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And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and
this life is in his Son. John 5: 11.

The promise of eternal life is as ancient as is the history of religion.
Inherent within each individual is the hope that this promise will be
fulfilled in his existence, and be the experience of his loved ones.
There are many whose spiritual vision and love is expanded to the
extent that all existence is encompassed in this hope of eternal life
manifested as each individual.

If the promise and the hope of eternal life were sufficient, the
fulfillment of this hope would have been evidenced long ago.
Instead, despite all the laudable efforts by physicians and
metaphysicians, the last enemy continues to seem to be
unavoidable. In addition to this, we are now being told that all life
is threatened with extinction. Therefore, we realize that it is
essential for us to discover that specific truth which is requisite if
we are to perceive and evidence eternal life individualized right
here and now.

Within the pages of this book, you will discover that your
individual life is without beginning, change or ending. You will
also perceive just how it is, and why it is that your individual life,
mind, soul, being and body are eternal and indestructible. This
discovery and the ensuing illumined Consciousness will be
manifested as your own experience. Thus, you will realize that
your individual life is this beginningless, changeless, endless Life,
revealed and evidenced.

Furthermore, there is no limit to the power of this revelation,
because your individual Consciousness is infinite as well as
individual. Ye are the Light, and your unlimited enlightened
Consciousness illumines the universe, disperses the seeming
darkness, (ignorance), thereby blessing those individuals who still
seem to be searching.


It is for this purpose that this book is being revealed. As you study
and meditate on the truth as it is presented within these pages, you
will discover the eternal imperishable nature of yourself, and of all
existence. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an
hill cannot be hid. Mathew 5: 14.

The author.



THROUGHOUT the entire history of the human race, we find
man asking these searching questions: When did the world begin?
How was it created? When did man appear? How was the first
man created? As we study the great religions of the world, we
discover that almost without exception they begin with an attempt
to produce the answers to these questions.

Many of the religious writings have quite specific dates for the
beginning of the world and man, and these dates range all the way
from comparatively recent times back through countless trillions of
years. In India there are people right today who believe that their
first religious leader, (their God), the Lord Adinath appeared one
hundred trillion palyas ago. A palya is supposed to be measured
by the length of time it would take a bird to empty a well with a
depth and breadth of one mile, filled with very fine hairs, if it flew
away once each year with just one hair in its beak. Even though
such measurement of time staggers the imagination, the fact
remains that they are convinced there was a time when God, the
world and that which is called man, began.

Our own beloved Bible makes no attempt to establish any
particular time for the appearance of the world and man.
However, it does follow the ancient pattern of all great religions in
one way. It opens with this age-old attempt to establish a
beginning for the world, and then proceeds to explain and account
for the appearance of man and all of that which it calls creation. In
Genesis 1: 1-2, we read: In the beginning God created the heaven
and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and
darkness was upon the face of the deep ... And the Spirit of God
moved upon the face of the waters.


All of us are aware that there are two distinct versions of the
creation of the earth, man and all existence. Many and varied are
the claims of the authenticity of the first, versus the second record
of creation as given in the first and second chapters of Genesis.
We are not concerned here with any human opinions pertaining to
the truth or the falsity of either one of these records. What does
interest us is the fact that there are many varying and conflicting
theories about the beginning of the world and man. Furthermore,
these theories have all been presented as the result of the endless
questioning as to the when and the how it all began.

The search for the answers to these age-old questions continues
today, and it will go right on until we stop asking, when did it
begin? how was it created? and begin to ask, WHY IS IT?
Never will there be an authentic answer to the question, When did
the world begin? because there was no beginning. Never will
there be an authentic answer to the question, How was the first man
created? because man was not created.

Any question that is based on a false premise is certain to produce a
false conclusion. One might just as well ask why the mountain is
a valley, or the ocean a desert. In short, any question, no matter
how sincere it may be, must pertain to that which is true in order to
produce an answer that is true and authentic.


Now, let us ask some questions. If all the answers so far presented
regarding the creation of the world and man are false, why is it that
all the great religious literature of the world begins with these
answers and they are the very basis for their faith? Isnt it possible
that at least one religion may have produced the right answers?
No, dear reader, it is not possible. Why? Because that which is
called man has attempted to answer his own questions, and he has
based his answers upon the way the world and man appear to be,
rather than upon the way they really are. Furthermore, these
conclusions have been predicated upon that which appears to be
right and true according to the physical senses. And these
so-called physical senses can give no true revelation of the
universe, because they, of themselves are included in this mistaken
sense of existence. To whom are these physical senses supposed
to belong? To the direct descendants of that suppositional first
man. Everything that is predicated upon this fictional first man
is without fact, foundation or reality. The only place this fabled
first man ever existed was in the imagination of those who were
seeking the answers to their questions about the beginning of the
world and man. Is it any wonder that man should be called an
image? Not at all.

In order to further elucidate this spurious account of the beginning
of the world and the creation of the first man, let us return for a
moment to those first two verses in our Bible. In the first verse we
find the words beginning and created. These two words are
misleading. If we are to accept even the first verse of our Bible as
fact, we must also accept the following: First, there was God
without any heaven or earth, without any expression of Himself,
any proof of Himself or any purpose in being. This is utterly
fantastic and impossible. It is not possible that God could exist
without any expression of Himself, or any purpose in being.
There can be no such thing as a purposeless God. Neither can
there be an un-expressed God. Actually, God is His own proof of
being. He proves that He is by expressing, individualizing and
identifying Himself. How could there be a God and no universe?


Really, the universe and all it includes is the evidence of the
incontrovertible fact that God is, that He has always been and will
forever continue to be. Each individual in existence is further
evidence that God does express Himself; and the universe itself is
proof that God fulfills His purpose by expressing and evidencing
Himself. In Isaiah 43: 12 we read, ... ye are my witnesses, saith
the Lord, that I am God. What is the function of a witness? The
witness presents the evidence. In any court of law, the witness is
sworn to produce the true evidence. Dear reader, you are the
witness. You are the very evidence of the Truth that God is, that
He does express and manifest Himself, and that He is constantly
fulfilling His purpose in being; yes, in being you.

Right here, let us diverge for a moment in order to clarify one point.
In referring to God, the use of the words He, Him or Himself,
does not denote the masculine gender. The Bible speaks of God as
masculine, and the traditional usage of terminology has been
employed. Actually, God is neither masculine nor feminine.
Being wholly impersonal, God is without gender.

Another point that should be clarified is this: It is not our purpose to
discredit any religion or any religious writing in the world. And
certain it is that we do not argue with any of the glorious Truths as
presented in our own Bible. It is impossible to read any of the
major religious writings without discovering some Truth in them.
And of course, our Bible is our most treasured book. We accept
Truth wherever we find It, and by that same token, we discard
falsity, no matter where it is written or spoken.


