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Arts Festival ’08


M a k i ng a L i v i ng i n t h e A r ts

Tuesday 15 April Rick Dahl, the Senior News Graphic Artist for the Andrea Hairston, the Louise Wolff Kahn 1931 Professor
Rochester Post-Bulletin, has won numerous awards of Theatre at Smith College, directs, teaches playwriting,
12:30 p.m. MSCtv Greenway Awards, Student Life Center Lobby for illustration, page design and and African, African American, and Caribbean theatre litera-
news graphics. Rick is also an ture. An award-winning playwright, author, director, actor,
6:00 p.m. “Threads that Tell Stories: A Short Look at Historical Tapestries” award-winning actor, playwright and musician, she is the Artistic Director of
Micala Sidore, Arts Complex Theatre and director. Chrysalis Theatre and has produced original
theatre with music, dance, and masks for over
Micala Sidore, a tapestry twenty-five years.
Wednesday 16 April weaver, learned the techniques and
12:30 p.m. Performance of the play “Dog Logic” aesthetics of traditional French Pan Morigan, a critically acclaimed singer,
Rick Dahl, Arts Complex Music Recital Hall tapestry at the Manufacture composer, and instrumentalist, has produced
Nationale des Gobelins in Paris. music for over twenty theatre productions
6:00 p.m. Performances of the plays “DISPATCHES” and “I Sing Earth” Sidore established the Hawley Street as the Musical Director of Chrysalis Theatre,
Andrea Hairston and Pan Morigan, Arts Complex Theatre Tapestry Studio and developed the toured with Bobby McFerrin’s a
TraveLoom, a patented portable cappella Voicestra, and produced and
tapestry frame loom. performed Castles of Gold, Songs and
Thursday 17 April Stories of Irish Immigration as both
Caroline Aiken is an indie a stage production and as a radio
11:30 a.m. Free Outdoor Concert special for Public Radio International.
Caroline Aiken, Student Life Center Amphitheater folk/rock artist and teacher
based in the Decatur/Atlanta
12:45 p.m. Performance of the play “Dog Logic”
area. An accomplished singer/ Chrysalis Theatre, a cross cultural,
songwriter, she is also a multidisciplinary performance
Rick Dahl, Warner Robins Campus Theatre
respected musician known for ensemble, has presented innovative
her skill on both the 12-string and progressive cultural work in Western Massachusetts
1:00 p.m. Panel Discussion on Making a Living in the Arts guitar and piano. She has since 1978. Its multidisciplinary group of artists draws on a
Aiken, Hairston, Morigan and Sidore played with the Indigo Girls and range of cultural backgrounds to develop new music-theatre
Learning Support Auditorium Bonnie Raitt and been nomi- productions and to engage in community education and
nated for a Grammy. training.
6:00 p.m. Poetry Reading
Catharine Brosman, Arts Complex Theatre

6:00 p.m. Workshop on Songwriting and Performing

FREE AND OPEN All events are sponsored by the Macon State College Artists
and Lecturers Committee, the Arts Festival Committee, the
Office of Student Life, and the Division of Humanities.
Caroline Aiken, Arts Complex Music Recital Hall TO T HE PUBLIC Backg round photog r aph by Ger ald Luc as . Poster by Gi les Hoover, Macon, Georg ia.