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Professor Ivan Pavlovich Minayev (1840-)890), whose death centenary was
conemorated in Leningrad at a seminar held at the Oriental Institute of the Academy
of Sciences from May 16th - 1 8th, 1990 to discuss Problems of Interpretation in
Traditional Indian Texts, was an outstanding Russian Orientalist of the nineteenth
century. A talented and brilliant scholar, he was the founder of the school of Russian
Indology, which produced distinguished men of learning, like Sergei Oldenburg and
Theodore Stcherbatsky.l
Born on October 21, 1840 in Tambov, in an ofcer's family of modest means,
Minayev became conversant with the European languages, French and German, at home
at an early age, while he gained an excellent knowledge of the Oriental languages,
Sanskrit, Pal i and Prakrit, at the Oriental Languages Department of the University
of Petersburg, where he was a sudent during the years 1858 - 1862. Working under
the guidance of his teacher, v.P. Vassilyev, a specialist in Buddhism and Chinese,
Minayev beame interested in the study of the origin of Buddhism, its philosophy, and
such matters as the dating of the canonical Buddhist texts and characteristics of Buddha
statues in India and Sout-east Asia. He had other interests as well, covering the felds
of linguistics, history, literature, folklore and geography. An essay he. wrote as a
student on the Geographical Studies of Monoglia, characterized as a monumental work
which surpassed all expectations and more than met all the requirements of the
Facuity,2 won for him a gold medal.
During the years 1863 - 1868, Minayev visited univerSItIes in Germany, England
and France, where he had the opportunity of meeting and learning under eminent
scholars such as Albrecht Weber, Theodor Benfey and Francis Bop

p. One of Minayev's
1. The informal ion given in this paper about Minayev (also speJt Minayef)
and some of his publications is based on the following: Kotovsky, G.G. Russki
vostokoved i puteshestvennik (Russian Orientalisls and Travellers) Moscow, Nauka
Publishers. 1967; Minayef, I.P. Travels in and Diaries of India and Burma.
Translated from the Russian by Hirendranath Sanyal. Calcutta. Eastern Trading
Company. No date. Pages 23-39 of this publication contain a Biographical
Sketch of Minayef written by Academician A.P. Barannikof.; Gamayounov, 1.S.
Russia's relations with India through the ages. Translated by Ruzena Kama1h,
from Pamphlet No. 33 Series J of the All Union 'Societv for the dissemination of
Political and Scientic Kowledge. Moscow. 1955. Published in ISCUS. Joural
of the Indo-Soviet Cultural Society. Vol. IV No. 4. Special Number. 1957, pp.
15-55; Krasnodembskaya, N.G., J.P. Minayev and 1he ethnological Studies on
Sri Lanka. Published in: Sri Lanka - istoriya i sovremennost (s ri Lanka - History
Qnd modern Timfs) Moscow. Nauka Publishers 1977.
2. Annual ceremonial Symposium of the Imperial University of St. Petersburg held
on the 8th of February 1861. Report on the condition and scientic activities of
the Imperial University of St. Petersburg for the veal' 1860 pp. 68-71, 87).
earliest research projects, the preparation of Ca{,:/oglft' of Pali Manuscripts in the
Bibliotheque Nationale il1 Paris, still preserved there in manuscripl, was done during
1his visit. Minayev returned to his homeland in 1868 and was appointed a 'docent'
in the Department of Sanskrit Studies in the Philological Faculy of his alma mater,
the University of Petersburg, in 1869. He joined the Department of Comparative
Grammar of Indo-European l anguages in 1871, defended his doctoral thesis in 1872,
and was appointed Professor in 1873. which post he hel d until h is premature death
on the 13th of June 1890.
Minayev came to the East three times. He visited Sri Lanka (1hen known as
Ceylon) , India and Nepal in 1874 - 75, India onl y in 1880, and India and Burma
in 1885 - 86. The purpose of Minayev s visit to Sri Lllka was to gai n a first-hand
knowl edge of the stale of Buddhism in the island. According to his book, Sketches
of Ceylon and India,3 he visited Buddhist monasteries and made contact with learned
monks, from whom he gained much information which he could not get in any other
way or from other persons. The distinguished Russian ethnographers, Alexander
Mikhailovich Meerwarth (1884 - 1931) and Ludmila Alyxandrovna Meerwari h (1888
" 1965), who visited Sri Lanka in the years 1914 J915 on a special ethnographic
expedition of the Russian Academy of Sciences considered themselves followers of
Minayev. In the preface to their book, In a Remote Corer of Cpylon,4 the Meer
warths recorded their indebtedness to Minayevs excellent work, Sketches of Ceylon ad
India, in their understanding of Ceylon, and hoped tht their own work would serve
as a supplement to his work.
Minayevs many publications include a major study entitled Buddhism: Researches
and Materials, published in two issues," the frst contai ning an introduction to the
sources and the second a few Sanskrit texts having c bearing upon the history of
Buddhism. Available in a French translation,6 this work, which in the words of the
author "must be regar
as an introduction to the exposition of the Buddhist doctrine
in its historical sequence," contains an examination of thc history of ancient Buddhism,
'ts institutions, doctrines, organization and basic religious and philosophical conceptions, "
and inter alia, a study of the ancient monuments of Bu
hist art such as the Bharhut,