Let us return to our subject with this question: Is it important that
we perceive the fallacy of these myths pertaining to a world that
began and a first man that was created? Indeed it is of the utmost
importance to all of us. It seems strange, but this aspect of our
teaching and study has been the most neglected. Do you wonder
just why this perception is so essential? It is of vital importance
because the very basis of our eternal Identity is the eternally
established fact that God, the Universe and that which we call man
never began. Anything that has a beginning must also have an
ending. If there ever was a beginning for anything, there must
have been a beginning for everything. This is impossible of
course. But if it were true, it would mean that there would be an
ending for the universe, for you, for me, and for all Existence.

All of us are agreed upon the fact that God is eternal, without
beginning and without ending. We also perceive that without God
there would be no Universe. But are we aware that without the
Universe there would be no God? This may seem startling, but
nonetheless, it is true. Again we question; why is this true?

It is true because God is the Universe. God is the complete
Essence, the Life, the Activity and the only governing Principle
that functions in, through and as the Universe. Now it is most
clear why the existence of the Universe is essential to the Existence
which is God. Thus it is that we can no longer speak of God and
the universe, or God and man. We realize the ultimate Truth: God
is the Universe, and God is the entirety of that which we have
mis-named man. It is only through this realization that we can
discover the eternal nature of the Universe, of the World and of the
individual Identity. When we speak of the Universe, we are
speaking of God. To speak of the Individual is to speak of God.
It is no wonder that Jesus could say, ... he that hath seen me hath
seen the Father. John 14: 9.


We have been taught that God is Spirit, and this is true. We have
also been taught that God is ALL, and we have accepted this Truth.
We know that Spirit could not be the essence of a Universe of
matter. Yet, we must perceive that God, being All, is the very
Essence that comprises the Universe. There is but one answer to
this enigma, and we have arrived at the only possible conclusion.
This Universe is not what it appears to be, and we have been
deluded as to its nature, its essence and its activity. We have been
seeing through a glass darkly, and thus have entertained a
distorted picture of the beginningless, changeless, endless
Perfection that is the Universe. We have simply mis-perceived
the actuality, and this spurious sense of existence has been largely
fostered by those old myths of a Universe, a world and man, that
had beginning.

In Jeremiah 23: 24 we read: Can any hide himself in secret places
that I shall not see him? saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and
earth? Indeed God does fill heaven and earth. How could it be
otherwise, when the Universe and all it includes is the glorious
Perfection which is God, in full and complete beginningless,
changeless, endless expression and manifestation. And there is
none else. There are many references in our Bible portraying the
fact that the Infinite all that is God, is the infinite boundless
Universe. Down through the ages there have been individuals
who have perceived this Truth. Whenever the individual
Consciousness is enlightened, (illumined), the phantasmal concept
of the world is obliterated, and the Universe is seen as it really is,
and not as it has seemed to be.


Of course, there would be no point in this realization if it did not
include the individual Identity. So, let us return just briefly to that
fabled first man. In Genesis 2: 7 the record says: And the Lord
God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his
nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. But, in
Isaiah 2: 22 we find the inspired prophet saying: Cease ye from
man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be
accounted of? As we can readily see, it is impossible to cease
from believing in this man whose breath is in his nostrils, so long
as we accept a fallacious first man, who became a living soul.

Dear reader, do you see where this is leading us? We are
beginning to perceive that there never was any first man, there
never was a created man, there never was a man who had
beginning, and there never was a man who could come to an end.

Now we have arrived at this question: What is the status of man, if
this whole record of creation is a myth? That which has been
called by the name of man is part and parcel of this mythological
record of creation. All the fabled difficulties that have beset
mankind have their origin in this old belief that there was a first
man, that he was created, and that the entire race of man is directly
descended from that first man.

A thoughtful study of the story of Adam and Eve will disclose that
this fable is the entire history of that which is called man. The
difficulties that harassed Adam and Eve, as portrayed in this
record, are the same kind of troubles that so-called man of today
seems to be experiencing. In the fifth chapter of Genesis we find
the record of the immediate descendants of Adam and Eve.
According to this record, each one of these descendants begins, (is
born), lives a certain number of years, (matures and ages), and then
comes to an end, or dies. This is a picture that is familiar to all of
us today. Furthermore, this theory of man, seems to be so firmly
established that nothing else is believed to be possible. All of us
are familiar with the expression, life expectancy, which is a
certain number of years, or we all have to die sometime.

How long will we go on, entertaining this bleak outlook? Just so
long as we continue to remain deluded by the supposition that we
are man, descended from that first man; who was created, then
became a creator of other men, and who matured, aged and died.
But the Bible says that death is to be overcome, and this is no idle
promise. We are arriving at the standpoint of the fulfillment of
this promise. And of course, the next step is to discover the way in
which this is being accomplished.

It is of the utmost importance to the realization that there is no
death, no ending, to know that there is no birth, no beginning.
Throughout the ages the physicians as well as the metaphysicians
have been engaged in a mighty effort to overcome death. This is
laudable and right, because we know inherently that death is not
normal, and certainly it is not inevitable. But we must admit that
thus far, the best that has been accomplished is the postponement
of that dread last enemy. It is imperative that we know why
these efforts have invariably ended in failure.

There are many aspects of the failure to perceive the eternal Nature
of each individual Identity, and to see it made manifest right here
and now. Let us start with the first and basic mistake. What is
this mistake? The belief that YOU, the individual Identity, ever
had beginning. We have approached this supposition of death
from the wrong standpoint. Here we have gone along trying to
overcome death, an ending, but we have continued to accept that
which would make it inevitable. We have gone right on believing
in birth, a beginning. Instead of attempting to overcome death, we
should have been seeing that there is no birth. Again and again
we have said, Life is eternal, but we have continued to accept a
date in that which is called time, and call it our birth date. A day
upon which we began. And, unintentionally, we have placed the
emphasis on an eternal Life in the future. Once we realize that
eternal Life is without beginning, change or ending, we will no
longer consider it in terms of either a past or a future. Always
remember this dear reader: From everlasting to everlasting,
means full circle, complete, uninterrupted eternal Life, and this is
your only Life.

The acceptance of birth, includes the acceptance of death.
Birth and death, beginning and ending, are but opposite ends of the
same string. Someone has said, The end is known from the
beginning. And this statement is certainly true if there is a
universe or a creation, including man, that had beginning.

Dear reader, if you have read and felt the Truth of the foregoing,
you are probably asking some questions along this line: If there is
no created man, what am I? If man was not created, how can it be
that I exist? What about my individual Identity? In order to
receive the answers to these questions, we turn to the only basis
from which any question can be correctly answered, viz: The
allness, the onliness of God.

We have seen that without God there could be no Universe. We
have also seen that without the Universe there could be no God.
We know that there was no time before God, and God never had
beginning. Thus there could not have been a time when there was
no Universe. We have seen that God is the Universe. This
means that He is the only Substance, Life, Intelligence or
Existence. The revelation that God is ALL, and that God is
eternal, must necessarily include the revelation that ALL is eternal.
And there is nothing included in this eternal, Infinite all that could
have beginning or ending. The In finite All would not be eternal if
any individual expression of Itself ever had beginning, or ever
came to an end.


