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for printing - made 3.may-05

artpicture up is idea of the first Sfath-contact in-42.
Picture down and topmost left of JimNichols
N.for printin! choose "#iew" in the topmeny for "$ord"
and no3choice from top% or as shown elow% showing
lower left corner of norwe!ian $ord - for printin! it with
2 columns on&4 paper - which ma'es it more readale% ut
not attainale in "wordpad"
The Contact Reports of "Billy"
Eduard Albert eier! a topical
listing - here su""ary for contacts up to ##$th
-honour to the people there for doing this BIG
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columns as shown up.

& !eneral listin! of topics% names , places mentioned in
the +ontact -eports of the e#ents , discussions etween
./illy. 0duard &lert 1eier and e2traterrestrial human
ein!s. 3n some places a rou!h 4and incomplete5 summary
is !i#en% alon! with selected 6uotes. 7he listin!s are
!enerally in the order that they are mentioned within a
contact. Some topics are not listed as they are not easily
laeled% such as incidents or discussions relatin! to spiritual
teachin!s , de#elopment% responsiility% psycholo!y and
similar matters. 7o use this listin! effecti#ely% use your
internet rowser8s word-find function.
Presently% the main source for listin!s in +ontacts 3-9%11-
10: , 115 is $endelle Ste#ens8 4-#olume .1essa!e (rom
7he Pleiades) the +ontact -eports of 0duard /illy 1eier.%
an incomplete% edited and often incorrect 0n!lish-lan!ua!e
translation of the ori!inal ;erman-lan!ua!e +ontact
-eports. (ull informational reliaility on any !i#en topic%
6uotation or e#ent can only e had from a careful readin! of
the ;erman-lan!ua!e +ontact -eports% .Ple<adisch-
ple<arische =onta'terichte. , .Sem<ase-/ericht.%
a#ailale from (3;> 4(reie 3nteressen!emeinschaft fur
;ren?- und ;eisteswissenschaften und >folo!iestudien
@7he (ree +ommunity of 3nterests in (rin!e and Spiritual
Sciences and >folo!ical StudiesA5)
7he ori!in of the 0n!lish-lan!ua!e translation in Ste#ens8
oo's% to the est of my reasonin! with the information
pro#ided% is as follows. 7he ori!inal 0n!lish-lan!ua!e
translation of the +ontact -eports was done .y a youn!
;erman colle!e student who spent a !reat deal of time at
the 1eier home% li#in! with them and oser#in! the #arious
witnesses in their daily li#es% and see'in! #ery careful
e2planations. Eis translations were then chec'ed and
appro#ed% as he proceeded% y oth the others at the home
and y 0duard 1eier himself.. 41(7P preface5. Ste#ens
purchased an edited #ariation 41(7P2 p!.1515 of this
translation in 19F9 as a .standard appro#ed 1%G00 pa!es in
100-pa!e oo'lets. 41(7P4 p!.4035% which had een
.copied y &mata Stetter% who partly chan!ed the meanin!
unauthori?ed and also copied wron!. 41eier% 1(7P4
p!.4045. 7he errors in the pre#iously appro#ed copies were
disco#ered y (3;> circa 1992% .accordin!ly we had to
correct and to print e#erythin! a!ain. 41eier% 1(7P4
p!.4045. 7hus% PH0&S0 NI70 and ta'e into consideration
that there are not only omissions in the Ste#ens oo's% ut
also% more crucially% interpretation% translation and #arious
clerical errors throu!hout 4sentence numerin!% spellin!%
numerical% etc.5.
&;&3N% (>HH 3N(I-1&73IN&H -0H3&/3H37J
IN &NJ ;3K0N 7IP3+% L>I7&73IN I- 0K0N7
+&N INHJ /0 E&M (-I1 & +&-0(>H
-0&M3N; I( 7E0 ;0-1&N-H&N;>&;0
+IN7&+7 -0PI-7S.
02traterrestrial humans e!an contacts with ./illy. at
the a!e of 5 in 1942 with the Pleiadians*Ple<aren man
Sfath% and lasted with him until 1953. (rom 1953-19:4
contacts continued with &s'et% a woman from the M&H
>ni#erse 4the twin uni#erse to ours% the M0-N
>ni#erse5. &fter an 11 year rea'% the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren resumed contacts on January 2G%
19F5 with Sfath8s !randdau!hter Sem<ase% and continue
with others to this day. 7his document pertains to the
19F5-date contacts. Ifficial case summary)
&dditional and current topical information from the
.Jour Luestions 7o /illy 1eier--&nswered. section of
the (3;> forum is compiled at)
(or a ilio!raphy of 0n!lish-lan!ua!e materials related
to the ./illy. 0duard &lert 1eier case see)
7he (3;> wesite) http)**!u.or!
+ompiled and annotated y Ma#id 0. +hance)
+IN7&+7 1
@7uesday% January 2G% 19F5% 2)34 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpts in 49 Luestions% pa!es 4-5
e2cerpts in 7hrou!h Space and 7ime% pa!es 15-1:%23
/eamship protection radius - 500 meters
1eier - reason chosen as a contactee
+harlatans , frauds - false contactees
Pleiadians*Ple<aren * 02traterrestrial humans
Eyperspace propulsion system
Ither life forms in other star systems
/araric*dan!erous e2traterrestrials
+reation - laws of
.;od. - defined
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - not .an!els and other such thin!s.O
.7he +reation itself ne#er !i#es orders% for it emodies
the most immense and powerful entity in this uni#erse
and would ne#er ha#e the need of orders or reli!ions..
7almud Jmmanuel) http)**www.t<
7elepathy * .7hou!ht 7ransmission.
+IN7&+7 2
@1onday% (eruary 3% 19F5% 10)10 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier - thin'in! capailities
Spiritual 'nowled!e , spiritual wisdom
Praise , flattery
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - prohiited from penetratin! the
personal secrets of others
(alse contactees
Ither e2traterrestrials #isit 0arth
>(I .aductions.
/araric*dan!erous e2traterrestrials
=enneth &rnold)
=arl 1ichale' - false contactee)
;eor!e &dams'i - false contactee) http)**www.!afintl-
Earushi 7su'amoto - false contactee
Jerrold /a'er - false contactee 4collea!ue of &dams'i5
-einhold I. Schmidt - false contactee)
+arl &. &nderson - imposter% false contactee
Irfeo &n!elucci
F important people to 1eier8s mission
+IN7&+7 3
@Saturday% (eruary G% 19F5% 3)03 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!e 5
e2cerpts in 7hrou!h Space and 7ime% pa!es 22%23
1eier has .finished writin! his oo'.
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - .not the so-called supermen or
super humans.O .our only tas' and oli!ation is to
conser#e the human life that has de#eloped and already
e2ists in outer space. 7his means we endea#or to 'eep
order and watch o#er certain life forms.O occasional
assistance y impulse-telepathy for in#ention
$hy the Pleiadians*Ple<aren don8t re#eal themsel#es
pulicly - .$e ha#e no interest in showin! oursel#es to
the road masses of the population. 7heir consciousness
is still short and petty and restricted y reli!ious
7almud Jmmanuel
) http)**www.t<
Judas 3scarioth
Hife span of humans - can reach 1000-100%000 years old
with spiritual de#elopment% after that the spirit no lon!er
needs a material ody
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - life span% N1000 years
Sem<ase8s a!e - 330 years
+IN7&+7 4
@Saturday% (eruary 15% 19F5% 1)4G a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 1F
1eier - .stron! thou!ht force.% few human ein!s ha#e
such a stron! thou!ht force
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - possess 'nowled!e of all 0arth
lan!ua!es e#er spo'enO de#elop lan!ua!e study courses
which !et transmitted to the Pleiadians*Ple<aren y
computers% a process re6uirin! 21 days Q additional 9-
10 days to learn to spea' the lan!ua!e
/eamship hyper-dri#e - .a form of radiation propulsion.
which surpasses the speed of li!ht y many million
/eamship normal dri#e - acceleration to the speed of
li!htO null-time , null-spaceO F-hour trip to 0arth8s
re!ion #ia hyper-speed
+omets - some hurled throu!h space caused y
irresponsile space tra#elers acceleratin! in hyper-speed
Eyperspace tra#el re6uires a security distance from
planets% 153 million 'ilometers
Eyper-dri#es - li!ht-emittin! propulsion dri#es ,
/eamship - aerodynamic disc-shaped form
/eamship - .protection-eam-elt. which protects the
ship , the occupants
;ra#ity of a planet - .not always the same.% fluctuates
;ra#ity , effects 4and non-effects5 on*in eamships
$hen e2traterrestrials mo#e aout on other planets they
use protecti#e suits e6uipped with the same type of
!ra#ity-protecti#e features as eamships
0arth humans - ararous% !reed , want for power ,
control o#er others
Ither e2traterrestrial intelli!ences - some humane%
others inhumaneO 0arth humans need worldwide unity
to comat possile future e#il-minded intruders
Spiritual reason , wisdom of 0arth humans is
1alona - planet destroyed y warO remnants in the
&steroid /elt
Ste#ens annotation) -ichard 7. 1iller)
+IN7&+7 5
@Sunday% (eruary 1:% 19F5% 11)41 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 2:F-2:G
(alse reli!ion , lac' of spiritual pro!ress - enemies to
the truth
Earsh lan!ua!e of truth
+hronolo!y of 0arth8s history - current .history. is half-
7he ;reat (lood 47he Melu!e5 - 10%0F9 years a!o 4see
+ontact :05
Mestroyer planet - ori!in of , e2tensi#e details 4see
+ontact :05
Kenus - how it came to e the second SIH planet 4see
+ontacts :0 , F05
Mestroyer planet - passed throu!h the SIH system 3%453
years a!o
Santorini #olcano eruption N1:45-1:15 /.+. 4see
+ontact :05)
1oon - ori!inated from a small planet 4.5 million years
older than 0arthO how it came to orit 0arth
Mestroyer planet - ori!in of , e2tensi#e details 4see
+ontact :05
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - ancestors8 ori!in 4see +ontact F05
3E$E - defined 4.=in! of $isdom.% .;od.5
&sael - Ple<aren ancestor leader 4see +ontact F05
Pele!on - 3E$E leader 4see +ontact F05
Su-leaders - .;uardians.
.Iri!inal 0arth race.
Ste#ens annotation) 3mmanuel Keli'o#s'y
+IN7&+7 :
@Sunday% (eruary 23% 19F5% 10)30 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
F main sta!es*periods of de#elopment of human life
.calculated in lifetimes.) Primary HifeO -easoned
HifeO 3ntellect HifeO -eal HifeO +reational HifeO Spiritual
HifeO +reation Hife
F su-sta!es*periods in each of the F de#elopmental
main sta!es
.Spirit life is se2less.
Eell , Sin - reli!ious nonsense
1ista'es% reco!nition of faults% attainment of 'nowled!e
, wisdom
Eumor , <o'es
F su-sta!es*periods in each of the F de#elopmental
main sta!es of human life - defined in detail
Ine period*!reattime C 311%040%000%000%000 years
7wili!ht sleep of the +reation% defined
.7he nameless nothin!. a secret e#en the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren can8t sol#e
7almud Jmmanuel) http)**www.t<
3sa -ashid% co-disco#erer of the 7almud Jmmanuel
+IN7&+7 F
@7uesday% (eruary 25% 19F5% :)02 p.m.
Q added thou!ht transmission on 1arch 2% 19F5A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 25F-25G
Sem<ase8s new eamship
Sem<ase8s current eamship - automatic radiators to 90
meters% destroy film ut not harmful to animals
1eier not allowed to photo!raph the inside of the
1.-. @3sa -ashidA% a contactee of the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
since 195:% learned &ramaic with the help of the
7almud Jmmanuel ori!inally written y Judas 3scharioth
3sa -ashid fled his church in Jerusalem in mid-19F4 to
Heanon% li#in! there in a refu!ee camp with his family
under a different nameO 7almud Jmmanuel destroyed y
fire when the camp was in#aded y the 3sraeli militaryO
the 1*4th that was translated into ;erman is sufficient to
.re#eal the truth and to free the human ein! from a
deadly delusion.
3sa -ashid - not his real nameO 3sa -ashid8s cousin usin!
the name .1. -ashid.
Parapsycholo!y , parapsycholo!ists
.Spiritual healers. - many are cheats% liars , charlatans
>ri ;eller) http)**www.uri-!* - has certain
mental forces ut uses the spiritual forces of others
around him to accomplish his featsO ne#er came near or
went inside a >(I 4not so as on
;eor!e &dams'i - a decei#er 1eier claims)
http)**www.!afintl-adams'* ut some says he had
contact to another dimension le#el of Kenus - the
socalled 4dim le#el - that means the contact was not on
our 3th dim le#el - ut he didnt tell of this in his oo's5
=arl 1ichale' - a decei#er)
5 colored human races plus others li#in! under!round ,
in inaccessile re!ions
/lue race of humans li#in! in 3ndia
Some colored human races died out lon! a!o
.7he Eea#en8s Sons. or .Star 7ra#elers. - name !i#en
y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren to their forefathers
+limate helps determine s'in color
3nnumerale s'in colorin! of life forms throu!hout the
/ody si?e differs accordin! to the !ra#ity of a planet%
ran!in! from 50 centimeters to 12 meters tall
;iants , titans once li#ed on 0arth
Present different colored 0arth races are descendents of
different colored ancestors who came from different
+harles Marwin - .cra?y lo!ic.)
0arth humans not descended from mon'eys , apes
0arth humans .ecame created y @Ple<arenA ancestors
who interred with ancient 0arth humans
0#as*0#a C word meanin! .the earin! one. or .earer.
7almud Jmmanuel) http)**www.t<
&ncient 0arth humans - sa#a!e creatures with human-
li'e form% descended from and sent out in earlier
millenniums y the Ple<aren ancestorsO these creatures
interred with different animalsO one such
offsprin!*mutation is the mon'ey
.&ustralopithecus &fricanus.% .Pe'in! 1an.%
.Neanderthals. - intermediate human*animal mutations)
4 different types of human*animal mutations sur#i#ed
and li#e today% 'nown as the Jeti% Sas6uatch% /i!foot%
0#as - captured y and mated with Ple<aren ancestors
who settled on 0arthO their descendents were called
.&dam.% meanin! .0arthhuman ein!.O some of these
early 0arth humans sur#i#ed% their a#era!e a!e ein!
15%000 years oldO the last of these was 'illed .a it more
than 2%300 years a!o.O thou!h today @19F5A there still
e2ist F of these creatures hidden on the 0arth
;iants% titans , cyclops - tall men% called .;oliaths.O
ser#ed power-hun!ry 'in!s as warriors
....many thin!s the human ein! is only allowed to
'now when he has ecome spiritually aware% and has
de#eloped his spiritual 'nowled!e and spiritual wisdom
& .spirit world. does not e2ist% only innumerale .fine
material worlds.% worlds which e2ist in other
dimensions , contain odiless spirit forms
$hat happens after death - reincarnation e2plained
-eincarnation - facial appearance of .!uest odies.
remains .much the same.
(ine-material world - spirit forms there are no more
ad#anced in 'nowled!e than they were in the material
&ility to communicate with fine-material world
spirits ut not ad#ised
1ediums - only a few humans capale of contactin!
fine-material world spirits
Koices heard on tape recordin!s in empty rooms -
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - ha#e ases*stations on 0arth and
many other planets
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - ase*station in Swit?erland .hi!h
up in the mountains. , elsewhere on 0arth
Sem<ase - often #isits 0rra in the Pleiades
.;host music. 4music compositions transmitted to
li#in! people from the dead5 - deceitful claimsO spirits
do not transmit music from .the other world.
1a!ic - does not e2ist as commonly thou!ht of and
1eier will e allowed to ta'e pictures of 4 eamships at
Sem<ase8s old eamship - an older type ship% N100
years oldO uilt on a wa#e principle for stailityO old
ship to e ta'en away on 1arch 3% 19F5
02plorer-class eamship
=arl Keit 4pulisher of >(I Nachrichten5 - 1eier to
!i#e +ontact -eports to him to diffuse to the pulic
1eier to form a !roup which will inform leaders of the
0arth aout serious matters
I?one layer depletion)
/romine !ases slowly dissol#e the I?one layer -
released y comustion en!ines% atom-splittin! ,
similar thin!sO spray ottles release romine
4flourochlorohydrocarons% (+E+s5 , other !ases
I?one layer holes may ta'e hundreds of years to close
4if no further erodin!5
I?one layer*elt - mo#es , wanders% not stationary
Mr. 1ichael /. 1c0lroy at Ear#ard >ni#ersity - to e
approached y 1eier8s !roup re!ardin! o?one layer
depletion) http)**www-*people*faculty*mm*
Ste#ens annotations) Mr. =onstantin -audi#e)
(riedrich Jur!enson) http)**www.para#oice.d'*friedrich
Koices heard on tape recorders in empty rooms -
researchers% oo's
+IN7&+7 G
@7uesday% 1arch 1G% 19F5% 3)04 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!e 1G
1atter*rou!h-material stuff - a si?ale% solid form of
.&ll ener!y can e chan!ed into solid matter.
Neutrons% protons , electrons - .elementary uildin!
loc's of the solid components of matter.
.0#erythin! in the uni#erse consists of matter or
.+ourse-material. C matter
.(ine-material. C ener!y
.1atter is the emodiment of idea.
+reation is the source that !enerates matter*ener!y y
spiritual force% preceded y idea
.7he whole >ni#erse is% inside and out% only of fine-
material , course-material ener!y 4which is5
compressed , concentrated idea..
Spiritual ener!y
Luestions , answers from the Pleaidians*Ple<aren -
conditions for ein! as'ed , answered
1olecular iolo!y
;enes - re!ulatory properties
&!e is partially a !enetically-conditioned factor
+hromosomes - consist mainly of alumins , nucleic
1on!olism @Mown SyndromeA - partially results from
in<ury to the !enes)
;enes - can chan!e o#er time
.3ntelli!ence is a result of spiritual e#olution.
/rain acids - carry spiritual wisdom , intelli!ence in
solid formO can e transplanted in others
1ental illness - .mental disease consists of powerful
confusion of the already 'nowled!eale , educated
;enes influenced y spirit
7heory of -elati#ity) 7ime Milation)
Eyperspace - dilation of time is remo#ed)
Eyperspace .<umps.*demateriali?ation - technically
definedO whole process needs less than a millionth part
of a second
.7he mass of an o<ect increases in relation to the
!rowth of its speed.
Hi!ht speed - dan!ers
.&ll forms of life ha#e to accomplish their e#olutionary
processes% and thus they collect e2perience ,
7ime tra#elers - occasionally appear from the past
0arth humans thin' themsel#es to e .the crown of
Some writers are inspired 4such as science fiction
authors5 which prepares humanity for comin! chan!esO
e2traterrestrials ha#e influenced the technolo!ical
de#elopment of 0arth humans o#er the past 100 years
&6uarian &!e - rin!s !reat chan!es% positi#e ,
ne!ati#eO reli!ions
+reation - eha#es neutrallyO continuously creates
innumerale life forms o#er F .!reat-times.O the new
life forms are left to de#elop on their own
.Soul. , spirit
&!e is partially a !enetically-conditioned factor%
partially conditioned y en#ironmental influences
7alismans% amulets% etc. - nonsense)
1etals% crystals% precious stones - partial aility to
asor certain radiations for health purposes
12 items for health purposes - mentioned*omittedO how
they are manufactured , for what purpose 4rheumatism%
Mescription , instructions for uildin! a machine for
curin! #arious illnesses , impro#in! health -
Iri!ins of first life forms - atmosphere , amino acids
Jmmanuel - a teacher% prophet of spiritual 'nowled!e ,
wisdom% nothin! more
.No life form should e#er e idoli?ed or re#ered in the
manner human ein!s ha#e a hait of doin!.
