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And you don’t have to either. Oracle saved a ton of resources (and money) by consolidating
storage on our easy-to-manage single-storage architecture. They also use NetApp storage for their grid
infrastructure, so you know our solutions will integrate seamlessly into your Oracle grid environments.
With NetApp, provisioning is easy and nondisruptive. Cloning is effortless and near-instantaneous, so
you can run more tests in less time, accelerating QA cycles and application development. It’s no wonder
we’re trusted by the world’s greatest companies, like Oracle. We’re proud to have Oracle as our customer
and partner. It’s the kind of relationship we live for.


Visit us at Oracle OpenWorld in Booth #1602 or at

© 2007 Network Appliance, Inc. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. NetApp and the Network Appliance logo are registered trademarks and Network Appliance is a trademark of Network Appliance,
Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such.

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Honoring Technology
Leadership and


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Best-in-class architecture

© 2007 Fujitsu Limited. All rights reserved. Fujitsu, the Fujitsu logo and PRIMEQUEST are registered trademarks or trademarks of Fujitsu Limited in the United States and other countries.
All designations used in this document may be trademarks, the use of which by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of the trademark owners. Changes in design
and technology are reserved. Intel, Intel Logo, Intel Inside, Intel Inside Logo, Itanium, Itanium Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the
United States and other countries.
for Oracle solutions.
FlexFrame™ for Oracle
Pre-integrated and pre-tested, FlexFrame™ for Oracle paves the way for greater
flexibility and cost effectiveness in applications based on Oracle Application
Server or Oracle Database. This innovative infrastructure solution distributes
resources, replacing rigid hardware and software configurations with virtual

The fault-immune PRIMEQUEST™ server represents best-in-class SMP capabilities
for Itanium®-based systems. With its high performance memory sub-system,
PRIMEQUEST™ is designed to support robust and demanding database workloads.

Benefit from two best-in-class dynamic IT infrastructure solutions today.
Be ready for Service-Oriented Architecture tomorrow. We make sure.
Two months ago, their new ideas and future plans were unveiled. Now, more and
more new details about SQLDetective 4.0 have been exposed and can be confirmed.

• The public beta test is running and selected beta testers will receive a
FREE full set of SQLDetective 4.0
• A sneak preview of initial details and screenshots of SQLDetective 4.0
are now available at
• Buy SQLDetective now, and save money with a FREE (equivalent)
upgrade to 4.0 (Terms & Conditions apply)
• The core of the new SQLDetective 4.0 is more powerful then ever
before. Features previously available as extras are now included in
the core of SQLDetective 4.0 at no extra cost
• Already a registered user? Experience an easy, low cost upgrade to 4.0
• The new 4.0 will further focus SQLDetective’s aim to be the price
performance leader in its category
• The release of SQLDetective 4.0 is scheduled for the end of October

SQLDetective 4.0, a set of indispensable, easy-to-use, highly professional tools for
everyday use. No fancy toys or extremely costly tools. Not just nice to have. It will
be a new age for Oracle DBA’s and PL/SQL developers. World class tools available
at an unbeatable price-performance level.
SQLDetective is already the choice of thousands of PL/SQL developers in over 26
countries worldwide. Together with its new tools for Oracle DBA’s and its extensive
collection of over 40 tools for PL/SQL developers, SQLDetective 4.0 will be an even
better choice. We believe it’s simply the best that Oracle developers and DBA’s can
get for their money.

SQLDetective 4.0
When information comes together,
applications sing.

Information lives when you optimize your business applications. With EMC application solutions, your Oracle
deployments, upgrades, and migrations are faster and smoother. Costs drop. Security, protection, performance, and
availability improve. What do you say when applications harmonize with the business? Bravo.

Hear Oracle sing the praises of EMC application solutions. View the video spotlighting Oracle executives at

EMC2, EMC, and where information lives are registered trademarks of EMC Corporation. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. ©2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Perform with SOA
Honoring Technology
Leadership and
Innovation Flexibility, integration, and quality
From building and managing enterprise
technologies to simplifying architectures of service are critical for all
and improving return on investment, IT organizations. See how Oracle
professionals demonstrate tremendous service-oriented architecture
vision and commitment. The editors solutions work with your legacy
of Oracle Magazine are pleased to systems, partners, and next-
announce the recipients of the sixth annual generation applications to deliver
Editors’ Choice Awards and recognize the unparalleled service.
achievement and innovation of these outstanding —David Baum
technologists. —David A. Kelly
Cover by I-Hua Chen Controlling the
Content Evolution
As the volume of digital
EXPERIENCE content continues to grow,
OPENWORLD controlling that content
Don’t miss Oracle OpenWorld, requires going beyond storage
November 11–15, 2007. Find out and making it part of your
what’s on the agenda. business processes. Read how Oracle Universal
Content Management helps companies put their
content to work. —Alan Joch

From Our Readers / 12
From the Editor / 14
Getting the Right Questions
Events / 16 OTN Bulletin / 20
—Tom Haunert
Find out about current and Learn what’s happening with Oracle’s most
upcoming industry events. dynamic online community.

Oracle Resources / 18 Interview / 22
Your guide to Oracle’s broadband, Cameron Purdy, Oracle vice president of
education, and online offerings, development, talks about Oracle Coherence
and more 3.3 and Extreme Transaction Processing.
Oracle News Briefs / 24


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26 c om mu ni ty
Partner News / 26
170 Systems, EMC, HP, TUSC, Unisys,
DataMirror, GIP, Tele Atlas, Application Security,
Carrier Call, EqualLogic, GridApp Systems,
IT Convergence, NAVTEQ, The Pythian Group
Book Beat / 26
81 tec hnology
SQL Dev elop er
Embedded Oracle / 28 Working with PL/SQL / 81
Oracle products powers tracking devices and Edit, compile, run, and debug PL/SQL code easily with
identification systems. Oracle SQL Developer. —Sue Harper
Peer-to-Peer / 30
Atul Kumar, As k T om
Srinivas Polsani, More on Oracle Database 11g / 85
Nathalie Roman Our technologist takes another look at Oracle
Database 11g. —Tom Kyte

90 r es our c es
Oracle Certified Partner Index / 90

68 d evel o per
f ra mewo rks
Enhanced Calculation and Validation / 68
Do even more in Oracle Application Development
Framework 11g—without code. —Steve Muench

Browser- based
Application Integration Workshop / 70
92 c omment
Consuming Web services with Oracle Application Express in the Field
—David Peake A Place for Everything / 92
Oracle’s free ILM Assistant helps enterprises
PL / SQ L PRACTICES implement cost savings. —Ari Kaplan
On Continuing and Executing / 73
Best practices for PL/SQL in Oracle Database 11g and All Sec ur e
multilevel, string-indexed collections The Future Is Now / 94
—Steven Feuerstein More security automation means less finger
lifting. —Mary Ann Davidson
Testing BPEL in the Real World / 77 Analy s t’ s Cor ner
Use the Oracle BPEL Test Framework to Design for People, Build for Change / 96
improve the quality of your BPEL processes. Forrester Research’s John R. Rymer discusses
— Lonneke Dikmans how SOA and Web 2.0 deliver greater flexibility.
—David Baum

6  november/december 20 07

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D a t a b a s e M a n a g e m e n t


en .5 w i

e d t’s n

ra oa wha

Op 9
T ut

4 14

Can Toad® Turn Your Team Into Experts?
Sit back and relax. You have Toad’s development best
practices on your side.
You could spend your day tracking down bad code. Or you can take control with
Toad® for Oracle.

Toad supports best practices through all phases of development. With Toad, your team
will write expert code, no matter what their skill level. You’ll be empowered to monitor
and validate code during development. And you’ll rest easy knowing only the highest
performing, best quality code makes it to production.

Ensure the highest quality code is developed
Develop regardless of user skill set or location
Maximize code performance and eliminate time-
Optimize intensive manual testing processes with a single click
Performance test your code for scalability
Validate before deploying to production

Promote development best practices in your organization. Read “Implementing Database
Development Best Practices” at

©2007 Quest Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Quest and Quest Software are trademarks or registered trademarks of Quest Software.
All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. DBM_Toad4Oracle_ToadRelax_Q32007.

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Teletech knew — the faster the implementation,
the faster the return on investment.

That’s why they chose ImageNow.

“It took me twenty minutes to install ImageNow and get it up and running at our Manilla office. And
expanding ImageNow is extremely easy.” That’s what Richard Cohen of Teletech says about
ImageNow. And with such a rapid rollout, Teletech realized a 32% cost reduction in invoice
processing in just one year. Talk about maximizing your investment. N The deep feature
functionality of ImageNow provides a direct and effortless connection between you, your
colleagues and the documents you need to simplify daily business activities across your
enterprise. NImageNow’s patented integration method makes powerful document management
possible from within any existing Oracle® business software application — faster, easier, without
programming hassle, without the high price tag.

Results sooner or later? Which will you choose?

ImageNow enterprise document management, imaging and workflow.

© 2007 Perceptive Software, Inc. ImageNow is a registered trademark of Perceptive Software, Inc. All other product and company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ad_oracle0712

Editor in Chief Tom Haunert

Senior Managing Editor Caroline Kvitka
If your BI strategy is more anemic than
strategic, then it may be time to take a look
Features Editor Kay Keppler
at Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBI EE). We
can help. Using our training offerings through
Contributing Editor and Writer
BICG University, our custom methodology
Blair Campbell
designed specifically for OBI EE projects,
Editor in Chief, OTN Justin Kestelyn and our deeply experienced project teams, organizations
Technology Advisor Tom Kyte across the globe are
Contributing Writers making the most of their
Marta Bright, Ed DeJesus, Jeff Erickson, Oracle BI Enterprise Edition
Aaron Lazenby, Fred Sandsmark, Rich Schwerin deployments.
Design Director Richard Merchán
With more than 250 OBI EE
projects completed, BI
SUBSCRIP T ION INF ORMAT ION Consulting Group is Oracle’s
Subscriptions are complimentary for qualified individuals who largest consulting partner
complete the subscription card found in each issue or online dedicated exclusively to
at For change of address,
Oracle BI Enterprise
mail in label with the new address to Oracle Magazine,
P.O. Box 1263, Skokie, IL 60076-8263.
MAGAZ INE CUSTOME R SE RVICE, fax +1.847.763.9638,
phone +1.847.763.9635

Oracle Products +1.800.367.8674 (U.S./Canada)
Oracle Services +1.888.283.0591
Oracle Press Books

Printed by Brown Printing

Oracle Publishing allows sharing of our mailing list with
selected third parties. If you prefer that your mailing address
or e-mail address not be included in this program,
contact Customer Service at To learn more about how we can
help make the most of your business
Copyright © 2007, Oracle. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may intelligence strategy, visit
be reprinted or otherwise reproduced without permission from the editors. ORACLE
OF OR RELIANCE ON ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED HEREIN. The information Booth #3148, Moscone West,
is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information
purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment
at OpenWorld.
to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making
purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or
functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.
Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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what if
See us at
Oracle OpenWorld
Booth #712
in the
South Hall


Faster Application Delivery. Speeding critical applications to
branch and remote users with headquarters-like performance and
security makes everyone more productive. But you can’t achieve it by
buying more bandwidth or implementing point products. Download
Keys to Acclerating Web Application Delivery and learn how
solutions from Citrix®, the trusted leader in application delivery, solve the
application delivery challenges you face today. Make every application
run HQ-fast—go to

© 2007 Citrix Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Citrix® is a trademark of Citrix Systems, Inc. and/or one or more of its subsidiaries, and may be registered in the United States
Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Jeff Spicer

Associate Publisher
Kyle Walkenhorst

Northwest & Central U.S.
Tom Cometa

Southwest U.S.
Shaun Mehr

MidAtlantic U.S.
Dawn Becker and Lisa Rinaldo

Northeast U.S./Canada
Ann and David Schissler
+1.508.394.4026 COURSES INCLUDE:
Europe/Middle East/Africa/Asia Pacific > Dashboard Navigation
Mark Makinney > OBI EE Architecture Basics
> Answers for Power Users
+44 0 1273 774341
> Dashboard & Report Application Developer
Mailing-List Rentals > Metadata Repository Application Developer
Edith Roman Associates
> OBI EE Server Architect
+1.800.223.2194, Ext. 684
> OBI EE Analytic Application Developer
P RODUCT ION & OP E RAT IONS > Dashboard Design Best Practices
Sales and Production Director > Data Warehouse Optimization for OBI EE
Jennifer Hamilton
> Oracle BI Publisher
+1.650.506.3794 To register for BICG University’s free training offering or to see
Circulation Manager our 2007 course line-up, visit
Karin Kinnear or drop by
Booth #3148, Moscone West, at OpenWorld
for a free training certificate good for any BICG University class.

Ian Abramson, Jeff Bernknopf, Karen Cannell, Andrew Clarke,
Chris Claterbos, Karthika Devi, Kimberly Floss,
Kent Graziano, Taqi Hasan, Tony Jambu, Tony Jedlinski,
Ari Kaplan, Val Kavi, Steve Lemme, Carol McGury,
Sumit Sengupta, Danisment Gazi Unal, Jonathan Vincenzo,
Dan Vlamis, Billy Yu


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f r o m o u r READERS

Your corrections, your opinions, and your requests:
Here’s your forum for telling us what’s right and
wrong in each issue of Oracle Magazine, and for
letting us know what you want to read.

GET ADVANCED I’m supporting the Oracle Enterprise would be happy to read more articles
First of all, I appreciate all your efforts Asset Management application, and it on new Oracle products for Linux (and
in Oracle Magazine. Additionally it seems would be interesting to read about other other platforms).
to me that presenting advanced database Oracle E-Business Suite implementations.
concepts, such as data mining, advanced Sahil Baharwal
replication, data warehousing, online Gina G. Laviste
analytical processing, and clustering in
Oracle Magazine would be very useful. DIFFERENT COVERS, SAME MAGAZINE
GET SEPARATE, GET FUNDAMENTAL Congratulations to Oracle for reaching
Ahmad Pahlavan I congratulate Oracle for their 30th 30 years and to everyone working anniversary. Oracle has been wonder- in the background to
ful, but I would like the organization to make it possible. Also,
I am a regular reader of Oracle Magazine take time and explain the fundamentals keep up the good work
and look forward to receiving the new of Oracle to new users. In fact, I think on Oracle Magazine.
issue when it comes out. I enjoy the there should be a separate magazine for Did you have any
articles, especially when it comes to new new Oracle enthusiasts. reason for your two dif-
technology and advice on how to use ferent covers of the July/
it. I would love to see some articles on Sunday Adeniyi August 2007 issue? I
the administration of the Oracle Fusion received the one with
Middleware products, more specifi- the “1977–2007” cover,
cally the Oracle SOA Suite 10g Release BROKEN PAGE, NEW PAGE whereas a friend of mine
3 components Oracle BPEL Process The featured downloads section of the received the Linux cover.
Manager, Oracle Enterprise Service page (right-hand
Bus, and Oracle Web Services Manager, column) has links that do not work. Sunil Jacob
in conjunction with Oracle Identity
Management 10g Single Sign-On and Arnold van de Brug
Oracle Delegated Administration Service. Most copies of the July/August 2007
We are in the process of implementing issue had the “1977–2007” cover. Copies
this technology at our site, and in addi- Thanks for pointing out these broken links. with the Linux cover were distributed at
tion to the Oracle documentation, I think We’ve addressed the problem, and the links the LinuxWorld trade show, although some
some real-world examples of configura- have been fixed. copies with the Linux cover were also
tion and administration would help with Note that this is the redesigned Oracle mailed. The editorial content inside this
this. I have seen plenty of tutorials and Magazine home page, and it now features issue was identical, regardless of the cover.
guides for development but not much on links to Oracle product downloads, featured
the administration side. columns, podcasts, blogs, and more. Check
it out, and let us know what you think.
send mail to the EDITOR
Send your opinions about what you read in Oracle
Kyle Maggard
Magazine, and suggestions for possible technical MORE LINUX articles, to
I was happy to read the article “World- Or click on the Write the Editors link on our Web
MORE APPLICATIONS Class IT” in your July/August 2007 site,
I’m just a novice with Oracle products, issue. This article provided insight on Letters may be edited for length and clarity and
may be published in any medium. We consider
but I would like to request more articles fast and cost-efficient Oracle products any communications we receive publishable.
on Oracle E-Business Suite applications. for the Linux platform. I believe readers


ND07_Readers.indd 12 9/14/07 2:35:42 PM
at work...
to your business...

...and save time and money
to enjoy yourself

PL/SQL Developer is the Oracle development tool that gives you maximum productivity,
ease of use, and all the features you need.

Visit our website for additional details:
f r o m t h e EDITOR

Getting the Right Questions
Both questions and answers are important sources of information.
our search for information technology answers may plans for several new article topics for upcoming issues
lead you to attend a conference, call or meet with of Oracle Magazine.
an expert, send an e-mail, post a question in a forum,
look at a Web site, look at user documentation, or even MORE RECENTLY
run a SQL query against an Oracle Database. Your search for At a more recent Oracle OpenWorld, I listened in (eaves-
answers may also include follow-up questions and additional dropped, really) on a conversation between an Oracle product
questions for other sources. Your questions are designed to manager and an Oracle evangelist about what features and
get the answers you need, but questions themselves can be an feature improvements the evangelist would like to see in the
important source of information, too. next release of an Oracle product. The product manager took
notes on the questions and gave status information on current
ONE TIME, AT ORACLE OPENWORLD . . . and upcoming features. These questions and answers defi-
Several years ago I was responsible for setting up some small nitely affected the next release(s) of that product, and I came
technology discussion groups at Oracle OpenWorld in San away with questions, answers, and ideas for more new content
Francisco. The plan was to invite Oracle Magazine readers to for Oracle Magazine.
ask questions of well-known Oracle technology experts. It’s not just questions and answers from conference dis-
I had expected rather formal question-and-answer sessions cussions that influence Oracle products and Oracle Magazine
during which our readers asked the experts questions and content. For example, we invite our readers to send us cor-
the experts responded, and in several discussions—where the rections (answers), opinions (answers), and requests for
experts were Oracle employees—this was exactly the Q&A flow. content (questions) to, and we use
In some discussions that were led by well-known, inde- this reader input to help determine what goes into Oracle
pendent Oracle consultants, however, our readers asked Magazine. (We publish select e-mail from Oracle Magazine
and answered the questions. The readers became an ad hoc readers in our From Our Readers column.)
Oracle user group and were completing each other’s sentences,
quoting database best practices, referring to undocumented NEW QUESTIONS, NEW ANSWERS
parameters (not-so-good practices), and asking about and I’ll be asking and answering questions, listening to discus-
offering up every possible answer they could think of. Rarely sions, and getting information for upcoming magazine content
did the consultants offer a response that no one else in the at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, November 11–15,
room had mentioned. 2007. This year, Oracle OpenWorld features more than 1,600
These discussions were also the best collection of Oracle sessions and 450 exhibitors—which means lots of formal
customer feedback that I’ve ever heard. The readers provided questions and answers, and with thousands of attendees, there
opinions and suggestions for new and enhanced product will be plenty of informal discussions, Q&A sessions, and net-
features (answers) and specific requests for information (ques- working opportunities for more information exchanges.
tions). From all of these discussions, I walked away with If you’re able, bring your questions and answers to share
at Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco. And of course all your
questions and answers don’t need to be about Oracle tech-
nology and innovation. “What’s the best restaurant in San
Francisco?” and “Is the performer at the Appreciation Event as
GET ANSWERS good live as he was at the Superbowl [on TV]?” are both excel-
Oracle OpenWorld lent questions.
And if you can’t attend Oracle OpenWorld in person, tune
Oracle discussion forums into the keynotes and check out the presentations at oracle

Oracle documentation
.com/openworld/2007. Online or in person, enjoy the show.

Oracle 30th Anniversary Timeline Tom Haunert, Editor in Chief


ND07_EdNote.indd 14 9/19/07 10:12:00 AM
“ I would encourage any company considering Oracle Database 11g deployment to evaluate how outsourcing
all or some of their DBA operations to Pythian can enable more aggressive technology deployments, project
timelines and cost containment strategies, while ensuring the highest level of ongoing operational support.”

Kaz Madry, Vice-President of Technology, FreshDirect

© 2007 The Pythian Group Inc. “Pythian”,“The Pythian Group”,“your database maestros”and the pg-icon are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Pythian Group Inc.“Oracle”is a registered trademark
of Oracle Corporation. The Oracle syntax diagram has been reproduced herein with the permission of Oracle Corporation. Other product and company names are registered trademarks of their owners.

Pythian_Oracle_Ad.indd 1 9/12/2007 6:19:50 PM
a t O r a c l e EVENTS


Technology Events PeopleSoft Mid-Atlantic Regional
User Group
November 2, Annandale, Virginia
Conferences and sessions to help you stay on the cutting edge
New York Oracle Users Group (NYOUG)
Training Days
Oracle OpenWorld 2007 November 6, New York City
November 11–15,
San Francisco November 7, Midlands, England
Some 41,000 people from all over the
world will converge in San Francisco and Georgia Oracle User Group Meeting
choose from more than 1,600 sessions November 8 and December 13,
and 500 exhibitions that explore the latest Dunwoody, Georgia
innovations in applications, technologies,
and solutions from Oracle and its partners. Suncoast Oracle Users Group
Get the details and sign up today at November 8 and December 13, Tampa, Florida
Dallas Oracle Users Group Oracle
Gartner Identity & Access IT managers. Additional workshops will be OpenWorld Review
November 15, Irving, Texas
Management Summit offered the day before and the day after the
November 14–16, Los Angeles conference. Learn more at .cfm?id=72
See how leading organizations are using iden- konferenz/doag/2007.
Ottawa Oracle Users Group IOUG Oracle
tity and access management (IAM) to protect Boot Camp
data while boosting productivity. Through case Gartner Data Center Summit November 30, Ottawa, Canada
studies, peer sessions, and roundtables, learn November 27–30, Las Vegas
about the leading IAM architectures, technolo- This 26th annual conference for data center 113007ooug.cfm
gies, and processes. Get more information at professionals will cover virtualization, consoli- Eastern Caribbean Oracle Users Group dation, workload management, and procure- Breakfast Meeting
December 5, Port of Spain, Trinidad,
tab=overview. ment. Sign up at
West Indies
Oracle with 20:20 Foresight
PeopleSoft Northwest Regional
November 20–21, Perth, Australia UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) User Group
November 27–28, Melbourne, Australia Conference 2007 December 5, Portland, Oregon
Sponsored by the Australian Oracle User December 3–6, Birmingham, England
Group (AUSOUG) and the Oracle Applications UKOUG 2007 aims to be the largest indepen- NYOUG Winter General Meeting
Users Group (OAUG), these events feature dent Oracle user group conference in Europe, December 6, New York City
independent and Oracle experts in compre- with more than 330 presentations covering 25
hensive parallel sessions that address Oracle topic areas. Tracks include Oracle Technology, East Tennessee Oracle Users Group
topics, as well as vendor exhibitions and net- Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s JD Edwards, December 17, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
working opportunities. Sign up for either event Oracle’s PeopleSoft, Oracle’s Siebel, Oracle’s
at Stellent, and Oracle Fusion. Sign up at Nashville Oracle Users Group December 19, Nashville, Tennessee
Deutschen Oracle-
Anwenderkonferenz XML 2007
November 21–22, Nuremberg, Germany December 3–5, Boston eventsLOCATOR
Presented by Deutschen Oracle- XML 2007, themed “XML in Practice,” is the
Anwendergruppe (DOAG), the German Oracle world’s largest and longest-running confer- Oracle Events

Users Group, this conference includes more ence devoted to XML and other open data Locate user groups
than 140 specialized lectures that provide and document technologies. Learn more and
information for DBAs, developers, users, and register at


ND07_Events.indd 16 9/12/07 2:26:11 PM

Keynotes November 11–15, 2007 | Moscone Center | San Francisco
Larry Ellison
CEO Oracle OpenWorld 2007, with more than 1,600 sessions and 450 exhibitors,
Oracle promises to be even bigger and more information-packed than last year’s
record-breaking conference. Showcasing the customers and partners whose
Charles Phillips innovation with Oracle translates to better business results, Oracle OpenWorld
President 2007 provides technologists and business leaders with the information—and
inspiration—they need to drive innovation throughout their own companies.

Hector de J. Ruiz, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Highlights
and CEO
AMD Inspiration. Hear what industry thought leaders and featured keynote presenters have to say

Mark Hurd about the future of technology.
Chair man of the Board, Information. Choose from more than 1,600 technology, applications, and industry-specific
CEO, and President
conference sessions. ■ Learn how Oracle uses leading development technologies to innovate
across its product lines at Oracle Develop. ■ Attend sessions just for Oracle’s JD Edwards
Andy Mendelsohn
Senior Vice President customers. ■ Gain insight at special programs for Oracle’s Hyperion customers and Oracle’s
Oracle Agile customers.
Innovation. Get inspired at Inside Innovation, a new Oracle OpenWorld extravaganza sponsored
Paul S. Otellini
by Intel Corporation that showcases how the innovations of today and tomorrow are changing the
President and CEO
Intel Corporation way we live, work, and play.
Connection. Network with your colleagues before, during, and after the event with Oracle
Thomas Kurian OpenWorld Connect sponsored by EMC. ■ Celebrate and mingle at the Welcome Reception,
Senior Vice President
sponsored by AMD; OTN Night; and It’s a Wrap, sponsored by Subaru of America, Inc. ■ Party to
the music of Billy Joel, Prince, and Stevie Nicks with Mick Fleetwood at the Appreciation Event
Jonathan Schwartz sponsored by Network Appliance, Inc.
President and CEO
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Oracle thanks the following sponsors:

INNOVATION Diamond premier
Michael Dell Marquee

Chairman of the Board
and CEO
2007 Event Sponsor
2007 Event Sponsor Logo LogoLogo
Event Sponsor
2007 Event Sponsor Logo
2007 Event Sponsor Logo
Dell Inc.
Bearingpoint Capgemini CSC

2007 EventLogo Sponsor Logo
Full Color Reversed

Full Color Reversed
2007 Event Sponsor
grande elite Full Color Reversed
Full Color Reversed

Satyam Tata Consultancy Sevices
Full Color Reversed
platinum Full Color Full Color Reversed Reversed

1 Color

To learn more and to register go to
Preregister for the full conference: $2,150 (through November 10, 2007) | Onsite registration: $2,350
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oracle magazine  november/december 20 07  17

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ND07_OOW_x.indd 17 1 Color 10/9/07 11:52:30 AM

1 Color
a t O r a c l e RESOURCES

What’s New at Oracle
The latest Webcasts, courses, and online content
ORACLE’S 30TH ANNIVERSARY for partitioning technology at Oracle, ORACLE NEWSLETTERS
Interactive timeline explains how partitioning improves data Targeted information for your business warehouse performance and why a more-
Take a walk through Oracle’s 30 years of strategic, expansive view can improve man- Oracle’s Information InDepth newsletters
innovation and hear commentary from ageability across all environments. continue to grow as the fastest, easiest
Oracle executives about key milestones. way to get targeted information on the
RESOURCE KIT product areas that matter to you most. New
WEBCASTS AND PODCASTS Oracle Enterprise Manager DVD kit editions include public sector and business
The Future of Enterprise Performance intelligence, with news, original articles
Management with Oracle (keyword: iwantmanagementpacks5) and interviews, product reviews and pre- This free DVD kit contains a virtual views, event information, and offers. Stay
shows_id=5782857 data center with typical data center on top of the innovative programs taking
Thomas Kurian, senior vice president of components—database, middleware, and place in Europe with the Oracle EU news-
development, Oracle Fusion Middleware, applications—as well as Oracle Enterprise letter. And the Executive Strategy newslet-
and John Kopcke, senior vice president Manager. Find out how to increase IT ter brings you Web-only original content,
of enterprise performance management, insight, reduce resolution times, and podcasts, and blogs from Profit Online
discuss how Oracle is integrating Hyperion increase productivity in systems and appli- every month.
applications with Oracle’s business intel- cations management by up to 80 percent.
ligence technology to deliver end-to-end
enterprise performance management. ORACLE UNIVERSITY
Dr. DBA, What’s New in Oracle Database 11g? Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 courses For Oracle product information, call the number for
Oracle Vice President of Product Strategy (For both courses below, search keyword: R12) your region:
Ken Jacobs (“Dr. DBA”) describes his R12 Oracle General Ledger Management Country Phone Number

favorite new features in Oracle Database Fundamentals U.S. and Canada .....................................1.800.367.8674
Australia ....................................................1800.735.467
11g and characterizes the release’s place in Learn how to implement Oracle General Austria.......................................................0800.29.7626
Belgium ........................................................0800.73280
database technology history. Ledger to maximize its benefits. This five- Brazil .........................................................0800.901.985
Meet the Oracle Linux Kernel Team: day class will address achieving a high level China.........................................................800.810.0161
Chris Mason on Btrfs of efficiency and information security. Also Finland ......................................................0800.113.573 covered: performing high-end tasks such as France .......................................................0800.905.805
Chris Mason, head of the Oracle Linux simultaneous accounting for multiple report- Greece.................................................00800.353.12020
Hong Kong......................................................3002.1246
kernel team and creator of the Btrfs file ing requirements and allowing superusers India ..........................................................1600.44.6725
system for Linux, explains the purpose to access and process data for multiple Indonesia...........................................001.800.1.672.253
Ireland ........................................................1850.672253
behind his mission to provide an “upgrade” ledgers and legal entities. Italy ..............................................................8008.74720
from the ext3 file system. R12 Oracle Inventory Management Japan ........................................................0120.155.096
Malaysia ....................................................1800.80.1837
The New SOA Standards: Service Component Fundamentals Mexico...................................................01800.221.7321
The Netherlands .............................................0800.0827
Architecture (SCA) Learn how to set up Oracle E-Business New Zealand .............................................0508.555.215 Suite Release 12 Inventory Management Norway...........................................................800.14411
David Chappell, vice president and chief to carry out the entire cycle of inventory Portugal.......................................................800.853.021
service-oriented architecture technologist management and ensure a well-managed Singapore ................................................1800.6722.531
South Africa...............................................0800.994.225
at Oracle, takes listeners on a tour of the process. In this five-day course, participants South Korea...............................................080.2194.114
new SCA specification. will become familiar with the product’s wide Sweden ........................................................020.798798
Focus on Data Warehousing: Partitioning and feature set and will execute tasks such as Switzerland................................................0800.55.2574
Information Lifecycle Management receiving, moving, and replenishing inven- Thailand ..............................................001800.441.0545 tory items and generating count tags for Turkey .................................................00800.353.90014
U.K. .........................................................0870.5.332200
Hermann Baer, principal product manager physical inventories.


ND07_Resources.indd 18 9/12/07 2:23:21 PM
DMExpress is the Faster ETL!

