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Project List

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Welcome to SPECTRUM, an Embedded, DSP, Matlab and ASIC/FPGA house
committed to Innovation, Quality and Customer Satisfaction. We have been in business since
2005. Providing innovative products and services is our motto.
We are providing Embedded, DSP, Matlab as well as ASIC/FPGA services based on
hands on experience in Architecture, Design, Verification and Lab bring up.
An in-depth knowledge of multiple technologies enables us to provide end-to-end
solutions and services. We maximize the benefits of our depth, diversity and delivery
capability, ensuring adaptability to client needs, and thus bringing out the most innovative
We invite the budding engineers to explore their talents and to shape the future life
style technology.
We also greatly appreciate the own idea of the budding engineers to implement in
new emerging technology platforms.


1. Tele Medicare system
2. Tele Medicare system with auto dialer
3. Smart card based attendance marker
4. Smart card based voting machine
5. Attendance marker using fingerprint sensor
6. Electronic voting machine using finger print sensor
7. Security access control system with smart card
8. Smart card based guard monitoring
9. Robot.
10. Pick and place robot.
11. Remote controlled robot
12. Ultrasonic distance meter
13. Vehicle collision detection with annunciation
14. Digital Odo Meter.
15. Humidity and temperature process monitoring for metrology lab
16. Telephone interfaced security system
17. Telephone interfaced security system for industries

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Project List

18. Automatic humidity controls for refrigerators
19. Device controlling using telephone
20. Device controlling using SMS
21. Wireless based device control.(IR/RF)
22. Voice operated device control
23. Wireless based PC-to-PC communication
24. Wireless encryption and decryption
25. Data transfer system for Security applications
26. Secured message transfer for defense application
27. Railway tracking system.
28. Weather monitoring
29. Patient monitoring system.
30. GPS based base monitoring
31. Car automation system
32. Digital power supply
33. PH Neutralization through internet (EEE JULY 2006)
34. Simultaneous web based real time temperature monitoring
35. On line temperature monitoring of power distribution
36. Equipment (IEEE 2005)
37. Autonomous navigation of RFID sensing robots
38. (Information ensuring for the visually impaired)
39. Automatic door open (IEEE -2000)
40. Finger print based production security system
41. Finger print based medical information system
42. Finger print based banking system
43. Finger print based library management system
44. Finger print based security system
45. Finger print based door opening and closing system
46. Finger print based lift operating system
47. RFID based shopping trolley
48. RFID based highway toll collection
49. RFID based reservation system
50. RFID based automatic car parking system
51. RFID based attendance system
52. RFID based voting machine
53. RFID based ration card
54. RFID r/w based prepaid energy meter
55. RFID r/w based banking system
56. Loan watcher
57. Coin based toll gate system
58. Air pollution monitor
59. Boiler control system
60. Credit card reader
61. Energy saver for refrigerator
62. Security system with auto dialer
63. Automatic street light controller with RTC
64. Solar based traffic controller
65. Density based traffic controller

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Project List

66. Traffic controller with real time clock
67. Prepaid card for bus fare system
68. Prepaid card for petrol bunk system
69. Prepaid card for shopping
70. Prepaid card for internet browsing
71. Auto scheduler for multiple machines
72. Programmable power supply
73. V/L control of induction motor
74. Direct torque control of induction motor
75. PWM based sine wave inverter
76. IGBT chopper for DC motor
77. DC to DC converter
78. Multiple DC to DC converter
79. Motor monitoring & protection system
80. Transforming monitoring & protection system
81. Power factor monitor & controller
82. Maximum demand controller with power factor controller
83. Wireless energy transmitter with traffic system
84. I2C based energy billing system
85. Wireless based motor monitoring system
86. Wireless motor control system
87. Chopper based dc motor controller
88. PWM based solar tracking system with sine wave inverter
89. Solar based lighting system
90. Solar agro sprayer
91. UPS monitoring system
92. Battery monitoring system
93. Stepper motor direction and speed controller
94. Servo motor direction and speed controller
95. Motor speed control through telephone line
96. Solar data logger
97. AC voltage and current monitor
98. DC voltage and current monitor
99. Earth fault detector
100. Generator monitor
101. Voice operated home appliance controller
102. Telephone operated home appliance controller
103. Voice dialing system
104. Voice operated dish positioning system
105. PH monitor and control
106. Data logger for process station
107. Automated gas pumping system
108. Multi channel fire monitor with alarm
109. Traffic rules monitor
110. Bank token display system with voice
111. Automatic water purifier
112. IR based wireless printer and keyboard
113. Controlling of transformer from substation