7almud Jmmanuel - retrie#ed from its hidin! place
ecause .the time of truth had dawned.O Jmmanuel8s
teachin!s not his own% ut +reation8s and its laws which
.Jmmanuel first needed to master% reco!ni?e and
.3mportant alone is the truth and the laws ut not the
person who has rou!ht them..
Mouters - those who re6uire more proof of the
e2istence of the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
.0#idence then is only #alid if founded on 'nowled!e
and reco!nition% which means only hard spiritual wor'
enales real reasonin!% ut ne#er only seein!..
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - .not allowed to coerce to con#ince
0arth humans of the truth.
.3t is neither our nor your mission to remo#e from
douters and critici?ers their spirit-ostructin!
acti#itiesO the mission lies in 6uite other fields.
1eier rin!s a film camera to film Sem<ase8s eamship
in motion
+IN7&+7 9
@(riday% 1arch 21% 19F5% 4)1G p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!e 2F
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 2:4
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - humans li'e us% not !uardians of
0arth or ;od-sent an!els
Natural ararism - usefulness
Scientists - dan!er in their misuse of 'nowled!e a!ainst
>(Is 4eamships5 - often not reco!ni?ed as such% rather
as airplanes
/eamship .distorter screen. - apparatus% si!ht protecti#e
screen up to 500 meters in any direction in whole or in
partO why 1eier ale to see them to photo!raph and not
others in the area
1eier as's if he can tape record Sem<ase8s #oice -
7almud Jmmanuel) http)**www.t<
.3t is the character of the uninformed to continually
critici?e and accuse.
7eachin!s of Jmmanuel , the Pleiadians*Ple<aren the
same as what was tau!ht y others tens of thousands of
years a!o% with different wordsO truth remains the same
-eli!ion - dan!ers ofO .there does not e2ist any form of
reli!ion that is all !ood.
Spiritually repressed y reli!ionO li#in! a distortion
.7he truth is always harsh.
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - could re#eal themsel#es pulicly
ut not interested in doin! so
Eistory of 1an'ind) Pleiadians*Ple<aren found peace ,
lierty 50%000 years a!oO efore this time 4N53%000
years a!o5 F0%000 humans fled under their leader
Pele!on% settlin! on 0arthO 200 scientist su-leaders
under Pele!onO 10%000 years of relati#e peace with the
new 0arth settlers% then war ro'e out 'illin! all ut a
few thousand humans% others fled into spaceO for F%000
years there were no #isitors to 0arth while the
remainin! humans on 0arth ecame wildO then
descendents of the fled ancestors returned and uilt
&tlantis and 1u% li#ed peacefully .for thousands of
years.O then ro!ue scientists tried to sei?e power ut the
people re#olted a!ainst themO the scientists and their
followers fled into space 15%000 years a!oO they li#ed in
a nei!horin! solar system for 2%000 years e2tendin!
their life spans throu!h science , mutation to thousands
of yearsO returned to 0arth 13%000 years a!o under the
leadership of a scientist named &rhus .7he /ararian.
who also had 200 scientist su-leadersO they settled in
.the hi!h north. and (lorida% continuously attac'in!
&tlantis , 1u% destroyin! them after a few millenniumO
many 0arth sur#i#ors ecame sla#es while some
scientists were ale to escape into space ac' to their
planets in the PleiadesO centuries efore this% &rhus8 su-
leaders captured wild female 0arth creatures ,
mutations 4called .0#as.% distant descendents of former
humans from space5 and mated with them producin!
dwarf-li'e% !i!antic or animal-li'e offsprin!O the su-
leaders were 'nown as .Sons If Eea#en.O the hi!hest
ran'in! su-leader was named Sem<asa% who mated
with an 0#aO their offsprin! was a male that Sem<asa
named &dam 4a word meanin! .0arth human.5O a
similar reedin! produced a female who was mated with
&dam% while other such offsprin! y su-leaders and
0#as were produced% who formed themsel#es into
!roups , triesO from those !roups , tries present
0arth human races de#elopedO &rhus was an!ered y
what his su-leaders did and rou!ht 3 human races
under his control 4ancestors of today8s .3ndians.% the
fair-s'inned inhaitants around the /lac' Sea% and
!ypsies from alon! the south of the 1editerranean Sea
who were called Eerews5% who adored and worshipped
&rhus and his su-leadersO &rhus demanded lood from
the !uiltyO &rhus son was Jeha#% also a lood-
demandin! ruler o#er the 3 racesO later descendents of
these cosmic .!ods. e#ol#ed spiritually and left the
e#olution of the 0arth humans to themsel#es% returnin!
ac' to the Pleiades
&!e If &6uarius 4.;olden &!e.5 - reli!ious
interpretations are wron!O .enales e#erythin! to
de#elop to hi!hest potential% includin! spirit.O 1G4 year
transition period from the &!e If Pisces to the &!e of
&6uarius% from (eruary 3% 1G44 - (eruary 3% 202G%
11)20 a.m.O this period mar'ed y stron! reli!ious
delusion% accelerated technolo!ical de#elopments%
wars% etc.O ori!in of this chan!e in epochs due to the
radiation effect of the uni#ersal central sun
>ni#ersal +entral Sun - Sol System circles the
>ni#ersal +entral Sun once in 25%G:0 years% passin!
throu!h 12 epochs 4?odiacs5O 0arth has touched the
outer orders of the .;olden -adiation. of the central
sunO prophets appear durin! these epochal chan!es
1eier e2horted to e!in his mission of teachin!
1eier - alludes to ha#in! een institutionali?ed in a
7rue friends
Sem<ase offers to .procure crystals% etc. from other
planets. for 1eier to sell
Primiti#e laws of .modern man. are ensla#in!
&tomic composition of crystals , minerals is the same
throu!hout the uni#erse% such as !old
.Nature wor's accordin! to >ni#ersal law% which
assures the unity of all such thin!s.
Ste#ens annotations) 7a'euchi Mocument 47a'euchi
mon<oO housed in the =Sso =Stai Jin!T shrine in
3sohara% 3ara'i Prefecture% Japan5)
7he 1ahaharata epic of 3ndia)
1eier model photos% one of the models supplied y the
;round Saucer $atch 4>(I or!ani?ation5
3ntercep tested 4 photos at a cost of U:0%000O G-year
in#esti!ation y the 3ntercep team
+IN7&+7 10
@$ednesday% 1arch 2:% 19F5% 3)20 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Spiritual 7eachin!s
Spirit within humans - records all one8s thou!hts and
motionsO what the spirit yearns forO nature and
capailities of the human spirit
.7he inner dimensions of the human are endless.
$isdom and spirit
.+o!nition of the truth rin!s lieration from all
Ho#e and wisdom
.spirit and +reation are one.
Sense and function of the spiritual teachin!s
-eli!ions8 false teachin!s - an e#il cult% ensla#es the
spirit and produces i!norance
.$hat is #isile to the human8s physical eyes is ut a
tiny iota within endlessness..
.+ountless illion uni#erses.
.& human8s indi#idual self-analysis is one of the
essential methods to find the truth and to wal' on the
path of spiritual e#olution.
Perception of other human ein!s
7ruth and i!norance
&wareness of oneself% the spiritual consciousness
.0#ery human ears within him the entire 'in!dom of
Neutral alance
....+reation is present within e#erythin!.
.Spirit-ensla#in! reli!ions.
-eco!ni?in! the spiritual truth
+reati#e-spiritual wisdom
Spiritual consciousness
.3% the human% am a part of +reation that% as a fra!ment%
as spirit% enli#ens me..
+onsistency of truth
.7he human shall clin! to what is creati#e% ecause
alone what is creati#e is the truth..
02periencin! +reation and the spirit throu!h the
immediate .here and now.
.0#erythin! that is limited and restricted rin!s
unreality and prolems..
Sem<ase informs 1eier that he is the prophet of the new
a!e as foretold in the 7almud Jmmanuel
1eier8s calculations of Jmmanuel8s irthday% (eruary
Sem<ase wants copies of 1eier8s photo , film ne!ati#es
for the Pleiadians*Ple<aren scientists to e2amine%
specifically re!ardin! pre#iously in#isile ener!ies
made apparent y the photos in re!ards to the
eamship8s antenna !uide eam
+IN7&+7 11
@7uesday% &pril 15% 19F5% 3)40 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
.Hi#in! (rom 7he Spirit. 4oo'5
1eier a!ain e2horted to form a !roup
1eier often e2hausts himself from manual laors
.Spiritual force is immeasuraly hi!her than physical
1eier - escaped from the (rench (orei!n He!ion into
the Sahara desert with 2 others
Pleiadians*Ple<aren influenced others 3 times to help
1eier in emer!encies
1eier !i#en permission to ta'e more photos , films of
the eamships
Pleiadians*Ple<aren scientists ha#e analy?ed the photo ,
film ne!ati#es ta'en from 1eier at the last contactO
effects concernin! the eamship antennae !uide eam
caused y influences from Saturn on 0arth8s
atmosphere% causes the antenna !uide eam% ener!y
collectin! eam , re!eneration eam to ecome #isile
/eamship operates on principles of implosion ,
re!eneration rather than e2plosion , destruction
Spiritual 7eachin!s
Nature , 6ualities of a spiritually de#elopin!
Spiritual intellect , material intellect
Nature , 6ualities of the spirit within humans
&ll e2periences% 'nowled!e% ailities% etc. from all
incarnations of a spirit form is hidden in the
&wareness of one8s spirit throu!h meditation%
contemplation% etc.
1editation as practiced y the reli!ious is not correct
1aterial life is a ladder to the spiritual life
-eli!ious philosophies - monstrous confusions ,
delusional claimsO disad#anta!eous for humans% .throws
him ac' to deepest dar'ness.
&pril 14% 19F5 1eier hears the sounds of a stran!e >(I
July 2% 1942 9)00 a.m. >(I si!htin! y 1eier
1arch 20% 19F5 F)30 p.m. >(I si!htin! y 1eier and
familyO ein!s of a peaceful race 'nown to and
nei!horin! the Pleiadians*Ple<aren% often e2plore other
worlds @si!htin! was filmed and foota!e shown in the
mo#ie 8+ontact8A
+IN7&+7 12
@Sunday% &pril 20% 19F5% 3)11 p.m.
Q added thou!ht transmission% 1onday% &pril 21% 19F5%
9)3F a.m.
Q special note to the +ontact of Sunday% &pril 20% 19F5A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Photo!raphs ta'en of Sem<ase8s eamship flyin! o#er a
!roup of 1eier8s friends on a hilltop that mornin! at
10)00 a.m. in -a#enuhlO concerns to destroy themO
similar pictures that were doule-e2posures
Mouts that are rooted in materialism and .reli!ious
+rystals , minerals from the Ple<aren system% Kenus
and the asteroid elt rou!ht y Sem<ase to 1eier
254 stars in the Pleiades star system
Spiritual intellect is different from material intellect
Sem<ase sent her thou!hts to the participants in the
photo opportunityO felt y them as .a rief coolin! of the
.>nreasoned power can e o#ercome y reasoned
Possiility of endin! the contacts with 1eier
.$e all ha#e to under!o mista'es to learn.
Sem<ase8s remar's on the oo' .Hi#in! (rom 7he
Spirit. - some worthwhile parts% ut some parts
reli!iously influenced
&fter the &pril 20% 19F5 contact% Swiss army personnel
were inspectin! the area where Sem<ase8s eamship
+IN7&+7 13
@(riday% &pril 25% 19F5% 5)20 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Sem<ase returns the oo' .Hi#in! (rom 7he Spirit.
Sem<ase decides to destroy the film from &pril 20% 19F5
10)00 a.m. 4people on a hilltop% -a#ensuhl% with
eamship ho#erin! o#erhead5
(.H. 4friend of 1eier5 pre#iously recei#ed malachite
from Sem<ase #ia 1eier , re6uests a lar!er piece)
Sem<ase su!!ests that 1eier use his influence of
thou!ht on the non-Ple<aren >(Is in order to contact
Sem<ase a!rees to rin! 1eier stones , crystals for his
collection or for sellin!
Pleiadians*Ple<aren want to limit the numer of pictures
1eier ta'es of their ships to 100
1eier as's if Sem<ase can rin! photos of other planetsO
he is denied
&uthorities , military feel threatened y >(IsO
Pleiadians*Ple<aren not interested in upsettin! their
.primiti#e force% as this mission is oli!ated alone to
0arth human ein!s.
&uthorities , military interested in >(Is ut pulicly
deny this
Ste#ens annotation) 1eier8s house was repeatedly
ro'en into and pictures , diaslides were stolen
+IN7&+7 14
@7uesday% &pril 29% 19F5% 2)00 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier contacts Sem<ase y sendin! his thou!hts to her
Sem<ase su!!ests that 1eier .raise a center. so they
ha#e a .chance to e2ercise yoursel#es spiritually each
Sem<ase su!!ests 1eier sell the crystals , stones she
rin!s for raisin! money for uildin! the center
Sem<ase comments on some of the .stupid , primiti#e.
laws of 0arth humansO .94R of your laws are outside all
human di!nity and reason.
.0#ery human ein! has the ri!ht to learn.
Possiility of allowin! .1r. J.. to e informed of and
accompanyin! 1eier to contact locationsO discussion
aout his spiritual de#elopmentO Sem<ase e2amines the
future to see 1r. J. will #isit 1eier tomorrow 4&pril
30th5 to read his 12th +ontact -eport
1eier informs Sem<ase that she destroyed the wron!
portion of the &pril 20th film with the eamship o#er a
hillside with friends
+IN7&+7 15
@7hursday% 1ay 1% 19F5% 3)5F p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Pleiadians*Ple<aren are not perfect and are su<ect to
ma'in! mista'es and wron! conclusions li'e any other
human ein!O admit to their errors
3sa -ashid% 7almud Jmmanuel
=arl Keit
1eier ur!ed to !i#e a lecture to the !roup memers
aout !raspin! spiritual co!nitions , laor
+onscious thou!hts don8t necessarily reflect
suconscious thou!hts
1eier ur!ed to 'eep certain thin!s only amon! the
!roup memers
&stral tra#el @astral pro<ectionA - amon! 1%000 claims of
this only 2 or 3 are realO many of these claims arise from
deceit% lies or self-su!!ested delusions or
misinterpretation of .spirit ima!e pro<ection.)
.(allacies of the senses can arise throu!h self-
Eumans can also pro<ect their ima!e to another place or
time and e seen% ut not in astral form 4.spirit ima!e
pro<ection.5 - defined
Sem<ase proposes an e2periment in which she will
spirit-ima!e pro<ect 3 of 1eier8s friends from the past
photo session 4&pril 20% 19F55 into the present for
photo!raphin! alon! with her eamship
+IN7&+7 1:
@Saturday% 1ay 3% 19F5% G)1F a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Notice of ha#in! to eliminate the weather-fir tree due to
ha#in! asored some of the radiations from Sem<ase8s
eamship durin! her demonstration fli!ht on 1arch 1G%
+rystals , stones allowed to e e2amined , analy?ed
y an ac6uaintance of 1eier
+IN7&+7 1F
@(riday% 1ay 9% 19F5% 2)4G a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
;erman e2cerpt)
Mue to prolems arisin! from 1eier8s photo!raphs ,
films Sem<ase .had to eliminate forms of life...such
concerns% under laws of our race% admit such
eliminations only in case of emer!ency.
In &pril 21% 19F5 military personnel were acti#ely
in#esti!atin! an area where Sem<ase had landed
Pleiadians*Ple<aren had to locate people who had
ecome aware of their acti#ities in order to .eliminate
their memories in this respect% to a#oid harm of any
1eier has een tryin! to find out aout his past li#es%
#isitin! hypnotists ut unale to e hypnoti?ed% ha#in!
noticed in himself a .defense loc'. that pre#ents such%
e#en causin! discomfort to the hypnotists if they persist
1eier8s .defense loc'. is !enerated y the wisdom of
his spirit as a protection
;eor!e &dams'i , his close friends*supporters -
fraudulent contacteeO has stron! su!!esti#e ailities to
influence others) http)**www.!afintl-adams'*
Pleiadians*Ple<aren ha#e 2 ways to 'now the future -
one is to tra#el materially or spiritually into the future
and re!ister e#ents that happen 4as was done with 1r.
J.O see +ontact 145O the 2nd way is y proaility
calculations% which is prone to error or mista'es
Predictions for Swit?erland N19F5-19FF ased upon
proaility calculations) rain , snow storms will 'ill
many , cause millions of francs in dama!eO increased
deaths due to hea#y street traffic% resultin! in
re!ulations% fines , laws includin! only pulic
transportation allowale in certain cities , lar!e townsO
due to unreasonale ci#ilians% Swit?erland will ecome
hea#ily isolatedO criminality will increase 4especially
corporate*commerce related roery% murder ,
homicide5 resultin! in renewed cries for the death
penaltyO commercial situations will ecome worse%
causin! honorale citi?ens to rea' the lawsO suicides
will increaseO politics will !enerate prolems% the
current politicians will remain ut mischief will rewO
Swiss currency will ecome de#alued until the new
!o#ernment in 19F: will remedy thisO Swit?erland will
ecome a dru! relay point in 0urope% ut enacted laws
will e ineffectual to stop thisO Swit?erland will loose its
esteem as a tourist paradise% mainly due to inflation ,
the eha#iors of the citi?ensO reli!ious delusions will
affect many
Sem<ase will e !one for some time within the ne2t
wee's , will only ha#e telepathic contacts with 1eierO
1eier <o'es with her aout findin! a man to marry%
<o'in!ly referrin! to the cra?y ima!es of e2traterrestrials
found in 0arth comic strips , oo'sO Sem<ase doesn8t
understand this reference% e2plainin! that sometimes she
wal's amon! 0arth humans and finds somethin! to read
ut has ne#er found such thin!sO 1eier <o'es that she
won8t if all she reads is 1ic'ey 1ouse% Superman
+IN7&+7 1G
@7hursday% 1ay 15% 19F5% 9)34 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Spiritual 7eachin!s
7he nature , characteristics of 7he +reation
3mportance of correct understandin! of the term .7he
.7he +reation is inside of e#ery human ein!% 4and
e#ery other creature and thin!5% ein! a fraction of that
manifestation itself..
.Ine must learn a spiritual-intellectual manner of
thin'in! and reco!ni?e its #alidity until the first
successes are achie#ed..
7he nature , 6ualities of a .spirituali?ed person.
Sem<ase on 1eier , (3;> - .Jou and your !roup are
only layin! the asic stones for an a#alanche% which will
start much later..
7almud Jmmanuel) http)**www.t<
Metailed definition of prayer% and the power of the spirit
within humans
Metailed interpretation of the .Hord8s Prayer. in the
7almud Jmmanuel 4:)12-1G5
1eier as's Sem<ase to e#aluate the de#elopmental sta!e
of a youn! man named (.I. from $.
