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Global transfotainment fusion

…to enhance progress in societies

presented by Tamil Diaspora Centre

in association with
Peace Architecture Academy
Indian Spiritual Academy
For further information please contact:
Tamil Diaspora Center, 10 Nawab Habibullah Avenue, 2nd Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 006
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Tamil Diaspora Centre
Tamil Diaspora overview:
Tamils are the second largest Diaspora
residing in 120 nations all over the world.
They had gone as traders, adventures,
and bonded laborers and recently as
skilled professionals and more recently
due to the conflicts and strife in northern
Sri Lanka.

The Tamil people in modern India have a
state of their own (Tamil Nadu) however
the inhabitants of ancient India from the
Indus valley civilization were proto-
Tamils, which means that the entire
Indian sub continent was inhabited by the
early Tamil people.
In modern times many governments of
nations in different parts of the globe are hosting the Tamil people who have gone there to make a
living for themselves and are also contributing to the economies of these nations.

For progress, peace is essential, (for development cannot happen
in times of strife) and for lasting and meaningful peace there
should be pragmatic love shared among the people; because
unconditional-love results in peace which causes progress to take
place. Therefore it is imperative that for progress we need to start
with unconditional-love and not unconditional-hate! Further the
phrase “love is God” (An-bae Sivam) is the ethos of ancient Tamil
spirituality (when love is God there is no place for hate). Thus this
becomes the foundational spiritual premise for peace to prevail;
and the Tamil people have this embedded in their subconscious
because this tenet is close to 2000 years old.

Thus the need of the hour is a positive platform for dialogue that has to be
established for a new dawn where the Tamil people rise above the politics of
divisiveness and sectarianism and look for establishing win-win solutions…
where the Tamil people are givers rather than just takers…where the Tamil
people give leadership to the world, much like their ancestors, the proto-Tamils
of Indus valley civilization.

Tamil Diaspora Centre or TDC aims to function as a hub for the Tamil Diaspora people by getting
them connected and linked with their homeland.
Essentially the TDC offers a basket of services, facilities, opportunities and programs to the Tamil
Diaspora People in all major settlements around the globe. TDC is founded by Yaseva in association
with other likeminded Tamil visionaries who aim to facilitate and catalyze in order to give the Tamil
people the place of preeminence as global harbingers of love>peace>progress.

Present day societies all over the world are still in the grip of some form of
acts of Injustice – Cruelty – Unrighteousness (ICU).
ICU manifestations in society can bee seen in caste-discrimination –
feticide – corruption, as well as in environmental destruction – bonded
labor – flesh trade, to name a few. All of these disturb the peace within the
individual and also in the society at large.
When peace is threatened…progress suffers.
ICU manifestations in society needs to be countered with Justice – Kindness – Righteousness (JKR)
and for these virtues to prevail, their underlying power source needs to be discovered… which is
unconditional love or selfless love.
Now selfless love is a Godly or Divine quality and it is the fountainhead of spirituality; selfless love has
the power to overcome everything, all forms of ICU manifestations in society, thus…

The TDC offers a unique program titled Prosperity Concerts in
various Tamil Diaspora nations. Whereby a fusion-music based
Transfotainment Concert is organized to make citizens aware of the
Supreme One declared way for prosperity, which is the Selfless-
Love Centric – Total Prosperity Model. This will be a special package
of songs that are inspirational and motivational in order to get the
foundational building-blocks for progress in place. This concert will
be done in Tamil along with a few Hindi songs and also songs in the
national language of the respective Diaspora nation this is being
performed in.

