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In continued pursuit to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the Civil

Service, His Excellency the State President Professor Arthur Peter
Mutharika, has directed that the Office of the President and Cabinet be
restructured by relocating some of its current functions to their relevant
sectoral ministries in the first phase as follows :

1. The Department of HIV/AIDS and Nutrition and the Safe Motherhood
Initiative to be relocated to the Ministry of Health.

2. The Presidential Initiative on Poverty and Hunger Reduction to be
relocated to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water

3. The National Registration Bureau, which is responsible for the
National I.D. Project, to be relocated to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

4. The Government Contracting Unit to be relocated to the Office of the
Director of Public Procurement.

Following this restructuring, the Office of the President and Cabinet shall
revert to its core business of management of the public service and
cabinet affairs.

Government has also decided to introduce the following measures with
immediate effect :

1. Chief Executive Officers of Public institutions, Principal Secretaries
and other senior public officers need to spend more time attending
to their core functions. As a result of this, Chief Executive officers,
Principal Secretaries and public officers will not be allowed to
attend public or presidential functions except where the functions
or events pertain to their organisations.

Government wishes to stress that Chief Executive Officers,
Principal Secretaries and senior public officials will be recognised
through their performance and NOT by the number of public
events which they will attend.

2. Women civil servants will only be allowed to perform at public
functions which directly relate to their profession or organisation or
at an event to commemorate an anniversary or celebration of
national or international significance. In such cases, Controlling
Officers will be required to exercise strict discretion on the number
of female civil servants to participate in such events.

July 2014