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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

A Declaration of Majority Ownership of the Amanah Islamic Bank
Manila, Philippines, Friday,April 18 , 2009


Press Release

By Chairman Grande Dianaton
And vice chairman Daud Mangompia

“Corporations are creatures of the law, and can only come into existence in
the manner prescribed by law.” [Cagayan Fishing Development Co. v. Teodoro
Sandiko, 65 Phil 223 December 23, 1937 Laurel, J.]

Precisely in the manner prescribed by R.A. 6848, the Special Law that
Governs the Islamic Bank, AND PRESIDED OVER by then National Government
representative Mr Abdel Aziz Dimapunong , we organized this Bank by a general
shareholders meeting on April 28, 1992 at the Army and Navy Club of Manila. This was
followed by a series of annual stockholders meetings: in 1993, and yearly thereafter,
until we reached this year of 2009.

Throughout those 18 years 1992 TO 2009, we put up our investments, time and
efforts in the Islamic Bank together with some foreign stockholders from Hong Kong
1) Pacific Asia International of Hong Kong
2) ERA Assets Ltd (HK)
3) ALA Mode Associates (HK)
4) ERA petroleum (HK) ERA INVESTMENT (HK)
5) Three seas Ltd (new Hebrides island)
6) K.A. Roy(Australia)
7) Asrooff gaffoor(Sri Lanka)
8) And about 2 thousand more Filipino stockholders

Our subscriptions to shares were consistent with a letter of confirmation to us by the
Securities and Exchange Commission, dated July 29, 1993 that our Islamic Bank is
deemed registered and duly authorized to operate as of the date of approval of RA
6848; and a letter of confirmation to us, dated September 8, 1993, that any securities to
be issued by the Islamic Bank is exempted from the registration requirements of the
Revised Securities Act.

To date we, the private stockholders, are the only ones who actually subscribed and
paid for shares in the capital stock of the Islamic Bank. The national government and
the GFI’s never subscribed nor paid up for any one single share of stock.

We are, therefore, the present owners of the Al Amanah Islamic Investment
Bank of the Philippines - not the Development Bank of the Philippines, nor any of
those nominated by them for directors in our private bank. These nominees are simply
outsiders and intruders.

It then follows and we hereby declare that the Islamic banking franchise under
Republic Act 6848 is legally vested and in our stockholders, who constitute the Al
Amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the Philippines, consistent with the Manifestation
and Motion of the Office of the Solicitor General, dated September 22, 1992 in he case
of ABDEL AZIZ DIMAPUNONG vs robero de Ocampo [CA-G.R. SP No. 28445] that:
The primary franchise of a corporation, that is, the right to exist as such, is vested “in
the individuals who composed the corporation ...”


(SGD) GRANDE M. Dianaton

(SGD) Daud Mangompia
Vice Chairman

Capt. Omama Rascal (Ret)