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Calling… all those who wish to be trained

Mahatma Gandhi…Martin Luther King…
and Mother Theresa…
And desire to go into the world… to nations
suffering from strife…
To help people achieve peace and progress...

Offering... a 3 week intensive
intercultural and spiritual
Peace Architecture Course at Chennai,

G20 (major economies): Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico,
Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, European Union
S20 (strife prone nations): Afghanistan, Bolivia, Burundi, Chechnya, Colombia, Congo, Eritrea, Haiti, Iraq, Israel & Palestine,
Jamaica, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sudan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

Just as how globalization and liberalization have spread from
the West for the betterment of the planet; spiritualization
blossoms from the East to usher love>peace>progress for all.
The inspiration and strength for the mission of
Peace Architecture Academy is drawn from
the ethos of Indian spirituality. India is the
source of the twin fountains of the spirit of life
that is of great demand in substaining
civilizations. India is where “ahimsa” (non-
violence) – the spirit of caring for all creatures –
was born in 500 BC; and from India also comes
the ethos “Ahn-bay Sivam” (Love is God) dating
from 1st century AD.

Indian spirituality has the propensity to offer love with non-
violence... Love is the message of the ancient Tamil sage
“Thirukural” by Thiru Valluvar which is close to 2000 years old.
Further, non-violence and love are also the twin messages of
the great masters of modern times such as Gandhi, Martin
Luther King (an ardent follower of Gandhi) and Mother Theresa
who have made the world a better place.

Thus love and non-violent intervention have been incorporated by
Propel Global in a number of programs & services and are made available for
deployment in strife infested nations and communities.

“Works of love are works of peace”
Mother Theresa

Propel Global represents a group of multi-faceted peace architects, who synergise
peace-building initiatives in diverse sectors of environment, health, human resource
development, and socio-spiritual research for engineering in societies.

Propel Global offers a progressive range of pragmatic proactive peace-building products and services,
much needed for the strife-infested nations of the world...and nations that are just recovering from
conflict. Development and progress are ushered into these nations through specialized Human
Resources Development programs, which are specialized in overcoming the regress cycle of
hate>loss>regress and in activating the progress cycle of love>peace>progress.

The Propel Global peace-building ethos, ideology, product range and services
for promoting peace and progress are disseminated through Peace
Architecture Academy, which is a knowledge process outsourcing institution
for nations and organizations who intend to proactively promote peace.
Peace Architecture Course is a 3 week intensive course – offered by the
Peace Architecture Academy – that provides pragmatic, progressive,
multidimensional strategies to counteract the root causes for conflicts and to
alleviate the cruel effects of armed conflicts in strife prone nations. Therefore it is
of prime importance to bring children into focus as the children of today that will
be the leaders of tomorrow.

Research scholars and peace activists from around the world can come to Chennai
for this comprehensive teaching and training course to obtain customized solutions
relevant for the respective situation and circumstances in their home country.

Working together in an inter-cultural and inter-religious team, participants additionally
adopt essential soft skills such as cross-cultural mediation, negotiation, diplomatic
decision making and appreciative inquiry.

Promotional events featuring celebrities are the best way to attract both public and
media attention. Participants learn how to get in contact and how to deal with intellectual celebrities
like actors, musicians and writers in order to arrange a local supporting network promoting the
message of love, peace and progress.
The medium of culture is a powerful vehicle to deliver transformational
messages to the people.
The installation of Cultural Centres in major cities of the S20 nations builds
a meeting place and an advertising platform for all intended projects.
Depending on the audience, the cultural program varies from pro-active
child puppetry and music concerts encouraging local youth to participate, to
more intellectually demanding lectures and exhibitions.
Participants learn how to find the right facility, how to initiate and launch
innovative grass roots projects, how to deal with authorities and how to use
various types of cultural media.