44% Faster
than Informatica

67% Faster
than DataStage

5 hrs DMExpress is the high-speed ETL tool designed
to meet the challenges of data warehousing,
BI, and other mission-critical applications. When
2.8 hrs 3 hrs
processing large amounts of data, DMExpress
can save you many hours, even days. For a free
1 hr consult or proof of concept, call (201) 930-8200 or
Informatica DMExpress DataStage DMExpress visit /SpeedETL

Results are based on specific tests and may vary depending on environment. If you would like to verify DMExpress’s superiority in your current application, please contact us to arrange a free trial.
Syncsort® and DMExpress® are registered trademarks of Syncsort Incorporated. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Oracle OpenWorld, Community Style
From lounges to giveaways, Oracle Technology Network membership has its benefits.
racle OpenWorld and the concur- annual membership fee. The group now applications for an Oracle consulting
rent Oracle Develop Conference boasts its own well-stocked technology company. Today, he is an Oracle ACE
are the Oracle Technology lab that’s open to members 10 hours a and Oracle Certified Master who wants
Network (OTN) community’s day, five days a week. to give children a similar opportunity,
major “skill-set enhancement” calendar “We’ve moved away from the model via Oracle Academy.
entries for the year, but there’s far more where a user group charges for a few Oracle Academy provides software,
to these events than packing your agenda training events or conferences a year,” training, and resources to prepare stu-
with sessions and keynotes. says Oracle ACE Director Dan Morgan, dents for careers in information technol-
The OTN Lounge, located in San who was instrumental in putting the ogy. The program trains educators and
Francisco’s Moscone Center West lab together. “Instead, we charge for provides resources for high schools,
(second floor), will be your community hands-on classes one week a month and vocational schools, colleges, and univer-
nexus throughout the conference—a then open the doors so members can sities around the world.
place not only to relax (perhaps via a come in and practice in the lab.” Karam judges student projects at
friendly game of chess with Oracle ACE The lab equipment includes a Virginia’s Edison Academy and speaks
Laurent Schneider) but also to chat NetApp 1TB 270C NAS appliance as with students through Oracle user group
up other OTN members with similar well as other equipment donated by events. “I want to show the education
interests, meet Oracle ACEs and Oracle NetApp and a 7TB Axiom 500 SAN community that Oracle Academy is out
ACE Directors in person, and get advice donated by Pillar Data Systems. Brocade there and is very worthwhile,” he says.
from legendary experts and community donated all the switches and fiber “It will likely be the next great source of
figures like Tom Kyte. It’s also an oppor- required for a first-class network. The top-notch Oracle technologists.” What
tunity to pick up exclusive OTN swag, configuration can simulate a cluster of better goal for an Oracle ACE?
including free Oracle software, T-shirts, up to eight nodes, using Oracle Real Learn more about Oracle Academy at
coffee mugs, and the 2007 edition of Application Clusters.; read Karam’s blog
OTN’s Greatest Hits CD. “The people who teach our classes at
Last year’s OTN Night was the most and develop our curriculum also teach
successful yet, but this year’s event at the University of Washington,” says Justin Kestelyn ( is the
(Monday, November 12, at the Westin Morgan. “We’ve had people fly in from editor in chief of Oracle Technology Network.
St. Francis) promises to be even better. New Jersey to take classes here. They
Whether you’re focused on “edutain- pay to become members of PSOUG and
ment” (the Oracle-on-Linux Installfest then enroll in classes just to get access OTN home
or the DBA Hot Seat Competition) or to this lab.” The great thing about this

strictly on recreation, OTN Night is the setup, adds Morgan, is that a member OTN Headlines
hottest ticket of the week. can take a class and then get hands-on
For more information and to register practice on the lab equipment. Free software downloads
for Oracle OpenWorld and the Oracle PSOUG’s lab approach is potentially
Develop Conference, visit a model for other user groups, and
openworld. For a complete picture of PSOUG has surplus equipment to pass
Technology Centers
OTN activities at the show, visit the on to any group that wants to set up a
Developer and DBA’s Guide to Oracle lab of its own (while supplies last). Visit Podcasts
OpenWorld at to learn more.

oracle-openworld-2007. Technical articles

THE HANDS-ON USERS GROUP Oracle ACE Steve Karam started using Blogs
The Puget Sound Oracle Users Group Oracle Database when most kids his
(PSOUG), in Seattle, Washington, gives age were learning long division. In high Discussion forums
its members more bang for their US$35 school, Karam landed a job building


ND07_OTN.indd 20 9/12/07 2:27:50 PM
Database 11g
Online upgrades and patching

Advanced partitioning and compression

Record and replay real workloads

Delegate jobs to a standby database

Query a database as it was a week ago

The Innovation Continues
or call 1.800.ORACLE.1

Copyright © 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.
Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

omag1107p021.indd 1 9/19/07 7:53:18 PM

Extreme Transaction Processing
Oracle Coherence 3.3 provides fast access to frequently used data.
ith the recent release of ability to move information up into actually having the transactions in the
Oracle Coherence 3.3, memory, so it provides much faster application being conducted in memory.
Cameron Purdy, Oracle vice access to SQL data. What Oracle The reason Oracle Coherence is so
president of development Coherence provides is similar, in that uniquely suited for this is that the infor-
and former CEO of Tangosol, sat down the information is in memory, but mation is synchronously backed up onto
with Oracle Magazine’s Jeff Erickson instead of doing it with SQL informa- at least one other server to make sure
to talk about this leading in-memory that it can’t be lost, and that allows the
data grid solution. The following is an transactions to run at in-memory speed
excerpt from that interview. Download without sacrificing the information in
a podcast of the full interview at case of a server failure. The more servers that are available, the higher the overall
Oracle Magazine: Tell us about the current transaction rate, and that allows us to
imbalance between demand and supply accomplish what’s known as extreme
in the data management industry. transaction processing.
Purdy: If you look at the combination of The fourth case is event-driven
much higher demand in terms of number architectures. These are systems where
of end users actually using today’s events, such as information streaming
systems, combined with technologies into the system or information changing,
like service-oriented architecture, XML, drive the system.
and Ajax that tend to require much more Oracle Magazine: What does Oracle
information, the result is that the demand Coherence mean for the future of IT?
for information and the demands placed Purdy: We see this as a foundation for
on the data infrastructure have just scalable and continuously available soft-
exploded over the past decade. At the Cameron Purdy, Oracle Vice President of Development ware applications that are being deployed
same time, the technology that supplies today as well as basically all applica-
this information has not kept pace, so we tion it does it with information that is in tions in the future. These are qualities of
have a tremendous increase in demand the application’s programming language. service that every application wants to
compared to the technology that actu- Oracle Magazine: How are companies achieve and that any CIO or architect is
ally supplies the information. Oracle has using Oracle Coherence? going to want. We’re talking about being
addressed this already in several ways, Purdy: What we see are four general use able to provide scalable performance,
starting with Oracle Real Application cases. The first is caching. Companies are continuous availability, and reliability and
Clusters (Oracle RAC) and Oracle using Oracle Coherence to provide very consistency of information. But we don’t
TimesTen In-Memory Database. fast access to information—fast access achieve those in a vacuum—we actually
Oracle Magazine: How does Oracle both because it’s in memory and because provide a foundation for achieving all of
Coherence address this demand increase? it’s already in the form that the applica- them simultaneously, and as a result it
Purdy: Oracle Coherence provides pre- tion needs—but additionally because it’s becomes a no-brainer to build applica-
dictable qualities of service for applica- typically already on the server that actu- tions using this technology. O
tions built with Oracle’s middleware ally needs the information.
technology: scalable performance, avail- The second use case is analytics, Jeff Erickson is a senior editor with Oracle Publishing.
ability, and reliability and consistency of where applications are processing very
the information. large amounts of information. Typically
Oracle Magazine: Oracle already has an there are various trends or statistics
in-memory technology, Oracle TimesTen. that companies are looking for in a pile LISTEN to the podcast

How is Oracle Coherence different? of information, and generally they’re
LEARN more about Oracle Coherence
Purdy: Oracle TimesTen provides an looking for real-time answers.
in-memory SQL database and has the The third use case is transactions—


ND07_Interview.indd 22 9/12/07 2:27:02 PM
© 2007 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Number of fingernails you will bite down
to nothingness today because you can’t
manage your company’s multiple database
platforms with a single, standardized solution.

answer —
Embarcadero Technologies makes Enterprise Data
Management a possibility by offering you one
centralized solution to manage all of your databases.
Our expertise in optimizing Oracle, SQL Server,
DB2, Sybase and MySQL databases makes managing
critical enterprise databases a lot less nerve racking.
Deliver the service levels your business expects —
while cost effectively managing your growing data
infrastructure. Even enterprise-scale implementations
are standardized and simplified. Give your fingers a
break; discover how the most sophisticated solution
is also the simplest. See how one gets it done.

Call 415.834.3131 or visit

Find out more about Embarcadero Technologies
database tools at Oracle OpenWorld!
Visit us at booth 2210.

9_print_ad_OracleWorld.indd 1 8/28/07 4:07:08 PM
a t O r a c l e BRIEFS

CENTRALIZED SECURITY AND USER ments include additional support for
100 percent of IT professionals surveyed who
participate in online communities say they
benefit professionally from online interaction.
A preview release of Oracle
Authentication Services for
Operating Systems, which is designed
Environment for Wireless (BREW), as
well as simple platform verification tools
that ease porting.
But a large number—94 percent—say to make user management in Linux “The latest release of Oracle
they have to visit more than one source of more efficient, secure, and centralized, Berkeley DB delivers even faster per-
information for each problem they set out to is now available. A new offering within formance and concurrency, while
solve. A similar number—93 percent—claim Oracle Identity Management, Oracle giving developers greater flexibility
that they do their jobs more efficiently and Authentication Services for Operating and control for their applications,” says
save time by using IT communities to solve Systems is designed to enable Oracle Mike Olson, vice president of embed-
system administration problems. Unbreakable Linux Support users ded technologies at Oracle.
Source: KACE and King Research to rapidly experience the benefits of
streamlined secure user authentication. PDF CONVERSION SIMPLIFIED

The preview release of Oracle
Authentication Services for Operating
Systems features a secure and efficient
O racle has released Oracle Outside In
PDF Export, the first cross-platform,
application-independent portable docu-
A survey of 152 CEOs and senior officers means for user authentication with ment format (PDF) conversion solution
of midsize companies—100 to 5,000 zero-touch administration of Linux for the original equipment manufacturer
employees—showed that having a tech- directories. Additionally, it enables and independent software vendor soft-
savvy top boss correlates with fast company administrators running Linux to use ware market. Part of the Oracle Outside
growth. 73 percent of respondents who existing graphical and command-line In Technology product line, this software
rated themselves “total geeks” reported user management tools to manage users. development kit includes its own ren-
double-digit average annual growth in their “The preview release of Oracle dering engine so that native applications
businesses over the past five years. Almost Authentication Services for Operating are not required to generate PDFs, which
half—48 percent—of total geeks also Systems supports the heterogeneous simplifies workflow and decreases costs.
reported that their businesses reached the security capabilities that are reflective Appropriate for content management,
100-employee milestone within five years of our customers’ data centers—and the document management, Web publish-
of launch, compared to just 33 percent of all growth of Linux—while helping them ing, or any application that can benefit
survey respondents. more rapidly centralize the authentica- from application-independent, server-
Source: CDW Business Rearview Mirror Survey tion and management of their operating based PDF conversion, the product sup- system accounts,” says Hasan Rizvi, vice ports popular PDF conversion features.
president, security and identity manage- “Oracle Outside In PDF Export is
JAVA INCREASES, .NET DECLINES IN SOA ment products, Oracle. unique in the market for its ability to
PLATFORM DEPLOYMENTS provide a cross-platform PDF conversion
The number of companies planning or ORACLE BERKELEY DB 4.6 AVAILABLE solution for more than 400 different file
executing service-oriented architecture
(SOA) deployments on a Java platform
increased slightly during the first six months
T he latest release of Oracle’s open
source, embeddable database, Oracle
Berkeley DB 4.6, is now available. It
formats,” says Julie Garrett, director of
product management, Oracle. “Because
it doesn’t require a document’s native
of 2007, while those planning to build SOA features improved performance, ease of application, Oracle Outside In PDF
implementations on .NET decreased by use for developers, and portability across Export simplifies PDF conversion work-
almost 20 percent. .NET deployments for SOA new platforms. flow. This is especially beneficial for
were still ahead, with 31 percent targeting Performance enhancements in the those customers on platforms other than
that platform, but 28 percent now expect to new release of Oracle Berkeley DB Windows where the native application
target Java technologies. Three-quarters of include a more efficient mutex imple- may not be available.”
all companies that have built or are building mentation and a faster hash access
Web services now plan to implement method. Improvements for developers NEW ORACLE VALIDATED CONFIGURATIONS
SOA, and more than 70 percent of those
writing Web services have experienced
cost savings, primarily from code reuse and
include a quick-start tool for generat-
ing schema and configuration; and new
features, including cache size adjust-
S ix new Oracle Validated
Configurations are now available
on Oracle Enterprise Linux. These con-
automation of processes. ment during runtime, cache operation figurations provide proven architectures
Source: Evans Data Corporation prioritization, and replica-private tem- that include software, hardware, storage,
porary databases. Portability enhance- drivers, and networking components


ND07_BRIEFS.indd 24 9/12/07 2:21:39 PM
along with documented best practices vice president of development, Oracle. ics software, which is vital to ensuring
for deployment. Tested in real-world “Combining the in-memory data grid efficient operation and utilization of
environments, the configurations enable infrastructure of Oracle Coherence with existing and next-generation networks
Linux customers to achieve standard- Oracle Fusion Middleware, we now offer and services.
ization, scalability, and reliability while customers a comprehensive solution to “The addition of Netsure’s products to
lowering infrastructure costs. The latest address their evolving XTP requirements.” Oracle’s comprehensive communications
Oracle Validated Configurations com- Read more about Oracle Coherence applications suite is expected to help
prise components from Compellent, in Oracle Magazine’s interview with Oracle’s customers improve network uti-
Dell, Egenera, EMC, HP, Pillar Data, Purdy on page 22. lization, optimize capacity planning and
and Unisys. financial modeling, and streamline end-
“With its focus on the Oracle ORACLE’S LATEST LINUX CONTRIBUTIONS to-end network lifecycle management,”
Validated Configuration Program,
Oracle continues to deliver on its
commitment of providing the tools,
O racle has announced several new
projects and code contributions
designed to augment the enterprise-class
says Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president
and general manager, Oracle.

resources, and expertise to help custom- capabilities of Linux. ORACLE BUYS BRIDGESTREAM
ers accelerate Linux deployments and
lower implementation costs,” says Wim
Coekaerts, vice president of Linux engi-
First, Oracle has developed the Btrfs
file system, which is designed to address
the expanding scalability requirements
O racle has acquired Bridgestream,
a provider of enterprise role man-
agement software. Bridgestream’s role
neering at Oracle. “We are extremely of large storage subsystems, common discovery, definition, and management
pleased with the adoption of Oracle in today’s data centers. Btrfs will allow capabilities will be added to Oracle’s
Validated Configurations. We expect enhanced scalability and simplified man- access management and user provisioning
to see more end users deploying Linux agement for large storage configurations, solutions, which expands Oracle’s com-
for mission-critical applications as they while also adding flexible snapshotting prehensive identity management solution.
enjoy faster deployment and better sup- and fast incremental backups. “With the acquisition of Bridgestream,
portability with Oracle.” Second, Oracle has ported the popular Oracle can help organizations streamline
system management tool Yet another compliance-related tasks and automate
ORACLE COHERENCE 3.3 AVAILABLE Setup Tool (YaST) to Oracle Enterprise role management,” says Hasan Rizvi,

O racle Coherence 3.3, an in-memory
data grid and the latest hot-
pluggable component of Oracle Fusion
Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Third, the Oracle Linux Test Kit is
now available as open source under
vice president, identity management and
security products, Oracle. O

Middleware, is now shipping. To address General Public License and Artistic
growing extreme transaction process- License. This kit is designed to verify
Oracle Authentication Services for
ing (XTP) requirements, this release Linux kernel functionality and stability Operating Systems
features enhanced performance, quality- essential for Oracle Database.
of-service, and clustering capabilities; “One of the greatest assets of the
tighter integration with Oracle Fusion Linux operating system is the Linux and Oracle Berkeley DB 4.6
Middleware; and support for Microsoft’s open source communities—which are
Oracle Outside In PDF Export
.NET Framework. directly responsible for the success that
Designed to meet an organization’s Linux has had in the market,” says Al management/oit/pdfexport.html
need to predictably scale mission-critical Gillen, research vice president of system Oracle Validated Configurations
applications, Oracle Coherence 3.3 software, IDC. “With contributions from
enables customers to push data closer individuals and from the vendor com-
Oracle Coherence 3.3
to the application for faster access and munity alike, Linux continues to grow
greater resource utilization. and evolve as an enterprise-class plat-
Btrfs file system (alpha release)
“As elements of a modern application form for data center deployments.”
infrastructure such as service-oriented YaST
architecture, Web 2.0, and event-driven ORACLE BUYS NETSURE TELECOM LIMITED
architecture push the scalability, reli-
ability, and performance envelope,
organizations are increasingly relying
O racle has agreed to acquire Netsure
Telecom Limited, a leading provider
of network intelligence, analytics, and
Oracle Linux Test Kit

Oracle and Netsure
on middleware to distribute applica- network data integrity software. Netsure
tion processing and more efficiently offers communications service providers Oracle and Bridestream
utilize resources,” says Cameron Purdy, critical network intelligence and analyt-


ND07_BRIEFS.indd 25 9/12/07 2:21:39 PM
c o m m u n i t y PARTNER NEWS
b o o k BEAT

Oracle PL/SQL
Best Practices,
2nd edition With Oracle Database 11g now generally with decision-support system and online
By Steven Feuerstein available, dozens of Oracle PartnerNetwork transaction processing workloads.
O’Reilly Media
members at all levels have announced
ISBN: 0596514107
products or services support for the TUSC will offer database upgrade solu-
new release. tions using the workload capture and
In this compact book, Steven Feuerstein database replay capabilities of Oracle
distills his many years of programming, ORACLE CERTIFIED ADVANTAGE PARTNERS Database 11g. These new capabilities will
writing, and teaching about PL/SQL into 170 Systems’ 170 MarkView Financial help TUSC customers compare perfor-
a set of best practices. Covering Oracle
Database 11g, the text is organized in a
Suite is available on Oracle Database mance on different hardware or systems
problem/solution format that chronicles 11g. The 170 MarkView Financial Suite by capturing and replaying an actual
the programming exploits of a team of is used in the world’s largest compa- business workload for a representative
developers at a mythical company called My nies to optimize and manage financial period of time. TUSC provides integra-
Flimsy Excuse, Inc. processes. “Our customers collectively tion services for Oracle Applications and
This book offers practical answers to
some of the hardest questions faced by
process well over US$100 billion in crit- Oracle Fusion Middleware, as well as
PL/SQL developers, including the best way to ical financial transactions annually with other services and training.
write the SQL logic in application code, how the 170 MarkView Financial Suite and
to write packages so they can be leveraged need a secure and reliable database plat- Unisys will make Oracle Database 11g
by an entire team of developers, and how form that can adapt and scale quickly available for the Unisys ES7000/one
to make sure that all of a team’s programs
handle and record errors consistently.
to support their growing and changing Enterprise Servers for both Linux and
Feuerstein writes Oracle Magazine’s organizations,” says Karl Büttner, chair- Microsoft Windows environments.
PL/SQL Practices column and answers man and CTO of 170 Systems. Running Oracle Database 11g on Unisys
questions in his PL/SQL Best Practices ES7000/one servers is an element of
column on Oracle Technology Network. He EMC will support Oracle Database 11g Unisys’ participation in the Oracle
has published 10 books on PL/SQL.
on all of its major storage platforms. Modernization Alliance, an initiative
Because of its participation in the Oracle within the Oracle PartnerNetwork that
Oracle Database Database 11g beta program, EMC is brings together vendors with products,
11g DBA Handbook confident that its customers will suc- processes, solutions, and architectures
By Bob Bryla and cessfully deploy Oracle Database 11g to move existing IT environments to
Kevin Loney on EMC Symmetrix, EMC CLARiiON, modern, open systems.
Oracle Press
and EMC Celerra networked storage
ISBN: 0071496637 systems. “EMC customers like what they ORACLE CERTIFIED PARTNERS
see in Oracle Database 11g, and our DataMirror has extended its real-time
This essential resource for Oracle DBAs investment in testing and qualification data integration solutions to support
has been completely updated to cover the will enable them to deploy it seam- Oracle Database 11g. The scalability
new features in Oracle Database 11g. This
lessly,” says Chuck Hollis, vice president, enhancements in Oracle Database 11g
800-page tome details each topic with an
emphasis on the big picture, enabling users Technology Alliances at EMC. and DataMirror’s high-performance
to achieve effective and efficient database Changed Data Capture technology
management. Readers will learn to develop HP will offer its StorageWorks tech- together help companies react to criti-
and implement applications, manage nology for Oracle Database 11g Real cal business events as they occur and
storage space, and create reliable system
Application Clusters deployments. gather business intelligence in real time.
backups. New and revised sections cover
high availability, performance optimization, Oracle has integrated network file DataMirror products enable real-time
information management, and security system (NFS) client functionality directly data integration across Oracle and het-
procedures. Real-world examples and case into Oracle Database 11g, resulting in erogeneous environments.
studies illustrate each concept along the way. improvements in database through-
Bob Bryla and Kevin Loney, authors of
put as high as 40 percent. When used GIP will use Oracle Database 11g in
the previous edition, have teamed up again
on the Oracle Database 11g edition. Bryla with the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Xyna Service Factory, GIP’s integrated
has more than 20 years of experience as File Services (EFS) Clustered Gateway, platform for the development, pro-
a database designer, systems analyst, and Oracle Database 11g’s direct NFS pro- duction, and lifecycle management of
DBA. Loney is a veteran Oracle consultant, vides a unified connectivity model for IP-based telecommunication services.
developer, and DBA.
storage and networking and enables Specifically, Oracle Database 11g is
use of existing storage area networks. the basis for two elements of the Xyna
Look for Oracle books at Oracle used HP StorageWorks technol- Service Factory platform: Xyna Service
technology/bookstore ogy to validate the direct NFS feature Warehouse, a subscriber-centric active


ND07_PARTNER.indd 26 9/12/07 2:24:48 PM
warehouse, and Xyna Intelligence, a Oracle SecureFiles compression and NAVTEQ, a global provider of digital map
subscriber touchpoint management deduplication, which improve the per- data for vehicle navigation and location-
system. GIP serves leading German and formance and security of file-based data. based solutions, will make NAVTEQ
international companies in the telecom- map data available in Oracle Spatial 11g
munications, information, media, and EqualLogic, a provider of enterprise iSCSI geocoding, routing, and mapping format.
entertainment sectors. storage area network (SAN) solutions, As an Oracle Database 11g beta program
supports Oracle Database 11g. The participant, NAVTEQ collaborated with
Tele Atlas, a global provider of digital EqualLogic PS Series modular iSCSI Oracle to ensure that NAVTEQ map
maps and dynamic content for naviga- storage arrays automatically balance data, NAVTEQ Transport, NAVTEQ
tion and location-based solutions, has workloads across all available system Traffic Patterns, and NAVTEQ’s real-time
released Tele Atlas MultiNet for Oracle resources. EqualLogic’s PS3000 Serial- traffic products support the extended
Database 11g. The full Western Europe Attached-SCSI (SAS) disk arrays can be data schemas in Oracle Spatial 11g.
version of MultiNet will include Oracle used on Oracle application workloads
Database 11g geocoding and routing within a multitier SAN that also includes The Pythian Group is offering outsourced
extensions and Oracle Database 11g– Serial Advanced Technology Attachment database administration and related ser-
compliant 3-D city maps. “The support (SATA) disk drives. The integration of vices for Oracle Database 11g. Pythian
of 3-D features in Oracle Database 11g SAS and SATA in a single SAN allows DBAs will use the new change assurance
is important to the development of optimization of storage tiers to meet the features in Oracle Database 11g to vali-
next-generation map-based applications, performance and capacity needs of pro- date existing client applications against
with textured models of buildings and duction and archive data. Oracle Database 11g using real produc-
landmarks that more closely match what tion data, allowing customers to upgrade
users actually see in their surroundings,” GridApp Systems’ Clarity database to this new release with confidence. O
says Rob Van Essen, Tele Atlas vice pres- automation software supports Oracle
ident of research and development. Database 11g. Clarity simplifies database
administration and management while
ORACLE PARTNERS enabling migration of database infra- 170 Systems
Application Security’s DbProtect database structures to the new Oracle platform.
security suite supports Oracle Database GridApp Clarity automates error-prone EMC
11g. Built on an extensive knowledge- operational tasks such as provisioning
base of database-specific vulnerabilities, and patching, resulting in improved
DbProtect combines database discovery, management, streamlined operations,
vulnerability scanning, real-time activ- reduced downtime, and cost savings.
ity monitoring, auditing, and optional “Companies taking their databases to Unisys
encryption. DbProtect complements the the next level with Oracle Database 11g
many security improvements in Oracle should think about automating the man- DataMirror
Database 11g, ensuring comprehensive, agement of this critical resource now,”

integrated database security. says Matthew Zito, chief scientist at GIP
GridApp Systems.
Tele Atlas
Carrier Call has made its voice trading
solution, XCarrier, available on Oracle IT Convergence will offer managed ser-
Application Security
Database 11g. XCarrier is an integrated vices and strategic consulting solutions
enterprise voice trading platform for for customers upgrading to Oracle Carrier Call
wholesale voice carriers—a high-volume, Database 11g. IT Convergence expects to
low-margin business that requires a scal- help Oracle Database 11g customers to EqualLogic
able back end with very fast response employ new features, such as database

times. The new release of XCarrier ben- replay and automatic database diagnostic GridApp Systems
efits from the features and capabilities monitor. “We anticipate that some of the
of Oracle Database 11g, including par- first experiences with Oracle Database IT Convergence
titioning capabilities to deploy multiple 11g will be in conjunction with the
storage tiers based on activity; advanced Oracle E-Business Suite or similar enter-
compression, which helps businesses prise applications,” says Dan Norris,
The Pythian Group
maximize storage usage while maintain- technology services practice manager at
ing availability and performance; and IT Convergence.


ND07_PARTNER.indd 27 9/12/07 2:24:49 PM
c o m m u n i t y EMBEDDED ORACLE

Telematics and Biometrics
Oracle powers tracking devices and ID systems.

Identity in Action
In the near future, biometrics will
likely be the way many people
are granted access to their
Telematics on the Move personal data and busi-
For companies that face the challenge of manag- ness applications, as well
ing a large fleet of vehicles that are moving across as physical access to
a continent, telematics provides an efficient homes, cars, and secure
solution. Telematics is the science of sending, rooms and buildings.
receiving, and storing information via telecom- Today biometric systems,
munications devices in vehicles. Today’s tele- including those from BIO-key
matics integrate global positioning system (GPS) International, are used in custom applications such as
technology with computers and mobile commu- voting machines. Using proprietary search techniques,
nications devices. enhanced imaging, and mathematical modeling,
One telematics solution is the Vector 300 from BIO-key’s True User Identification products accurately
Prolificx, a company that has worked with the identify individuals by their fingerprints, out of a data-
Oracle Telematics solution center to deliver an base of millions of fingerprints. BIO-key’s fingerprint
end-to-end mobile resource management solu- technology validates a user’s identity by something
tion based on Oracle Database Lite and Oracle that they are (fingerprint), versus something they have
MicroEdge Server. In each vehicle, the Vector 300 (token or key) or know (password). To store finger-
embeds the Oracle MicroEdge Server to capture print data, BIO-key has embedded Oracle Database
the data from onboard sensors such as GPS and a 10g in its True User Identification product line.
speed tracker and process the data via predefined True User Identification complements many iden-
rules and filters. This data is then stored locally tity management solutions, such as Oracle Identity
in Oracle Database Lite and can be synchronized Management, through the creation of a unique ID
wirelessly across cellular data networks using the based on a user’s fingerprint. While the technology’s
Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server with backend most popular use is for strong user authentication, its
fleet management applications. ability to eliminate fraudulent and duplicate IDs has
The Vector 300 telematics unit allows the enabled implementations including child identification
location and speed of every vehicle to be tracked, systems, healthcare systems, financial applications,
even when the vehicle is temporarily out of cellu- identity verification for college entrance exams, and
lar range. This enables large fleets to be efficiently even entry to workout facilities.
managed in real time, saving time and cost, and BIO-key provides a completely secure environment
providing better customer service. Other appli- for biometric identification systems: the storage format
cations of the Vector 300 include for the biometric data is impossible to reverse-engineer
tracking leased vehicles and into a fingerprint, and the fingerprint data can be
managing vehicle stored or destroyed if necessary.
health informa-
tion and driver
behavior data.


