Resume of Shaikh Muhammed Rizwan

Motive: Persistent hard work results incredible success.

I.T Experience
Current Company Post Working Reference Company Post Working Reference Company Post Working Reference Company Post Duration Reference

: 8 Years 6 Months. (No Gap in work career) : Ionidea Interactive Pvt Ltd. : Technical Lead. : (Bangalore) 25thApr2006 till Date. : Sanjeev Mittal(PM){09972711311} : Digité InfoTech Pvt Ltd : Senior Java Developer. : 25thMay2004 - 24thApr2006 {2 years} : Chirag Kapadia (DM)[]{09819155158} : Pvt Ltd : Module Lead. : 30thDec2002 - 10thMar2004 {1yr 3Months} : Anup Banerjee (TL)[]{09819846555} : Innovative Systems (Citibank Consultant) : Team Member. : Sept2000 - 28thDec2002 {2 years 3months} : Shiamak Marshall (CEO)[]

Technical Skills
Languages J2EE Application Frameworks Application Package Web Page development Servers (App/Web) Scripting Language RDBMS IDE Operating System Version Maintenance

: J2EE [Exp in Domain: Banking/Product/Medical/Telecom]
: : : : : : : : : : : Sun Java1.6 (Core and Advanced). JSP, Servlets, Hibernate, JDBC2.0, Web Services and JAAS. JSF, Ajax4JSF, Spring DAO, DWR, Tag-lib & Design Patterns JAXWS, JAXB, ANT, MAVEN, JIRA, JUNIT, JMeter. HTML, XHTML, DHTML, XML, CSS and XSLT. WebLogic9.2, Jboss3.2.5, JRUN, Apache Tomcat6, Java Script, DOM, Oracle10g, MS SQL Server, Post Gre 8.3, MySQL5.0 Eclipse Europa, NetBeans, IntelliJ. MS Windows NT/XP/2000, UNIX, DOS. Microsoft VSS, SVN, CVS, Borland Star team.

Educational Qualification (No Gap in studies)
Exam & Yr of Passing : B.E (Electronics) [1999] University : University of Mumbai. Class (%) : 59.14% Exam & Yr of Passing : Diploma (Industrial Electronics) [1996] University : B.T.E (Mumbai) Class (%) : 73.45% (Second Top in Diploma) Exam & Yr of Passing : S.S.C [1993] University : Maharashtra State Board Pune. Class (%) : 82.28% (Top in School)

Additional Qualification :
Obtained a certificate in Web Technology with grade ‘A’ (80%) from C.I.T.I.L. Obtained a certificate in Oracle9i (OCP Course) with grade ‘A’ (60%) from C.I.T.I.L. Obtained First Prize in Circuit Designing Test conducted by Pentafour Software group. Obtained 39 Certificates 2 Medals and 1st prize in personality contest in Academic career

