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Abhay Kulkarni

Technical Expert

C-2, Kamdhenu Riddhi,
Lane No.4, Mahatma Society,
Kothrud, Pune - 4!"#
$. %. &%lectronic' ( )elecommunication'*

Cell + , - ,,2"42,-!
%mail + intratek./


Unleash my technical expertise of 14 Years for Organizations by understanding the inter relationships
of the business and technical components and transform this aggregate vision into a cost effective
solution and facilitating collaboration, co-ordination, implementation and training of stakeholders


! dedicated, accomplished, resourceful, versatile, innovative and multi skilled "# $rofessional %ith
good all round ability in successfully implementing the solution comprehending complex and
interdependent business processes &ery capable of identifying the client needs, engineering them
into re'uirements analysis and translating them into appropriate technical solution

$ossess an overall experience of 14 Years from system analysis, design ( development to delivery (
deployment of diversified applications and systems unleashing )ree Open *ource *oft%are
+emonstrated substantial savings in administrative processes, time of execution and o%nership cost

e-,earning *ystems $ortals, "ntranet ( -eb +evelopment
.ontent /anagement *ystems e-.ommunications ( .ollaboration
0usiness $rocess /anagement 12$, .2/ and 1./
+ata "ntegration, 1#, ( !nalytics 3eographic "nformation *ystem
/anagement "nformation *ystems 3"* enabled /"*

$roven analytical skills %ithin strong organizational skills, out-of-the-box thinking and
innovative problem solving abilities
1nriched %ith logical reasoning to re-engineer business processes to eliminate %asteful and
inefficient practices to guide the development of performance-driven ( efficient solutions
"dentifying options for potential solutions and assessing them for both technical and
business suitability %ith strict adherence to the specifications
+erived best practices for procurement, process management and technical evaluations
3ood understanding of solution cost structure by identifying all cost points
-ell versed and practiced %ith advanced tools and diversified development technologies
*trong advisory skills accompanying advocacy of Open *ource *oft%are
$rogramming 4 $5$, .66, 7ava, $ython, 89uery, 5#/,, .**, 7ava*cript, -eb services
+atabases 4 /y*9,, $ostgre*9,, )irebird
!pplications 4 /oodle, 7oomla, +rupal, -ordpress, !lfresco, ,iferay $ortal, 12$, .2/
0" ( 2eporting 4 #alend *tudio, i2eport, 7asper 2eports *erver, $entaho +ata "ntegration
3"* 4 93"*, 32!**, /ap *erver, 3eo *erver, 3eo #ools, -/*, -)*
*ystems 4 ,inux, U#/, 2outer, $roxy, &$:, ,+!$, ./+0, &o"$, -eb .onferencing
Technical Consultant (November 2011 Present)
!n end to end e-,earning solution %ith collaborative approach and measuring outcomes
*olution architect for data integration ( multi dimensional analytical reporting system for a
state%ide socio economic survey of slums and slum d%ellers in cities
!rchitect a 3"* based *lum "nformation *ystem for a city
$reparing *lum )ree .ity $lan of !ction of a city %ith 3"* integrated /"* and !nalytics
Senior System Analyst (May 2007 November 2011)
Y!*5!+!, $une ;! 3overnment of /aharashtra o%ned "*O <==14>==? Organization@
2esponsible for system analysis to delivery of internal systems %ith agile methodology
$rovided technical support to various existing applications %ithin the organization
+evised a system for co-ordination ( liaising %ith vendors for the outsourced pro8ects
+emonstrated $roof of .oncept for various systems ( applications
+esigned and conducted a number of "# training courses and %orkshops
1xperience in preparation of various functional ( technical documents like 1O", 2)$, *2*,
tender documents, pro8ect proposals, concept notes, training manuals etc
$rovided guidance to government departments on their e-3overnance initiatives
!rchitecture of "# system featuring data ac'uisition to enterprise reporting
Selecte Accom!lishments
+eveloped "# solutions in 8ob appointments for greater transparency ( opacity
!rchitected a nation%ide distance learning system on *ystematic !pproach to #raining
*olution !rchitect of ./* based document repositories for national level pro8ects
"mplemented e-communications systems as, email, call centre, &o"$, -eb .onferencing
-orked %ith management to prepare migration plans for applications to lo%er the #.O
*ubmitted concepts notes to state government on emerging technologies ( their utilization
$articipated ( presented in national level seminars ( %orkshops

System Analyst " #evelo!er (May 2000 A!ril 2007)
"ntratek *olutions, !hmednagar
+eveloped a number of %eb based applications featuring "ntranets, +ocument, .ontent (
Ano%ledge /anagement *ystems, e-,earning *ystems, /ail, -eb, )#$ and other :et%ork *ervers,
+esign, +evelopment and !dministration of +atabase *ervers *ecure $oint to $oint #unneling over
the "nternet for interconnections of branches of a fe% banks and industries, .onfigured +ial-"n
*ervers ( &$: %ith 2ed 5at ,inux .onducted training courses on +atabase #echnology, !dvanced
,inux, $rogramming ,anguages, .omputer :et%orking etc .onducted private coaching classes for
students of /./, /.!, 0.*, /.* etc covering their then syllabus and helping in annual pro8ects