ha(e less than 8 !inutes to ans+er one 6uestion in 4ay 1&
/or 4ay 2, it #eco!es tighter +ith a little a#o(e 2 !inutes per 6uestion&

But going #ac% to your re(ie+, you should deter!ine +hich su#Aects co(ered #y the ea! are
you !ost co!forta#le +ith and +hich su#Aects are you ha(ing pro#le!s +ith& It0s a good strategy
to study your fa(orite su#Aects first& These su#Aects are usually the ones you are really interested
in& The idea is to get you =in the :one>& Thin% of yourself as a car that needs a Au!p start& 1nce
you get going on one su#Aect, then that0s the ti!e you a#sor# the other su#Aects along the +ay&

The %ey to a successful #oard ea! preparation is %no+ing one0s self& /ind out your strengths
and your +ea%nesses& Are you a fast reader) 4o you easily co!prehend anything that you read)
3o+ good are you at nu!#ers) .an you !e!ori:e dates +ell) 2ould you appreciate a #oo% #y
loo%ing at illustrations or reading the article)

*ou ha(e to %no+ yourself and see% for self-i!pro(e!ent& There are a lot of +ays for you to
i!pro(e& -se your strengths to concentrate on #uilding up your +ea% points&

Belie(e it or not, preparing for the #oard is not Aust a +al% in the par% Eespecially if you ha(e
high goalsF& If you really +ant to !a%e the !ost out of your re(ie+ and achie(e the goals you
ha(e set, then you !ust #e prepared in all aspectsH physical, e!otional, spiritual, !ental and e(en

Most of us are night-o+ls, +e #egin to study at night until the +ee hours of the !orning& This is
our co!fort :one& This is +here +e feel +e are !ore progressi(e studying& That0s o% as long as
you still ha(e 6 to L hours of sleep& I usually study fro! 11p! up to 6 a! the net !orning, then
sleep and +a%e up around 2 p!& 2hate(er your co!fy :one is, feel free to use it as you please&
But as the #oard ea! nears, there is a need to re-adAust your study ha#its& A#out 2 to 9 +ee%s
#efore the ea!, you ha(e to practice +a%ing up early and studying in the !orning - not at night
any!ore& The idea here is to get yourself co!forta#le =thin%ing> in the !orning #ecause the
#oard ea! starts in the !orning& Else, you0ll feel sleepy and nauseaous during the ea!& Also,
#e conscious of the food you eat 1 +ee% #efore the ea!& 'o#ody +ants to ha(e an upset
sto!ach on the day of the ea!&

The hard-core re(ie+ing should end at least 2 +ee%s #efore the ea!& This should gi(e you ti!e
to rela and psych yourself& Ideally, a +ee% #efore the ea!, you should Aust #e #ro+sing
through your notes to refresh your !e!ory& 4on0t stay up all night ehausting your energy
cra!!ing for !ore infor!ation& That +as !y !ista%e +hen I too% the Board Ea! for Master
Plu!#er last March& $ince I only had a !onth0s preparation E#ecause I +as also +or%ingF, I had
to eert !ore effort in !y studies - !ore than +hat !y #ody can ta%e& .o!e #oard ea!s, I +as
on Tylenol #ecause of a fe(er& $leep early the night #efore the ea!&

A #oard ea!inee !ust also epect pressure fro! a lot of people& There are pressures fro!
fa!ily, fro! relati(es Eespecially those successful onesF, fro! friends and #ar%adas, fro! your
office and e(en fro! your girlfriendM#oyfrien d& The !o!ent you decide you0ll ta%e the #oard
ea! and tell it to so!eone, +ord really tra(els fast& They +ould #e greeting you Kgood luc%0,
#ut others +ould also epect you to do really good& I %no+ so!e people +ho did not tell a single
soul that they0ll ta%e the #oard ea!& May#e they +ere too pressured or shy& *ou don0t ha(e to
#e !u! a#out it& Besides, +hether you pass or fail, in ti!e, e(ery#ody +ill still %no+ that you
too% the ea!s& *ou Aust ha(e to find a +ay ho+ to put these types of pressure to your ad(antage&

4epends on your religious #elief, it0s already a ha#it that #oard ea!inees #e going to Baclaran
or cele#rate 3oly 2ee% in Manaog or co!plete the !idnight !ass during ad(ent& 2e +ould
e(en #uy paraphernalia and #ring our pencils, rulers, and #oo%s #lessed& Prayers help a lot& As%
for 3is di(ine guidance& And pray for others too& But al+ays re!e!#er all these +ill #e useless
if not co!ple!ented #y studying& As the saying goesH Kgenius is 1N inspiration, and BBN
perspiration& K

Enrolling in a re(ie+ center is '1T a guarantee that you +ill pass the #oard ea!& But re(ie+
centers offer a lot of ad(antages& /or one, they ha(e a schedule& $o you are Kforced0 to pattern
your self-study +ith their schedule& Another ad(antage is the re(ie+ !aterials& *ou0ll ha(e
access to #oo%s and other references Eif they ha(e a li#raryF or photocopied handouts E+hich they
sell for a priceF& But I thin% the #est ad(antage in re(ie+ centers is you gain a lot of contacts&
$tudents fro! other schools ha(e different lecture notes and different !ethods of re(ie+ing& *ou
could echange ideas +ith the!& Through these contacts, you +ill #e a#le to create study groups&
*ou !ay also #e a#le to #orro+ re(ie+ !aterials fro! their friends +ho are enrolled in other
re(ie+ centers as +ell&

The only disad(antage is the financial aspect& *ou ha(e to shell out a lot of !oney& ?e!e!#er,
re(ie+ centers are #usinesses& Aside fro! helping you prepare for the #oards, they are there to
get your !oney& $o you ha(e to #e sure you are getting your !oney0s +orth& $cout for possi#le
re(ie+ centers to enroll& As% pre(ious #oard ea!inees the ad(antages and disad(antages of the
re(ie+ centers they enrolled into& Ino+ the centers0 strengths and +ea%nesses& In !y case, I
enrolled the #asic course in one re(ie+ center and the design course in another&

The #est strategy to !a%e the !ost out of the re(ie+ centers is that you study #efore you enroll&
The idea is to learn the su#Aects ahead #efore they e(en teach the!& 4on0t start the day in the
classroo! all a+ed and shoc%ed a#out the topic the lecturer is teaching #ecause it is the first ti!e
you heard it& ?e(ie+ centers should help you fa!iliari:e not learn e(erything fro! scratch&

