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Book Review - The Japanese Tea Ceremony (Cha no Yu) by A.L.Sadler

Author: A.L.Sadler Publisher: Charles. E. Tuttle, Tokyo, Japan, 1933
ISBN: 0-8048-1224-1 Pages: 265

A very detailed guide into the Japanese Tea ceremony

Copyright. Peter Hanami, 2014. All rights reserved,

A.L. Sadler has painstakingly researched and documented the history, practices and detailed steps of
the Japanese tea ceremony, so that Westerners may understand and appreciate it in English. The book
has three chapters, a chart that shows the genealogy of the tea masters from 1450 and numerous
photographs of people, equipment and tea houses.

Chapter one sets the scene of the book by explaining the origins and early use of tea, the different types
of tea rooms, utensils, times for the ceremony, the dress required and the intricate sets of rules for each
component of the ceremony.

Chapter two takes us on a tour of the tea masters from the founder of the ceremony Murata Shuko, all
the way through to the modern period. As the ceremony has continued over 500 years, the reader learns
of the ceremony through the various phases of history which are very entertaining.

The third and final chapter explains the different schools of Tea, the names of Tea rooms, shares a
programme for a tea ceremony party and provides examples of kaiseki food menus that accompany the

A very detailed guide for anyone wanting to learn, appreciate and enjoy the way of tea. I found the
historical stories of the tea masters throughout different periods to be the highlight for me, as well as the
detailed form, procedures and etiquette that are associated with a traditional ceremony.

If you want a comprehensive guide to the Japanese tea ceremony, then this book is a very good guide.

Book Review - The Japanese Tea Ceremony (Cha no Yu) by A.L.Sadler