Sem<ase wants to demonstrate for the !roup certain
ailities of her eamship re!ardin! #arious ener!ies that
are #isile at ni!ht as li!ht displays 4atmospheric ener!y
910-meter radius of harmful radiations around Sem<ase8s
eamshipO 1eier screened and protected from this
+IN7&+7 19
@(riday% 1ay 1:% 19F5% 2)09 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Metailed personal , spiritual characteri?ation of the
person (.I. from $.% his capailities , intentions and
how they would or could not affect 1eier and his !roup
+IN7&+7 20
@7uesday% 1ay 20% 19F5% 10)14 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
7he .Ei!h +ouncil. of the Ple<aren federation considers
1eier mature enou!h to ha#e contact with the ein!
&rahat &thersata 4which has e#ol#ed eyond the reirth
, reincarnation cycle5% an e2ception that hasn8t een
!ranted to another in the past 2000 yearsO the contact
with this ein! will result in a oo' which will assist
1eier financially @&rahat &thersata)
.No !oals are achie#ed without troules and sacrifices.O
real prophets of the past
Sem<ase says 1eier ma'es .harsh , peculiar <o'es. to
which he responds .Ine has to let in fresh air.
1eier !i#es Sem<ase 2 writin!s to read and <ud!e% one
ein! a flyer he has written% and the other a irth
horoscope analysis of 1eier y a woman who is
ensla#ed y reli!ious thin'in!
Some !roup memers find 1eier8s writin! style too
harshO truth e2posed y clear , directly stated facts%
often with harsh words
1eier studied thorou!hly y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren%
found to ha#e a !ood intuition
Sem<ase spea's aout the character of 1eier , e2horts
him to e open aout his ailities with others
+IN7&+7 21
@7uesday% 1ay 2F% 19F5% 2)0: a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier usy typin! the messa!e !i#en to him y &rahat
1eier - .some people who come to me and whom 3 cure
or ad#ise.
.7he spreadin! of truth always has een connected with
1eier8s financial concerns
Proposition to rin! 1eier crystals to sell
Mifferent radiations are partly asored y all material
+rystals - also asor , store different radiations%
which are different for each planetO Pleiadians*Ple<aren
technically ale to withdraw such radiations 4e2cept in
li#in! thin!s5% as done with the minerals , crystals
rou!ht to 1eierO use an apparatus called a neutrali?er
which uses a re!enerati#e mode of radiation asorption
Ste#ens annotations) 2 trees eliminated y Sem<ase due
to ha#in! pic'ed up radiations from her ship 4see
+ontact 1:5O eliminated tree - .we chan!ed its time.O
1eier wor'in! as a security !uard at the time of first
contacts with the Pleiadians*Ple<arenO lost his <o due to
usin! so much of his time
+IN7&+7 22
@$ednesday% 1ay 2G% 19F5% :)1F p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
=arl Keit 4pulisher of >(I Nachrichten5 wants to #isit
1eier on July 2% 19F5
.'nowin! the future is useless ecause we are not
allowed to use this 'nowled!e.O each creature must
de#elop normally without s'ippin! learnin! e2periences
1eier critical of some parts of the +ontact
con#ersations*meetin!s ein! omitted from transmission
y the Pleiadians*Ple<arenO nature of the thou!ht-
transmitted contact reports% otained y a machine that
retrie#es the dialo!ue from the suconscious and then
transmits the report to 1eier
.the suconscious% with its powers% ne#er for!ets.
1eier fi!ures out the wor'in!s of the suconscious-
retrie#al machine which causes Sem<ase to ponder
remo#in! this 'nowled!e from him% to 1eier8s stern
o<ectionsO ....the radiations of your feelin!s witness the
sincerity of your words.
1eier - .3 do not rely on matters of elief.O .3 ne#er ta'e
!reat oaths% that ut a 8yes8 or a 8no8 are decisi#e for me.
Hess than 3 minutes needed y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
to technically eliminate 'nowled!e from a li#in! ein!
usin! their apparatus% which is first ad<usted accordin!
to the ein! concernedO distance plays no part in this
1eier offers alternate solution to the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
eliminatin! his 'nowled!e in case someone
attempts to forcefully retrie#e it from his mind
+rystals , precious stones could ecome dan!erous for
humans if worn or carriedO all crystals% semi-crystals%
precious stones% semi-precious stones , different
minerals of 0arth ori!in 4includin! pearls5 are recei#ers
, transmitters of human emotional feelin!s , thou!ht
ener!iesO store ne!ati#e ener!iesO if they are to e worn
they should e neutrali?ed 4or su<ected to .an easy
inner clarification.5 of these ener!ies e#ery 5 yearsO
such items ha#e een e2posed to ne!ati#e
char!in!*radiations for 2 to 4 millenniums or more to
ecome recei#ers of ne!ati#e ener!ies
Ne!ati#e ener!ies surround the 0arth that arise ,
de#elop from ne!ati#e thou!ht-ener!ies
7alismans - wor' only due to the eliefs held y the
wearerO often stron! recei#ers of ne!ati#e thou!htsO
should also e neutrali?ed e#ery : months to 2 years
dependin! on the material
Preferred are stones , crystals from other planets% either
uninhaited or inhaited y harmonious ein!s% which
are recei#ers , emitters of positi#e forms of ener!yO
such should not e neutrali?ed for ne!ati#e ener!ies if
rou!ht to 0arth
Process , action for neutrali?ation , clarification of
stones , crystals riefly descried
1eier recei#ed another messa!e se6uel from &rahat
&thersata on 1onday% 1ay 2:% 19F5
+IN7&+7 23
@7uesday% June 3% 19F5% 10)44 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 30-31%35
&rahat &thersata
1eier has prepared a lecture concernin! the reality of
Sem<ase% Ple<aren eamships% and >(Is in !eneral
0lias 4ancient prophet5 had no family to ta'e care of
Haws of se2 , matrimony 41osaic Haw5 still #alid
todayO se2 criminals and their punishment% anishment
for lifeO these laws% preser#ed in the 7almud Jmmanuel%
are for re!ulatin! 0arth humans and were !i#en y the
3E$E 4.;o#ernor of the Eea#enly Sons.5
.$here#er there are thin'in! forms of life% there are
estalished laws e#erywhere.O ased on natural lo!ic as
opposed to 0arth laws which are .illo!ical and
Pleiadians*Ple<aren also ha#e laws for criminality% ut
they are of a more spiritual le#el and humaneO hea#y
crimes are punished y e2ile to other worlds used solely
for that% and only those of the same se2 are e2iled to
those worldsO the e2iled are prohiited from ha#in! or
de#elopin! machinery , apparatus and they are closed
off from ha#in! contact with other worldsO on some
Ple<aren worlds .the fallile creatures are also e2iled to
!reat islands% if the !rade of falliility on the concerned
world is #ery low.
.Inly there where the +reational law ecomes self-
e#ident do e2pressed laws fall away.% which occurs only
in hi!h spiritual le#els , spheres
0arth was once a penal*e2ile planet for .fallile
creatures. from #arious worlds in this >ni#erseO the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren ha#e no e2act dates for when this
Pleiadians*Ple<aren are mono!amous .after a thorou!h
clearin! up of facts in respect to elon!in! to!ether.O
irth rates are re!ulated to pre#ent o#erpopulationO
di#orce is only permissile in the worst cases 4such as
when one is e2iled5 Ple<aren laws ha#e een the same
for millenniums
Possiility of a Ple<aren lo#in! an 0arth human or ein!
of another race*world e#en if the other is spiritually less
de#elopedO this is a rare occurrence
1eier and Sem<ase - their lo#e is of a friendly nature
1any forms of .lo#e. are possile
Pleiadians*Ple<aren are connected to an alliance of
planets that e2tend .far into the +osmos. and includes
different solar systemsO the total of human life in this
alliance is .12F illion.% aside from innumerale other
non-human forms of life as well as ein!s 4human and
other5 with whom the Pleiadians*Ple<aren are unfamiliar
with or ha#e no contact with
Some of 0arth8s nei!horin! planets were formerly
occupied y Ple<aren races and are still important as
Ple<aren asesO different e2traterrestrial races from the
widths of the >ni#erse are acti#e on the SIH system
planets for use as ases% ut ha#e not settled them
Sem<ase feels that 1eier is a Ple<aren% which he was in a
pre#ious incarnation
+IN7&+7 24
@Saturday% June F% 19F5% 9)0G a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!es 5-F
e2cerpt in $hy do the Pleiadians*Ple<arans ha#e
contacts with /illy 1eier onlyB)
+onditions necessary for Pleiadians*Ple<aren to contact
an 0arth human ein!O e2cept for special purposes% after
which the pertinent memory of the ein! concerned is
eliminated 4for e2ample% the case of 3sa -ashid5
.7ruth% 'nowled!e% wisdom% lo#e , all power of the
spirit are unchan!eale , constant.
.-eli!ion. #s. .-ele!eon.
.0#olution. - 2 meanin!sO 1 concernin! thin!s that
already e2ist% the other concernin! thin!s that don8t yet
7he spirit that dwells within humans .has stored only
those matters , thin!s which it collected in the course
of its material e2istence in material odies , li#es.O
.durin! innumerale further li#es% the spirit must
e2plore further% must search% and must findO thus he
must assemle further 'nowled!e% reco!nitions ,
e2periences% which then estalish themsel#es in him as
.the spirit continues after the material death of the ody%
and e2ists within spheres of li#in! of the .other world.O
.it wor's upon the achie#ed results of the other li#es%
and fi2es these results inside it in what you call 8the su-
conscious8. >pon ta'in! up the human form of life
a!ain% the otained 'nowled!e and faculty is anchored
in the su-conscious% and must e#ol#e slowly in the
human form of life to help in new lessons and
reco!nitions toward de#elopin! conscious talents....
1ars , Kenus - forms of life e2ist there ut of a
different form than 0arth humans assume
Sem<ase had een to 1ars recently and otained a lar!e
ruy in a ?oisite matri2 for 1eierO she also rin!s him
.one piece of my home world. rou!ht y her friend for
1eier to !i#e to his ac6uaintance who as'ed for such
4see +ontact 1:5O 1eier as's her to rin! him% for his
collection% a piece of malachite and an emerald
+IN7&+7 25
@1onday% June 1:% 19F5% 1)4: a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es :9%2F0
1eier reu'ed for not e!innin! his lessons for
enli!htenment% which has ecome ur!ent
1eier to e!in informin! the pulic of his contacts and
important warnin!s
$arnin! of depletion of the o?one eltO 1eier instructed
to prepare a flyer on this to send to newspapers and
tele#ision% etc.
.7he atomic dan!er has increased a!ain y immense
Sem<ase informs 1eier that his mission 4.e2ecution of
your tas'.5 is within his hands% that he is not coerced y
the Pleiadians*Ple<arenO .&s a human ein! it is your
duty to tell what you 'now and to help your fellow
creatures this way.O .Jou ha#e the #ery troulesome
preparation wor' for those who will come after your
time.O 1eier is the first prophet of the New &!e
Pleiadians*Ple<aren ha#e .no means of currency as used
on 0arth.O unale to financially assist 1eierO .fortune
plays @!amlin!A...are e2traordinarily e#il.
1ission of the Pleiadians*Ple<aren - .to help the 0arth
human% within his de#elopment.% .#oluntary self
oli!ation.O .the 0arth human must ta'e upon himself a
certain oli!ation and ear certain thin!s y himself.O
.3f the 0arth human acts accordin! to the principle that
ta'in! is etter than !i#in!% then he will not release
himself from his malicious e!oism.O .e2ploitation is
written in capital letters on your world.
Ste#ens annotations) letter sent y (3;> to Professor
1ichael /. 1c0lroy at Ear#ard >ni#ersity 4(eruary
25% 19F55O also sent a similar letter to e#ery forei!n
emassy , le!ation in Swit?erland% only reply came
from the $est ;erman &massadorO Hloyd Vires% St.
+loud% 1innesota purported contactee y an unrelated
e2traterrestrial !roup in the Pleiades 4see Ste#ens8 .>(I
+ontact (rom &lcyone.5)
http)***&lcyon.<p! O see
+ontact 2F5 @fraudulent caseAO newspaper article on
o?one layer hole% &u!ust 10% 19GG
+IN7&+7 2:
@$ednesday% June 1G% 19F5% 4)11 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Sem<ase has a tas' to perform that will ta'e her to the
moon and other planets in the SIH system% due to 0arth
scientists doin! e2plorations of those places
&merica , -ussia will e cooperatin! on somethin!
re!ardin! a space laoratory in mid-July 19F5O
Pleiadians*Ple<aren ha#e followed the de#elopment of
the space la .and also influenced it in certain measures.
In the other hand we ha#e had to troule oursel#es for
eliminations in different cases% or to help pro<ects fail..
Ither e2traterrestrials #isit 0arth and interfere in 0arth
concerns% not necessarily with !ood intentionsO
Pleiadians*Ple<aren not allowed to interfere in their
acti#ities e2cept if .necessary for sur#i#al% thus we are
only allowed to e acti#e in the way of teachin!.
Some descendents of the ancient Pleiadians*Ple<aren
4splinter !roups5 still e2ist and li#e y their old
@unharmoniousA ways to influence other life forms
includin! 0arth humans% appearin! as .messen!ers of
+IN7&+7 2F
@$ednesday% June 25% 19F5% 2)3F p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier orn in the &6uarius Vodiac% .who are ale to
control more precisely....
Pleiadians*Ple<aren ta'e 1eier on a fli!ht to Saturn% in a
!roup of 3 eamships and 3 other Pleiadians*Ple<arenO
1eier allowed to ta'e photos of the eamships durin!
their startin! and touchdown% the 0arth% moon% 1ars%
Jupiter , SaturnO 1eier8s camera .protected a!ainst the
harmful factors. y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
/eamship details - lifted into the ship .y some
in#isile ele#atin! power% li'e a lift.O hatch closes
automatically , silentlyO yellow-!reen li!ht comin!
throu!h the on-oard windows into the coc'pit which
loo'ed li'e an oran!e-red li!ht from the outsideO ship8s
outside specially coated and chan!es color accordin! to
the atmosphereO in an atmosphere suitale to the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren it ecomes oran!e from the outside
and !lows yellow-!reen inside the shipO when the
outside color chan!es% the inside color chan!es alsoO
protecti#e dress*suit for unsuitale atmospheres
e6uipped with sensor contacts% must e worn efore the
.automatics.% sluice , outdoor hatch open to
allow e2it from the shipO when the ship is in the
stratosphere of a planet 4no atmosphere5 the windows
appear transparentO windows ha#e a special coatin! to
pre#ent entrance of all radiations e2cept for neutrali?ed
li!htO ship e6uipped with .control mechanisms. which
allow for etter oser#ation than loo'in! throu!h the
/efore 1eier% the Pleiadians*Ple<aren had ne#er
trouled themsel#es aout photo de#ices 4cameras% etc.5
3 photos ta'en of the 2 other departin! eamships
1eier not allowed to disclose all the details of the fli!ht
until !i#en permission
7he fli!ht to 1ars% Jupiter% Saturn and ac' throu!h the
asteroid elt to 0arth ta'es 2 hours , 34 minutes 4total
of .3%000 million 'ilometers. @3 illionA5
Murin! 1eier8s tra#els on the 0arth o#er the past 12
years he lo!!ed 2.F million 'ilometers
1eier !i#en notice of ein! ta'en later on .a much
!reater <ourney to the Pleiades.
Ste#ens annotation) core !roup memers around 1eier
.were sin!led out y name y the e2traterrestrials and
were !i#en information% and sometimes e#en o<ects% to
let them 'now that they were accepted y the 07s....O
handlin! #isitors to the (3;> center was ta'en o#er y
the core !roup memers
+IN7&+7 2G
@(riday% June 2F% 19F5% 10)4F a.m.O thou!ht
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Luet?al
1eier meets the Ple<aren station leader Luet?al for the
first time
Pleiadians*Ple<aren insist that the contact reports as they
ha#e een transmitted e pulished word-for-word
rather than edited to omit personal affairs
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - ....we still do ma'e unreco!ni?ed
7hin!s that ha#e een e2plained and discussed once
should not need repetition
Ple<aren mission - ./y no means do we try to e2ercise
dictatorial measures or to force our will or our
'nowled!e onto 0arth ein!s. $e only ha#e underta'en
a self-imposed mission to transmit lessons of truth and
some other thin!s..
Ste#ens annotation) Ple<aren surface ase maintained in
the &lps near the (rench-3talian-Swiss order% protected
from the destructi#e effects of 0arth8s atmosphere and
the sun.
+IN7&+7 29
@1onday% July F% 19F5% 10)3F a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 1G9-190%254
;erman e2cerpt)
=arl Keit , wife #isit 1eier% life-threatenin! car en!ine
prolem found y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren who
accelerate .the process of destruction of the motor.
1rs. Keit8s wor' deemed hi!hly y the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren warn 1eier that he is ein! watched
and that .wic'ed-minded elements. are plottin!
intri!ues a!ainst himO some are accusin! him of spyin!
for forei!n powers% others accusin! him of deceit to
pre#ent the spread of truthO these people elon!
#ariously to .reli!ious circles. and to .a still secret
If the e2traterrestrials that #isit earth% some ha#in!
stations here% the Pleiadians*Ple<aren are the .hi!hest
de#eloped creatures.O the second hi!hest e#ol#ed
e2traterrestrials are a little more than 1%340 years ehind
the Pleiadians*Ple<aren in total e#olution
.3f we therefore con#ey e2planations and
interpretations% these correspond to the hi!hest de!ree of
our understandin! and 'nowled!e of the hi!hest 'nown
Kenus - those who claim contact with ein!s from
Kenus are decei#ersO no form of humans% either
materially or spiritually% e2ists there% thou!h other life
forms do
+omets - different types descried% their tails , courses
throu!h solar systems
.7he so-called 8empty space8 is not empty% ecause it is
ali#e with innumerous particles and other thin!s.
.7he Mestroyer. planet - ori!in as .a hu!e dar' star.O
course*orit chan!ed to a path towards 0arthO 3%453
years a!o a cosmic o<ect was drawn into its !ra#ity and
pulled alon!% passin! closely to 0arth causin!
catastrophes% all SIH planets pushed into new orits%
the o<ect settled into orit etween 0arth , 1ercury
ecomin! KenusO 0arth8s !ra#ity slowed down and
chan!ed the rotation of Kenus thus !i#in! it .the
slowest rotation time in the whole solar system. 41 day
on Kenus C 11F 0arth days% rotation around the 30-
de!ree inclined a2is of the poles C 243 0arth days5% heat
arisin! from the friction causin! the present conditions
on the planet
Kenus - atmosphere deadly for human lifeO surface
temperature at a depth of 32 'ilometers C 45F de!rees
+elsiusO water turned to #apor creatin! the cloud
stratumO dense atmosphere 4pressure at sea le#el C 334
times hi!her than 0arth air5O atmosphere consists of
GFR caron dio2ide% o2y!en at lower stratums only
4.23R% nitro!ens , rare !ases at 95.4FRO atmospheric
pressure C 10F times !reater than 0arth8s atmosphereO
Pleiadians*Ple<aren found 0arth proes on Kenus8
surface crushed y the atmosphere 4-ussian
Kenara proes5O #ery wea' ma!netic fieldO #ery low
.Kan &llen elt. resultin! in little screenin! of the
.solar wind.O Kenus in the first phases of reco#ery ,
restoration% o#er centuries , millenniums conditions
will ecome capale of sustainin! primiti#e life formsO
e6uatorial re!ions #ery flatO wind speedsO cloud le#elsO
mountains a#era!e 2.3 'ilometers in hei!htO similar in
surface appearance to 0arth8s moonO rich in #ery
different minerals , other materialsO when
Pleiadians*Ple<aren or other e2traterrestrials #isit Kenus
they must use special protecti#e suitsO at different
locations temperatures rise to o#er 500 de!rees +elsius
on the surfaceO atmospheric pressure #aries etween GG-
10F atmospheres 4&75
Ither SIH system planets contain no forms of human
+ontact reports should e une2pur!ated for internal use
ut should e censored of personal information for
e2ternal useO if someone wants une2pur!ated reports
they should e furnished to them
Notice to 1eier of his upcomin! .!reat <ourney. in
space% which will ta'e him .further away than any 0arth
human has tra#eled in the last 2%000 years.O 1eier as's
to #isit the Pleiades
Photos 1eier too' of Saturn trip 4see +ontact 2F5 ha#e
all turned out ad 4o#er- or under-e2posed or lac'5
Pleiadians*Ple<aren ha#e produced a special apparatus to
assist 1eier in ta'in! photos
Ste#ens annotations) the Ste#ens team was under
oser#ationO 1eier had 9 assassination tempts on his life
up throu!h 19G3O note aout a pri#ate unrecorded
discussion with Sem<ase in which she tells him he was
one of the /ilical prophets in a pre#ious incarnation ,
was in contact with the Pleiadians*Ple<aren e#en then
+IN7&+7 30
@7uesday% July 15% 19F5% 9)4: a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in 7hrou!h Space and 7ime% pa!e 1G
Eyperspace tra#el made possile y ad#anced technical
de#elopments% eliminates the arriers of space and time%
and .the arrier etween uni#erses can e ne!otiated.