stupa and the inscriptions of Asoka. Some of his other works are a carefully prepare
ext and the translation into Russian of 1he Prcltimoksa slIlra. wit h an extensive preface,
3. Minayev 1.P. O/cherki Tsey/ona i India (Sketches (f Cey/oll und India) Part s I
n St. Petersburg. 1878. Part 1,V and 284 pages. Part IT, 238 Pages
4. Meerwarth, A.M. Meerwrth. LA. ] glushi TseylonL1. Leningrad 1929.
5. Vol. 1 Issue I. Introduction: About sources. 280 pages. Issue JI. XII. 159 pages.
St. Petersbmg 1877. This work remained incomplete owing to the untimely
of Minayev. After his death some portions of the existing materials were published',
by his pupil, Academician S.F. Oldenburg, under lhe tille Materials and
on Buddhism, Vide Minayef TrL1vels . . ... . . op. cit. p. 31.
Recherches sur /e Bouddhisme. Traduit du Russe par R.H. Assier
Annales du Afusee Guimet. Bib/ioTheque d' Etudes Tome J V, Paris
of this was not available for consultation at the lime of writing.
published in 1 869, which was his dissertation for the Master's degree;7 his doctoral
thesis, an authoritative contribution based on the thirteenth century Pali gramar,
Rupasiddhi, he was editing and preparing for publication,S which wCs soon translated
into French9 and English;l a treatise on Declensions and Conjugations of Scmskl'iI
Gl'ammar,l1 which was for long time the only means of sr udying S::mshit through
the medium of Russian; an edition of the MahctvyutpCui, the famous Sanskrit-Tibetan
terminological dictionary compiled in Tibet at the beginni ng of the ninth century, an
edition based on O study of its Tibet an, Chinese, Monogolian and t,1anchurian
an edition of the Pali text Petaratthll based on Sinhala manuscripts of
his own collection and a Burmese manuscript of the Phayre Collection in the
India Ofce Library, published by :he Pali Text Society in London;13 AnagatCl'amSQ,
a Pali work of 142 \crses containing a description of the activities of Buddha Metteyya
which must manifest themselves in the future/' the Gandhal'umsG, a history of later
works in Pali, written by Nandapanna in Burma;15 the Kesadhatuvamsa, a history of
the Hair Relic of the Buddha, also known by the name Chakesadhullll'ClmSO, history of
the six Hair Relics of the Buddha;ls Ihe Simavivadavinicchoyakat!;a contamlg some
facts relating to the modern history of the Buddhist church, based on single
Sinhalese manuscript on paper received from 'Subhuti Unnanse' during his stay in
. Ceylon,l7 a translation from the Pahari language into Russian of Indian tales and
7. L11, 1 22 pages Vide Supplfment to Vol. XV!. Notes 0. the Academy of Sciences
St. Petersburg. 1 886
8. Pali Grammar. A Phonetic al1d Morphological Sketch of the Pali Languace. With
an Introductory Essav 01 its form and Chartlcter. St. Petersburg. 1872. XLIV.
96 pages. Rupasiddhi is also known as Muhorup((siddhi, vide edition of Kalukondayawe
Pannasekhara Thera. Colombo, M.D. Gunasena, 1964 1st edition.
9. Translated from Russian into French by M. Stanislas Guyard. Pari; 1874.
10. R<ndered into English from the French and rearranged with some modifcations
and additions for the use of English students. By Chas. Geo Adams. Maulmain.
British Burmah 1 882.
11. Published in lithograph tn 1889.
12. Bibliotheca Buddhica XIH. St. PetersbW'g 1910 - 11; published earl ier in the
second issue of Buddhism: Researches and Materials. op. cit. Vide Bongard-Levin
G. and Vigasin, A. The Image of India. The Study of Ancient Indian Civilisation
ill the U.S.S. R. Moscow, Progress Pblishers. 1984 p. 96.
13. H. Henry Frowde J888
14. lournal of the Pali Text Society, London, 1 886. pp' 33-53.
1 5 . lournal o
th . Pali Text Society, 1 886, pp. 54-80
16. Jour'al of the PaN Text Society, 1 885, pp. 5-16
17. l,mrnal of the P(d; Text Society, 1 887, pp. 1 7-34.
legends collected in Kumaun, a region lying on the slope of the Himalayas, interesting
ethnographical information about the inhabitants of which is gi ven in its preface;18
a work cal led Ancient India, containing notes on the Voyage Beyond Three Seas of
Afanasi Nikitin, which, besides being a commentary on the Voyage, appears to be a
work of research on the history of medieval India ; 19 Sketches of Ceylon and India.
which systematizes t he results of his first journey to Ceyl on and India, of which the
part devoted to Ceylon consists of the following six chapters : From Galle to
Hambantota,' 'Colombo and Bud.dhist Monks,' 'Kurunegala and the Silver Monastery,'
'Anuradhapura and the Em'irons,' 'Kandi,' 'Excursion to Alutnuvara and Ceylonese
Traits';20 and the translation from the French into Russian of Travels of ]reo P010,21
a posthumous publication.
Yet another of Minayev' s contributions to scholarship was the col lection of manu
scripts during his expeditions in the East.22 The greater part of his collection was
donated to the Saltykov-Shchedrin State Public Library in Sf Petersburg, formerly known
as Leningrad and also Petrograd. Most of the manuscripts described in Mironov's
catalogue of Indian manuscripts kept in this l ibrary are those from the Minayev
collectionP The 305 titles in Mironov's catalogue contain descript ions of Brahmanic,
Jaina and Buddhist manuscripts arranged in three sections.24 In his int roduction to
the catalogue written in 1917, Mironov stated that the publ ication was only the fst '
part of his work. He planned to describe in a second p:lrt other Northern-Buddhist
and Pa Ii manuscripts and to give the history of the collection, an index of authors
and titl es, and some photographs of the manuscripts. Regrettably, this part never .
appeared in print.
] 8. Indian Tales (lId Legends collected in Kumaun in 1875. St. Petersburg 1876, 249
19. St. Petersburg. 1881. 174 pages.
20. Parts I - IT, St. Petersburg, ) 878, Part I v. 284 pages. Port l 238 Pages.
21. Publication of the Russian Imperial Geographical Society under the editorship
of V.V. Bartold. St. Petersb\1 rg, ]902, XXIX and 355 pages.
22. Minayev also col l ected obje(ts of art and items of ethnol ogical interest. which
are preservtd in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Academy
of Sciences of the US.S.R located in Leningrad.
23. Cat<10gue of Indi<7n Manuscripts in the Russian Public Library. Collection of I ..
P. Minae)' and some others. Compiled by N.D. Mironov. Fascicule I. Published',
by the Russian Academy of Sciences. Petrograd 1918.
24. 1. Brahmanica I - 131; II Jinica 132 - 275; lI. Buddhica 276 - 305.
The examination of the undescribed material in the collection was the main
purpose of my visit to St. Petersburg beginning September 1989.25 The uncatalogue
manuscripts are mainly those from Burma and Sri Lanka written in the Burmese and
Sinhala script s. The larger number of these had not been identifed. I give below
some information about the Sri La nkan manuscripts and the few northern Buddhist works
of the as yet uncatalogued materiel .26 which information I gave briefy at the Minayev
Commemoration Seminar referred to earli er. The qu.otations from the manuscripts
are given as they occur in them. The l anguage in most instances is fauhy. No
effort at emendation has been made.
Pali Manuscripts. Written on palm l eaves. Script Sinh'lla. Series 916.
71 folios. 47x5.5 cm. 8/9/10 line. Place of wriling: Jetavarw monastery 11
Pulatthi nagara.
iti abhidhammottha-vibhal'aniya nama abhidhammatthasangLihavannallllya jJathalJlQ
paricchedm'annollu nitthita 17a3 ;-dlltiya 19b5;- totiya- 24b3 catuttha-
32a9; jJtll1Cmcl 43b4; chL,ttha - 50a9; - sottama 55b 10; atthama
63b5; navama 70b3; nitthita cayom ,lbhid/u1nllnafl havib!ol',Hi IWIn,;1 abhi
dlwmmatthasangahatika ramme pulatthinagarp nLtol\7dhil'.je r(mlla parokkama
bhujena mahabhujena karapi/e......... jetavone vihare .. . .... . 70b8: clinchi call1visphi
tikaym nitthita 71a3.
2. BALAVATARA 91 6 - 81
31 folios. 42x5 cm. 9 lines.
balavataram bhasissam balanam huddhivuddhiva 1a2; ba/api/taro janatobuddhivuddhim
karotu hi 31 b2; balavLltaro nitthito 31 b3; imina pumwkammen. yava buddha
bhavamaham mahosadhova nanenLI jotisetthiva hhogina l'essantarova dallena 170tll
may/am bhavobhave siddhir astu subham astu arogyam LlSlU 31 b3 5
25. I record my thanks to the Academy of Sciences, U. S.S.R. for inviting me to
visit Leningrad to Dr. Nina Krasnodembskaya of the Institute of Ethnologica i
Studies, Professor Georgi A. Zograph_ Mr. Ancre Paribok and the members of
the Institute of Oriental studies, and Professor V. Balin and staf of the Depart
ment of Indian Languages in the Oriental Faculty of the University of Leningrad
for enabling me to have a most rewarding stay in Leningrad from September
1989 May 1990. My thanks are also due Lo Professor R.A.L.H. Gunawardhana