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Project List

114. Auto scheduler dialer
115. Digital energy with volt, current and power factor monitor
116. Web camera positioning system
117. Electronic voting machine
118. Automatic braking, jogging plugging on/off forward and reverse
119. Coin based cell phone charger
120. Gas leakage detector and auto dialing controller system
121. Energy saver for street lights
122. Over speed and drunken drive indicator
123. Coin based electronic bus conductor
124. Embedded based Metal detector
125. Embedded based digital Mileage meter
126. Embedded based digital Level monitor and control
127. Embedded based digital Fuel level monitor
128. Embedded based digital object counter
129. Embedded based electronic bus conductor
130. Embedded based electronic hardware lock
131. Embedded based electronic gardner
132. Embedded based electronic weather monitoring
133. Embedded based electronic code locking system
134. Embedded based electronic college bell system
135. Embedded based electronic room attendance system
136. Lift access control system
137. Barcode scanner for industries
138. Embedded based electronic grinder controller
139. Automatic dam shutter controller
140. Plant humidification for textile industries
141. Plant humidification for agricultural land
142. SMS based universal motor speed controler
143. SMS based DC motor speed controller
144. SMS based single phase induction motor controller
145. SMS based three phase induction motor controller
146. SMS based security system
147. Call based home appliance controller
148. SMS based banking security system
149. Engine monitoring through mobile phone
150. Mobile based voting machine
151. SMS based electricity bill
152. Railway accident monitoring system
153. SMS based weather report
154. Industrial furnace monitor using mobile system
155. Office automation using microcontroller
156. Automatic signaling unit for highways
157. Microcontroller based Hotel automation
158. Over load protection system.
159. Over load protection system with announcement system
160. Over load protection system.
161. Over load protection system with announcement system

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Project List

162. Embedded Based Substation monitoring with control
163. Embedded Based Substation monitoring with control with announcement
164. Power factor measurement and correction
165. Maximum demand indicator and controller
166. Digital energy meter and cost indicator
167. Prepaid card system for electricity meter.
168. Electricity billing automation system
169. AC Motor parameter monitoring system (V, I, &,N)
170. DC Motor parameter monitoring system (V, I, P&, Speed)
171. Transformer monitoring protection system
172. Transformer parameter monitoring and fault detection system
173. On load tap changer for transformers
174. Power sharing of transformers
175. AC Motor protection system (with contactor)
176. DC Motor protection system (with contactor)
177. Remote speed control of DC motor
178. Solar tracking system
179. Integrated AC and DC measurement and monitoring system
180. Powerhouse monitor with data logger
181. Soft starter with over load protection
182. Alternator parameter monitoring system
183. Automatic generator/EB supply changeover
184. Bus bar protection system
185. Single-phase AC motor speed control using PWM
186. Single phase to three-phase converter
187. UPS battery monitoring with automatic shutdown system
188. Electrical apparatus control system in a plant (wireless)
189. Multi process monitoring system(N,T, V,I,)
190. Generating station monitoring (Turbine, alternator)
191. Electrical apparatus control in a plant IR
192. Electrical apparatus control in a plant RF
193. Apparatus control in Office IR
194. Apparatus control in Office RF
195. Apparatus control in industries using telephone
196. Apparatus control in Office using telephone
197. SMS- Electrical apparatus control in a plant
198. SMS- Electrical apparatus control in home
199. SMS- Electrical apparatus control in offices


S.No Titles
1. DSC based sub station monitoring and control system
2. DSC based power house monitoring with data logging
3. DSC based protection system for AC Motors
4. DSC based protection system for bus bars
5. DSC based monitoring and fault diagnosis system AC motor