BIO-key International


ND07_Cutting Edge.indd 28 9/14/07 3:26:37 PM
AT Oracle OpenWorld 2007!
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Untitled-1 1 9/19/07 1:24:58 PM
c o m m u n i t y PEER-TO-PEER BY B LA IR C AMPBELL

Managing the Middle
Oracle ACEs stay current on the latest and greatest technologies.
Atul Kumar programming and Java. Take some peerSPECS
How has Oracle University helped introductory classes on both tech- Company: Satyam Computer
Services, a global consulting and IT
you move forward in your career? nologies, buy a good book, and services company
My first Oracle University start practicing. To be very success- Job title/description:
training course was sponsored ful at Web and database develop- Principal consultant and general
manager in the Oracle Fusion
by my first employer, Triniti ment, it’s important to have a good Middleware Practice of Satyam’s
Corporation. Since then, I’ve foundational understanding of Enterprise Applications Group,
responsible for technical
taken additional classes to get a the technology you’re going to be competency and global presales
quick but thorough overview of working with. Location: Hyderabad, India
new products. I prefer to take What’s your favorite thing to do that Length of time using Oracle
products: 10 years
online classes and use self-study materials—then I can utilize doesn’t involve work? Reading
Oracle ACE
my business travel time for reading Oracle University’s self- reviews on the latest electronic
study guides and have them on hand to reference later. gadgets and keeping track of devel- oracle_ace
What new products or features have you been exploring lately? I’m opments in technology that affect
using a shared application tier for day-to-day life.
multinode applications, because peerSPECS
Nathalie Roman
Company: Self-employed
of reduced maintenance overhead. Job title/description:
It’s cost-effective, because the same Independent Oracle consultant, What technology has most changed
responsible for managing,
shared drive is used to mount the designing, and deploying Oracle
your life? Web services, Oracle
file system—and software—across Applications BPEL Process Manager, and
various servers, which reduces Location: London Oracle’s Enterprise Service Bus. I
hardware costs. Oracle credentials: Oracle consider these technologies a fun
Certified Associate (Oracle
If you were going to the International Application Server 10g), with 7 playground that has given me lots
Space Station for six months and years of experience using Oracle of opportunities. The passion I
could take only one Oracle reference Oracle ACE feel for my job has everything to
book, what would it be? The Oracle oracle_ace do with Oracle SOA Suite and the different technologies I like to
Applications Concepts documenta- work with. By giving seminars and blogging, I’m able to transfer
tion—because every time I read it I find something new. that passion to customers and other developers.
What’s your favorite tool or technique on the job? Oracle
Srinivas Polsani JDeveloper and Oracle SQL Developer are my favorite IDEs;
What’s your favorite tool or technique on the job? Service-oriented Oracle Enterprise Manager in
architecture [SOA] is my favorite concept, as this architecture Oracle SOA Suite is my favorite
isn’t tied to a specific technology environment, from a management Company: iAdvise, an IT
and can be implemented using point of view; and blogging is my consulting firm

a wide range of technologies. It favorite technique. Job title/description:
Competence leader of the iAdvise
can also support integration and What would you like to see Oracle, as Oracle Fusion Middleware team,
consolidation activities within a company, do more of? I’d like to responsible for presales, learning
tracks for new members and
complex enterprise systems. SOA see more opportunities to engage employees, workshops, seminars,
can help businesses respond in beta testing. Working more and internal and external courses
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
more quickly and cost-effectively closely with Oracle would also
Oracle credentials: Oracle
to changing market conditions. help us know what the company Fusion Middleware Sales Champion,
What advice do you have for those is looking for and how we can Oracle Implementation Champion,
and Oracle Presales Champion, with
just getting started with Web-based help—for example, if Oracle needs 6 years of experience using Oracle
database development? The advice I’ve got for anybody working articles, tutorials, or experience in Oracle ACE
on Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Developer Tools, or a certain technology or wants to
related technologies is to start getting into object-oriented test a new approach. O


ND07_PEER.indd 30 9/12/07 2:24:02 PM
Working Smarter
With Storage Systems
Severe power restrictions,
space constraints, cooling
limitations, skyrocketing
personnel costs…
At a time of exponential database
growth, regulatory requirements
that call for longer archive periods
for historical data, and shrinking IT
budgets; data centers worldwide face
widespread challenges that threaten
the ability of today’s data-intensive
businesses to grow and survive.
Gartner predicts that within the next
two to three years, half of the world’s
data centers will be in crisis because of
power and space restrictions1. In fact,
today many Silicon Valley data centers
already feel the crunch because they
don’t have enough power or space to
even test the technologies that can
help them solve this problem.


Oracle-Insert-Pillar.indd 1 9/11/07 10:27:23 AM
To meet these challenges, data centers need to meet their that factors in the key elements of data storage efficiency,
growing storage needs not just with more storage systems, including capacity, performance, power, and space. Pillar’s
but with smarter storage systems. The new systems must EQ is nearly double that of competing storage systems,
conserve power, run cooler, and take up less space. At the revealing leading performance and capacity while consum-
same time, these systems must maximize efficiency and be ing the lowest levels of space and energy. The result is the
easy to set up and manage. most efficient storage system on the market today.

Smarter Storage Solutions Capacity x Performance
Storage solutions from Pillar Data Systems are ideal for the (μ)
Power x Space
Oracle-based data center. Not only are Pillar’s unique SAN/
NAS storage systems low-power, easy to use, and have
Figure 1. Pillar Data Systems’ EQTM is a measurement
a small-footprint – but they are also fully validated with of system efficiency as a function of Capacity times
Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux Program and certified with Performance, divided by the product of Power and Space.
Oracle Enterprise Linux. And with new compression features
and expanded options for data partitioning with Oracle “Resource limitations, such as energy and space, are becom-
Database 11g, data centers will realize even greater storage ing an increasing concern for companies of all sizes and
efficiencies with Pillar. With tera- and even petabytes of geographic locations,” said Mike Workman, Chairman and
storage needs, only the storage systems that are smart CEO, Pillar Data Systems. “These pressures impact the
energy consumers will survive in the coming environment. already precarious balance of performance, capacity, energy
These systems are the smart choice because they offer: and space in the data center. With EQ, Pillar is leading the
t 1PXFSFGmDJFODZ charge toward helping companies address the limitations
of specialized, single-purpose legacy architectures.
t 4JNQMJmFEDPSQPSBUFXJEFTUPSBHF Pillar systems generate less heat, consume less power, and
t 7BMJEBUJPOXJUI0SBDMFBQQMJDBUJPOT require much less physical space than the competition.”
Pillar is a member of the Green Grid consortium, an
interactive body of members who share and improve
Power-efficiency: Meeting Growth With Green
current best practices around data center efficiency. The
The “Green” discussion historically has revolved around
consortium’s scope includes collaboration with end users
environmental issues such as greenhouse gasses and
and government organizations worldwide to ensure that
carbon neutral storage, and in IT the discussion largely
each organizational goal is aligned with both developers
has been limited to only half the problem: power and
and users of data center technology.
cooling consumption.
“We are pleased to have vendors like Pillar Data get involved
Consider that in less than two years, $6 billion was spent
in addressing data center efficiency,” said Mark Monroe,
powering data centers in the United States alone. Accord-
a director of The Green Grid. “The necessity for efficient
ing to IDC, for every dollar spent on hardware, a quarter of
storage solutions is ever increasing and The Green Grid
that was spent on power and cooling for the same hardware2.
is eager to have Pillar Data… bring their industry expertise
Additionally, Gartner estimates that today large corporations
to the consortium.”
spend between four and eight percent of their IT budget
on energy. Looking into the future, Gartner predicts this
will increase by up to four times during the next five years. Storage Simplified
As IT managers break down their budget and see that Part of working smarter boils down to reducing complexity.
32% of it could be spent on energy alone by 2011, they Customers can significantly simplify by eliminating multiple
begin to consider implementing “green” policies on future storage silos across their enterprise. Rather than selling
data storage purchases3. different systems based on different IO needs, or point
For a true measure of overall storage efficiency, companies products, Pillar dynamically provisions Quality of Service
need to consider an additional critical component – physical (QoS) levels on a single system to meet the IO requirements
space. Pillar is the only company not only to reduce energy of the customer’s various applications. The result is getting
consumption associated with powering and cooling storage Tier 1 through Tier 3 service on a single system instead of
systems, but also to reduce the overall physical space with three separate systems. Leveraging Pillar’s QoS-based
consumption of those same storage systems. Pillar has taken architecture eliminates the need to manage disparate point
on a leadership role within the storage industry, defining the products and incompatible platforms; with the licensing,
metrics to measure overall efficiency. Pillar recently introduced service agreements, power, space, and personnel costs
the Pillar Storage Efficiency Quotient (EQ™), a measurement that go with that.


Oracle-Insert-Pillar.indd 2 9/11/07 10:27:23 AM
Tier 1

Data centers are realizing massive savings on energy
Tier 2 costs to power and cool their Pillar and Oracle
Grid infrastructures, as well as on real estate costs to
Tier 3 physically house those systems and on licensing. In
some cases, savings of up to 75 percent annually are
Figure 2. Pillar data System’s dynamically provisioned being reported on energy costs alone. The real estate
Quality of Service (QoS) levels costs savings eclipse that figure in the more densely
populated metropolitan areas such as San Francisco
“The new Quality of Service enhancements in Oracle
Database 11g coupled with Pillar’s QoS-based architecture
for storage provides superior accountability for maintaining
application Service Levels in the industry” says Mark Salser,
senior vice president of Oracle’s Technology Business Unit.
“Customers can now leverage QoS across the entire pool Oracle Corporation
poration runs Pillar Data Systems in pro-
of compute resources for both CPUs and storage, breaking duction servicing 45,000 users daily and some 38 million
the dependency on point products forever.” documents of unstructured data for its employees
worldwide. “We chose Pillar because it provides us the
This enterprise-class benefit of Pillar’s QoS-based architecture greatest capacity at the lowest cost, while providing
is available to companies of all sizes, allowing the storage enterprise performance and availability,” says Campbell
system the small business uses today to grow with the Webb, vice president of Server Technologies IT at Oracle.
company and be part of the overall storage system the “Pillar was the perfect match for Oracle grid computing
medium business uses tomorrow. and our Real Application Clusters, Automatic Storage
The other part of the simplification factor is making the Management, and Secure Backup product offerings.”
systems easier for DBAs to set up and manage. Pillar worked
with Oracle to simplify the management of Pillar and Oracle
environments with the Pillar Storage Manager plug-in for
Oracle Enterprise Manager. This tool allows administrators to
monitor their Pillar Axiom storage systems and manage their “Due to the large volume of data we produce, our
Oracle infrastructure through a single consolidated console, power capacity was reaching the limit and causing our
simplifying administration and lowering the cost of storage power costs to soar. We needed an option that would
management. Pillar’s plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager not overload our circuits and would keep our costs
takes advantage of Oracle Enterprise Manager’s lights-out low,” said Dale Emel, Director, Technology Services,
monitoring and alerting framework to provide availability, RedEnvelope. “Pillar afforded us both. We’re getting
performance, and configuration information for Pillar Axiom far greater efficiency out of our storage resources with
storage systems. Utilizing Oracle Enterprise Manager reports Oracle RAC on the [Pillar Data Systems] Axiom system,
and alerts, DBAs can collaborate with storage administrators to which drives our energy costs down and allows our
perform root cause analysis of issues affecting their data center. data capacity to grow and scale.”

University College Falmouth (UCF), one of o the UK’s
sity colleges of art, design and
leading university a media,
recently embarked on a project to greatly expand its
storage capacity while keeping a close eye on the
budget. “We have actually been able to reduce our
software licensing costs alone by 20 percent,” said
Nathan Prisk, head of IT at Falmouth. “What we did
not expect was to be able to reduce running costs
in the data centre, and this is a significant bonus.
In particular we have seen our cooling costs cut to
Figure 3. Pillar Data Systems Storage Manager plug-in 6 percent of those required previously, even though
for Oracle® Enterprise Manager. storage capacity is 16 times bigger.”

Oracle-Insert-Pillar.indd 3 9/11/07 10:27:26 AM
“Oracle Enterprise Manger with its unique top-down operating system, and storage network connectivity com-
approach to application management enables Oracle and QPOFOUTBMMXPSLUPHFUIFSTFBNMFTTMZi5IFTF7BMJEBUFE
its partners to deliver unprecedented depth and breadth Configurations provide our customers with a pre-tested and
for application management,” said Richard Sarwal, senior integrated solution that delivers fault tolerance and high
Oracle. “We have demonstrated this very successfully executive director of global alliances at Pillar Data Systems.
with Pillar Data Systems’ plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Pillar also worked with Oracle’s Technology Business Unit to
Manager. This collaboration has provided our joint customers deliver 11g Accelerator Services that provide rapid installation
a consolidated view of Oracle applications down to PGUIF7BMJEBUFE$POmHVSBUJPOT*OUIFFOE DVTUPNFSTHFUB
the storage using a single management console.” production-ready system with their live data up and running,
along with documented best practices for standardization
Validated Systems for High Availability and maintaining their Grid – saving time and expense
Lowering costs is crucial to any business; while improving on the total customer experience.
but at the end of the day, the system has “Pillar and Oracle continue to provide support to
to get the job done. Pillar worked with the Linux and the open source community. Both
the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Program to companies will continue their coordination to
validate an entire “end-to-end” solution provide enhanced security, data protection and
and published several validated configu- connectivity solutions to the Linux developer
rations for Oracle Database on Oracle and user communities” says Wim Coekaerts,
Enterprise Linux with Real Application vice president of Oracle Enterprise Linux.
Cluster technology for both SAN and Pillar’s consolidated NAS/SAN architectures
/"45IFTF7BMJEBUFE$POmHVSBUJPOT combined with Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux
are pre-tested to ensure that the servers, program provides customers enterprise-class
support for their Linux environments.”

R E S O U R C E S “Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux support program
is additional proof of Oracle’s deep commit-
ment to making the Linux experience better
to learn more about the features
described in this article: for users. As more and more customers deploy
simplified and consolidated architecture, our
Meeting Growth With Green close partnership with Pillar enables us to
Maximizing Efficiency jointly provide the performance and reliability
these customers demand for their mission-
Storage Simplified critical applications,” said Monica Kumar,
Pillar’s QoS senior director of product marketing, Oracle.

Pillar Disk Utilization Simplify, Consolidate, and Save.
Pillar Data Systems takes a sensible, customer-centric
7BMJEBUFE4ZTUFNTGPS)JHI"WBJBCJMJUZ approach to networked storage to create an entirely new
Unbreakable Linux and Certified Configs class of storage. Pillar started with a simple, yet powerful idea: Build a successful storage company by creating value that others had promised, but never produced. We’re on a mission to deliver the most cost-effective, highly available
Simplify, Consolidate, and Save. networked storage solutions on the market. We build reliable,
About Pillar Data Systems flexible solutions that seamlessly unite SAN with NAS for the first time and enable multiple tiers of storage on a single
platform. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the
© 2007 Pillar Data Systems. All Rights Reserved. Pillar Data Systems, Pillar Axiom,
AxiomONE and the Pillar logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of resources listed in this article, or pick a pilot project and
Pillar Data Systems. Other company and product names may be trademarks
of their respective owners. OI–0907 contact Pillar Data Systems to request a real-data demo today.
Michael A. Bell, Gartner, December 2006,
“Meeting the Power and Cooling Challenge”
Data Center Decisions 2006 Presentation
“Why ‘Going Green’ Will Become Essential for Data Centers,”
Gartner, By Rakesh Kumar, October 2006

Oracle-Insert-Pillar.indd 4 9/11/07 10:27:26 AM


Oracle OpenWorld is where Oracle customers and partners come together
to innovate, collaborate, and connect. Plan now to attend the year’s biggest
technology and business conference, featuring hundreds of sessions, scores
of partners, Keynotes by industry leaders, and exclusive networking events.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Copyright © 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. 0702894

omag1107p035Rev.indd 1 9/26/07 3:27:14 PM
B:8.25 in
T:8 in
S:7 in

Alternative Thinking About Critical Data:

Your database is crucial to your business. That’s why HP and
Oracle have teamed up to develop the HP Integrity Solution for
Oracle Database. Take the first step in protecting your data.
Go to and use HP’s solution builder to
determine the configuration that’s right for your business.

Technology for better business outcomes.

B:11.125 in
T:10.875 in
S:9.875 in

For a solution that fits your mission, go to

© 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Siebel are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.

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Media Type: Mag Scale: 1 in = 1 in TSG - BLACK, Project Mgr: Janna

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Images:, Print Pro: None
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incorrect reproduction may result. Please contact Pacific Digital Image with any questions or concerns.



SERGIO CORETTI Honoring Technology

Leadership and Innovation
Selecting the recipients for Oracle Magazine’s Editors’
Choice Awards is never easy, but it’s always reward-
SIMON GRIFFITHS ing. Nominated from all corners of the globe, the
THERESA HO extremely accomplished candidates for this year’s
awards have distinguished themselves in their leader-
ship and innovation with Oracle technology, and all
HEIDI KUJAWA are worthy of recognition.
JOAN LAWSON The editors of Oracle Magazine are proud to name
the recipients of our sixth annual Editors’ Choice
Awards. The women and men on the following pages
exemplify innovation, vision, and dedication in working
HONG LI with and managing Oracle technology today.








ND07_ECAwards.indd 37 9/17/07 4:36:59 PM

CIO works to cut costs and be more responsive to business through SOA.

For Manel Benazet, global Latin American CIO for Telefónica and than 15,000 telephone technical services and installation employees,”
Oracle Magazine’s CIO of the Year for Latin America, implement- says Benazet. “We’re using SOA interfaces and the ESB to connect our
ing service-oriented architecture (SOA) isn’t about technology—it’s services personnel to the Oracle workforce management system that
about serving the business better. dynamically allocates jobs to them based on client requests and their
“We made some very important architectural decisions in our proximity. The solution helps reduce the costs of the global operations
technology road maps, such as deciding to build an SOA environ- of the field workforce.”
ment, so that we could be more responsive to the business,” says The overall goal of Telefónica’s SOA architecture is to have a
Benazet. “We also decided to build all of our SOA architecture over very configurable infrastructure to dynamically support business
an enterprise service bus [ESB] to reduce the number of interfaces. systems—to be able to meet business needs more rapidly and at a
Interfaces are one of the most important costs when you look at the lower cost. “Traditionally, you need a huge amount of time to develop
typical traditional legacy architecture.” interfaces to legacy systems and deliver new systems,” says Benazet.
Cutting costs and being more responsive to the business is criti- “With our ESB and SOA infrastructure, you can change things much
cally important when you’re serving millions of customers across 14 more easily and quickly.”
countries in Latin America. In fact, one of Benazet’s big challenges has Telefónica’s projects pay off. For example, the consolidation of its
been the global integration of these systems, including the migration of database architecture in its Brazil location using Oracle will result in an
multiple legacy systems, some of which were 20 years old. Three years estimated US$30 million cost reduction in maintenance and ongoing
ago, Telefónica created a road map to migrate these 14 unique regional costs over three years of database operation.
systems to Oracle E-Business Suite and integrate them into a consis- While saving money and deploying new technology is satisfying to
tent, SOA-based global architecture. The objective was to reduce costs, Benazet, one of the best things about his job is the people he works
increase efficiencies, and enable with. “I enjoy the challenge of my job and being able to work with dif-
Telefónica to take advantage of ferent people and different cultures, helping to optimize all our skills
new market opportunities. and resources across all the countries we serve,” he says.
Although Telefónica
is still in the process of
deploying its global SOA
architecture, it has made
significant progress. “For
example, using Oracle
E-Business Suite we
have a work man-
agement system
that manages more


Name: Manel Benazet
Job title/description:
Global Latin American CIO
Company: Telefónica S.A.

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Award: CIO of the Year, Latin
America, 2007


ND07_ECAwards.indd 38 9/17/07 4:37:02 PM
2007 HONG LI

CIO leads first deployment of an ERP system—
and plans for growth with Oracle E-Business Suite.
In 2004 Sinosteel—a state-owned company in China focused on
the development, processing, logistics, and services related to metal
production—realized that to continue growing, it needed a compre-
hensive and integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that
would help unify management, resource integration, and information
sharing and provide centralized services.
At the time, there were no successful ERP implementation cases
among similar domestic companies. Sinosteel, which had more than
32,000 employees and revenues of RMB61 billion in 2006, is already
large. But the company has big ambitions, including the goal of becom-
ing one of the top 500 global enterprises by 2010. To help get them
there, Sinosteel selected Oracle as its partner.
“We selected Oracle E-Business Suite as the platform for support-
ing Sinosteel’s management and business operation because Oracle
E-Business Suite provides a comprehensive solution that meets our
strategic goals of establishing an integrated and unified management
information platform; enabling cross-region centralized management;
and the integration of capital, information, and business,” says Hong Li,
Sinosteel’s Information Management Department general manager and
Oracle Magazine’s CIO of the Year for Asia Pacific.
Sinosteel’s ERP system consists of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i
Financials, Human Resources Management System, and Customer
Relationship Management, as well as Oracle Discoverer and other winnerSPECS
Name: Hong Li
modules. An important part of Sinosteel’s successful implementation
Job title/description:
was the flexibility of Oracle E-Business Suite. General Manager, Information
“With the flexible configuration and strong adaptability of the Oracle Management Department
application system, we have solved the problem of integrating our Company: Sinosteel
logistics, capital flow, workflow, and information flow and highlighted Location: Beijing
how a large enterprise group in China’s trading industry could success- Award: CIO of the Year, Asia
Pacific, 2007
fully build an integrated ERP system,” says Li. “In addition, the flexible
and open architecture of Oracle application products allowed us to
easily integrate them with Sinosteel’s existing systems—improving the
timeliness of our ERP implementation while reducing the implementa-
tion risks and total cost of ownership.”
The architecture works for Sinosteel. Among other accomplish-
ments, the company has implemented its business management
system, including trading, cargo transportation, and engineering con-
tract applications, in five subsidiaries and has enabled the real-time
sharing of purchase, inventory, and project management data. Sinosteel
has built a unified financial management system and implemented

it across 28 subsidiaries. And its customer relationship management
system includes customer information contract, credit, and busi-
ness opportunity management, enabling the integration of customers
and suppliers between the headquarters and the branches. “Oracle

E-Business Suite integrates the management process of Sinosteel’s
critical sectors,” says Li.
Being first isn’t always easy, but it can pay big dividends.


ND07_ECAwards.indd 39 9/17/07 4:37:05 PM

For this CIO, integrated technology solutions are about
serving the customer better and faster.

While most people think of milk, fruit, and cereal when they think of
grocery stores, David McNally, the global CIO for Amsterdam’s super-
market giant Royal Ahold, thinks of people and integrated IT systems.
“At the heart of everything we do is the customer,” says McNally,
Oracle Magazine’s CIO of the Year for Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
“Having integrated retail systems allows us to provide the customer
with better access to the best new products. It also allows us to
develop a better understanding of customer behavior and how we can
meet customer product, pricing, and availability expectations.”
Like many large businesses, Ahold had found itself limited by
older IT systems that were poorly integrated and unable to support
new initiatives or provide timely and accurate information. In 2006
the company reviewed its retail business, restructured, and devel-
oped a strategy for long-term profitable growth. Over the past year,
the company has been launching global IT projects—which McNally
oversees—in support of these profitability initiatives.
For example, the goal of Ahold USA’s most strategic initiative has
been to create a new retail business model and the systems platform
necessary to support it.
“In conjunction with our operating companies and our business
leaders, we’ve selected Oracle Retail
for our next-generation retail systems winnerSPECS
platform,” says McNally. “We feel that Name: David McNally
this will be a key enabler for our busi- Job title/description:
Global CIO
ness transformation.”
Company: Royal Ahold
In Europe, Royal Ahold uses
Location: Amsterdam
Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Human
Award: CIO of the Year, Europe,
Capital Management and Financial Middle East, Africa, 2007
Management systems to increase its
effectiveness and profitability. “We’re
now deploying Oracle’s optimization capabilities to extend our European
retail systems,” says McNally.
For Ahold’s Europe and America operations, the key to competi-
tive success and serving their customers relies on integrated retail
systems that can bridge business gaps and deliver the right informa-
tion at the right time.
“The real value of the integration is around the speed and effi-
ciency of new product adoption and delivery to market,” McNally
says. “We need to be able to procure, promote, and deliver to our
supply chain in the most efficient manner possible. Being competi-
tive is really about delivering the right assortment at the right price
with speed and accuracy.”


ND07_ECAwards.indd 40 9/17/07 4:37:08 PM

Simplicity, IT synergies, and teamwork fuel this CIO’s
plans for growth.
Although Sprint serves 54 million customers with its communication
products and services, its IT goals are much more concise.
“One of our primary IT initiatives is getting to one—one set of
systems, one set of platforms, one set of standards,” says Richard
LeFave, CIO of Sprint and Oracle Magazine’s CIO of the Year for North
America. “Oracle has been a major contributor toward that goal by
helping us rationalize our applications into Oracle’s PeopleSoft ERP
[enterprise resource planning] suite, thereby eliminating older, more
maintenance-heavy applications.” Sprint implemented PeopleSoft’s
human resources component at the beginning of the year and com-
pleted rolling out the ERP functionality for the financials and supply
chain in July.
Now into the second year of its three-year integration plan follow-
ing the merger with Nextel, Sprint is gaining competitive advantage
from the combination of PeopleSoft products and Oracle Database by
scaling its operations effectively and
winnerSPECS being able to put out new products
Name: Richard LeFave more efficiently.
Job title/description: CIO “IT plays a huge role in enabling
Company: Sprint Sprint to optimize the synergy that
Location: Overland Park, Kansas results from the merger,” says LeFave,
Award: CIO of the Year, North who notes that streamlining applica-
America, 2007
tions, databases, and business pro-
cesses is especially important for the
combined company’s growth. “The combination of Oracle’s professional
services linked with the fundamental stability of their software has
been a significant contributor to the effectiveness of our ability to hit
our synergy targets.”
A key part of LeFave’s success is enabling IT to be viewed as a
business unit instead of in its traditional role as a support function.
LeFave credits his extensive background in IT, as well as serving five
years in the U.S. Army, with forming his leadership skills, building
customer-focused teams, and applying technology to drive growth.
“Running IT as a business means that we talk in terms of the business
and address the business problems.”
But being successful also requires simplicity. “Driving simplicity
through IT systems yields better scalability,” says LeFave. “Greater
simplicity enables us to innovate in new spaces, so that our product
and marketing departments can drive new ideas and solutions
for customers.”
In the end, though, all the technology in the world is only as good as
the people designing and deploying it. “We’ve assembled an outstand-

ing team of operators and IT professionals who are focused on deliver-
ing high-quality IT solutions. And being part of a team that has clear
technology objectives makes my job exceptional.”


ND07_ECAwards.indd 41 9/17/07 4:37:09 PM

CTO improves the environment, operational goals, and efficiencies at
the same time.
CTOs obviously have to worry about databases and applications, materials, and planning,” says Oliveira. “We chose
but Decio Tomaz Aquino de Oliveira, CTO of Brazil’s MRS Logistica Oracle as our partner for that project, and in
and Oracle Magazine’s CTO of the Year, also has to think about January 2008 we’ll deploy a new Oracle-based
plants and soil. maintenance system as our first step.”
“As one of the largest railroads in Brazil, we believe environ- For MRS, having an integrated platform that
mental preservation is important,” says Oliveira. “As a result, we can both scale with its business growth as well
have implemented a number of environmental programs, including as cover the breadth of back-office and front-
the recuperation of degraded areas with plant coverage, a program office requirements is critical.
to manage residues from the railroad, and the adoption of preven- “Oracle’s solutions are increasingly
tive measures for eliminating polluting processes.” integrated and provide a wide
The environmental impact from such efforts is important range of functionality,” says
because MRS covers three states across southeast Brazil, the Oliveira. “We believe that
most industrialized and populated regions, responsible for Oracle systems are strong and
65 percent of Brazil’s gross domestic product. will be able to support our
But helping the business grow is still Oliveira’s first business processes now and
priority. “Using our existing track system, MRS has com- in the future.”
mitted to doubling our production and revenue in three The result is that
years,” he says. “Our objective is to reach the top Oliveira has confidence
ranking in operational efficiency to make MRS the best that MRS’s new Oracle-
railway logistics operator in the country.” based solutions, such
To do that, MRS works with state-of-the-art rail as a new maintenance
technology, including GPS equipment to track the solution, will give the
position of trains in real time, onboard signaling, and company a competitive
the detection of problems on the tracks with laser and edge and make his job
ultrasound equipment. While MRS uses Oracle Database to easier. “A good CTO needs
monitor such information, Oliveira is overseeing the deploy- to make sure that IT is
ment of a new Oracle E-Business Suite platform that will help aligned with our business
the company achieve its aggressive growth goals. processes and supporting
“MRS is implementing a new maintenance process for its assets business growth. Oracle is
to support its growth and improve critical processes like finance, helping me do that.”

Name: Decio Tomaz Aquino
de Oliveira
Job title/description: CTO
Company: MRS Logistica
Location: Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Award: CTO of the Year 2007


ND07_ECAwards.indd 42 9/17/07 4:37:11 PM

IT manager says that delivering consistent data in real
time is critical to success.
For many companies, data integration can be a monster job.
But for online employment leader, data integration
using Oracle technologies has been a monster success.
“Delivering consistent data in real time to our key end points,
such as our Siebel [Customer Relationship Management] CRM
application, our Oracle E-Business Suite, and our
Web site, is critical to our success,” says Joan Lawson, senior
director of information architecture at Monster Technologies and
Oracle Magazine’s IT Manager of the Year. “Effective integration is
key because it enables greater productivity and flexibility as well
as cost savings within our business.”
Lawson has worked to eliminate inefficiencies such as redun-
dant data entry and silos of data. “We want to have that single,
central view of our customers,” says Lawson. “The business
benefit of being able to automate the order-to-invoice cycle is
that we can reduce costs and improve the cash realization cycle.
The integrations between our Web site and marketing applica-
tions also allow for a reduction of the cycle time for upsell/
cross-sell opportunities.”
An important aspect of her job has been ensuring consistent
data quality. “Data governance is critical to a consistent definition
of information across applications and databases,” says Lawson.
“We need to ensure that we know who owns the data, where
the system of record is, and what the source of the truth is, as
well as ensuring that everyone buys into that data ownership and
definition of metrics.”
Monster’s relationship with Oracle has been extremely
helpful. “The Oracle Fusion Middleware suite has served us
well—it handles integration, workflow, and more,” says Lawson.
“The Oracle product suite is fully cohesive; there’s consistency
in implementation and monitoring. Oracle is truly a business
partner. They work closely with our technology and business folks
to identify ways in which we can leverage the best products to
provide strong solutions based on solid technology.”
For Lawson, the real joy in her job comes from participat-
ing in the design and evolution of solutions based on new
Name: Joan Lawson
technologies. “I’m particularly interested in the convergence of
Job title/description: Senior
middleware technologies, along with application integration, data Director, Information Architecture
warehousing, business activity monitoring, data governance, and Company: Monster Technologies
master data management,” she says. “Those tools, along with a Location: Maynard,

business commitment to process improvement, enable compa- Massachusetts

nies to eliminate silos and open up enterprise information that Award: IT Manager of the
Year 2007
has a value to all.”


ND07_ECAwards.indd 43 9/17/07 4:37:15 PM

DBA’s increased role matches bank’s growth.

“The role of a DBA has changed significantly in my time doing it,” says Jon Waldron,
enterprise architect of database systems at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and
Oracle Magazine’s DBA of the Year. “Instead of just low-level tuning skills, today’s DBAs
need to be aware of in-depth design principles and application and infrastructure archi-
tecture and be able to consult with both the business and the developers on how best to
achieve their goals. It’s a very interesting and all-encompassing role.”
It’s a role he has performed exceedingly well for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
Commonwealth is Australia’s largest bank and its second-largest employer, with more than
38,000 employees and 1,100 branches.
Six years ago, Jon Waldron was the only Oracle DBA in the company. At the time, the bank
realized that to be competitive it would have to overhaul its information management and applica-
tions so it could take a customer-centric approach. So Waldron and team built a customer
relationship management (CRM) system for a small segment of the bank—the Premium
Financial Services area—using Oracle Database and Microsoft Visual Basic.
Then the bank’s CEO decided that the organization needed a CRM system that
could power growth and help deliver expanded customer service. After evaluat-
ing off-the-shelf products and outsourced solu-
tions, the Commonwealth Bank settled on the winnerSPECS
homegrown CRM solution as the best choice. Name: Jon Waldron

The application has won multiple awards in Job title/description:
Enterprise Architect,
the Asia Pacific region, including 2007 Asian Database Systems
Banker Best CRM Application. Oracle 10g Company: Commonwealth
products provide the power for the solution Bank of Australia

on the back end, while Microsoft .NET pro- Location: Sydney, Australia

vides the power on the front end, resulting Award: DBA of the Year 2007

in one of the largest .NET/Oracle CRM
deployments in the world.
“The integration of .NET and Oracle works very well for us. We’ve
been happy with the performance and how they’ve worked together,”
says Waldron.
Over the past three years, Waldron has championed a team of up to
45 DBAs in concert with 200 developers to create an AU$250 million
(US$200 million) CRM and product origination system based on Oracle
Database, Oracle Enterprise Manager with Grid Control, and Microsoft

.NET. “The solution is all-encompassing—most interactions you can
have with the bank from the front-end perspective are run through
this system,” says Waldron. “And the back end runs on an Oracle
128 CPU RAC cluster.”