This Prosperity Concert….
• Is to create awareness on the ICU issues plaguing our societies.
• Is to comprehend the power of selfless love…the divine love of the
Supreme One, to love the weak, the suffering and the lost, by looking at the
lives of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Isan – the author of selfless love.
• Is to bring compassion, empathy and reconciliation in the hearts of the
• Is to acknowledge the Supreme One as the author and sustainer of
creation and the One who blesses humanity with progress.
• Is to have a special Children focus.
• Is to foster peace and progress in association with Peace Architecture
Academy and Unified Progressive Secular Indian Spiritual Academy

Tamil Diaspora global peace ambassadors program
Tamils around the world can now be ambassadors of peace. In association with Peace Architecture
Academy, Tamil Diaspora members can be emissaries of peace in their respective nations by
promoting the Peace Architecture Course.
Peace Architecture Academy offers a progressive range of pragmatic proactive peace-building
products and services, much needed for the strife-infested nations of the world...and nations that are
just recovering from conflict. Development and progress are ushered into these nations through
specialized Human Resources Development programs, which are specialized in overcoming the
regress cycle of hate>loss>regress and in activating the progress cycle of love>peace>progress.

The Tamil Diaspora Centre peace-building ethos, ideology, product range and services for promoting
peace and progress are disseminated through Peace Architecture Academy, which is a knowledge
process outsourcing institution for nations and organizations who intend to proactively promote peace.

Peace Architecture Course is a 3 week intensive course – offered by the
Peace Architecture Academy – that provides pragmatic, progressive,
multidimensional strategies to counteract the root causes for conflicts and to
alleviate the cruel effects of armed conflicts in strife prone nations. Therefore
it is of prime importance to bring children into focus as the children of today
that will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Research scholars and peace activists from around the world can come to
Chennai for this comprehensive teaching and training course to obtain
customized solutions relevant for the respective situation and circumstances
in their home country.
Tamil Diaspora global people development program
Tamils around the world can now be emissaries of progress. In association with Unified
Progressive Secular Indian Spiritual Academy, Tamil Diaspora members can foster holistic
development in their respective nations.
Taking DQ (D Quotient) around the world with the People Accreditation System from Unified
Progressive Secular Indian Spiritual Academy. Everybody participating in this program will be a
developer instead of a destroyer of planetary resources. The mission of D Quotient is to

Beat D estruction – Be at D evelopment.
Holistically This is achieved through a people development
Achieving certification program with the acronym HAND
Nation (Holistically Achieving Nation Developer),
Developer that enables us all to become…

… nified
We are unified in that we are held together by the power of selfless love… Love
is God…This inspires us to love ourselves and others (like we love ourselves).
Selfless love has the power to overcome everything and is a reflection of divinity
in humanity. Selfless love connects us with one another and with God…making
us one people of One God. The Great God’s Great Gathering.
… rogressive
We are progressive in that we focus on… creatively and increasingly doing
good in asymmetric progression, thus imitating the Supreme One…for God is
good. We are coworkers in God’s great do-good enterprise

… ecular
We are secular because we belong to the world, the here and now…..encompassing all
people irrespective of color, caste, creed, and class.
… nspired by ancient ndia
We are inspired by ancient Indian spirituality with roots firmly embedded in the
expression of ‘ahimsa’ or nonviolence and ‘An-bae Sivam’ or Love is God, to all
fellow humans; these spiritual attributes have their origins in India. The
spirituality embodied in the ancient Thirukural of 1st century AD, is our scriptural
… piritual
We are all spiritual seekers, seeking to move closer to the expressions of
divinity. The animal kingdom despite their genetic proximity to humanity is
devoid of the capacity to seek…therefore we are not evolutionists. We believe
we are created in the image of the Supreme One with the capacity to love which
is the greatest of all divine attributes.
… ction-oriented
We are action-oriented in that we aim to function as a thought-word-
action platform, working with the belief that we can positively confront
the ills of this world with a Unified Progressive Secular Indian
Spirituality that is coherent, convicted, intelligent, and passionate. In a
spirit of being affirmative, we believe that engaging society's questions
should be done transparently and authentically from a reasoned yet
inspired place of substance. We research, analyze, discuss and
contemplate on issues with an eye to welcoming other people into a
dialogue where we can encourage and provoke each other into
proactive positive pragmatic actions, to fulfill our destinies as unique but
interdependent reflections of the Creator.