This !ight still #e a #it of an understate!ent, #ut chec%, chec%, chec%, chec% your re(ie+
!aterials again and again and again& Be +ary of !isinfor!ation Eerrors on handouts, outdated
infor!ation, etc&F& It happens& 'othing is !ore sour than spending a lot of ti!e !e!ori:ing a
ta#le of infor!ation fro! a code or la+ only to find out that it is already a!ended #y a ne+er
one& E6ually da!aging is re(ie+ing notes you photocopied fro! your class!ate only to find out
that it +as a typographical error on his part& The only +ay to #e safe fro! this is to triple-chec%
your re(ie+ !aterials& .ounter-chec% e(ery infor!ation fro! other sources& 4o not rely on one
reference alone& Try to chec% other #oo%s and cross-reference it& $earch the internet& 3a(e
discussions +ith so!e professors or friends a#out inconsistent info&

4uring the course of your re(ie+, it is true that you ha(e to !a%e the !ost out of it and gra# as
!uch infor!ation as you possi#ly can& But it is also true that you can only ta%e as !uch
infor!ation for a certain period of ti!e& This happens a lot& 2e #orro+ and photocopy a lot of
#oo%s and handouts only to find itself stac%ed up on your #edroo! floor&

The inde card +ould #e your #est friend in your re(ie+& Put infor!ation that you need to
!e!ori:e in inde cards and al+ays %eep the! handy& *ou could #ro+se through the! +hile
riding the #us or Aeep& -se color-coded pens for highlighting old and ne+ data& -se post-it on
#oo%s to help you %eep trac% of notes and points of discussions&

An effecti(e #oard ea! re(ie+ relies on discipline on the ea!inees part& There are so !any
te!ptations aroundH your fa(orite TD sho+s, the #illiards hall, online ga!ing, etc& @earn ho+ to
prioriti:e& Thin% of the #oard ea! as a one-ti!e deal Ealthough if you fail, you can ta%e the
#oard ea! again - #ut no#ody really +ants to fail, right)F *ou +ill ha(e all the ti!e in the +orld
after the #oard ea!& -se your ti!e +isely& Instead of +atching TD for 9 hours, you could ha(e
understood and !e!ori:ed a large portion of the #oo% your reading already&

If you ha(e good photographic !e!ory, you ha(e an ad(antage& E6ually ad(antageous is if you
are a fast reader +ith good reading co!prehension&

Try using play of +ords and nu!#ers through +ord association& Ea!ple of 6uestions in our
re(ie+H =2ho +as is the architect of ;reen#elt 2)>, =2ho is the architect of ;reen#elt 9)>&
Through +ord association, I %no+ that the architect of ;reen#elt 2 is =?ecio C .asas> #ecause
they are t+o E2F indi(iduals Enote the nu!#er 2 in ;reen#eltF& /or ;reen#elt 9, I %no+ the
architect is ;&/& /or!oso #ecause I associate the 9; phone Enote the ; in ;&/& /or!osoF&

3ere0s another ea!ple that appeared in the Master Plu!#er ea!& =2hich is denoted #y its
Inside 4ia!eter) aF Pipe or #F Tu#e> I %no+ that the PIPE is denoted #y its Inside 4ia!eter
#ecause I al+ays +rite it =pIpe> Enote the capital I, !eaning InsideF& I %no+ the the T-BE is
denoted #y its 1utside 4ia!eter #ecause I al+ays +rite it =tu#1> Etu#o is tagalog for tu#e, note
the capital 1, !eaning 1utsideF& ;et the idea)

If your ha(ing trou#le +ith nu!#ers Eli%e dates and la+sF #ut good in !e!ori:ing (isual
patterns, try using the cellphone %eypad as a guide& *ou0ll re!e!#er the pattern you create +hile
typing in the nu!#ers !ore than the date or la+ itself& Most of the ti!e +hat is printted in #oo%s
is not the #est +ay ho+ you +ould read and !e!ori:e it& Ta%e the case of the 'ational Building
.ode& I +as !e!ori:ing 90C types of pipe and their colors& In the #oo%, it is arranged
alpha#etically #y pipe type& 2hat I did +as I arranged it #y pipe color& I found out that there are
only 7 pipe colors so its easier to !e!ori:e& $o I got 7 pieces of paper, painted the! ?ed,
1range, *ello+, and ;reen respecti(ely, and +rote in each paper the corresponding pipes& Doila&
Easier to re!e!#er and understand&

There are lots of other tric%s li%e for!ing Acrony!s or .reating a $ong or $tory& Try to create
your o+n !e!ori:ation tric%s up your slee(es&

Most people +ould say that the #oard ea!ination is not really a gauge on ho+ good a person is&
They say it only reflects ho+ good a person can !e!ori:e& 2ell, they are partly correct&

But then again, !e!ori:ing is not as easy as A-B-.& It ta%es hard+or% and a lot of patience& The
!ost co!!on !ista%e of #oard ea!inees is that they !e!ori:e Aust for the sa%e of
Kenu!erating0 it& If you as% the! +hat it0s all a#out or ho+ it +or%s, they could not fully eplain&
The #asic tric% isH DO NOT MEMORI.E/ B%T +AMI&IARI.E& 2hen you are fa!iliar +ith
the topic, you understand& 2hen you fully understand, you analy:e& *ou as% 6uestions, =2hy is
this so)> and =2hy is that so)>& Then after you ha(e achie(ed all this, you0ll find it easier to

The #oard ea! is a#out setting a goal and +or%ing hard to achie(e it&

It0s not Aust a#out !e!ori:ing& 'or is it a#out !i< ni< !i<ni< !ai< ni< !u&

$o are you ready)

Most of us na %u%uha ng #oard ea! iniisip %ung paano pu!asa< That0s a (ery pathetic +ay of
thin%ing& Mapuans tayoG 2e don0t Aust pass< +e T1PG That0s +hy I +ill share so!e
inspirational +ords of Enr. Pad#lla0 Inalter %o lang ng %onti para personali:ed %o& 'a-uplift
talaga ang pag%atao %o nung narinig %o yun&

Sab# n#ya1 #n order "o "op "2e board e3a!1 one 42o5ld 6ollo7 "2e P.A.S.S. !en"al#"y. Ano
#b# 4ab#2#n n5n,

P - pa"ay 85n pa"ay)

$a#i nga ni ?oc%y Bal#oaH =It aint over till its over!> To +hat i!plications) Iara!ihan sa Ktin,
por%e0t isang #u+an nalang ang natitira for the re(ie+ at #oard ea! na, u!aatras& Ta%ot nang
!ag#oard ea!& 2ag ganunG Ano ngayon %ung isang #u+an nalang) Maha#a pa na!an yun
ah< Ta%e this as an ea!ple< 4o you %no+ +hy na%ilala si ?o#ert Ja+ors%i as a (ery good
coach) Iasi !agaling siya sa encourage!ent sa players& In one ga!e, 26 points ang la!ang sa
%anila ng %ala#an& The pro#le! is 8 !inutes nalang ang natitira& /or a typical #as%et#all tea!,
%adalasan nadede!orali:ed na yung !ga players& But not for ;ine#ra< nila#an pa rin nila& At
the end of the ga!e, nanalo sila +ith a lead of 8 points& Another ea!ple< naaply %o na rin yan
sa paglalaro ng *ugi-1h cards ga!e +ith a friend& 600 life points nalang natitira sa%in, sa %anya
8L00 pa& I ha(e the option to surrender pero hindi %o yun pinili& Belie(e it or not, nanalo pa a%o&
Big deal para sa%in yun %asi P200 pusta %o sa laro eh<

Masyadong !alayo ang !ga ea!ples %o para sa inyo pero para sa%in ang #uhay ay isang
%o!pli%adong laro& Iung !insan pa nga eh sugal& Ang dapat niyo lang tandaan, hindi natin ala!
ang posi#leng %ahihinatnan ng lahat ng ginaga+a natin& Iadalasan %elangan nating !agti+ala
nalang sa %a%ayahan natin& Ano ngayon %ung isang #u+an %a lang nagre(ie+& 4i#a !as !asarap
pa%inggan yung natalo %a pero lu!a#an %a hanggang sa huli %aysa sa natalo %a %asi su!u%o %a&
Thin% a#out this<

A 9 a#!)

