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October 9, 2009

Preaching at
succate Halle in
Jersusalem, Israel.
In the background:
Old Jerusalem
pictured to the left.
Mount zion on the
right. Succate
Halle is a 24 hour
house of prayer

Germany, Israel, and beyond.....
the kingdom is invading this world
by Josh Stevens
! Hello friends and family! At your healing rooms and the Hem of His churchʼs that came together all for this
reading of this I pray you are prosperous Garment healing schools, pastor on call, event and prior to us coming they had
and in good health. I have good news! etc. Just an amazing man, that had a experienced very little of what is common
We are living in the greatest revival the great impact on me when I was in first to us here at bethel but they were so
world has ever known! More people are year school of ministry. I feel so much hungry for more of God and His presence.
being saved and healed today then at any favor and blessing to call him a friend and We saw hundreds and hundreds of
time ever before in the history of this to be able to partner with him in ministry miracles in the streets and in services,
planet! People are regularly being raised and really learn and receive the great people saved in divine encounters on the
from the dead all around this globe, and depth of wisdom, revelation and anointing streets. One of my favorite things was a
“the gospel of the Kingdom” math 24:14 is he carryʼs. I traveled with him all through russian family that we met that lived close
being preached all around the world! If all second year, and have just continued the to the church and saw people
you are seeing is what is wrong with this relationship with him and we are doing a experiencing God and were curious at
world, you are tuned into the wrong news lot more traveling as we do “healing what was happening so they invited me
station.... Sure there are plenty of things schools” for pastors and leaders all over and kris over for dinner. None of them
going wrong (which there have been the country and all over the world. I new God as russia is an atheistic country
since the fall) but there is way more going mainly just want to share with you the but you could tell they were hungry for
right! Iʼm convinced we need to start a incredible things we have got to see and what was “real”. We begin to share about
news channel that just reports on “good do on these trips. As well as traveling Gods love and His power as their hunger
news” I wanted to write to just share with with Joaquin I have also received drew it out. We shared about miracles
you what I'm seeing God do around the personal invitations to other places that I and words of knowledge and one of them
globe as i've had the opportunity to travel have got to do, releasing miracles, seeing asked “do you see anything for any of
a lot in the past year. people saved, and equipping the saints us?” as we responded.... “as a matter of
! For those of you that donʼt know, for the work of ministry! fact you have a problem with your left hip!
Iʼve recently graduated from the school of ! I got invited to travel to Germany stand up, the power of God is touching
ministry at bethel church in redding this summer for 2 weeks to do a 5 day you” The woman stood up and was
california and Iʼm currently doing an conference with 3 other people (including instantly healed without even laying
internship/ mentorship for Joaquin Evans one of my best friends Kris) with an hands on her! From there it just broke
who is the head of the healing department african congregation of people from out, me and kris begin to call out there
here1at our church; which includes the Ghana Africa! there was about 3 or 4 conditions across the table and the power
Revival invades hamburg,
KINGDOMREVIVAL October 9, 2009

.... then God showed me a picture of her in a
of God was instantly healing them..... they were all
astonished at the mighty things God was doing and one wheelchair and that she had MS.... and i was like
of them broke down and was saved right on the spot! “are you in a wheelchair? do you have MS?” and
She told us with deep conviction and tears in her eyes she freaked out!
after she had been saved and healed “You must come to Hamburg, Germany
russia, the people have to know these things!” it was a August 2009
powerful encounter with these people as we saw several
of them healed of different conditions and get to
experience the Love of God tangibly for the first time in
their lives! It really broke my heart for how many people back to her legs and her toes and started moving parts of
are out there that are just waiting to hear that God is good her body that she couldnʼt before.... all the pain had left....
and that He really does love them..... There are so many and the cool part was that the lady that had me call her
people just waiting for the goodness of God to be was her physical therapist so she confirmed all the stuff
displayed. Even the atheist is hungry..... He just wants that happened the next week and the doctors were
whatʼs real! Our whole goal going out all over the world astonished at her recovery all of sudden! So Germany
doing this is not only that we would bring people to the was off the charts incredible! Signs and wonders were
Lord like this but that we would equip people to walk in happening.... one of the services went 7 hours as the
the same grace and power that God has given us! glory just fell and people were getting healed all
Everywhere we go we are seeing it too! One of the guys throughout the room, we had creative miracles happen,
in this church who had never seen a miracle before blind eyes, deaf ears, and everything you can imagine
through his hands got to lay hands on a woman who had happen! Most of all our hearts were so connected with
a completely deaf ear that opened up instantly! I got to these people and what they carried! We had an
pray for a woman over the phone who couldnʼt make it to opportunity to get on the radio and release healing to
the meeting and I specifically told her friend not to tell me people all over the world through very specific words of
what was wrong with her so that the Lord would show us, knowledge as me and kris were both having many visions
and I began to call out different problems on her body of what God was doing.... We heard of tumors dissolving,
and pain started leaving.... then God showed me a deaf ears opening, and many more things God did during
picture of her in a wheelchair and that she had MS.... and that time, it was amazing!!!
i was like “are you in a wheelchair? do you have MS?” ! From Germany me and Kris flew to Israel and
and she freaked out! She started getting all this feeling met up with Joaquin to do ministry there in Jerusalem! It