The result is a massively scalable system that can handle
30,000 simultaneous users. Migration to Oracle Automatic Storage
Management and Oracle Clusterware is bringing even greater
stability and availability to the system.


ND07_ECAwards.indd 44 9/17/07 4:37:17 PM
Applications implementer finds that one Oracle solution
can support many services right out of the box.
Generating invoices effectively and efficiently is a critical function for
businesses. That operation can be particularly difficult in fast-moving
industries such as telecommunications, where the range of products
and services that companies offer and have to invoice against has
grown exponentially over the past few years.
That’s why Telecom Argentina turned to Oracle. “We chose Oracle
for its flexibility, which has enabled us to offer diverse billing plans
and customized solution bundles to meet diverse customer needs and
help to expand our market share,” says
Sergio Coretti, senior project direc- winnerSPECS
Name: Sergio Coretti
tor at Telecom Argentina and Oracle
Job title/description:
Magazine’s Applications Implementer Senior Project Director
of the Year, who has been in charge Company: Telecom Argentina
of the complex project to transform Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
the company’s billing applications Award: Applications Implementer
and architecture. of the Year 2007
Previously, bringing out new or dif-
ferent services could require custom or
nonintegrated billing applications. “Now with our Oracle-based billing
and revenue management solution, we have only one system that can
support many services right out of the box,” Coretti says. “It has really
simplified our billing architecture.”
Telecom Argentina finished its implementation of Oracle
Communications Billing and Revenue Management on time and on
budget in March 2007. One of the key success factors for the company
was establishing the parameters of their project very well. “You need
to convey to the users what the solution will cover and what it will not
cover,” says Coretti. “It’s very important just to manage the expectation
of the project and define the scope.”
Another important success factor in the project was executive
support. Although Telecom Argentina’s IT director was very committed
to their technology and the new implementation process, he also made

sure to align himself with the business director and business needs.
“Thanks to this support, I had the commitment to create the best team
for delivering the billing solution,” says Coretti.


ND07_ECAwards.indd 45 9/17/07 4:37:20 PM

Designing embedded systems is all about building a
stable, high-performance solution, architect says.

For Dan Kiewlich, a technical leader at Cisco Systems and Oracle
Magazine’s Embedded Architect of the Year, the most important part
of designing embedded systems is creating a predictable, stable, and
performance-oriented solution.
“We tailor the architecture for platforms with CPU and memory con- winnerSPECS
straints and platforms where we’re managing hundreds of millions of Name: Dan Kiewlich
records,” says Kiewlich, who designed a video-on-demand distribution Job title/description:
Technical Leader
system for cable and telco operators that is now sold by Cisco around
Company: Cisco Systems
the world. Cisco’s Content Distribution System is based on a real-time
Location: San Jose, California
networked video architecture that pools and load-balances servers
Award: Embedded Architect of
based on off-the-shelf hardware to enable scalability, nonstop availabil- the Year 2007
ity, and low total cost of ownership. Oracle Berkeley DB provides the
database needs, including metadata and storage.
The Content Distribution System needs to operate flawlessly in a
lights-out environment. “That’s one reason why Oracle’s Berkeley DB
works so well for us—there are so many tuning options in the database

that we can optimize our usage of system resources for the particular

type of server we’re running on,” says Kiewlich. “It also provides near-
zero maintenance requirements, which means we can embed it in our
product and have a high level of comfort that things will work right.”


Developer finds that Oracle Portal increases productivity and
streamlines business processes.
Having the right applications and information is one thing. Enabling thousands
of people to access and use them effectively is another.
That’s the problem that Dasmeet Singh Ahluwalia, senior consultant at
BearingPoint and Oracle Magazine’s Portal Developer of the Year, solved for a
federal government agency. The organization’s users spent too much time navi-
gating environments, logging into multiple applications and browser sessions,
and looking for the information they needed.
Ahluwalia used Oracle Portal to create a dashboard incorporating portlets
for mail, calendar, tasks, RSS feeds, chat, live streaming video, and more.
winnerSPECS He also made extensive use of Oracle Portal’s personalization capabilities.
Name: Dasmeet Singh Ahluwalia By developing a single-sign-on process, he eliminated the need for multiple
Job title/description: Senior logins and automatically provided authentication based on the user’s profile
stored in Oracle Identity Management.
Company: BearingPoint
The solution has increased productivity and streamlined the organization’s
Location: McLean, Virginia

business processes. Since the portal pulls data directly from source systems, it
Award: Portal Developer of the
Year 2007 reduces potential data redundancy and lets users make decisions faster.
“The customers were very happy to be able to access all their applications
and data from one dashboard,” says Ahluwalia. “It’s a significant improvement
in productivity for them.”


ND07_ECAwards.indd 46 9/17/07 4:37:24 PM

For this developer, success is balancing strategic vision
with tactical benefits.
“If you’re working with IT architecture, you have to look into the future
as well as looking at what’s practical and makes business sense to
do right now,” says Lonneke Dikmans, CEO and managing partner of
Approach Alliance and Oracle Magazine’s Oracle Fusion Middleware
Developer of the Year.
Oracle Fusion Middleware and SOA strategies are an important part of
Dikmans’ toolkit. “I like the fact that Oracle Fusion Middleware is so open.
We work with a lot of companies that need to communicate with applica-
tions outside their own company and with different departments,” says
Name: Lonneke Dikmans
Dikmans. “Since Oracle Fusion Middleware is based on standards, you
Job title/description: CEO/
don’t have to throw away all the previous investments.” Managing Partner
However, open standards and SOA environments still need to be Company: Approach Alliance
managed—since the increased flexibility they bring can also mean Location: Utrecht,
increased complexity. The Netherlands

“You don’t need to define everything as a service just because you’re Award: Oracle Fusion Middleware
Developer of the Year 2007

in an SOA environment,” says Dikmans. “It’s important to look at your
architecture from a business point of view so you can identify what should
be reusable. Build your SOA up step-by-step, and don’t go too fast.”

Developer’s home page programming adventure leads to
tremendous results.
“I hate programming with a passion,” says Rasmus Lerdorf, infrastructure archi-
winnerSPECS tect at Yahoo! and Oracle Magazine’s Enterprise Developer of the Year. “But I love
Name: Rasmus Lerdorf solving problems, and unfortunately a lot of the problems that interest me need
Job title/description: to be solved through programming.”
Infrastructure Architect
Back in 1994, Lerdorf developed the PHP dynamic Web page program-
Company: Yahoo!
ming language for producing his personal home page. Today Lerdorf uses PHP
Location: Sunnyvale, California
to manage one of the largest Web sites in the world— “Just about
Award: Enterprise Developer of
the Year 2007 everything at Yahoo! is PHP driven,” says Lerdorf, who’s responsible for Yahoo!’s
PHP infrastructure components and common tools.
The fact that PHP has evolved from managing Lerdorf’s home page to mas-
sively scalable enterprise Web sites is testimony to not only his original vision but
also the support of a wide community of PHP contributors.

For Lerdorf, furthering PHP is all about community and contributions. “Over

the past few years, Oracle has assigned engineers to work with the PHP team,
and it’s been really, really helpful,” says Lerdorf. “I wish more companies would
do what Oracle has done and make engineers available to open source projects.”


ND07_ECAwards.indd 47 9/24/07 1:29:12 PM

Architect finds that security is a key business enabler,
making better-informed decisions possible.
Verifying users and their appropriate access levels is no easy task when you’re a US$6.3
billion enterprise such as the McGraw-Hill Companies. The information services provider
encompasses brands such as Standard & Poor’s, McGraw-Hill Education, BusinessWeek,
and J.D. Power and Associates and has more than 20,000 employees in 40 countries.
Authentication and access strategies for users are critical for growing the business.
“We view security as a key business enabler. Our security strategy enables our
employees to perform their jobs and our customers to interact with the corporation with
confidence,” says Theresa Ho, McGraw-Hill’s director of risk management and Oracle
Magazine’s Security Architect of the Year. McGraw-Hill also uses its security
architecture to tie together IT functions to ensure that consistent practice
and coherent approaches are applied across the corporation to maxi-
mize security and control.
McGraw-Hill’s risk management team is responsible for
defining security policies, standards, application reviews, strat-
egy, and architecture. Ho is leading an enterprisewide identity
management and access control initiative to automate the
process of creating, resetting, and removing employees’ user
IDs and passwords. “We use Oracle Identity Manager and

Access Manager to help us manage user accounts and to
perform password management,” Ho says. The initiative
is a key element of, and a foundation for, McGraw-Hill’s
security strategy and architecture.
“Our initiative focuses on enabling users to access
business data in a secure way,” says Ho. “The goal
is to manage our employees’ ID accounts effectively
so that we can protect company assets and user
privacy, maximize operational efficiency and user
support, and meet regulatory requirements
while reducing costs.”
For Ho, a great security architect needs
to understand a company’s business and
its challenges. “Without that basic under-
standing, you run the risk of having a
mismatch between your knowledge of
security strategy and the needs of the
business,” she says.

Name: Theresa Ho
Job title/description: Director,

Risk Management
Company: The McGraw-Hill

Location: New York City
Award: Security Architect of the
Year 2007


ND07_ECAwards.indd 48 9/17/07 4:37:30 PM

High availability and fast response times are
paramount for architect.
Few industries are growing and changing as fast as the healthcare industry,
and healthcare leaders need to keep pace. That’s why Cerner, a leading health-
care information technology provider, uses Oracle technologies to open up
capacity and enable rapid growth for its hosted services.
With many clients, including very large ones like the U.K. healthcare
system, Cerner faces the challenge of ensuring high availability and fast
response times. To help, Cerner uses Oracle Enterprise Manager in conjunction
with other Oracle technologies.
“Oracle Enterprise Manager fits into our infrastructure because of the depth
and breadth of what it can manage,” says Dennis Avondet, senior technology winnerSPECS
architect at Cerner and Oracle Magazine’s Oracle Enterprise Manager Architect Name: Dennis Avondet
of the Year. “Having a common management tool like this enables clients to Job title/description: Senior
Technology Architect
break down silos and IT barriers and gives everyone across the health organi-
Company: Cerner
zation a common interface to manage databases, applications, and servers.”

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Avondet loves doing what Oracle Enterprise Manager does so well—getting
Award: Oracle Enterprise
to interact with and manage dozens (if not hundreds) of technologies. “The chal- Manager Architect of the Year 2007
lenge of making them all work together is what’s exciting to me,” says Avondet.


For Patrick Wolf, fast and easy development isn’t just for
small projects.
“Oracle Application Express is a proven technology for any size of project—not
just small ones,” says Patrick Wolf, senior solution architect at Sphinx IT Consulting
and Oracle Magazine’s Oracle Application Express Developer of the Year. “Its great
performance and scalability allow us to use it for our customers’ mission-critical,
large-size applications.” Using Oracle Application Express, Sphinx IT Consulting can
develop state-of-the-art, Ajax-enabled Web 2.0 applications quickly and securely.
Last year Wolf started two open source Oracle Application Express projects,
ApexLib (a development productivity framework) and the APEX Builder Plugin, which winnerSPECS
Name: Patrick Wolf
are already used worldwide. As an Oracle ACE, he contributes regularly to the
Job title/description:
OTN Application Express forum, and his Oracle Application Express–related blog Senior Solution Architect
( gets about 500 unique visitors a day. Company: Sphinx IT Consulting
Wolf was a beta tester for Oracle Application Express 3.0. “The nice thing about Location: Vienna, Austria
Oracle Application Express is that you don’t have to install software on your local PC Award: Oracle Application Express

to test it; you simply use Oracle’s hosted environment,” he says. “For the beta, we Developer of the Year 2007

uploaded our existing applications, did tests with them, and corresponded with the
developers. Doing the beta testing was a really nice experience for us.”


ND07_ECAwards.indd 49 9/17/07 4:37:34 PM

Developer uses PL/SQL for speed, efficiency, and ease
of maintenance.
An Oracle ACE Director and winner of the Oracle Fusion Middleware
Challenge, Paul Dorsey, Oracle Magazine’s PL/SQL Developer of the Year, has
spoken at Oracle technology conferences, cowritten eight books—including
PL/SQL for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons, 2006)—taught at multiple colleges,
and consulted around the world. His company, Dulcian, provides Oracle con-
sulting and Web application development services, among others.
For Dorsey, speed, efficiency, and ease of maintenance are the main
winnerSPECS reasons for using PL/SQL—even when others disagree.
Name: Paul Dorsey “There’s probably no more pernicious conventional wisdom than the trend
Job title/description: President to say, ‘we need to be database independent,’” Dorsey says. “We’ve had
Company: Dulcian routines that took 20 minutes to run in midtier logic that were reduced to two-
Location: Woodbridge, New Jersey tenths of a second by moving them down into the database in PL/SQL.”

Award: PL/SQL Developer of the In the end it comes down to results. “I’m an engineer. If I haven’t provided
Year 2007
software that users derive benefits from, I don’t feel as if I’ve accomplished
anything,” says Dorsey. “I like to make sure that a system works the way it’s
supposed to.”


Integration allows users to have better and easier experi-
ence, architect says.

“Connectivity is bringing people together in a virtual world,” says Thomas
Clark, CIO of Property Condition Assessments (PCA) and Oracle Magazine’s
SMB Architect of the Year. “Oracle understands this and is responding with
new products, so we’re redeveloping our programs to take advantage of the
new technologies that Oracle has developed.”
PCA is an architectural and engineering firm specializing in property
condition due diligence. Its mission—to reduce client risk in acquisition and
operation of real properties—requires the company to have an army of engi-
neers and architectural assessors distributed nationwide.
“By using new [Oracle] technologies, we can integrate business functions,
so now it feels like our employees are working next to each other, even when
winnerSPECS they’re spread out across the country,” Clark says.
Name: Thomas Clark In addition to Oracle Application Server, Oracle Database, and Oracle
Job title/description: CIO Collaboration Suite, PCA is aggressively leveraging new infrastructure tech-
Company: Property Condition nologies from Oracle. “We’re going with Oracle WebCenter Suite, Oracle
Assessments Portal, Oracle Single Sign-On, all of it. With these technologies, we can create

Location: Pasadena, California an environment that will have more richness for our users, allowing them to
Award: SMB Architect of the process data faster, more effectively, with less of a learning curve. We’re very
Year 2007
excited about our future,” Clark says.


ND07_ECAwards.indd 50 9/17/07 4:37:38 PM

Architect uses content management to increase
efficiencies and improve ROI.

Content management might be just another technology to some companies, but
not at Sony Pictures Entertainment.
“As we deploy this capability throughout the company, it’s become
much more of a necessity—people realize the value of it, and the
efficiencies have increased dramatically,” say Heidi Kujawa, executive
director of information technology at Sony Pictures Entertainment and
Oracle Magazine’s Content Management Architect of the Year. “After five
years of deploying Oracle Content Management–based applications, over
75 implementations, we continue to see a positive ROI every year.”
Moreover, Oracle’s content management is something Sony employees
want. “We just can’t keep up with the demand,” Kujawa says. “People are
lined up at my door to get it. To me, that speaks volumes about the success

of the program and the necessity of the technology.”
The project started with the goal of managing content for Sony Pictures’
Web site and corporate division, but its success—and the need for greater
content management—broadened the scope. Kujawa and her team now provide
content management support for Sony Pictures Television and other business
units’ Web sites and content management needs. They also created a reusable
framework to support rapid development and application integration.
Kujawa considers Oracle Content Management a key part of Sony’s
framework for building enterprise applications. Since each business unit
is so different, Sony took the approach of abstracting the business logic to
increase flexibility and reduce deployment time frames.
“We architected a business logic layer that sits on top of the [Oracle]
Content Management suite of tools and enables us to build very
distinct applications that leverage content in a consistent
way,” says Kujawa. “It has been very successful. It
has enabled us to keep up with the demand for
content management much more efficiently.”
Because much of Sony’s business is driven
off the content being managed by Oracle
products, issues such as access control and
security are extremely important to Kujawa.
In addition, the content management
winnerSPECS team works closely with Sony’s
Name: Heidi Kujawa records information management
Job title/description: department to embed retention
Executive Director,
Information Technology
policies into its implementations,
Company: Sony Pictures
which “makes sure we’re in compli-
Entertainment ance across many different levels
Location: Culver City, California within the company,” says Kujawa.
Award: Content Management The future looks bright. “Oracle is a
Architect of the Year 2007
great partner of Sony Pictures, and Oracle
has always been great about investing in their
product suites and making them better and

more efficient,” says Kujawa. “I’m really excited
about the efficiencies that they’re working on, as
well as the expanded scalability they can bring.”


ND07_ECAwards.indd 51 9/17/07 4:37:40 PM

Architect uses SOA to achieve growth, performance,
and flexibility.
Strategic growth requires a flexible IT infrastructure. Yet most organiza-
tions still have too many individual systems and unintegrated business
processes hampering rapid growth.
That’s why Network Appliance (NetApp), a multibillion dollar
company specializing in unified storage solutions, has turned to
service-oriented architecture (SOA). NetApp’s wide collection of enter-
prise applications, including Oracle’s Siebel, Oracle’s PeopleSoft, SAP/
Vantive, Agile, Webplan (now Kinaxis), and Oracle E-Business Suite,
makes for a complex IT environment but also one that’s ripe for the
benefits of SOA.
“We are implementing SOA as the basic architectural framework
to achieve our growth, so we can easily scale our IT systems to
achieve the level of agility and performance that we need,” says Job
Simon, senior director of enterprise architecture at NetApp and Oracle
Magazine’s SOA Architect of the Year.

A key achievement has been the transformation of NetApp’s B2B
process with distributors, using
modules of Oracle SOA Suite, to
Name: Job Simon
rearchitect and automate, thus
Job title/description: Senior
Director of Enterprise Architecture minimizing or eliminating unnecessary
Company: Network Appliance break points and human intervention
Location: Sunnyvale, California points. NetApp used Oracle Business
Award: SOA Architect of the Activity Monitoring to help monitor the
Year 2007 health of the system, with real-time
dashboards for efficient process man-
agement and exception handling. The result was the transformation of a
time-consuming, slow process into an automated and efficient process
that the company could easily monitor.
“We’ve laid out a clear vision for implementing the SOA registry,
Oracle Web Services Manager, and other foundation components,” says
Simon. “We’re approaching SOA in a very practical way, with a clear
approach to achieving specific results over a period of time.”
NetApp is also doing extensive business process transformation
studies of the company’s key processes. “Understanding business
processes is very critical,” says Simon. “So we’re starting to iden-
tify potential services that are reusable, and then we plan to utilize
Oracle SOA Suite to develop and manage these services to meet our
business needs.”
Even though it takes lots of technology to make SOA work, the

end goal for NetApp’s SOA strategy isn’t simply technology. “The
business process is the driving force behind all this,” Simon says.
“We’re approaching it purely as a business transformation exercise
and then backing that into an SOA to realize value.”


ND07_ECAwards.indd 52 9/24/07 1:29:07 PM

Architect delivers tactical and strategic results with agile approach to
Oracle Business Intelligence.

Simon Griffiths, Oracle Magazine’s Business Intelligence Architect of the Year, faced a
challenge. As chief designer for the Enterprise Information program at BT Group, and with
hundreds of reporting systems often showing conflicting information, he had to build a
world-class data warehouse that would support BT’s aim to be a global information and
communications technology company while improving the experience for customers.
Griffiths has led BT in establishing a scalable business intelligence (BI) architecture
that has delivered tactical and strategic results. One example is increasing the customer
save rate by more than 20 percent. Oracle Business Intelligence provided a single login
and interface “glue” for the multiple application sets that customer service agents
accessed during calls to understand customer complaints.
“It provides a holistic view and enables customer service agents to make better winnerSPECS
recommendations to the customer,” Griffiths says. “It improves the customer experience Name: Simon Griffiths

and uplifts customer retentions for BT.” Job title/description: Business
Intelligence Chief Designer
The data warehouse was a long-term goal with incremental requirements. “We
Company: BT Group
needed to show business benefits every 90 days,” says Griffiths. “We used an agile
Location: Cardiff, Wales

approach to grow our BI capabilities by taking discrete applications and subject matter
Award: Business Intelligence
areas and implementing specific business intelligence capabilities, so the business Architect of the Year 2007
owners could see benefits quickly.”


Architect sees phenomenal business growth with Oracle
Database and Oracle Real Application Clusters.
When a company’s online volume requires that it manage thousands of
transactions per second, it’s important to have sophisticated data assur-
ance systems to keep this buying and selling flowing smoothly. That’s what
Argentina’s has been doing for the past eight years.
Ramiro Cormenzana, DBA and information corporate director at and Oracle Magazine’s Data Warehouse Architect of
the Year, and Edgardo Sokolowicz,’s chief technology
officer, have worked to create an IT infrastructure that can accommodate
the company’s dynamic growth rate with the highest availability. They’ve
done it by using a combination of Oracle Database and Oracle Real
Application Clusters, creating an online transaction system and data
winnerSPECS warehouse that powers Latin America’s largest online trading platform.
Name: Ramiro Cormenzana
The results are impressive, including an ROI of more than 450 percent
Job title/description:
DBA/Information Corporate over five years and net benefits of US$2.4 million. The high-availability
Director architecture allows maintenance to be completed during commercial
Company: hours and allows the company to increase computing power as needed.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Oracle enabled this tremendous growth. “ is data
Award: Data Warehouse Architect coming and going, allowing transactions of all kinds,” Cormenzana says.
of the Year 2007
“Without the warehouse and technology platform, there is no business.”


ND07_ECAwards.indd 53 9/17/07 4:37:44 PM
erform w



ND07_SOA.indd 54 9/14/07 3:16:50 PM
with SO
A ility
to th e ent
e r p r ise

x i b
rs fle
l e d e live

hanging markets, competitive pressures, and evolving
customer needs all demand that IT managers deliver
greater flexibility and speed for their organizations. To
achieve better partner application integration, modernize
or integrate legacy elements into new systems, or use new
or different Web interfaces, many companies turn to
a service-oriented architecture (SOA). An SOA sim-
plifies the development of enterprise applica-
tions as modular, reusable business services
that are easily integrated, changed, and maintained.
While SOA may be considered too new or experi-
mental by some development shops, John R. Rymer,
vice president and senior analyst at Forrester
Research, says today’s service-oriented
software systems are based on distrib-
uted computing principles that have
been created and refined over the last 18


ND07_SOA.indd 55 9/14/07 3:16:50 PM
to 20 years. “We’ve learned a lot about creating modular soft- Belgium, Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia, bringing together hos-
ware systems connected by well-defined interfaces, and today’s pitals, transplant centers, and laboratories into a collaborative
SOA platforms incorporate all of those lessons,” he says. framework. Instantaneous communication is essential in the
Even with refined distributed computing principles behind life-or-death situations that Eurotransplant confronts each day,
SOA, a common challenge for organizations facing change and the foundation has a long history of using Oracle Forms
is how to adopt SOA technologies and techniques without to provide physicians with current information about available
destabilizing existing business services. Is there a way com- organs and patient waiting lists.
panies can gracefully modernize or evolve legacy applications Murk Schaafsma, development manager at Eurotransplant,
into the new world of SOA? and his colleagues are now upgrading their core informa-
Based on the successful Oracle Forms-to-SOA strategy tion systems while exploring the opportunities presented by
underway at Eurotransplant International Foundation, the Java and SOA. “BPEL [Business Process Execution Language]
answer is yes. This not-for-profit organization helps coordi- and SOA are helping us implement a system that supports
nate the supply of organ donations and related information our back office in the time-critical organ allocation process,”
to institutions in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, says Schaafsma. “The system will give us a more patient-

Oracle SOA Suite Simplifies the Enterprise
A service-oriented architecture (SOA) facilitates application integration by “modularizing” business services,
which simplifies reuse and maintenance and improves business visibility. Oracle SOA Suite is a comprehensive
package for the building, deployment, and management of an SOA.

Model and Capture
Model and capture business
processes and business policies
using Oracle Business Process
Analysis Suite and Oracle
Develop Business Rules. Integrate and Orchestrate
Connect services through
Develop, connect, and bind
Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
services into rich Ajax user
and wire them together into
interfaces and build composite
end-to-end business processes
applications using
and workflows using Oracle
Oracle JDeveloper.
BPEL Process Manager.


Govern Deploy and Manage
Apply runtime policies to Deploy composite applications
services, such as security and perform service-level
policies and audit policies, using management using Oracle
Oracle Web Services Manager. Application Server and Oracle
Enterprise Manager.

Gain real-time visibility into
in-flight and complete business
processes using Oracle Business
Activity Monitoring.


ND07_SOA.indd 56 9/14/07 3:16:51 PM
“With SOA and Oracle BPEL
Process Manager, we are
proving that we can service-
enable our existing systems
and reuse them.”
—Wilfred van der Deijl,
System Architect, Eurotransplant

safe process and, in addition, we can fulfill
the wishes for more transparency, which is
increasingly desired by patients and nation-
al authorities.”
Wilfred van der Deijl, the system architect
at Eurotransplant, says an SOA will allow the
foundation to accommodate disparate busi-
ness rules while retaining their investment
in Oracle Forms. “We want to deploy an
evolutionary model, not a revolutionary one,”
he says. “In the past, adopting a new technol-
ogy frequently meant we had to abandon the
Eurotransplant’s Wilfred van der Deijl, left, System Architect, and Murk Schaafsma, Development Manager,
old technology. With SOA and Oracle BPEL are exploring new opportunities presented by Java and SOA. “The system will give us a more patient-safe
Process Manager, we are proving that we can process,” says Schaafsma. In addition, they will be able to fulfill the wishes for more transparency, he says.
service-enable our existing systems and reuse
them in the new architecture.” Eurotransplant developed a technique to reuse its exist-
Eurotransplant uses Oracle BPEL Process Manager to ing Oracle Forms, which used to be at the core of many of
help developers translate business requirements into work- Eurotransplant’s data-entry applications, in new user interfaces
able information systems that can be implemented by the IT that were being built. The technique uses Oracle JDeveloper
department. “Allocating available organs to the appropriate and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle
patients is a complex process requiring a great deal of flexibil- ADF) technology. “With Eurotransplant’s background firmly

ity,” van der Deijl says. “Oracle BPEL Process Manager allows rooted in Oracle Forms, Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF
us to develop process-driven applications that truly support have allowed the organization to use its existing skill set
the people who will be executing these business processes.” to realize the benefits of SOA technologies quickly,” says

A Foundation for Web 2.0
New forms of communication and personal- and collaborating that have become popular on create interactions and conduct transactions over
ized services—collectively referred to as Web the Web at large. There’s absolutely no reason the internet, Forrester’s Rymer says. “Services
2.0—are enabling browser-based applications we shouldn’t use these techniques in our busi- can be plugged into social networks, wikis,
to mimic the rich user experience of the client/ ness applications.” rich internet applications, and other metaphors
server era. Referring to a second generation of These new services are compelling, but they and presentation formats,” he says. “Without
the Web that entails hosted services and com- can’t stand in isolation from the rest of the SOA, Web 2.0 isn’t very interesting because the
munities such as social-networking sites, wikis, enterprise. “For an enterprise IT department, systems are too brittle, too static, and thus they
and folksonomies, Web 2.0 points to changes the issue is not only how to use Web 2.0 capa- can’t evolve to use these new capabilities.”
in the ways developers and consumers use the bilities but how to integrate new development Oracle’s Bailey sees a natural synergy
Web as a platform. environments and scripting languages with tra- between Web 2.0 and SOA-enabled applications.
“Web 2.0 represents a series of new ideas ditional languages and databases,” says Kenneth “Oracle WebCenter uses SOA principles to create
about how to make applications more inter- Bailey, principal product manager for Oracle productive work environments that include Web
active,” says John R. Rymer, vice president Fusion Middleware. 2.0 services such as instant messaging, wikis,
and senior analyst at Forrester Research. “It SOA lays a foundation for Web 2.0 because and discussion forums, as well as applications
includes new metaphors for communicating Web services protocols allow us to more flexibly that create or use Web services,” he says.


ND07_SOA.indd 57 9/14/07 3:16:52 PM
“Using Oracle BPEL Process
Manager as part of an SOA
strategy gives us a standards-
based mapping and data
transformation tool.”
—Alan Wamser,
Systems Analyst, Hays Medical Center

Grant Ronald, group product manager, appli-
cation development tools, Oracle. Indeed,
Eurotransplant’s approach won the organization
the 2007 Editor’s Choice Award at the Oracle
Development Tools User Group conference.