of the University of Peradeniya for introducing me to Dr Krasnodembskayc' in
the frst instance.
'6. I appreciate very much the help of Mr. Viktor Lebeev, ,Is. Olga Vasilyeva
and the staf of the Manuscript Department of the State Public Library in
Leningrad for facili1ating easy access to the manuscripts.
. ........
52 fo1ios_ 58x5.5 em 7 lines.
Cu/asilam nitthil'ill1 627: ljjhimasi/am nit/hitam 9b2; mahasikun /lit/hitum 12b6;
p,-lthamakobhan<Fllrlllll 18a5; hralzmaja!isutfam niTti!ihlnl 5211; imam IikhitapunneJll
metteyyam l/pasomkumipatilthayitvt Sclranesu patifthomi sasaile. LlkkllLJram ekumekam
1`t1 buddharaStllhJl1l siyCl_ tosmL1 hi path ito poso IikheYYl1 pih,kattay"m. likh(ya
palina dham1110m 1101'akotisahassak,111 kappam akkharagQlwl1aya cakkavaratti bhavissati;
(n Sinhala: sn}ddhadi pancadharmayen /10 prajna1e ),uktul'G lIpadirnva); ito cutoham ,
wlr(!iCm1budipe hinwloye hemamayamhi kute kappaYliko del'(lpatih1 hutva metteyy- j
at1a11lassa sl!l1omi dhai11fJ1am. siddhir ((stu suhh.Jm Llstu arogyam astll. 52a2 52a4.
104 folios numbered in Sinhalaletters: ka-ehr 61x5.5 em. 7 lines.
iti cakktlra/tidipalliJ'LlIll cakk,lr./Isarl/p,midl'eso l1al11.:1 pal/wnw h1l1do ka
p'lbbataniddeso lIoma dl/fiyo kalldo kch (II jalUSCl)iddeso I/ama fatiyo
k hI b7;- diponiddeso nama catuttho kando ge a 1;- bhwniiiidveso ih;ma pJnc'lIlO
kando ci a6;- [nkinl1okal'inidhoyyo nama chatlho karldo chr b3;- cakkavaladipani
tika ehr a6.
117 fol ios 47x6 em. 11 Jines.
itf sadhlljai!L7I1dlldadnanidolle jinah7l11karGl'atthusodhal7i gatlhHul1l1(/n,l nitthita 20b3;
jinalamkare tiridhabuddlwkkhelf(/v({I1I101W nitthifa 39b3;- aSldmananavannana-
44b11;- pubhabhinihar<11'ol1nalh1 - 50al;- vyakaral117Val1nanll- 52alO;- bodhi
s(1l11bharavannana - 56b 1 1;- g,7bbhokkuntivannana 59-a4;- vitamungalavu
nn,mv- 64a2;- ag,1rikasampattivClnnul1Cl -67a5; - mahapadhanavannana -S4a4
abhisambodhivannana - 95blO;- desclnananaVlil1llL1f1l 97b10;- patihariyo
vanl1anC - I 03b8;- novagul1,llunnan( 116a3;- buddhapujul'idhanol'ulll1{lIlQ .
117a9 ; jinalomkorcmi17nunC liifthita 117b9
20 folios. 48x6 em.
ramdnnadcsapatibll11railladhipatinll...... jinCsasanaSamSI!ddhitam pavattim kathisyate
I b2; evam samm(lsambuddhaparinibbanCfto dl'innam l'(fssasatanam upari chattimsatime
msse vitiratte imasmi ramdl1l1adese ...... sasanam pcltitthapesunti datthabbam 2b2;
lamkadipato saSL111am I1gant1a pragamanagare patitthatiti datthabbam 3bS; talo
pana bhikkhusamgho sihaladipato agatasasanapal'elligatatta sihalabhikkhusamghoti
pacchimakalagatatta pdcchimabhikkhusamgho cd l'OIWfC/nti 4b8; tato patthaya ..
jetavanal'ilwravasikehi bhikklzu mahaviharal'dSikehi abhuyagiriviharavasikehi bhikkhuhi
cd bhinditl'a 9a7; iti kalyani nama pasanalekhakhd nitthita 18b7 ; ramadhipatiranno':
kalY<1ni nama pasanalekha painitthita 19a2; kalycni ppal, . IrmW nitthita 2Ob6; kalya-
nippakaranavinicchayakatha nitthita 20b8.
102 folios. 45x5 cm. 7 lines.
abhisambodhikatha 23a8; anandabodhikatha 56b 1; dasabalaparinibbanakatha 58b2;
j)thamasangitikatha 65a6; dutiyasclngitikatha 66b3; tatiyasangitikatha 75a2;
ILmkavataranakclfha 79a5; mahaviharapatiggahanakatha 92a6; eetigiriviharapatiggaha
nakatha 93a3; dhatvagamanakatha 95b6; dhatvagcmanakarha 99b I; cetiyagirivihara-
. p,ltiggahanakatha 101a3; mahabodhil'amso nitthito 102b2;.
an aspiration of the copyist is expressed here in Sinhala verse:
metun balen matu noyipada dujatiye
tanin tanama pilisinda gena. setuve
upan upan tanakama nibanda sil ri
nivan dakim mam met munirajun dt
vijayostu istarthasiddhir astu' I02b5
ka (102M)
9. MANORATHAPURANI commentary on the Anguttar,mikuya 916-63 (II) 55
folios. 60x6 cm. Incomplete. Beginning missing. Numbering in Sinhala letters
is not continuous.
manorath,7juraniya anguttaral1ikayatthakathaya navanipatavannanCl nitthitu 55a3
10. PANCASATABHIKKHUNAM VATTHU 916-25 (II) IJ story Fum Rast1vahini
see no. 16 below 2 folios. 30x5.5 cm. 8 lines.
pancascttabhikkhunam vatthum dutiyam. folio 2.
11. PARMATTHADIPANI Commentary on the Petavatr/lli 916-20 (III) 108 folios.
52x5.5 em 8/9 lines.
idam hi petavatthum duvidhena pavattam ltthuppattiv.:isent ea pUCCh./l'issajjallu
vUsena ca. tatthu yam atthuppattivasena pavattam tam bhagclvata lva bhasitam 2:13;
on left margin of folio 4, in Sinhala: pretavQstu atuVGl'a; pal'amCitthadipol/iya
petavatthusamvannanaya khettupama petavatthUVGlll1ana nUrhifc7 4b 1. ; mahapeskara
-18b3;-uragajataka - 26a2;- mattakundali - 36a6; uttaramatu - 5438;
-bllusa nb8 serini 76a8; migaludda 77b 1; - pataliput ta
- 103a8; akkhorukkha l07a4; satthikutasahass. - I08a6; poranalfha
kathanayam nissaya yo samuraddha atthasamvannanG maya yu tattha pal'amatthanam
tattha taltha V'tharaham pakaS(,n,: paramatiudipani nam.I...... samJtta 108bl
12. PARAMATTHADIPANI commentary on the Petavatthu 916-20. (IV) 90 folios.
59x5 cm. 8/9/10 lines.
paramatthadipani nama 90a5;- petavatthusamvannana sumattati 90a8
19 folios. 45x5.5 cm. 8 lines. Author: Acariya Dhammapala resident. of the
monastery of Badratiitha.
badaratitthal,i hara vCsina mUl1ivarayatina bhLtd.lI1lellu ucariyadhammapalena kata
petiJVatthusamvannanu Sl1lrl,ttta 19a3
16 folios. 56x5.S em. 9jlO/ll lines Author: Acariya Dhammap:l1a. resident of
the monaslery of Badaraliltha.
b(idol'a(itfh.lvihOl'<l"ISiI1LI mlinil'ara)'utinL1 .bhadanfen(l acv,iyadhammapalena kala
petcvott/1Usaml\711110110 s<wwtta 16b I I
59 folios. 58x5.5 em. Numbered in Sinhala letters as follows. ka-kha (kha b is
blank. A gap in the numbering indicates that some folios are missing); gi
ghu (folio ghu has a coiophon signifying the end of a manuscripl) A fresh
ka -khi. It appears lhat two manuscripts have been put in one bundk.
An unnumbered folio placed at the end should be placed at the beginning.
j udling from ils content viz. noma tassa bhagal(/to arahato summosombuddhassa
bllddham `II/!! g,icchtlmi e' c. fo1ming the sa}"Olh!g.lIliltl'l of 1 he paritl lex l.
copyist's li1 Alaga!le Dhammajoti.
ddS(1 sikk hap':dj, il/i ka 11: S'II11(/!r'ljhll1!um ka a3; dl'attilnsaiar<u1 ka as; p:iCCdV
\ckkhnI ka a 1: da^sdh:mtflO ka b6; mahamol1ga/uslilftlm ki b4; raftlllasuttam
ku a4: karLlniYL;meftosuftam ku b6; khahdhap,lrittam ku b4; IIwttasuttam k a4;
mefftmisumst7m kr b3; mOJ"ilporit !til kr b6; ccmdap<triflam kr as; sllriyaparillam
kr b5: dhajuggapuriftam por/Jwn<lkabhanavararn kl a6; mahCkassL.paftherabojjhangam
ke as; mahamnggtll/ollolthel'obojjhallganl kai a5; IJw!klcundLJlfhel"<7-hojjhangam ko a3;
girimalli.mdu.1utf'll11 ka h ,6; isigilislItt(lm dllti)'aka-hhol1t7I'"r siddhir astu suM am
astu arogytim ,ISlli is(orthJsiddhir astll kha a6; (Folios containing the Atanotiyasutta
and the DhL7mmOCL1kkl1pc!1'(ltlunasuttd are mlss1I1g). m,d1tISamayasllttam gr b4;
.:!lGlvakasuttam gl b2; jJarabh.iVJSurtam ge a6; vasa/(:siu/tlll ga u a3; kasibhamdl;t-
jasutram gha ll: sac('(ll'ibhallgasuttam ghu b4; Copyist O aspiration to become
a Buddha is expressed in Sinhala: buduvemva a/ao/Ie d/1mm(ijoti ghu bS;. The
second text included il the bundle is in. the freshly lu1bCCd folios ka khi.
iii I'itthal'amukhena rn.7hasafiplltt/zC/l1usuttam nittlzilam khi b5. The copyist's
aspiration to become the foremost among the wise is expressed in Sinhala:
I1UI'Cll1tilfOll kLLhi llgrorel1ll"l1 khi bS; subham (S(1I arogyam as(u ka/yanam as(t.(
l'ijal'os(l( ('ir(<I11 jil'(111 .Isttl khi b6.
16. RASAVAHIN19J6-55
169 folios. 50x5 cm. 8/9/10 lines. Author Vedeha Thera. Date of copy 1801.
vakkhamaham slIl1Iadhlll'am rOsstlvahinim tam hlo bho slll1rJnfu sujlnabhimud<1vahI
S.f I b6; tattha falfizupap,7Iln,lIIi. v,1tthuni araha pure obhasum dip'tbltasaya thapesum
fam puranatontl Jnahuvi/wre giilfuvamh:purivenulusiko. rLlfthapa/oti namena
silacaragunakCro hito)'a pal'ivottesi paj,mam p.:!ihlwsato pUIlLiruttadidosehi tam asi
sabham akulanz (/llokulam kClrissami tam sunatflu samahit" I b6-2a I; tofflll) tesanI
vattht.nam uppattiyo dl'idho Mc/vanti jambudipe sihaludipe cali taltha jambudipe
laliso sihaladipe fP-.wtthi tesli. ti/va jambudipuPPMtil'(luhlli7i ,il'ibh<1visS(ll1ti tatopi
dhamnltlsondass(I tidi 2D2-2a 3: dh,ll1ll1wsondakavaggo pallidlll 17a 7; lIondirajwggo
dutiyo 29b2 ; yakkhal'tlncifavaggo tCtiyo 45a8 ; mahasenal'uggo catuttho etfa valu
jmnbudipuppattikathcl sa11attl (Uha /amkadipuppaftivauhuni kathiyanti migapo tk assa
I'otfhumhi o)'am anupubbikatlw 63a9 ; migapotakavaggo pancomo 74b4 ; uttaro!iya- vaggu
ehattho 92b4; yodhavaggo sat tamo 1 19b 1 ; dutiYilyodlhlVllggo otthatl1o 1 35b8;
silutlClvaggo f/( vamO 1 47a8 ; eulcgLilll V.:Jggo dasamo 1 65b3 ; m.;hallikaVl v<l trhum
pathamam . 1 66b3 ; pancLls,1tabhikkhunam vatthum dutiyam 167b2 ; dantakutumhika-
ssavatthum fatiyam 1 69al ; ten L vedehatheren:t katayam I'CIsavahini:n 1 69a S ;
rasavLlhiniyam likhitc samatf 169a 7 ; nifthifo asaluhiio 1 69a9 ; Date of