You are an individual Identity. But your Identity is God,
identifying Itself as your specific Identity. Your individual
Identity is just as eternal as is God, because the completeness that is
God has always included the individual that is specifically YOU.
There is never anything added to or subtracted from God. It is
contrary to the very nature of eternal Life to express Itself as a
temporal life, as a life that begins and ends. Your individual Life
is the Life that is God, individualized as your Life. Therefore, it
cannot begin or end as your individual Life. Just as surely as you
are alive this instant, you are eternal Life individually expressed.
Just as surely as you are conscious this instant, you are eternal
Mind, Consciousness, individually expressed.

How do you know that you exist? How do you know that you are
alive? The answer is simple. You are conscious. Without
Consciousness you could have no awareness of existing. And
without awareness of being, you could have no existence. You
can only know that you are alive, by being consciously alive.
Thus, you perceive that Life and Consciousness are one and
inseparable. God is Life, Mind, Consciousness. And this very
Life, Mind, Consciousness, existing as individual YOU this
instant, is an eternal Existent in the completeness that is God.
Now you can perceive that you are not Life and Consciousness.
Rather it is that you are Conscious Life.


There is no such thing as God and man. Neither is there Mind and
idea. When we dropped the expression, God and man, and
adopted the expression, Mind and idea, we took a definite step
forward. But the latter expression is now almost as obsolete as the
former. It is far more perceptive to speak of the individual as
Conscious Life identified. This expression completely obliterates
any false sense of separation, of two-ness, dualism. It is of vital
importance to all of us, that we see clearly the inseparable Oneness
of Consciousness identified. Why? Because it is within the false
sense of two-ness, of duality, that we seem to experience all our
difficulty. This spurious belief of dualism, leads not only to the
illusion that we, as individuals, have an existence that is not God, it
also includes the mistaken sense that there can be a Situation or a
condition existing that is not God. This falsity can be called any
appearance of a destructive force or element, such as a cyclone, an
earthquake or anything else that comes under the misnomer, An
act of God.

The falsity of this expression is immediately apparent. But what
about a war, an accident or a seemingly destructive force operating
in the Life and experience of the individual? Is the claim of an
evil destructive existent any more true or genuine when it claims to
attack an individual than when it appears as a so-called act of

Any appearance of a destructive element is always fallacious and
without power. It makes no difference whether it claims to be
something harmful to the world in general, or to the individual. In
either case it is entirely false, because it is based on something that
does not exist, viz: A presence and a power that is not the Presence
and the Power of the One All God, Good.


In Psalms 107: 29 we read: He maketh the storm a calm, so that the
waves thereof are still. There is not one of us following this
spiritual path, who has not seen many manifestations of the truth of
this statement. Again and again we have seen the most violent
upheavals simply disappear in the conscious recognition that God
is All. These manifestations are not the result of wishful thinking.
Neither do they just happen by chance to occur. On the contrary,
they are indisputable evidence of an unshakeable conviction that
there is nothing existing that is not God.

Does the Bible offer any authority for this conclusion? Indeed it
does. For anything pertaining to a so-called act of God, we have
many Bible references showing forth the omnipotent omnipresence
of God. In addition to the many instances of the Allness recorded
in the Old Testament, the first three books of the New Testament
present a convincing example of this fact. You will remember
that Jesus was asleep in the boat, when the wind became so violent
that the disciples were afraid they would perish. It is recorded in
Mathew 8: 26. Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he
arose, and rebuked the wind and the sea; and there was a great


The author has again and again experienced that great calm, not
only in the midst of seemingly violent upheavals of the so-called
elements, but also in the midst of comparable appearances in the
so-called physical and mental realm. Oh! the glorious peace of
this calm. How was it attained? Dear reader, there is but one
way to realize this peace that passeth understanding, right in the
face of any seeming crisis; and this is the way. No matter how
terrible or convincing the seeming evidence may be, turn instantly
to the Truth: God is All. Once having established this firmly in
Consciousness, realize that ALL means eternal as well as Infinite.
Contemplate the beginningless, changeless, endless Nature of God.
Dwell in the fact that Infinite God comprises the ALL, and is the
only Mind, Consciousness, Substance and Activity of the Universe.
Continue in the conviction that infinite God comprises the eternal,
beginningless, changeless, endless Life, Substance, Consciousness
of each specific individual. Maintain your faith. Retain your
conviction. And presently you will feel that great calm. Then
you will know that the seeming storm is obliterated, and that the
eternal beginningless, endless, Infinite Omnipotence of
Omnipresence has again manifested Its glorious Truth. I am the
Lord, there is none else.



IT IS SAID that the earth is changing. The Universe itself,
including the planets, is believed to be in a constant process of
change. The physicists tell us that the Universe is not only
changing, but that it is also in a constant state of expansion.
According to them, all the evidence of their investigations, as well
as the evidence gained through astronomy, points to the conclusion
that the Universe began, that it is forever altering and expanding.
They frankly admit that all of their inquiries and observations are
of necessity limited to the how of the Universe, and that the
why is a complete mystery. Of course, all conclusions based
upon physics are restricted to a so-called material universe. And
the sincere physicist will tell you candidly that it all begins and
ends in the realm of probability, not of certainty, and that it is
impossible to come to any definite and final conclusion, even as to
the how of existence.

Those of us who are on the spiritual path, are primarily concerned
with the why of existence. We also are constantly questioning,
and we are having some wonderful answers revealed. Our
inquiries are entirely in the realm of Spirit, the genuine, and our
answers are true, authentic and above all they are provable. In
fact, once an answer is known, it proves itself.

We do not disparage the efforts of the physicists. Those who are
engaged in this research are sincere dedicated men and women.
Almost without exception, they exhibit a great and laudable
humility, knowing, as they do, that all their research has revealed
so little, and it has been so unsatisfactory and incomplete. Here
and there we find one of deep spiritual insight who has almost
pierced the so-called veil of matter, and who is on the verge of
discovering just what we perceive in illumination, or enlightened
Consciousness. Such a one is Sir James Jeans. In his most recent
works, he definitely implies that the Universe cannot be
represented materially, because it is mental.


Actually, the Universe is Mind, Consciousness, Life, and nothing
else. It is without beginning, change or end. Each individual
Identity included in this Universe is eternal and changeless in and
as its own Identity. This is pure revelation, and can be perceived
by any individual who is illumined. However, for those who have
not yet had this glorious experience, we will seek to clarify these
statements. For this purpose we shall return briefly to the
concepts of the universe as presented by leading physicists.

There are two widely accepted theories pertaining to the Universe.
One is called the evolving universe theory of Alpher and Gamow.
The other is referred to as the steady-state theory of Hoyle. The
Alpher and Gamow theory explains the beginning of the universe
as a violent explosion. Within about thirty minutes after this
terrific explosion, all the chemical elements that constitute the
universe were supposed to have been formed. The galaxies are
said to have appeared a million or two years after this explosion,
and are supposed to be caused by the forces of gravity.

