Inserting Citation Using MS Word 2010

By following these simple steps of citation, you can save yourself from falling into the trap of
1. Once you have written down your research paper, and you have to add reference to various
ideas, paragraphs, articles, facts, etc you have used in your paragraph, go to the References
tab on MS Word ribbon.

2. In the Citations & Bibliography box, set your style to the

3. To insert citation for a text used in your paragraph click on . As the popup
menu opens click on

You will see a window opened similar to this one:
Style: APA Fifth Edition

4. Depending upon your source, choose the appropriate from the drop down
menu. You will see a list of Bibliography Fields for APA to fill in. Try to add most of these
details in your source; however, not all the information you put in will be displayed. Only
information corresponding to APA style will be displayed.

This is a sample of what appears in your research paper once you complete the list of reference.
The Importance of Recycling
Have you ever wondered what happens to the unwanted things in your life? Where do they
end up? How positively they can benefit us if we dispose them in the rightful manner? The answer
is well known to all of us, but probably it’s clinging somewhere in the back of our minds as he
hardly pay any attention to this highly important matter. Therefore I choose the topic “Recycling”
as the topic of my research to highlight the importance of recycling and how different things such
as newspapers, glass, metals, and motor oil can be recycled, so that living beings can be benefited.
Before discussing the importance of recycling, we need to know what recycling is. According to an
online dictionary, Recycling is the process through which waste material undergoes to regain it for
human use, plays a very important role in this ever developing world (, 2010).

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 to keep adding new sources wherever you have to add references in your
research paper. (It is good to have more and more sources in your research paper as it shows
that you have referred to various sources while writing your research paper.)

6. Once you have added all the references to your work, on a new page, at the end of your
report, you will list all the sources you have used. To create the last page of your report,
click Bibliography. You will see a drop down menu with option of Work Cited and

Click on Bibliography to make the list of references you have used in your research paper. It
will look similar to this example.

(2009, April). Retrieved from
(2010). Retrieved June 23, 2010, from (2010). Retrieved from
Administration, E. I. (n.d.). Retrieved October 18, 2006, from
Idiom. (n.d.). Retrieved 6 30, 2010, from
Inge, W. R. (n.d.). in Wit and Wisdom of Dean Inge.
Tahanie. (n.d.).


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