completing the copyi ng gi ven i n Si nhal a : VO/,S(I 1 80 1 idi sLltabramasodi /iyo
. 1 1 8 foli os of whi
h 9S are numbered in Roman numeral s The res t are not
numbered. 4S. 5xS, S cm. 9/ 1 0 l ines. Folio b l en hand conk conta i ns t he ti tl e
of the text . RlIpasiddhi. kttccLyul1.Jcari yam nami{ vc . . - - = oL:la}J/tibodhan: J ftlwm lIillm
k.!thissam vyattam sukanr,ll11 p,}crup.1siddhim 1 b3 ; i{i i'.pasiddhiYCim sandhikand!)
pathamo paricehedo 1 2a4 : namakando dutiva -' 39b8 ; -- k,,'raktiktlndo t.ltiyo
S I b 1 0 ; samasakL1ndo catut/110 64b3 ; - taddhifakoildo paneLllna 75a6 ;
- L1khyat{lkdndo clwttho - 95a8 ; - It/ rupasiddhiytil1 l kibhidhClukalldo .cttral1lIJ
rupasiddhippakar,mn SLimattdm l ast fol i o b8
34 fol ios. ' 35xS em. 7/8/9/ l ines.
iIi samantakutavann,ma nilll1ito 34a I
] 70 fol ios. SOx5 cm. 9/ 1 0 lines . S anpindinidhcl11f sic on wooden C(vcr Numbered
in Sinhala l et ters : ka tIn Incomplete.
ratcattayanam sampi11ditam nama malwnidal1am vt/kkhami t;' c';iriyapuramptirehiti ka b3 :
idha pana fividham nidhanam iechanti pornnClcoriya. katumam til'idham
dure nidanam ovidure nidal/am santi.'e nidananli. katham dure nidal/am dipam/wrcl
bud1 dim katl'( yava l'esstJ ntLJrabhavc/ {({vl kathetabbam. idam cute nidGl7tUll I1tll11;"/ .
katham avidure nidanam. l' essontaram "dim kutva yeH'Q abhisL7mbuddlw 1,11'( kjtheta . .
budd/wdtm /wtVtl yava
h/rinibhCllu etthantare YLllhLI taitho hhagLll'cl l'iharati
al 'l
kathetabbanti. ap{lre acariya cutubbidQm nidal 1L1in iechanti. tltidure nidal/11m dure
nidanam avidllre nidanarn sLlfike nidanam. atidure lIidan.m brohn-hldevobuddhiJdim
katva yava dipLlnlk.7/'L?buddham ka b4-ka b9 ; kel t/Ur dure nidanam - - . . - varamdake
kCippe CCfaro buddhtJ uppcUJimsu tanhLmkLo medhamkaro sW'whlmku/,o dipumkaro
patthava bodhisattanam ctbhiniharo 1ittharato katlzetctbbo kr bS ; evam
bhagava diptlmkctro sumedhatapasam vYLlkat,l11 k({t vLl khl b8 ; el'am t7111hakam
bodhisatto dipamkaradil1tim mtuvisLlfi buddhu/1am scm/ike Jdhikoram korol110
. Iaddhavyakurano ahosi gha a I ; imam puncamahavilok':l1am l'iloket l'iI ghi b 7 ;
suddhodanamaharcjassa aggamuhesiya mLlhamLlv,Jva devia ku('chimhi patisandhim
ganhi ghi b9 ; suddhodollLl ma1arL7jo vart7tonoYl7s.kl bodhisaltass(l lil1l1Qm tunIJ 117
Il/ucc/wvike tayo pdslde kLlreli lhl b9 ; t7pul'tllllpi eL,di i'ClSCiI1l UYYtll1dl1l gaccIJanru
yer antaramagge tathel'Ll. . . pabbajitam disva ghc a9; Chal11h1 "ham ajjevu moho
bhinikkhamanam nikkhamitukumo glWi b3 ; bodhi&1 TfO ekarattenel'il tini rajjani
arikkamma timsayojanikamaggam gontv(I naditiram sampapuni ghau a2 ; kanthako
. . . dukkh,lm sandharetum t1SLtkkonto hadaye phalite kalam katva gho b9 ; bodhisatto
pCll1a + . . (/nupiyam nama ambavQl1am p'lvisitva gham a2 ; tatflw sattl1ham pabba-
aslikhma l'itinamet vCl nikkhamI1w . . . . ruj.Jg.1ham papuni gh:lnl a3 ; bodhisottop i
kho kotipattam dukkarakarikam karissamiti ghah a] ; dukkarakarika bodhaya maggo
11( hotiti nat)'a bodhisatto olarikam aharam aharetllkamo gamalligamam pind(lya
caritva ghah a 7; . payasam bodhisattassa adosi na b8 ; l1er.mjanatiram gatva
na a 1 ; bodlzimandalam aruylw l1a b3 ; samaram marabL/lam . . . viddhamitva lH'. a5 ;
sLJbbmInutanClnam uppajji 11 I a 7 ; idLI1l (7vidure nidananti veditabbam nl b3 ; idam
santike nidal1am nama aYLm adito patthaya anupubbikathe1 111 b4; bodhipallamka
lItthava satlUham al1imisehi ubhohi cLlkkhuhi mahabodhim pujellto 111 b7; yena
ajapalalligrodho lel1up(ISCIIJI /'llit l'.1 tatthevLl nigrodhamule sumaboddhavorapallamkena '
l1 isidi 10 aJ -2 ; Jhih.:un pvlssami sadevake loke (/l1nam S([II/Qnl1m l'Li brahmanam va
y.lm .1ham sl1kkat)',l garukatl'(J upanissaya l'ihareyyallti no a56 ; alha mahabrahma
sahampati . . . bhagal'ato purafo paturahosi no a7 ; sdflha kir.. dhommam dhammam
desetukamo elhosi nam b7 ; kass.:, nu kho aham "atham(7m desey.;m LU a6 ; dlwmma
cakkam pal'ottellim gacchami htsiyam pMram ca b9 ; isip.lalle migadaye s,1l1nipatimsu
ci a4 el'am bhagal'a ariyasaCCL1ni kamena nitthapesi cu b5 ; lena kl10 pana samayetla
baranasiyam yaso mtn-l mahasetthiutto uhosi cr as ; Lhu YLlso kulaputto . . .
etad Lt)'oca. /abhel ' yam ahal1l bhagCvato sanlike p(,bbujjam cl b8 ; lea samayen,l
. . . ekasatthi JI\lh"l1 tl hOllti c l b8 ; bhagava . . . urul'elam gantukumo nikkhamitl'll ce
a3 ; bhikkhusahassehi SL7ddhim rajagahanagaram pLtl'isitl'a ranl10 himbisarassa
lI il'esanp . chi b9 ; alhavasma moggallano pabbajji chr a J ; uyosma sariputto pana
pabbajitadh(7Sato chr a2 ; ubhopi te satrha aggasavakatthane Ihapesi chr a4; dhamma- " ,
desL1nal'elaYt/ veluval1arOmtlm pal'isi chr a9 ; rohinivo naditiram sampapuni chI a5 ; .
r(lja . . bhogLlvlintam l1igrodl1t1l"tlml1m pavesesi chi b 1 ; dhamma . kt7thapuriyosane
ralil/lamilto del'i sotapat tiphalam papuni chau a4; iIi hlwgavl1 kapi/t/ vttthupurtlm
agatadivasalo tatiyadivase yeva nandam pabbajesi eha II a8 ; bhagal'G p.Jthl1mavasse .,
baranasiyom elul iyavasse rajagahe cham b6; l'elUVanLlgame p.cchimuvassam
vasi . . bhog.l va kllsinaravam ycmakasalanam Clntare anupadisesa nihbanadhaluYI
parinibbLyi (atrayam tl/upubbikatha ehah a 1 ; nibbanakatha nifthifLl jhu bl ; sumgi- "
tikatha nitthita na a5 ; 111'lhakassapattherassa parinibbanahitliu nitthita nu a4 ;
l1l1agatasmim sambuddho metteyyo nama l1ayako tasseva abhiniharam puvakkhami
sunotha voti nu a5 ; (7iwgota/ ul th.7 nitthita Uham wrongly for nam a7 kappapari
cchedakatha nitthita . t i b 1 ;
43 folios 43. 5x5. 5 cm Numbered in Sinhala l etters : ka-gl ;' Date of copy. 238I
of the Buddhist era . Copyist : Wal pala Sobhita of the Jayawardhana Kotte
ekayano ayam bhikkht7 l'e m(/ggo sattanam visudhiva ka b3 ; yadidam cattaro satipa- .
tthana ka b4; uddesavaram ka a4; anapanasatikandam ki a7 ; irivapathakandam ki al ;
dhatumanasikarakandam ku b2 ; evam navavidhavedananupassana vutta ke b6 ; vedananu
passana satipatthananz ke b7 ; cittanupassana ko b7 ; boijhanganiddes.:tl1 pJthama
kablwnal'aram khi b7 ; dhammanuptJssonasatipatthana u b3 ; yad idam cattaro
satipatthara. iti yan t(m vuttam gl as ; satipatthanapadaatthuvannana \iam gl bl ; anena
pui1lakammena yava buddho hhavamL',ham l'essCntarova dallen. jotisetthiva bhogindnt
mahosadhovL1 nanena hotu ml vham hhal'abhave gl b2; D.He of copyi ng, copyis[\;
name and his aspiration to become a Buddha stated i n Sinha l a mp potvahans(
liya tindukala sri buddhavQJ 'sayen dedas tunsiya asu ekata pamini memo vdrsayehi
vrabhasam hp l'al'i ,itabhdgayato pamini sani diller divelhlwgoyedi jayal1'ardhdnC
. kotle vihctrasthanayehi niryavasivu Iralpalo sobhito te;'UI1I1GSe visino buduverrmJ IOI'/IT/{N/
gl b4-5
Part of a Pali compositi on. Composers name : GLi lluratana.
. . Part of a fol io. 22x5. 5 7. ' l ines .
Pali and Sinbala manuscripts Script Sinbala. Language : PaJi and SinbaJa mixed
23. BALAVATARA 91 6-84. - Si nhala commentary on the PaJ i text. Incomplete. 74
foi i os. 48x6 cm. 9 l i nes. Author of the commentary : Bhi ksu Dhammaol i resident
of the monastery of Kandapol ao
baldvataram bhasissam bala11arn buddhivuddhiya yant1 m' gmnthaprllnlukha balLlI'Ctu}'{/
nami'u prakaranaya Ib2; kandapola ararnavasi 1! dhammujoti nam bhiksl! keneku
V1Sl/1 sandhikapparilpasiddhyadiyehi padasiddhikrarayada l' imasa bola s{fs[r.mukul"
kola mema vyakhyanava kirirata' prarambha /(LIle l b7-8
24. ACOLLECTION of texts. 91 6-70 (In
9 fol ios. 34x4.5 cm. 7/8/9 l ines. Numbered . i n Si nha i a l etters : ka-kl (\) ka a l
ki a3 ' _: Pali formulae with Sinhala phrases i ndi cating their use in t he ceremony
of ordination (pabhojja) . . . . okastkarunnam katva pabbajjam detha me Mante aham
bhante pabbajjam yacami ka hI ; imani dasasikkhupadani samadiyami. dasasil nimi
ka bl ; pavidi Iaravana vidhivayi ka b2 ; kSClinakartl va ganimayi ka b3 ; sil'Ul'li
vc11andimayi ka b5 ; aharapasrika valandimayi ka b 7 ; senc:yupdsvika vakmdimayi
ki a2; gilanpasupusl ' ingu I'alandimayi ki a3 ;
(b) ki a3-ki a5 : PRATTKULABHAVANA Language Pai i .
clthi imasrnim kaye kesL1 ki a3 ; pratikula bhavUfhlvayi ki a5
(c) ki a5 - ku . a8 : SOLASAPOJA Pal i wi d, Si il hal a phrases i nterspersed
solasapuja l1imi ku a8
ku al - kr a7 : HERANASIKHA Language Si nhal a.
/:eranasikha . nimi kr a7
(d) kr a7 - kl a2 ; DINACARIYAVA Language Sinhal a.
dinacariyavaya ' kl a2
25. A . COLLECTION of text s. 91 6 67
295 fol ios kept i n fve packet s. 33. 5x5. 5 6/7 l i nes Numb;rect k" dhi ' 1! Sinhal a
&-~~~~~ ~ .
I . Fol ios ghau - j l renumbered in Roman numerals as 1 -44, packeted and marked
I . The fol l owing entry is found on the paper wrapping of the packet. Mahasuf
ip,dthanam fol J -32 Paticcasamuppadam fo1. 38-41 . However this information is i
i naccurate. The Mahasatipatthanasutta is found on folios l al- 2b2, continued