According to the Hoyle theory, the Universe is considered to be in
a state of continuous creation. It is supposed to be in a constant
state of activity, but to be homogeneous in time and space. This
theory implies that the material out of which the Universe is
formed, does not come from anywhere, but that it simply appears.
Neither one of these theories would seem to be a very satisfactory
explanation of the Universe. The Universe, being Spirit, Mind,
Consciousness, cannot be explained from the standpoint of matter.
However, if we were to re-interpret the latter theory, thereby
perceiving that the only Substance or Activity of this Universe is
Spirit, Mind, Life, God, we would find that we were in complete
agreement with two aspects of this theory. First, that the Universe
is homogeneous in that which is called time and space. Next, that
it is in a constant state of activity.


In Websters dictionary, we find the following definitions of the
word homogeneous. Of the same kind or nature elements of
like nature. Yes, God is the same throughout that which the
physicist calls time and space. And, God is Infinitely and
eternally Omniactive.

Those of us who have been perceiving the Absolute Ultimate, do
not employ the words, time and space in our spiritual
vocabulary. So, let us translate these cold hard limiting terms into
our own spiritual terminology. Instead of the word time let us
think in terms of eternity. Instead of the word space let us dwell
on infinity. Now we can perceive spiritually, that which the Hoyle
theory implies from a material standpoint.

To be homogeneous in time and space, would mean to be of the
same kind or nature Infinitely and Eternally. This we can accept
completely, because we are aware that God is the entirety of the
Universe, and He is equally present throughout Infinity and
Eternity. We know that activity is constant throughout the
Universe and all existence, because we perceive that God is
Omniaction, and forever omniactive.

Knowing that God is all, and God is Spirit, why do we concern
ourselves with the theories of the scientists who are investigating
the universe from a material basis? Because the ultimate goal is
the discovery of what it is that constitutes the Universe as well as
the individual. And once this goal is realized, it will be known
that God, Spirit, Life, Mind is all that can be investigated. God is
the Universe and All that it contains. The physicist is
investigating that which seems to him to be matter. But, the
farther his search goes the closer he comes to the only possible
conclusion. Viz: That which he has been mis-interpreting as
matter, is not matter at all. It is pure Spirit, Mind, Consciousness,
and of course this is God. One of the leading physicists has just
recently made the statement that it is his conviction that God
permeates the Universe. It is only a step from this realization to
the revelation that God is the Universe. Any inquiry into that
which is called the unknown is always a search for God. In
Hebrews 8: 11 we read, And they shall not teach every man his
neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for
all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.

Is this inquiry important to You, the individual I? It is of
tremendous importance. Because this is your Universe. You are
included in the eternal changeless Perfection which constitutes this
Universe. You live and move and have your Being in and as this
very Universe right here and now. You will never know the
glorious, perfect and immutable Nature of your own Being, until
you discover the eternal, changeless Perfection which constitutes
the Universe.


It is not surprising that inspired writers have referred to this
Universe as the Kingdom of God. Indeed it is. And God
comprises the entirety of His Kingdom. So, when you say, I live
and move and have my Being in the Kingdom of God, you are
really claiming your own Universe, as well as your own Identity.
Why? Because you are identifying yourself with and as that
which constitutes this eternal immutable Universe. You are
realizing that your Life, Mind, Consciousness, Substance, Being
and Body are entirely composed of the eternal changeless
Perfection which is the Universe.

You will note that the word Body is included in the foregoing
paragraph. You will also notice that it is capitalized. Why
should the word Body be capitalized? Because the Body is not
matter, inhabited by Mind, Soul, Life and Spirit. The Body is
Mind, Soul, Life and Spirit in form. We do not deny the Body,
any more than we deny the Universe. No one questions the
existence of the stars and planets. No one denies that they exist as
Substance, Form and Activity. Why then, should anyone deny the
existence of the Body of the individual? We cannot hide our
heads in the sand and pretend that the Universe including the
galaxies is non-existent. Neither can we float around on an
imaginary cloud and ignore the existence of the Body. What then,
shall we do? Let us discover what it is that constitutes the
Universe including Its galaxies. Let us perceive what it is that
constitutes the Individual, including his Body. We will never
discover the truth of anything by ignoring it. To ignore, deny or
revile the Body is a mistake. To admit the existence of the Body,
and to discover Its Nature, is essential to Self revelation.


If we deny the Body, we deny our completeness. Why? Because
the Body is essential to our completeness. How do we know that
we have a body? We are conscious of it. Therefore the Body is
included in our Consciousness. If the Body were not essential to
the completeness of the individual, it would not be included in each
individual Consciousness. Our Consciousness is our Universe,
and everything that is essential to our completeness, our wholeness
and perfection, is included in our Universe; which is our

In speaking of the Body, are we referring to a body of matter?
NO! Quite the contrary. Actually there is no such thing as a
body that is composed of matter. And we can see farther than that.
There is no matter. If God is All, and All is Mind, Spirit,
Consciousness, where and what is matter? This appearance that
is called a material body is the same kind of body that was
supposed to have been created, and to be the body of that mythical
first man. All of us are aware of what seems to happen to that
kind of body. The history of that mythical body can be written in
just three words. Viz: Beginning, change, ending.

Is this a denial of the Body? NO! It is but the first step in the
recognition of the genuine and only Body. We know that we
include our Body in our Consciousness. But it is not the kind of
body that is created, born, and that changes, ages and dies.

The Body is not a vehicle into which Mind, Life, Soul,
Consciousness enters at birth, and from which Mind, Life, Soul and
Consciousness must depart at death. Rather it is, that Body is
Life, Soul, Mind, Consciousness in form. If Life enters the body,
it is inevitable that It depart from the body. But the Body is Life.
How can Life either enter or depart from Itself? It cant. It
doesnt. Life, Soul, Consciousness, Mind are one and


There are many students of Truth who are inspired by considering
the Body as Spirit, or a spiritual Body. We certainly cannot
quarrel with that. But, what is Spirit? Spirit is but another name
for Consciousness. Spirit is Consciousness. So, all
Consciousness is spiritual Consciousness. We can now perceive
that there can be no unconscious Spirit, and no Spirit without
Consciousness. We agree thoroughly with the fact that the Body
is Spirit. But we also perceive that it is conscious Spirit, or
spiritual Consciousness embodied. What is Consciousness? To
be conscious is to be aware. Consciousness is awareness. Spirit
and Consciousness are one and the same thing. So it is that all
awareness is spiritual awareness.

This Spiritual awareness is eternal, without beginning, change or
ending. There is nothing in existence that can interfere with it,
and it is never interrupted by an entry into, or a departure from a
body of matter. It is its own embodiment. It is its own
Consciousness of its own eternal Perfect Changeless Nature.
Dear reader, in that last statement is revealed the most significant
Truth of the Body.