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Project List

6. DSC based monitoring and fault diagnosis system transformers
7. DSC based Alternator parameter monitoring system
8. DSC based Transformer parameter monitoring system
9. DSC based single phase AC motor control
10. DSC based DC motor control
11. DSC based security system with smart card
12. DSC based energy measurement system
13. DSC based attendance marking system- smart card
14. DSC based industrial automation system
15. DSC based patient monitoring system
16. DSC based vehicle collision detection system
17. DSC based fuzzy logic controller - IEEE
18. DSC based soft starter for induction motors-IEEE
19. DSC based Inverter control
20. DSC based AC Drive - IEEE
21. DSC based DC Drive – IEEE
22. DSC based Inverter control - IEEE


A 1-MHz Zero-Voltage-Switching Asymmetrical Half-Bridge DC/DC
1 Converter: Analysis and Design IEEE-2006
2 A bidirectional, sinusoidal, high-frequency inverter design IEEE-2006

3 A New Efficiency Optimization Method on Vector Control of
Induction motors IEEE CONF-2005
4 A New Soft-switched PFC Boost Rectifier with Integrated Fly back
Converter for Stand-by Power IEEE-2006
A Single-Stage Power Factor Correction AC/DC Converter Based on
5 Zero Voltage Switching Full Bridge Topology with Two Series-
Connected Transformer IEEE-2006
6 Design and implementation three-arm rectifier inverter of a single
phase IEEECONF-2000
7 Modular Design of Soft-Switching Circuits for Two-Level and Three-
Level Inverters IEEE-2006
Pulse Multiplication in AC–DC Converters for Harmonic Mitigation
8 in Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drives IEEE-2006
9 Sensor less Vector Control of Single-Phase Induction Motor Drives
IEEE 2005
10 Impedance Emulation Method for A Single Phase Shunt Active Filter
11 A Single-Switch AC–DC Converter with Power Factor Correction
12 A simple direct-Torque Neuro-Fuzzy control of PWM-Inverter- Fed
induction motor drive IEEE CONF 2000

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Project List

Harmonic Optimization of Multilevel Converters Using Genetic
13 Algorithms IEEE-2005
14 A Unified Approach to Solving the Harmonic Elimination Equations
in Multilevel Converters IEEE-2004
15 Active power filter control using neural network Technologies IEEE-
CONF 2003
A Comparative Study of Control Techniques for PWM Rectifiers in
16 AC Adjustable Speed Drives IEEE-2003
Elimination of Harmonics in a Multilevel Converter Using the Theory
17 of Symmetric Polynomials and Resultants IEEE CONF 2005
18 A three phase symmetrical multistage voltage multiplier IEEE-2005

19 A new ZVS dc-dc converter for fuel cell fand battery applications
20 A modified asymmetrical PWM resonant dc-dc converter topology
21 A new three level soft switched converter IEEE-2005

22 Optimum PWM modulation for three level inverters IEEE-2005

23 PWM modulation of Z source inverters IEEE-2005

24 Boost dc-ac inverter – A new control strategy IEEE-2005

25 A novel single stage series resonant buck-boost converter IEEE-2005

26 High step up converter with coupled inductor IEEE-2005

27 A novel zero current and zero voltage switching full bridge PWM
converter IEEE-2005
28 Novel zero voltage transition PWM dc-dc converters IEEE-2006

29 A novel single stage full bridge buck-boost inverter IEEE-2005

30 A novel ZVS dc-dc converter for high power applications IEEE-2004

31 A digital control scheme for single phase PWM inverter IEEE-2004

32 Z source inverters for motor drives IEEE-2005

33 A pulse frequency modulated PWM inverter for IM drives IEEE-2004

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Project List

34 A novel CSI fed IM drive IEEE-2005

35 Zone voltage and zero current switching PWM hybrid full bridge
three level converter IEEE-2005
36 PFC and fuzzy logic control for shunt filter IEEE-2004