Ang pangala+a ay ai!& Magset %a ng goals !o& Mag%aron %a ng !ataas na pangarap sa #uhay&
Pag%atapos i-achie(e !o& Mali yung pag-iisip na =sapat na ang si!pleng #uhay,> = sapat na ang
%u!ain tayo ng tatlong #eses sa isang ara+,> at i#a pang %asi!plehan sa #uhay& Palagi nalang
si!ple& *an ang tinata+ag nating ME4I1.?IT*&

@et !e gi(e you so!e #ac%ground in history< 'atutunan ng !ga Pilipino ang !ediocrity sa
!ga Iastila nung sina%op nila tayo& Ano #a ang sina#i nila) $ina#i nilang !asa!a ang
!aghangad ng so#ra at %asalanan ito sa 4iyos& $ina#i nilang a!sa!a ang !aging !aya!an
dahil nga nasulat din sa #i#liya na =!as !adaling !a%apaso% ang isang #a%a sa #utas ng
%arayo! %aysa sa isang !aya!an sa %aharian ng 4iyos<> Eh %ung hindi #a na!an sang%atuta%
na sira-ulo ang !ga Iastila yun< 3indi na!an talaga yun ang gusting ipahi+atig ni Jesus sa
salitang yun eh& 'a#asa niyo #a yung para#le of talents) 4i#a ang lesson dun eh %ung anong
!eron %a, pagya!anin !o<) 4ahil sa !ga !aling turo na yun ng !ga Iastila, ano nangyari sa
!ga sinaunang Pilipino) 'aging !ga tanga, !ahirap pa sa daga, at higit sa lahat, naging sunud-
sunuran sa %anila& *un ang dahilan %aya nila tinuro yun sa atin&

But no+ I0! opening your eyes to reality& $ige nga< Mag#anggit nga %ayo ng #ansang sina%op
dati ng !ga Iastila na naging !aunlad& Philippines, Meico, .u#a, Peru, etc&) 4i#a third +orld
countries ang !ga yun) $ee) 'o progress at all #ecause of that !entality& Minsan pa nga !eron
tayong !ga narinig na ganitong scenario<

Ana%H 'anay, tatay< !ag-aa#road po a%o para !agtra#aho& Para u!asenso po ang #uhay natin&
TatayH 3indi a%o !a%a%apayag ana%< Iahit !agdildil na la!ang tayo ng asin para !ay !a%ain,
ang i!portante, #uo ang pa!ilya natinG

Minsan pa nga sa !ga pro#insya, uso rin yung !ay lulu+as %a nalang ng Maynila para !ag-aral,
isang #aranggay na yung nag-iiya%an sa ara+ ng pag-alis& 'o offense sa !ga tina!aan ha<
.ute #ang tingnan) *an ang reyalidad ng #uhay natin sa ngayon&

In rele(ance to the #oard ea!, !ag-aai! %a nalang, lu#us-lu#usin niyo na< Ai! for the top&

S 9 4ol:e)

$iye!pre hindi na!an p+edeng pana0y pangarap lang tayo tapos +ala na!ang gaga+ing paraan
para !a%a!it ang !ga yun& Ielangan din nating %u!ilos& In +hat +ay) 4i#a gusto niyong
!agtop sa #oard) Then re(ie+< sol(e pro#le!s<

It0s co!!on sense to say that to #e on top, +e should re(ie+& Ang gusto %ong sa#ihin eh %ung
!agrere(ie+ na rin lang %ayo, !agfocus na %ayo dun& Best eplained ang principle na yan sa
analytic geo!etry& Ba%it ang headlights ng %otse para#olic at hindi circular)

;ets niyo na %ung #a%it) Pag circular ang headlight, %alat ang direction ng ila+< Bala% niyo
#ang ila+an ang #uong %alsada) Iahit ga!itin niyo ang pina%a!ataas na +attage ng #u!#ilya
na p+edeng ga!itin sa %otse, 80N efficiency pa rin ang %alala#asan niyan& 'agsayang %a lang
ng pera& 2hereas pag para#olic ang headlight, 100N efficiency dahil ang para#ola ay !ay
/1.-$& As a result, isang direction lang ang ila+&

;anun din sa pagrere(ie+& Iahit i%a+ na ang pina%a!atalinong tao sa #uong !undo, %ung +ala
%a na!ang focus you0re not 100N efficient& $aying ang talino !o&

Iung sasa!ahan pa ng focus sa pagrere(ie+, !y gollyG Ba%a !aperfect pa natin ang #oard&

S 9 4;2ed5le

To co!plete the set, +e should also learn ho+ to !a%e a schedule& Mali na!an yung +ala %a
nang gina+a sa #uhay !o %undi !ag-aral& Iung ganyan ang gaga+in !o, #ale+ala rin ang lahat&
=All +or% and no play !a%es Jac% a dull #oy&> $a#i yan ng student catalogue natin& The one that
+as gi(en to us +hen +e +ere still fresh!en& =There0s a ti!e of Aoy, a ti!e of peace<etc&> yan
na!an ang Ju#ilee song noong year 2000& Any+ays, ang point %o dito is +e should learn ho+ to
#alance our ti!e& 2e should !a%e sure that +e also ha(e ti!e for other things #ut not affecting
our focus in our study& Masa!a #ang !ag-.ounter $tri%e ha#ang nagrere(ie+) 3indi %o gustong
pata!aan si pareng @a+rence dito 1I)

In a study conducted #y eperts in sociology, it +as found out that there is a co!!on ha#it on
!ost successful people& Ala! nyo %ung ano yun) Meron silang T1-41 @I$T& I0! not Ao%ing on
this< I-try niyo& 3o+) Just !a%e a list +hich should #e done the pre(ious night or at the
#eginning of the day& It should contain the things that you should acco!plish for the dayO for the
+ee%O for the !onthO o %ung gusto niyo for the +hole year na< 2ith that list, you can assess
yourself %ung naaacco!plish !o #a yung !ga dapat !ong ga+in&

