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“The Real Story of Darryl Simmons” Part 2 of 3 by David Richardson

In 1970, having already departing from the now controversial sitcom, The
Battling Couples, and winning two Grammy Awards®, including “Best New Artist”
and “Record of the Year”, alongside winning an Emmy Award® for Best
Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Darryl Simmons decided to leave the
series, and pursue a giant, lifelong successful career as a R&B singer. Darryl,
now 20-years old, went to the recording studio in Los Angeles, California around
December 1970, to record his sophomore album, The Return of a Prince, Darryl
teamed up with Robert Eisenhower Johnson (a delegate owner/CEO of “Ice
Cream Records”), and Sadie Brooks (a Grammy®-winning R&B singer/delegate),
which all three of them helped to make Darryl’s comeback album, a successful
one, and in return: it did just that.

The Return of a Prince was recorded throughout the Christmas season of 1970,
and throughout the summer of 1971, the album only featured eight tracks, but
Sadie and Darryl went back to the studio, to record and added ten more tracks to
album in March of 1972, finally the album was released in the U.S. on September
14, 1972, and went on to vend over 450 million copies, and with the pleasure,
Darryl released six-top ten singles: Stepping on My Heart, Will You Leave Me?,
Tears of a Girl, Colors of his Rainbow, The End of My Love, and Keys on a
Piano. Five out of the six became big hits on the U.S. and R&B charts, one of
them broke the top 20, landing at #4 on the R&B charts (“Keys on a Piano”), two
of them broke the top 10, landing at #10 and at #3 (“The End of My Love” and
“Stepping on My Heart”), and two of them landed at the U.S. 100, breaking the
charts at #8 and at #1 (“Colors of his Rainbow”, and “Will You Leave Me?”), the
other single, Tears of a Girl, fare shoddier, landing at the R&B charts at #112 and
U.S. charts at #114.

The Return of a Prince became Darryl’s first best-selling album of 1972 and
1973, and quickly earned Darryl Simmons unexpected seven Grammy Awards®
on the Grammy Awards® 15th Anniversary in 1973, (“Album of the Year”, “Best
R&B Vocal Performance, Male”, “Record of the Year”, “Best New Artist”, “Best
Pop Vocal Recording, Male”, “Best Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals”,
and “Best R&B Artist”), this was beginning to have Darryl go on as a big star. But
he saw the four cast members from the recently rescind sitcom, The Battling
Couples, slurred out a racial soubriquet at Darryl, and it was heard over at the
intercom, and on national television, “Darryl is a ******…” the African-American
performers threatened to grab pitchforks and threatened to assassinate the four,
which all of them left quickly so as the fact still remains that Darryl becomes a
giant star, Darryl had over 700,000 fans going strong.

In September of 1973, Darryl Simmons was asked to record a single with
R&B/pop girl group, The Shy Ones, and he agreed to it, the song was entitled,
Let Me Explain, the song explained the absence of former ex-Shy One, Lisa
Brown, critics discuss that the song was notorious, and was a up-tempo ballad
hit, the song peaked at #1 on the R&B charts, and #14 on the U.S. charts, that

tried to annoy Darryl at a McDonald’s restaurant in Times Square. luxury apartment in Manhattan. Best R&B Male Vocal Performance. Darryl now owned 16 Grammy Awards® for his work in the music industry. kept on with the giant successful career. Darryl enlisted three police officers to arrest the four. The Battling Couples. Darryl. Darryl.S. whom he looked up to about Stevie Wonder’s successful music. goes somewhere. and it more than 670 million copies.inspired Darryl Simmons to produced. Darryl however could not appear at the 17TH Annual Grammy Awards in February 1975. and like the set of “Diff’rent Strokes”. “I’ll Come to You”. including “Artist of the Year”. Darryl Simmons again went back into the recording studio to release his giant. and it became a late 1970s incident and event. Stevie Wonder. the four had already left. Darryl. The Recording Academy of Arts & Sciences once said Darryl Simmons “is a work of art. “The Relationship”. but as this result. the album floated highly. decided to host the 1976 Nobel Prize Awards. from the sitcom. and R&B and Pop Single charts. so he never have to worry. which he won nine of them. Darryl notices the four cast members. however. Maria and Jacqueline. The album was released worldwide on New Year’s Eve 1973. and the album was winning quite a few Grammy Awards® Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals. where Darryl is awarded for A New Musical genius. 1978. he paid the entire rent. Inspired by his giant wealth. Best Pop Recording by a Group or Duo. New York. the up-tempo pop ballads were a giant success on the U. write and record a duets’ album with Natalie. but dedicated this award to his idol. soul and have the mind similar to that of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder”. the album had such hit singles such as: “If I Did Not Love You”. were there to perform. but as soon the police officers came. intelligence. significant senior album. in the near Christmas season of 1978. Jacqueline and Maria). entitled Darryl and the Shy Ones Revue. The Story with No Chapters. Darryl was much honored. this album was exclusively released on February 3. Best R&B Female Vocal Performance. “There’s Nothing To It”. selling over 847 million copies. On September 9. As this charade continues in December 1977. The luxury apartment was giant was the size of a gymnasium. Darryl was nominated for ten Grammy Awards®. . Darryl Simmons purchased a giant. but the “Shy Ones” (Natalie. on the week of January 7. so as this occurs. Best R&B Duet. and still is rich to this day (like Quincy Jones III). did not mind. 1974. 1975. very annulled that he could not make it.