SOA is also valuable as an integration platform
for connecting disparate information systems.
Consider Hays Medical Center, a private, not-
for-profit hospital in Hays, Kansas, that serves
about 130,000 citizens and employs more than
1,200 people. Hays Medical Center has received
When the Hays Medical Center wanted a cohesive way to integrate old and new technologies using open,
numerous honors for its outstanding patient standard protocols, it looked to SOA. “We want to bring all our applications under one umbrella,” says Alan
care and telemedicine programs. Wamser, a Systems Analyst who is driving the SOA implementation.
Over the years, Hays Medical has created
an extensive set of point-to-point interfaces to hardware device. This versatile architecture—which uses
exchange vital healthcare information, both internally and Oracle B2B Engine, Oracle Healthcare Adapter, and Oracle
with its business partners. These interfaces have been con- BPEL Process Manager—is reducing development costs and
structed using various technologies, protocols, and document supplying more-timely patient information to healthcare pro-
standards—most recently using Health Care Language 7 viders. For example, nurses can capture vital telemetry data
(HL7), a standard protocol for exchanging electronic at the bedside with mobile devices, then automatically upload
medical records. the information to pertinent medical and business applications.
Faced with the high cost of Hays Medical plans to expand
managing, maintaining, and the proof-of-concept to incor-
enhancing this diverse environ- SNAP SHOTS porate additional application-
ment, Hays Medical looked for a to-application interfaces and
Eurotransplant International Foundation
more cohesive way to integrate to simplify its B2B interactions
Location: Leiden, The Netherlands Industry: Healthcare
new and old technologies using Employees: 100 Oracle products: Oracle Application Server 10g, with trading partners using the
open, standard protocols. “We Oracle Forms, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle BPEL Process Manager HL7 standard. “Using Oracle
want to bring all of our applica- BPEL Process Manager as part
tions under one umbrella,” says Hays Medical Center of an SOA strategy gives us a
Alan Wamser, a systems analyst Location: Hays, Kansas Industry: Healthcare Employees: 1,200 standards-based mapping and
Oracle products and services: Oracle Consulting, Oracle B2B Engine,
at Hays Medical Center who is data transformation tool,” says
Trading Partner Management, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle
driving the SOA implementation. Healthcare Adapter, Oracle’s XSLT transformation tool, Oracle Business
Wamser. “Ultimately, we’ll have
Wamser and his team Activity Monitoring, Oracle WebCenter a more-cohesive application
worked with Oracle Consulting environment, with an open
to complete a proof-of-concept Korea Institute of Patent Information framework to deploy multiple
that integrates their existing Location: Seoul, South Korea Industry: Public sector processes based on Web ser-

infrastructure, including a Employees: 500 Oracle products: Oracle Database, Oracle Real vices. It will be easier to map
Application Clusters, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Content Database Suite,
Meditech Patient Care System existing processes and develop
Oracle Application Server, Oracle JDeveloper
module and the GE Vitals 8000 new integration flows into Hays


ND07_SOA.indd 58 9/14/07 3:16:54 PM
Medical applications.” Additionally, Hays Medical plans to use number of workflows. “We concentrated on building a system
Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring infrastructure that enables institutes or enterprises that require
tools to create real-time dashboards that can present medical intellectual property information to utilize KIPI’s SOA-based
information to authorized personnel in the chain of care. Web service,” says Kang Chang-soo, team manager of the com-
puting development operation team at KIPI.
LEARNING FROM THE PAST The new self-service system uses SOA to connect users to
For organizations faced with increasing customer demands that data directly, so they can log in to the trademark database
for more information and better service, an SOA can be the and download the required information. And the 10 days it
answer. The Korea Institute of Patent Information (KIPI) in used to take to process user requests for patent data has been
South Korea manages data related to intellectual property reduced to less than one hour.
rights (IPR). As an organization established by the Korean The job was successful despite severe time constraints for
Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), KIPI is responsible for completion. “Oracle SOA Suite established perfectly the basic
disseminating information on local and international IPR. framework of this project,” concludes Kang. O
KIPI also provides patent analysis services to companies,
research institutes, and investors. David Baum ( is a freelance business writer based in
Escalating demand for KIPI’s services prompted the organi- Santa Barbara, California.
zation to review the way it manages and distributes informa-
tion. In the past, organizations that wanted trademark data
had to submit a request to KIPI, then wait up to 10 days for
information to be compiled. This approach was inefficient and
frustrated the organization’s clients. KIPI decided to move to LEARN about SOA
an SOA environment to make it easier to collect, share, and
READ about Web 2.0 in Oracle WebCenter
manage information.
Developers used applications from Oracle SOA Suite,
including Oracle BPEL Process Manager, to link their trade-
mark database to the KIPO database as well as to model a

UMASSMBA Isenberg School
of Management
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Princeton Review
ranks the Isenberg MBA Program RE-ENGINEER YOURSELF 9,$,!$121$"$(5$ 24!23 -3( +
at the University of tuition discount
Massachusetts Amherst Professional success is no longer
just about knowing Oracle -..-" ,/421$2(#$-"71$04(1$,$-3
technology, it now requires
knowing the “language of
business.” The UMass Amherst
9 "1$#(3/ 133(,$/1.&1 ,

9.412$23 4&'3!7&1 #4 3$% "4+37
Online Professional MBA gives you
— 2005, 2006 and 2007 Princeton Review:
Best Business Schools rankings the business tools to succeed. 9""1$#(3$#!7


ND07_SOA.indd 59 9/14/07 3:16:55 PM
For Service-Oriented Architecture

“The most comprehensive and easy to
use product on the market today.”

– InfoWorld Review, January 22, 2007

Oracle Fusion Middleware
Hot-Pluggable. Comprehensive.
or call 1.800.633.0641

Copyright © 2007. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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It has become a truism in business that to go by—we had to write our own,”says
IT is a strategic asset that is vital to the Higdon. The group did just that, and worked
operation of companies. A few years ago, out a comprehensive plan for using standards-
however, Dell decided to take a deeper look based technology in a rigourous, robust
at just what that meant. approach to protecting its strategic IT assets.
To start, executives asked a fairly straight- >:/<A/<2>@7=@7B73A
forward question: What would it cost After assessing the financial impact, the
the business if the company’s main data next step was to develop an understanding
center were destroyed? The Dell IT group of where to focus disaster recovery initiatives.
determined that it could take as long as 12 “We created a risk profile based on hard data,
weeks to get things back up and running, rather than guesswork,” says Higdon. To
and then worked with business people to get that hard data, the IT group gathered
determine what that would mean to areas input from a range of sources, including
such as sales, manufacturing, shipping, and meteorologists and the company’s insurance
service. “When you multiplied that impact carrier—an especially valuable source of
out across that time frame, needless to say, risk information.
the lost-revenue figure was huge,” says Next, the group conducted a careful analysis
Debi Higdon, Dell’s Global Disaster Recovery to identify the applications that would
test manager. have the greatest impact on the business
With that financial assessment in hand, it in the event of a disaster, creating three
was clear that Dell could benefit from an classifications. Class 1 applications are
enterprise approach to disaster recovery. those that need to be up and running in
But not many companies had implemented the event of a disaster within four hours—
such an approach—disaster recovery was generally, things that affect manufacturing,
typically addressed in a fragmented, tactical sales, and service. Class 2 applications
manner. “There just wasn’t a good handbook need to be up within 48 hours. And Class

DELLOS0094_M.indd 1 9/12/07 10:10:23 AM

3 applications are to be backup based Clusters,” says Logan McLeod, IT strategist to make sure that over time, patches and
on “best effort“. That classification helped for Dell. “They provide high availability and upgrades are applied consistently across
the group prioritize efforts and allocate scalability, and they enable us to dynamically the data centers so that the two remain
investments appropriately in order to be respond to ever-changing workloads in our identical as the infrastructure evolves.
able to recover the most crucial systems first. environment.” The data centers also use Otherwise, seemingly minor differences in
AB@3<5B63<7<5B63 Oracle Data Guard software to manage the two centers could delay and complicate
7<4@/AB@C1BC@3 standby databases, and Oracle Enterprise failover efforts in an actual emergency.
Armed with that understanding, Dell laid Manager 10g Grid Control, which provides a Maintaining that consistency is especially
the cornerstone of its disaster recovery single point of management for 100 percent of important as Dell moves to an active-active
effort—a new 40,000 square-foot data Dell’s global production databases. configuration across the two data centers.
center with some 5,000 servers to provide Mitchell McGovern, director of Dell’s With this configuration, systems operate in
redundant backup to the company’s main Global Operation Services, says that Dell a fully distributed production environment,
data center in Austin, Texas. In both centers, paid close attention to rooting out single with each data center able to handle
Dell IT professionals looked at business points of failure in the infrastructure. “We 75 percent of peak workloads and 100
continuity across several levels, including did a detailed analysis across the entire percent of normal workloads. For example,
the site as a whole, computing platforms, infrastructure, focusing on ensuring Dell’s Quote Management System runs
applications, and data. redundancy at all levels—power, cooling, in both data centers on two independent
For example, the centers make use of Oracle®Real network, software, hardware,” says Oracle Database 10g RAC clusters, using
Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) technology, McGovern. “You may have duplicate Oracle Streams technology. If there were
running on Dell ™ PowerEdge™ servers that networks and systems, but if the power a disaster, failover would be automatic
have a number of high-availability features. fails, for example, and you just have one and instantaneous—the problem would
With Oracle’s clustering technology, if one generator that doesn’t come on, it’s constitute a loss of capacity, but not of
system in a cluster fails or is taken down all for naught.” data or functionality. Thus, if one system
for maintenance, the others can pick up its The group also found that it needed to pay handling quotes becomes unavailable, the
workload instantly. “About 72 percent of the close attention to processes as well as other simply carries on, and customers
Oracle databases we have in production are technologies. In particular, they established continue to get quotes without noticing
Oracle Database 10g and Real Application detailed change-management processes any difference except possibly a minor
degradation in response times. That active-

 Articulate the need in financial terms. $ Assume that everything is going
Doing so provides a clear business to fail. Create business continuity
case, helps ensure organizational plans based on the idea that every
buy in, and provides a guidepost for key piece of internal and external
investing in disaster recovery. infrastructure may fail or become
 Use hard data to create a risk unavailable for extended periods.
27A/AB3@@31=D3@G( profile. Rather than simply taking % Consider an active-active data
a best guess, work with insurers center strategy. A distributed
@C:3A=4 and other data sources to determine
the true nature of the risk—such
environment that runs across data
centers enables high availability
B63@=/2 as fire, storms, etc.—for a
particular operation.
and the use of load balancing as a
constant test of recoverability.
7\Q`SObW\UO\RW[^ZS[S\bW\U ! Identify critical resources. Conduct & Recognize potential vendor
WbaS\bS`^`WaSO^^`]OQVb] a rigorous analysis to identify key weaknesses. Evaluate vendors’
RWaOabS``SQ]dS`g2SZZ¸a7BU`]c^ applications that warrant redundancy, disaster recovery capabilities, and
RSdSZ]^SR^`W\QW^ZSaRSaWU\SR backup, and recovery attention, include vendors in disaster recovery
b]VSZ^S\ac`SObV]`]cUV and categorize applications to help testing to understand how their
T]QcaSRSTT]`b prioritize efforts. policies and technologies might
" Think beyond the data center. Factor affect the enterprise.
in essential and relevant business ' Keep disaster recovery capabilities
processes and infrastructure up to date. Monitor documentation
components across the organization. and establish strong procedures and
# Eliminate or mitigate single points of processes to make disaster recovery
failure. Perform a detailed single- part of everyday activity.
point-of-failure analysis across the  Perform tests on a regular basis.
entire infrastructure—including Validate failover and recovery
seemingly minor components—to capabilities to make sure things
find areas where redundancy work as planned—perhaps on a
is lacking. quarterly basis.

DELLOS0094_M.indd 2 9/12/07 10:10:23 AM


active configuration not only provides high are updated as well. New applications
levels of availability, it also allows Dell to must be engineered for recoverability. Dell
balance loads across centers to maintain actively monitors and manages disaster
high performance levels. What’s more, this recovery compliance, and disaster recovery
load balancing is essentially testing the fail- documentation for each system has to be
over capabilities—all the time, as a part of updated every 90 days.
day-to-day operations. The company also maintains a strict policy
Dell IT recognized that although the data that calls for all of its more than 250
centers are critical, they don’t operate in a Class 1 applications to be tested at least
vacuum. The group took a broad look at its once a year. “That’s not negotiable—it’s
infrastructure to identify where business mandatory,” says Higdon. Dell has created
continuity depended on applications in a disaster recovery scorecard that lets the
other Dell facilities around the world, and company keep close track of testing and
took steps to apply disaster recovery documentation status. The card is used by
procedures in those areas. It also looked the IT group and the CIO, and is eventually
outside corporate boundaries. “We felt that shared with the corporate audit function
it is important to look for potential vendor and the audit committee of the board of
weaknesses,” says Higdon. “We spend time directors. “You can see how serious we are
testing with our vendors—for example, about this,” says Higdon.
we might simulate a disaster here at Dell The Dell disaster recovery initiative has
and include a couple of vendors to see put the company in good position to ensure
how an event here might affect them. You business continuity—and keep supporting
don’t want to get in a silo and forget about customers—in the event of a serious
everything else that touches interruption at its data center. “The goal
your operations.” is to do a complete failover to the disaster
McGovern says that the broad search for recovery site within four hours, and we’ve
weaknesses—internally and externally—is been hitting that mark. In our last test, we
the result of a guiding principle adopted by actually failed over all the applications in
the IT group: “We assume that everything is scope in less than an hour,” says Higdon.
going to fail. It might be systems, a network, And as an unexpected benefit, the company
phone lines, roads leading to one of the data has seen its insurance premiums go down
centers. And then we think about what to do because its carrier has recognized the
if those things do fail.” value of Dell’s disaster recovery efforts.
933>7<527A/AB3@ “This initiative shows how cost-effective,
@31=D3@G1C@@3<B standards-based servers can be used to
Dell has completed its transformation of support a strategic, enterprise approach to
its disaster recovery plans and processes— disaster recovery“, says McGovern. “Just as
but the effort will never be entirely finished, important, it has enabled us to build disaster
recovery into our culture. That’s key to 4=@6756/D/7:/07:7BG
says McGovern. Technologies, business
keeping disaster recovery in sync with the 23::¸A2/B/13<B3@A@3:G
needs, and security threats all continue
business. In today’s world, disaster recovery =<23::>=E3@3253
to evolve, and Dell’s disaster recovery
is not a ‘nice to have’—it’s a ‘must have.’ A3@D3@A@C<<7<5=@/1:3
policies and procedures are designed to
do the same. For example, when a change And we’ve been able to make it a part of 2/B/0/A35E7B6@3/:
is made to an application, database, or everyday life at Dell.” />>:71/B7=<1:CAB3@A
datacenter, disaster recovery capabilities

DELLOS0094_M.indd 3 9/12/07 10:10:24 AM

B6323::/<2=@/1:3 effectively. With those complementary make the best use of the technology.
@3:/B7=<A67> visions in mind, Dell and Oracle work The two companies also have a
Dell and Oracle have a long together on a number of fronts. For firsthand view of the effectiveness
collaborative relationship based in example, experts from both companies of these technologies: Both use Dell
large part on the similar long-term have collaborated to develop a and Oracle platforms in their own
visions of both companies. Oracle’s number of pre-engineered, tested, and operations. Oracle develops and
Grid Computing strategy focuses on validated Intel-based Oracle database tests much of its software on Dell
delivering flexible, reliable database solutions on Red Hat Linux®and PowerEdgeTM servers and relies
throughput; the dynamic provisioning Microsoft®Windows Server® 2003. Dell on more than 20,000 Dell Linux
of database workloads on grids of and Oracle test and support the entire servers to power key elements of its
industry-standard servers; and the solution stack—servers, storage, Global IT operations. Similarly, Dell
ability to easily add more capacity switches, operating systems, and entrusts several mission-critical
to grids. Dell’s Scalable Enterprise Oracle Database software—giving business systems to PowerEdge
vision complements that strategy with companies a cost-effective solution servers running Oracle Database
its focus on standardizing the core to legacy data center technologies. 10g—including not only its EMEA
elements of IT infrastructure to deliver In addition, Dell Services and Oracle (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)
superior value, and ultimately enabling Consulting Services work together order-management system, but
customers to simplify operations, to provide fixed-fee and custom also its North American supply
improve utilization, and scale services designed to accelerate chain database.
implementation and help organizations





July 2007. Printed in the U.S.A. Dell, the DELL logo, and PowerEdge are trademarks of Dell Inc. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. Linux is a registered trade-
mark of Linus Torvalds. Microsoft and Windows Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document
to refer to either the entities claiming the marks or their products. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. ©2007 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. For more information, please contact Dell Inc.

DELLOS0094_M.indd 4 9/12/07 10:10:25 AM
Oracle Universal Content Management consolidates and controls unstructured data.

or Emerson Process Management, getting a handle on and information services. “We move that content through a
content isn’t just about keeping multiple gigabytes’ business process to solve problems.”
worth of important data organized and accessible. Enterprise content management (ECM) lets companies
Thanks to workflow engines and other sophisticated tools, capture, store, secure, establish version control, retrieve, dis-
the company is using the power of information to create new tribute, and destroy documents and content, thus enabling
processes and keep its business humming. workflow and business process management systems. “The
The US$5.5 billion division of Emerson Electric uses good thing about having an enterprise content manage-
Oracle Universal Content Management to administer technical ment suite is that you reduce the amount of integration that’s
information about its process control products as well as busi- required among the different components,” says Ken Chin,

ness and marketing documents and multimedia presentations. Gartner research vice president.
In all, it adds up to about a terabyte of information just for the The drive for improved business efficiency propels com-
North American operations alone. panies to content management solutions. Emerson is a good
One of the applications Emerson created logs repair requests example. In the past, report reviews were hard to manage.
sent to an Emerson Web site, generates a repair ticket, and “We would write a report, put it in a folder, and then send it
then routes the ticket to the PC support group. When tech- around to everyone,” Heindselman recalls. “It might take days,
nicians fix a problem, they enter their solutions into the weeks, or months. Sometimes the reviews never got done.”
application, which manages a searchable and ever-growing That’s all changed. The company’s content management
knowledgebase of fixes that’s always available to the support system spans eight divisions across North America, Europe,
group. “We don’t just capture the content,” says Mark and Asia. Architecturally, the system is split into three server
Heindselman, Emerson’s manager of knowledge network layers: one for standard types of business documents and Web


ND07_CM.indd 65 9/14/07 2:38:32 PM
“We don’t just capture the content. We
move that content through a business
process to solve problems.”
—Mark Heindselman
Manager, Knowledge Network and Information Services,
Emerson Process Management

content; one to handle large engineering reports created using
mainframe and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applica-
tions; and one for a database of images, including serial cards,
drawings, and multimedia content.
The workflow engine inside Oracle Universal Content
Management is a key element in an Emerson content man-
agement application that ensures that the worldwide engi-
neering staff reviews and approves lab reports before their
general release throughout the company. Now, when an
engineer completes a report, he or she submits the digital
document to the content management system, which fires off
The workflow engine inside Oracle Universal Content Management is a key
an end-to-end workflow process that ensures that approvals element in an Emerson content management application, says Mark Heindselman.
happen as quickly as possible.
a month, a task that was becoming almost impossible as a
HIGH-PROFILE IMAGES paper-based process. “We were keeping a lot of paper docu-
Land O’Lakes, the producer of dairy products and agricultural ments around so that when we got inquiries from vendors we
goods, has also realized new content-handling efficiencies. The could pull out the documents and say, ‘OK, here’s the status,
company, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, runs about 80 here’s the payment amount,’” Doble says.
feed plants and about 20 dairy foods manufacturing locations Land O’Lakes now creates digital images of each payable
across the country. transaction and uses Oracle Universal Content Management
Over the past decade, Land O’Lakes has become increas- to index the images for easy retrieval. “People can respond to
ingly dependent on its intranet to distribute business infor- inquiries by searching using a variety of criteria to find the
mation and news to help employees perform their jobs more right image,” Doble says. “The images come up right at their
effectively. “We realized this isn’t just some nice-to-have infor- desks, and we can provide answers quickly.”
mation that’s sitting off to the side somewhere. It’s become Imaging capabilities are now expanding to other areas in the
critical, and we decided to build an industrial-strength plat- company, including departments that handle fixed assets, credit,
form for it,” says Curt Doble, and HR. “Pretty much anywhere
corporate IS business liaison you look in the company, there
at Land O’Lakes. “We needed SNAP SHOTS are opportunities to use the
an integrated platform that imaging technology,” Doble says.
allowed us to combine content, Emerson Process Management “It’s all content management—it’s
brochureware, and application just that images are a different
Location: Marshalltown, Iowa Industry: Process management prod-
functionality in one system.” ucts and engineering Employees: 4,000 Oracle products: Oracle kind of content. Bringing it all
Land O’Lakes now has that Universal Content Management, Oracle E-Business Suite together onto one [Oracle] plat-
capability with Oracle Universal form is a big advantage for us.”
Content Management. It gives Land O’Lakes
staff members tools to create INFORMATION SECURITY
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Industry: Dairy and agriculture
and publish information to For almost 60 years, the pres-
Employees: 13,000 Oracle products and services: Oracle
the intranet, which relieved Universal Content Management, Oracle Database 10g, Oracle’s JD
tigious Formula One World
a burden for the IS depart- Edwards EnterpriseOne Championship has showcased
ment. The system also helps the world’s fastest cars, with 11
the Agricultural Services arm Renault Group teams competing in the most
of the company speed the pro- recent event. Beginning in 2002,

cessing of transactions with Location: Boulogne-Billancourt, France Industry: Vehicle design and Renault invested £180 million
manufacture Employees: 130,000 Oracle products and services:
vendors. The division handles to develop the ING Renault F1
Oracle Universal Content Management, Oracle Database 10g
about 200,000 payables receipts team. The investment paid off:


ND07_CM.indd 66 9/14/07 2:38:34 PM
“The overall simplicity of the installation,
customization, and configuration [of Oracle
Universal Content Management] was very
important to us.”
—Alex Rigal, IT Project Manager, Renault

the group won back-to-back titles in 2005 and 2006.
Part of the success hinged on being able to connect racing
teams, which travel to events throughout the world, to giga-
bytes worth of technical information, much of it held at the
team’s main factory in the U.K. Content ranges from weather
reports and mechanical specifications to engine schematics
and telemetric data collected from the vehicles during races.
At first, the Renault race teams didn’t use a consolidated
information management solution, opting instead to store and
share data by e-mail or in databases on the internet, and use
the local hard drives of laptops to synchronize data between
the mobile teams and the factory. “It was a real headache Renault team members were keen to adopt Oracle Universal Content Management
to manage all this information and try to get it to teams in because they gained many new features, says Alex Rigal, IT Project Manager.
the field when they requested it,” says Alex Rigal, IT project
manager at Renault. “Some documents were getting lost; many Now, information accuracy is ensured through the plat-
were duplicates. With the level of competition we face, we form’s check-in/check-out tools and version-control features.
need to make sure that all our documents are very accurate.” Just as important are the security capabilities in the Oracle
The company evaluated Oracle Universal Content Information Rights Management module for protecting the
Management, putting it into production in January 2007. team’s engineering innovations. Oracle Information Rights
Rigal gives the system high marks for how easy it is use. “The Management offers document sealing, the ability to control
overall simplicity of the installation, customization, and con- user access to individual pieces of information. “Once you seal
figuration was very important to us,” he says. a document, each attempt to access it needs to be validated by
our internal server,” Rigal says. “Someone may have had access
Comprehensive Content Management on Monday, but we can remove it on Tuesday. So if someone
leaves to go to another team, they can’t take important docu-
Oracle provides content management applications to meet the needs of the
ments from our engineering department with them.” Even if
enterprise. These include
someone is authorized to view a file, the system can prevent
Oracle Universal Content Management 10g, which provides a single,
edits, copying, printing, or creating screen shots.
unified application for document collaboration, Web content, digital assets,
Proof that the system is both protective and usable comes
and e-mail. Organizations can also use the application for converting docu-
from how quickly team members have accepted the applica-
ments from one format to another, such as Microsoft Word to Adobe PDF files.
tion. “I was dreading what the reaction might be; I feared
Oracle Imaging and Process Management, which enables the
users would not want to change the old way of dealing with
annotation of images and automates their routing and approvals, so enter-
documents,” Rigal recalls. “But people were very keen on
prises can integrate the controls within the accounts payable and time and
moving forward because they gained many new features.” O
expense processing capabilities of Oracle and third-party applications.
Oracle Universal Records Management, which lets organizations cen-
Alan Joch ( is a technology writer based in New England who
trally administer and enforce records and retention policies for content held in
specializes in enterprise, Web, and high-performance-computing applications.
repositories across the enterprise, such as file systems and e-mail archives.
Oracle Information Rights Management, which offers document
sealing, the ability to control access to individual content. Sealing content
enables it to be secured beyond the firewall and even beyond the enterprise.
Oracle also offers the ability to manage content in a secure, online
READ about true enterprise content management
enterprise archive with Oracle Content Database. Online archiving allows
organizations to move old content off cluttered systems while still making it LEARN about Oracle Content Management
available for enterprise search, e-discovery, and compliance requirements.

Oracle’s content management solutions are integrated components of DOWNLOAD Oracle Universal Content Management
Oracle Fusion Middleware, a standards-based family of middleware software.


ND07_CM.indd 67 9/14/07 2:38:38 PM

Enhanced Calculation and Validation
Do even more in Oracle Application Development Framework 11g—without code.
n this column, I take another look Note that if you are using the free This formula uses a ternary opera-
at the upcoming Oracle JDeveloper Oracle Database Express Edition, you tor that tests a Boolean condition
and Oracle Application Development may need to create a new SCOTT (Sal!=null) to return the value of Sal if it
Framework (Oracle ADF) 11g release user account with CONNECT and is not null and zero otherwise. It then
and experiment firsthand with several RESOURCE privileges and run the performs a similar calculation on the
examples designed to improve devel- CreateDeptEmpTables.sql script pro- value of Comm, and returns the sum of
oper productivity. This column shows vided in the starter workspace to create both calculations.
how easy it now is to create calculated the DEPT and EMP tables. To complete the attribute assignment,
attributes, validate foreign key values, go to the Dependencies page of the
constrain mutually dependent attribute SIMPLIFYING CALCULATED ATTRIBUTES Attribute Editor, select the Sal attribute
values, and define more-complex valida- Groovy is a standards-based dynamic in the Available list, and click the Add
tion rules without writing any Java code. language for the Java platform, defined (right-arrow) button to shuttle it to the
To follow along with this article, as Java Specification Request 241 (JSR Selected list. Perform the same steps
make sure you’re using the Oracle 241). It provides a simpler syntax than to also add the Comm attribute to the
JDeveloper (or later) Java for many common programming Selected list. Finally, click OK to save
Technology Preview release, which is tasks, it interoperates seamlessly with the changes. To test your changes, right-
available as a free download on Oracle any Java class, and it can be both com- click the HRModule application module
Technology Network at piled and interpreted on the fly. Oracle in the Application Navigator and select
.com/products/jdev/11. Furthermore, ADF 11g provides extensive support Run from the menu that appears. When
download the starter workspace at for the Groovy language, and the first the Business Components Browser example in this column demonstrates – Connect dialog box appears, click how to use Groovy expressions to Connect. Double-click the Employees
After extracting the contents of the define calculated attributes. view object instance, and change the file, start by opening In the starter workspace referenced commission and/or salary values in any
the FrameworksNovDec2007.jws above, the Emp entity object already row to observe that the total compensa-
workspace in Oracle JDeveloper. Note has a defined transient attribute called tion is always kept up to date.
that the starter workspace defines a TotalComp. Let’s update this attribute
familiar set of Emp and Dept entity definition to be the sum of the employ- VALIDATING FOREIGN KEYS
objects, an EmpView view object, and ee’s salary and that person’s commission The last Frameworks column (September/
an HRModule application module. (as defined by the Sal and Comm attri- October 2007), looked at how to define
Next, configure the scott connection in butes, respectively). In the formula, let’s declarative lists of values (LOVs) for a
the starter workspace to point to the accommodate for the fact that Comm view object attribute to assist users choos-
database you’ll be using. To do this, and Sal might be null. ing existing foreign key lookup values.
expand the Application Resources In Oracle JDeveloper, double-click Keep in mind that, although these LOVs
zone of the Application Navigator, the the Emp entity in the Application are handy for end users, they are not a
Connection folder, and the Database Navigator to open the Entity Object substitute for proper validation of the
node to reveal the scott connection. Editor. Click Attributes to go to the foreign key at the entity object level. For
Right-click the scott connection, and Attributes page, and double-click example, some UI components, such as
select Properties… to view the data- the row in the table containing the text fields with a pop-up LOV, allow the
base connection settings. Review these TotalComp attribute. In the Attribute user to type a foreign key value directly.
settings, and change them, if necessary, Editor dialog box, ensure that the Furthermore, in a service-oriented
to point to the SCOTT database user Expression radio button in the Value architecture, the foreign keys in entity
you’ll be working with. Click the Test Type radio group is selected. In the objects can be set programmatically by
Connection button to ensure that you Value field, enter the following formula: another application by use of a Web
can successfully connect to the SCOTT service interface. Fortunately, the new
user, and then click OK. (Sal!=null?Sal:0)+(Comm!=null?Comm:0) Key Exists validation rule makes it


ND07_Frameworks.indd 68 9/14/07 10:42:16 AM
easy to validate foreign key attributes, the Attribute list and LessThan from When you commit, the parameterized
making quick work of what is normally the Operator list. From the Compare error message “The Commission of
a programming chore. With list, select Entity Attribute, and 13,000 must be less than the Salary”
The next example adds a Key Exists select the Sal attribute in the Select should appear. If you change the value
validation rule to the Emp entity in the Entity Attribute box below. These of the salary of an employee with no
Model project. On the General page steps set up the basic comparison commission, you can verify that no
of the Entity Object Editor, click the in the validation rule. Next, on the exception is raised, because the Comm
Add Validation Rule button, a green Validation Execution tab, enter the value is null. Finally, you can verify that
plus sign to the right of the Validation formula Sal!=null && Comm!=null in the the triggering attributes work properly,
Rules heading on the page (on a Conditional Execution Expression by changing the salary of an employee
smaller monitor, you may need to scroll field. This field causes the rule to be to a value lower than that person’s exist-
down to see this section). In the Add applied only when the specified condi- ing commission.
Validation Rule dialog box, select Key tion is true. Note that the expression The online version of this column, at
Exists Validator from the Rule Types is case-sensitive, so be sure to type
list. While on the Rule Definition Comm and not comm. Next, go to the o67frame.html, demonstrates how to
tab, select WorksInDeptAssoc from Triggering Attributes section, select write Groovy validation rules for this
the Association Name list. This selec- Sal from the Available Attributes sample Oracle JDeveloper workspace.
tion denotes a one-to-many associa- list, and click the Add (right-arrow) Hopefully, these simple examples
tion between the Dept and Emp entity button to shuttle Sal into the Selected will help you understand some of the
objects that represents the foreign key Attribute list, along with Comm. At new declarative development features
relationship to be validated. Next, on runtime, when the value of any attri- that will be available in the next major
the Failure Handling tab, enter the bute in this list changes, the rule will release of Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle
error message Department does not exist be re-evaluated. ADF. For more information on this new
in the Message Text box. Finally, click Finally, go to the Failure Handling release, see the resources at
OK to define the new validation rule. tab and enter the following validation .com/products/jdev/11. If you’d like to
Run the HRModule again, and error message in the Message Text box: learn more about the Groovy language,
change the value of the department ID visit O
of an existing employee to any two-digit The {attr1} of {val} must be less than
invalid number (such as 99). When you the {attr2}. Steve Muench has worked for Oracle since 1990. He is
commit or navigate to a different row, a consulting product manager for Oracle JDeveloper and
an exception with your custom error Be sure to include the three message an Oracle ACE who has developed and supported Oracle
message will be raised. expressions in curly braces. In the Error tools and XML technologies and continues to evangelize
Message Expressions table below, click them. Muench coauthored Oracle ADF Developer’s Guide
CONSTRAINING DEPENDENT VALUES the row for the attr1 token and double- for Forms/4GL Developers (Oracle, 2006) and wrote
Another common kind of validation click the Expression cell in that row. Building Oracle XML Applications (O’Reilly Media, 2000).
involves comparing two attributes Enter the expression source.hints.Comm His tips and tricks appear on OTN ( and in
in the same row. The next example .label to reference the value of the user- his Dive into ADF blog (
enforces a rule that says that an friendly display label for the Comm
employee’s commission must be less attribute of the source entity object
than that person’s salary. This rule will being validated. Similarly, enter the
be applied only when both the com- expression source.hints.Sal.label for
mission and salary are non-null, and the attr2 message token, and enter READ online-only column content
it will be re-evaluated when either the the expression Comm for the val token o67frame.html
commission or the salary value changes. to reference the value of the Comm READ more Frameworks
The enhanced Compare validation rule attribute. These message expressions,
in Oracle JDeveloper 11g makes this like those in the calculated attribute READ more about Oracle JDeveloper
check easy to implement. example above, use Groovy syntax. 10g and Oracle ADF
On the General page of the Entity Although these are very simple expres-
Object Editor for Emp, go to the sions, it’s important to understand that designpatterns
Validation Rules section and click the developers can leverage the full power DOWNLOAD
Add Validation Rule button again. of Groovy when necessary. To finish, Oracle JDeveloper 11g
In the Add Validation Rule dialog click OK to define the new rule. Technology Preview
box, select Compare Validator from Run the HRModule again to test the
the Rule Types list. On the Rule rule. Try to enter a value of 13000 for starter workspace for this column
Definition tab, select Comm from the commission of an existing employee.