Paano %ung gu!a+a %a nga nun tapos na%ita !ong ang da!i !ong hindi naacco!plish) 4on0t
gi(e upG 4i#a nga !eron %ayong =patay-%ung patay> !entality& There is al+ays ti!e& And there
are al+ays people around +ho can help you achie(e your goals&
22 June 2008
(A Sequel to the Tips & Tricks in the Board Examination!
By Raison John J. Bassig
1st Placer June 2006 PRC Architect Licensure Examination
10th Placer March 2007 PRC Master Plumber Licensure Examination
4th Placer June 200 PRC En!ironmental Planner Licensure Examination

"reparin# $or the %oard exams is one thin#& Ans'erin# the actuall( %oard exams is another&

A$ter lon# sleepless ni#hts o$ e(e%ro' %urnin# durin# (our re)ie'* (our date 'ith the %oard exams has $inall( come&
+t is a da( most people are dreadin#& But $or some people 'ho are con$ident and ha)e painstakin#l( prepared on
ho' to #o a%out in the actual %oard exams* this da( is their milestone&

+ ha)e taken a total o$ three (,! "-. /icensure Examinations as o$ this date& The $irst 'as the /icensure Examination
$or Architects in June 2000 'here + placed 1
'ith a #rade o$ 82&03 (onl( 240 out o$ the 1*105 examinees passed the
exam or a%out 223!& The second 'as the /icensure Examination $or 6aster "lum%ers in 6arch 2004 'here + placed
'ith a #rade o$ 40&13 (onl( 44 out o$ the 142 examinees passed the exam or a%out 223!& The most recent 'as
the /icensure Examination $or En)ironmental "lanners this June 2008 'here + placed 2
'ith a #rade o$ 40&03 (onl(
20 out o$ 55 passed the exam or a%out 243!&

7i)en m( experience in takin# %oard examinations* + 'ould like to share 'ith (ou* in m( o'n little 'a(* ho' + did it& +n
this article* (ou 'ill $ind pointers and pieces o$ ad)ice that 'ould help (ou prepare $or exam da(& This article is a
complementar( sequel to m( pre)ious one 'ritten a (ear a#o 8 Tips & Tricks in the Board Examination 8 in 'hich +
talked a%out preparin# $or an e$$icient %oard exam re)ie'& +t is m( hope that as (ou read alon# (ou 'ill #ain
con$idence* stud( )i#orousl( and %e inspired e)en more to reach (our dreams o$ passin# (and hope$ull( toppin#! the
%oard exams&


9our a%ilit( to understand 'hate)er (ou read is no dou%t the most important aspect in the %oard exams (and* more
importantl(* in (our careers!& E)er( 'ord that appears in the question that (ou read ser)es as clues to the ri#ht
ans'er& :urin# the exam* (ou 'ill encounter questions 'herein (ou 'ill not %e a%le to recall the 'ord;%(;'ord
de$inition as taken $rom the %ook or re)ie'er& +$ this happens (and + am sure it 'ill happen $requentl(!* (ou 'ould
then ha)e to rel( on anal(<in# the meanin# o$ the question %ein# asked %ased on the 'ords that (ou see& The hi#her
(our comprehension o$ 'hat is %ein# asked or de$ined* the hi#her (our chances o$ #ettin# the ans'er correctl(&

There are se)eral 'a(s to impro)e (our readin# comprehension& These need not %e li$eless and %orin# like
memori<in# the enc(clopedia or the dictionar(& Tr( to #ra% (our $a)orite ma#a<ine or a ne'spaper once in a 'hile
and read some articles $ound in there& +t can %e a%out $ashion* cars* current e)ents* sho' %usiness* music* #ames=
'hate)er (our interest is& The point here is to immerse (oursel$ on tr(in# to understand 'hate)er it is that (ou read&
Also* (ou can increase (our )oca%ular( %( pla(in# #ames like cross'ord pu<<les* %o##le* han#man* scra%%le* etc&


>e)er underestimate (our %od(?s limitation& + ha)e stressed in m( pre)ious article the importance o$ %ein# ph(sicall(
prepared in (our re)ie'& The same thin# #oes $or durin# the exam itsel$& A)oid dro'siness %( #ettin# a lon#;ni#ht?s
sleep the ni#ht %e$ore the exam& +$ (ou are itchin# to do a last;minute stud( or %ro'sin# o$ notes* + su##est (ou do it
the next mornin# %e$ore (ou #o to the exam )enue&

Attend to (our personal needs %e$ore the examination %e#ins& :ependin# on the strictness o$ the assi#ned proctors*
(ou are not allo'ed to #o out o$ the room once the exam has started& So 'atch 'hat (ou eat and drink& 9ou are*
ho'e)er* allo'ed to %rin# $ood and drinks and consume them 'hile takin# the exams& + stron#l( recommend that (ou
%rin# somethin# that is @ust li#ht $or (our stomach and somethin# that is not too mess(* nois(* or smell( to eat&

:urin# the examination* (ou should %e read( $or lon# hours o$ thinkin# and ans'erin#& :ependin# on the su%@ect*
%oard exams usuall( last $rom , hours to as lon# as 0 hours (e)en A hours $or desi#n su%@ects!& Be prepared $or
uncom$orta%le seats (like dra$tin# ta%le chairs 'ith no %ackrests or 'ooden armchairs 'ith no cushions!& Bhile
ans'erin#* take some 2;minute rests once in a 'hile to rechar#e (our mind and %od(& :oin# a little stretchin# or
closin# (our e(es $or a $e' minutes mi#ht also help&

Just as much as (our ph(sical condition is important in the %oard exams so are (our mental and emotional states&
:o not let pressure and ner)ousness control (ou& 9ou must %e a%le to control them& The %oard exam is like a 'ar
and (ou 'ill %e #oin# into %attle& 9ou ha)e to release that 'arrior instinct in (ou and o'n the examination& 6ore
people 'ith positi)e mental attitudes succeed in li$e than people 'ho are pessimistic& :eclare that (ou are #oin# to
'in and that nothin# can stop (ou $rom doin# so&


Some o$ us ha)e this o%sessi)e;compulsi)e %eha)ior re)ie'in# $or the %oard exams& Be 'ould ha)e prepared a lot*
read )olumes o$ %ooks $rom co)er to co)er* and memori<ed tons o$ $ormula* ta%les and data* and still 'ould not %e
contented a%out it& That is oka(& But al'a(s remem%erC :o not expect that e)er(thin# (ou ha)e read and studied in
(our re)ie' 'ill come out in the exam& +n m( experience takin# up three (,! %oard examinations* + can sa( that onl(
a%out ,53 to 503 o$ 'hat + ha)e read* studied and memori<ed durin# m( re)ie' ha)e appeared in the actual exams&

