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Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group

Corporate Profile
We Live Tourism!
From a Family-run Business
to an International Company
Foundation of the
company (building
of 1st hotel)
Construction of the
2nd hotel
Foundation of 1st
Incoming Agency
Foundation of Central
Purchasing Company
GES and of
Michaeler & Partner
Market entry
Market entry
Croatia and Czech
New group structure, move of
headquarter to Vienna, market
entry Slovakia
Market entry Serbia,
development of core markets
and regional expansion
Full-range Tourism Supplier
Central Purchasing, Human Resources, Marketing/PR,
Financial Accounting, Group Reporting, IT
Full-range Tourism Supplier
FMTG Services
Hotels & Residences
Turnover (managed)
2009: 89.5 Mil.
Michaeler & Partner
External turnover
2009: 2.1 Mil.
FMTG Development
External turnover
2009: 12.9 Mil.
FMTG Others
External turnover
2009: 0
FMTG Business Model
FMTG Development
FMTG Services
External Investor
manages hotels,
residences and
touristic real estate
uses M&P as preferred
partner in project
Feasibilities, Touristic Support,
Project Management, On-site
Building Inspection, Consulting
develops, realises, owns
and sells real estate
gives input and feedback
pays rent to owner
sells real estate
hands over completed project
Regional Player in destination markets (Top 3 in each business field)
Clear focus on core competencies
- Concentration on tourism
- Concentration on 4 product lines (Family, Wellness, City, Residences)
- Focus on 4*/4*
Focus on core brands
- Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, FMTG, Michaeler & Partner
Concentration on existing markets and regional growth
Austria Croatia
Italy Southern Germany
Czech Republic Slovakia
Former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro)
Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences
Management, marketing and
operative direction of hotels,
residences and resorts
Own projects
Management and partner projects
Currently 24 Falkensteiner Hotels
and 2 Residences in
Italy - Austria
Croatia - Czech Republic
Management of other hotels under
private brand in Austria, Italy and
Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences
Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences
4 strategic product lines
5 new openings within 2011
Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences
FMTG Development
Development and implementation
of tourism-related real estate
Evaluation and selection of
appropriate locations
Development of ideal usage
Project financing
Project development and efficiency
optimisation of planning
Project realisation and utilisation
FMTG Development
3 types of projects:
City- and Holiday Hotels
Mixed-use Holiday Resorts
Mixed-use Hotels & Commercial
Real Estate
FMTG Development
Michaeler & Partner
Service company with 360
consulting expertise in tourism
Tourism Development
Project Management
Planning & Engineering
Hotel & Tourism Consulting
Comprehensive international
know-how on the initial
concept up to the final
realization of tourism projects
Michaeler & Partner
Strategic consulting and
support for investors, banks,
destinations and entrepre-
neurs in the tourism sector
Over 300 realized
international projects
Michaeler & Partner
New Projects 2010 - 2013
Own projects (in terms of joint ventures, 50% FMTG)
Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera, Punta Skala (HR)
2011 210 rooms
Falkensteiner Hotel Novi Beograd, Belgrade (SRB)
2011 171 rooms
Falkensteiner Grand Spa Hotel Atlantis, Frantiskovy Lazne (CZ)
2012 165 rooms
Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Jesolo Lido, Jesolo (I)
2012 122 rooms
Falkensteiner Hotel Margaretengrtel, Vienna (A)
2012 186 rooms
Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences Enzian (Mixed Use), Katschberg (A)
2013 130 rooms/ 40 apartments/ 40 chalets
Own Projects
Management contracts
Falkensteiner Hotel Palermo, Palermo (I)
2010 84 rooms
Falkensteiner Residences Lagorai, Dolomites - Tesine (I)
2011 72 hotel apartments
Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences Crvena Luka Bay, Crvena Luka (HR)
2011 57 rooms/ 56 apartments/15 chalets
Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences Cesenatico, Cesenatico (I)
2013 165 rooms
Management Contracts
FMTG Financial Data
Financial Data
Balance Sheet 2009 2008 2007
Non-current assets 178.430 287.901 189.978
Current assets 43.506 60.599 30.165
Balance sheet total 221.936 348.500 220.143
Debt 183.329 324.613 188.168
Equity 38.607 23.887 31.975
Equity ratio in % 17,40% 6,85% 14,52%
Economic equity 55.590 46.199 44.304
Economic equity ratio in % 25,05% 13,26% 20,13%
Investments in property, plant and equipment and
intangible assets 42.704 78.347 38.033
Net debt 108.579 241.042 129.891
Gearing in % 281% 1.009% 388%
no. of employees FMTG incl. managed companies 1.422 1.300 n.a.
Financial Data
Profit & Loss Account 2009 2008 2007
Turnover managed 104.040 96.994 n.a.
Turnover Group 69.662 74.945 67.200
EBITDA 23.067 12.969 17.394
EBITDA ratio 33,11% 17,30% 25,88%
EBIT 15.186 8.461 13.084
Earnings before taxes 4.952 -505 9.452
Profit for the year 4.621 282 8.692
Profit apportionable to shareholders of FMTG 6.459 640 8.476
Gross cash flow 1.644 1.081 4.324
Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group
Corporate Profile
Columbusplatz 7-8
1100 Vienna (Austria)
Tel.: +43 1 605 40 0
Fax: +43 1 605 40 01
The sole purpose of this presentation is to provide information; it is not
intended to form the basis for any final investment decision.
The information contained in this presentation has been collected accurately and
conscientiously. Also the forecasts of anticipated future profits, consulted for the
preview, have been collected and estimated accurately.
Neither the Falkensteiner Hotel Management GmbH nor their respective officers,
employees or other representatives are taking over any warranty for accuracy,
trueness, completeness and actuality of information and estimations contained
in this presentation. Any liability therefore is expressly excluded/disclaimed.
The presentation has to be dealt confidential and must not be reproduced or
passed to third-parties without the prior written authorization of Falkensteiner
Michaeler Tourism Group GmbH.