37 Direct torque control for three phase IM drives (Fuzzy logic) IEEE-
38 Modeling of FACT device IEEE-2005

39 Series active filter using current detection algorithm IEEE-2006

40 Series active filter using fuzzy controller IEEE-2006

41 Shunt active filter using sliding mode controller IEEE-2006

42 Frequency control in an interconnected power system in restructured
power system
43 Frequency control in an interconnected power system in restructured
power system with Fuzzy Controller
44 Frequency control in an interconnected power system in restructured
power system using HVDC tie line
45 Economic dispatch problem solving using Particle Swarm
Optimization (PSO) IEEE-2005
46 Economic dispatch problem solving using Genetic Algorithm IEEE-
47 Direct torque control using Model Reference Adaptive Controller
(MRAC) IEEE-2005
48 Harmonic elimination in a Multi level converter using Genetic
Algorithm and Simulated Annealing SA IEEE-2005
49 Implementation of single-phase matrix converter as A direct ac-ac
converter synthesized using Sinusoidal pulse width modulation with
passive Load condition IEEE-2005
50 A novel Zero Current Transition full bridge DC/DC Converter IEEE-

1. Pipelined array based FIR Filter folding(IEEE-2005)
2. A source synchronous DDR parallel optical Transceiver(IEEE-2005)
3. real time object detection for an unmanned aerial vehicle using an FPGA
based vision system(IEEE-2006)
4. Development of a FPGA-based motion control IC for robot arm(IEEE-

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Project List

5. Advantages of FPGA based multiprocessor systems in industrial
applications(IEEE -2005)
6. An FPGA based general purpose data acquisition controller(IEEE 2005)
7. Implementation of Micro coded Elliptic curve processor(IEEE-2005)
8. Auto scan: A scan design without external scan inputs or outputs(IEEE-
9. Nine-coded compression technique for testing embedded cores I
10. Minimal energy asynchronous dynamic adders(IEEE-2006)
11. Real-time adaptive speech watermarking scheme for mobile
12. Implementation of Bluetooth security systems(IEEE-2003)
13. On the design of Receiver Root Raised Cosine FIR Filters in high
interference scenarios(IEEE-2005)
14. The implementation of a high speed adaptive FIR Filter on a FPGA(IEEE-
15. VLSI Implementation of invisible deigtal watermarking algorithms towards
the development of a secure JPEG Encoder(IEEE-2003)
16. Weighted Pseudoramdom Hybrid BIST(IEEE-2004))
17. A VLSI Architecture for Visible watermarking in a Secure Still Digital
Camera(S2DC) Design(IEEE-2005)
18. Vedic Multiplier with Fast carry Optimization(IETE-2005)
19. Sequential Element Design With Built-In Soft Error Resilience(IEEE-2006)
20. FPGA based space vector PWM control IC for three phase Induction Motor
21. Implementation of (255,223) RSA Encoder(IEEE-2005)
22. A Technique for High Ratio LZW Compression(IEEE-2003)
23. Variable-Length Input Huffman Coding for System-on-a-Chip Test(IEEE-
24. Energy- and Time-Efficient Matrix Multiplication on FPGAs(IEEE-2005)
25. High speed matrix multi word width decomposition(IEEE-2006)
26. Performance of broad band multi carrier DS CDMA using STSATD
method (IEEE 2005)
27. FPGA Design and Implementation of a Low-Power Systolic Array-Based
Adaptive Viterbi Decoder(IEEE-2005)
28. Channel Acquisition And Tracking For Ds-Cdma Uplink
29. FPGA Implementation Of The Pyramid Block Cipher(IEEE 2005)
30. SPIHT Image Compression on FPGAs(IEEE-2005)
31. The Development Of Intelligent Home Security Robot(IEEE-2005)
32. A Lossless Data Compression and Decompression(IEEE-2006)
33. Conditional Data Mapping Flip-Flops For Low-Power And High-
Performance Systems(IEEE-2006)
34. Highly-Parallel Decoding Architectures for Convolutional Turbo
35. Joint Coding And Embedding Techniques Fro Multimedia
36. A New Detection Algorithm (NDA) Based on Fuzzy Cellular Neural