The remainin# 503 to 053 o$ the questions 'ould comprise a com%ination o$ the $ollo'in# thin#sC
- Thin#s (ou can learn onl( $rom actual $irst;hand experience (in this case* (ou did not #et to experience it!
- Thin#s that are a %it tri)ial %ut (ou mi#ht ha)e an idea (%ut not reall( sure!
- Thin#s (ou ha)e not encountered in (our re)ie' %ut mi#ht ha)e tackled 'a( %ack in colle#e (or hi#h
- Thin#s (ou ha)e encountered in (our re)ie' %ut could not recall (%ecause (ou decided the data seemed
irrele)ant to memori<e at that time!* and lastl(
- Thin#s (ou reall( don?t kno' squat a%out

:o not #et demorali<ed i$ (ou $ind out that onl( a $e' o$ the questions in the exam 'ere co)ered in (our re)ie'& D$
course* the onl( 'a( to increase the percenta#e o$ questions (ou hope 'ill come out is to also increase (our time
re)ie'in#* readin#* and researchin# $or %oard exam topics& That means the less time and e$$ort (ou exerted in
preparin# $or the %oard exams* the less chances o$ (ou kno'in# 'hat the question is all a%out&

.onsequentl(* this is 'here (our readin# comprehension skills come in hand(& /ike + said in Tip E1* (our readin#
comprehension 'ould pla( an important role in ans'erin# questions (ou don?t kno' or ha)e not tackled in (our


9ou 'ould %e required to use pencils to shade ans'ers in (our exam %ecause ans'er sheets are checked usin#
lead;sensor machines& Erasures are prohi%ited& Dnce (ou ha)e shaded an ans'er* (ou cannot chan#e it and pick
another one& Erasin# a pre)iousl( shaded ans'er 'ill still lea)e spots o$ lead on the paper& This means that 'hen
(our ans'er sheet is processed %( the machine* it 'ill detect t'o ans'ers and 'ill automaticall( mark that item

This is the )er( reason 'h( + do not recommend usin# (our ans'er sheets immediatel(& This method is prone to
errors and is )er( risk( since (ou are alread( $inali<in# (our ans'ers 'ithout e)en seein# the rest o$ the questions
'hich mi#ht #i)e additional hints or clues&

+ kno' an examinee that has had a )er( %ad experience 'ith this& Fe 'as directl( shadin# ans'ers on his ans'er
sheet as he reads a question on his questionnaire& The pro%lem started 'hen he skipped a question he does not
kno' (sa(* Guestion E 10!& Fe proceeded to the next one (Guestion E 11! %ut su%consciousl( shaded E 10 in the
ans'er sheet& +t 'ent on $or a%out 15 more items %e$ore he reali<ed he 'as shadin# the 'ron# num%ersH

The %est 'a( to a)oid these kinds o$ errors is to use (our questionnaires as (our temporar( ans'er sheets $irst and
then trans$er them later& + usuall( allot one (1! hour $or the trans$errin# and $inal checkin# o$ m( ans'ers (as + 'ill %e
discussin# in Tip E5!& 9ou are allo'ed to 'rite on (our questionnaires& +n $act* "-. 'ould e)en ad)ise (ou to use
(our questionnaires as (our scratch papers& So use (our questionnaires as (our thinkin# pad& Brite do'n notes
and ta%les* encircle or underline important 'ords* cross out choices (ou think does not %elon#* etc&


So much as time mana#ement is important in (our re)ie'* so is it important durin# the %oard exam itsel$& Iirst order
o$ %usiness is to kno' 'hich su%@ects (ou are #oin# to tackle on 'hich time or da(s& "-. releases an exam
schedule alon#side the s(lla%us o$ the su%@ects in (our particular licensure examination&

Ior example* in the recentl( held /icensure Examination $or En)ironmental "lanners* the exams 'ere to %e held in
t'o da(s& :a( 1 co)ers one su%@ect (i&e&* En)ironmental "lannin# "rocesses* 6ethods* and Strate#ies!& This su%@ect
is scheduled $rom 8C00am to 2C00pm (or 0 hours!& :a( 2* on the other hand* co)ers t'o su%@ects& The $irst su%@ect
(i&e&* Fistor(* .oncepts* Theories* and "rinciples o$ En)ironmental "lannin#! is scheduled $rom 8C00am to 11C00am
(or , hours!* 'hile the second su%@ect (i&e&* En)ironmental "lan +mplementation and /e#al Aspects! is scheduled $rom
12C00pm to 2C00pm (or 2 hours!&

Fa)in# kno'n the num%er o$ hours allotted* the next step is to tr( to kno' the num%er o$ questions or items $or each
su%@ect& +n the example a%o)e* the :a( 1 su%@ect o$ En)ironmental "lannin# "rocesses* 6ethods* and Strate#ies
consists o$ 200 questions& Bith 0 hours allotted $or this su%@ect* + $irst su%tract an hour $or trans$errin# o$ ans'ers
(see Tip E2!& This #i)es me 5 hours to ans'er a total o$ 200 questions (and 1 hour $or trans$errin# and $inali<in# m(
ans'ers!& So the rate in 'hich + ha)e to ans'er is #i)en at 200 questions per ,00 minutes& Simpli$(in#* this means +
ha)e 1 minute and ,0 seconds to ans'er one question in m( :a( 1 su%@ect&

The same $ormula #oes $or the other su%@ects& +n the same example a%o)e* the $irst su%@ect in :a( 2 (i&e&* Fistor(*
.oncepts* Theories* and "rinciples o$ En)ironmental "lannin#! consists o$ 100 questions& Bith , hours allotted $or
this su%@ect* + su%tract an hour $or trans$errin# o$ ans'ers& This #i)es me 2 hours to ans'er a total o$ 100 questions&
So the rate in 'hich + ha)e to ans'er is #i)en at 100 questions per 120 minutes& Simpli$(in#* this means + ha)e 1
minute and 12 seconds to ans'er one question in m( :a( 2 su%@ect&

Another )er( important thin# to remem%er is that each question* re#ardless o$ its di$$icult(* is @ust 'orth 1 point& So* +
stron#l( recommend that (ou ans'er the easier questions $irst& +$ (ou do not kno' the ans'er or (ou are ha)in#
di$$iculties decidin# 'hich amon# the choices to pick* @ust skip it immediatel( and proceed to the next item& 9ou must
not 'aste too much time thinkin# and $ishin# $or an ans'er on a )er( di$$icult question& 9ou 'ill %e #oin# %ack to it
later a$ter (ou ha)e read all the others& This is a )er( #ood strate#( %ecause sometimes there are questions or
choices similar to the one (ou are ha)in# trou%le 'ith that 'ould help (ou #et to the ri#ht ans'er (see example in Tip