.!reat-space-fitted ship. 4.!reat-spacer.5 to e used for
a special <ourney for 1eier which will ta'e 30 hours of
time away from home
7he <ourney will ta'e 1eier outside the star formations
'nown to himO he will e allowed to ta'e picturesO will
possily e ale to #iew from a distance .the ancient
home planet of our human races. in the area of space
'nown y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren as .3E$E-E&7&.
4.0ye of ;od.5% the -in! Neula of Hyra 4E-5F5 @N;+
.$e don8t reach an end of the >ni#erse% for such an end
does not e2ist.O rather they will tra#el to .a arrier of
this >ni#erse.
& tas' is connected to the <ourney to the uni#erse arrier
Ste#ens annotation) .3n another con#ersation% not
recorded% 1eier was told that he was himself of the
same spirit as the e2traterrestrials #isitin! him% and has
li#ed and tra#eled with them efore in the history of his
+IN7&+7 31
@7hursday% July 1F% 19F5% 10)14 a.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Ptaah% &s'et% Nera
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!es 12-13
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!e 10
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 19
Euman life forms - product of +reationO doesn8t descend
from apesO e#olution of the physical form of humans is a
len!thy process% created from the earliest primiti#e life%
.ut with the intended purpose of ecomin! a human
ein!.....this life form% therefore% has fundamentally
een its own species since the #ery >r-e!innin!
1eier8s .;reat Journey. with the Pleiadians*Ple<aren%
-0PI-7 P&-7 1 4see +ontacts 32% 34 , 35 for
additional parts5
Hifted into the eamship y a transport eam
1eier ta'es photos aout 50 meters off the !round
throu!h the entrance hatch of the eamship
7he eamship rushes up to se#eral 'ilometers off the
!round without 1eier noticin! any chan!e in pressure%
1eier ale to see throu!h the .windows. on oard%
noticin! that at times the ship mo#es .in the cra?iest
mo#ements% li'e a !reat pendulum.
7ra#el first to Kenus
&pparatus - transparent !lass-li'e screen to assist 1eier
in ta'in! etter photos of o<ects outside the eamshipO
de#ice recessed on its side for !eneratin! different
radiations for etter picturesO si?e aout 50 centimeters
y 50 centimeters
Sem<ase uses a second camera 4otained y one of the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren5 to ta'e photos too% film supplied y
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - .we also own dresses of your
fashion. $e do need these% ecause here and there we
wal' in your circles.O 1eier proposes Sem<ase !o out
for an e#enin! with him 4a .date.5
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - don8t use personal identification
papersO if a Ple<aren were wal'in! amon! 0arth humans
and !ot as'ed for 3M% they would e ale to .produce y
the force of our thin'in!% sham-pictures. 4a
1eier notices many different apparatus around the
coc'pit room of the eamship% .installed within a
circular control console , in the walls. and assumes
them to e for !uidance , control of the eamship%
e2ploration de#ices% distance meters% radiation control
de#ices% etc.
Kiewin! monitors showed thin!s in #i#id color and 3-
1eier ta'es some photos of the stratum of KenusO the
#iewin! screen of the photo apparatus has to e closed
due to the e2treme heat of the planet
Kenus - cloud co#er many 'ilometers deep% clear at
aout 40 'ilometers from the surfaceO landscape is
.wild-loo'in! and crater-co#ered.% some mountains in
places% much li'e 0arth8s moonO 1eier sees a crashed
e2ploration satellite on the surfaceO 1eier , Sem<ase
circle the surface of the planet 2 or 3 timesO certain
oser#ational disco#eries are not allowed to e
e2plained yet
&fter Kenus% they #isit 1ercury% and then on to .the
!reater planets.O close-up or detailed photos are not
allowed to e ta'enO some of the e2istin! forms of life
on #arious SIH planets .are of completely different
character than human% and as well are not interested in
the 0arth human ein!O there are surface stations of
different e2traterrestrials on some of the planets% mainly
used for certain missions rather than daily li#in!
In their return towards 0arth% 1eier oser#es the
lin'in! of the &pollo , Soyu? 4&pollo-Soyu? 7est
Pro<ect5% also noticin! 5 other e2traterrestrial spaceships
watchin! it 41 of them is another Ple<aren ship5O ?ero-
si!ht picture screens - apparatus which allows 1eier to
#isily see the 5 screened shipsO Sem<ase uses a
radiation apparatus which ma'es the shell of the Soyu?
capsule appear in#isile% allowin! them to see the 2
cosmonauts insideO 1eier oser#es one of the 3
&mericans ump his head inside the &pollo
0arth humans are at the #ery e!innin! of space
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - their technolo!ies are thousands of
years in ad#ance of 0arth technolo!ies
1eier ecomes an2ious at the si!ht of the humans
s6uee?ed into the tiny space capsulesO this is due to
some e2perience in a past lifeO Ste#ens annotation W5%
.1eier8s former life e2perience as a Ple<aren cosmonaut%
after that he incarnated as one of the prophets in the Ild
7estament @Eeno' BA
1eier , Sem<ase ta'e photos of the &pollo-Soyu?
doc'in! procedureO afterwards 1eier will e allowed to
ta'e photos of different 0arth satellites and
e2traterrestrial satellitesO after that they tra#el to the
.!reat-spacer. spaceship stationed in the SIH system
and then tra#el to other systems% partly for a mission of
/eamship - peculiar-shaped chair% #ery accommodatin!
, comfortale
1eier8s comfortale , familiar feelin!s aout ein! in
;reat-spacer spaceship - a hu!e sphere the si?e of a
small planet 4Ste#ens annotation% .1F 'ilometers.5O in
the lower third there is an entrance hatch*han!ar 4which
seems to ta'e up the whole lower section of the !reat-
spacer with a hei!ht of :00-G00 meters5 in which are
innumerale eamships the same as Sem<ase8s% only a
1002100 meter s6uare space is clearedO ri!ht li!ht
inside the !reat-spacer appears .a it lue. and seems to
come out of the !lass-clear walls% ehind which are the
innumerale eamshipsO many people occupy
themsel#es with the eamships% includin! .some 'ind of
roots.O eyond the many eamships are lar!er
eamships 1eier had not seen eforeO !reat-spacer
contains all technolo!ies 'nown to the
Pleiadians*Ple<arenO contains 144%000 inhaitantsO
e#erythin! needed for daily li#in! can e produced
inside the shipO ale to ne!otiate .the arrier etween
&s they approach the !reat-spacer 1eier notices a
formation of se#eral luminous lens-shaped ships% one of
which performs a somersault as he ta'es a photo of it
1eier !i#en permission to pulish his reports aout his
contacts with &s'et in 19:4
&s'et - after endin! contact with 1eier in 3ndia in 19:4%
she contacted the Ei!h +ouncil , otained their
cooperationO with the help of her people from the M&H
>ni#erse% the Pleiadians*Ple<aren otained hi!her
technolo!ical ailities
&fter enterin! the !reat-spacer% Sem<ase , 1eier lea#e
her ship after awhile .ecause the room is
atmospherically alanced , prepared.% e2it y a
transport eam out of the hatch onto the metal floor of
the !reat-spacer
Sem<ase uses .a small thin! in her hand. to open an
entranceway in the transparent walls
Small #ehicle the si?e of a Kol'swa!en @/eetleA that
floats 20 centimeters off the floor% e6uipped with #ery
comfortale seats
+eilin! of the han!ar area also radiates a soft-lue li!ht%
loo's li'e a s'yO in the center is a hole*shaft 4.transport
pit.5 which also radiates the soft-lue li!ht
Sem<ase , 1eier in the floatin! #ehicle float up
throu!h the shaft aout 11%000 meters to another area
near the center of the ship% 1002100 meters diameter%
with !reen fields% trees% ushes , flowers and a townO
par' area has .artificial soil or similar.% flowers with
stran!e lossoms , scents and ushes , trees li'e on
1ount 0#erest not the hi!hest mountain on 0arthO
measurement of mountain hei!ht should e from the
center of the planet rather than sea le#elO 1ount 0#erest
is aout 2%150 meters less in hei!ht than the hi!hest
mountain which is +himora?o in 0cuadorO +himora?o
.has played in earlier times a #ery important role in
respect to e2traterrestrial intelli!ences , their
&nother transport pit with another floatin! #ehicle is
within the par' area of the !reat-spacer which leads to
the control center in a cupola at the top of the
!reat-spacerO as they tra#el up throu!h the pit there
appears to e the #ast open s'y with starsO the 3E$E
leader of the !reat-spacer is in the control center
Salutation ceremonies - .they are humiliatin! , sla#ish%
and do!!ish de#otin!. --1eier
.3 re!ard a human ein! as simply a human ein!%
whether he is from this world or another% or whether he
is a e!!ar% or ;od in person% and whether he is
i!norant or wise% they are all of e6ual ri!ht. No one has
more ri!ht than any other% and noody is more than any
other.. --/illy 1eier
;reat-spacer - spea'er system 4leadin! to the control
Ptaah - .don8t call him 8Mear ;od8% ecause this e#o'es
painful memories aout our #ery early de#elopments.
$e ha#e all-ri!ht maintained this appellation of
83E$E8% ut it now has for us a completely new
meanin!.. --Sem<ase
;reat-spacer% cupola8s coc'pit control center - se#eral
'ilometers in diameterO walls*ceilin! of a metal alloy
made to appear transparent y radiations from on-oard
apparatus% ma'in! open space*s'y #isileO des'-li'e
formations with apparatus , screens% people and
androids operatin! themO middle of the command center
contains a 1 meter hi!h horseshoe-shaped formation the
si?e of an a#era!e room% completely co#ered with
apparatus , picture screens
Ptaah - Sem<ase8s father% loo's to e F0-F5 years oldO
spea's to 1eier in ;erman 4as Sem<ase does5O his name
is the same as one of his ancestors% an 3E$E who li#ed
on 0arth% his wife /asth - in South &merica there are
some traditions% tales , le!ends aout this ancestor
named Ptaah connected to the planet Kenus , other
SIH planetsO Ste#ens annotation W10% .Ptaah was the
chief ;od in 1emphite theolo!y centered in 1emphis%
0!ypt in the 3rd millennium /.+. and was re!arded as
the +reator of the >ni#erse. Ee came from the stars..
1eier - spea's a little 0n!lish and modern ;ree'O he ,
Ptaah then spea' in modern ;ree' without the translator
apparatus as Ptaah has also mastered modern ;ree'
&pparatus - lan!ua!e-transformer% lan!ua!e pattern
con#erter% used y Ptaah when he first spo'e with 1eier
ecause Ptaah did not 'now ;erman
;reat-spacer control console - one instrument shows the
#elocity of the ship
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - symols , unit of measure
&pparatus - lan!ua!e-former 4different from the
lan!ua!e translator5% e!ins the operation of the !reat-
spacer8s lan!ua!e computer
.7ransmit. - another term for .time tra#elin!.
Eyper-leap - durin! the transmission from one system to
another 4hyper-leap5% 1eier hears .a tone% a #ery soft ,
calmin! sin!in! of metal. and feels .a !reat tran6uility
inside. himselfO the !reat-spacer8s hyper-leap ta'es them
500 li!ht years from 0arth to near the Pleiades 4211
million 'ilometers from the nearest star5
Photo-shieldin! screen apparatus rou!ht from
Sem<ase8s ship to the control center y an android so
1eier can ta'e photos throu!h the !reat-spacer8s cupola
&ndroid - spea's to 1eier% wishin! him success with
the photo de#ice , picturesO it thin's , acts
independently 4hi!hly de#eloped5O its ody construction
is half or!anic% its rain is chemical
Eyper-leap - 2nd hyper-leap to the Irion Neula 41%G00
li!ht years from 0arth5% 1eier a!ain feels a deep
tran6uility and a sense of timelessness
Eyper-leap - 3rd hyper-leap to the &ndromeda systemO
durin! this 1eier oser#es himself and notices for a
split second he can not see his ody
Pleiadians*Ple<aren space*time tra#el - .Mistances are no
prolem for us% and we can unhesitatin!ly <ump
anywhere ac' and forth throu!h space% and don8t ha#e
to do this in any se6uence..
1eier as's Sem<ase to write some words on paper for
1eier8s !roup
Ple<aren alphaet - 1eier copies them alon! with the
pronunciations from Sem<ase8s e2planationsO there are
no umlauts or other pronunciation 'eysO 11%000 years
old% ta'en from Ple<aren scientist ancestors on 0arth
who ased the patterns on star formations seen from
0arthO script composed of circles 4representin! stars5
and linesO older letters*script was much more comple2O
no lon!er used on 0arth% ut was in use centuries a!o%
often chan!edO some current 0arth scripts are altered
forms of this Ple<aren alphaetO 0arth scripts rou!ht y
.the hea#enly sons , dau!hters. 4.the ones responsile
for the re-emer!ence of 0arth humans @from sa#a!eryA.5
1eier oser#es in Sem<ase certain characteristics that
are peculiarly female
Sem<ase lushes - .she is influenced y feelin!s% e#en
thou!h she cle#erly hid them. --1eier
.3t is not always !ood to 'now the feelin!s of others..
;reat leap 4hyper-leap5 - <ump F minutes into the
.eternity.O feelin!s , sensations at that time are
different than in normal material lifeO
Pleiadians*Ple<aren unale to recei#e 1eier8s thou!hts ,
feelin!s at that time
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - need technical assistance for .true
word repeats. of what has een thou!ht and*or said
&pparatus - ooths near the screens in the control center
which .are e6uipped with all necessary means to store
up feelin!s , thou!hts.O thou!ht impulses stored in a
special computer from which they can later e repeated
word for wordO helmet% shapeale , adaptale in si?e%
e6uipped with #ery fine sondes 4proes5 , a .fine-
meshed net of sondes which pic' up e#ery 'ind of
ener!y , transforms it into impulses which are then
transmitted to the computer.O .the ener!y of thou!hts ,
feelin!s is measured in #ery hi!h #alues. and .e2ist
only in #ery hi!h fre6uency fields 4hyperfre6uencies5.O
1eier sits in chair% places his head under the helmet cap
which adapts itself automatically to his head% closes
around his whole head lea#in! the face open% 1
and 1*2 centimeters etween his s'ull and the helmet
Eyper-leap% 1eier8s ecstatic e2perience .inside the
timelessness. - s'y*stars chan!e .in a fraction of a
second they are nothin! more than a whitish mil'y
mass% a shinin! mass.% then there is dar'ness% then .all
is mer!in! into a !olden color% and now e#erythin! is
li'e sil#er...e#erythin! is mer!ed into !listenin! li!ht.O
feelin!s of tran6uility , peace% all encompassin! lo#e%
.3 am eternity% and 3 am inside of eternity.% .lo#in!
#oices callin! for me.% .3 can8t see myself.% etc.O
Sem<ase e2plains .under no circumstances or conditions
are we allowed or ale to remain% until we ha#e reached
that le#el of consciousness.O Sem<ase emraces 1eier to
staili?e him after the hyper-leap
+altos - last star in the space 1eier*Pleiadians*Ple<aren
were tra#elin! inO twice as lar!e as SIH
5 .lue stars. eyond +altos% actually 11 stars% self-
radiantO photos ta'enO life 4e#en spiritual forms of life5
are rarely possile on these stars with a few e2ceptions
of creatures no i!!er than F0 centimetersO .not all
creatures reathe o2y!en li'e oursel#es , 0arth
Jupiter% Saturn , >ranus - no life forms 4material or
spiritual5 e2istin! thereO not really planetsO difference
etween planets , stars e2plainedO .oth are inhaitale
y creatures of sorts% stars as well as planets% if
atmospherics and other circumstances permit it.
Ja'o Horer 41G00-1G:4% &ustrian mystic5)
http)**www.<a'*Ja'oHorer.html - 1eier
read oo's y him% specifically aout Saturn , the
planetsO .there e2ist on 0arth many humans who write
such 'inds of oo's and other literature...these are
products of fantasy.
1essa!es from an!els or from ;od y inspiration - .3n a
few cases% such inspirations are true% ut they ne#er
contain reli!ious information..
.-eli!ions e2ist solely on your own 0arth. 7hey do not
e2ist anywhere else in the >ni#erse. Some space-
tra#elin! people ha#e rou!ht 0arth reli!ions to other
planets ut only for the purpose of studyin! them..
Jesus +hrist - ....these delusions of your world....
.Spiritual e#olution is impeded throu!h the false
teachin!s of your reli!ions% which currently dominate
your 0arth..
....for many millenniums on many worlds of the
>ni#erse% the 0arth human represents the most
materialistic creature de#elopment% deficient in spiritual
e#olution for the run of millenniums. 3t is a 'nown fact
on many worlds% that the 0arth human ein! defies
4real5 spiritual !rowth and de#elops himself only within
!ross materialism.. --Ptaah
.7his% precisely% is a real dan!er% for as soon as the
0arth human ecomes master of the technolo!ies for
space-dri#e and tra#els to stran!e worlds% and rin!s
them y power of his weapons or lies or deceit under his
control% so also will he include in his doin!% the cra?y
spread of his reli!ion to his con6uests% and the e2istin!
uni#ersal harmony will e destroyed. ... &nd <ust to
pre#ent this occurrence is a !reat and difficult mission
for spiritually de#eloped space-tra#elin! forms of life..
