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As said by the Master of Modern Physics “EINSTEIN”

Einstein’s theory of relativity:- According to age old rules of
physics, matter can be neither created nor destroyed. Einstein discovered
that matter can be converted into energy and vice versa
Where ,

E is the energy.
m is the mass.
c is the velocity of
light(i.e.,3*108 )
It is made clear that massive amounts of energy can be produced
from little quantity of matter. This was proposed in 1905.
“Can we imagine any thing traveling with a speed equal to that of
We thing that it is impossible but, according to me it is possible
Let us see it,
According to Einstein’s mass-energy equation
Energy =product of mass and square of the velocity of
From this,
E =mc2
E/m =c2
c =√ (E/m)
⇒ Speed of light =square root of energy divided by mass

Mass(m) = 1kg
Energy(E) =9*1016
Then “c” =E/m
=√ (9*1016/1)
“And that’s speed of light”.
Application ;-
If we consider rockets which move with Newton’s third law
of motion
If it is possible that a rocket ejects the action by √E/m then it moves
with a reaction equal to √E/m then the rocket moves in opposite
direction with speed of 3*108ms-1
To obtain the relevant energies nuclear fission reactions can be
used. Nuclear fission reactions can be used. I have designed a different
one. It has mainly to discuss about following aspects.
→ Nuclear reactor

→ Nuclear fuel {URANIUM}
→ Moderator
→ Controlling rods
→ Coolant
→ Xenon chamber {ionsing}
→ Positive charged plate
→ Negative charged plate
→ Convectional fuel nozzles
→ Heavy metal tip

Nuclear reactor:-
The device in which the nuclear chain reactions take place is
called nuclear reactor.

Nuclear fuel:-
The fissionable material used in nuclear reactors for producing
energy is called nuclear fuel. Natural uranium contains 99.3% of
isotope U-238 and 0.7% of isotope U-235 which is used here.

During nuclear fission of U-235 atom, for every fission three
neutrons with high kinetic energy are released. If a fast neutron is
bombarded on a nuclear rod the chain reaction starts. But it must be
passed through a graphite core to make it a slow neutron.
The graphite core is called the moderator. But, the reactant
chamber must be slightly modified by removing the concentrate layer
on one side {exhaust side}.

Controlling rods:-
During the fission of U-235 nuclei, for every reaction if three fast
neutrons are produced then they react with another three U-235’s and
produce three more fast neutrons which results in uncontrolled fission

To overcome this, rods of cadmium {or} Boron are used. They
absorb the extra neutrons and permit only one neutron with high
kinetic energy and heat.

A coolant pipe carrying Natrium {sodium} is run along the
reactor and absorbs heat. This heat absorbed is donated to the cold
water at heat exchanger part.
Thus, water becomes steam and runs the turbines this electricity
is used for internal appliances using electrical energy.

Ion propeller (Xenon chamber):-
A chamber filled of xenon gas is placed such that the β rays are
entered into it and ionized. Normally if a particle of velocity 11ms-
enters into this chamber and gets ionized increases its velocity to
24ms-1. But, if a particle of 2.96*108 ms-1 enters into this chamber its
velocity increases more than 3*108 ms-1 i.e., the shuttle goes in more
than light’s velocity. This is called Ion propeller

Positive charged plate
A porous positive charged plate is placed after the ionizing
chamber (xenon chamber} to attract ionized β particles.

Negative charged plate
It is placed at some distance to positive plate having the pores
not exactly below the positive plate’s pores. This is used to oscillate α

Convectional fuel nozzles;-
If these ionized radiations come out as action then rocket goes in
light’s speed in the atmosphere due to friction the rocket would blast
off .So I have placed convenient convectional fuel chambers to give the
thrust in normal speed until the rocket crosses atmosphere. But the
fuel pipes must arise as two different pipes on each side of the main
nozzle and combust with helium cylinders and release the gasses.

Heavy metal tip:-
A heavy metal tip is placed to get two benefits, to increase the
aero dynamism and to achieve the friction proof environment and
avoid the corrosion of the astronaut chamber.

Precautions used while using the proposed shuttle

Just two defects which I am worrying about is destruction of
shuttle due to the friction and of the take-off of it which may cause

This is different from others as it carries a special nuclear
reactor; it has totally three nozzles two for convectional liquid fuel and
one for radiant energy emission. It can use the electricity produced by
the nuclear reactions for its internal operations.

This shuttle obeys kinetic energy equation also. But we get it in a
different method.
K.E= 1 mv2
K.E is the kinetic energy
m is the mass
v is the velocity
Here we will try to obtain velocity for the energy of 9*1016 joules of
M =1kg
V =3*108ms-1

K.E =1*3108
This difference is the got due to ionization of “β ”particles from a
speed of 2.96*108 ms-1to 4.5*1016ms-1.

Concept of time machine
This shuttle can also be used as a time machine if it travels with the speed more
than light. Seeing an object means receiving the light reflected from that body and
forming an image of it. So, the earth has formed 4.7 billion years ago which means the
light reflected at that time would have reached a distance of 4.7billion light years. And it
is still going far about. If we go in a speed more than light we would reach 4.7billion light
year spot at some time. From there we can see the formation of earth.
We can see the bigger incidents from this as arrival of seasons etc. But not the
happenings of the microscopic human’s life.

Heavy metal tip

Astronaut chamber

Liq Liq
O2 H2



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