Jeep track o$ (our time %( 'earin# a 'rist 'atch (not a cellular phone since (ou 'ould ha)e to turn this o$$ and
surrender to the proctors!& :o not %e $orced to $inish (our exam earl( @ust %ecause other examinees are $inishin#
their exams 'a( ahead o$ e)er(one else& 9ou 'ill encounter in (our classroom these kinds o$ examinees that 'ill
stand up and su%mit their ans'er sheets @ust one or t'o hours a$ter the exam has started& Bell* that?s their
%usiness& 9ou mind (our o'n exam& 9ou do not #et additional points $or $inishin# $irst& So make the most out o$ (our
time %( dou%le;checkin# and triple;checkin# (our ans'ers in (our questionnaire until (ou are satis$ied %e$ore
trans$errin# them to (our ans'er sheet as (our $inal ans'ers&


The 40?s %oard exam 'as all a%out identi$ication* $ill;in;the;%lanks* and 'ritten essa(s that are checked manuall(&
>o'ada(s* the %oard examinations are moderni<ed and are checked usin# the computer& Ior ease o$ checkin#*
questions are no' prepared 'ith multiple choices& This moderni<ation o$ the %oard exam has actuall( made (our
li)es much easier in so $ar as #ettin# an ans'er correctl(& 6ultiple;choice questions* usuall( 'ith 2 choices (A* B* .
or :!* #i)e (ou a hi#her pro%a%ilit( o$ #ettin# a ri#ht ans'er than identi$ication questions= simpl( %ecause the
ans'er is alread( there 8 (ou @ust ha)e to pick it&

"ractice the art o$ elimination to increase this pro%a%ilit( especiall( $or questions (ou do not kno'& Fere is an
example o$ a question + ha)e encountered in the %oard exam in 'hich + do not kno' the exact ans'er %ut 'as a%le to
$i#ure out %( means o$ eliminationC

"uestion# $ho is this %&iss'born architect &ho (esi)ne( the %an *rancisco Museum o+ Mo(ern Art,Choices# a-
Le Corbusier b- *ran. Llo/( $ri)ht c- %antia)o Calatra!a (- Mario 0otta

Irom the question* 'e alread( kno' that 'e are lookin# $or an architect 'ho 'as %orn in S'it<erland& Amon# the
choices* + am onl( $amiliar 'ith /e .or%usier and Irank /lo(d Bri#ht (+ ha)e heard o$ the .alatra)a #u( %e$ore %ut
not in detail!& Based on 'hat + kno' in colle#e* + 'as a%le to identi$( immediatel( that Irank /lo(d Bri#ht is an
American architect 'ho 'orked durin# the late 1800?s to'ards the 20
centur(& Fa)in# eliminated choice B* m(
pro%a%ilit( o$ #ettin# a ri#ht ans'er increased $rom 1C2 (or 253! to 1C, (or ,,&,3!& + then continued anal(<in# m(
three remainin# choices&

+ then remem%ered one ma#a<ine article + read re#ardin# the 'orks o$ this Santia#o .alatra)a& Fe is an en#ineer;
architect and 'as* as + recalled* pro%a%l( a Spaniard& +$ . is the ri#ht ans'er* the question should ha)e mentioned
that he is a ci)il en#ineer %ecause + heard that his 'orks 'ere kno'n $or its outstandin# structural %eaut(& Since the
question did not mention an(thin# a%out it and + 'as con)inced he is reall( $rom Spain (@ud#in# %( his surname!* +
then eliminated choice .* lea)in# me 'ith onl( t'o options to choose $rom& 6( pro%a%ilit( o$ #ettin# a ri#ht ans'er
no' increased $rom 1C, (or ,,&,3! to 1C2 (or 503!&

Bith onl( t'o remainin# choices* + kno' that /e .or%usier is a S'iss;%orn architect& So* choice A mi#ht %e correct&
But he is one o$ the 'ell;kno'n architects durin# the 1A,0?s* and + ne)er heard o$ his desi#nin# a museum in San
Irancisco& Also* + remem%ered $rom an internet article that this museum 'as %uilt around the 80?s or A0?s (since it
'as a modern art museum!& E)en thou#ht /e .or%usier 'as %orn in S'it<erland* he mi#ht not ha)e %een ali)e 'hen
this museum 'as desi#ned& So ha)in# that anal(sis* + eliminated choice A (/e .or%usier! and decided to chose the
lesser;kno'n choice : (6ario Botta!&

A$ter the exams* + researched to see i$ + had the ri#ht anal(sis* and true to 'hat + thou#ht* + 'as ri#ht& 6ario Botta
'as that S'iss;%orn architect 'ho desi#ned the San Irancisco 6odern Art 6useum&

The a%ilit( to eliminate choices depends on ho' much kno'led#e (ou ha)e on the other #i)en choices& That is 'h(
the more (ou ha)e prepared in (our re)ie' and the more topics (ou ha)e read* the hi#her the chances o$ (ou
kno'in# 'hich choices to eliminate& Dther'ise* (ou mi#ht %e runnin# the risk o$ eliminatin# the correct ans'er&


As Sherlock Folmes put it& Fa)in# lo#ical skills is a )alua%le tool to deduce an ans'er in certain questions (ou are
not $amiliar 'ith& These* in particular* are recurrin# questions or questions 'ith similar choices& Fere is an example
o$ a recurrin# question that appeared durin# m( En)ironmental "lannin# examsC

"uestion 1 12# $hich amon) the +ollo&in) (escribes ancient 3lannin) o+ to&ns in the 4i)ris'Eu3hrates Ri!er,
5 ' At the center o+ these to&ns are A)oras
55 ' 4o&ns are enclose( b/ &alls
555 ' %tructures are usuall/ built &ith mu( bric.s
56 ' 4he streets ha!e no (e+inite 3atterns
6 ' 4he/ usuall/ ha!e tem3les

Choices# a- 57 5557 6 b- 557 5557 567 6 c- 57 557 5557 567 6 (- 57 557 555

"uestion 1 42# 5n the 3lannin) o+ ancient to&ns +oun( alon) the 4i)ris an( Eu3hrates Ri!er7 &hich amon) the
+ollo&in) characteristics are e!i(ent,
5 ' %tructures are usuall/ built &ith mu( bric.s
55 ' %treets are lai( out &ith no (e+inite 3atterns
555 ' 4o&ns are enclose( b/ &alls
56 ' 4he/ usuall/ contain tem3les
6 ' A)oras are locate( centrall/

Choices# a- 57 557 555 b- 557 567 6 c- 5557 567 6 (- 57 557 5557 56

>o' let us tr( to anal(<e these t'o questions that talk a%out the same topic and see i$ 'e can #et the ans'ers
throu#h lo#ical and deducti)e reasonin#&

+n Guestion E 15* notice that +++ appears in all o$ the choices& This simpl( means that 555 %tructures are usuall/
built &ith mu( bric.s must %e one o$ the characteristics o$ ancient to'ns& There$ore* in Guestion E 22* i$ %tructures
are usuall/ built &ith mu( bric.s is correct* then* 'e can surmise that onl( either choice A or choice : is correct
(since these are the onl( choices 'hich contain that characteristic!& Be can no' sa$el( eliminate choice B and . in
Guestion E 22&