Now you may be asking: But, what about Life? Isnt the Body
alive? Yes, the Body is eternally and intensely alive. As stated
before, Life and Consciousness are one, and inseparable. Thus the
Body is consciously alive, or Conscious Life. But, what is Life?
Let us explore all the way into the nature of these words we are
using. When we say Life, what do we mean? How do we
know that there is such a thing as Life? We are conscious, thus
we are aware that we exist. But what is it that makes us aware that
we are alive? Activity. Life is activity. Without Life, there
would be no activity, and without activity there would be no Life.
It follows that without Consciousness there would be no awareness
of activity, so without Consciousness, there would be no conscious


Again we arrive at that important word One. Consciousness
and Life are one, and inseparable. There is no inactive Life-less
Consciousness, and no unconscious Life. Consciousness is
eternally intensely active, and Life is eternally conscious of being
alive. It is now becoming more apparent why it is well to speak of
the individual as Conscious Life identified.

Can we leave the Body out of the Identity? Would the Identity be
complete without the Body? NO! As the Identity is conscious
Life identified, the Body is conscious Life identified as Body.
Life is activity, and Life is eternal. Therefore, activity is eternal.
Consciousness and Life are one, so, Conscious Life is eternal and
without interruption. Life is steady, constant. It does not
fluctuate. Neither does it come and go. It does not increase,
decrease or come to an end. It is Self maintaining, Self sustaining,
Self perpetuating throughout all of eternity and infinity. In fact, It
is infinitely eternal. And this is the same conscious Life that is
identified as the Body of each individual. The Body of each
individual is the specific Body of that distinct individual. It exists
eternally as the Body that is included in the Identity of that
particular individual. It is true that the individual is not confined
to the Body. But each Identity does include its own individual
Body, and the Identity of the Body remains as eternal as does the
Identity of the individual.

Let us return to that word activity. Always remember that any
Truth that is revealed to you, is true of the Universe, but it is also
the Truth of and as your Body. Thus, the eternal changeless
nature of Activity, is the eternal changeless nature of the conscious
Life that is identified as your Body.


There is one aspect of this word activity that it would be well for
us to- examine. Sometimes the individual associates activity with
change. This is a mistaken sense of activity, because activity has
nothing to do with change. Life is Activity, and Life is God. We
know that God does not change. So, there is no changing Life,
and no Activity that changes. Now this question arises: What is
the purpose of this Life Activity? What is Its function? The
purpose of Life is to be eternally alive. How does Life fulfill this
purpose? By being alive as the eternal Life of each individual.
What is it that keeps this Life from wearing out, slowing down or
coming to an end? Renewal. Eternal Life is constantly active,
functioning as Self renewal. Life does not change or age. It is
ever new and fresh. But, It is always the same Life. This may
seem a paradox. But, let us explore this seeming contradiction.

As we are aware, the physicists say that the body is in a constant
state of renewal. Yet, It remains the same Body, with the same
kind of Substance and Activity. How do we explain this? Let us
compare the conscious Life that is identified as the Body, with a
natural fountain of fresh pure water. The water is in constant
activity, and this activity is its own self renewal. The water is
always fresh and new, but it is always the same. It does not
change its nature through the process of renewing itself. It does
not deplete itself, and does not wear out or run down. It is
constantly functioning as its own self renewal. The water that is
the essence of the fountain is its own source, and its own
impulsion. Its activity is unlabored and constant. It does not
struggle to maintain or sustain its activity. It simply is by reason
of its being what it is. Its renewal is constant, but it does not


One of the worst aspects of this fallacy called change is the
appearance of age. We see our friends, and sometimes our loved
ones accepting this imposition. Almost every day we hear such
expressions as the following. Im not as young as I used to be. I
must be getting old. I just cant remember anything anymore. If
we accepted the false picture, it would sometimes seem as though
the individual was engaged in a conspiracy against his own eternal
changeless Life. We know better than that. We are alert and
awake. There is none of this, You do it, youre younger than I
am, attitude in our Consciousness. We know that we are
constantly renewed, and above all, we know that we have not
changed, do not change, and will never be conscious of change.

What is the primary aspect of Truth? Its immutability. Truth
does not change. God is Truth, and all of us know that Jesus spoke
of Himself as the Truth. A deep spiritual insight into this
statement of Jesus reveals that He was referring to His eternal
beginningless, changeless, endless Identity.

To many students along the spiritual path, the word Truth is
almost meaningless. A careful study of the definitions of this
word in Websters Dictionary is very revealing and rewarding.
There are two definitions that are especially enlightening. Viz:
fact; ... an established principle. A fact is that which is true,
real genuine. An established principle is eternal, beginningless,
changeless, endless. For instance, the mathematical principle that
twice two equals four is an eternally established fact. It is real and
true throughout all of infinity and eternity. In other words, it is an
eternal existent.

When Jesus said, I am the Truth, He was making a profound
statement of fact: The fact of His existence, as well as the existence
of each individual Identity. What is this fact? The I that you
are, the I that I am, is the very Principle of eternal changeless
Life, Mind, Consciousness, Being. Yes, You are Principle
identified, individualized and evident. In fact You, the individual
I, are the eternal evidence of the fact that God is. And the
evidence is just as eternal, just as changeless as is the Principle,
because the evidence is the Principle manifesting Itself. How
then, can the individual I be a created man, with beginning,
change and ending? How can You be an idea, evolved or
emanating from Mind. This cannot be. If you are merely an idea
evolved from Mind, there was a time before you began. If there
was a time before you began, there must be a time when your
existence will come to an end. Principle is forever complete.
This completeness includes You, the individual. Principle does
not become any more or any less complete by the addition or
subtraction of Its individual expressions of Itself. No individual
expression of Principle, God, ever comes into existence, or goes
out of existence. The eternality of the individual is essential to the
eternal completeness, the All, that is God.

The individual is just as much an eternally established FACT, as is
the Principle. The individual I does not evolve from Mind, Life,
Principle. There is one I that can be individualized, and this I
is eternal and eternally complete. This eternal completeness
includes YOU.

Jesus knew that the Truth individualized was His eternal Identity.
He knew also that the Truth individualized was the eternal Identity
of each individual in existence. He knew that we are all One,
because there is one Principle, one God, one I. But He was also
aware that this one eternal I expressed Itself as the eternal
Identity of each individual.


This is why you can say, I am the Truth, with complete
confidence and authority. You are stating the fact that you are
eternal changeless Principle individualized. Dear reader, it is
wonderful to say, I am the Truth, when we really know what we
are saying. Again and again the realization of this Truth, has
meant the instantaneous revelation of perfection to those who
seemed to be in need of help or healing.

Can Truth be imperfect? Can Principle include a flaw? Can
perfect Mind include a mistake? NO! Principle is not only
perfect, It is Perfection. Furthermore, It is beginningless,
changeless, endless Perfection. And this changeless Perfection is
just what You are. You are the Truth. You are eternal changeless
Perfection individualized, identified and manifested.