Pictured right
The Jewish
quarter in old
Far right:
The outside of
the upper


KINGDOMREVIVAL October 9, 2009 was my first time there and I must
say that it is quite a place to go! We “the God of Israel told
just experienced so much of Gods
love and goodness being in the us you have this
place that Jesus walked the earth. problem and He wants
Joaquin got to speak at a big
conference there that was on God to heal you...... Jesus
TV, along with Heidi baker and is Messiah”
several other awesome men and
women of God. We were there Pictured to the left: The temple
supporting Joaquin doing ministry mount: Joaquin, Josh, Kris
from the front and seeing people get
healed throughout the whole place.
We activated many people who had
never seen miracles through their
own hands get instantly activating
seeing deaf ears open up, tumors
dissolve, and many more outrageous
miracles! My favorite part of the trip
when we were in the jewish quarter
one afternoon and just started to see
healing break out amongst the
Jewish people as we got words of
knowledge and we would tell them
“the God of Israel told us you have experienced Gods goodness!! it was believers into the miraculous! The first
this problem and He wants to heal you” absolutely surreal! One of the coolest night I had called out a condition with
One guy had chronic knee problems parts is that they were doing a the left wrist and nearly 10-15 people
and was instantly healed and with this documentary and had 4 cameras responded almost all in one section
astonished look on his face we told him filming all of it! Other groups were and there were two of them that
“Yeshua (Jesus in hebrew) is Messiah” coming in and asking “are you guys actually had cancerous tumors in their
This is what we did the whole time and having a healing meeting? will you left wrist! God is so good.... we saw so
the Jewish people that hadnʼt believed pray for me?” It was such a cool many people healed of so many
in Jesus were blown away after the experience to be in the Upper Room things.... its almost too hard to try to
“God of Israel” healed them and then where the Holy Spirit was first poured even count, but suffice it to say we saw
we told them, “Jesus is the Messiah!” out and to see Him show up again in hundreds and hundreds of miracles!
so for about 45 minutes it broke out power!!! One really cool one was a lady who
there with all kinds of healing and ! One of the last things I got to had a 6 year old at home with severe
demonstrations of Gods goodness do in Jerusalem was speak at a 24 Cerebral palsy whoʼs been in a
which led us to the historical site of the hour house of prayer as Joaquin gave wheelchair all her life and as we were
upper room where the Holy Spirit was me his speaking spot there so that I praying for the mom at church her
first poured out on all flesh and God could minister. It was such an honor to daughter at home had the audible
set up His tabernacle in us, giving us be able to do that and the Holy Spirit voice of God speaking to her for over
the same Power that Jesus had as He showed up and people got activated in an hour about the specific places in her
walked the earth! While we were in the the gifts of the Spirit as well as tons of body that He was healing in her brain
upper room just experiencing Gods people getting healed and a jewish girl and all throughout her!!! and this was a
goodness and glory someone came up who it was her first time to a Christian 6 year old!!! the mom was so
to Joaquin from this group of about 40 church got healed sitting in her chair as astonished and amazed. I got to pray
Koreans and recognized him from i called out a word of knowledge for for a woman who had been prayed for
bethel church and new we saw healing and the power of God fell on “many” times in her words and was a
miracles regularly so he asked for her and touched her! It was such a bit discouraged for deafness in one of
prayer for healing and his whole group blessing getting to see people saved her ears.... well within moments Jesus
watched as the power of God came and healed and to see Jesus get what showed up and did what He does best
upon him and he fell unto the floor and he paid for on the cross while i was in and popped that thing open like
received healing. Joaquin turned to us the same place Jesus ministered! popcorn! they were both in tears as
and said “its on, start calling out words ! After Israel we had a few she could hear perfect! They came to
of knowledge!” for the next hour and weeks off to relax back here in redding me the next day and were like “she can
half we called out words of knowledge, before we did another trip to Dallas hear everything now; she hears the
saw deaf ears open, people healed of texas for a Hem of His Garment alarm clock going off, and can hear the
back problems, neck problems, people Healing school. I got to be apart of just tv with no problem and on and on... It
get delivered of demons, people fall on an amazing team of pastors from our was just cool to see how much it meant
3 the ground and shake as the power of church that got to teach and activate to them that God would do something