>o'* anal(<in# choice A and choice : in Guestion E 22* notice that ++ and +++ also appear in %oth these possi%le
choices& This means that 55 %treets are lai( out &ith no (e+inite 3atterns and 555 4o&ns are enclose( b/ &alls
must %e characteristics o$ ancient to'ns as 'ell& There$ore* #oin# %ack to Guestion E 15* 'e can surmise that onl(
either choice B or choice . is correct (since these are the onl( choices 'hich contain %oth those characteristics!& Be
can no' sa$el( eliminate choice A and : in Guestion E 15&

So no' 'e are le$t 'ith onl( t'o choices $or each question& +n Guestion E 15* it is either B or .& +n Guestion E 22* it
is either A or :& Dn 'e #o=

Takin# a look at Guestion E 15* notice that K appears on %oth choices B and . (the onl( t'o choices le$t to choose
$rom a$ter eliminatin# choices A and :!& This means that 6 4he/ usuall/ ha!e tem3les must %e another
characteristic o$ ancient to'ns& There$ore* in Guestion E 22 'herein 'e are le$t 'ith either choice A or :* 'e can
surmise that choice : must %e the ri#ht ans'er since it is the onl( one that contains that characteristic&

+$ choice : is the correct ans'er $or Guestion E 22* 'e can sa( that 6 A)oras are centrall/ locate( is not a
characteristic (%ecause K does not appear in choice :!& There$ore* #oin# %ack to Guestion E 15* 'e can surmise
that choice B must %e the ri#ht ans'er since it also does not contain that same characteristic&

So our $inal ans'ers 'ould %eC Guestion E 15 is choice B and Guestion E 22 is choice :& See ho' 'e ha)e
mana#ed to #et the ri#ht ans'ers %ecause o$ deducti)e and lo#ical reasonin#L E)en thou#h 'e ha)e no idea 'hat
the characteristics o$ ancient cit( plannin# in the Ti#ris and Euphrates -i)er 'ere* 'e 'ere still a%le to #et the ans'er


-ead the question t'ice* thrice or e)en $our times %e$ore (ou ans'er& :o not %e a hi#h;speed ans'erer %( @ust
readin# the $irst $e' lines o$ the question and assumin# that (ou alread( kno' 'hat is %ein# asked& 9ou mi#ht miss
important 'ords that #i)e hints to the ri#ht choice& 9ou also ha)e to look out $or Stin#er Bords like the 'ords >DT
and EM.E"T& Ior exampleC

"uestion# 4he 3ostmo(ern mo!ement &as an ans&er to the mo(ernists8 3rinci3les o+ mass 3ro(uction7
stan(ar(i9ation7 an( the international st/le o+ architecture that o+ten (iminishes the architectural character o+ a
certain culture7 3romotes machines rather than human art7 an( remo!es the com3lexit/ an( !ariet/ o+ structures in
the 20
centur/- $hich amon) the +ollo&in) characteristic is not amon) the 3rinci3les o+ the 3ostmo(ern mo!ement,

"uestion# 4he +ollo&in) are exam3les o+ baro:ue churches in the Phili33ines establishe( un(er %3anish rule7 exce3t#

+n the t'o examples a%o)e* (ou ha)e to %e a'are on 'hat is %ein# asked $or& A clums( examinee 'ould o$ten miss
out the 'ords >DT and EM.E"T& Fe 'ould ans'er ri#ht a'a( a$ter @ust readin# a $e' lines on the question not
kno'in# he is ans'erin# the direct opposite o$ 'hat is %ein# sou#ht&

Another important tip is to anal(<e the questions and $or#et a%out patterns& 6ost o$ us $all )ictim to these patterns&
Bherein 'e @ud#e a correct ans'er %ased on ho' it looks like& Ior example* + encountered a question in 'hich +
ha)e no idea 'hat the ans'er isC

"uestion# $hich amon) the +ollo&in) la&s7 establishe( in 1;<27 has not be amen(e( an( is still use( to(a/,
Choices# a- RA 742 b- RA 6;6; c- Common&ealth Act =o- 141 (- RA 4726

6ost o$ us 'ho look at patterns 'ould #enerall( eliminate choice . and concentrate on the other choices 'hich look
similar& >e)er %ase (our ans'ers %ecause o$ patterns or 'hate)er looks similar& +n the a%o)e example* there is
actuall( a clue that some'hat #i)es out the ri#ht ans'er i$ (ou onl( tr( to anal(<e it& >otice that the la' %ein# sou#ht
'as esta%lished in 1A,5& Bith the #i)en choices* + kno' that -A (or -epu%lic Acts! 'ere onl( esta%lished durin# the
post;6arcos era& Also* 1A,0?s 'as the .ommon'ealth "eriod in the "hilippines 'here 'e 'ere still under the
auspices o$ the American 7o)ernment& There$ore* throu#h anal(sis (and not %( patterns!* + 'as a%le to pick the ri#ht
ans'er %( choosin# . e)en thou#h + honestl( reall( don?t kno' 'hat that la' is all a%out&


This is m( 'a( o$ pro@ectin# m( possi%le score in the exam& 9ou ma( or ma( not 'ant to do this %ut* $or me* it is an
e$$ecti)e tool on re;e)aluatin# m( ans'ers especiall( $or the items + am not sure 'ith %e$ore + trans$er them to m(
ans'er sheet&

All o$ (our ans'ers can %e summed up into three (,! cate#ories* namel(C %ure Ans&ers* 20'20 Ans&ers* and $il(
>uesses& A$ter ha)in# ans'ered all the items in m( questionnaire and %e$ore + start trans$errin# them as $inal
ans'ers into m( ans'er sheet* + al'a(s calculate m( possi%le score %( markin# questions into these cate#ories&

Fere is ho' to do itC Dn the questionnaires* mark questions 'ith a STA- i$ (ou are A03 to 1003 sure (ou #ot it ri#ht
('hether (ou are sure %ecause (ou reall( kno' the ans'er or (ou are sure %ecause %( usin# the process o$
elimination (ou 'ere a%le to #et to the ri#ht ans'er!& >o' $or ans'ers in 'hich (ou are a %it* shall 'e sa( 50;50*
(ou mark those questions 'ith a BDM (50;50 usuall( means lea)in# (ou 'ith t'o )er( close ans'ers to choose $rom
8 and it could #o either 'a( as the ri#ht ans'er!& /astl(* $or ans'ers (ou reall( ha)e no idea* (ou mark them 'ith a

>o' that (ou ha)e cate#ori<ed all (our ans'ers* it is time to calculate (our pro@ected score& .ount the num%er o$
stars and multipl( the total %( 1& This is %ased on the pro%a%ilit( that all (our A03 to 1003 sure ans'ers are reall(
correct& >ext* count the num%er o$ %oxes and multipl( the total %( N (or 503!& This is %ased on the pro%a%ilit( that in
e)er( t'o o$ (our 50;50 #uess* one 'ill %e correct& And lastl(* count the num%er o$ circles and multipl( the total %( O
(or 253!& This is %ased on the pro%a%ilit( that in e)er( $our o$ (our 'ild #uesses* onl( one 'ill %e correct&

Fere is an example o$ m( pro@ected score durin# the actual Board ExamC (The exam has 200 items!

