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Physical Education Teachers' Beliefs and Intentions toward Teaching Students with Disabilities

Author(s): Jeong, Mihye; Block, Martin E.

Source: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, v82 n2 p239-246 Jun 2011. 8 pp.
Peer Reviewed: Yes
ISSN: 0270-1367
Descriptors: Physical Education, Disabilities, Multiple Regression Analysis, Physical Education Teachers,
Teacher Attitudes, Attitudes toward Disabilities, Prediction, Teacher Behavior, Questionnaires,
Intention, Behavior Theories, Teacher Student Relationship, Foreign Countries
Identifiers: Korea
The Theory of Planned Behavior (TpB) measures the effect that individuals' behavioral belief, normative
belief, and control beliefs have on their intentions to perform a specific behavior. The purpose of this
study was to examine: (a) whether the TpB could predict physical educators' intentions and (b) whether
physical educators' intentions and control beliefs could predict their self-reported teaching behavior. A
sample of 220 physical educators completed the questionnaire. Stepwise multiple regression analysis
revealed that the TpB significantly predicted physical educators' intentions, F(3, 216) = 57.21, p less than
0.01. However, only intention was a significant predictor of physical educators' self-reported behavior in
teaching students with disabilities, F(2, 123) = 34.04, p less than 0.01. (Contains 1 figure and 2 tables.)
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Number of References: 18
Number of Pages: 8
Publication Type: Journal Articles; Reports - Research
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Attitudes of Greek Physical Education Teachers towards Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in
Physical Education Classes
Author(s): Doulkeridou, A.; Evaggelinou, C.; Mouratidou, K.; Koidou, E.; Panagiotou, A.; Kudlacek, M.
Source: International Journal of Special Education, v26 n1 p1-11 2011. 11 pp.
Peer Reviewed: Yes
ISSN: 0827-3383
Descriptors: Physical Education, Inclusion, Mainstreaming, Special Needs Students, Comparative
Analysis, Questionnaires, Attitudes toward Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Foreign Countries, Physical
Education Teachers, Gender Differences, Teacher Attitudes, Negative Attitudes, Elementary Secondary
Identifiers: Greece
Over the last decade the idea of inclusion of students with disabilities and special educational needs
(SEN) in general schools has become increasingly the focus of national and international policies.
Inclusive education has also made enormous progress in Greece recently. The purpose of this study was
to examine the attitudes of Physical Educators toward the inclusion of students with disabilities and SEN
in general Physical Education (PE) classes and to compare them with those teachers who taught the
course of Olympic/Paralympic Education (O/PE) as well as examine gender differences. Four hundred
and ten PE teachers (200 male and 210 female) of an average age of 33.58 years from different
prefectures of Greece completed a modified version of the questionnaire "Attitudes toward Teaching
Individuals with Physical Disabilities in Physical Education" (ATIPDPE) of Kudlacek et al (2002). Two-way
ANOVA was used to analyze the data. The results revealed positive attitudes of all teachers toward
teaching students with disabilities and SEN in PE classes; however, there were no significant differences
between those who taught different type of PE courses as well as between males and females. It is
strongly suggested an ongoing assessment should examine the changes in education of students with
disabilities and SEN and their inclusion in the general schools and how. (Contains 9 tables.)
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Number of References: 54
Number of Pages: 11
Publication Type: Journal Articles; Reports - Evaluative
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Journal Code: MAY2011
Entry Date: 2011
Accession Number: EJ921174
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