There is no separation between the perfect Principle, the Truth,
that you are, and the manifest individual that you are. You, the
Truth, are your own manifestation. Truth and its manifestation, its
evidence, are One. And this one is You: the only You in existence,
right here and now.

For many years, the author avoided the use of the word Principle,
because it seemed cold, lifeless and unloving. But as revelation
expanded, the awareness that Principle is all inclusive and
complete became apparent. This completeness was perceived to
be the All that is God. In other words, God is Principle. This is
not a new or original statement. We have accepted this statement
in theory for years. Now we are beginning to know what it means.

Yes, God is Principle. But God is Love. So, Principle is Love.
When Principle is perceived to be Life, Love, Mind, Soul,
Consciousness; God the All, it no longer seems harsh, cold and
distant. Furthermore, the activity of Principle is perceived to be
the Divine Essence, Life, Love, Consciousness, in action.
Principle, Life, Love, Mind in action, constitutes Omniaction, or,
God in action.


Oh! The joy, the freedom, the all inclusive Love that accompanies
this discovery. Words cannot describe this illuminating
experience. But you may be assured of this: Once this Truth is
clearly perceived, there can never be any doubt of Its rightness.
Rather, there is solid unshakable conviction. If the whole world
were to confront you with a denial of this Truth, you would simply
smile; knowing, and knowing that you know. You would not try to
convince anyone that he was mistaken. You would know that this
Truth must be spiritually perceived in order to be understood and

Even if there seemed to be overwhelming evidence that the Truth
you knew was untrue, you would be unmoved: Because you would
know that it was false evidence. Thus, you would stand, knowing
that false evidence is no evidence, therefore it is non-existent.
Why? Because the only true evidence there is, or can be, is
evidence of that which exists. Only that which is real, genuine,
true, exists, and this is Truth. Only Truth, Principle, can be
evident, for there is no other Existence. Only the beginningless,
changeless, endless Perfection that is God, can be evident, because
God really is All, and there is none else.

As stated before, it is of vital importance that we realize the
beginningless, endless nature of our individual Being. But this
realization would not be complete if we were to omit the fact that
we are eternally immutable. The words immutable, or
changeless are equally as important in our spiritual vocabulary as
is the word eternal. Most of the inharmony we seem to
experience has to do with change. And this is particularly true of
any so-called physical difficulty.


No one will deny that the evidence before the so-called physical
senses presents a convincing picture of constant change. But,
what is the basis of this evidence? Is it based on Spirit, Truth,
Principle? Is it supported by the eternal verities? Has anyone in
illumination ever perceived any evidence of change? To whom
does it appear? What mind knows it? What sense accepts and
believes it? As we ponder these questions our spiritual perception
inevitably reveals the only possible answers. Viz: There is no
authentic basis for the evidence of constant change. This evidence
is not based on Spirit, Truth, Principle, and has no support in the
eternal Fact of existence; which is GOD. God does not change.
An illumined Consciousness is not aware of change. It can only
appear to this mistaken sense of identity: a descendant of that
mythological first man. No mind knows it, because the
immutable God is the only Mind. No sense accepts it or believes
in it, because Spirit is Consciousness, and Consciousness is the
only Sense in existence. Instead of five physical senses, there is
but one Sense: Soul, Spirit, Consciousness. And this Sense is
forever aware of Its eternal changeless Nature.



All of us are familiar with the expression The end of the world.
In fact, the age-old prophecy of the end of the world is almost
universally accepted. It is considered inevitable; the only doubt
being as to when this catastrophic event will take place. The
history of religion records that various individuals and sects have
predicted the day, and sometimes even the hour when the world
would come to an end. Yet, the world continues to exist and to
function, entirely unaffected by these dire predictions.

Have you ever wondered why it is considered inevitable that the
world should end? Why this almost universal conviction that all
existence must end? The answer is simple. It is because the
world is supposed to have had a beginning. As stated before, a
belief in a beginning always contains within itself, the belief of an
ending. The belief that the world and all existence must end will
never be obliterated until it is spiritually perceived that there never
was a beginning for the world, or for all that exists. And, of
course, this ALL existence includes each individual Identity.

Today, the belief that the end of all existence is unavoidable seems
to be greatly augmented. There are many who are firmly
convinced that so-called man will completely destroy himself as
well as the life of all existence. They are sure that this will be the
ultimate end; and in common with the religious exponents of the
end of the world theory, their only question is, When will it take

Are we helpless in the face of these predictions? Indeed we are
not. On the contrary, the awareness that beginningless,
changeless, endless God constitutes the Universe is the power that
obliterates even the appearance of an evil destructive force. The
realization that God is the only Mind, eliminates the belief that
there are minds capable of plotting, planning or bringing to fruition
schemes of a destructive nature. The Truth we know is POWER.
But, we must know it. In fact, we should be intensely active in
knowing it. This does not mean that we should do mental work,
make affirmations and denials, or send out thoughts. What it does
mean is this: We consciously know the eternal Nature of the
Universe and all it contains. We are actively aware of the
beginningless, changeless, endless Identity of each specific
individual. We maintain a vigilant awareness that, as God is ALL,
there is no evil; no evil man, mind, power or Presence. We know
that God is not self destructive, and that God knows His eternal
indestructible Nature, individualized as each Identity. All of this,
and much more do we know. And we have full faith in our
knowing. We have seen this very Truth prove itself to be true,
again and again.


Why is God revealing all existence to be without beginning,
change or ending? Why should this revelation be appearing now?
Because it is most essential now. Always, when there has seemed
to be the greatest need, God has revealed the Truth that was
essential for that seeming situation. Does this mean that God is
separate and apart from His expression, the individual Identity?
No! Where does this revelation take place? It is within the
Consciousness of the individual. God is the only Consciousness,
so the Consciousness of the individual is God, expressing Himself
as that individual Consciousness. Thus it is that, the essential
revelation pertaining to any seemingly inharmonious situation, is
individual revelation, but it is also the eternal, Infinite Truth that is
forever established in and as the Mind that is God. There can be
no individual revelation that is not an eternal Truth revealed in and
as the Consciousness of the individual. Neither is it possible for
any individual to be conscious of any Truth that is not known
eternally and Infinitely. Infinite, eternal God is consciously aware
of being All existence. In other words, no matter what the specific
character of the individual expression may be, it is comprised
entirely of God, conscious of being Itself as that specific Entity.

Yes, the Universe, the world, the stars and planets do exist, and this
fact is evident to anyone in illumination. However, enlightened
Consciousness reveals that the substance and activity of this
Universe, is not matter as the physicists believe, but it is entirely
composed of Self Conscious Mind. The individual does exist, but
spiritual perception reveals that the individual is not a human
being, with a created body of matter. Rather, it is God, being
aware of His eternal changeless Self as that specific individual.