Stars (A03 to 1003 Sure! 82 items 1 82
Boxes (50;50 P Educated 7uess! 41 items N ,0 (approx&!
.ircles (Bild 7uesses! 24 items O 12 (approx&!
TDTA/ 200 items 1&7 8 %77 9o: /*;<

>ote that this is @ust a pro@ection& +t ma( #o up (or #o do'n 8 hope$ull( not!& +t all depends on (our 50;50 and 'ild
#uesses i$ (ou ha)e #otten them correct (or 'ron# 8 a#ain* hope$ull( not!& This is the importance o$ (our re)ie'&
9our #oal is to #et as much A03 to 1003 sure ans'ers and less o$ those 50;50 and 'ild #uesses&

The point in doin# this is not onl( to see 'hat (our possi%le score is %ut to %e a%le to re;check and re;e)aluate (our
ans'ers especiall( those that %elon# in the 50;50 cate#or(& So #et %ack at those questions and spend some time re;
thinkin# a%out (our ans'ers %e$ore (ou trans$er them as $inal ans'ers in (our ans'er sheet&


9ou 'ould not %e needin# (our ans'er sheets $or the moment until (ou ha)e read all the questions and read( to
make (our $inal @ud#ment& So the $irst step is settin# (our ans'er sheet aside and @ust $ocus on (our questionnaires&

:o a quick scan on the questionnaire& Take note o$ the num%er o$ questions and see i$ e)er(thin# is in order& .heck
i$ there are missin# pa#es or missin# num%ers& .heck also (our SET (i$ set A or set B!& Be a'are o$ corrections or
%onus questions (these are usuall( 'ritten on the %lack%oard andPor announced %( the proctor!&

+$ e)er(thin# is in order* (ou must per$orm a quick %ro'se on the questions& Startin# $rom the $irst one* read A//
questions up to the last one and onl( ans'er those that (ou kno' $irst& 6ark these questions 'ith stars (as in Tip
EA!& Skip and proceed to the next one i$ (ou are ha)in# trou%le 'ith it& 9ou 'ill %e comin# %ack to it later& /ike + said
in Tip E5* do not spend too much time thinkin# on a certain question on (our $irst %ro'se& Skip it immediatel( i$ (ou
$eel like (ou do not kno' it& :o not panic i$ in case (ou are skippin# consecuti)e questions& Just ans'er the thin#s
(ou kno' $irst& :urin# m( exam $or 6aster "lum%ers* + recall that in our 150;item su%@ect* + had no idea 'hat the
ans'ers are $or Guestion E, ($irst pa#e o$ the questionnaire! all the 'a( up to Guestion E 25 ($ourth pa#e o$ the
questionnaire!& + le$t $our pa#es %lankH That is oka(* %ecause m( #oal 'as not to ans'er immediatel( %ut to kno'
'hat questions 'ere %ein# asked&

So* a$ter (our $irst %ro'se* (ou 'ould ha)e accomplished the $ollo'in#C
- Ans'ered all questions that are eas( or that (ou are A03 to 1003 sure&
- Fa)e an idea on 'hat questions are asked and kno' 'hat topics the( pertain to&
- Taken note on repeatin# questions ((es* this happens a lot!
- Taken note on recurrin# questions 'ith similar choices (this 'ill help (ou in (our elimination process!

This $irst %ro'se is )er( important since it $unnels the topics (ou onl( ha)e to recall $rom (our re)ie'& >ote that
%e$ore the exam %e#ins* (ou ha)e a lot o$ memori<ed kno'led#e stored in (our %rain& A$ter per$ormin# this $irst
%ro'se* (ou can then $ocus on the onl( thin#s (ou need to remem%er as (ou #et read( $or (our next s'eep&

The next run;do'n 'ould %e a little %it #ritt( as this is the time 'here (ou are #oin# to spend a lot o$ ener#( anal(<in#
the question* remem%erin# 'hat (ou read in (our re)ie'* and recallin# 'hat (ou ha)e memori<ed in order to
eliminate the choices and pick the ri#ht ans'er& 9ou 'ill %e #oin# %ack and $orth the test questionnaires and reall( %e
#ettin# (our hands (and %rains! dirt(&

Tr( to #et into the examiners? minds and understand ho' the questions 'ere $ormulated& +n this part o$ the exams*
(ou are on (our o'n& Bhate)er (ou ha)e re)ie'ed* ho' much e$$ort (ou exerted in (our studies* and ho' much (our
%rain can recall and understand 'hat is %ein# asked 'ould all determine ho' (ou 'ill #et the ri#ht ans'ers&

6ark (our ans'ers 'ith a star (i$ (ou 'ere a%le to eliminate the other choices and (ou are A03 to 1003 sure o$ (our
ans'er!* a %ox (i$ it is a 50;50 ans'er!* or a circle (i$ (ou reall( ha)e no idea 'hat the ans'er is!& A$ter ha)in#
ans'ered all o$ the questions on (our questionnaires* tr( to pro@ect (our score %( usin# the method discussed in Tip

7et %ack to the questions and re;e)aluate (our ans'ers especiall( (our 50;50 and 'ild #uesses& Take (our time to
$i#ure out and recall those topics that (ou ha)e re)ie'ed& +$ (ou are satis$ied 'ith (our ans'ers* it is time to trans$er
(our ans'ers $rom (our questionnaire to (our ans'er sheet as (our I+>A/ ans'ers&

Be$ore (ou su%mit (ou ans'er sheets* check i$ (ou ha)e shaded the ri#ht set (set A or set B!&


This $inal tip takes us %ack to m( introductionC Are (ou one o$ the people 'ho dread the exam or are (ou one o$ the
$e' 'ho 'ill declare the( 'ill excelL

Be honest* $or (ou are the onl( one 'ho can ans'er this&

All + can sa( $or no' as m( $inal ad)ice is thisC >e)er look at thin#s as pro%lems or trou%les that 'ould hinder (our
de)elopment as a person& /ook at thin#s as challen#es and opportunities $or (ou to learn and #ro'&

+$ (our ans'er to m( question is the latter* then + %elie)e (ou are on (our 'a( to creatin# (our o'n milestone&

7ood luck in (our %oard examinations and al'a(s aim $or that top spotH

6apua +nstitute o$ Technolo#(* B&S& Arch& (Batch 2000!
22 June 2008