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Project List

Networks for White Blood Cell(IEEE-20060)
37. A Low-Power Multiplier With the Spurious Power Suppression
38. A Multilayer Data Copy Test Data Compression Scheme for Reducing
Shifting-in Power for Multiple Scan Design(IEEE-2007)
39. Design of an Interconnect Architecture and Signaling Technology for
Parallelism in Communication(IEEE-2007)
40. Diagnosing At-Speed Scan BIST Circuits Using a Low Speed and Low
Memory Tester(IEEE-2007)
41. Energy/Area/Delay Tradeoffs in the Physical Design of On-Chip
Segmented Bus Architecture(IEEE-2007)
42. Fuzzy Trajectory Planning And Redundancy Resolution For A Fire Fighting
Robot Operating In Tunnels(IEEE-2007)
43. Gate Level Multiple Supply Voltage Assignment Algorithm for Power
Optimization Under Timing Constraint(IEEE-2007)
44. Human Identification Using Gait And Face(IEEE-2007)
45. Image Registration(IEEE-2007)
46. Online Rotor Time Constant Estimator For The Induction Machine(IEEE-
47. Predicting Interconnect Delay for Physical Synthesis(IEEE-2007)
48. STEAC_ A Platform for Automatic SOC Test Integration(IEEE-2007)
49. Adaptive Compensation for Power Amplifier Nonlinearity in the Presence
of Quadrature Modulation Demodulation Errors(IEEE-2007)
50. Approximating Signals From No uniform Continuous Time Samples at
Unknown Locations(IEEE-2007)
51. No stationary Hidden Markov Models for Multi-aspect Discriminative
Feature Extraction From Radar Targets(IEEE-2007)
52. On Kalman Filtering With Nonlinear Equality Constraints(IEEE-2007)
53. On Nonparametric Identification of Wiener Systems(IEEE-2007)
54. Simple and Efficient Nonparametric Method for Estimating the Number of
Signals Without Eigendecom position(IEEE-2007)
55. Biometric Template Classification(ICGST-2007)
56. Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of US Kidney Images(ICGST-
57. Reduction of Artifacts in JPEG images with Genetic Algorithm and
Boundary pixel replacement(ICGST-2007)
58. Point wise Shape-Adaptive DCT for High-Quality De-noising and De-
blocking of Grayscale and Color Images(IEEE-2007)
59. Direction-Adaptive Discrete Wavelet Transform for Image
60. Histogram Approaches for Lossy Compression of Digital Holograms of
Three-Dimensional Objects(IEEE-2007)
61. Hyperanalytic Denoising(IEEE-2007)
62. Image Denoising by Sparse 3-D Transform-Domain Collaborative
63. Texture- and Multiple-Template-Based Algorithm for Lossless
Compression of Error-Diffused Images(IEEE-2007)
64. Lossless Video Sequence Compression Using Adaptive Prediction(IEEE-

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Project List

65. Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of US Kidney Images for Disorder
66. Classification using Multi-Scale Differential Features (ICGST-2007)
67. Reduction of Artifacts in JPEG images with Genetic Algorithm and
68. Pixel replacement(ICGST-2007)
69. Joint Source-Channel Coding Using Real BCH Codes for Robust Image
70. A New SURE Approach to Image Denoising: Interscale Orthonormal
Wavelet Thresholding(IEEE-2007)
71. Vertex-Based Diffusion for 3-D Mesh Denoising(IEEE-2007)
72. The Undecimated Wavelet Decomposition and its Reconstruction(IEEE-
73. Wavelet Denoising of Multicomponent Images Using Gaussian Scale
Mixture Models and a Noise-Free Image as Priors(IEEE-2007)