Project Details
GO(CRM 80/20 Solutions):
Team size : 10 Role & Responsibility : Development, Design, Coding, Code Review & debugging. Details : GO is a telecom company in Malta having multiple operations with multiple applications integrated, so a simple and single module was developed which interacted with rest of applications and provided a centre point to data visibility, reports, back office work and separation of business logic with front tier application using SOA (web service) to integrate data coming from various other billing system and business objects. Environment : JDK1.6, JSF, JAAS, Web Services, Hibernate, JSP, XML, CSS, JavaScript 1.2, XHTML, Net Beans 6.1, SVN,CVS, Win XP. PCM (Product Conformance Management) Team size : 6. Role & Responsibility : Development, Design, Coding & debugging. Details : Conformia has application for drugs life cycle from invention to manufacturing, inventory and marketing and control using SUMS (Scale up Management System) having multiple modules. I was a member of custom components and performance enhancement with new tools like Bandwidth Meter and implementation (http compression) and customization of code and enhancement of module features like RFC and Custom popup with Ajax enabled framework like Ajax4jsf etc. Environment : Oracle 10g, WebLogic 9.2, jdk1.5, XML, JSP, JSF, DHTML, JavaScript 1.2, Eclipse, Star team and Caliber RM. IRM (CRM for higher education) Team size : 8. Role & Responsibility : Development, Design, Coding & debugging. Details : Intelliworks has a CRM tool build in Cold Fusion for enrolling students and managing courses. This product is in process of re-building using J2EE technology for better Thus I was involved in initial stages of design, Research and development with upcoming technology implementation like spring, Hibernate, Ajax (DWR), Tag-lib, spring JDBC Dao etc. Environment : MS SQL Server, Tomcat 5.0, jdk1.5, XML, JSP, spring, Hibernate, JavaScript 1.2, Html, Eclipse, VSS, WinNT.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Team size : 3. Role & Responsibility : Enhancements, development, debugging, Team leading. Details : Digité offers Service Level Agreement for its customers embedded within its product, where in customers will first approve the terms and condition for service like, if defects is filed then it will be resolved in 2 days if change request then 8 days like wise depending on priority and complexity different goals (days/hours) are predefined. Then once that SLA is active for a project then after sales if customer needs some Enhancements or some defect is filed then to track whether SLA is met every request will have SLA information that indicates the no of days/hrs to complete a request and on non-compliance a scheduler runs a mailer to the list of manager provided in SLA, Also there are MIS reports as how many tickets met SLA and how many failed thus billing of customer is made accordingly. Environment : Oracle9i, WebLogic, Jboss3.2.5, jdk1.4.2, XML, EJB, JSP, JavaScript 1.2, Html, DHTML, Eclipse, Intelli JIDEA, VSS, WinNT. QMS (Quality Management System -Timesheet Module) Team size : 4. Role & Responsibility : Enhancements, development, debugging, Team leading. Details : Digité offers an Enterprise Process and Program management Product, In QMS we facilitate employees to fill timesheet for the tasks they work on across their working hours for a complete week and a better sight for the management to analyze the performance of their employee rating on time schedule and percentage of completion of assigned task includes routing of timesheet to immediate supervisor and upon approval to next till final stage project wise and task or action wise. Environment : Oracle9i, WebLogic, Jboss3.2.5, jdk1.4.2, XML, EJB, JSP, JavaScript 1.2, Html, DHTML, Eclipse, Intelli JIDEA, VSS, WinNT. FMS (Feedback Management System - e-CRM) Team size : 5. Role & Responsibility : Enhancements, development, debugging, Team leading. Details : Customer Relation and Feedback management software complete customer tracking and follow up details integrated with auto mail routing and customer search using jsp,Java2,Oracle 9i,Weblogic,servlets, swings and java scripts. Environment : Oracle9i, WebLogic, jdk1.2.2, WinNT. DQA (Data Quality Analysis) Team size : 4. Role & Responsibility : Enhancements, development, debugging, Team Leading. Details : Complete Solution to Multi Vendor Data Entry project with Audit Report and MIS for all Auditors, Operators and Vendors. It uses Tomcat as JSP compiler and http server, Java2 for beans and JavaScript for strong client data entry validations, JSP, Oracle 8i for maintaining data and stored procedures, functions, triggers and sequence thin driver for Oracle pooled connection. Environment : Tomcat, Oracle8i, Jdk1.2.2, WinNT. Team size : 10. Role & Responsibility : Enhancements, development, coding, debugging. Details : Real Time Solutions to Home Loan, Credit Card, Insurance, Personal loan, Car Loan seekers User details maintained with offers selected and financier offered schemes with an intelligent code to analyze and provide best possible offer, once offer selected a unique application no is generated which can keep track of customer in back office work for status tracking and MIS using JSP, Java Script, Sun Java 2.0, Html & Oracle 8i as Backend Database. Environment : Solaris 2.7, Oracle 8i, Win NT / Team size : 6. Role & Responsibility : Analyzing, development, coding, implementing. Details : A live remittance of USD Currency from U.S.A to India at INR Exchange rate in co-operation w/ UTI Bank (Mode of payment: Cheque and Direct Wire Transfer).Admin Module setup for wire transfer Using JSP, Java Script, EJB, Sun Java 2.0, XML, Html and DHTML & Oracle 8i as Backend Database. Servers used are Apache, Pramati & Tomcat. Environment : Solaris 2.7, Oracle 8i, EJB, JSP, XML, Java 1.2 Team size : 8. Role & Responsibility : Analyzing, developing, debugging, implementing. Details : Revamp of full site (look and feel), writing JSP and changing the GUI of site, from the standards provided by product managers and adding additional features to site such as mailing facility and history maintenance of remittance done. Environment : Solaris 2.7, Oracle 8i, EJB, JSP, XML, Java 1.2 Encryption Decryption Module using Entrust Security Team size : self Role & Responsibility : analyzing, debugging and implementing. Details : This is a module developed for encrypting the data files that can be only opened by the person for whom it is meant i.e. (the public key & private key concept). Thus enabling data file security to a maximum level. Environment : Visual Basic 6.0, Entrust Security Software API.

Academic projects
A) Simulation of Stability Criterion by Digital Computer Using C++ Team size : 3. Duration : 4 Months. Role & Responsibility : Project selection, Input Data Module, Flow Charting, Algorithm and troubleshooting. Language : C++. B) Single Chip Microcomputer using MCS'51 Team size : 5. Duration : 8 Months. Role & Responsibility : Layout Design, Chip Soldering, Report accomplishment, trouble shooting & Assembly language programming. Language : Assembly of MCS'51.

Personal Skill Sets
•Independent, self starter, mature nature, flexible to technology changes. •Ability to communicate and present technical material in a clear, concise and
professional manner. •Ability to handle multiple priorities and effective time management skills. •Ability to interface with variety of personality and with person at all level exp. •Attention to details and capability to work effectively within a given timeframe.

Personal Details
Name : Shaikh Muhammed Rizwan. Permanent Address : 191/193 Khwaja Mahal, 1st Floor, Flat no 101/102, M.A.Rd. Duncan Road (Nagpada), Mumbai Pin code 400 0008 (INDIA) Current Address : #15/8, CSR ASTER, Flat-203, Service Road, Ring Rd, 7th Cross, Vijaya bank colony, Banaswadi, Bangalore 560043 (INDIA) DOB / Blood Group : 8th October’1976 / B positive. Telephone No : (Bangalore: 9844066775, Mumbai: 9820929263) E-Mail ID :, Languages known : English (fluent), Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, Malay. Marital Status : (Male) Married. Passport details : No- B 3 0 2 2 4 1 5 (Valid up to 20-11-2010).

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