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This month marks the eighteenth anniversary of the attack on Flight 800

that resulted in the deaths of 230 people onboard the flight. Many people
very strongly agree that the aircraft was shot down by the ! military
and the ! government under "ill #lnton was involved in a very massive
cover$up that ranks as the 3rd most flagrant ! government conspiracy in
recent times after the %&80s ! '()! furore and the 2000s &$%% attack.
*arlier this month+ on 2 ,uly 20%-+ the ! .T!" re/ected a re0uest from
a group of scientists and retired investigators to reopen the original %&&1
investigation of the Flight 800 crash insisting that the plane crashed due to
a wire sparking an e2plosion in the central fuel tank onboard Flight 800.
*ighteen years ago+ Flight 800 e2ploded and crashed off the coast of 3ong
(sland /ust shortly after taking off from ,F4 airport. 5undreds of people
at the beach reported seeing the bright flash of an ob/ect streaking towards
the plane moments before it e2ploded in mid$air. Tom !talcup+ a physicist
from the group petitioning for a fresh probe into the incident+ said he was
not surprised. The huge ! government cover$up which sprang into action
almost immediately after the crash involved the .T!"+ the ! military+
#linton administration officials+ the #('+ the media+ the F"(+ and the !
6entagon+ including the then )efence !ecretary 7illiam 6erry.
(t was reported that the ! military was in the area /ust before the crash+
and the navy was testing its 'egis air defence system with two nuclear$
powered ! .avy submarines plus a handful of other navy surface vessels
taking part in the test. ,ust after Flight 800 e2ploded+ the navy ships fled
the area and many soldiers and police were hastily rushed to 3ong (sland
to pick up debris while navy divers were despatched to search underwater.
(t was so e2tremely unusual for the military to get involved. 7eeks and
even months later+ the .T!" was accused of doing 8evidence tampering.9
#arried out on the orders of higher authorities for the sake of the cover$up.