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Conducting Competency Assessment

Part 1 Preparing the Candidates (Pre-Assessment)

Introduce yourself ( The assessor must wear his/her ID card as a proof of his/her accreditation)

Good morning everybody!

My name is (state your name) I am an accredited competency assessor
for _______________________.

Acknowledge the presence of the TESDA Representative and explain his/her presence.

I would like to acknowledge the presence of Mr./Ms ____________,
our representative from TESDA Provincial Office.

You do not have to worry his/her presence. He/She is here to oversee
the conduct of competency assessment and to check if the conduct is
in accordance with the prescribed competency assessment
methodology and procedures. He/She will not assess you.

Check the attendance (Let the candidates sign the attendance sheet, compare signatures of
candidates on the admission slips against the signature on the attendance sheet)

Before I start, let me first check the attendance. As I call your name,
please present to me your respective admission slips.

Present the self assessment guide this was filled out by candidate prior to the assessment

I have here with me your accomplished self assessment guide. This is
an indication that you know and can perform all the units of
competency enumerated in this qualification.

Give the overview of the qualification to be assessed

Today, I am going to administer competency assessment for (state the
qualification). It is the qualification level with core units of competency
namely: (Enumerate the core units of competency)



Explain the following to the candidates:
o Context and purpose of the assessment
Context of the assessment includes:

Physical Setting
Tools, equipment and facilities
Purpose of assessment

Overseas Employment
Education or training needs
Employee classification / Promotion
Certification or Licensing
o Needs of the candidates to establish allowable/reasonable
Sample forms of reasonable adjustment

Translate English instructions in the vernacular
Use oral in place of written instructions
o Legal and ethical responsibilities

Occupational Health & Safety
Confidentiality of the assessment process
Free consent
Right to make an appeal
o Units of Competency to be assessed and the evidence to be collected from candidate as
contained in the assessment guidelines (Evidence Plan)
Evidence plan gives information on the qualification, units of
competency, the list of required evidences and in what ways or
assessment methods through which the evidences will be collected.
Administer Competency Assessment Agreement Sheet (CAAS)

Do you have any questions or clarification?

If none, I will now distribute the Competency Assessment Agreement
Sheets. Please read the instructions carefully and answer all the
questions outlined in the document.

Part II Conduct the Assessment

Provide the candidates with all the materials, tools and equipment required to
complete the tasks
Give the specific instructions to the candidates clearly and at the right pace

Specific Instructions

1. Using the materials, tools and equipment, you are required to
perform the task within _________ hours. I will be observing you
while you are performing the task.
2. After your demonstration, I will ask you some questions related to
your demonstration.
3. You may ask me when there is a need for me to translate or explain
items for clarification before you start.
4. After the questioning portion, I will give you feedback about your
5. Any question/clarification? If there are no more questions, you may
start now.


While the candidate performs the activity you must
Remind the candidate again to observe safety precautions as needed
Stop the candidate if accident is imminent
Take note of unusual conditions during the assessment

Part III Provide Feedback

Mr./Ms./Mrs. (state the name of the candidate) you were


Give the strong points of the candidate followed by the weak points

If the candidate was found to be competent say:

You performed the tasks within the standard requirement of the qualification




Present the rating sheets to the candidate to affix his/her signature on the candidates
signature portion. This is a proof that he/she accepts your assessment decision.
Then hand over a copy of the accomplished Competency Assessments Results
Summary (CARS) to the candidate (Let the candidate sign in the appropriate space then
affix your signature. Please state that the CARS will be signed also by the Assessment
Center Manager ).
Explain how he/she will get his/her National Certificate (NC).

If the candidate was found not yet competent say:

If the candidate was found not competent say:

Mr./Ms. (state the name). I am sorry you were not able to perform
within the standard requirements of the qualification. You have to
review/practice the activities related to the competency requirements of
the qualification further.

You come back when you feel confident enough that you have acquired
the competence. Dont you worry, you will only be reassessed on the part
of assessment activities where you were found to be not yet competent.