74. Speed sensor less control of induction motor using minimalis Single-Phase
PWM Converter(IEEE-2005)
75. A Methodology for FPGA-Based Control Implementation(IEEE-2005)
76. AC Drive System on Chip -A Peripheral Based Approach(IEEE-2005)
77. A New Software Implementation of Space Vector PWM(IEEE-2005)
78. Applying a Counter-based PWM Control Scheme to an FPGA-based SR
Forward Converter(IEEE-2006)
79. Design and Implementation of a Practical Digital PWM Controller(IEEE-
80. Induction Motor Speed Control using Fuzzy Logic Controller(IEEE-2006)
81. A DSP Based SVPWM Control for Utility Interactive Inverters used in
Alternate Energy Systems(IEEE-2006)
82. Concurrent and Simple Digital Controller of an ACDC Converter With
Power Factor Correction Based on an FPGA(IEEE-2003)
83. A COFDM Baseband Processor with Robust Synchronization(IEEE-2004)
84. An Area-Efficient Implementation of Digital-IF QAM Coherent
Demodulator for Software-Defined Radio Receivers(IEEE-2004)
85. A 2.8 Gbs, 32-State, Radix-4 Viterbi Decoder Add-Compare-Select
86. A Low-Power Switched-Current CDMA Matched Filter with On-Chip V-I
and I-V Converters(IEEE-2004)
87. A 10+ GHz Low Jitter Wide Band PLL 90 nm PD SO1 CMOS
88. A High-level Implementation of a High Performance Pipeline FFT on
Virtex-E FPGAs(IEEE-2004)
89. FPGA Realization of a High-performance Servo Controller for
90. Design of a Universal Space Vector PWM Controller(IEEE-2004)
91. A Simplified Algorithm for Space Vector Modulation of Three-phase
Voltage Source PWM Rectifier(IEEE-2004)
92. A Memory Efficient Partially Parallel Decoder Architecture for Quasi-

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Project List

Cyclic LDPC Codes(IEEE-2007)
93. A Processor-In-Memory Architecture for Multimedia Compression(IEEE-
94. An Overlapping Scan Architecture for Reducing Both Test Time and Test
Power by Pipelining Fault Detection(IEEE-2007)
95. High-Speed Recursion Architectures for MAP-Based Turbo
96. A Low Power Fully CMOS Integrated RF Transceiver IC for Wireless
Sensor Networks9(IEEE-2007)
97. Radio resource management of heterogeneous services in mobile WiMAX
98. Dynamic resource allocation in OFDMA wireless metropolitan area
99. Feedback-based real-time streaming over WiMax(IEEE-2007)
100. IEEE 802.20 mobile broadband wireless access(IEEE-2007)
101. Adaptive power allocation and call admission control in multiservice
WiMAX access networks(IEEE-2007)

102. A Bayesian Approach to Multiple Target Detection and Tracking(IEEE-
103. Evaluation of Transmit Diversity in MIMO-Radar Direction
104. Pilot-Assisted Time-Varying Channel Estimation for OFDM
105. Performance Analysis of Iterative Channel Estimation and Multiuser
Detection in Multipath DS-CDMA Channels(IEEE-2007)
106. Secure Communication without Encryption(IEEE-2007)
107. Dependability in Wireless Networks Can We Rely on WiFi(IEEE-2007)
108. Real-Time Target Tracking for Autonomous UAVs in Adversarial
Environments A Gradient Search Algorithm(IEEE-2007)
109. Path Planning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles(IEEE-2007)
110. Performance Analysis for OFDMA in the Presence of Tone
111. Decoding Algorithms for Nonbinary LDPC Codes Over GF$(q)$(IEEE-
112. Gain Scheduled $H_{infty}$ Control for Air Path Systems of Diesel
Engines Using LPV Techniques(IEEE-2007)
113. Predictive Control of a Diesel Engine Air Path(IEEE-2007)
114. Energy Scavenging for Inductively Coupled Passive RFID Systems(IEEE-
115. Low-Power 4-b 2.5-GSPS Pipelined Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter in
130-nm CMOS(IEEE-2007)
116. Evaluation of the Uncertainty of Edge-Detector Algorithms(IEEE-2007)
117. Decoupled Beamforming and Noise Cancellation(IEEE-2007)
118. Improved Particle Filter in Sensor Fusion for Tracking Randomly Moving
119. A Methodology for the Evaluation of a GPS Receiver Performance in

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Project List

Telematics Applications(IEEE-2007)
120. A Fuzzy-Logic-Based Approach for Mobile Robot Path Tracking(IEEE-
121. Brain Functional Localization A Survey of Image Registration
122. Integrated Downlink Resource Management for Multiservice WiMAX
123. Small Signal Analysis of Energy Factor and Mathematical Modeling for
Power DC–DC Converters(IEEE-2007)
124. A New PWM ZVS Full-Bridge Converter(IEEE-2007)
125. Neural Network Applications in Power Electronics and Motor Drives—An
Introduction and Perspective(IEEE-2007)
126. A New Switching Strategy for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Power

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