&s'et% hu!e M&H >ni#erse eamship a few hundred
meters from the !reat-spacer
;reat-spacer - .metal o2. eside the control console
with a one meter diameter hole*pit in the ottom li!hted
y luish shinin! li!htO 1eier steps inside and slides
down the pit to the han!ar section
1eier - must accomplish his mission in order to e#ol#e
Eu!e M&H eamship - 1eier , Sem<ase arri#e into the
port , e2it to the floor of a small hall with metallic
li!ht-radiatin! walls all aroundO openin! appears in the
wall leadin! to a room with #ery comfortale seats ,
1eier !oes to meet &s'et% she notes his missin! arm ,
offers to produce a half-or!anic prosthesis for him% he
declines citin! possile dan!ers if 0arth humans learn of
Nera - female% &s'et8s deputy 4Second +oordinator5O
&s'et is the (irst +oordinator 4not the ship commander5
Stalor - male% M&H ship commander
Nera - on 0arth at #arious times lon! a!oO oser#es
1eier as ha#in! .o#ercome the horror of death planted
in you y reli!ions.O states they 4the M&Hs5 will come
to 0arth a!ain lon! after 1eier8s death
M&Hs - don8t differentiate etween the se2es as far as
capailitiesO M&H eamships crewed y male , female
1eier - ....&s'et determined in your contacts that you
are ale to deal with female forms of life etter than
male. (or that reason it is only lo!ical for us to ma'e
contact with you mainly with female forms% and to use
male forms only for certain thin!s.. --Nera
Sem<ase returns a .recordin! de#ice. ac' to the M&Hs
4partial purpose of this !reat <ourney with 1eier5O M&Hs
researched a new techni6ue for time-transmission% for
which they de#eloped small spiral-shaped sondes
4proes5 which they transmit from the M&H >ni#erse
4theirs5 to the M0-N >ni#erse 4ours5% includin! 0arthO
they had sent a proe to 0arth that !ot lost due to a
small error in time calculations% landin! se#eral
thousand 'ilometers to the east of its intended
destination% Sem<ase retrie#ed it to return to the M&HsO
see Ste#ens annotation W1G - 0lse Schroder% a ;erman
!irl% was ac'pac'in!% sleepin! in a pup-tent near
Vahedan% 3ran when she heard a sound and went out to
disco#er Sem<ase in a 1-piece sil#er-!ray suit with her
eamship% Sem<ase di!!in! in the sand with a machine
for the lost sonde 4.time-spiral.5O see +ontact 40
1eier ta'es photos of &s'et , Nera)
&s'et e2plains why photos ta'en inside their ships or
immediate surroundin!s turn out poorly 4ener!y
radiations which distur ima!es on film% especially
color film5O the photo screen apparatus from Sem<ase
would not wor' in the ship eitherO photos of
Sem<ase% &s'et , Nera also ta'en 4pri#ate%
unpulished5O photos of Sem<ase may e allowed in the
future when .she is no lon!er #ulnerale on 0arth.O
&s'et .will not come to 0arth a!ain for a lon! time.% so
photos of her are I=O .contrary to Sem<ase% &s'et ,
Nera do not wear space clothes% ut normal clothes 4for
them5% which actually are rather different from those
@1eierA 'nows of 0arth women8s fashions.
&s'et spea's with 1eier aout his failures in !ettin! his
mission started% tries to persuade him to use =arl Keit8s
.>(I Nachrichten. pulication for that purpose% 1eier
says the Keits would not e interested in his mission
.$e do not come to you to command you% ut to ad#ise
you% within certain matters and directions. $e are not
allowed to order you or to e2plain to you in ad#ance%
4what5 the future is rin!in! in certain matters. 3f you
'new this% then we would depri#e you of certain
de#elopment% which you irresistily must !o throu!h..
Ste#ens annotation) a few wee's later a complete
reproduction outfit 4printer% collator% etc.5 arri#ed from
an anonymous donor which allowed for the pulication
of the .Stimmer der $asserman?eit.
1eier !i#en notice of last pulic eamship si!htin! for
photo purposesO .$hoe#er will not e contented with
this% for him it would e etter if he no lon!er troules
himself in this matter. Inly satisfyin! one8s desire for
sensation is meanin!less for our mission. ... 0arth
terms% we are further de#eloped forms of life% and no
lon!er ale to mo#e in such le#els of mind as 0arth
ein!s.. --&s'et
.3nsane. 0arth indi#iduals .are only underde#eloped.
Prophets - .(or to ad<ust to all tas's in the e2istin! laws
of +reation% each world creates% in cooperation with the
>ni#erse% from time to time% each accordin! to le#el of
e#olution% one or more creatures of ad#anced
de#elopment throu!h whom necessary facts may e
transmitted. 7hese hi!her de#eloped creatures ha#e
een called Prophets on 0arth....
Ither e2traterrestrial intelli!ences .who mo#e in the
0arth realm. are of different e#olution le#els 4.some y
only a few centuries.5O .some 0arth humans ha#e had
real contacts with such e2traterrestrials% and others ta'e
such reports and elaorate them with fantasy% thus
creatin! new stories. 7here also appear lesser de#eloped
intelli!ences who thirst for command and want to 'eep
the scepter o#er 0arth humans% and conscious of the
affinity for reli!ions on 0arth% they learn to apply them
for their own purposes....O .ut ehind these contacts are
menaces too% which 0arth ein!s can see when wars and
catastrophes efall them. 1any powerful leaders of
0arth are unconsciously led astray y such
Ste#ens annotations) 0manuel Keli'o#s'y% .$orlds 3n
+ollision.O 19F: &stronomy 1a!a?ine 1eier
#erification of Kenus detailsO >.S. ;eolo!ical Sur#ey
National Iser#atory 4(la!staff% &ri?ona5 Kenus relief
mapO John ;. Newrou!h% I&ESP0 oo' 1GG1
automatic writin!O 1eier8s contact notes with &s'et of
the M&H >ni#erse 4see Ste#ens8 .>(I +ontact (rom
7he M&H >ni#erse $ith &s'et If 7he 7immers
http)***MalD>ni#erse.<p! O
ad 6uality of the photos ta'en usin! the Ple<aren photo
screen apparatus , other photos aoard the ships%
includin! &s'et*Nera photos% some photos in the 1eier
photo alums placed in y friends were ones he
collected to descrie certain thin!s and ecame ta'en as
ein! real photos from eamship tra#els% some ad
6uality photos ta'en y Sem<ase for Ple<aren scientists
to study were ne#er returnedO .most of the photo!raphs
made aoard the @!reat-spacerA not usin! the special
screen were 8lost8 in the processin! line of handlin! from
@the photoA laoratory ac' to 1eier and he ne#er saw
+IN7&+7 32
@1onday% Septemer G% 19F5% 2)1: p.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% &s'et% Nera% Ptaah
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 1:1-1:2
Moule-e2posure photos of Sem<ase8s eamship o#er a
hillside where a !roup of people were standin! 4&pril
20% 19F55O photos destroyed y Sem<aseO &s'et ,
Sem<ase discuss why she illo!ically allowed this to
1eier8s contact notes with &s'et of the M&H >ni#erse
4see Ste#ens8 .>(I +ontact (rom 7he M&H >ni#erse
$ith &s'et If 7he 7immers Society.5)
http)***MalD>ni#erse.<p! %
all lost reports to e retransmitted to 1eier y &s'etO
1eier presently rewritin! the +ontact Notes with &s'et
from 19:4 with her memory8s help% .all aout the e#ents
and con#ersations are stored y her.
.;-0&7 JI>-N0J. +IN7&+7 31 -0PI-7% P&-7
2 from 1F July 19F5 aoard the Ple<aren !reat-spacer)
Ste#ens annotation) Predictions - .Ee was ad#ised of a
series of e#ents that would transpire% in#ol#in! him and
also others of our world..
.Jou are only then allowed to tell of these thin!s after
they ha#e happened.. -- &s'et
Nera to 1eier - .Perhaps we will meet another time
a!ain% ut this may e many years from now..
Photo screen apparatus from Sem<ase - .always the half-
o#al form of the frame appears in the #iew.O Ste#ens
annotation - .7his part of the special #iewin! screen
frame showed up in se#eral of the &pollo-Soyu?
doc'in! photo!raphs we had seen efore they
disappeared in a theft at the 1eier house. $hen those
slides were printed this was usually lost in the picture
New photo apparatus from &s'et to e used on 1eier8s
ne2t tra#el
Sem<ase to 1eier - may e a lon! time. /efore
another <ourney% 3 will first .aduct. you into another
dimension.O Parallel worlds - .0ach planetary ody has
different parallel worlds% as well with your home world%
the 0arth. 7hese parallel worlds e2ist in super and su-
ordered dimensions% thus stran!e for your normal time.
In such parallel worlds% nearly e#erythin! is the same
as in the world of normal time. Inly small differences
pre#ail% especially with respect to times. &nd so to such
a parallel world 3 want to ta'e you.. --Sem<ase
Sem<ase wants to lea#e and return% 1eier su!!ests a
short time leap durin! which he will ecome .some
seconds youn!er.
>ni#ersal /arrier - return to the M0-N >ni#erseO .we
will stay a little time at the arrier% to close it a!ain.%
.we are not allowed to let it simply fall to!ether% ut
must close it systematically.O .from >ni#erse to
>ni#erse% there are only a few points in the arrier
which can e used for passa!e. 7hey should not e
strained or o#erurdened% else the structure is
dama!ed....O .the whole process of closin! is
pro!rammed% and is performed automatically.
&fter closin! the uni#ersal arrier 1eier , Sem<ase will
.<ump into different systems.% #isit some planets ,
other forms of lifeO .$e can only allow our ship to
ecome #isile on the fewest of these worlds. So also
we can not lea#e our ship....
-eli!ion - Ple<aren ne!ati#e remar's aout reli!ion are
only .addressed to a certain form of reli!ion.% .the
uninformed ones are sure to thin' that all reli!ion is
ein! discredited.
Hessons - defined
Spiritual lessons - .the hitherto offered lessons and
e2planations y Sem<ase are only the foundation stones
for the essential now followin! main wor'.
-eli!ion - .$hen hitherto Sem<ase only spo'e of 0arth
reli!ions in ne!ati#e form% then it was ecause the 0arth
human had to e made attenti#e to the error in his
reli!ions% ...for these are li'e nowhere else in this
>ni#erse.O .7hey control the 0arth human and the
whole planet% and retard your world thousands of years%
in Spiritual respect. 0#ery Spiritual e#olution is loc'ed
y these reli!ions and find no pro!ress. Jour reli!ions
still contain real worth% ut this ecomes so
indiscernile that only few people are ale to see the
effecti#e truth there. 7hese few who are ale to see the
real truths from the scripts% are anned and confounded
y those dependent on these wron! eliefs% and thus
cannot spread the truth. $hen Sem<ase spea's in
ne!ati#e form aout 0arth reli!ions% she is addressin!
the falsifications in them which ha#e een uilt up
partly consciously. 7he 0arth reli!ions are only called
such in name% ut are <ust de!enerate cults..
-el-e-!eon , -eli!ion - definedO .reli!ion can not e2ist
without rel-e-!eon% <ust as rele!ion cannot e2ist without
3E$E - defined% #ainly termed .;od. y 0arth humansO
defined as .Ee.*.Eim. ears witness to the human-ness
of .;od.*.+reator.*Meities
Ptaah to 1eier - .Jou are awa'e inside. Jou ha#e
ecome wise..O 1eier - .many humans say that 3 am a
fantast and far from the truth....
0arth-uilt >(Is 4eamships5 - only e6uipped with
.e2plosion @comustionA motors. , recently with
.repulse dri#es ha#in! a thrust effect. ... .and lately also
atomic.% .they ha#e prolems.O first ones desi!ned ,
under construction in 1941O first test fli!hts mid-(e.
1941 reachin! altitudes of 12%500 meters% speeds a it
more than 2%000 'ilometers per hourO &dolph Eitler
ordered them to e uilt% most plans% e6uipment ,
apparatus destroyed ut some o#erloo'ed were
disco#ered and .from this% different !roups de#eloped
the today e2istin! ships in disc-form of 0arth ori!in.O
lar!est was nearly 100 meters in diameter% .a numer
ha#e een constructed.O some ha#e crashed% people
seein! them thin' them to e e2traterrestrial >(Is
Some e#il-minded e2traterrestrials who attac' 0arth or
ecome lost here% ut not of much importance
1any oser#ations of >(Is , .aductions. are 0arth
people actin! decepti#ely to tric' people into thin'in!
they are 07s% an!els or other .;odly. messen!ers
wor'in! for the welfare of man'ind when this only
ser#es for espiona!e
Preparation for the ne2t hyper-leap% .we will show you
some #ery different and interestin! thin!s.
+IN7&+7 33
@(riday% Septemer 12% 19F5% 10)5F a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier , !roup spot a :00-F00 meter in diameter
spherical .small-spacer. ship on 10 Septemer 19F5 at
G)45 p.m. which disappeared into a lac' artificial
cloud% 1eier ale to film itO o<ect seen a!ain on 11
Septemer 19F5O Sem<ase e2plains it was the same ship
1eier saw on 20 &pril 19F5 4see +ontact 125 which
elon!s to a !roup of a few thousand e#il-minded
intelli!ences 4similar to the ;i?eh 3ntelli!ences5 who
want to 'idnap 1eier as well as control 0arth humans
throu!h reli!ionO Pleiadians*Ple<aren ha#e een ale to
.control their limits.% thou!h .in certain matters they are
e6ual to us% and we ha#e our need for them.O 1eier
always carries a !un 4a hea#y .44 re#ol#er with holster5
/ermuda 7rian!le - certain thin!s @thereA which elon!
to 07sO many occurrences there trace ac' to natural
Satan - .only a product of the fantasy of your +hristian
1eier instructed that he will ha#e to .write down many
facts of the essential spiritual lesson.
Ste#ens annotations) .-a.% .7he Haw If Ine. oo' y
Mon 0l'ins , +arla -uc'ertO 1eier8s accuracy with a
!un% drew , shot a 5-franc coin tossed into the air% hit a
posta!e stamp at 100 feet at dus'% shot the hat off a
runnin! man who attempted an assassination of 1eier
4shot in chest% ullet deflected y a oo' , metal
ta!5O .to this date. 10 assassination attempts on 1eier ,
se#eral contri#ed accidents
+IN7&+7 34
@Sunday% Septemer 14% 19F5% 1)43 p.m.
Q thou!ht transmission 7uesday% Septemer 1:% 19F5A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Ptaah
;erman e2cerpt)
Eans Jaco recei#ed a letter from 41-year old &lois
-ic'enach of 1annedorf% Swit?erland claimin! to
ha#e had a sXance contact with an author named ;loria
Hee @;loria Hee /irdA 4.$hy &re $e Eere.% 19595% as
well as contact in 19:1 with an e2traterrestrial from
&lpha +entauri named Sefh 4who efriended
-ic'enach while on 0arth for 11 months5 who told him
aout the future 419F55 Ple<aren contactee in
Swit?erland 41eier5 that Seph was aware of throu!h
7ime-KisionsO details aout -ic'enach etc. were found
after Ptaah used a .fan-shaped analy?er. in the re!ion
.&shtar Sheran.*.&sthar Sheran.
7hule Society - secret society in ;ermany% .use
telepathic forces , ha#e much 'nowled!e of
e2traterrestrial technolo!ies% occurrences ,
intelli!ences.O see' to ele#ate the white*&ryan race on
0arthO .all is screened y spiritual forces that are
difficult to penetrate.)
Ber"uda Triangle - natural di"ension doors%
e2traterrestrial ases stationed there
So-called .appearances of the saints.
+ontact con#ersations - ....3 need the apparatus which
reco#ers the 'nowled!e word for word from my su-
conscious and transmits this to you in thou!ht form. No
material creature has an unlimited force of memory.
7his is first attained in pure spirit forms% when the spirit
can lay aside the material ody...and e nearer to the
e2istence than to the life.. --Sem<ase
1eier remar's on Sem<ase8s eauty% .3 ha#e often as'ed
myself whether 3 should not one time ta'e a ite out of
you.O 1eier8s wife was <ealous of Sem<ase ut has
.calmed down.O 1eier has e!un !oin! for contacts
without his wife 'nowin! ecause .she 6uic'ly
influences me.
&rahat &thersata - .Ee has already <oined the le#el of
e2istence of pure spiritual form.O only the
@&ndromedanA Ei!h +ouncil .who are already half-
spiritual forms. can !et in contact with him% .Hi'e this
also are the facts in respect to 8other worlds8 forms of
life% when these forms still are ound in material odies.
7hou!ht-transmission @7uesday% 1: Septemer 19F5A -
.;-0&7 JI>-N0J. +IN7&+7 31 -0PI-7% P&-7
3 from 1F July 19F5 aoard the Ple<aren !reat-spacer)
07s from a planet in the N0S&- system - a !roup li#ed
on 0arth 1%0:F years a!o mi2in! with 0arth humans ,
li#ed on 0arth aout 50 years studyin! the +hristian
reli!ionO they too' those teachin!s to their home planetO
many .temples to ;od. were uilt on N0S&- planetsO
after 5 years hostilities ro'e out etween families o#er
these reli!ious ideas , increased , spread to other
planets causin! war which lasted F years , destroyed
stars , planets e#en creatin! a lac' hole in the N0S&-
!ala2yO prior to this they had li#ed in peace for 1F%000
yearsO other e2traterrestrials inter#ened to stop the wars%
foriddin! the N0S&- people to return to 0arth
&fter another hyper-leap they ha#e tra#eled 9:0
decillion li!ht-years from the SIH System to the ;ala2y
of .&S&P. to the planet .Mesmon. inhaited y humans
.somethin! li'e e6ui#alent to your 1iddle &!es. who
li#e in .!reater #illa!es. li'e those in 0arth8s oriental
re!ionsO a second nomadic race also li#es here in huts
made from plants , ushesO there is a !iant sun in this
system .which will die after some millenniums.O there
is a moon 4 times the si?e of 0arth8s moon which will
rush into the !iant sun in aout 3%200 years .ecause the
3 cosmic odies wor' slowly towards one another.O the
humans on Mesmon will ha#e de#eloped technolo!ies
which will enale them to escape the planet% if this
doesn8t happen .then help from outside would e
rou!ht in. 7his is an oli!ation under cosmic law.O
1eier , Sem<ase unale to tal' with these humans .nor
on any of the worlds which we will #isit in the ne2t few
hours.....we are only allowed to e seen where the
concerned e#olution allows this.
Ne2t hyper-leap F00 se2tillion li!ht-years from 0arth to
the ;ala2y of .Nepon.% the system of .Hesa. with 2
sister planets of immense si?e 4one is inhaited y
human forms of life5 and their !iant moon 520 times
lar!er than 0arthO .on these worlds also we will
underta'e a short fli!ht.O 1eier ta'es photos
Ne2t hyper-leap% still in the .Hesa. system 4.which is
#ery e2tensi#e and must e crossed in hyper-leaps.5% to
a planet in similar si?e to 0arth that has o2y!en and an
0arth-similar atmosphere ut the surface is more li'e
that of KenusO the planet has .6uite primiti#e plant ,
animal life ut was in earlier times more populated. &
cosmic e#ent destroyed all and reduced it to stone for
millions of years. (or some millenniums now the
conditions are chan!in! a!ain and new life is
de#elopin! itself.O waste-% water- , forest-re!ions% and
desert-li'e landscapes consistin! .partly of massi#e
roc'% mountains% and #ery fried and rittle stones.O
mountains no taller than 2%000 meters and loo' similar
to the mountains on KenusO 1eier ale to photo!raph
throu!h the eamship8s hatch openin! .for the
atmosphere is #ery well suited for all of us.
Ne2t hyper-leap 30 trillion li!ht-years from 0arth to the
;ala2y .1ara.% the system .7aro. with an encla#e of
starsO .most worlds of this system appear lue in
color.....are all still acti#ely #olcanic% and after some
millions of years the first life will start de#elopin! itself
on them.
(lyin! o#er one of the #olcanic worlds of .7aro.
1eier spots a .fli!ht machine.% Sem<ase tries to contact
it .with some of her instruments% and also tal's in a not
understandale lan!ua!e for @1eierA% characteri?ed y
fully stran!e melodics 4.a spea'ale lan!ua!e of si!ns
or symol pictures.5% and spea's into an instrument. ut
has no success since the creatures .do not maintain
inter!alactic communication.
