Raahubaat Yasar

1. If Allah was on the planet earth then went up, he was on a throne. A question was asked about
how far did Allah go up. Well that would depend on where you are. If you were on another
planet, it would be a different time zone. You time is based around your sun moon and stars. As
said in the Bible that they are for seasons as it states in Genesis 1:14, “And God said, Let there
be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for
signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”
2. More black women on T.V. now. The women you see on T.V are actually voluptuous with fur,
modeled after a black woman with sharp features. So now you have white women that look like
black women.
3. Now here is something you may or may not have noticed. Native American women wear what
type of foot wear? Flats. Asian women wear what type? Flats. African women wear what type?
Flats. What do Caucasian women wear, heels, Stilettos and the word stilettos comes from spear,
point. They walk like canines do. Look at a dog’s feet, now look at a pair of heels and then
picture in your mind how they look without a heel. Have you ever had on heels and then the heel
breaks? That’s how dogs feet are and that is the same for Cacas-u women. If they wear and walk
in flats they begin to regress and walk hunched over.
4. The republicans were fighting about how to make money. They only make money from wars
and guns. Now Mr. President is saying to bring the troops home. So they are having a fit because
they will no longer be able to capitalize off of it..
5. The reason they killed Qadafi was because of Timbuktu. He was rebuilding Timbuktu and was
trying to get all the ancient tablets. He was giving money to Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and they
were taking the money to tap into their natural resources. Now many of these African countries
are discovering oil. So now they are attacking Senegal and Mali and sending the French men in
because they speak the language to interfere.
There have been three more school shootings. The black school was was just to try to make it
seem like it is balanced, but it is mostly cacasu schools where all the shootings are occurring.
6. Again republicans make money from wars and drugs. Another shooting took place in a
subway. They are trying to take guns away from criminals and gangs. The innocent people may
turn in their guns however the former will not. Now cops are getting shot, the cop comes to the
door and they just start shooting; they feel they don’t have a chance and won’t get a fair trial so
they take matters into their own hands. So a Mublanu man can walk through the streets of
Harlem with a long beard and hair, and nothing happen because they are afraid of the image of
the beast. Yet, not one that is clean shaven. So when you put on their uniforms and go to a
foreign country and kill, they send troops to fight in the war and they kill and blood is upon you
all blood lusting spirits rise up upon you, and come back with you and make you do things.
That’s why so many in uniforms come back and are unstable. Once you are exposed to that, you
are never the same again.
7. Spirits can defy the law of physics, Beings that do that are extra-dimensional and become
extra-terrestrial once here on earth. Beings that go from the 3
to the 4
dimension can shape-
shift. You can’t hurt them, they are higher than you.
8. They know the first law of physics and gravity is affected by time and by speed*. When you
are afraid your psychic self-defense goes up and your adrenaline rises which is why they usually
flee from you because your wall or psychic self-defense goes up and they need that wall to be
down in order to get you that’s why they come when you are sleeping.
9. Some beings travel inter-dimensionally when they appear in different time periods. Like
Gabriel appeared during the time of Moses, Daniel, and Muhammad, which would make them
extra-dimensional beings and if a being came into the earth’s atmosphere and landed that would
make them extra-terrestrials.
10. The only way to imagine God’s time is the speed of light. Now think of your living room.
You just broke time, the speed of time and traveled at the speed of mind. Now go to a Ball, now
you just broke the law of physics. The only place you can’t go is in the future because it is
happening now. You can travel to the future or now, however you physical body is blocked and
that is why when you are sleep you go somewhere and when you get there you can remember
many things, places and sometime people. So when you wake up you know how to get to a place
you have never seen physically or can tell when something is about to happens and you say déjà
vu. Sometimes you run in to a person and say or feel you know them and you can’t get past it.
Or another time you meet someone and you are walking past yet it is like you can’t get past
them, and just as alike charges repel you slide off of each other like magnet because you are
vibrating the same.
11. Now when a person passes from this realm to the next, if they die tragically, they are
stamped in time in the fibers of energy. This is the reason sometimes you see specters and they
have clothes on. Why would a ghost or spirit need clothing? Why would you see them this was
as opposed to just energy or light. They are stamped like an image is on a negative of film, or a
photo or video. The spirit has moved on yet their energy is burned in that fiber of time and space.
This stamp will eventually dissipate, by other things going on; as new energy occupies that spot
that old energy will fade.
12. You bend time all the time. You can be driving on a highway and you are a distance behind
this car, the next thing you know you are immediately behind the car and you didn’t fall asleep
or accelerate. So because you in your mind’s eye saw where you wanted to be, you were
there. Each individual has a time reference. We can share it with others and bend another’s time
to you and vice versa.
13. It takes 400 years to create a species. We have been working on them for 1000 years to
change genetically and have been trying to convert their anatomy to be more human yet they
keep contaminating their genes by food, drugs, smoke etc. and it makes them regress. Trying to
progress their race yet their mental state is self-destructive, hate is self-destructive. They are evil
and that is the reason why you have so many more of that race with cancer than any other race.
The inclination is that you have been up under them for so long. And many of us are affected by
his programming.
14. Michael Jackson was killed because he became conscious.
15. Have you noticed all the match making sites? The purpose was to match these hybrids up
and mix in. They are not snatching bodies and replacing with these hybrids. They are using
Ultarviolent ray guns to point at their eyes and are turning their eyes grey, thus again the violet
children, which are the offspring of those from the 60’s who did drugs, alcohol, and smoked.
16. The only way to teach the Mublanu is through the cinemas. That is their world. J ohn 8:44
“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from
the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a
lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”. They are trying to save their
children, yet will you, Nagaru, go down with them?
17. Learn to love people who don’t love you.
18. Never lend money, give if you can.
19. The flu is a pandemic not an epidemic. It is killing people and they are doing this to lower the
population on this planet
20. The star fleet is hovering and wants the right to attack the planet, however the confederation
will not give them permission because they have not cooperated with the confederation. They
said you have been given the power of the cinema to control the minds of the planet
21. Crying feeds their forces more than anything else.
22. All should read Why I’m Not a Muslim by Ibn Warraq and Body Snatchers by Susan Reed

Paa Sadaq Kawun Karer Nuun
“The Truth is with us”

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