Military operations only can at best maintain superficial law and order for a short
term, whereas Peace Rangers are able to achieve sustainable transformation
and pacification of the society. The Citizen Surveillance Network safeguards
society peacefully, effectively and economically. Community being involved in
fostering peace and participative area development programs, social
transformation is catalysed.
Participants gain the ability to initiate numerous Peace Ranger Cells in relevant
public locations all over the major cities in their respective country of origin and
to train surveillance vigilantes. For the launching of this project Propel Global
offers promotional tools as well as a strong global network of governance and
NGO connections.

When participants return to their native country they will be able to immediately start building up their
own NGO as an institutional basis so that they can effectively execute the projects. The Peace
Architecture Course enables them to use all available capacity as efficiently as possible.

The Art of Good Health concept is aimed at offering subconscious and proactive
exercises with the potential to impact all three realms of an individual (spirit – mind –
body). In strife prone nations this project helps to overcome chronic misunderstandings
and to quench hatefulness and violence. With participants deriving from divers cultural,
ethnic and religious backgrounds, Art of Good Health is the ideal tool to neutralise inter-
religious energy and transform it into positive energy within communities.

Jobs not only in multinational companies require a specific kind of skill sets which poor rural people
cannot develop. Many youths in areas infested with violence remain without jobs. As a result they
become very vulnerable to extremist groups that try to enlist them in their anti social activities.
Basic People Skills Package seeks to set up facilities in areas where such vulnerable youth live in
order to equip them for gainful employment. They will be trained for 4 months in the following
components leading to holistic development of the individuals:

1. Basic computer skills
2. Spoken English
3. Soft skills and personality development
4. Moral values of holistic development

As people are not involved in the well-being of their city, there’s a sense of
apathy amongst them that leads to the degradation of the environment. In
order to overcome this problem, people need to get involved in a holistic
development of their respective areas. Through the use of pro-active media
such as music, arts and sports, people will develop a sense of comradeship
and togetherness.
The Neighbourhood Transformation Festival, a three day multi-
dimensional event that combines constructive artistic participation with
entertainment offers, creates an attitude of responsibility for the environment.

The solution of conflicts must be based on the identification and elimination of peculiar root causes.
Therefore participants are given analytical tools to figure out what are the root causes for conflicts in
their community, on which social levels they are located and how to approach them.
PAC offers various made-to-measure programs facing malnutrition, trauma debriefing and many other
major problems. These modules are customized to the respective conflict situation in strife prone
nations, so that each participant can select the relevant ones.
Peace Architecture Course – Curriculum
First week Second week Third week
Specific Culture Basic People
Monday Spirituality
Packages I + II Skills Package
Social Movements & Neighbourhood
Tuesday Religious Similarities
Capacity Building
Transformation Festival
Wednesda Cerebral Celebrity
Peace Rangers Conflict Analysis
y Conclave Interactions

Thursday Cultural Center Peace Rangers Solution Package I

Friday Cultural Center Art of Good Health Solution Package II

Field trip Field trip
Saturday (Cultural Center) (Peace Rangers)
Field trip

Sunday Field trip Field trip Field trip

The Peace Architecture Academy
The residential premises of the academy is under construction ( about 50%
ready) and is located on the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) at Koothavakkam
village, about 7 Kms before Mahabalipuram.

When completed, the Peace Architecture Academy will have 30 rooms for single
and multiple occupancies furnished with modern amenities along with seminar
hall, audio-visual studio facilities, library and other allied facilities.

We solicit individuals and institutions committed to the advancement of peace to
generously contribute towards the completion of the academy so that it can serve
its cause better.

At present the Peace Architecture Academy functions from NALAM Health Centre in
Nungambakkam, Chennai.

For further information please contact:
Peace Architecture Academy
10 Nawab Habibullah Avenue, 2nd Street
Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 006
Tel: 044-42137815

YOU must be the change you wish to see in the world!
Inviting students to enroll in our 3 week Peace Architecture Course…

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