Ne2t hyper-leap 4G0 6uadrillion li!ht-years from 0arth
to the ;ala2y .Meron.% the system .02es.% .this star
cluster consists only of #olcanic worlds which radiate
their own li!ht is still rather dar' on these
worlds. 7he li!ht only penetrates to the outside% ut is
not ale to illuminate the world8s surfaces.O 1eier
photo!raphs some #olcanoes
Ne2t hyper-leap to a system with a star cluster 43 illion
'ilometers from the eamship5 and a !iant ice-world
planet 11 times lar!er than Saturn
1eier as's aout the security distance from planets
needed in hyper-leaps% why Ptaah doesn8t oser#e that in
these hyper-leapsO he e2plains .with my ship we ha#e
much etter capailities for o#ercomin! distances. 7he
technolo!ies of our ship enales us to also neutrali?e
time...y this process it is possile for us to achie#e a
safe distance in less time and to then transmit.....on the
one hand we neutrali?e the time until shortly efore the
point of departure% and on the other we !enerate in the
space a neutral timeless tunnel throu!h which we can
then o#ercome within a split-second the short distance
for safe position.....the timelessness tunnel is indeed
easier to handle than a hyper-leap. Such a tunnel can
only e !enerated within certain distances% in which the
sort of en#ironment must always e re!arded. 3n
different !ala2ies and systems the different ener!ies
limit the e2tent of a timelessness-channel....
1eier as's if .there e2ists in our >ni#erse forms of life
at aout the same position in e#olution as we humans on
0arth.O .7he #ariety of 7he +reation 'nows no limits..
&fter this !reat <ourney 1eier will e one half hour
youn!er in relation to other 0arth humansO his
wristwatch .always !oes cra?y when 3 !et near
Sem<ase8s ship.O he is not tired% hun!ry or thirsty durin!
this lon! trip ecause he has eaten some Ple<aren fruits
, #e!etales for dinner which are more nourishin! ,
thirst-6uenchin! than 0arth produce% ale to calm
hun!er , thirst for up to 90 hoursO Ste#ens annotation -
1eier !i#en an apple !rown on the Ple<aren !reat-spacer
which he !a#e to ;uido 1oosru!!er who sa#ed it for
months% it hadn8t e!un to rot e#en up to the time of
e2amination y the Ste#ens*0lders*$elch team ecause
.produce !rown aoard the ship was culti#ated free of
destructi#e acteria.O
1eier not tired ecause the air aoard the !reat-spacer
has hi!her o2y!en content than 0arth air .and also the
compound of other elements is somewhat different.%
.the different composition of the air 'eeps us awa'e
lon!er and in need of less sleep than is the case on
7his !reat <ourney has lasted for more than 2 0arth days
4y 1eier8s watch5% and another day will e needed
.efore we will rin! you ac'.O 1eier worried aout
his wife8s complaints of him missin! for more than 3
days% Sem<ase reassures him that they will underta'e a
time tra#el which will result in him only appearin! to
ha#e een away from home for aout 24 hours
.1iracles. #ersus Ho!ical -eason - .3n earlier a!es for
the human ein!s of 0arth% #isile proofs were
necessary% to !i#e them certain forms of thin'in!. /y
these #isile proofs they started to elie#e in mar#els%
and went astray a!ain. 7he present time of 0arth has
passed for #isile proofs% and there must only e the
way of clear and lo!ical reason and clear mind..
Ste#ens annotations) .Perhaps we are% after all% only the
acterium infestin! a spore-li'e planet in a flower-head
uni#erse in a !arden of uni#erses on one side of a
roc'....O Ste#ens team as'ed 1eier aout ancient wor's
which tal' aout 0arth humans #isitin! other planets%
....he 'new nothin! aout them. Ee did 'now of other
writin!s in the &sho'a &shram which we ha#e ne#er
heard of. 7ruly% the leaders of 0arth humanity ha#e
carefully selected what they want us to read and 'now%
and ha#e <ust as carefully suppressed and hidden other
'nowled!e they did not want us to e aware of% and they
ha#e een doin! this for millenniums. &n ad<unct of
1eier8s mission is to help rea' this cycle..
+IN7&+7 35
@7uesday% Septemer 1:% 19F5% 9)14 a.m.O thou!ht
+ontact persons) Ptaah% Sem<ase
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 32%33%209%230-
.;-0&7 JI>-N0J. +IN7&+7 31 -0PI-7% P&-7
4 from 1F July 19F5 aoard the Ple<aren !reat-spacer)
Planets e2ist with a similar e#olution as 0arth humans%
such as the planet .=arta!. in the system .Ne. in the
;ala2y .&ratom.O on =arta! war is practiced and there
are atomic sciencesO the system of Ne .is under control
of a hi!hly de#eloped form of life which troules itself
for the pre#ention of catastrophe.
.3nterference can only e performed if reco!ni?ale
catastrophe of !reat e2traplanetary e2tension announces
themsel#es..O .0ach creature must ta'e its own path of
e#olution% e#en if this includes self-destruction.. --Ptaah is a law which is well estalished in nature. $hat
de!enerates ne!ati#ely is thus destroyed so that it can
not menace the etter forms.. --Ptaah
Ne2t hyper-leap to the planet =arta!O =arta!ians don8t
ha#e airplanes ut fli!ht machines more li'e eamshipsO
don8t drop oms ut use roc'ets with !uidance
systemsO their atomic missiles are stron!er , more
dan!erous than those on 0arth
Ne2t hyper-leap to the ;ala2y ./eeras.% the system
.=ras.% the planet .Neer.O !iant dinosaurs li#e there%
1eier wants to touch oneO 1eier , Sem<ase fly o#er the
planet% mas'ed from si!htO humans li#e on Neer ut
not nati#e to the planet% they were .displaced there.O
.In ancient worlds human creatures do not yet e2ist%
ecause they rise normally in later times..O humans on
Neer .ha#e ecome wild , de!enerate. o#er
millenniums .as this was as well the situation on 0arth.O
Neer humans consist of 2 different human races from 2
different planets% they constructed research stations ,
pyramids 4for protection from the hostile en#ironment5O
the home world of one of the races was dama!ed y a
cosmic catastrophe% strandin! that race on NeerO the
home world of the other race suffered a de#astatin!
un'nown epidemic that 'illed all humans% strandin! that
race on NeerO o#er time the technolo!y of these races
deteriorated due to the wet climate% causin! their
descendents to slowly ecome primiti#e
.7he human form is indeed a creation of 7he +reation.
3t does not descend from any animals% as for e2ample
the mon'ey% as some of you on 0arth elie#e.O
e#olution 4or de!eneration5 of the human form
e2plainedO refle2esO self-preser#ationO 0arth humans
need o2y!en% li'e the Pleiadians*Ple<arenO .#e!etati#e
(inal hyper-leap*transmission ac' to a location near
the SIH system
1eier - .3 feel at home on 0arth - e#en if it often
appears stran!e to me.O .0ach form of life is connected
y mo#in! feelin!s towards its home. --Ptaah
Ple<aren planets - each planet has only 1 nation , 1
!o#ernment which .functions as an e2ecuti#e
institution. suordinate to ad#ice 4ased on the
+reational natural law5 of the Ei!h +ouncilO .Iur
teachers in spiritual e#olution troule themsel#es y
e#ery means at their disposal to study the spiritual
de#elopment of each sin!le creature.
Ei!h +ouncil - the essential !o#ernment of all the
Ple<aren planetsO doesn8t li#e on 0rra .ut on a #ery
special planet.O consists of half-spiritual*half-material
humans in a state of transitionO .ale to communicate
with hi!her pure-spirit forms% which is impossile for
pure-material forms of life.....the oscillations
4#irations5 of the spiritual spheres are much hi!her
than we can !enerate.O .0arth ein!s can only come into
contact with those of aout the same position in
e#olution. 7his is a safety measure in +reational Haw....
.3n the whole >ni#erse are found innumerale forms of
space-tra#elin! life% humanoid as well as non-human
races.O alliances etween li'e-minded races% also
occasional conflictO alliances are .instituted to watch
o#er locally inhaited space.% e2ercised y ;reat-
spacers 4hu!e spaceships5O due to the #ariety of
creatures in the uni#erses% .conflict is a way of life.%
thou!h .where#er possile this does not result in
elimination of forms of life% materials% etc. ecause
e#ery creature needs its e#olution.O 0arth humans
descended from Ple<aren ancestors
Ither e2traterrestrial creatures occasionally contact
0arth humansO this happened more often millenniums
a!o when many humans 'new of the e2istence of the
.Eea#enly Sons.% includin! tradin! with themO
interference from e#il-minded persons 40arthly , 075
decreased the e2traterrestrial contacts with 0arth
humans resultin! in loss of 'nowled!e aout 07sO some
.less eneficial. e2traterrestrials secretly uilt stations
on 0arth , fostered cultsO other e2traterrestrials tried to
assist 0arth humans in their e#olution
&!e of Pisces 4.epoch of fishes.5 .cleared the way for a
new chance @for 07sA to enter 0arth affairs without
ein! noticed.O e#en efore the &!e of Pisces% prophets
were chosen , prepared to assist 0arth human
e#olutionO why landin!s , contacts are done secretly
4not pulicly5O .$hen the epochs chan!e% so also do the
minds of the forms of life..
&!e of Pisces - .characteri?ed y reli!ious fanaticism.
&!e of &6uarius - characteri?ed y searchin! ,
e2plorin!O one of the main reasons why certain humans
are now ein! contacted y e2traterrestrials a!ainO .&!e
of &6uarius demands thin'in! , spiritual e#olution of
the humans of 0arth. 7his can not e achie#ed y seein!
, listenin! with the physical or!ans only% ut only y
reasoned thou!ht.O .his interest is only aroused y
secrets for which he can hunt....
0arth8s ma!netic field distured y atomic e2plosions%
influencin! its rotation , orit% resultin! in
displacement of the ma!netic poles 4North Pole now in
the +anadian 3ce Sea% South Pole mo#in! in the
direction of South &merica5O y the year 3000 the North
Pole will e in Saudi &raia 4etween Jidda , 1ecca5%
the South Pole in South &merica
&tomic e2plosions li'e Eiroshima , Na!asa'i -
elementary radiations effect the .pure atmospheric
stratums...which cause electrical ener!ies in !reat
ma! #ery hi!h fre6uency ran!es...near the
ultra-#iolet spectrum. mi2in! with o2y!en to !enerate
.hu!e 6uantities of o?one. in the lower atmosphereO
.this o?one #alue increases 34 fold a short time after the
e2plosion.% which destroys .in wide surroundin!s all
micro-or!anisms of wide #ariety% which are of critical
importance for the preser#ation of 0arth life. 7hen a
short time after the e2plosion the o?one #alues decrease
drastically to #ery low le#els.....certain elementary
effects penetrate all matter , endure for hundreds of
years.O elementary radiations also effect the o?one elt
&tmospheric li!htnin! produces o?one - .li!htnin!
cleans.....nature herself always !enerates <ust as much
o?one as necessary to !uarantee life.
Kan-&llen /elt - .this elt consists especially of cau!ht
y the 0arth ma!netic field% electrons , protons% which
ha#e a life-important function for 0arth
e2istence.O .e2ists at a hei!ht of 1%000 'ilometers
a#era!e. 7he char!ed particles are in constant
mo#ement% and that on spiral courses from pole to
pole.) http)**en.wi'ipedia.or!*wi'i*KanD&llenD/elt
+ontactees - aout 1F%422 real 0arth contactees
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences - contact different 0arth humans ,
ta'e them on fli!hts into the cosmos% much more than
the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences - influencin! an 0arth couple to
mis!uide masses of people into death% announced a
!atherin! for Septemer 14% 19F5 in $aldport% Ire!on
@Eea#en8s ;ate cultO /onnie Hou 7rousdale Nettles ,
1arshall Eerff &pplewhiteA
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - ha#e ta'en 3 0arth humans on
cosmic fli!hts in the 1900s
Ither e2traterrestrials 'idnap 0arth humans% seldom
returned to 0arth - happens rarely
Ither inhuman e2traterrestrial races .ro 0arth human
ein!s.O Pleiadians*Ple<aren .not allowed to interfere y
force.% thou!h attempt to contact such e2traterrestrials
to pre#ent these 'idnappin!s
Ple<aren weapons - .in e#ery case are intended for
defense alone% ut ne#er desi!ned for attac'.O .e#ery
sin!le race of a form of life in the >ni#erse disposes of
weapons of some 'ind.O self-preser#ationO dialo!ue
leadin! to reasonaility is the first step in defense%
fleein! if that fails% fi!htin! if that fails
&'art @&cartA - planet in the ne2t inhaited star system
5 li!ht-years from 0arthO different worlds in that system
are inhaited y humans who differ little from 0arth
humans% thou!h they are some years ad#anced
4technolo!ically , spiritually5 eyond 0arth humans%
ha#in! already achie#ed space fli!ht , #isit 0arth oftenO
they ha#e a space station mid-way etween their world
, 0arthO they narcoti?e themsel#es for cosmic space
fli!ht due to se#ere pain associated with itO &'art%
appro2imate si?e of 0arth% is o#erpopulated 423 illion5%
they come to 0arth to collect seeds of plants% #e!etales%
fruits , !rainsO they collect foodstoc's on other less-
populated planetsO &'artians are rather peaceful% thou!h
suffered much , currently li#e in a dictatorshipO people
from other populated planets in the system of &'art are
unale to help the &'artians ein! .still too much
cau!ht up in the material , worldly thin!s. 4see
Ste#ens8 .>(I +ontact (rom Planet &cart.5)
Nearly all e2traterrestrials will aandon 0arth .if certain
circumstances come up.
Ipen contact etween Pleiadians*Ple<aren , 0arth
humans .is not pro#ided for still a #ery lon! time.
Peaceful , harmless e2traterrestrial race to officially
#isit 0arth 4landin! in &merica5 .efore the year 2000.
4accordin! to Ple<aren proaility calculations5 .if
unanticipated factors efore then do not put this
enterprise in 6uestion.O .they will announce themsel#es
to you first y radio , tele#ision% and prepare 0arth
men for their arri#al% and will then land with one of their
e!!-shaped ships% which will e used y G to 12 other
forms of life.
1eier8s mission - he has prepared a lecture on the
Pleiadians*Ple<arenO Ptaah ur!es him to ma'e this
information pulic% .for which you ha#e een impressed
in the form of a prophet.O Eans Jaco opposed to 1eier
spea'in! ne!ati#ely of other >(I casesO lectures to e
!i#en with re6uest for donations not fi2ed feesO .you
may ha#e renounced materialism% ut you ha#e to feed
your family as well as yourself. -ememer% each wor'
must e worth its earnin!s..
.Hi#e well and ecome <ust for your mission.. --Ptaah to
Ste#ens conclusions) .we had...a specimen of
e2traterrestrial plastic-li'e material%...spacecraft sounds
captured on 4 different occasions% and once efore 13
other witnesses...with 4 audio tape recorders all ein!
used simultaneously.O 1eier has had 1F assassination
attempts up to 19GG
+IN7&+7 3:
@1onday% Ictoer 20% 19F5% 1)5F p.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Ptaah
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 42-43
Petale - defined
&rahat &thersata
&dolph Eitler
7hule Society)
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences
.&shtar Sheran. * &rusea'
7en +ommandments
.telenotical. - word defined
Position indicator 4apparatus5 - 1eier uses it to see 2
days into the future when 1r. J. will phone him
.area analy?er. - apparatus
(rancisco (ranco - death prediction)
(rancisco (ranco - prediction confirmation letter to
Eans Jaco
Ei!h +ouncil
+IN7&+7 3F
@1onday% No#emer 3% 19F5% F)43 p.m.A
Q omitted section 45-52 found in Ste#ens8 .>(I (rom
-eticulum. p!s.249-250
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Veta -eticuli 3ntelli!ences
/etty Eill , /arney Eill)
.radio-photo!raphy. - apparatus
(antomas - (rench film character @played y Jean
1araisA% loo's li'e Veta -eticuli 3ntelli!ences)
crystals from the Pleiades , Kenus
+IN7&+7 3G
@7hursday% No#emer 13% 19F5% 9)3: a.m.O thou!ht
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Luet?al
.&shtar Sheran. * &rusea'
'nowled!e , truth
ne!ati#e , positi#e forces
=ama!ol 3
reli!ious cults
;reat pyramid of ;i?a)
=ama!ol 33
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences
ne!ati#ely-influenced humans in ;ermany% &merica%
&r!entina , /ra?il
Maniel (ry - contactee) http)***
Professor Joao de (reitas ;uimaraes - contactee) @half-
way downA http)***Ysee'tress*tincan2.htm
Ki'tor Schauer!er - contactee)
;usta# 1eyrin' - contactee)
-ay Stanford - contactee)
1ario /ertossi - contactee 4see +ontacts 3G%51%:35
&lert 0instein - contactee)
&lert Schweit?er - contactee)
+harles Eic'son - contactee)
+al#in Par'er - contactee)
/etty Eill - contactee)
/arney Eill - contactee)
3110Q other less-important contactees
Josefina /ur'man - contactee
Juri ;a!arin - contactee)
Mr. James 0. 1cMonald - contactee)
-udolf Steiner - contactee)
&lois -i'enach - contactee
Eorst -aps - contactee) @entry 25A
Professor +harles &. 1aney - contactee)
$ilert /. Smith @$ilert /roc'house SmithA -
contactee) http)**'*io-
3 other world-reco!ni?ed pulicly 'nown contactees -
not named
!uided .real #ision. contacts - defined
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences
.spiritual forces which lie sleepin! in the suconscious.
Jmmanuel - feedin! of the 5000 with read
&rtur /erlet - contactee 4see Ste#ens8 oo' .>(I (rom
&cart) (rom >topia 7o -eality.5
.&shtar Sheran. * &rusea' .contactees.
Eerert Kictor Speer - .&shtar Sheran. * &rusea'
Kentla Kerla! oo's 4=arl Keit% pulisher5
(rancisco (ranco - prediction confirmation letter to
Eans Jaco
/ermuda 7rian!le
.se#eral worlds , se#eral dimensions.
parallel world to ours
.world. with .3 nearly li'e 'ind planets in one line in it.
dimension leadin! to 0arth durin! the a!e of the
.dimension door. - .opens to different dimensions or
dimension leadin! to 0arth durin! the future
+IN7&+7 39
@$ednesday% Mecemer 3% 19F5% 1)3F a.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Ptaah
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!es 2G-29
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 1:
.scannin! instrument for photo!raphin!. - apparatus
&rahat &thersata
/ermuda 7rian!le - .dimension portal.
eamship - radiation shield
.ener!y ales. that circle the 0arth
.passion for ad#enture.