ND07_Frameworks.indd 69 9/14/07 10:42:16 AM
d e v e l o p e r BROWSER-BASED By davi d Peake

Application Integration Workshop
Consuming Web services with Oracle Application Express
ust about every leading Web codeLISTING 1:  Web services properties
site, from Amazon and eBay
Name: YouTube Music Videos
to Facebook and Google, has
a Web services offering these SOAP Envelope:
days. Web services enable applications
<?xml version=’1.0’?>
to interact with one another over the
Web in a platform-neutral, language- <methodName>youtube.videos.list_by_category_and_tag</methodName>
independent environment. In a typical <params>
Web services scenario, a business <param><value><struct>
application sends a request to a service <name>dev_id</name>
at a given URL, using HyperText <value><string>YOUR_DEV_ID</string></value>
Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The service </member>
receives the request, processes it, and <name>category_id</name>
returns a response. <value><int>10</int></value>
Oracle Application Express has sup- </member>
ported Web services integration for <name>tag</name>
several releases now, but with Oracle <value><string></string></value>
Application Express 3.0, that support </member>
has been enhanced—for example, <name>per_page</name>
document-style Web services are now <value><int>5</int></value>
supported. Oracle Application Express </member>
3.0 also enables manual creation of </params>
Web service references. This column </methodCall>
shows you how to create Web services
Store Response in Collection: YOUTUBE_MUSIC_VIDEOS
references manually, using one of the
YouTube Web services APIs.
Note that you must create this and then create the SOAP envelope them in a report-style format. YouTube’s
example on your own instance of for the request. Typically, you will Web services APIs are in both rep-
Oracle Application Express—the apex need a SOAP tool to help you deter- resentational state transfer (REST) site does not support exter- mine the SOAP envelope, but in this and XML-RPC format. This example
nal network callouts, so it cannot be sample application, the details for the describes how to create an Oracle
used for this project. XML-RPC APIs are provided by the Application Express application that
YouTube developer site. interacts with the YouTube XML-RPC
Overview Web service music video API.
Oracle Application Express 3.0 provides Example YouTube XML-RPC–Style To use the YouTube APIs, you must
two approaches to adding Web services Web Service have a YouTube account (it’s free) and
to an application: YouTube ( offers you must obtain a developer ID (also
■ Generate Web services references by access to several areas of its video free). Your developer ID is embedded
using a wizard to automatically create repository via an open API interface in the XML-RPC request document and
valid Simple Object Access Protocol that lets you easily integrate YouTube submitted with every request to the
(SOAP) request messages with input content into an application. The API. To get your account and developer
parameters, output parameters, and YouTube APIs enable you to obtain ID, visit
operations specified, based on the Web information about videos and obtain The sample application project con-
Services Description Language (WSDL). videos by tag name or username. For sists of the following steps:
■ Create Web services references this sample application project, you’ll Step 1: Create an Oracle Application
manually. First, examine the WSDL, obtain just music videos and display Express application

70  november/December 20 07

ND07_BrowserBase_x.indd 70 10/11/07 9:57:52 AM
Step 2: Create a manual Web reference codeLISTING 2: PL/SQL code that processes the embedded XML
Step 3: Test the Web reference
Step 4: Create a process to associate
l_clob clob;
with the Web service l_xml xmltype;
Step 5: Extract the embedded XML l_val clob;
for c1 in (select clob001
Step 6: Create a report on the manual from apex_collections
Web reference where collection_name = ‘YOUTUBE_MUSIC_VIDEOS’
) loop
Step 7: Refine the report
l_clob := c1.clob001;
Step 1: Create an application. Prior to cre- exit;
ating the manual Web reference to the end loop;
YouTube music video XML-RPC Web
l_xml := xmltype.createxml(l_clob);
service, you must create an application
in Oracle Application Express. l_val := dbms_xmlgen.convert(l_xml.extract(‘/methodResponse/params/param/value/
1. Log on to your Oracle Application
Express workspace. apex_collection.update_member_attribute(
2. Select Create Application from the p_collection_name => ‘YOUTUBE_MUSIC_VIDEOS’,
p_seq => ‘1’,
Application Builder menu to launch
p_clob_number => ‘1’,
the Create Application wizard. p_clob_value => l_val );
3. Enter a name for the application, end;
such as SimpleVideoService.
4. Click Next to continue. The Add
Page option appears. service description, SOAP envelope defi- Step 4: Create a process to associate
5. Select Blank as the page style, and nition, and SOAP response. Enter the with the Web service. Now that you’ve
add one blank page to the application. details shown in Listing 1. created the Web service reference, you
Leave the defaults, and click Next to 6. Click Create. The YouTube Music must invoke it from your application.
step through the wizard and finish cre- Videos component appears on the Web To create the process that invokes the
ating the application. Services References page. Web reference,
If your Oracle Application Express 7. Click the YouTube Music Videos 1. Navigate to the definition of page 1.
instance requires a proxy server to component to select it for testing (in the 2. Click the plus (+) icon in the
reach pages on the internet, you must next step). Processes section under Page Rendering.
define the proxy server in Application Step 3: Test the Web reference. To test the 3. Select Web Services for the process
Definition (Shared Components -> manual Web reference you created for category, and click Next.
Application -> Definition). the YouTube music videos list, you must 4. Enter Call YouTube Music Video Service
Step 2: Create a manual Web reference. To have the component selected on the in the Name field, and click Next.
create a manual Web reference, enter Web Service References page: 5. Select YouTube Music Videos from
the URL to the Web service and define 1. Select Details from the View list, the Web Service Reference list, and
the document to send to it. The results and then click Go. The component click Next.
will be stored in a collection, which you appears in a table just below the selec- 6. Leave the message text areas blank,
define in the steps below. To create a tion row. and click Next.
manual Web reference, 2. Click the Test icon next to the 7. Click Create Process.
1. Click Shared Components. YouTube Music Videos reference. A Step 5: Extract the embedded XML
2. Click Web Service References. SOAP Envelope and Response page document. The YouTube Music Videos
3. Click Create. The Create Web Service appears. API returns a string (an XML-RPC
Reference wizard begins, displaying the 3. Click Test. response) that contains an escaped
message “Do you want to search a UDDI 4. View the response in the Result standalone XML document compris-
registry to find the WSDL?” Text area. ing the result of the API call: the list
4. Select No, and click Next. Entry The response section displays the of music videos. (When the embed-
fields for WSDL location and authentica- XML-RPC response, a string that con- ded XML is unescaped, the result is
tion credentials appear. Disregard them. tains an escaped, standalone XML docu- the same as the response to a REST
5. In the Tasks region in the right-hand ment. The embedded XML document call.) It’s this result that you want the
section of the page, click Create Web contains the information about the application to report on, so now create
Service Reference Manually to open a music videos. (In step 5, you’ll see how a process that extracts the document
Create/Edit Web Service properties page, to unescape the content so that it dis- and unescapes the XML. The process
with regions for Web service name, plays properly in a report.) also updates the collection used to


ND07_BrowserBase.indd 71 9/14/07 2:41:17 PM

store the response with the value of the
extracted document.
To create a process to extract the
embedded XML document,
1. Click the plus (+) icon in the
Processes region under Page Rendering.
2. Select PL/SQL from the Process
Category list, and click Next.
3. Enter Extract Embedded Document in
the Name field.
4. Enter 20 in the Sequence field, and
click Next.
5. Enter the code from Listing 2 in the
Enter PL/SQL Page Process text area.
6. Leave the message text areas blank,
and click Next.
7. Select PL/SQL from the Condition
Type list.
8. Click Create Process.
Step 6: Create a report on the manual
Figure 1: Sample application result
Web reference. To display the output
of the Web services reference, build a
report by using the “Create Report on rating_avg appears directly after the title column.
a Manual Web Service” wizard. For description 7. Click Apply Changes.
this step, you must provide informa- url Run the page to view your refinements.
tion about the structure of the XML thumbnail_url Figure 1 shows a sample result.
response document.
To create a report on a manual 6. Click Create SQL Report. The CONCLUSION
Web service, Success message appears. Oracle Application Express lets you
1. Click the plus (+) icon in the Regions The basic application is now com- build applications that integrate with
area under Page Rendering. plete. Click the Run Page icon to view other applications on other platforms,
2. Select Report from the region type the application. by supporting the consumption of
list, and click Next. Step 7: Refine the report. You can fine- Web services. It makes it easy to build
3. Select Report on collection contain- tune the report layout, displaying applications based on XML-RPC–style
ing Web service result, and click Next. thumbnails of the video and adding Web services such as the YouTube
4. Enter Music Videos in the Title field, hyperlinks from the thumbnail to the Music Video API. O
and click Next. video on YouTube. To make refinements
5. Select Manually Created from to the report, David Peake ( is a principal
the Web Reference and click Next. 1. Click the Report link next to the product manager in Oracle’s Server Technologies
Several entry fields appear for defining Music Videos region on the page defini- division. He has been with Oracle since 1993.
the SOAP style and message format. tion of page 1.
Complete the fields as follows: 2. Click the Edit icon next to the
OFrom the Web Service Reference list, thumbnail_url column.
select YouTube Music Videos. 3. Enter the following in the HTML
OFor SOAP style, select RPC. Expression text area: READ more Browser-based
OFor Message Format, select Encoded.

OLeave Message Namespace blank, and <a href=”#url#”> READ more about Oracle
click Next. <img src=”#thumbnail_url#” /> Application Express
OFor Result Node Path, enter </a>
/video_list/video. DOWNLOAD Oracle
Application Express
OFor Parameter Names, enter the 4. Click Apply Changes.
following names: 5. Uncheck the Show check box in the application_express/download.html

url column row. VISIT the Oracle Application
title 6. Click the Move-Up icon in the Express Forum
author thumbnail_url column row until it


ND07_BrowserBase.indd 72 9/14/07 2:41:17 PM

On Continuing and Indexing
Best practices for PL/SQL in Oracle Database 11g and multilevel, string-indexed collections
have been assigned one of those big a certain condition is met, you want to <<end_of_loop>>
blobs of spaghetti code to maintain, and execute some new code and then skip NULL; -- Placeholder
in particular I have to make changes to a over the rest of the loop body and move END LOOP;
very complicated loop. I want to be able to on to the next iteration. END;
make a “surgical strike”—put the new rules in You can accomplish this in a
place and then bypass the rest of the logic in few ways: And, finally, here’s the approach
the loop body with the minimum-possible fuss. O Adding an IF statement with CONTINUE (new to Oracle
What’s the best way to do this? OUsing a GOTO statement Database 11g):
Isn’t it painful to make changes to O In Oracle Database 11g, taking advan-

an existing program that is packed full tage of the new CONTINUE statement BEGIN
of contorted logic (“spaghetti code”)? Here’s what the loop body might look ... lots and lots of convoluted code
And isn’t it positively terrifying to make like with an IF statement:
those changes when you don’t have a FOR index IN 1 .. my_collection.COUNT
regression test for the program that you BEGIN LOOP
can run afterward to ensure that no ... lots and lots of convoluted code ... hard-to-understand logic here
bugs were inadvertently introduced?
Yet that is what we are often called FOR index IN 1 .. my_collection.COUNT IF new_condition
upon to do. LOOP THEN
When faced with this situation, the ... hard-to-understand logic here ... new code here
smart thing to do is to make the small-
est, most isolated change possible, IF new_condition CONTINUE;
thereby minimizing the ripple effect. THEN END IF;
It sounds to me like you have a situ- ... new code here
ation along these lines: ELSE ... more of the same here
... more of the same here
PROCEDURE someone_elses_mess END IF; END LOOP;
|| Author: Long-Gone Consultant END;
|| Maintained by: Terrified Employee Now, with code this simple, all three
*/ Here’s the approach with GOTO: of these approaches look reasonable and
IS get the job done. But if you are dealing
BEGIN BEGIN with an extremely complex, convoluted
... lots and lots of convoluted code ... lots and lots of convoluted code program, the IF statement gets tricky.
You have to make sure you set up the
FOR index IN 1 .. my_collection.COUNT FOR index IN 1 .. my_collection.COUNT ELSE clause properly and enclose the
LOOP LOOP correct logic. Which means that you
... hard-to-understand logic here ... hard-to-understand logic here have to find the END LOOP statement
for this loop, which could be hundreds
... more of the same here IF new_condition of lines later in the program, with many
THEN other END LOOPs in between.
END LOOP; ... new code here The GOTO allows you to simply
END; branch to the end of the loop, but,
GOTO end_of_loop; again, you must find the end of that
and you need to add some code END IF; loop and then add both the label and
between “hard-to-understand logic the placeholder “NULL;” statement
here” and “more of the same here.” If ... more of the same here so that the GOTO has someplace


ND07_PLSQL.indd 73 9/13/07 4:33:02 PM

executable to go. codeLISTING 1: Package specification for wora_manager
No, the best solution to this prob- SQL> PACKAGE wora_manager
lem—available when you upgrade to 2 IS
Oracle Database 11g—is to simply tell 3 c_folk CONSTANT CHAR (4) := ‘FOLK’;
4 c_rock CONSTANT CHAR (4) := ‘ROCK’;
the PL/SQL runtime that you want to 5
continue with the loop execution, skip- 6 PROCEDURE reset_counts;
ping the rest of the body for this itera- 7
8 PROCEDURE song_requested (title_in IN wora_songs.title%TYPE);
tion. Clean, simple, and declarative.
And, by the way, just as with 10 PROCEDURE song_played (title_in IN wora_songs.title%TYPE);
the EXIT statement, you can use 11
12 FUNCTION song_requested_count (title_in
CONTINUE in a WHEN clause and
13 IN wora_songs.title%TYPE)
also specify an END label (helpful with 14 RETURN PLS_INTEGER;
nested loops). 15
16 FUNCTION folk_requested_count
Here is an example of CONTINUE
WHEN: 18 END wora_manager;

... lots and lots of convoluted code
codeLISTING 2: Using the wora_manager package
2 wora_manager.song_requested (
FOR index IN 1 .. my_collection.COUNT
3 ‘If I were a rich man’);
... hard-to-understand logic here 5 wora_manager.song_requested (‘Peace train’);
/* I want to execute this new logic 8 wora_manager.song_requested_count (
and then “escape.” */ 9 ‘If I were a rich man’)
10 );
... new code here
11 wora_manager.song_played (‘Peace train’);
CONTINUE WHEN new_condition; 12 END;

... more of the same here
END LOOP inner_loop; for multilevel, string-indexed collec-
END LOOP; tions can be a little bit tricky at first,
END; ... more outer loop logic once you are up to speed and as long
as you are careful about how you
The following block shows how you END LOOP outer_loop; define these structures, they can make
can skip not only the rest of the inner END; your life very, very easy.
loop but also the outer loop by specify- Now, when building code as you
ing a label with CONTINUE: HOW DO I TRACK MY SONGS? describe in your question, you should
I work for a radio station (call it WORA—not start by describing the functionality
BEGIN the real name), and I need to write a program you need in the package specification.
<<outer_loop >> that keeps track of how many times a song Listing 1, for example, is the specifi-
FOR o_index IN 1 .. my_collection. is requested and played within a given period cation that I believe corresponds to
COUNT and also track the count of songs in one of our your requirements (much simplified, I
LOOP two categories: folk and rock (I am simplifying am sure, from the reality at the radio
<<inner_loop>> things for the question). Although the list of station and based on a table called
FOR i_index available songs is stored in a database table, wora_songs).
IN your_collection.FIRST .. this tracking information is not stored in the Summarizing the wora_manager
your_collection.LAST database; it is active only during the current package specification, in Listing 1:
LOOP session. I see how I could write the program O Lines 3 and 4: I declare constants to

... lots of code by creating a few database tables and writing avoid multiple instances of hard-coded
a bunch of SQL, but I wonder if there might not literals.
/* Skip the rest of this and the be an easier way. O Line 6: I provide a program to reset

outer loop if condition is met. */ There is definitely a much easier counts as needed.
CONTINUE outer_loop way: use multilevel, string-indexed OLines 8–10: The song_requested and

WHEN condition_is_met; collections! song_played procedures record the
... more inner loop logic As you will see, although the syntax fact that a particular song (by title) was


ND07_PLSQL.indd 74 9/13/07 4:33:02 PM
requested or played. codeLISTING 3: Package body for wora_manager
OLines 12–17: I can retrieve the
number of times a particular song was 2 IS
requested or songs in the folk category 3 TYPE counts_rt IS RECORD (
were requested. 4 requested_count PLS_INTEGER
5 , played_count PLS_INTEGER
Yes, I know—you need additional 6 );
functions for rock songs and “number 7
of times a song was played,” but I have 8 TYPE song_counts_tt IS TABLE OF counts_rt
9 INDEX BY wora_songs.title%TYPE;
limited space in this column, so you 10
will have to add those. I also will not 11 TYPE by_category_tt IS TABLE OF song_counts_tt
include in this column code that is 12 INDEX BY wora_songs.CATEGORY%TYPE;
not germane to the demonstration of 14 g_song_data by_category_tt;
the use of the collections, such as the
inserts into the wora_songs table and
a function to look up the category for codeLISTING 4: Song_requested procedure
a song title. You can, however, view SQL> PROCEDURE song_requested (title_in IN VARCHAR2)
all of this code in the download file at 2 IS
3 l_category wora_songs.CATEGORY%TYPE :=
4 category_for_title (title_in); 5 BEGIN
Listing 2 shows an example that uses 6 g_song_data (l_category) (title_in).requested_count :=
7 g_song_data (l_category) (title_in).requested_count + 1;
the wora_manager package.
Once the package specification is 9 WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND
defined and compiled, you should set 10 THEN
11 g_song_data (l_category) (title_in).requested_count := 1;
up the tests for these programs—before
12 END song_requested;
you start writing the package body.
With my tests in place, I can move on
to the implementation. Let’s recap the codeLISTING 5: Anonymous block
data I need to keep track of: SQL> DECLARE
O How many songs were requested/ 2 l_songs_in_category song_counts_tt;
3 l_song_counts counts_rt;
played within a category
O How many times a song was 5 l_songs_in_category := g_song_data (‘FOLK’);
requested/played 6 l_song_counts :=
7 l_songs_in_category (If I had a rocket launcher’);
There are many ways to implement
8 DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (l_song_counts.requested_count);
data structures to store this data. Listing 9 END;
3 shows the approach I took for the
wora_manager package body.
The following are key lines in the
codeLISTING 6: song_requested_count function
wora_manager package body (Listing 3): SQL> FUNCTION song_requested_count (title_in IN VARCHAR2)
O Lines 3–6: a record type to hold
3 IS
the two types of counts—requested 4 l_category wora_songs.CATEGORY%TYPE :=
and played. 5 category_for_title (title_in);
O Lines 8 and 9: a collection type
7 RETURN g_song_data
(PL/SQL’s version of an array) in which 8 (l_category) (title_in).requested_count;
each element of the collection is one of 9 EXCEPTION
those records, and the index into the col-
lection is a string—the title of the song. 12 RETURN 0;
O Lines 11–13: a collection type in 13 END song_requested_count;
which each element of the collection is
another collection, of those song count
records, and the index into the collec- Listing 4 shows the implementation (category and title) are the two index
tion is a string—the category (either of the song_requested procedure. values for my g_song_data collection
folk or rock). In the song_requested procedure, of collections.
O Line 14: a variable based on the “col- the user passes in a song title, so I call a As you can see in line 6 of Listing 4,
lection of collections” type. This vari- function to retrieve the category for that the syntax I use to identify the record
able will hold all the count information. title. These two pieces of information that holds the count information for


ND07_PLSQL.indd 75 9/13/07 4:33:02 PM

this song is In Listing 5, line 5, I get all the song
counts for folk songs. In lines 6 and
g_song_data (l_category) (title_in) 7, I get the counts (a record) for one READ more
song. In line 8, I display one field of Best Practice PL/SQL
In other words, g_song_data (l_ the record.

category) takes me to the element in I am sure that if you are new to PL/SQL in Oracle Magazine
the collection of collections for that cat- collections and multilevel collections,
egory (there are at most two elements this can take a little getting used to. Feuerstein
Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices 2nd Edition
in this “outer” collection, because I am Yet, consider how much I am able to
working only with folk and rock songs). do with such a small amount of code. Oracle PL/SQL Programming
Then I go after the counts for a particu- I simply provide the string name (title
lar song by using its title as the index in or category) as the index value, and READ Oracle Database 11g
the “inner” collection. PL/SQL automatically sorts out all the PL/SQL documentation
Oracle Database PL/SQL Language Reference
I then increment the requested_ information for me and keeps track of it Oracle Database PL/SQL Packages and Types
count by 1. If this is the first time the all very neatly. Reference
song is requested, Oracle Database will The logic for retrieving the count
raise the NO_DATA_FOUND exception, for a given song is also very simple, as “What’s New in PL/SQL?”
because I tried to look at an element for shown in Listing 6. O appdev.111/b28370/whatsnew.htm#CJAEGHHH
an index that was not defined. So I trap
that exception and set the count to 1. Steven Feuerstein ( Oracle Database 11g
To make these steps a bit clearer, is Quest Software’s PL/SQL evangelist. He has
consider the anonymous block in published 10 books on Oracle’s programming script for creating wora_songs table
Listing 5. language, including Oracle PL/SQL Programming
I have broken out the intermediate and Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices (O’Reilly Media).
data structures. I declare a collection Feuerstein’s self-appointed mission in life these
of count records (l_songs_in_category) days is to improve the quality and quantity of .jspa?forumID=75
and a record of counts (l_song_counts). PL/SQL code testing.

Intelligent, Mass Serialized Identities for a Safer more Secure World
Authentisec™ is a secure identity and authentication engine, producing mass serialized unique ‘intelligent’ identities. Designed to be integrated into new
or existing processes and applications, Authentisec is an enabling technology for use by enterprise level organizations to safely secure the individual
identities of people, products or transactions.

and security protection from theft and counterfeiting such as pharmaceutical packaging.
>8-/783215%'/)686-21-((/):%5)%1( +%7%&%6)!)59)587,)17-6)',%67,)6'%/%&-/-7<5)6-/-)1')%1(3)5*250%1')72352(8'),-+,48%17-7-)6
of unique mass serialized identities as part of an Auto ID and authentication program.

First Ondemand is a member of Oracle’s Security and Compliance Program, and a member of GS1 and EPC Global.

Visit us at Oracle OpenWorld. We’d be happy to see you!

First Ondemand Ltd 1100 Parkway, Solent Business Park, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 7AB, UK Tel: +44 (0)1489 611 763
Authentisec™ is the trademark of First Ondemand Ltd. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. © 2007 First Ondemand. All rights reserved.


ND07_PLSQL.indd 76 9/14/07 10:34:40 AM
d e v e l o p e r BPEL BY L O N N E K E D I K M A N S

Testing BPEL in the Real World
Use the Oracle BPEL Test Framework to improve the quality of your BPEL processes.
ne of the big benefits of 3. The system provides a recommen- or later. These products, with installa-
service-oriented architecture dation and an annual percentage rate tion and configuration instructions, are
(SOA) development is that it (APR) for this person. available at the Oracle SOA Suite down-
approaches design from a busi- 4. The customer receives a notification load page, at
ness, as opposed to a technical, point about the result. tech/soa. When installing Oracle SOA
of view. Unfortunately, SOA develop- A single BPEL process and two Suite, be sure the BPEL and business
ment projects can be more complicated services are used to implement the rules components install (they should
than “regular” Java Platform, Enterprise business process described above. One be installed by default). Also note the
Edition (Java EE) projects. With SOA service implements a credit rating, and SOA application Oracle Application
projects, there are often more stake- the other provides loan advice. Server Containers for Java Platform,
holders, more disparate technologies to Enterprise Edition (OC4J) instance
integrate, and more possible misunder- name specified by the installer, because
standings about overall project goals. you’ll need it in the next step when
Testing in such an environ- configuring an Oracle Application
ment can be complicated— Server connection.
from both a technical and an 2. In Oracle JDeveloper,
organizational perspective. set up Oracle Application
To properly test an SOA Server and Oracle
deployment, you need to Integration Server con-
test the set of Web services, nections to the newly
the individual applications installed Oracle SOA Suite
that implement the Web components. Open the
services, and the business Connections Navigator
processes that handle the tab, and double-click
orchestration of these services. Application Server to launch
This article describes how the Create Application Server
to test a BPEL process by using the Connection wizard. After complet-
Oracle BPEL Test Framework. This ing the wizard and testing the connec-
framework, part of Oracle BPEL Process tion, double-click Integration Server
Manager, provides a way to create and In our walk-through, we will build in the Connections Navigator tab and
execute a set of repeatable tests on a these components by modifying an complete the Create Integration Server
BPEL process. In addition, this article AutoLoanFlow sample project, which is Connection wizard.
also offers some best practices borrowed part of the AutoLoanDemo BPEL demo 3. In Oracle JDeveloper, open the
from traditional integration and agile that is installed by default with Oracle AutoLoanFlow.jpr project file. It
development projects to help devel- BPEL Process Manager. is located in [SOASUITEHOME]
opers, project managers, and testers -> bpel -> samples -> demos ->
working in an SOA environment. PRELIMINARY SETUP AutoLoanDemo -> AutoLoanFlow,
The examples in this article are all Before getting started, make sure you where [SOASUITEHOME] is the direc-
based on a simplified BPEL process that have Oracle SOA Suite installed and tory in which you installed Oracle
manages automobile loan applications. configured and that you have the SOA Suite. In the Create Application
As Figure 1 shows, the process contains AutoLoanFlow project running in to Contain Project dialog box, which
the following steps: Oracle JDeveloper. Follow the steps appears, enter AutoLoanFlowTest as the
1. A potential customer applies for below to complete this setup. application name. Note that we’ll be
a loan. 1. Install Oracle SOA Suite 10g Release making changes to this project, so if

2. The system calculates a credit rating 3 ( or later, along with Oracle you’d like to keep the original project
for this person. JDeveloper 10g Release 3 ( for another use, make a copy of the


ND07_Test_SOA.indd 77 9/14/07 3:27:46 PM

AutoLoanDemo folder and use the codeLISTING 1: XML source for test
copy for this walk-through.
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=””>
4. In the Applications Navigator tab, <soap:Header/>
open AutoLoanFlow.bpel to bring up <soap:Body xmlns:ns1=””>
the Diagram view in the main edit pane. <ns1:loanApplication>
Expand the GetLoanAdvise icon, and <ns1:email></ns1:email>
change the name of the Invoke activity <ns1:customerName>Irving Stone</ns1:customerName>
to InvokeLoanAdvisor. Next, expand the <ns1:customerAge>41</ns1:customerAge>
GetCreditRating icon and change the <ns1:city>Redwood</ns1:city>
name of the Facts_To_BPEL_Var activ- <ns1:state>CA</ns1:state>
ity to CreditRatingFacts_To_BPEL_Var. <ns1:country>United States</ns1:country>
These steps are necessary because the <ns1:carMake>Toyota</ns1:carMake>
BPEL Test Framework requires unique <ns1:carModel>Toyota 4Runner</ns1:carModel>
names for each activity. <ns1:carYear>2005</ns1:carYear>
5. Remove the loan approval part of <ns1:creditRisk></ns1:creditRisk>
this process. To keep this example <ns1:creditMaxAmount></ns1:creditMaxAmount>
simple, delete the SetupTaskPayload </ns1:loanApplication>
activity, the LoanApproval_1 scope, </soap:Envelope>
and taskSwitch.
6. Finally, deploy the modified
AutoLoanFlow process to the Baseline tests make it possible to reuse
SOA instance. In the Applications parts of a test in multiple test cases.
Navigator tab, right-click the Although you could build a test case Customer Loan Request
AutoLoanFlow project and select from scratch (without using a baseline
Deploy -> BPEL Process Deployer. test), it’s often easier to use Oracle BPEL Creditrating
In the dialog box that appears, click Process Manager to build a baseline
OK to deploy the process by using the test for you. The latter approach is Credit Rating
Oracle Integration Server connection recommended when you have existing
created earlier in your setup. BPEL processes or are new to the BPEL
testing framework.
TESTING THE PROCESS STEPS Perform the following steps to create
Now it’s time to create a suite of test a baseline test: GetLoanAdvise
cases that test the BPEL AutoLoanFlow 1. Open a browser window, and navi-
process. As these test cases execute, gate to the Oracle BPEL Process Manager
they don’t actually call the credit rating console, using this URL syntax: http:// Loan Advise

and loan advisor services specified in [servername]:[port]/BPELConsole.
the process flow. Instead, they emulate 2. Enter the username and password of
these services and execute the entire the SOA administrator. By default, the
process flow as if these services had administrator username is oc4jadmin. Inform Customer

actually been called. This approach 3. On the console dashboard that
makes it easier to test the integrity of appears, click the AutoLoanFlow
the process prior to deployment in a process. (Note: if the process does
production environment. not appear under Deployed BPEL
Create the test suite. Begin by creat- Processes, check your preliminary setup
Figure 1: An auto loan BPEL process
ing a test suite in Oracle JDeveloper. to make sure you deployed the process
Note that a BPEL test suite is simply a to the SOA instance.) 7. In the upper right corner of the Web
logical collection of test cases. In the 4. In the “Initiating a test instance” form page, click the Instances tab. In the list
Applications Navigator tab, right- area, select XML Source. Then copy the of BPEL process instances that appears,
click AutoLoanFlow.bpel and select code from Listing 1 into the message click the test instance you just created.
Test -> Create Test Suite. In the box that appears. Then click the Test tab to get to the Test
dialog box that appears, name the test 5. Click Save Test. Case Information page.
suite logicSuite. 6. Click Post XML Message to create a 8. Click Save as unit test (.xml) to
Create a baseline test. A baseline test is new test instance. A message saying that save this instance as a unit test case.
a test that does not run on its own but a test instance is being processed asyn- Save the generated XML, using the
exists to be included within other tests. chronously should appear. filename baseline.xml on your local


