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Obama won the world peace trophy in 2009 despite going forward

with his surge in Afghanistan which turned out to be a total failure

with blood splattered all over his hands. Including the blood spilled
during the very infamous night-time foray by Robert ales.
After the failure in Afghanistan! Obama came out with his notorious
pacific pivot designed to ignite ""# in the western $acific. %uc&ily
for the world most people in the western $acific are largely much less
infatuated with warmongering and butchering but more engrossed in
pursuing and ac'uiring big mountains of great material successes.
In the meantime! Obama allowed the (IA to wage a global drone
war that has &illed at least 2!)00 people! mostly old men! women!
orphans! children! babies! and volunteer rescuers.
In 20**! Obama bombed %ibya targeting clinics! residential homes!
city hospitals! water treatment plants! and food storage sites thereby
allowing A+I, forces to ta&e over the country. -oday! A+I,
governs %ibya via pro.y militias and private armies all claiming to
be protectors / guardians of the lovely 01-imposed 2democracy.3
In 1yria! Obama wor&ed with big -a&firi and osphorus fascists to
create havoc and terror in 1yria! giving weapons 4including sarin5
and money to the al-+aeda allies fighting to overthrow the popular
secular government of $resident Assad and replace it with fascists.
In 6eb 20*)! Obama and his side&ic&s overthrew the government
in 0&raine and replaced it with a fascist regime which is now openly
waging a violent war of e.termination against its Russian minority.
In 7uly 20*)! Obama helped Israel to wage bloody revenge on the
8a9an inhabitants in retaliation for the deaths of # 7ewish teenagers
in 7une. -his bloody revenge has already &illed at least *00 8a9ans.
It is very clear Obama has two fully blood-soa&ed hands on his arms.