Jeho#a - .!od. of the +hristian reli!ion% died .around
2%150 years a!o.O Pleiadians*Ple<aren call him
.Jeho#ah the >n<ust and +ruel.O he ruled durin! the
same period as another 'ind JE$E
1eier pilots the eamship around the 0arth , the 1oon
.arimo. - word defined% .hold on.
eamship - .normal dri#e.
eamship - automatic !uidance control% .3 uttons in the
Sem<ase - reason , lo!ic
Jeho#a - drawin! y Sem<ase
>(I oser#ers - data not trac'ed% ut near .1 illion.
contactees - 1F%F1G with conscious or unconscious
contactees - 3%902 in#oluntary*accidental since 1900
contactees - 31 of the 3%902 accidentals with some
importance contactees - 1F3 of the 1F%F1G with half-
important meanin!
contactees - a small numer of the 1F3 are 'nown
contactees - 24 of the 1F%F1G with !reater importance
contactees - of the 24 only a few are 'nown pulicly or
are dead
contactees - 1 of the 1F%F1G important for fulfillin! a
contactees - F23 ;i?eh 3ntelli!ences contactees
contactees - 2F of the F23 ;3 contactees ha#e come to
pulic attention
contactees - 3: decepti#e .contactees. who ne#er had
contactees - F of the 3: decei#ers ha#e come to
worldwide attention
contactees - remainin! 29 of the 3: decei#ers 'nown on
a lesser scale
contactees - y hi!her spiritual forms% only 1:
contactees - y medium-le#el spiritual forms 4other
dimensions5% 2:G
contactees - y lower spiritual forms% data not trac'ed%
many millions
.1edium le#el spiritual forms. - F0-90 years in ad#ance
of 0arth humans
.Ither $orld. spiritual form contacts - dan!erous% low
time tra#el - the riddle of the process
07s - 91R who #isit 0arth ha#e plain human forms with
07s - 9R loo' other than human 4animal-li'e% etc.5
07s - 4.5 meters in hei!ht
07s - 40 centimeters in hei!ht
07s - .some loo' li'e yetis% cyclops% small !oliaths.
07s - drawin!s of #arious forms who #isit 0arth
07s - of all #isitin! 0arth only 5.FR ha#e contact with
0arth humans
&!e of &6uarius * .&nti-+hrist. &!e - defined
&tomic $ar - 99.GR proaility not occurrin!
1ount Shasta - suterranean town of Eyperorean
e2traterrestrial descendents
1ount Shasta - descendents di#ided also into &las'a ,
&leutian 3slands
Eyperoreans - 12%000-13%000 years a!o coloni?ed
0arth 4white races5
Eyperorean 3E$E 4name not !i#en5
Noah - ar' uilt y Eyperorean 3E$E8s !uardians%
landed on 1t. &rarat
1eier - .tra#eled 43 lands of the 0arth.
scanner instrument - apparatus
.li!htcale. - apparatus
1eier - told y Sem<ase he will ha#e to loo' for a new
&s'et - in 195: told 1eier aout family life ecomin!
calmer late-19F5
1eier - anti-materialist
Sem<ase - 1eier cuts a tuft of her hair as a
/ermuda 7rian!le - dimension passa!e that normally
does not e2ist
/ermuda 7rian!le - one dimension passa!e into 3
different 0arth times
/ermuda 7rian!le - another dimension passa!e into
0arth8s future
future 0arth world - inhaitants sometimes penetrate
into our time
protecti#e suit - for 1eier to e2plore dimension of
ancient 0arth
ancient 0arth world - mo#ie film of e2ploration
4dinosaurs , landscape5
ancient 0arth world - 2-hour e2ploration y eamship
Ptaah8s .!rossrama. 4literally .!reat spacer.5 - space
photo of Ptaah , 1eier in their protecti#e suits
future 0arth world - inhaitants are .4F0 years eyond
your time.
.middle world. - not e2plored% .not of such importance.
.o#erdue eamship of a form of life 'nown to us from
our dimension.
space-analy?ers - apparatus
&rahat &thersata
Ei!h +ouncil
12 +ommandments
Sal#ador Killanue#a 1edina - decepti#e .contactee.%
wrote a oo' @.Jo 0stu#e 0n Kenus. 43 $as 3n Kenus5A
;eor!e &dams'i) http)**www.!afintl-adams'*
0arth humans - forefathers defined
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - 3%500 years ahead of us in
.&donis. - ancient ;ree' word% physically eautiful
.7he /eauties.
0arth humans - physical form% eauty
material thin!s - limitations
.forces of thin'in!. - effect on others
.a!e of each creature. - factors
0arth humans - life span in earliest times was 1%00F
years ut due to reli!ious false teachin!s , turnin!
away from natural laws it ecame reduced y 20
timesO life e2pectancy is on the rise in the New &!e due
to reco!nition of truth , spiritual direction
.heresies and other mis!uidance of reli!ions. - effects
precious metals% stones , crystals - dan!ers
.ri!ht thin'in!. - defined
.#alue of the spirit.
materialism , anti-materialism - defined
1ount Shasta
&leutian 3slands)
.winds etween 0ast , $est. or .North , $est.
North Pole - in 0noch8s time% located where (lorida is
Eyperorea - a#era!e yearly temperature 24.F +elsius
7ir Nan I! - .;reen Hands.% .Hand of Jouth.
&mitaa @&mitahaA
Jmmanuel in (lorida
&!harta * .&!harti. - suterranean 'in!dom near
Shin!atas , Shampulla
1eier in 3ndia met the .lue human ein!s.
.0arth moon of the 3rd 0arth. 4future5 - space stations
future 0arth humans .of this dimension , time. -
character , culture
photos of Kenus% the 1oon% Saturn , Jupiter
Jupiter8s .red spot.
photos of &s'et , Nera - their female loo'-ali'es in
&merica @&s'et loo'-ali'e 7ara Hei!h% Mean 1artin
Show% 7he ;olddi!!ersA)
spaceships of future 0arth humans - li'e those in
.Irion. 7K mo#ie
impulse contact information sent to authors% artists%
scientists% etc.
.0arth in another >ni#erse 500 years in the future.
photo of .doule 0arth. 4mentioned y Ste#ens5
photo of Pterodactyl in fli!ht 4mentioned y Ste#ens5
photo of 3!aunodon-type dinosaur 4mentioned y
photo of a .plantimal. creature 4mentioned y Ste#ens5
+IN7&+7 40
@7hursday% Mecemer 1G% 19F5% 2)29 p.m.% thou!ht
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier8s mission
.7hec'la. - fictitious .!irlfriend. of Sem<ase made up
y .1r. E.
0lse Schroder - accidental contact with Sem<ase in
Vahedan% 3ran 4see +ontact 315
+IN7&+7 41
@$ednesday% Mecemer 31% 19F5% 2)40 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
reli!ious >(I sects
Pleiadians*Ple<aren procreate the same as 0arth humans
, all other material life
.mental procreation. - defined% .a #ery seldom e#ent.
artificial impre!nation - dan!ers
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - procreation when the husand is
infertile% 2 possiilities
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - se2ual stimulation
Sem<ase8s husand
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - irth process the same as with
0arth humans
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - enefits of natural child irth%
dan!ers of pain-'illers
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - physical maturity at 12 years of
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - spiritual maturity e!ins at F0
years of a!e
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - minimal a!e for matrimony is F0
years old
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - lo#e 4defined5
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - education of children
Ei!h +ouncil
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - differences of opinion etween
e#olutional law - 2 different-oriented poles ha#e to
come to!ether
Jmmanuel - drawin! y Sem<ase
+IN7&+7 42
@$ednesday% January F% 19F:% 00)19 a.m.% thou!ht
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 2F-29
1eier - first assassination attempt
intuiti#e dream warnin!
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - disposition of cada#ers) urial%
cremation% elimination
1eier - urial directi#e
&uric forces in a cada#er can lin!er for centuries or
until the s'eleton is !one
transplants - dan!ers
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - scientifically ale to re!enerate
ody parts 4e2cept eyes5
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - capale of producin! artificial
or!ans , lims
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - housin!
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - no currency system
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - factory wor' performed y roots
, androids
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - household) ma2imum of 5% the 2
parents , 3 children
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - mother-in-laws 4.;eranisa.5
07s , Pleiadians*Ple<aren - music% literature% the arts ,
schools for that
Sem<ase - opinion of 0arth music 4pop , .harmonic.5
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - not allowed to rin! any thin!s to
0arth for others 4e2cept crystals , minerals5
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - how they otain 0arth money to
uy materials in trade
+IN7&+7 43
@7uesday% January 2F% 19F:% 2)03 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
+ontactees Hist - true% false , .un'nown. contactees
7ruman /ethurum - false)
Narciso ;eno#ese - false) @pa!es 9-1:A
=arl 1ichale' - false)
;eor!e &dams'i - false) http)**www.!afintl-
Mr. ;eor!e Eunt $illiamson - true*false)
Eans =lot?ach - .un'nown. @Swit?erland% 19:2A
Eoward 1en!er - false)
/o -enaud - false @see Ste#ens8 .>(I +ontact from
Planet =orendor.A)
Sal#ador Killanue#a 1edina - false @see also +ontact
39O 1e2ico% see oo' .Jo 0stu#e 0n Kenus. 43 $as 3n
(rancisco +astillo - false
(ernando Sesma 1an?ano - .un'nown. @oo' .>mmo)
&nother 3nhaited Planet. 419:F5 , Ste#ens8 .>(I
+ontact (rom Planet >mmo.A) http)**www.!alactic-*rune*ummo.html and here
3n!. -ee#e - .un'nown.
+edric &llin!ham - false) @entry 19A
M. 1arachi - true
Hawrence $. Kinther - true)
+aptain 7homas 1antell - true)
Hieutenant ;eor!e ;orman - true @Ictoer 3% 194G%
(ar!o% North Ma'otaA)
Stefan Menaerde - .un'nown. @see Ste#ens8 .>(I
+ontact (rom Planet 3ar!a.A) or
Jeff ;reenhaw - .un'nown. @Ictoer 1F% 19F3%
(al'#ille% &laamaA)
&ntonio Killas-/oas - .un'nown.)
0u!enio Sira!usa - false)
Irfeo &n!elucci - true% with reser#ations on added
reli!ious thou!ht)
0manuel +ihlar - false @&u!ust 30% 1954% &ustrian &lpsA
Mic' 1iller - .un'nown. 4-ichard 7. 1iller% see
+ontact 4F--false5)
/uc' Nelson - false)
&lerto Sanmartin - true% with reser#ations on added
reli!ious thou!ht)
Eenri6ue +astillo - .un'nown.
Eerert Nielson - .un'nown.
+arl &. &nderson - true% with reser#ations on added
reli!ious thou!ht @19508s% (ullerton% +aliforniaO
.=umar. , .Ker'uender. from 1arsA
.+arl &. &nderson. - fa'e*impersonator% false
3!o 0trich - true)
P. Heopold @.Eomo!enius -ho.A - .un'nown. @19F4
oo' .$issenschaftler des >ranus testen 0rd#[l'er.A
(ran' 0. Stran!es @.Kaliant 7hor.% .Jill. , .Monn.
from KenusA - false)
-einhold I. Schmidt - false 4read the story and <ud!e
Earuhiro 7su'amoto 4Earushi 7su'amoto5 - false
=. ;osta -ehn @oo' .>(Is Eere and NowP.% 19F4A -
Joachim Pahl @Joachim PuhleO 19F1 oo'
.Sternenmenschen sind unter uns ) die -\c''ehr der
/oten aus dem &ll. 4Star People &re &mon! >s)
7he -eturn If 7he 1essen!ers (rom 7he >ni#erse5A -
.un'nown. contactees - defined
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences
last*lost contact reports of &s'et - .contain the whole of
the lesson...y Jmmanuel from the other side.
.;enesis. - (3;> oo')
7hule Society)
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - .after your death we ha#e fulfilled
our mission here.
&rahat &thersata , Petale - .will discontinue their
7he 1ission - defined
chair apparatus - cured 1eier8s cold 4sic'ness5 ,
o#ere2ertion y dissol#in! .a #ery tiny unit of ori!inal
cosmic ener!y.
+IN7&+7 44
@1onday% (eruary 1:% 19F:% 3)10 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Mecalo!ue @Me'alo!A)
Eutter Pulisher 41unich5
1r. Soutsche'
1r. Eutter
3lse Kon Jacoi @;erman >(I researcherA
;reat $hite /rotherhood)
M>3S7 4Meutsche >(I*3(I-Studien!emeinschaft5
@>(I or!ani?ationA
=arl H. Keit)
St. ;ermain)
&ncient 1ystical Irder -osae +rucis 4-osicrucians5)
Eorst -aps) @entry 25A
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences
;erman .>(Is.
&shtar Sheran
Sem<ase8s mother
Ste#ens8 annotation) 3 #ariations of the +ontact Notes
4ori!inal% astracted , edited5
+IN7&+7 45
@$ednesday% (eruary 25% 19F:% 3)04 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!e 31
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 2:0-2:1
Luet?al - .money collector.
07 names spelled) Sem<ase% Ptaah% &s'et% Luet?al%
Nera% Sfath
-ichard 7. 1iller 4false contactee5 channelin! tape
/eamship metal - otained from con#erted lead
1inin! - only done on 0rra 4Ple<aren planet5 in e2treme
0ffects of minin!% oil drillin!% dams% suterranean
atomic tests% etc.
Spharmiddon - word% meanin! the end of the 0arth
Secret .super. atomic om 4see Ste#ens annotation
p!.1::% calnutronite5
&!e of the 0arth - :4: illion years
Iil - a .form of life.*!erms
Iil reser#es - :4: illion tons% :5 illion already
e2ploitedO 20 illion tons destroyed from under!round
atomic lastsO 0arth naturally produces 140 illion tons
of oil in 1 illion years)
(ertile !round reduced from G:.1R N1940 to 39.FR in
Politicians , Scientists - remo#al from power y the
5 points - irth stop% stop e2ploitin! the 0arth% stop
atomic testin!% destroy dams% dismantle all nuclear
power stations
Prophecies , $orld $ar 3
7he -e#elation of John
::: C .Jesus +hrist.O .the #alue of the numer ::: does
not apply to an actual indi#idual nor to the thin'in!
processes and actions of a lon!-departed human ein!
from 0arth% ut it refers to the fi!ure of delusion it was
turned into. 3t has ruled the 0arth as a reli!ious cult
fi!ure e#er since..
7he /east C $.>.K. or!ani?ation
@$eltumwelt#erschmut?un!O world en#ironmental
pollutionO 20th century humansA
+heiro 4+ount Houis Eamon% a'a $illiam John
$arner5) +IN7&+7 4:
@7hursday% (eruary 2:% 19F:% 2)04 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
&pparatus - area-analy?er
;ifts from Sem<ase to 1eier - ruy% emerald 4smara!d5%
malachite , fluorite
/eamship metal - from lead% F processes
+old fusion weldin! apparatus for eamship
+IN7&+7 4F
@Sunday% (eruary 29% 19F:% 1)4G a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
-ichard 7. 1iller 4false contactee5 channelin! tape)
Eaton @EatonnA)
>samine - !irlfriend of Sem<ase% lan!ua!e specialist
+IN7&+7 4G
@Sunday% 1arch 14% 19F:% 00)04 a.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Luet?al
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 130
Misplay of atmospheric electrical ener!y elimination
throu!h urnin! y a eamshipO must e done ao#e
2%500 meters
-ichard 7. 1iller 4false contactee5 channelin! tape)
Eoward 1en!er) http)**www.howardmen!*
1eier8s mission now , ne2t life
1r. -ei?8s 7heosophical*-osicrucian notes , charts
4./ruc'e ?ur (reiheit. @/rid!e 7o HiertyA , .Mie
+hroni' #on &'a'or. @19F:% =arl /ru!!erA see +ontacts
+ommunication with hi!her spiritual ein!s
se#en-fold laws
Sem<ase8s new eamship - aility to .rea' throu!h
dimensions in 2 directions.
+IN7&+7 49
@Sunday% 1arch 2G% 19F:% 00)5G a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 45
&pparatus - !uidin! instrument with automatic shut-off
4for unreco!ni?ed rainwa#e patterns5
1eier - moped accident% 2 ro'en ris
&pparatus - for curin! the in<ured ris
+IN7&+7 50
@Sunday% &pril :% 19F:% 1)3F a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 45-4:
;erman e2cerpt)
&pparatus - ma!netic eam used to turn off a car en!ine
5 02plorer +lass eamships
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - an!er , loss of emotional control
&pparatus - for curin! the in<ured ris
&pparatus - for curin! the inflammation
&merican ;o#ernment in possession of destroyed
spaceships , dead dwarf-li'e 07s
07 stations on 0arth - NI7 at +al#ert 7e2as% >nterer!
&ustria% or /odensee ;ermany
Secret !roup with station at >nterer! with $$33
;erman flyin! discs
7unnel systems all o#er 0arth% includin! 0cuador)
1etal foils with un'nown letters 4farications5
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - con#ersion of trash*ruish into
useale soil% done y roots
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - do not smo'e
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - do not drin' alcohol% ut ha#e
drin's similar to alcoholic e#era!es
1eier attac'ed at /achtel y trian!ulation de#ice
emittin! ne!ati#e radiations
1r. -ei?8s 7heosophical*-osicrucian notes , charts
4./ruc'e ?ur (reiheit. @/rid!e 7o HiertyA , .Mie
+hroni' #on &'a'or. @19F:% =arl /ru!!erA see
+ontacts 4G%50%53%55%:25)
Ei!h +ouncil
&rahat &thersata
Secret of the 5 women in 1eier8s !roup -
communication with Sem<ase
;eor!e &dams'i - fraudulent contactee)
+IN7&+7 51
@7uesday% &pril 2F% 19F:% 5)2: p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier8s 1st lecture% &pril 21% 19F: in 1unich% ;ermany
1ario /ertossi 4contactee% see +ontacts 3G%51%:35
ar!ues with 1eier o#er e2traterrestrial spiritual
Metails of attac' on 1eier at /achtel y trian!ulation
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences
&!e of the 0arth - :4: illion years from !aseous state
&!e of the 0arth - :00 illion years to form into a solid
Eumans arise on 0arth after another 40Q illion years% :
illion years a!o
0arly 0arth humans encountered space-tra#elin!
7he .0ye of ;od. Eeli2 Neula @N;+ F293A - ori!in)
Solar System8s rotation around the !alactic central sun C
25%G:0 years
Sem<ase !ets an!ryO 1eier recei#es a symolic mental
picture of her ra!e
1r. &rendt 4-imstin!% ;ermany% see +ontact :35
7heosophical oo' from 1r. Sloman !i#en to Sem<ase
for comment
Pleiadians*Ple<aren and their contacts with 0arth
1eier ac6uainted with Sem<ase many thousands of
years 4pre#ious incarnations5
+IN7&+7 52
@1onday% 1ay 1F% 19F:% 00)4F a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 119%121-12:
Sem<ase8s wor' at North Sea oil ri! disaster 4see 1(7P1
Mocument from 1r. -. Sch. from /iel !i#en to Sem<ase
for commentO a for!ed .messa!e from e2traterrestrials.