on 1 4b6 - 32a6, as noted in the analysis of the content of the manuscript -,

given below.
I bl-2b2 and 1 4b6-32a6 MAHASATIPATTHANASUTTA. Language Pali -'
yad idam caffaro sutiatthana, katame cattllro, idha hi bhikkhave bhikkhu kaye

kayanupassi viharati 1 a3-4; iti ajjhattam va kave kavanupassi viharati bahiddha va . l
l 4b6-1 5al ; mahasatipaffhanGsuttam nitthitam 32a6
2b3-1 0b2 : RUVANSUTRAPADARTHA. Commentary on the Ratanasutta '
Language. Pali and Sinhal a; T ncomplete. Beginning of the ' text missing.fuvansutr.
a padartha lI il1i I Ob2
the Karaniyamettasutta J Ob3-14b6 : METSUTRAPADARTHA. Commentary on
Language. Pati and Si nhala. Incomplete. End of the
ruvcmsutra anusos pirit b,7I10 dan metsuta paclarthava
l Ob3
text missing. mese
anusits dakvanu piniso

32b2-38a6 : SATYAKRIYA. Language Sinhala wil h a concl udi ng stanza in
faulty Pal i. saddharmarajottamayanan vahansege anubhavaven ca satyayen

34b3-4; p,- t1mitadharmayange 34b6 ; survaroga slrvadunnimifta atanuvak roga , i

llavanuVc11ctk vyadhidetisvanak antaravam gasi gasi durin duru viya 37b4-5 ; nantoyam
kinci lake vij aCl1ma svaha. nama muni mun; mahamuni srimuni jGyamuni angul
imalamunimllniye sl'ohah nitvam jivita ' raksantu ku;e kure , svaha 38a4-5 ; satyakrivqy
38bl -41 a3 ; PATICCASAMUPPADA. Language.
yCam paticcosomuppado anulomam pati/omam
khayamajjhagati. paticccsamupp.dam 41 a3
Pal i . toss" J'at(iya
m.:nasakasi 38b2:3 ;
t&nhanam ;
paticcasamuppada paticcasamuppadasannayayi 44b 1 .
commentary 011
Folios jl-jhai renumbered in Roman numerals as 1-35, packeted , and marked II.
The content is as fol lows :
- l a5-9b4: NAVAGUNASANNAYA.A Sinhal a commentarial text e7plaiing the '
ni ne epithets of the Buddha. viz arhat, ' vicarmiasampanna, sugata, loktvidu,
anuttara, purisadhammasarathi, sattha, buddha and bhagava. navagunasamiayayl 9b4
J Oal -1 3a3 : BUDDHANUSMRTI. A Sinhala commentary with Pali quotations :
explaining the form of meditation cal l ed buddhm1usmrti. buddhanusmrti 1 3a3

1 3a3-14b4 : MAITRIBHAVANA. A Sinhala commentary wi th Pal i quotations
explaining the form of medi tation cal l ed maitribilm'ana. maUribhavanavi 14b4.

