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1. Poached mackerel with miso
(Darne of cutting fish with miso poached with water)

2. Golden marinated mackerel
(Thin sliced of fish with golden colour batter fried)

3. Teriyaki trout fish fillet
(Teriyaki sauce marinated whole fish fillets)

4. Grilled tuna kebabs
(Cubes of tuna fish with leeks)

5. Fried sword fish asparagus and leeks
(Pan fried fish with fried leeks and asparagus)

6. Cod and potato croquettes
(Mash potato and minced cod in breaded fried)

7. Poached fish with pepper and mushroom
(Poached fish with sautéed mushroom and peppers)

8. Fried small fish with paprika mayo
(Flour dust fried fish with paprika mayo

9. Steamed red snapper with Kikkoman Soya sauce with jullents of ginger, carrot and leeks
(Fish with sesame tossed vegetables)

10. Fish dumpling in cucumber disk with curry mayo
(Steamed fish dumpling in half peeled cucumber disk with curry mayo)

11. Smoked fish with herbs and garlic
(Smoked fish with all herbs and garlic)

12. Grilld sword fish and pineapple skewers with green curry pesto

13. Banana leaf wrapped fish with ginger, cilantro, chilli and coconut milk

1. Prawn tempura
(Tempura batter fried prawn)

2. Rosemary infused blanched prawn with garlic mayo
(Herb infused blanched prawn with garlic mayo)

3. Sesame crusted shrimp with tahini ginger dipping sauce
(Sesame crusted shrimp with tahini ginger dipping sauce)

4. Poached shrimps with cilantro and sweet n sour glaze
(With skin shrimp poached served with cilantro sweet n sour glaze)

5. Deep fried shrimp with paprika mayo
(Flour dust shrimp fried with paprika mayo

6. Bbq prawn skewers

7. Steamed prawn with garlic mayo

8. Shrimps and olives skewers

9. breaded shrimps with tomato aioli sauce

1. Batter fried chicken
(Batter fried chicken pieces)

2. Yakitori chicken
(Soya sauce, white wine vinegar marinated chicken pieces with cooked
on skewers with leeks)

3. Chicken cakes with teriyaki sauce
(Minced chicken made with patties)

4. baked potato with chicken
(Baked whole potato middle with chicken with mayo and chopped celery)

5. Chicken crostini
(Lunch box book page no-32)

6. Roast chicken breasts, spinach and arugula salad

7. Roasted chicken tarragon sauce

8. Ham roll
(Cheese and celery stuffed ham roll)

9. Roast chicken breast with three berry sauce

10. Peanut curried chicken salad in wonton cups

11. Broad beans with ham

12. grilled chicken with orange and mint

13. chicken with red peppers

1. Stuffed capsicum
(Finely chopped mix vegetable stuffed with topped with cheese)

2. Marinated baby carrots

3. Cheese frittata

4. Bagels with cheese and leeks
(Garlic tossed leeks with cheese gratination)

5. Mini muffins pizza

6. Roasted tomato with vegetables
(Roasted tomato with onion, egg plant, crougetts and peppers)

7. Stuffed red bell peppers with basil

8. Lettuce cigars
(Ricotta and herb stuffed blanched lettuce)

9. Golden fried aubergine slices

10. Stuffed courgettes

11. Mushroom stuffed cream cheese and spinach

12. Egg plant dumpling with sesame plum sauce

13. Celery stuffed with creamy herbed tofu
14. Sautéed sweet green peppers

15. Potato with tomatoes

16. Leeks salad

17. Catalan-style spinach
(Spanish book page no-86)

18. Aromatic dressed artichoke
(Spanish book page no-88)

19. Chickpeas with Swiss chard
(Spanish book page no-92)

20. Sautéed mushroom with parsley and garlic

21. Spinach, tomato and pine nut flatbread

1. Stuffed mussels
(Italy book page no-59)

2. Tortillas with tuna, egg and corn
(Lunch box page no- 17)

3. Raisins coleslaw and tuna filled pita breads
(Lunch box book page no-18)

4. Rustic tomatoes
(Sliced tomato, roundels of onion, capers, and anchovy fillets)

5. lobster tart
(Salty tart topped with lobster and garlic mayo)

6. salmon and crab rolls
7. Egg with tuna fish and peas

8. Mussels with sea tang
(Anti pasti book page no-44)

9. Stuffed baby squid
(Risotto stuffed braised baby squid)

10. Seafood vol-au-vant