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Travel Agency HR Plan

LaQuenta Reynolds
University o P!oeni"
HR# $$% &rgani'ational Training and (evelo)*ent
.!erri /o!nson
0or1s!o) 1
#ay 123 %415
Travel Agency HR Plan
T!e )ur)ose o t!is )a)er is to create and devise a )lan t!at 6ill !el) t!e HR de)art*ent
i*)le*ent a clear *ission and unction to acco*)lis! gro6t!7 T!e )lan includes t!e unctions
and c!allenges in t!e HR de)art*ent in ulilling t!is strategy3 t!e )ur)ose o HR *etrics and
t!eir eect on senior *anage*ent3 !o6 t!e HR )lanning )rocess 6ill 8e a))lied3 a deter*ination
o a strategic HR )lan3 and recruit*ent and selection *et!ods7
Functions and challenges of Human Resources Management
T!e res)onsi8ilities and role o Hu*an Resource #anager is continually c!anging7 T!e
ocus o HR is e*)loyee retention7 Hu*an Resources 9HR: is res)onsi8le or attracting and
ac;uiring t!e *ost ;ualiied candidates or vacant )ositions7 T!ere are several unctions 6it!in
HR3 suc! as )ayroll3 e*)loyee relations3 etc7 T!e HR Coordinator 6ill !el) analy'e t!e dierent
recruiting strategies availa8le3 revie6 )otential candidate resu*es and a))lications3 and )ro)ose
an oer to t!e selected and *ost ;ualiied candidate7 C!allenges HR ace include diversity3
discri*ination3 and co*)liance 6it! state and ederal la6s and regulations7 HR is res)onsi8le or
)ro*oting and )rotecting t!e et!ics3 8elies3 and values 6it!in t!e co*)any3 es)ecially in a
diverse 6or1)lace7
The purpose of HR metrics and their effect on senior management
T!e )ur)ose o HR *etrics is to !el) set and deter*ine 8udgets and )eror*ance goals7
0!en )art o t!e organi'ation e")eriences !ig! e*)loyee turnover3 HR *anage*ent evaluates
and )rovides and or suggests solutions to !ire and retain e*)loyees7 Hu*an resource
*anage*ent uses *etrics *et!ods to analy'e costs and create *ore eiciency at all levels7
How the HR planning process will be applied
T!e HR )lanning )rocess 6ill 8e a))lied to disclose )olicies3 )rocedures3 )ractices3 and
!u*an resource )lans7 T!e goal o t!e HR )lanning )rocess is to acco*)lis! co*)any goals7
.o*e o t!ese )lans include training and *anage*ent develo)*ent3 a))raisal )lans3 and
e*)loyee utili'ation )lans7 T!e irst ste) in t!e !u*an resource )lanning )rocess is to understand
t!e *eaning o !u*an resource *anage*ent7 HR *angers s!ould understand 8ot! e"ternal and
internal environ*ents7 E"ternal data on environ*ents includes co*)etition3 tec!nology3 industry3
and t!e general status o t!e econo*y= trends and la8or *ar1et regulations= s1ills availa8le= age
and gender o t!e la8or orce= and une*)loy*ent rate7 >nternal data re;uired include s!ort? and
long?ter* goals and o8@ectives and t!e current state o t!e co*)any7
A determination of a strategic HR plan
A strategic HR )lan is i*)erative to eectively and successully o)erate a 8usiness7
(eter*ining 6!at to include and i*)le*ent in a strategic HR )lan involves 6or1ing closely 6it!
t!e co*)anyAs u))er *anage*ent3 e"ecutives3 8oard *e*8ers3 etc7 A strategic HR )lan
identiies and addresses needs re;uiring i**ediate attention and uture goals and o8@ectives o
t!e co*)any3 suc! as o)erations3 *ar1eting3 and inance7 HR is res)onsi8le or )racticing and
co**unicating co*)any goals to e*)loyees7
Recruitment Strategy
As a co*)any e")ands3 gro6s3 and !as a !ig! turnover rate3 it is i*)erative to create ne6
)ositions or ill e"isting ones7 A dile**a HR aces3 is 6!et!er or not to )ro*ote so*eone ro*
6it!in t!e co*)any or recruit so*eone outside t!e co*)any7 Recruiting ro* 6it!in o))osed to
recruiting ro* outside3 is oten *ore 8eneicial or t!e co*)any 8ecause it saves ti*e and
reduces costs7 Pro*oting ro* 6it!in is 8eneicial 8ecause internal e*)loyees !ave a ra))ort
and !istory 6it! t!e organi'ation3 t!ereore= t!ey !ave )roven t!e*selves as assets and valua8le
to t!e co*)any7 Additionally3 internal e*)loyees are a*iliar 6it! t!e 6or1 culture and t!e
co*)any7 Anot!er *et!od HR can use is t!e o)en versus targeted recruiting strategy7 T!e o)en
)ro*otes diversity and allo6s various ;ualiied )otential candidates to a))ly or vacant
)ositions7 Targeted recruiting allo6s HR to identiy seg*ents in t!e industry and *ar1et and !el)
identiy ;ualiied candidates using Bno6ledge3 .1ills3 A8ility3 and &t!er C!aracteristics
9B.A&s:7 T!ereore3 HR s!ould use various *et!ods and strategies in recruiting ;ualiied