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Highlights of the Activities

In the art & craft sessions, children work on various activities. Drawing on different
topics, making creative stuff out of wastes, Origami making, making different types of
cards etc.. Art & crafts sessions are liked a lot by these children. Creative thinking comes
out of children practicing these activities. The power of imagination also gets broadened
over the period of time.
In the beginning, children are given knowledge of colours. They learn about mixing of
colours and coming up with new variations with the existing colour sets they have.
Basically, their wisdom is enhanced by more and more practical
On the festivals like Navaratri, Natal, Diwali, Janamastami, Shiv Ratri, Ganesh Chaturthi
etc., decoration materials are prepared with the help of children. Children also decorate
their respective centres. Joy of decorating something from the products made by one
self is amazing. Children help us out similarly on different occasions throughout the year.
Art and Craft
In Origami, they learn to make Rhinoceros, Pigs, Tortoise, Frogs, Peacock, Fishes, Boat,
Aeroplanes, Camera, lamps etc. from papers.
Under drawing section, children are taught about object drawing, natural drawing,
collage work, Bhat Chitra, drawing of leaving being, flowers etc. These drawings are
prepared with the help of pencils, pencil colours or by directly using poster colours.
On occasions like Birthdays, Diwali, Christmas etc. children themselves make cards and
gift to their friends & families. The intent is to motivate them to develop skills by
themselves. Without spending much money they learn to make cards from waste flower
leaves, making cards from the strip of papers, making card using brush strokes or glitter
pen. So, in these manner different types of card making is being taught.
Every human being has different interests like singing, dancing, acting, drawing,
trekking, cooking, using waste for creating something good out of it. These skill needs
to be developed since childhood. In Manav Sadhna, these activities are performed in
various projects across different centres like Manav Sadhna Community Centre, Naroda
Aashrmshala, Shankar Bhuan Street School, Parikshit Lal Aashrmshala.
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