ND07_Test_SOA.indd 78 9/14/07 3:27:46 PM
file system, into the bpel/testsuites/ codeLISTING 2: Initiate operation
logicSuite/includes subdirectory of the
<BPELTest processName=”AutoLoanFlow” xmlns=””>
AutoLoanFlow project directory. Note <initiate operation=”initiate”>
that this file must appear in the includes <inboundMessage>
subdirectory to be used as a baseline case. <part name=”payload”>
9. Import the baseline test into Oracle <ns1:loanApplication xmlns:ns1=””>
JDeveloper, by selecting the logicSuite <ns1:SSN>12345</ns1:SSN>
test suite in the Applications Navigator <ns1:email></ns1:email>
<ns1:customerName>Irving Stone</ns1:customerName>
tab and selecting Refresh from the <ns1:customerAge>41</ns1:customerAge>
View menu. The baseline.xml test case <ns1:customerAnnualIncome>45000.0</ns1:customerAnnualIncome>
should now appear in the Includes <ns1:city>Redwood</ns1:city>
directory in the tree. <ns1:country>United States</ns1:country>
Design the test cases. The next task is to <ns1:loanAmount>60000.0</ns1:loanAmount>
design the test cases that will be used <ns1:carMake>Toyota</ns1:carMake>
<ns1:carModel>Toyota 4Runner</ns1:carModel>
to test the BPEL process. Oracle BPEL <ns1:carYear>2005</ns1:carYear>
Process Manager test cases contain <ns1:creditRating/>
several key components: <ns1:creditRisk/>
Initiate action. Every test case starts with </ns1:loanApplication>
an initiate action that calls the BPEL </content>
process and defines the initial payload. </part>
See Listing 2 for the initiate action we </initiate>
will use in all of our test cases.
Emulations. When executing a BPEL
process, the test cases don’t actually within single test cases.
call the partner services included in the Because our example
process definition. Instead, the test cases is more straightforward,
in our example emulate the services’ let’s instead divide the
activity. As part of the emulation, the test test cases according to
cases also specify the data to be returned possible outcomes. One
by each service being emulated. Listing outcome is that the loan
3 shows the part of baseline.xml (which will be approved, and
we created earlier) that emulates invok- the other is that the
ing the CreditRatingAgent. loan will be rejected. So
Assertions. Assertions are used to validate for this example, we’ll
a variable or an entire XML document create two test cases. For
at any point during a BPEL process each test case, we will
execution. Three types of assertions are emulate invoking the
available. Simple Value Assert checks the CreditRatingAgent and
value of a variable, XML Assert compares assert the value of the
the elements of an entire XML document credit rating.
Figure 2: The Create Value Assert dialog box
with their expected values, and Activity First, let’s create the
Executed Assert checks the number of test case in which the the set of included BPEL tests.
times an activity is invoked. loan is approved: Next, add the assert value to
When you are designing test cases, 1. In the Applications Navigator tab, CreditRatingFacts_To_BPEL_Var.
it is important to decide how many right-click the logicSuite test suite 1. In the Diagram view for testApprove
assertions to put into a single test case. and select Create BPEL Test…. In the .xml, expand the GetCreditRating
Because one execution of a test case dialog box that appears, name the test icon and double-click the
(or test run) corresponds to one BPEL case testApprove and click OK. CreditRatingFacts_To_BPEL_Var icon.
process instance, only one execution 2. Include the baseline test case Make sure the Asserts tab is selected,
path is possible per test case. You can, baseline.xml. Make sure the Diagram click Create, and select Value Assert…
however, divide test cases based on view is open for testApprove.xml, and from the menu that appears.
the activities you want to assert. This click the Included BPEL Tests button 2. In the Create Value Assert dialog box,
approach might be useful if you have in the upper left corner of the edit pane. click the flashlight icon to the right of
a large BPEL process and you want to In the dialog box that appears, click the Variable field to open the Variable
check certain transformations or activities Add and select baseline.xml to add it to XPath Builder dialog box. Navigate to


ND07_Test_SOA.indd 79 9/14/07 3:27:46 PM

/ns3:loanApplication/ns3:creditRating codeLISTING 3: Emulating the CreditRatingAgent
of inputVariable, and click OK.
<activityDriver name=”Invoke” firstIteration=”1” lastIteration=”1”>
3. Enter 500 as the expected value for <emulate>
the rating. <inboundMessage>
4. Enter an error message that will <part name=”payload”>
appear if the assertion fails. (Do not <ns0:assertExecuteWatchStatelessDecision
leave this field blank.) xmlns:ns0=””>
5. Uncheck the Fatal check box so that <ns0:resultList>
<rating xmlns=””>
the test will continue even if this assertion <SSN>12345</SSN>
fails. At this point, the Create Value Assert <rating>500</rating>
dialog box should appear, as in Figure 2. <risk>Medium</risk>
Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes </rating>
and complete the assertion definition. </ns0:resultList>
Next, override InvokeLoanAdvisor. </ns0:assertExecuteWatchStatelessDecision>
1. In the Diagram view for testApprove </part>
.xml, expand the GetLoanAdvise icon </inboundMessage>
and double-click the InvokeLoanAdvisor </emulate>
icon. Click the Emulate tab.
2. Check Override Included Emulation,
and in the message field body, change 1. While the GetCreditRating icon the test suite should be deployed to the
<approved>false</approved> to is still expanded, double-click the Oracle BPEL Server.
<approved>true</approved>. Click OK to CreditRatingFacts_To_BPEL_Var icon. The online version of this article, at
save your changes. 2. As you did before, create a new Value
Next, assert that the loan is approved. Assert. In this case, navigate to o67testing.html, describes how to run
1. In the Diagram view for testApprove /ns3:loanApplication/ns3:creditRating the test suite.
.xml, double-click the callbackClient of inputVariable. Set 400 as the The BPEL Test Framework, which
icon. expected value. As before, enter an error is part of Oracle BPEL Process Manager
2. As you did above with message to appear in case the assertion and is integrated into Oracle JDeveloper,
CreditRatingFacts_To_BPEL_Var, create fails and uncheck the Fatal check box. provides features similar to those that
a Value Assert to check that the loan is Next, assert that the loan is rejected. developers would expect when practic-
approved. In this case, navigate to 1. In the Diagram view for testReject ing test-driven development in Java
/ns3:loan/ns3:loanOffer/ns3:approved .xml, double-click callbackClient. EE projects. Along with Ant tasks that
of the taskPayload variable and enter 2. Create another Value Assert, this deploy, execute, and provide reports on
true for the expected value. As before, time to check that the loan is rejected. tests, this test framework can easily be
enter an error message to appear in case In this case, check that /ns3:loan/ combined with testing tools and an auto-
the assertion fails and uncheck the Fatal ns3:loanOffer/ns3:approved of mated deployment process to meet the
check box. taskpayload equals “false.” Again, enter most-demanding SOA testing needs. O
3. Save the test. an error message to display in case the
The first test case is now finished. assertion fails and uncheck the Fatal Lonneke Dikmans (lonneke.dikmans@approach-
Now let’s create the second one. check box. is a managing partner at Approach
1. As before, create a new test case 3. Save the test. Alliance (, a
within the logicSuite test suite. Call this Now that the two test cases are fin- Netherlands-based information and communications
test case testReject. ished, the next step is to deploy the technology consultancy focusing on SOA and
2. Include the baseline test case test cases. business intelligence.
baseline.xml. 1. In the Applications Navigator tab,
Next, override the Invoke activity. right-click the Test Suites folder and
1. In the Diagram view for testReject select BPEL Test Deployer….
.xml, expand the GetCreditRating icon 2. In Test Suites to Deploy, expand READ online-only article content
and double-click the Invoke activity. the logicSuite test suite and the Tests

Click the Emulate tab. folder and select both the test suite READ more about BPEL Test Framework
“Oracle SOA Suite Build, Deployment, and
2. Check Override Included Emulation, and the two new test cases. In Servers Test Automation”
and in the message body, change the to Deploy Into, select the Oracle
value of the rating from 500 to 400. Integration Server connection created
Click OK to save changes. during the preliminary setup. DOWNLOAD Oracle SOA Suite 10g
Next, assert the creditRating. 3. Click Deploy. After a few seconds,


ND07_Test_SOA.indd 80 9/14/07 3:27:46 PM
t e c h n o l o g y SQL DEVELOPER BY SUE HARPER

Working with PL/SQL
Edit, compile, run, and debug PL/SQL code easily with Oracle SQL Developer.

mong its other features, Oracle codeLISTING 1: Script for creating the EMP_REC object type
SQL Developer provides data-
base developers and DBAs with CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE EMP_REC AS
a comprehensive environment LAST_NAME VARCHAR2(25),
for creating, editing, compiling, running, JOB_ID VARCHAR2(10),
and debugging PL/SQL program units. Its MANAGER_ID NUMBER(6),
editing capabilities include customizable SALARY NUMBER(8, 2),
syntax highlighting, bookmarks, code COMMISSION_PCT NUMBER(2,2),
completion, code folding, and search/ DEPARTMENT_ID NUMBER(4));

replace. The debugging features are
especially useful for working with more- codeLISTING 2: Script for creating the EMP_FETCHER package specification
complex packages, debugging while step-
ping through a series of procedures, and FUNCTION GET_EMP(EMP_NO IN NUMBER) RETURN EMP_REC;
remote debugging (debugging initialized by END;
an external client or program).
This column introduces Oracle SQL
codeLISTING 3: Script for creating the EMP_FETCHER package body
Developer’s key features for working with
examples use the sample HR schema EMP_RTN EMP_REC;
and the EMP_FETCHER package—both BEGIN
available in the default database instal- SELECT *
lation—and the EMP_REC object type, FROM EMPLOYEES
which you’ll create. By working through WHERE EMPLOYEES.EMPLOYEE_ID = EMP_NO;
the examples, you’ll EMP_RTN := EMP_REC(EMP_FOUND.EMPLOYEE_ID,
O Run PL/SQL procedures, functions,
and packages EMP_FOUND.MANAGER_ID,
O Compile PL/SQL
O Debug compiled PL/SQL code, both EMP_FOUND.DEPARTMENT_ID);
locally and remotely RETURN EMP_RTN;
Follow these steps to establish the basic
setup for this column’s examples: 5. Press F5 (or click the Run Script button) To see the new package in the
1. With an Oracle database running, to create the EMP_REC object type. Connections Navigator, expand the
start Oracle SQL Developer. 6. Click the Clear button or press Ctrl-D HR_ORCL node and then expand the
2. Create a new connection for the HR to clear the Enter SQL Statement text box. Packages node. Figure 1 shows the
schema, and name it HR_ORCL. (For 7. Create the package specification and SQL worksheet and the Connections
detailed information on creating a con- body, respectively, by entering the code Navigator as they should look after you
nection, see the link in “nextSTEPS.”) in Listings 2 and 3 into the Enter SQL complete the preceding steps.
3. Open the SQL worksheet (Tools -> Statement text box and running the
SQL Worksheet) for HR_ORCL. (It opens script for each. (Another way to create a RUNNING PL/SQL PROCEDURES, FUNCTIONS,
automatically when you first invoke the new package is to expand the HR_ORCL AND PACKAGES
new connection.) node in the Connections Navigator, select To run any PL/SQL procedure, function,
4. Enter the code in Listing 1 into the Packages, and right-click to invoke the or package, you select the object in the
Enter SQL Statement text box. New Package… menu.) Connections Navigator, right-click, and


ND07_SQL_DEV.indd 81 9/13/07 4:20:13 PM

select Run. Now run the EMP_FETCHER
package. The Run PL/SQL dialog box,
displaying an anonymous PL/SQL block
and a return value, appears. You’ll see
this dialog box whenever you run any
PL/SQL in Oracle SQL Developer. It
shows details about the arguments—and,
for functions, return values—for the
selected object. If the selected object is a
package, the dialog box will display a list
of the procedures and functions defined
in the package specification. You can
select one of these procedures or func-
tions as the target you want to run.
In the PL/SQL block, change EMP_NO
:= NULL; to EMP_NO := 201; and click OK.
In your EMPLOYEES table, 201 is an
existing employee, so the package exe-
cutes and completes with minimal feed-
back. For comparison, run the package
again for EMP_NO := 2001; (a nonexistent
employee). On completion, you should
see a “no data found” error message.
In this example, the function retrieves Figure 1: Connections Navigator and SQL worksheet
information that a procedure could use.
You can use the anonymous block in the
Run PL/SQL dialog box to see that detail. DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(‘Hired on the type a period (.) and pause for more
The block contains the lines ‘|| v_return.HIRE_DATE || ‘ and earns ‘|| than one second, Completion Insight is
v_return.salary); invoked automatically. (You can change
-- Modify the code to output the variable the delay time by setting a preference.)
-- DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(‘v_Return Click OK, and view the output in the To invoke it manually, press Ctrl-space.
= ‘ || v_Return); Running – Log window. To try Completion Insight, type SELECT
HR. in Oracle PL/SQL Code Editor and
By uncommenting and modifying the EDITING AND COMPILING PL/SQL then pause. Completion Insight provides
second of these two lines, you can To open Oracle PL/SQL Code Editor, a pop-up menu that displays all the
display the output. The function returns expand the EMP_FETCHER package in objects HR owns. Click an object in the
a record, or set of elements, so you the Connections Navigator and double- list to add it to your code at the inser-
must specify which value(s) you want click the EMP_FETCHER Body node to tion point.
to output. You can select from all the open two new tabs. The first tab, which Possibly more useful is a narrowed-
values in the record. This example uses is read-only, is easily identifiable by a down insight search, such as for the
the LAST_NAME, HIRE_DATE, and series of tabs along its top. The second table alias. Type
SALARY values. Expand the Types node tab is the code editor.
in the Connections Navigator, and select Oracle SQL Developer’s Code Insight SELECT FROM EMPLOYEES e
EMP_REC. Review the code. Return to feature includes both Parameter Insight
the EMP_FETCHER package, and run it and Completion Insight. Parameter in the code editor. Then type e in the
again. Change EMP_NO := 2001 back to Insight displays a context-sensitive space between SELECT and FROM and
EMP_NO := 201. Then replace the line pop-up menu that provides you with press Ctrl-space. After a pause, a list of
a list of procedures or functions in a the columns in the EMPLOYEES table
--DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(‘v_Return package. Completion Insight displays a pops up.
= ‘ || v_Return); context-sensitive pop-up menu that pro- A full discussion of Oracle SQL
vides you with a list of possible comple- Developer’s editing features would be
with tions at the insertion point, which you too extensive for this space. I encourage
can use to autocomplete the code you you to experiment with Code Insight
DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(‘Employee ‘|| are editing in either the code editor or and other Oracle PL/SQL Code Editor
emp_no || ‘ is ‘ || v_return.LAST_NAME); the SQL worksheet. By default, if you features, such as parenthesis matching


ND07_SQL_DEV.indd 82 9/13/07 4:20:13 PM
(click on a set of parentheses, and note the breakpoint is reached. With local exec DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP.CONNECT_TCP
the highlighting), before compiling debugging, Oracle SQL Developer is the (‘’, 4000)
your code. client that initiates debugging.
When you’re ready to compile, Remotely debugging PL/SQL with 7. In SQL*Plus, use an anonymous
click the Compile button or press Oracle SQL Developer means that you block to call the function:
Ctrl-Shift-F9. Any compilation errors initiate the debug action from a client
display in the Compiler-Log window. external to Oracle SQL Developer. DECLARE
Double-click on errors to navigate to External clients include PL/SQL Web EMP_NO NUMBER;
the error source. applications, Oracle Application Express v_Return HR.EMP_REC;
applications, and SQL*Plus sessions. BEGIN
DEBUGGING PL/SQL CODE Remote debugging requires some manual v_Return := EMP_FETCHER.GET_EMP(201);
Even if your PL/SQL code compiles suc- steps: starting the Oracle SQL Developer END;
cessfully and runs, it might not perform debugger listener and attaching to that /
exactly as you want it to. This is when listener via the database session you
you need to start debugging. want to debug. (Remote debugging is not 8. Control now passes to Oracle SQL
To debug any code, you must set available for databases prior to Oracle9i Developer, and you can step through
one or more breakpoints and then select Database Release 2.) the code. The process at this point is the
Compile for Debug. This compiles the The following steps walk through an same for remote debugging as for local
PL/SQL with PL/SQL library units for example of remote session debugging: debugging.
debugging. If you then run the code in 1. In Oracle SQL Developer, set up a The online version of this column, at
debug mode, it runs to the first break- connection to the database where the
point. Breakpoints are customizable; for PL/SQL is resident. Use the same HR_ o67sql.html, concludes with information
example, you can associate breakpoints ORCL connection and EMP_FETCHER about the different windows and editors
with any unhandled exception or with package you used earlier. used for debugging.
specific Oracle Database exceptions. (If 2. Select the HR_ORCL connection in
you are debugging PL/SQL in a data- the Connections Navigator, and then CONCLUSION
base version prior to Oracle9i Database right-click and select Remote Debug. With Oracle SQL Developer, you can
Release 2, you must set the Migration This invokes the Listen for JPDA browse and edit database objects, query
-> PL/SQL Debugger preference to Use dialog box. data, and run reports. One of the useful
Probe Debugger to debug PL/SQL.) 3. Enter a port and the IP address features in Oracle SQL Developer is its
Oracle SQL Developer’s main debug- for the server. You should now see a ability to edit, compile, run, and debug
ging features let you control your pro- new Run Manager window displaying PL/SQL. Oracle SQL Developer sup-
gram’s execution. For example, you can the Debug Listener host information. ports both local and remote debugging;
step into each line of code or step over (You can set Tools -> Preferences -> the remote-debugging capabilities let
a procedure or function. Oracle SQL Debugger -> Prompt for Debugger you kick off PL/SQL debugging sessions
Developer displays the values of variables Host for Database Debugging when inside Oracle SQL Developer from exter-
and data as you step though the code. connecting across firewalls or virtual nal clients (such as SQL*Plus). O
Stepping over code is useful when you’re private network [VPN] sessions.)
debugging a procedure that calls a func- 4. In the Connections Navigator, select Sue Harper ( is an Oracle
tion. You don’t necessarily want to go the EMP_FETCHER package body, and senior principal product manager based in London.
through all the lines of code in the func- then right-click and select Edit… to
tion, so you step over it and back into open Oracle PL/SQL Code Editor. Click
the troublesome procedure. in the left margin next to FUNCTION
GET_EMP… to set a breakpoint. READ online-only column content

ORACLE SQL DEVELOPER 6. You are now ready to start the remote LEARN more about Oracle SQL
Using Oracle SQL Developer to debug debugging process from Oracle SQL Developer
PL/SQL locally means that you select and Developer’s perspective. You need to
FIND more PL/SQL examples and
connect to the PL/SQL program unit by get the external client—in this case
samples in the online documentation
using the SQL Developer Connections SQL*Plus—ready. Start a SQL*Plus
Navigator. You set the breakpoint where session for the same database user, and DISCUSS Oracle SQL Developer
you want the debugger to pause, and enter the following, substituting the IP
then you click the Debug button. Oracle address and port you used when you CREATE a database connection
SQL Developer starts the debugging started the remote connection from
session, connects to it, and pauses when Oracle SQL Developer:


ND07_SQL_DEV.indd 83 9/13/07 4:20:13 PM
Project5 9/18/07 1:11 PM Page 1

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t e c h n o l o g y ASK TOM BY TO M KYTE

More on Oracle Database 11g
Our technologist takes another look at Oracle Database 11g.
ast issue, I wrote about some new codeLISTING 1: Query on USER_IDENTIFIERS view
Oracle Database 11g features, and
SQL> select name, type, usage, line
I continue that coverage in this 2 from user_identifiers
issue, focusing on my favorite 3 where object_name= ‘RUNSTATS_PKG’
procedural language, PL/SQL. PL/SQL 4 and object_type= ‘PACKAGE BODY’
5 order by name, type, line
is a competent language. In my book 6 /
Effective Oracle by Design, I wrote:
PL/SQL is Oracle’s procedural NAME TYPE USAGE LINE
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- --------------------------------- -----------
extension to SQL, and it is a true 3GL DBMS_OUTPUT SYNONYM REFERENCE 35
programming language. It was first DBMS_OUTPUT SYNONYM REFERENCE 37
introduced way back in version 6 of DBMS_OUTPUT SYNONYM REFERENCE 41
the database, giving us the ability to DBMS_OUTPUT SYNONYM REFERENCE 50
code “anonymous blocks” in our client

applications and submit them for G_START VARIABLE DECLARATION 4
processing on the database. In Oracle6, G_START VARIABLE REFERENCE 22
there were no stored procedures, no G_START VARIABLE ASSIGNMENT 26
packages, and no triggers. The ability to G_START VARIABLE REFERENCE 33
Today, PL/SQL is competent, mature, RS_MIDDLE PROCEDURE DEFINITION 19
and full-featured, offering everything you RS_STOP PROCEDURE DEFINITION 30
expect to find in a 3GL programming RUNSTATS_PKG PACKAGE DEFINITION 1
language. In general, I find that PL/SQL X ITERATOR DECLARATION 54
is underused in Oracle applications and X ITERATOR DECLARATION 80
rarely exploited to its full potential. X ITERATOR REFERENCE 96
That was written when Oracle9i
39 rows selected.
Database Release 2 was just going
into production—three major releases
ago—and it still rings true today. I an important new compile option of your variables, procedures, functions,
can honestly say that Oracle Database for PL/SQL makes the “understand” and so on are extracted from the code
11g makes PL/SQL an even more component of your task much easier. and made visible in a database table for
compelling language, and in this This new compile option is called you (or some tool) to query. I believe
issue, I take a look at some of the PL/Scope, and the documentation that seeing an example is the easiest
reasons why. describes it this way: way to understand something, so a
PL/Scope is a compiler-driven tool quick demonstration is called for. First,
NOW, WHERE DID I LEAVE MY KEYS? that collects data about user-defined I need to enable this feature, and I do
Have you ever inherited someone else’s identifiers from PL/SQL source code that via a session-settable PLSCOPE_
code? It is a lot like misplacing your at program-unit compilation time SETTINGS parameter:
keys: annoying. And it is always fully and makes it available in static data
commented, well designed, modular, dictionary views. The collected data SQL> alter session set
and easy to understand, right? No, includes information about identifier 2 PLSCOPE_SETTINGS =
in fact, the opposite is typically true. types, usages (declaration, definition, 3 ‘identifiers:all’
So you have a couple thousand lines reference, call, and assignment), and 4 /
of inherited code, and you need to the location of each usage in the Session altered.
understand, fix, and enhance it. That source code.
is a job easier said than done, but That is a fancy way of saying that all That enables the compiler feature


ND07_AskTom.indd 85 9/17/07 5:26:29 PM

that will extract and store this addi- codeLISTING 2: Query on USER_IDENTIFIERS and USER_SOURCE
tional information. The other (default)
SQL> select a.line, a.usage,
setting for PLSCOPE_SETTINGS is 2 b.text
identifiers:none, which disables this 3 from user_identifiers a,
4 user_source b
collection feature.
5 where a.line = b.line
Now, once that setting is enabled, 6 and = a.object_name
any code compiled in that session 7 and b.type = a.object_type
8 and a.object_name= ‘RUNSTATS_PKG’
will have its identifiers extracted and
9 and a.object_type= ‘PACKAGE BODY’
stored in a set of data dictionary tables, 10 and = ‘G_START’
exposed via views—including USER_ 11 /
my use. So the next thing I need to do -------------------- --------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
is compile some code; for testing, 4 DECLARATION g_start number;
16 ASSIGNMENT g_start := dbms_utility.get_time;
I used my RUNSTATS package (asktom
22 REFERENCE g_run1 := (dbms_utility.get_time-g_start); After 26 ASSIGNMENT g_start := dbms_utility.get_time;
compiling the package, I was able to 33 REFERENCE g_run2 := (dbms_utility.get_time-g_start);
run the query in Listing 1.
The listing shows me all referenced
identifiers (the package DBMS_
OUTPUT that I invoke many times, for
example) as well as all local, global,
and parameter variables in my code.
It shows me not only the variables but
also how they are used, where they are
defined, where I reference them, and
where I assign to them. Taking this
one step further, I can run the query in
Listing 2.
Note how I can focus right in on
where and how the G_START variable
is used.
By itself, this new feature is Figure 1: Oracle SQL Developer PLScope Identifier Lookup
really cool, but it will be even more
useful when the tools I use to access
the database become aware of it. its entirety (I’ve just touched on the use native dynamic SQL, you needed
Fortunately, I don’t have to wait capabilities here!), see chapter 8 of to know at compile time the number
long—not at all, really—because Oracle Oracle Database Advanced Application of inputs (bind variables) to the SQL
SQL Developer is already aware of Developer’s Guide 11g Release 1. being executed as well as the number
this new capability. I had Kris Rice, of types of the outputs. But that
the director of development for Oracle IMPROVED DYNAMIC SQL frequently defeated the purpose of
SQL Developer, do exactly what I just PL/SQL has supported dynamic SQL dynamic SQL, because often you do
demonstrated, only by using Oracle for a long time—since Oracle 7, in not know the number of inputs and
SQL Developer, instead of SQL*Plus, fact. Early releases provided support outputs (let alone their datatypes) at
as the front end. In 15 seconds, he did for dynamic SQL in PL/SQL via the compile time—the SQL isn’t known
what took me a bit of time and SQL to DBMS_SQL built-in package. Later, until runtime. When that is the case,
accomplish. Figure 1 shows his results. with Oracle8i Database Release 1, REF CURSORS are not very useful but
So, with the PLScope Identifier Lookup, PL/SQL added native dynamic SQL, DBMS_SQL—with its procedural API
just by clicking a line in the right pane which enabled us to dynamically open approach—is.
of Oracle SQL Developer, you can go REF CURSORS and execute arbitrary So DBMS_SQL still lives. For
right to the source code in the left pane, SQL. At that time, many people said, example, a popular download from
and the pop-up bubble help displays “DBMS_SQL is dead; native dynamic AskTom is my DUMP_CSV routine
the relevant information as you hover SQL is so much easier that no one will (
over the line. ever use DBMS_SQL.” .html). It takes a SQL statement (not
For more information on this Well, that turned out not to be a cursor, but a query in a string) as
feature and how to use PL/Scope in the case—for many reasons. First, to input and produces a comma-delimited


ND07_AskTom.indd 86 9/17/07 5:26:29 PM
file as output. This is something that codeLISTING 3: Calling DUMP_CSV routine
would be impossible to do in SQL> create or replace directory TMP as ‘/tmp’
PL/SQL with a REF CURSOR in Oracle 2 /
Database 10g and earlier releases,
Directory created.
because PL/SQL would not and could
not know the number of items in the SQL> declare
select list. 2 l_rows number;
3 begin
But DBMS_SQL is somewhat 4 l_rows := dump_csv( ‘select *
limiting—it is designed purely for 5 from all_users
PL/SQL, not for client applications. 6 where rownum < 5’,
7 ‘ , ’ , ‘TMP’, ‘test.dat’ );
In fact, if you use PL/SQL to open a 8 end;
cursor with DBMS_SQL and return it 9 /
to a client application, there is nothing
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
that client application can do with the
cursor except send it back to SQL> !cat /tmp/test.dat
PL/SQL for processing. Additionally, if SYS,0,05-JUN-07
you have an existing stored procedure OUTLN,9,05-JUN-07
that returns a REF CURSOR to a client DIP,13,05-JUN-07
application and you try to call that
from a PL/SQL routine, you’ll likely
find that the PL/SQL routine is not codeLISTING 4: New UNLOAD package specification
able to make heads or tails of the REF SQL> create or replace package unload
CURSOR—because PL/SQL needs to 2 as
3 function csv
know the number and types of outputs 4 ( p_query in out sys_refcursor,
at compile time. 5 p_separator in varchar2 default ‘ , ’ ,
Well, in Oracle Database 11g Release 6 p_dir in varchar2 ,
7 p_filename in varchar2 )
1, these limitations are removed. Two 8 return number;
new functions have been added to the 9 function csv
DBMS_SQL package: 10 ( p_query in out integer,
11 p_separator in varchar2 default ‘ , ’ ,
12 p_dir in varchar2 ,
CURSOR takes a REF CURSOR as 13 p_filename in varchar2 )
input and returns a DBMS_SQL- 14 return number;
15 function csv
friendly cursor handle that can be used 16 ( p_query in varchar2,
in any call to DBMS_SQL—as if DBMS_ 17 p_separator in varchar2 default ‘ , ’ ,
SQL had created the cursor itself. 18 p_dir in varchar2 ,
19 p_filename in varchar2 )
20 return number;
a DBMS_SQL cursor handle as input 21 end;
and returns a REF CURSOR suitable for 22 /
Package created.
returning to a client application.
This greatly extends the use cases
of DBMS_SQL for PL/SQL—especially difficult, if not impossible, because types now. By way of example, let’s look
in environments such as Oracle these stored procedures would have at the DUMP_CSV routine referenced
Application Express. One of the issues been returning REF CURSORS to above. I won’t reproduce all of the code
with Oracle Application Express in existing client applications. Vice versa, here, but I will show the interface to it:
the past was that the environment if you wrote an Oracle Application
demanded that you use DBMS_SQL Express application, you would find create or replace
cursors so that it could procedurally having a Java client access the stored function dump_csv(
process the results. Because Oracle procedures you wrote for Oracle p_query in varchar2,
Application Express is written in Application Express to be cumbersome p_separator in varchar2 default ‘ , ’ ,
PL/SQL, REF CURSORS would not at best, because the stored procedures p_dir in varchar2 ,
work in the past. But that meant that you wrote would be returning DBMS_ p_filename in varchar2 )
if you had already written stored SQL cursors, not REF CURSORS. return number
procedures that returned result In Oracle Database 11g, this is no AUTHID CURRENT_USER
sets, repurposing them in an Oracle longer a problem. We can convert easily is
Application Express environment was and rapidly between the two cursor