. 1 4b4-1 6bl : ASUBHAKAMATAHAN. A Sinliala co;m entary with Pali quotations
explaining the form of meditation clsuhhabhalan(l. asubham bhavayeti 1 4b5
. .
asubhakamatahan nimi 1 6b l .
1 6b2-1 Sa4 : MARANANUSR Tl . A Sinhala commentary on the form of
meditation marananusmrtibhavana marananusmrti l Sa4.
I Sa4-1 9a3 : SA TARAKAMATAHANPADARTHA. A Sinhala commentary
with Pali quotations explaining the four kammatthanas (subj ects of medi tation) .
bhavetva caturarakkha avajjeyya l Sa4; atamahaudl'egavastuyi ISb4 ; satarakamata
hanpadarthavi 1 9a3
1 9a4-20b3 : the Pali text only of MET TANIS AM SA. metthanisumstlm 20b3
adorati on of the twenty-eigh.t . Buddhas. Begins :
vande mdehamkaram munim 20b4;
texl , containing . stanzas of
I'Gnde tanhamkuram buddham
21 a5-21 b6: . ATAVISTBODHJ VANDANA. Pal i text, cont al nlng verses of adora
ti on of the twenty-eight bodhi t rees ime ete mahabodM lokanathehi pujira ahum pi
ea namassami bodhira.a namLltthu te 21 b5
22al -22b2 ATAVlSIPIRlT A. The Pal i text only of twenty-eight paritta pi ri t
. text s . atavisipiritayi 22b2.
22b2-24a5 : The ' Pal i text onl y of the JINAPANJARA. jinapaJjar.y(yi 24a5 .
24a5-28b4 : The Pali text only of the JAYAMANGALAGATHA. mah,kar
niko natho hitaya sabbapuninam puretva par.l1li sabba patf/to s.mhhodhil/l utthamam
etena saccavt1jjenu hotu ,me jayamangalam 28a4.
2Sb5-30b2 : a PALl TEXT givi ng the names of the lwenty-eight buddhas, the
names of their parents and the bodhi t rees. Col ophon in Si nhala : atal'isi hudunge
nam ha matru pitru dedenageda jayamahahodhida kiva nimol'Gntl ladi 30b3
30b3-3 1 bl :
a PALl TEXT giving the auspicious characteristics of the Buddha.
atorasiyak mangul lakunuyi 3 1 b 1
31 bl -32a5 : a PALl TEXT glvmg the t.hirty-two characteristic of a Buddha.
Colophon in Sinhala : detismahapurusalakSanaVi 32a5.
32a6-33a3 : a PALl TEXT describing a form of medi ta Lion on 'characteristics',
Colophon in Sinhal : lakunu bhavanayi.
34a2-35b6 Pal i text onlY of BUDDHAVANDANAGATHA. This text is continued
on f(l i o 36 kept ' in the packet marked III. See below, Colophon on 36a4:
buddhavandanagatha nitthita.
3. Folios jho-dam ren umbered i n Roman numerals as 36-1 04, packeted and marked
TTT . '
36a4-44b6 : DHATUVANDANA. Pal i text only dhutuvandanu nifthifa 44b6.
4Sal -46b3 : SOLASAMAHASTHANAVANDANAGATHA. Pali text only Begins :
lamkaya yatfha pathamam sugafo nisajja vakkhe damesi nijasasanapalanvva 45al ;
abhaY.girivihare corllthupam namami 46a3 ; Ilamami aham solasat hanam uttamam
4 6a 7 ; . col ophon i n S i nhal a : so!osamahasthanavandallagath vi.
46b3-48b6 : BODHIVANDANA. Pal i tet on l y. bodhivand,lna nitthita 48b6.
49al -S0b5 : ? PARAMITARATNAMALA. So according to a note in ink on
t he folder of the packet . Language Pal i . The cOl orhon reads : paramis(rasamala
sCI1'1 atfha SOb5.
5 I a l -52a5 : ATUVAPRARTHANA. Language
(fuvaprarthaI1CI'(),i 52aS.
Pa l i . Col ophon
SinhaJ a :
commentary i n Si nhal a on A tUILprarthal1r. Col ophon ' in Si nhal a': atuvaprarthana
gctthapadarthayi 55b6.
56al -56b2 : PRARTHANAGATHA. Language Pa l i . Col ophon
1 0
prcrfhanagarhavi 5b2.
56b2-57b3 : BHAVAVIRATlGATHA. Language Pa l i . Col ophon ' in
bha)'uviratigarhayi 5 7b3
Si nhaJ a:
Sinhala :
57b3-:57b6 : ARADHANA. Language PaJ i . Col ophon 1 Si nhal a : aradhanayi
' . 57b6-60a3 : SOLASAPUJAGATHA. Pali stanzas with Sinhala phrases interspe
rsed e. g. tel vadanu 58a I ; diyavadanu 58b! ; sivurupujayi 58b2 ; camarUpujayi 59a3 ;
. ma/pujayi 60a J ; ksamakirimayi 60a2; colophon : so!osapujagathayi 60a3.
6Oa3-62a5 : CATUPARIStDDHISILAYA. - A Sinhala text wilh Pal i quotations.
sUa nam sat(lra s.:tml;aiasi!aya. he kesed yat : pratimoksasamvarasilaya indriyasam
\,urasi/:lva . ajivakaparisuddhasih7ya pratthyaya
sannisritasilaya 60a3 ; pratimoksasam
l'arasila l1am )e 60b6 ; indriva sunm7rasila nain ve 6 1 a3 ; ajivaparisuddhisila nam ve
6 J a6 ; pratyayasai1l1isritasila JWIn ve 61 b2; ' catuparisuddhisilaya niii 62a5.
62a5-65b3 : SEKHIYA DHAMMA. Language Pil i ime ko panayosmanto
sekhiya dhamma 62a5 : col ophon 1 Sinhala sekhiya lIimi 65b3.
65b4-67b2: 1ERANASIKHA. A Sinha l a text wi th Pali quotations . . herana
hata dasl1sil nam k .tl'arl1ha Y:1t 65b4; herunasikha nimi 67b2.
67b2..., 70b3 : . MAITRIBHA V ANA. Language Pali. aham a vera homi avyap1jjho
homi 67b2 ; imasmim mjje jssarajallt aver. hontu 68a6 ; COl ophon in
Sinhala :
70b3-74b6 : . ELUSOLO. Language Sinlla. tunlotumanam vlil1dim m,m1 70bS ;
C tilona vandim mLlm 74a3 ; elusoloyi 74b6.
7Sal -79b6 : DETISKUNAPAKOTTHASAYA. A Sinhala text with Pal i quotations
lifthi imasmin kaye . . . yana me detiskunapo kotthasaY'7 nom 7SaI ; detiskwlapa
kotthasayayi 79b6.
80a I -88a 1 : DANASA MVIBHAGA Y A. Language S

i nhala. palamukota dand

samvibhagaya dakvamha. he mese data yufu. 80a2 ; . . dharmadanaya utum vunneya.
he me kathaven Gsa dat,:, yuttoya 80b 1 Ends : sasa/'(1 dukin midi nivci/1 dakina
Iesa utsa ha katavutu 87b6-88a I .
88al -99a2 : PRATHAMAGAMANAKATHA. Language Sinhal a . An account
of the Buddha's frst visit t o Sri Lanka. pruthamag,lmanakathayi 99a2.
99a2-1 00a4 : DVITI YAGAMANAKATHA. Language Si nhal a. An accoun of
t he Buddha's second visi t to Sri Lanka. dvitivagamanakathaVi 1 00a4.
the Buddha's third vi si t to Sri Lanka.
Language Sinhala.
An account of
1 04a 1 .
4. Fol ios dah to dhi renumbered i n Roman numerals as I OS-1 89, packeted and
marked IV.
1 05a1 -1 89b4 : DHATUVAMSA. A Sinhala t ext wi th Pali quotations. dhuv,lmsa
katavehi budunge tuntharagamana nam vu palamuveni paricchedllvr1 nimi I I ObS :
dlzatuvamsaye hudun pirinif'llunayehi puja !ada devana paricchedaYl1 nim; 123b2 ;
tUl1vana 1 33b6 ; satar.vCl11U 1 49b4 ; me kavantissl1 rajahu v;sin karol'u l'ihar.] mese
data . yutu 1 88b I ; tissctma/7al'ehera dhatu pi/ivela katava vi 1 89b4 ; .
5. Fol i os ka gho renumbered i n Roman numeral s as 1 90-2S I packeted and marked
V. The content lS as fol l ows.
1 90al -1 97a6 : NAMASKARAPADARTHAYA. An expl anati on II Sinhal a of
t he Pal i formula of paying homage t o t he Buddha.
namo lassa bhagavato arahato sammasambuddhasSll tavada me l1.lm,lskaraya tenza
k.lvara karanayekin namaska/,( vida yat 1 90a 1 ; ese heyin me l1umaskarapujayehi
atalos aksa/ayangen palamukota dakvu namaskaraya tema 1 90b7 ; deveni akurehi
mo yanna 1 91 a 1 ; tunveni samksepayehi . bhagava vana vacanayen 1 92a3 ; sataravana
samksepavehi arahato yannehi 1 92b4; pasvana samksepayehi sammasambuddha,sa
1 95a6 ; me namaskilpadarth';JYl geahara . dLlkv(, kiyana/adi 1 97a6.
SinhaIa with Pal i quot at i ons. pancapatitthitanumaskarasanJ1(l sum'lpthain 203b6 .
~--- -- ---
204a l -21 0a7 : DHAMMACAKKAPAVATTANASUTTA. Language Pali. evum
me sutham ekam s;mayam bhagava baranasiyam viharaTi isipatane migtldaye 204