God hit them and people just other pastors and leaders and other like that for them! Iʼm just convinced
Nicaragua experiences the
KINGDOMREVIVAL October 9, 2009
September 2009
hat God is extremely good and just loves to heal and churches.... God has opened up so many opportunities for
estore bodies, souls, and spirits! The more I just rest in me and the favor just keeps increasing! I leave for
what He did on the cross the more I start to see stuff nebraska in a few short weeks for a healing conference,
appen when I release His goodness to those around me. then onto texas again in december. We travel to New
A big part of why we do these Healing schools is to Zealand for a school there in february; Iʼm leading my own
rain and equip leaders; so we had the idea, “why donʼt we trip to mexico city in march and bringing a team of 30; South
ust take them straight out onto the missions field to put into africa in april, and then most likely leading a mission trip to
ractice what they have been learning?” So thats what we the iris base following our school there. I also am getting
id, and I was asked to co-lead a short trip with my friend the opportunity to help teach a class in the first year school
Randy Castle to Nicaragua to get our group activated and of ministry with Joaquin starting in december, which I'm
ee peoples lives touched! Guess what? It happened! God really excited about.
ust continues to show up when we go for it. In just 3 short ! I definitely would love your prayer support as I am
ays of ministry we saw many people saved and many looking to put together a team of people that pray and
eople healed in meetings and on the streets! We saw deaf intercede for these strategic trips I am making. God has
ars open, cancerous tumors dissolve and tons more! One really been speaking to me about the value of prayer
ight i was preaching at an outdoor open air meeting in a covering so if this interests you, send me an email and let
eighborhood and I was sharing the testimony of a deaf ear me know. Iʼm planning on sending out emails of specific
pening in Israel and while i was sharing the testimony I ways to pray for these specific trips and i would LOVE to
eard God say “Iʼm doing it again right now” so i spoke out have people who really have a heart for intercession to get
nd said “in fact I feel like God is doing that right now and behind me and start sowing into the harvest that we are
omeone's ear just opened up; wave at me if that is you” seeing on these trips; if God puts that on your heart please
Sure enough this man in the front row starts waving and let me know :)
omes up with tears as his left ear had been 100% deaf and ! Also if any of you would like to sown into the
ust popped open as I was sharing the testimony!!! ministry I am doing financially I could use that too!!! thanks
We saw extreme breakthrough out in public as I for taking the time to read, I hope you have been
rought different people with me to practice hearing God encouraged and blessed. I plan to send one of these out a
nd getting words of knowledge for people He wanted to couple times a year and then the rest of the time, I will be
ouch. People were amazed and astonished as we would posting the updates, pictures, and videos on my website at :
all out there specific condition and they would be totally
ealed right on the spot. The pastors son who had never
otten a word of knowledge for healing starting getting them Blessings!
with me and literally took off after a woman after i had
emonstrated how to do it and asked her if she had the Josh Stevens
roblem and was totally healed after he prayed!! I love to
ake people out and do street evangelism and show them
ow easy it really is when your just opened to being used,
ause God just wants to touch people! Heʼs just waiting for
omeone to believe what He said about us doing the same
works as Jesus did- john 14:12.... “for those who believe”
We donʼt just have to be the pastor or evangelist....
ccording to Jesus we just have to BELIEVE!
we were walking into a service with a few of our
eam members when randy got a word of knowledge for this
ady in the house next to the church.... her back got totally
ealed so she called for one of her other family members to Kingdom Revival
ome out who had a hernia and some other stomach
roblems. When we prayed he felt it starting to shrink back If you would like to donate and help see
n and it get all soft as God was touching it as well as his revival spread across the globe email
ain leave him! While we were praying for him we were me at:
alling out other peoples conditions that lived there as God
ust began to show us specifically what was wrong with
eople. We had a little break out of miracles in this house
ust on the way to a service, it was amazing! What was
ven more amazing was that guy we prayed for with the
ernia told us he had been praying just that morning and
God showed him that He was sending angles to his house!
ʼs always fun to be the answer to peoples prayers!
4 itʼs been great getting more and more
xperience leading teams, preaching, and teaching in