ND07_AskTom.indd 87 9/17/07 5:26:30 PM

And you might call the routine as codeLISTING 5: CSV function, SYS_REFCURSOR variant
shown in Listing 3.
Now, what if you wanted to call

this by using a REF CURSOR as input? 4 function csv
To use a REF CURSOR, DUMP_CSV 5 ( p_query in out sys_refcursor,
6 p_separator in varchar2 default ‘ , ’ ,
needs to know how many columns the 7 p_dir in varchar2 ,
SELECT statement fetches at compile 8 p_filename in varchar2 )
time, because the syntax for fetching 9 return number
10 is
from a REF CURSOR is 11 l_cursor integer := dbms_sql.to_cursor_number(p_query);
12 begin
fetch ref_cursor into host_variable1, 13 return csv( l_cursor, p_separator, p_dir,p_filename);
14 end;
host_variable2, …, host_variableN;

But this generic utility cannot do
codeLISTING 6: CSV function, DBMS_SQL cursor variant
that—it cannot fetch into a fixed
number of columns, because the query SQL>

might select 5 columns one time and 16 function csv
500 columns the next. That is why I 17 ( p_query in varchar2,
used a string in the past—so I could 18 p_separator in varchar2 default ‘ , ’ ,
19 p_dir in varchar2 ,
open it with DBMS_SQL and process 20 p_filename in varchar2 )
it. Now that we can convert a REF 21 return number
CURSOR into a DBMS_SQL cursor and 22 as
23 l_theCursor integer default dbms_sql.open_cursor;
back, we can utilize REF CURSORS (or 24 l_status number;
DBMS_SQL cursors). Listing 4 shows 25 begin
the revised interface, and it uses a 26 dbms_sql.parse( l_theCursor, p_query, dbms_sql.native );
27 l_status := dbms_sql.execute( l_theCursor );
package (called UNLOAD) so we can 28 return csv( l_theCursor, p_separator, p_dir, p_filename );
overload the function to accept a query 29 end;
in a string; an opened REF CURSOR;
or an opened, executed DBMS_SQL
cursor type. codeLISTING 7: Invoking UNLOAD.CSV
So now we have an API that
SQL> declare
supports three different invocations for 2 l_rows number;
the query—a string; an opened REF 3 l_cursor sys_refcursor;
CURSOR; and an opened, executed 4 begin
5 open l_cursor
DBMS_SQL cursor. The advantage 6 for
of the REF CURSOR input is that 7 select *
it allows a PL/SQL routine to easily 8 from all_users
9 where rownum < 5;
open a cursor by using bind variables 10
(and that is a good thing) or reuse 11 l_rows := unload.csv
an existing routine that returns a 12 ( l_cursor, ‘ , ’ ,
13 ‘TMP’, ‘test.dat’ );
result set and repurpose that result 14
set (unloading it, instead of doing 15 l_rows := unload.csv
whatever the original client application 16 ( ‘select rownum, sysdate
17 from dual’,
used to do with it). 18 ‘ , ’ , ‘TMP’, ‘dual.dat’ );
The modifications to the generic 19 end;
code referenced above (the DUMP_ 20 /

CSV routine) were minor. Basically, all PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
I did was remove the DBMS_SQL
.OPEN_CURSOR call and the DBMS_ SQL> !cat /tmp/test.dat
SQL.PARSE/EXECUTE calls. That was SYSTEM,5,05-JUN-07
it—none of the remaining code was OUTLN,9,05-JUN-07
modified. The routine accepted the DIP,13,05-JUN-07

DBMS_SQL cursor (instead of a string) SQL> !cat /tmp/dual.dat
as input and instead of calling OPEN_ 1,26-JUL-07


ND07_AskTom.indd 88 9/17/07 5:26:30 PM
will process whatever cursor was sent set ready for processing), and then
to it as before. So the last version of pass it on.
the CSV function above (defined in Now I can invoke our routine by ASK Tom
lines 10 through 13 in Listing 4) will using three methods: string, using a Oracle Vice President Tom Kyte answers your most
difficult technology questions. Highlights from that
be implemented in the package body DBMS_SQL cursor, or using a REF forum appear in this column.
by use of the existing code, minus CURSOR. Listing 7 shows an example

the OPEN_CURSOR, PARSE, and for invoking the routine. READ more Tom
Effective Oracle by Design
EXECUTE calls. In addition to this nice enhancement
The other two variants of the CSV for dynamic SQL, we also have the 0072230657
function above were fairly simple to following enhancements in Oracle Expert Oracle Database Architecture: 9i and 10g
implement. Listing 5 shows the SYS_ Database 11g: Programming Techniques and Solutions
REFCURSOR variant. O DBMS_SQL.PARSE allows for a
As you can see, all I need to do CLOB, and the 32K limit that applied
READ more about
here is convert the SYS_REFCURSOR before on the length of a SQL string has Oracle Database 11g
into a DBMS_SQL cursor and invoke been removed.
the original code (minus the OPEN_ ONative dynamic SQL permits
“Oracle Database 11g: New Features Overview “
CURSOR, PARSE, and EXECUTE calls). statements of any length via a CLOB.
The second variant of the CSV function ODBMS_SQL now supports binding of

was a little more involved but really was object types in addition to the scalar DOWNLOAD
Oracle Database 11g
the result of the code I removed. I just types it always supported. O
cut and pasted it, as shown in Listing 6.
So, the OPEN_CURSOR, PARSE, Tom Kyte has worked for Oracle since 1993. He is
and EXECUTE calls I removed from a database evangelist in Oracle’s Server Technology DUMP_CSV routine
the original DUMP_CSV routine just division and the author of Expert Oracle Database
got moved, not really removed. I open Architecture: 9i and 10g Programming Techniques DISCUSS Oracle Database 11g
the query in the string, “execute” it and Solutions (Apress, 2005) and Effective Oracle by
(that really opens it and gets the result Design (Oracle Press, 2003), among others.

United States Postal Service Statement of Ownership,
Management, and Circulation.
Oracle Magazine, ISSN 1065-3171, is published bimonthly (six issues
each year) with a free subscription price by Oracle Corporation. The
office of publication and the general business office are located at 500
Oracle Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065. The publisher is Jeffrey Spicer;
the Editor is Thomas Haunert; the Managing Editor is Caroline Kvitka;
and the owner is Oracle Corporation, all at the above address. Known
stockholders owning or holding 1 percent or more of the total amount
of stock is Lawrence J. Ellison at the above address. There are no known
Bondholders, Mortgagees, or Other Security Holders Owning or Holding
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Distribution Outside the Mail: 43,483; Total Free Distribution: 47,956;
Total Distribution: 418,308; Copies not Distributed: 0; Total: 418,308;
Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation: 88.5%. This Statement of
Ownership, Management, and Circulation was filed September 17, 2007
by Karin Kinnear, Senior Circulation Manager.


omag1107p089Rev2.indd 1 9/28/07 1:56:25 PM
Oracle PartnerNetwork Certified Advantage Partner Index
The partners featured in this index have recently reached or renewed their status of Certified Advantage Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.
Global Taiji Computer Corporation
Accenture TechAccess Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Tietoenator Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Apple Wezoomtek Corporation
BearingPoint World Distribution Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Capgemini Canada
Cisco Allstream Inc.
Computer Sciences Corporation Castek
Dell Inc. CGI Group, Inc.
Deloitte TietoEnator Canada Inc.
EDS Europe
EMC 2Cana Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
Fujitsu Group Actebis Peacock GmbH
IBM / IBM Global Business Services Afina Sistemas Informaticos
Infosys Alcatel Lucent
Ingram Micro Alcatel CIT
Insight Anelia SAS
Intel Application Lynx
Microsoft Ares
Network Appliance, Inc. Asseco Poland S.A.
Satyam Atos Origin IT Services UK
Sun Microsystems Atos Origin Nederland BV
Tata Consultancy Services B3iT Management AB
TechData Basilica Computing Limited
Wipro Bell Microproducts Limited
Africa BMS Consulting
2Cana Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Borlas IBC
Computer Warehouse Nigeria Business at work
Corporate Software Capgemini Telecom Media und Networks GmbH
De Chazal Du Mee Consulting (DCDM) CBOSS
EOH Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd. Cedar Consulting Ltd.
Implementation Factory (Pty) Ltd. CGI Group Inc.
Integrated Tertiary Software (Pty) Ltd. Ciber UK
New Dawn Technologies Cnsys
Omnidata ComArch S.A
or@dist CompelSolve Ltd.
RPC DATA LIMITED CompIT Technologies
State Informatics Ltd. (SIL) Computacenter AG & Co. OHG
VESL ComputerLand S.A.
Waymark Infotech (Pty) Ltd. Comverse
Asia Pacific Consit A/S
Alcatel Australia Limited Convergys EMEA Ltd.
Application Hosting Services Co., Ltd. Cozum Bilgisayar
Applied Business Systems Sdn Bhd CROC Inc.
ASG (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd. Cronos NV
Attain IT Pty Ltd. Cronos Ibérica, S.A.
Automated Systems (HK) Ltd. CSC
Beijing Futong Dong Fang Technology Co. Ltd. CSG Systems (Silicon Iberia)
Beijing LBSSocial Insurance Information Technology Co., Ltd. Deutsche Post ITSolutions GmbH
Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd. Developing World Systems Ltd.
China National Software & Service Company Limited DIGORA
Comverse Kenan (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd DISTRILOGIE (France)
Convergys Singapore Pte Ltd. DBConcepts Daten - und Informationsverarbeitungsges.m.b.H.
Datang Software Technologies Co., Ltd. Diligenta Limited
DataHeaven Co., Ltd. DNS Hungary Ltd.
Dataone Asia (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Ecletic Group Ltd.
Daesang Information Technology Co., Ltd. Edenbrook Limited
Digital China (China) Limited Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.
DMS Software Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd.
ECS International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Everis Spain S.L
Electronic Data Systems (India) Pvt Ltd. Explorer (UK) Limited
FPT Information System Experteam Consulting
FPT Software Solutions Fadata
Fujian Fujitsu Communication Software Co., Ltd. FORS Development Center
Fusion5 Limited Getronics PinkRoccade
FPT Corporation Global Services Aarhus A/S
HAND Enterprise Solutions Co., Ltd. Global Services Copenhagen A/S
HPT Vietnam Corporation Groupe LGS France
Huadi Computer Group Co., Ltd. GWI Unternehmensgruppe
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Horizon Clarity Technology Ltd.
IBCS Primax Software (Bangladesh) Ltd. Hunkler GmbH & Co. KG
iCE Consulting Co Ltd. I-Teco
i-flex Solutions Limited i-flex solutions bv
Intec Systems (Asia) Sdn Bhd Implementation Factory (Pty) Ltd.
Jigsaw Services Pty Ltd. Inatech Solutions Ltd.
LG CNS Co., Ltd. INDRA Sistemas S.A.
L&S Information Technology Co. Ltd. Industrial and Financial Systems, IFS AB
IT&C Co., Ltd. Ineum Consulting
KPMG Consulting Co. Ltd. Infor Global Solutions GmbH
KOLON I’Networks Corp. Informacines Technologijos
NCS Pte. Ltd. Informatica El Cortes Ingles
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. Information Technologies Company
Oakton Services Pty Ltd. Intec Billing Ireland
Ora-Tech System Pvt. Ltd. Intec Telecom Systems
OED Technology Sdn Bhd Integrated Tertiary Software (Pty) Ltd.
Propia Co., Ltd. Inter Access B.V.
PT Computrade Technology International IT Alise
PT Metrodata Electronics, Tbk. IT-eye
Pythis KNAPP Systemintegration GmbH
Red Hat Asia Pacific KPMG Consulting
Red Rock Consulting Kvazar Micro Tekhno
Samsung SDS Kurt Salmon Associates
Shanghai New Century High Tecnology Services Ltd. Leaves
Shen Yang Neusoft Co., Ltd. LGS France
Sierra Atlantic Pte Ltd. www. LogicaCMG
Sonata Information Technology LOGIX
Sysage Technology Co., Ltd. Mdtvision
System Access Pte Limited Memorex Telex/EDS
Systex Corporation Taiwan Micros-Fidelio GmbH
Systex Information (H.K.) Ltd. Montora


ND07_CAPindex.indd 90 9/14/07 2:37:04 PM
CERTIFIEDadvantage partner index
Morse Group Ltd. Politec Ltda.
Mphasis Ltd. Preteco
Msg Systems ag Procwork CRM
Network Centric Solutions Limited Quanam
Noetix Recours Informatica Consultoria e Assessoria Ltda. www.
Nokia Corporation Senior Serviços em Tecnologia de Informática Ltda.
Ordina Servicios, Tecnologia y Organizacion S.A. de C.V. (STO)
Oficina de Cooperación Universitaria Sinergy Solutions, S.A. de C.V.
Open Technologies Snoop Consulting S.R.L.
Opitz Consulting GmbH Soft Bolivar S.A.
Patech Solutions Limited Softcomex Informática Ltda.
PC-Ware Information Technologies AG Softmart S.A.
PDV-Systeme Erfurt Gesellschaft für Systemtechnik mbH Solusoft
Peak Systems Support Ltd. Sonda del Peru S.A.
Peter-Service SQL Technology S.A.
Prodatis Consulting AG Sunrising Desenvolvimento de Sistemas
QAS Ltd. Sysdesign Consultoria Em Informatica Limitada
Quantix Ltd. Tilsor S.A
Rila Solutions Unimix Tecnologia Ltda.
RTC Real-Time Center AG Unisys
Satyam Computer Services Ltd. YKP Consultoria e Sistemas Ltda.
S.C. RomSoft S.R.L. Middle East
SCC PLC Bahwan Cybertek LLC
Sddc Computer and Communications Systems
SIV AG Computer Information Systems
SIVECO Romania S.A. Computer and Engineering Bureau CEB
Service & Systems Solutions Districom
Softek Storage Solutions Emirates Computers Est
Softman S.A. Giza Systems
Software Design & Management AG Global Technology Services LLC
Sogeti Espana Hyperlink
Sopra Group Integrated Data Solutions
Sungard Front Arena International Turnkey Systems (ITS)
Symatrix Limited Intracom Jordan
TEAM GmbH Mannai Trading Company Limited
Teamsolve Mercator
Tech Data Midrange GmbH Macro Software Systems LLC
Technologica Mindscape
Technology Reply Srl Raya Gulf LLC
Temenos Royah
Teta S.A United States
TietoEnator Corporation 170 Systems, Inc.
TimeStamp - Sistema de Informação Abaris, Inc.
T-Systems International GmbH Actuate Corporation
Oy Unisys Ab Apex IT, Inc.
Up to Data, Professional Services GMBH Applications Software Technology Corp.
Vector Software SRL Applied Biosystems
Version 1 Software Applimation, Inc.
Visions Consulting Avnet
Waymark Infotech (Pty) Ltd. BMC Software, Inc.
Whitehouse Consultants Ltd. Business & Decision
WM-data Danmark A/S Business & Technology Resource Group Inc.
xpedia fusion CedarCrestone
Latin America CherryRoad Technologies
Abaco Tecnologia de Informacao Ltda. CIBER
Acao Informatica Brasil Ltda. Cognizant Technology Solutions
Advanced Database & IT Sistemas de Informação S.A. COLLEGIS Inc.
Aporte Gestao Empresarial e Tecnologia da Informacao Ltda. CSS International
Apply Solutions DAZ Systems
Asistir Ltda. Eastern Software Corporation
Atel S.A. (Quanam Uruguay) Fidelity Information Services
B2BR Business to Business Informatica do Brasil GNC Consulting, Inc.
Bertini Comércio e Serviços de Informática Ltda. GNUCO, LLC dba Emerging Solutions
BGH, S.A. Hyperion Solutions
BusinessMind S.A. IAE Solutions, LLC
Casa de Software S/A IMPAC Services
CFP3 Consultoria e Tecnologia INRANGE Consulting Corporation
Compusoluciones y Asociados, S.A. de C.V. INTELLIGROUP Inc.
CONSULT SOFT S.A. KBACE Technologies, Inc.
CTIS Tecnologia S.A. Kronos Inc.
Datastar Argentina S.A. Lucidity Consulting Group LP
Datavision Digital, S.A. De C.V. MAXIMUS Inc.
Datum MSS Technologies, Inc.
Discover Technology Informatica Ltda. Mythics
e-Builders & Consulting Group S. A. C. NaviSite, Inc.
Elucid Solutions S.A. Noetix Corporation
Enorey International Novell, Inc
EN-SOF Consultoria e Informática Ltda. Optimum Solutions Group, LLC
E-Partner Comercial e Serviços de Informática Ltda. OSI Consulting, Inc.
ERP Soluciones S.A. de C.V. Perot Systems Corporation
Eserv Expert Services Del Ecuador S.A. Princeton Softech
Excelsis S.A.C.I.G Protege Software Services, Inc.
FYC Soluciones Integrales, C.A. Red Hat, Inc.
Grupo Quanam Solbourne Computer Inc.
Illuminat Ltd. Solution Beacon, LLC
In Motion Servicios S.A. SYSTIME
Ingenieria Condor S.A. DE C.V. TietoEnator Majiq, Inc.
Innovat S.A. TITAN Technology Partners
Intec Telecom Systems do Brasil Ltda. TUSC
JFM Informática Ltda. Unisys Corporation
Kruger Corporation S.A. USinternetworking, Inc.
MATERA Systems Informatica Ltda. Waters Corporation
MPL Corporate Software S.A. Wave Consulting Group
Netix Distribuidores de Tecnologia, C.A. Whitbread Technology Partners, Inc.
Nexsys Xcelicor, Inc.
Officer Distribuidora Zanett Commercial Solutions, Inc.

Partners able to demonstrate superior product knowledge, competence, and a commitment to doing business with Oracle qualify for the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Certified Advantage Partner level. These partners receive the
highest level of service, training, benefits, and resources from Oracle to support them in delivering quality to customers. For more information on partners, please visit the OPN Solutions Catalog at


ND07_CAPindex.indd 91 9/14/07 2:37:04 PM
c o m m e n t IN THE FIELD BY A R I K A P L A N

A Place for Everything
Oracle’s free ILM Assistant helps enterprises implement cost savings.
inding the storage necessary up your system, although you might be tions can find data, no matter where it
for corporate data is a continu- unwilling to throw it away. is physically located. In addition, you
ous problem. An Independent The solution to this situation is to don’t want to degrade database perfor-
Oracle Users Group (IOUG) survey design several tiers of storage. Tier A mance. Several Oracle Database char-
indicates that 92 percent of respondents might consist of fast and roomy hard acteristics facilitate an ILM solution: it’s
anticipate that their database storage drives, which are expensive. Tier B fine-grained, has enforceable compliance
needs will increase in 2007, and 64 might be hard drives that are slower policies, has application transparency,
percent say they’ll increase spending on and smaller but inexpensive. Tier C and is low-cost.
storage to meet those needs. might be bulk storage, such as a tape Oracle offers a tool to help with
In part, storage needs have increased drive library or, increasingly, low-cost the complexity. Oracle ILM Assistant
because companies need to retain data Serial Advanced Technology Attachment is GUI-based software that can create
for long periods to satisfy compliance (SATA) disks. lifecycle definitions; advise you on when
requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley Once you establish these tiers of to move or delete data, based on those
and HIPAA. In addition, many compa- storage options, you assign data to definitions; display the storage require-
nies routinely preserve e-mail and other each one. Must-have data goes on tier ments—and cost savings—for a given
data as a defense against possible law- A, nice-to-have data moves to tier B, ILM plan; suggest how to partition a
suits. While hanging on to all that data and don’t-care data gets dumped onto table based on your lifecycle definitions;
could save the day in such a situation, tier C. You set up a mechanism— provide underlying technology such as
storing it in the meantime is problematic automatic is the goal, but possibly triggers; and simulate events on a table
and expensive. manual—to maintain this arrangement, as if it were partitioned. Oracle ILM
moving aging data from one tier to Assistant itself does not make any physi-
ENTER A SOLUTION another and defining and enforcing cal changes to your database. But it does
Many companies are finding the solu- compliance policies. For its lifetime, generate scripts so that you can perform
tion to this dilemma in the practice of then, the data will migrate between the necessary tasks when you’re ready.
information lifecycle management (ILM). the data tiers, and access to it will be And it’s free.
I applied ILM principles to a large insur- controlled. Eventually the data may be ILM is a practice that’s gaining accep-
ance company client, which had more archived, or it can remain inside the tance in the marketplace because of its
than 300 applications, about 200 Oracle database forever. proven cost savings. Using Oracle ILM
databases, and nearly 100 data centers— The potential cost savings of this Assistant can make it easier to finally
and major compliance issues, as you strategy is amazing. Typically, tier A have the right place for everything. O
might guess. Using ILM approaches, the hard drives cost 5 to 10 times more (per
insurance company retained the data GB) than tier B hard drives and up to Ari Kaplan ( is president of the
it needed to satisfy legal requirements, 50 to 100 times more than bulk tier C Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and a senior
while significantly reducing the overall storage. In one study, a company moved consultant at Datalink. He founded Expand Beyond
cost of storage. nearly all of its data from US$72/GB Corporation, a leader in mobile IT software. He has
The basic idea of ILM is to manage hard drives to a US$4/GB online archive, been involved in Oracle technology since 1992.
data actively throughout its lifecycle. In reducing its storage costs by 94 percent.
particular, you want to choose the most This practice does not discard nec-
appropriate storage solution for your data essary data. If a file is needed to meet
at each point in its lifecycle. For example, compliance requirements or to satisfy
you might want to keep a recent e-mail discovery in a lawsuit, you can still READ more about ILM
(or transaction) readily accessible for, say, access it. So ILM saves money while
30 days so that you can use it. After that, also supporting your company’s compli- DOWNLOAD Oracle ILM Assistant
you might want it somewhat accessible ance strategies.
for another 60 days, just in case. Beyond ILM becomes more complicated with JOIN the ILM Assistant forum
that, you probably don’t want it clogging databases. You must ensure that applica-


ND07_KAPLAN.indd 92 9/12/07 2:37:20 PM
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07004066_Oracle_House_Full_Ad.indd 1 9/18/07 2:43:15 PM

The Future Is Now
More security automation means less finger lifting.
just watched a replay of the Oracle product releases before the launch. Oracle “virtual Kevlar” to personally identifiable
Database 11g launch, and it made has released a number of innovative information (PII), you can now encrypt
me think of the old cartoon The database security options, products, and the entire megillah if it lives together in
Jetsons (hear me out, please). In the features over the last two years, includ- one big, happy tablespace. Let’s face it:
futuristic world of the Jetsons, there was ing Oracle Database Vault and Oracle encrypting address separately from credit
a mechanical gadget to automate every- Audit Vault. These two offerings were so card number separately from name is too
thing—you hardly had to lift a finger important that Oracle did not wait for much work, not to mention being com-
in your daily business (and if you did, the Oracle Database 11g release; instead, putationally intensive.
there was probably an automatic finger- Oracle shipped them when they were I think that anytime you can morph
lifter). As described at the launch, Oracle ready for market. security to reflect new realities—such as
Database 11g, across the board, enables “multiple people have to manage security
automation of many tasks that have, to MORPHING SECURITY now” and “make it easy for us to do good
date, been manual and highly repetitive, For the longest time, everyone accepted security,” you’ve helped your customers
and security is positively affected in a the security model that database adminis- do more with less. Oracle Database 11g,
number of ways. For one thing, while trators have unlimited privileges. Between Oracle Database Vault, and Oracle Audit
security is hardly the tail that wags the IT the amount of information stored in data- Vault reflect new security realities, and
dog, any organization that can do better bases and an increased regulatory envi- the resulting better security and easier
work faster or with fewer people can use ronment, that security model no longer administration mean that some repeti-
those savings on something else—such works. Oracle Database Vault enables tive finger lifting previously required for
as better security. Automation also helps organizations to separate managing the security can be directed to other, more-
reduce risks introduced by human error. nuts and bolts of a database from access- strategic tasks. Because in security or
For example, there has never been ing the data contained in them. anything else, nobody ever complains
an easy way to upgrade mission-critical Organizations have also come to that they have too many people and not
systems, because organizations always expect that the audit kahuna will be enough to do. O
need to thoroughly test upgrades or someone other than the database admin-
patches in their own environments (on istrator. Oracle Audit Vault is the answer Mary Ann Davidson is the chief security officer at
top of the tests Oracle does, that is). To to the age-old question: Quis custodiet Oracle, responsible for secure development practice,
date, customer testing has been both ipsos custodes? (Who watches the watch- security evaluations, and assessments. She represents
labor- and time-intensive. In Oracle men?) Even changes to Oracle Database Oracle on the board of directors of the Information
Database 11g, however, Oracle Real Vault settings can be captured and Technology Information Security Analysis Center (IT-
Application Testing enables companies to managed in Oracle Audit Vault. ISAC) and the Defense Science Board and is on the
capture transactions (for example, over One of the things that I like about editorial review board of SC Magazine.
an entire day) and then use that “typical Oracle Database 11g is that I see Oracle
day” for testing. One description of trying to solve some of the hard secu-
Oracle Real Application Testing is “a DVD rity problems in a way that is easy to
recorder for your applications.” I suspect use. For example, encryption of stored DOWNLOAD Oracle Database 11g
that it will be particularly useful for secu- data has always been difficult, because

rity patching, since many organizations key management is just so darn hard. LEARN more about
are pressed—by their own formal secu- Who manages the keys? Where are they Oracle Database 11g
rity policies or their auditors—to apply stored? If you store the key in a place
security patches quickly. Automated that is too easily accessible, there goes Oracle Database Vault
testing will save time and money and will your encryption. Oracle Database 11g database-security/database-vault
help everyone maintain a strong security supports hardware security modules (a Oracle Audit Vault
posture more effectively. good thing: hardware is generally a better

What also strikes me about the Oracle secret key keeper than software). Also, if READ more Davidson
Database 11g launch: the option and you are encrypting data to add that extra


ND07_DAVIDSON_X.indd 94 9/19/07 10:39:03 AM
54% of Profit Readers
Make Buying Decisions Based on Third-Party Ads
They See in the Magazine!

As a Profit reader, you know we’re all about the business
of technology. From small and medium businesses, Oracle
Fusion, vertical market developments in BI, and analysis by
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• 84% say reading Profit helps them make better strategic decisions
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they face
• 66% say Profit provides information they can’t find in other magazines
• 54% say they make buying decisions based on third-party ads in the

If your company’s products or services are purchased by executive managers,
line-of-business VPs/managers, and IT VPs/managers and consultants running
Oracle applications, you need to promote your products or services in Profit.

PROFIT…our name says it all!
For detailed information on how your company will benefit from our print
and interactive go-to-market programs, contact your representative below.

Northeast U.S./Canada Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Northwest/Central
David and Ann Schissler Dawn Becker Tom Cometa
+1.508.394.4026 +1.732.772.0160 +1.510.339.2427

Southwest/LAD EMEA/APAC Associate Publisher
Shaun Mehr Mark Makinney Kyle Walkenhorst
+1.949.923.1660 +44 0 1273 774341 +1.323.340.8585

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Design for People, Build for Change
SOA and Web 2.0 deliver greater enterprise flexibility.
racle Magazine spoke with works, we can evolve them to serve user flows. Human workflow is different. It
John R. Rymer, vice president needs with social metaphors like blogs, calls for task lists and forms and versatile
and senior analyst at Forrester wikis, and RSS feeds. Without SOA, ways of interacting with users that don’t
Research, about how service- Web 2.0 isn’t very interesting because apply when you are creating system-to-
oriented architecture (SOA) and Web the systems are too brittle, too static, so system interfaces.
2.0 are enhancing business applications. they can’t evolve to use these new capa- BPEL is evolving, and within a couple
Oracle Magazine: What is SOA, and why bilities. At Forrester, we call it “design of years it will have these human work-
is it so important for today’s businesses? for people, build for change.” Without flow commands. In the meantime, Oracle
Rymer: SOA is a set of ideas or principles. SOA, it just doesn’t happen. and others have created extensions to
In many ways it’s nothing new, when Oracle Magazine: What’s the best way to BPEL to allow people to add human
you consider that we’ve been build- approach SOA when you’re confronted workflow to their applications. [Oracle
ing distributed applications for nearly with a legacy environment? Business Process Analysis Suite includes
20 years. We’ve learned a lot along the Rymer: Start by identifying valuable these process components: Business
way, and SOA represents a lot of that information from that legacy and then Process Architect, Business Process
knowledge. We’ve learned that modu- build either a Web service or a REST Repository, Business Process Simulator,
larity is important. We’ve learned the [representational state transfer] service and Business Process Publisher.]
importance of having flexible software that accesses that information and makes Oracle Magazine: Can you bring this to
components that are accessible through it broadly available. Of course, once you life with a Web 2.0 example?
well-defined interfaces. We’ve learned a start exposing key information through Rymer: Imagine how a law firm or con-
lot about messaging and how to build Web services, you’ll find that the users struction company could create a social
applications that operate reliably across want to do more with that information network like LinkedIn to organize con-
network links. SOA embodies the best than you initially envisioned. Often they tacts and connections. This could be a
of these ideas, and it relies on Web ser- want to use it to drive their own busi- great way to match resources and skills
vices to make distributed applications ness processes. Thus you need some to the needs of each project, or to pull
more accessible and affordable. way of ensuring that the interaction with together a team quickly to respond to
Oracle Magazine: How does SOA lay a that Web service proceeds with integrity, a Request for Proposal. We’re beginning
foundation for Web 2.0? that you can handle exceptions, that you to understand how to apply these ideas
Rymer: Initially what we had on the can complete secure transactions. You to business. O
internet was pages of information. SOA need more automation, and you often
and Web services protocols let us go need to pull in more than one informa- David Baum ( is a freelance
beyond this simple paradigm of present- tion source. That’s when you look to a business writer based in Santa Barbara, California.
ing static information. They enable us BPM [business process management] Forrester Research ( is an
to create real applications and conduct tool like Oracle BPEL Process Manager, independent technology and market research company
transactions over the internet. SOA helps which describes flows of information, specializing in business and consumer information.
with two key aspects of these applica- sequences, and more-complex workflows.
tions. First is combining data. A lot of Oracle Magazine: Application develop-
the information that people use today ers have created sequences and process
comes from the internet. Other informa- flows before. What’s new about BPEL?
LEARN more about SOA
tion comes from internal databases, and Rymer: Earlier integration flows were
it often has to be combined with the proprietary and attached to an individ- READ more about
online information in a meaningful way. ual product. What BPEL does, like any Oracle WebCenter
Delivering that information through other standard, is open up this program-

a Web service insulates the applications ming domain to lots of people. Oracle BPEL Process Manager
that use that information from changes In the context of Web 2.0, we have
Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite
in the surrounding infrastructure. Once to recognize some limitations. BPEL was
we can plug services into social net- designed to automate system-to-system


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