1 ;
dhlimmacakkapCll'attanasutlam. munisurana 21 0a7.
21 Ob l -24Sb l : PARITTA. Pal i t ext and Sinhal a commentaries parittham tam .
bhanamahe 21 2a6 : mungdlasuttham 21 3a4 ; ratanasutiham 2 1 Sa2 ; karaniyamettha-
suttham 2 I Sb6 ; khandhaparittam 21 6a5 ; moraparittCm 21 6b5 ; dhajaggaparittum '
2 1 8b7 ; atanatiyasutram 21 9b6; angulimalaparittam 220a2; concluding stanzas chanted
fier paritta from 220a2-220b6 : bojjhango satisamkhalo dhammanam vicayo 220a;
rakkham vandami sabb aso 220b6 ; Sinhala commentaries begin at 221 al . mango 1-
asutrapadartha nimi 234b2 ; kartmiyametthasu padartha nimi 243aS ; an(vu padartha
nimi 24SbJ .
24Sb2-2S l a2 : DHAMMASANGANJMATIKA. Language Pal.i dVlvisatikam
246bl ; hptugocchakam 246b4; culaduttharadukam 246b6 ; asavagocc!akcm ' 247a2;
sannojanagocchCkam 247a6 ; ganthagocchakam 247h2 ; oghagocchakam 247b5 ;

yogagocchakam 248a I ; mahufthadukam 48a3 ; upadanagocchakam 248b I ; kilesa- i
gocchakam 248b5 ; nivaranagocchakam 249a2; paramasagocchakam 249aS ; abhidha- j
mmumatika 2S0a2. .
26. DHAMMACAKKAPAVATTANASUTTA 9 1 6-87. 30 ' fol ios numbered ka-kho
in Sinhal a l etters. 45x5. S em. 7 l i nes. ka bl-ko a2 : PaJ i text. kau al-kho b3 :
Sinhal. a commentary. dhammacakkapavuttonasuttam ko a2 ; mese . me dhamsakpa
vatun sutrCyehi . . . pad1rtha nimi kho b3.
DHAMMACAKKAPAVATTANASUTTA 9 1 6-1 03 . fol i os 1 and 2. 9 1 6.,. . 103 consists
of four folios of manuscripts framed - under glass. Of these fol ios 1 and 2 num-
' 1
bered kha and khi in Sinhal a l etters appear to be part of a Sin,hal a commentary
on the Dh,zmmackkapuvattanaslItta. 43x6cm. 7 l ines. etutn dhammacakkam me
. *
dharmmacakkaraya pavattitanti pavai vanaladdevayi 13 ; bhikkhave mahaneni me mu
1'isil1 idam dukkhaui'iv,7SaCCLl1ti 2al .
28. RAJASVABHAVA 9 1 6-70 IV. 9 folios . iOx5 em. 7/8 l ines, Appears to be a
Sinhala commentary on a Pul i text dealing with the ' nature of kings. nama
huddhaya. pubbe sobhanckammena s/Jktddham sukhastmpudam devita tividha honti
. . . pubbe aritaka/l 1 a1 : katham kavara karanayakin rajano narottamayanvahansela
yamasadisopi yamaraju Iw sadisLlda 3a6 ; bhanusadisopi suryadivyarajaya sadisada

4a6 ; candfmasadfsopi candradivyarajayasadisada Sa3 ; rajusvabhava 9a5.

29. VUTTODAYA and VUTTODAYAVIVARANA 91 6-2S II I 1 0 fol ios . SOx6 cm.

1 0/ 1 3 l ines. iti l'uttodaye chandasi sannaparibhasaniddeso nama pathamo paricchedo
1 a6 ; The Pal i text ends and t he Sinhala comment a ry begins at 2a8. vuttoduya-

vivaranam sumattam 9a 1 3. The tenth fol io appears to belong to another text .

