July 14, 2014

For immediate release:
"F #!N$E T" #"$S IN H"T %!S
(Charlottesville, VA) A new website, HEATKILLS.ORG, has been created to
raise awareness of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars, and to engage in
activism to help combat this phenomenon, through tougher legislation and law
Research shows that even on a 70 degree da, the interior temperature of a
car with the windows crac!ed can reach "00 degrees within #0 minutes. A dog
trapped in such a car can $uic!l begin to suffer brain damage or heatstro!e, and
ultimatel die.
“Most dog parents, I believe, are simply unaware of how dangerous it is to leave their
best friends in cars, during the spring, summer and fall months,” sas Jon Sutz, creator
of %eat&ills.org. “Yet it seems that with increasing regularity, we see news reports that
document incidents of dogs dying as a result of being left in hot cars, all across America.”
After videotaping numerous such incidents in Charlottesville, VA, and
finding it difficult to locate reliable, well'ordered information and resources for
those interested in helping to combat this phenomenon, (on decided to create a
website to serve this purpose. %e has dedicated %)A*&+,,-..R/ to the memor
of his beloved Shayna, the 0miracle dog1 who helped to save his life and spirit
after 23"", and about whom he wrote his first boo!, “Saved y Shayna! "ife "essons
#rom A Miracle $og.”
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(on defined three core missions for %)A*&+,,-..R/4
• *o raise awareness of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars
• *o help raise mone to provide educational programs and
temperature probes for local police forces across America
• *o help enact tougher laws against those who leave dogs in
hot cars
*o start this process, (on developed the following infographic, which
demonstrates how $uic!l the temperature inside a car can rise to dangerous
levels, and integrated it into printable'embeddable fler4
(on is see!ing to align himself with anone who can donate time, !nowledge,
or some other resource to help advance the public5s understanding of this issue.
“%ne person cannot ma&e much of of a difference,” he said. “ut perhaps, with a unifying
website li&e '(A)*I""S.%+, behind us, those who are concerned about this issue can
-oin together to help save dogs from such unnecessary suffering, and death.”
For more information, contact Jon at 44!"#$!"4#" or %on&heat'i(().or*.