Can you see what this revelation means to you? Is it clear what
this means to the world? This realization is the revelation that
neither the Universe, the world or the individual can ever be
destroyed or brought to an end. Neither can all existence be
threatened with extinction. There can be no belief in, nor fear of
an end to all Life. Does this seem fantastic? On the contrary,
it is absolutely true, as we shall presently see.


For years we have been saying, God is the only Mind. God is
All. This is absolute Truth. Furthermore, it is the fundamental
Truth of all existence. Now, let us ask ourselves some questions.
Do we believe this to be wholly true? When we gaze into the
heavens, observing the stars and planets, do we perceive that God
is all that exists of those stars and planets? Are we aware that they
are entirely composed of Self Conscious Mind? Or, do we
consider them as forms of matter? How do we interpret this world
and all it includes? Do we perceive that all the Substance, form
and activity that constitutes this world is Consciousness, Mind,
Life evidencing Itself? Or, do we entertain the misconception that
it is composed of forms of matter, governed by material laws?
And, what about the individual standing before us? Do we see
him as God, Life, Mind, Spirit individualized? Do we see him as
the evidence of the fact that God is? Or, do we mis-perceive him
to be a mortal, in a temporal body of matter, and with a mind that is
capable of fear, sickness, sin and destructive tendencies?

Finally, what about the individual I that is your Identity? What
about the Body that is essential to the completeness of your
conscious Identity? Do you really know that your Consciousness
is God, being conscious as your awareness? Do you really know
that your Body is this same God Consciousness evidencing the fact
of His eternal, beginningless, changeless, endless perfection? Or,
do you believe that you have a mind of your own, capable of doing
something or being something apart from God? Do you believe
your Body to be a temporary vehicle into which Mind, Life, Soul
enters, from which Mind, Life, Soul must depart? Do you fully
realize that your Body is eternal, immutable, imperishable and
indestructible? Do you know why your Body is entirely immune
to any fallacious claims of materiality? Do you know why It can
never perish or be destroyed? Do you know that, because God IS
ALL, you can have no Body, unless it be God, Mind, Life,
Consciousness identifying and manifesting Itself? Do you know
the Truth about the Body? Or, are you aware that the Body is the
very Consciousness that is aware of Its own eternal perfection?


These are indeed searching questions. But, they are questions that
must be asked and answered in order to perceive the Omnipotent
Omnipresence of that fundamental Truth: God is All. And, it is
this Truth that is our immunity from all the so-called destructive
forces that are supposed to be inescapable. Knowing that God is
All, and that God is Self Conscious Mind, we realize that we can
have no conscious Self, that is not God conscious of being our

It is of vital importance for us to realize that God is Self Conscious.
God is aware of Himself; of His eternal changeless, Omnipotent
Omnipresent glorious perfect Being. We are Self conscious. We
are aware of existing. Enlightened Consciousness reveals that we
can only be Self conscious, or aware of our Self, because God is
conscious of being just what He Is, as our Self. It is essential for
us to realize that God is Self Conscious Mind.

With this spiritual perception, we realize that it is utterly
impossible for us to be aware of anything that is not known to God,
Self Conscious Mind. If God is the only Mind, what individual
exists that is not God being Self conscious as that individual
Consciousness? What individual exists that does not know Its
eternal changeless Nature? There is no such individual.


If we were to accept the spurious evidence that is constantly being
presented to us, we would have to conclude that the destruction of
the world and all existence is inevitable. Furthermore, it appears
that there is hardly an individual who is not afraid of this
catastrophe. It would seem that every possible avenue is being
used as a means to increase and exploit this claim of fear. The
news publications, the radio and television are constantly
reminding us of the dangers of nuclear warfare. Many sincere
ministers of the Gospel, and many revivalists are exhorting their
congregations to repent, in order that their Souls may be saved.
With all due respect to those who arc sincerely preaching the
gospel of fear, those of us with spiritual perception realize that faith
and fear do not dwell together. Furthermore, we know that God,
the only Mind, cannot be conscious of fear. There is nothing
known excepting the Truth that is known to God. Therefore, it is
impossible for any individual to actually know fear. This whole
claim of a mind that fears is false, and it only appears in the
illusory misunderstanding of the so-called descendants of that
mythical first man. And there is no such individual. The only
individual in existence is God individualized. And the only
individual who knows anything is God individualized, knowing
only the eternal beginningless, changeless endless perfect Nature
of His own Being.

We do not close our eyes to the fears that seem to be prevalent.
We are fully aware that destructive forces and material so-called
laws do appear to be present and have power. We are also
cognizant that the world does seem to be in the grip of men with
evil minds, who are power hungry, and who are plotting and
planning destruction to all who oppose them. We are not deluded
for one moment by this phantasmic picture. We know better.

We avoid, as much as possible, listening to, or coming in contact
with these fears and dire predictions. But this does not mean that
we are not alert and actively seeing through this miasma. We are
just too busy seeing the Universe and all existence as it is to permit
ourselves to be deluded by what it is not. We are not deceived.
Neither are we frightened. We know what we know. And if the
whole world were to attempt to convince us that God knows evil or
destruction, and permits it, we would simply go right on knowing
what we know.

Now this question arises: What do we know? We know that God
is All. We know that God is eternal, without beginning, change or
end. We know that God, being All, comprises the entire Universe,
and there is nothing existing in, or as the Universe that is not God.
Therefore, there is nothing existing that can be destroyed, because
God does not destroy Itself. We are aware that God is Self
conscious Mind, and thus, knows His perfect eternal indestructible
Nature. God is conscious of no threat to His existence, entertains
no fear, and knows no evil plotting minds. We know that our
Bodies are not composed of a kind of substance that can be
destroyed. We know that our conscious Life is eternal, and that
our conscious Life is all there is of our Bodies.

Earlier in this work, we mentioned the fact that our friends, the
physicists are convinced that the universe is constantly expanding.
No doubt this appears irrefutable from their standpoint, as they are
almost unanimous on this particular conclusion. Is there any basis
in Truth, in Spirit, upon which these deductions can be founded?
NO! God is the Universe, and God does not expand. On the
contrary, He is eternally complete.

However, as we contemplate the theory of expansion, we can
readily see how it could appear to be true, if the Universe and all
existence were viewed from the material standpoint. Let us
elucidate: The invention of the telescope by Galileo was an event
of momentous importance in the field of astronomy. Yet, the
astronomer of today would consider that telescope to be virtually
useless. With the development of the reflectors, (invented by Sir
William Herschel), the astronomers instruments and lenses have
constantly expanded in size and power. Thus we can perceive that
the view of the heavens attained by the telescopic lens of Galileo,
would be infinitesimal compared to the awe inspiring view from
the Observatory at Mount Wilson California.