- 1
Sinhala Manuscripts
30. MANDAlA 91 6.42 8 folios. 3 1 xS cm. Content : Illust rations of mandalas with
formulae identifying them and indicating. their beneft, Language fault, Sinhala
visnu mandalayayi. siya!u al'okscvayi 2a ; suryumand,ilayayi , araksa karanu 4
cakkramundalayaYi. ' hama lipadhra durliveyi 6b ; candramandalayaYi. araksavata
liya ata badhinu 7b.
3 1' . SVAMIDARUVANVAHANSEGE ORASAMA 9 1 6. 2S I 1 fol ded fol i o and three
fragmehts. Content : Part of a Christian prayer. The Lord's Prayer . svamidaru
vanvahansege orasamayi
32. An UNIDENTIFIED TEXT 9 1 6. 86 28 folios. 25x5 em. 5/6/7/8 ' l i nes,. Incomplete.
The beginning of the text and colophon are missing. The foli os are numbered ;
khah gI ; go - gam; na - nr and nah eu Conte,nt indicates that the folios
are a section ' of a medical text giving instructions on the preparation of medicinal
tablets and oi l s and thei r use. hama unata nika inguru yakinaran yu sinda tuna
tuna denu khah a6 ; jalasanniyata k
ah a8 ; hama jvara gun a ve ga b7 ; badaru
javata vadakaha gi as ; mippadu guliya nimi gi a6-? ; diyavudiyava tLl elakirenda
gi a 7 ; meki ' roga sanhindimata utun vanneyayi yana altht1 vi siddhir astu gl a 7 ;
vatataila nimi ni a6 ; kudakumara taifaya nimi. mahakMmaI tailayafc7 behet kiyanu
laoe nu , a2 ; mahakumara tai/nya nimi. ' mohatailaiu beht kiyanu labe nu b6;
mahrtiilava nimi nr bS.
33. An UNIDENTIFIEP TEXT 9 1 6; 1 01 II 6 fol ios. 26xS em 4 l ines, Some verses
in Sinhala.
34. An UNIDENTIFIED TEXT 9 1 6. 2S IV 1 fol i o listing names of texts : diksangiya
sumangalavilasiniya etc.
Sanskrit Manuscripts (Script Sinbala unless stated othenise)
35. ASTANATHASYA DHYANA 9 1 6.70 III 16 fol i os. 28. 5x5. 5 cm 7 j ines. Contains
decriptions of diferent forms of the eight deities : Sivanatha, Brahmanatha,
Visnunatha, . Gaurinatha, Macchendranatha, Bhadranatha, Baudhyanatha and
Gananatha. Begins : namas sarvajnaya 1 b I ; astanathasyd dhyanam aha 1 b4-5 ;
sivanatham brahmanatham ca visnunatham gaurinathakam macchendranathabhadra
nathan ca ' baudhyanatham ganadhipam tal tal devasarupan Lt bhedabhda vadamy
aham 1 bS-7 ; sumukhatrinayanam vrsabharudham sivanathasya laksanam;
caturmukham . . . . . hamsam al'udham brahmanathasya laksanam 2a2-4 ; dvihastam
. . . . . . garundo vahanan capi visnunathasya loksancm 2a4; dvihastam . . . . . . kesariva
hanam tatha gaurinatha visuddhena laksanena prakirtitah 2aS-6 ; caturbhujam
yugamacchasamarudham macchendranatham eva. ca 2a6-7 ; dvibhujam . . . . . . mayura-
vahanan caiva bhudranathasya laksanam 2bl ; dvibhujam padmusanam tatha
vapi baudhyanathasya luksanam 2b2 ; caturbhujam niusikarudhar ' evLlpi gantmathasya
I,"(sanam 2b3-4 ; the Si nhala phrase min dos hare occurs on l Sb6.
" "" " ""
36. KAMARATNA 9 1 6. 58 III 59 fol ios. 35x5 em. 8 l i nes. A f\v Sinhal a phrases
are i nterspersed i n the text . The colophons of chapters begi nn i ng with the third
a re given. Accordi ng t o t hese colophons the author of the text is Siddhanatha
J ncompl et C iIi srisiddhanothal'iracite kamaratne rijaY<7divyaghra-nil'aranam nom/
I ratiyopadesah I b2 : stamhhanam nama caturthopadyayah ( In Si nha l a : ataveni
rontra visiatayi) (llh(/ mohanam 4b5 ;- kamaratne pancamopadesuh 9 1 . (Tit l e
t he. f(th chapter is not g iven) ;- viryavaddhonam nl/ma sastopadesah 1 3a3 ;
gll tikaranadi lomaga I(;nam nam(J saplamopadesah . 1 6b3 ; sOlldhikarQl1adi kalyanaka_ .
. I"tll1am namastamopadesah 25a3 ; aristanasal1tsusyopadrm'tmas,:ma gomahisadi
durdhavQrdhanam I1t7ma l1avamopadesah 28a8 ; The col ophon of t he tenth chapter
is ml ssmg. I1rnakautukol1oma ekadtlsopadesah 33b8 ; anavrastinivaranam nama
dvadasah pariccheduh 39b2 ; Jl idhidarsananjanadimr.tYlisall1jival1ividya :nama trayodasah
paricchedah 43a4 ; - l' isunivartlnam nama caturdasop'ldesah 5 1 b I ; - yaksini sadh
okal11 n{ 1}(1I1('ldtfsop,[{/es,11z 54a4 ; - rasadhisodhallurnaranahl nama . sodasopaiesah
37, ? NAMASANGRA HA-NI GHANTHUSASTRA 9 1 6. 1 00 68 fol i os. 32x4. 5 em
5 l i1es . Scri pt Newari. Appea rs to be a medi cal text .
j'utaghnavorguh prdtham.h stmapt.,h 6a 1 ; pitraghnol'':rgo '.\1m dl'itiyah 9a3 ;
1-.lh.1ghnal'argas fiyah 1 1 b4 ; raktaghnavargah caturfhah 1 4b2 : vcmanoghnal'l7rgah
pancamah 1 62 3 : l'irCCill1ul'arg,7h sasfah 1 8b I ; ? samgrohiniyavargah saptamah 1 9a5 ;
- fl,sdyanavargo 'sromah 2 1
3 5 ; mevakaranavargcth nm'amah 22b3 ; ghuStikol'Cnavargo
' vam dasamah 23b 1 : l' idhaghn<ll'orgo 'yam pkadasamo .5a 1 ; . . . . . . visodha dvad.lSanlll
29a5 ; ? t1pllrtlvargas rrayodasam.:th 35a4; am/avargo 'yum culurdasamah 36a 1 ;
/aVt7nOVt1rga pallcad(1SClmah 37:2 ; kaluvargah sodasamah 38a2 ; fik tal'orgah saptad
(lsomah 39a I : kas(JyovCrgash7dasdmah 40a 1 ; ?ratrol'(lrgo 'yam ekon.vimsatih 41 b2
pl1trav(Jrgo yam ekal'ims;imaJ1 .44a4 ; gandhavargo 'yam dravimsatimah 48a 5 ; puspavarg
'yam tl'uyol'imscl timah 5 1 a2 ; iti vividhosadhi cdftlrviJn(!tim,'h 54a5 ; panyah vargah
poncavimsatimah 56a2 ; bhaksabhojuvargah sadvimsatinhth 57a4 ; ye dharma hetu
prabhal'a . . . el'llll1 v:Jdi mahasramanah 67b5 ; n([mas:Jngr,he nigh.mthu nama sasfre
sGmaptah 68a3-4.
38. SISUPALAVADHA 9J 6. I 03 I fol i o bei ng t he thi rd of four fol ios framed i n a
gl ass case. 45x3. 5 cm. 7 l ines . Script Grantha . This is a fol i o from the Sanskrit
k avya text Sisupalavodha accordi n to a note i n Enflish on the folio itself and
on the frame.
Sanskrit and' Sinhala manuscripts. Script Sinbala.
39. BIMBAMANAV1 DHI SARIPUTRA 9 1 6. 70 I 41 fol i os. 28. 5x5. 5 cm 7 lines.
Date of copy. 1 874. A Si nhala commentary on t he Sanskrit text .
athedanim pravaksami bimbamanavidhim srunuh' nisanyasthitasaitena trividlwm tam
prakaluye(. clfha ikbiften idani dan pral'aksmi kiyami. kesdJ yat. bimhamanavidhim
SJrV,ljnup'\ltimtl pl"t7nwna l' idhiy.1 sYllnuh asava nisIl1ya hUl1llavuda slhila sitiyahuda
saitena seyyal'Ll kalavuda yana me trividham trividhaprctkaravu tam e sanajnaprati
mCva prakJlpayer ka/pana I({;/\mneya I b2-4 ; sthitabimhayidhih, '117a w'dham prova
ksami ),ogasrnavisesattlh 20a2 ; yogasanoya mese dallnu tadi 25a6 ; nisanyabimbovidhi
21 3
samaptam. ,7tha urdhva pl'uvaksarni sayananon lu laksailJIJ1 26n2; sariputrasrute
bimbamanam SCl11Cptam 30a3 ; akkhalaksanam vV(lkhyayate kiyamu
30aS ; ayama vistara mese kivanu labe 40a2 ; siddhim 1 8 74 7/27 sOl'iputtam sanw
ptam 41 aS.
40. MANTRA POTA 91 6. 1 0 1 I (marked PA 35/ 1 1 973. 6) 4 fol ios. 26x5 em. 8 i ines
A book of mantras in Sinhala with mantras i n faulty Sanskri t interspersed. The
word suddtmge has been written before the tit le of the text and erased
41 SURYASTOTRASATAKA ARTHA-VYAKHYANA 9 1 6 . 83 47 fol i os 3 7. 5x4 5
cm 7 l i nes . The frst folio is numbered 3. Hence the numbering goes upto 49.
The l id of the box in which the manuscript is kept has 1 907 wlit ten on i t .
A Sinhal a commentary on Mayura s Suryasatahl . 1l,1fvarkJb,1I1diJ um ,l(lilyasaTa/ulI
nijabhasaYLI vivCl'nlzemi JaYlll'oktam pathasodhanupurvokam. urkaballdhul11 slIl'yal''/
msodbhuta heyin 3a 1 ; sUl'yasatakam samaptam viracita srimayurena 48b4 ;
Co] ophon : sathhasap.lmmesvQrt! tripitakavagisvara sri rajagul'u galt/turL/mula mai1asl'am
ipadawnge pradh.7nct sisvol' lI sri p.;rakramabahu vilg.:;mnwla mahorerasam;/l l'isiil
].1lavu mayura nam mahakavihu risin kala suryastotrl/stJtakaYLiftl ,lmUlll:fI kula
arthavyakliyanayayi. mama da lovtura buduvemvil. siddhir astll. subhan? (/tu. arogy,JI1I
astu kalyanam (S til. ist(/rthasiddhir astu. 49b3-4.
Besides the manuscripts he! onging t o t he 9 1 6 series l isted above, the hol di ngs of
t he Manuscript Department of the State Publ ic Library at Leningrad include t he
fol l owing :
Tnd. N 3 1 0. 230 fol io. 3Sx6. 5 cm. 5 l ineh . Nepalese p<tper Language Sanski t .
Script Newari . iti jinasrirajaptzriprstah sl'Ijayasrisambhasitah srimadL7carv(l1'(7Io
kitesvaragunaktzrcndovyuhoratnaraje sritriratnavbhajananusams.' I(ldanam pratlwmo
'dhyayah 1 2bl-2 ;- sarvasabhalokasaddharmasraval1otsaha sampramohiUsvasvt/!,I Vd
prQtigamanasaptadaso 'dhv1 vah 208al; iti srisiksasam l'arasilmudde.I't7prakarallt1111
s17maptam 220b4 ; iti . . . . . . aryava!okitesvaragUJ1(lkarLldtl l'j'uhamahayatltlSLtlr.rajtll1l
samaptam 226b5 ; ye dharmnwtytldi// subham// Sul11 l'Llt 932 vaisakhamQse sUk/upakse
I rliya mahapunyatithau . . . srigun<1 karandovyuha . . . sampumo 227a I .
lew Indian Series (N.I.) Nos. 1 5-27
S. A text on cloth. Unidentifed.
S. A plank with some Sanskrit words on it. Perhaps the cover of a book.
7. A text 1 the ?Urdu script .
1 8. A bound volume with a handwritten note in English according to which the
frst 32 l eaves contain the geater part of the original Sanskrit text of Bhaskaras
LILA V A TJ , a system of algebra and arithmetic, an English t ranslation of which
was published by H.T. Colebrooke in London in 1 817. Leaves 33-0 are
missing+ Lilavati-tika, a gloss begins on leaf 4 1 and is continued. Leaves at
the end are wanting.
1 9. A bound volume contai ninj the 1 0th secti on of the Sribhagavata Purana Begins :
atha srihhagavate dasamaskamdabhasa liksate. Ends: iti srihhagavate mahapurane
dasamaskamde nava hi dhya sampuranam samaptam
20. A book of pai nti ngs of Indian gods l ike Krishna, Ganesa, Brahma and Skandha
and gddesses l i ke Kal i and Lakshmi .
2 1 . A cardboard page contai ni ng J 2 mi niature pai nti gs of Krishna episodes
22. A miniature pai nti ng of Ranji t Si ngh, the rul er of Punjab.
23/1 . A type copy of Bhagavadgita (Mahabharata VI. Bhismaparvan. 830 1 532 with
a Russian translati on and Introducti on
23/2. A continuation of 23j J with comments in Russian.
A fol io from a copy of Canakya's Nitisamgraha containing the statement : canake
nitisamgrahe prathama sataka samaptam
A paper l isting 8 manuscripts with the corresponding numbers In Mironov's
catal ogue referred 1 0 earl ier i n 1 his articl e.
26. A manuscri pt of kammavcccJ, Language Pal i .
27. A bundle of papers with t he inscription Buddhisch Ms.
Ratna Haodurukande