Of course, this expansion of so-called human knowledge is not
confined to the field of astronomy. All of us are aware that the
first flying machine was indeed limited in its scope of activity in
comparison with our modern space ships. This represents just two
out of the many and varied fields in which expansion is taking

Does this mean that the Universe is expanding? Not at all. It
seems strange that with all our knowledge, we should still believe
that the Universe can expand, or become more infinite than
Infinitude Itself. What is taking place? Our Consciousness of
that which Eternally and Infinitely exists is constantly expanding.
The Universe is not limited in time and space. Never has it been
less, and never can it be more than it is right now. Again, God is
the Universe, and there is never any more or any less of God. For
in-stance, has there been any increase in the stars and planets since
they were first viewed through the telescope of Galileo? Are the
heavens any greater because more of them appear in the lenses of
the modern astronomer? NO! As Consciousness expands the
spurious beliefs of limitation are eliminated; and presently it will
be seen that the Universe is Infinite and without limitations.


You will note that the word Universe is capitalized in this work.
Because, again and again the authors Consciousness is illumined
with a tremendous awareness of God being the Universe. If this
book were not God, revealing His own Truth, it would not be
written. And it can only be presented as it is revealed.

Yes, the Universe is Consciousness, or Self Conscious Mind. It
may seem that it is expanding, changing or coming to an end. But
none of this is true of God, so it cannot be true of the Universe. If
the world could have a beginning and ending, it would have to be
limited by that which is called time. If the Universe were
expanding, it would be limited in so-called space. But God, the
only Essence of the Universe, is eternal and Infinite, and cannot be
limited by imaginary time or space barriers.

We have said that our Consciousness is constantly expanding.
Does this mean that we are changing? No! What it does mean is
this: The spiritually enlightened Consciousness is increasingly
aware of his genuine and only Identity. As this revelation
continues, his perception of his limitless freedom expands
continuously. He realizes that he is without limitations, because
he is composed of the very Essence that comprises the Universe.
Thus it is that the revelation of the Nature of the Universe, is Self
revelation. And, conversely, the revelation of the Nature of the
Self, includes the revelation of that which constitutes the Universe.
The individual Consciousness does not change. It simply
becomes increasingly Self conscious. Of course, this means that
the individual becomes more God conscious, because God is the
only Self.

individual who discerns the Universe to be Self conscious Mind,
Life and Spirit, perceives that HE is entirely composed of the very
same Essence that comprises this eternal changeless Universe.


For years we have approached this Truth from the standpoint of the
individual to the Universe. We have had wonderful revelations.
But, we cannot say that these revelations have been complete. We
still seem to experience birth, change, age, sickness and death.
Just so long as we continue to look out at the Universe from the
standpoint of the little i our viewpoint will seem to be limited and
incomplete. It is much the same as looking through the wrong end
of a telescope. If we turn our binoculars around, and look at a
scene through the wrong end, we find that everything appears
greatly diminished in size. In consequence, instead of seeing
more, we see less.

In the same way, when we are viewing the Universe from the little
i standpoint, we seem to have a limited viewpoint of everything.
Instead of the larger grander view of the Infinite eternal All, we
mis-perceive this All; thus It seems limited in terms of time and
space. The whole belief in a Universe or an individual with
beginning, change and ending, is the direct consequence of
viewing the limitless All, from the standpoint of the little i.

This does not mean that the individual is not important. Indeed,
the individual is of the utmost importance. In fact, the individual
is absolutely essential to the completeness which is God, the All.
Furthermore, it is imperative that each individual know the eternal
changeless nature of his own Being. But, if we are to receive full
revelation, we must approach the individual from the standpoint of
the Universe, instead of approaching the Universe from the
standpoint of the individual. Actually, the Universe, God, and the
individual are One.


Anything that is not a Universal Truth, is not true of the individual.
This is clearly seen, when the individual perceives that the only
Substance, Life and Consciousness in existence as that individual
Self, is the Substance, Life and Consciousness that constitutes the
Universe. This is exactly why it is essential to full revelation, for
the individual to realize the eternal Infinite changeless Perfection
that is the Universe. It is in the realization of this Truth, that the
individual recognizes the eternal changeless Perfection that is His
own Being.

Dear reader, are you now cognizant that the individual can have no
beginning, because there was no time before the Universe existed?
Can you now see that the individual you are, cannot come to an
end, because there cannot be a time when there is no Universe? Is
it clear to you that you cannot be a suffering, sick, ageing
individual, because You are composed of the very Essence that
constitutes this eternal, changeless perfect Universe?

Now you may be asking: If I keep my Consciousness entirely on
and in the Infinite, how am I going to be helped? or, My problem
is individual to me; so, isnt it necessary for me to concentrate on
my individual self? It is within the answers to such questions as
these, that we close the seeming gap between what we are seeing,
and what we seem to be manifesting.

The author would like to assure you of one thing. Many so-called
healings have been witnessed just through the realization of the
perfect eternal changeless Nature of the Universe. Often the
individual involved had not requested spiritual help. However,
when an individual does ask for help, it certainly is necessary to
include that specific individual in Consciousness. But, we never
never include the individual in Consciousness, until the eternal
perfection of the Infinite All is realized.


Yes, it is essential to be specific in seeing the individual perfection.
But when the practitioner is fully aware of the Infinite, eternal
changeless Nature of the Universe, it is simple and natural to
include the distinct individual in this conscious perfection. And if
the individual is seeking to help himself, it is also imperative that
he first perceive the eternal perfection of the Infinite All. Why?
Because, as stated in my book, The Ultimate, Seeing is Being.

When, as enlightened Consciousness, we really see the Universe in
all its glorious changeless perfection, we are aware that we are the
very perfection we are seeing. We realize that the beginningless,
changeless, endless Nature of the Universe, is the eternal
changeless Nature of our own individual Identity. We perceive
that the indestructible, imperishable Essence that constitutes the
Universe, is the indestructible, imperishable Substance that
constitutes our eternal Body. We know that the Omnipotent
perfect Principle which is in constant un-interrupted operation
throughout the Universe, is in full and complete operation
throughout the Substance that constitutes our Body. In fact, we
know that this Principle in operation, is inherent in and as our
Body. And, perhaps most important of all, we perceive that the
Infinite eternal conscious Mind which comprises the Universe, is
our conscious Mind; and there is no other mind.

Indeed, seeing is being for it takes the Consciousness that is the
eternal changeless perfect Universe, to SEE IT AS IT IS, AND

Dear reader, this is your eternal Identity. This is the I that is
forever without beginning, change or ending. This is the I that
is never born, and can never die. This is the I that is never
threatened with destruction. This is the I that can have no fear
of the end of existence; either the end of the world, or the end of the
individual I.


Beloved, now you are in the Kingdom of God, and now the
Kingdom of God is in You. Your kingdom is your Consciousness,
and your Consciousness is the eternal changeless perfect glorious
Universe. Accept and claim this glorious eternal Identity, for It is
your own. Indeed, It is You. You are clothed in Light, and in
your right Mind. You are conscious that You are the very Light in
which you are clothed. Know your eternal Identity, and rejoice in
that which you know. For, You are the Truth You know.