7heosophical oo' from 1r. Sloman !i#en to Sem<ase
for commentO of worth ut its components need to e
rearran!edO shouldn8t e made !enerally a#ailale to the
pulic as it will e misunderstoodO won8t e !enerally
understood for another 150-200 years
Petale - prophecy !i#en to 1eier on 1ay 10% 19F:
which he is to interpret in poetic form
-ed-haired% tall% e2traterrestrial-descendent +han'a
4+hana's% +hancas5 3ndians of PeruO a#era!e hei!ht of F
feetO retreated to a suterranean #illa!e 500 years a!o%
thou!h they also li#e in huts ao#e !roundO linea!e
traces to the 3ncasO 'idnap white women)
3nca 3ndians
.+urse of the Pharaohs. - fi!idinus cacti spines laced
with poison% in mummy wrappin!s
;reat Pyramid of ;i?a - mathematical desi!n ,
prophetic dates) ;reat pyramid of ;i?a)
;reat Pyramid of ;i?a - Ipenin! of -e#elation , li!ht
from a distant star
Pyramids - uilt y tele'inetic spirit forces
Numerous eamships si!hted o#er Einwil% Swit?erland
N1ay G% 19F:O Pleiadians*Ple<aren chec'in! for
remnant !round radiation from their landin!s due to .an
army or!ani?ation. searchin! the area
/eamship sound recordin!s of &pril 1:% 19F: - many
oser#ers showed up
Swiss air force <et fi!hter tried to intercept eamship
4&pril 14% 19F:5O <et camera dama!ed)
7elemeter discs
1eier as's Sem<ase to rin! him some Ple<aren food
/eamship anti-!ra#ity shaft - 1eier descends throu!h
this from the ship to the !round
+IN7&+7 53
@7hursday% 1ay 2F% 19F:% 1)34 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1r. -ei?8s 7heosophical*-osicrucian notes , charts
4.Mie /ruc'e Vur (reiheit. @7he /rid!e 7o HiertyA ,
.Mie +hroni' #on &'a'or. @19F:% =arl /ru!!erA see
+ontacts 4G%50%53%55%:25)
Sem<ase8s commentary on 1r. -ei?8s charts , notes
4+reational power% etc.5
F all-uni#ersal spheres
7ruth is not complicated
.7he >ni#erse is the inner , the outer ody of
&solute force
.7he e!!-formed spiral of +reation.)
fine matter , coarse matter
.7he material will of intellect.
(alse prophets , decei#ers
2 scam artists , their past li#es 4<ud!ment in 1GG45
Jeti 4/i!foot% Sas6uatch5 seen y 1eier
1eier8s spiritform on 0arth as a human ein! for 25
million years% etc.
&mata Stetter - relationship to an ancient &ryan !roup
hidden on 0arth
.1ista'es and errors ha#e to e confessed.
(riends 7o 7he Stars 4secret >(I !roup in (rance
N1953*545 199F oo's% fraud
Mimension door near 1ada!ascar
&ntonio ;iannu??i @+entro Studi (ratellan?a +osmica%
Hecce% 3taly% 19F5A
0u!enio Sira!usa)
&ssassination attempt on 1eier - dama!ed a!enda
noteoo' , reastplate
Luac'!rass flowers pic'ed y Sem<ase for =alliope
+IN7&+7 54
@7uesday% June G% 19F:% 1)2F a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!es 14-15
S0N&N >ni#erse 4name for our uni#erse in the
lan!ua!e of &s'et8s people5
&s'et - earloes% anatomical difference only
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - eye colors #ary
Ple<aren women - ma'eup*cosmetics
Smo'in! - ne!ati#e , positi#e effects% natural toacco
0rra% 1 of 9 planets in the 7ay!eta system
Ple<aren - station in Swit?erland estalished 300Q years
Sem<ase - oli!ations on earth since 1903
F other e2traterrestrial races located on 0arth
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences
&nimal spirit forms - de#elop spiritually to a limited
de!reeO e#ol#e to assist the e#olution of nature 4.instinct
Ple<aren communication y hyperspace .radio.
7achyons 4super-li!ht-speed particles5)
;ra#ity - nature of , defined
0#aluatin! the position of consciousness of an
0ner - name of an indi#idual% no further information
0rra - 400 million humans
7ay!eta system - 9 planets% 3 of which are inhaited%
aside from 0rra
0arth% the only inhaited planet in the SIH system
0rra - particular details aout the planet
Ple<aren units of time) odur C hour% musal C 1 day% asar
C month
Sem<ase8s irthday - (eruary Fth
0#aluatin! the position of consciousness of an
indi#idual - details
Spiritual-intellectual le#el of consciousness
+IN7&+7 55
@1onday% June 14% 19F:% 10)3F a.m.A
Q additional contact June 14% 19F:% 5)53 p.m.
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Sem<ase8s written !reetin! 4auto!raphs5 to the children
at (3;>
Ju'ata - Sem<ase8s rother
Ple<a 4Plei<a5 - Sem<ase8s sister% lac' hair
=alliope 1eier8s dream aout Ple<a
Ptaah8s a!e - F59 years 4as of June 14% 19F:5
3ce a!es 4!lacial periods5 defined
3nter!lacial periods
0arth proceedin! towards another !lacial period
Natural e#olution of life forms is uni#ersal unity
1ammoths , elephants
Pope Paul K3 poisoned)
Stran!e >(I ship si!hted in -oenhausen , (ehraltorf
5 stran!e ships alto!ether% less than 4 meters in diameter
;anymede 4moon of Jupiter5 - ;i?eh 3ntelli!ences
Hi!ht-emission eamship dri#e
7achyon propulsion system) http)**physics.!*Ye-
/eamship - word defined
Sem<ase8s first ship while contactin! 1eier - details
&nti-!ra#ity propulsion dri#e
Sem<ase8s current eamship C 1.5 tons in wei!ht
Euit?ilopochtli - one of the ancient leaders of ;i?eh
3ntelli!ences) http)**www.comparati#e-
;reater-&tlantis - location
1u - located at the ;oi Mesert in +hina% uilt y
&!harta - suterranean town% part of 1u% uilt y
(reemasons) http)**www.!aia!*masonic-
&ll earth races ha#e a mission
Sun - uni#ersal ener!ies
1r. -ei?8s 7heosophical*-osicrucian notes , charts
4./ruc'e ?ur (reiheit. @/rid!e 7o HiertyA , .Mie
+hroni' #on &'a'or. @19F:% =arl /ru!!erA see
+ontacts 4G%50%53%55%:25 - additional 6uestions
Ple<a 4Plei<a5 4Sem<ase8s sister5
Ste#ens annotation W: - Ple<aren names not their actual
Ste#ens conclusion - U:0%000 spent testin! 4 photos
+IN7&+7 5:
@Saturday% June 19% 19F:% 11)30 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
incorrectly noted as +ontact 55 in Ste#ens
Pope Paul K3 dethroned , murdered y poison%
replaced y an imposter)
1eier in#ited for an airplane fli!ht
-eporters to #isit 1eier for a story on June 21% 19F:
1alicious person tryin! to !ain technical details of the
Ste#ens note) 1eier in#ited to lecture in Kienna% &ustria
on Saturday% &pril 24% 19F:
Eans Schu?tach report of 1unich-to-Kienna si!htin!
of Sem<ase8s shipO Sem<ase8s an!er after the lecture
pic'ed up y 1eier in symol form 4.3nside of me%
there is a urnin! ra!eP.5
Ste#ens note aout what happened at the lecture
4hec'lers% etc.5
;uido 1oosru!!er8s second >(I e2perience - reportO
mention of &mata Stetter attemptin! to !et in on a direct
=onrad Shut?ach8s first >(I e2perience - report with
;uido 1oosru!!er
+IN7&+7 5F
@$ednesday% June 23% 19F:% G)54 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Luet?al
incorrectly noted as +ontact 5: in Ste#ens
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 2F%2F2 @2
different translationsA
;erman e2cerpt)
;lacial , inter!lacial periods 4ice a!es5 - reiterated ,
clarified in detail
Eoy <ournalists , trained scientists - stuorn
, uneducatale
0rra 4Ple<aren planet5 - sic'ness 4under control5% certain
diseases not on 0arth
+ancer - .manifested ecause of a parasite-li'e%
mis!uided life.O eradicated y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
lon! a!oO ne!ati#e attitudes , eha#iorsO reasons why
its cure won8t e re#ealed to 0arth humans
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - determination of e2tent of
influence upon other humans
Pope Paul K3 - homose2ual
$hite 0a!le Hod!e 4Hiss% 0n!land5 - secret sect)
Sem<ase8s written !reetin! 4auto!raphs5 to the children
at (3;>
Ple<aren eamships unale to crash
10-1: dead alien odies 4120 centimeters tall5 in !lass
coffins at the Penta!on - 6uestion 4see +ontact 59%
sentence :5
&pollo 13 - o2y!en tan'
114 Pleiadians*Ple<aren stationed on 0arth 4at that time%
June 23% 19F:5
7ay!et 4Ple<aren sun5 - pronounced 7a!et in Ple<aren
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - ha#e not incarnated on 0arth
0rra - composition of the troposphere 4atmosphere5
&tmosphere - troposphere% stratosphere% mesosphere%
0rra - surface !ra#ity% density% a2is inclination%
e6uatorial diameter% escape #elocity
Ple<aren ancestors constructed first spaceship 21 million
years a!o
Mestroyer 4planet5 ro'e throu!h the Ke!a system
.some million years. efore that
0arth - a!e since .first !atherin! @of matterA into a all.%
:4: illion 4trillionB5 years a!o
Ither planets older than 0arth
Jupiter , Saturn de#elopin! towards planets
Sun - a!e C 1 trillion F30 illion years old
;eor!e &dams'i - uilt a model ased on another
woman8s si!htin! informationO all his pictures are
fraudsO letter he wrote prior to death indicatin! he was a
charlatan% !i#en to another to e accessile within 1
Pleiadians*Ple<aren stationed on 0arth - fluctuates
monthly% as few as 50% as many as 300
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - transport food , e6uipment to
0arth stations
&!harta &lpha 4of 1u5 - inhaited% si?e% se#eral
hundred meters elow ;oi desert
&!harta /eta 4of 1u5 - inhaited% si?e% elow the
Eimalayas% ca#e systems
&!harta &lpha , /eta - connected y 2008 2 1308 tunnel
(raud 4un'nown name5 who claims to e .1aster of the
$orld. , .Ei!h +hief of &!harta.
-e!ent of &!harta - actual leader of that dual city
.+hristus. 4word5 - ori!in , meanin!
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - irth control measures% se2ual
demands% women ale to detect pre!nancy within 3 days
, dissol#e the fertili?ed o#um y natural preparations ,
early menstruation
Spirit first inhaits a human 3 wee's @21 daysA after
&ortion 4on 0arth5 - murder% since not .dissol#ed.
efore spirit indwellin!O emer!ency e2ceptions when
mother8s life is menaced
Ple<aren irth control - 1 method is .pullin! out. efore
Ple<aren irth control - .Earmony amon! the man and
woman is demanded.
Pope - influences the pre<udices re!ardin! irth control
.1oral apostles , sectarians of special sort. - .!reatest
pi!s in reality.
1r. -ei? - paper concernin! Hord Surya @Sun ;od of
the Eindu >panishadsA
.Misclosed Secrets. 4oo'5 - .+astel del 1onte.% G-
an!le castle in 3taly% uilt y (rederic' 33 of
Eohenstaufen @Eoenstaufen family% 0mperor (rederic'
33% uilt N1229-1249% Pu!lia near /ari% 3talyA% stran!e
Sem<ase8s 'nowled!e fields connected to her mission -
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - master 12-30Q fields of 'nowled!e
Ple<aren eamship .ener!y urnin!s.
1eier8s 2-hour airplane trip June 20% 19F:
Sense of orientation , alance controlled y the internal
/ararianism - comment y 1eier
Ple<aren ancestors flew in .airplanes. 4.e2plosion motor
&mata Stetter8s telepro<ection e2periences) 120
'ilometer diameter emi!ration spaceships capale of
carryin! o#er 1 million people% used y Ple<aren
ancestors tra#elin! from Hyra-Ke!a system to 0arth ,
Pleiadian star systemO 3E$E , other humans in white
!arments representin! Ple<aren ancestors F0%000 years
a!o who li#ed in eamships floatin! ao#e forests% their
e2traterrestrial descendents li#e on the 0arth
somewhere% &mata also a descendent of themO rother
of the 3E$EO etc.
.Eea#enly Sons. - title !i#en to Ple<aren ancestors y
early 0arth humans
Pleiadians*Ple<aren .ta'e &mata under their control. -
e#ent in 4 days @June 2F% 19F:A
.7he salad is a'ed for all times and roasted. - a sayin!
from 1eier
.1aintain the peace inside of you. - Sem<ase 6uote
+IN7&+7 5G
@Sunday% June 2F% 19F:% 1)4F a.m. Q thou!ht
transmission addendum 4)14 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Luet?al% Sem<ase
incorrectly noted as +ontact 5F in Ste#ens
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 12G
Ple<aren irth control - natural plant preparations added
to food to pre#ent pre!nancy when o#erpopulation
Planets capale of sustainin! a limited population
naturallyO related to spiritual e#olution
1r. =. 4collea!ue of 1eier5 - reason for his depression
, eha#ior
Pleiadians*Ple<aren on 0arth - wor' 1:Q hours a day
performin! their missions
7ypewriter !i#en to Sem<ase from Il!a $alder , 4
other women 45 women5
Luet?al - .cares for the necessary money.
Ple<a 4Plei<a5 4Sem<ase8s sister5 - comin! ne2t contact%
curious aout 1eier8s moped
/ararianism - some ad#anta!es
Jura 1ountains @natural order etween (rance ,
Swit?erlandA - tas' their for Sem<ase
Pleiadians*Ple<aren .ta'e &mata under their control. -
e#ent @Sunday% June 2F% 19F:% 3)30 p.m.AO &mata must
eat a ite of somethin! !i#en y Sem<ase eforehand
&dditional thou!ht transmission) time chan!ed to 4)00
p.m.% location !i#en
Eans Schut?ach report of dri#in! them to the contact -
footprints , landin! trac's noted afterwards
Eans Schut?ach fumles tryin! to photo!raph a
departin! eamship
+IN7&+7 59
@1onday% June 2G% 19F:% 4)14 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Luet?al% Sem<ase% Ple<a
incorrectly noted as +ontact 5G in Ste#ens
7ypewriter , ream of paper from Il!a $alder , others
45 women5 for Sem<ase
Punctuality , non-punctuality
Ple<a 4Plei<a5 - .standin! amon! the trees.% .as pretty as
.3 do not li'e complicated ceremonies for !ettin! 'nown
to another% and surely hide as well y my concerned
eha#ior% my insecurity.. -1eier
.3 'now your earliest past and the #ery old pictures of
you.. -Ple<a
.Iccupy yourself with the past of that will !ain
importance at a later time. -Ple<a
1eier instructs Ple<a 4Plei<a5 for 15-20 minutes aout
dri#in! the moped
Hetter y Eorst (enner tra#elin! in /oli#ia 4#ia &.
&lers of ;ermany , church Pastor Millman5%
descriin! contact with =ohun , &thar from Pro2ima
+entauri who mention 1eier8s Ple<aren contacts% the
frauds ;eor!e &dams'i% Narciso ;eno#ese% =arl
1ichale'% DDD Vilar% Eoward 1en!er% -ichard 7.
1iller% /uc' Nelson% (rancisco +astillo% 0u!enio
Sira!usa% /o -enaud% Sal#ador Killanue#a-1edina%
0li?aeth =larer)
7elepathic , 7elepro<ection -eports y &mata Stetter
+IN7&+7 :0
@7hursday% July G% 19F:% 2)03 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
incorrectly noted as +ontact 59% and +ontact :0 ein!
.withheld.% in Ste#ens
;erman e2cerpt)
&merican !o#ernment - comprised of 3 powers)
President% Penta!on , +3&
&merican presidential !o#ernment .has se#eral
materials of e2traterrestrial ori!in.
Penta!on - nothin! 'nown 4y Pleiadians*Ple<aren5
aout them possessin! dead e2traterrestrial odies 4see
+ontact 5: 6uestion5
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - peace found y them aout 50%000
years a!o
Eistory of &tlantis 4Smaller , ;reaterO see +ontacts 55
, F05 , 1u - 2 lar!est 0arth cities on 2 different
continents 41u located where ;oi desert is% ;reater-
&tlantis located etween &frica , &merica5 who
destroyed each other 11%49G years a!oO Pele!on
4scientist*leader5O &rhus 43E$E*leader5O
&?ores 3slands are the only remainder of ;reater-
&tlantisO ;reater &tlantis army% 4%G30%000 men5
e6uipped with 123%000 one-man destroyer eamships%
1:%431 eliminator eamships% 24%230 o#er'ill 10-man
eamshipsO 1u had superior power due to scientists
de#elopin! a way to con#ert asteroids into !uided
omsO asteroid from the asteroid elt used to destroy
;reater-&tlantisO eliminator eam weapons of the
&tlanteansO capital of ;reater-&tlantis shaped li'e a
Itto 1uc' @19FG oo' .7he Secret If &tlantis.A -
spirit-form of Plato reincarnated
.&donis ;roup. - term y Itto 1uc' for .planetoid.
1ars - .has much more water than earthly science had
1ars - microscopic flora , fauna life forms e2ist there
Pro2ima-+entauri% &lpha-+entauri% /eta-+entauri
4./arnard8s Star.5 inhaited y human ein!s 4see
+ontact F0% sentence 10:5
&thar , =ohun from Pro2ima-+entauri - friends of
Sem<ase% paintin!s made of them y a man in ;ermany
who was in contact 50Q years a!o
(3;> !roup memers - their missions from oli!ation%
duty , connections with 1eier in pre#ious incarnations
Itto 1uc' - .controlled. , inspired y the
+IN7&+7 :1
@7hursday% July 29% 19F:% 00)43 a.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% 1enara
Il!a $alder photo!raphs 2 02plorer-class eamships
with ioni?ation 4cloud5 co#ers
7he Melu!e 4;reat (lood5 - occurred 10%0G0 years a!o%
caused y the Mestroyer planet passin! close to 0arth
4see +ontact 55
2 other .!reat floods. since then% oth caused y the
passin! of the Mestroyer planet% F%95F , :%90: years
&tlantis , 1u destroyed 11%49G years a!o 4reiterated5
10%215 years a!o another planetoid 4asteroid5 impacted
where &tlantis once stood
4%453 years a!o the Mestroyer planet attracts Kenus into
its present orit , caused the catastrophe of the
Santorini #olcanic eruption N1:45-1:15 /.+. @date
discrepancyA 4see +ontact 55
Sans'rit te2ts .#ery e2act , precise in special concerns.
re!ardin! history) http)**sans'*Male*
/ile not reliale historically
Iri!inal ancient scripts of 0noch
1ayan calendar notifications - of !reatest worthO
calendar dates e!in with planetoid 4asteroid5 e#ent
10%215 years a!o
Mestroyer planet - e2tensi#e details 4see +ontact 55O
5F5.5 year a#era!e orital time% fluctuates from 4FG to
:G3 years% 2 orital rotations always e6ual 1151 years%
due to escape #elocity of SIH system
SIH system mo#in! at hi!h speed towards the
constellation Eercules
Kenus torn from >ranus .sun system. y the Mestroyer
planet8s !ra#ity% etc. G%590 years a!o% recaptured a!ain
:32 years later y the MestroyerO etc. etc.
Hast appearance of 7he Mestroyer planet was in 1:G0
Ne2t appearance of 7he Mestroyer planet will e in
2255 &.M.
Sun system - defined 4>ranus% Jupiter , Saturn5
Hetter from a psycholo!ist 41r. &ndersen5 for Sem<ase
Mestroyer planet orits only in the SIH system
3lse Kon Jacoi - manuscript she is writin! aout the
1eier case
Itto 1uc' - deceased% in the .Ither $orld.O
communication with him y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren not
possile without !ood reason
Eans Jaco - pre#ious incarnation 46uestion5
Self-'nowled!e of pre#ious incarnations .not !ood.%
possile if demanded #ia self-recollections
1r. -ei? - pretends telepathic contact with Sem<ase
2 women in 0urope in conscious telepathic contact with
Pleiadians*Ple<aren% one is &mata Stetter
/lac' , white photos ta'en y Eans Schut?ach%
re!istered into a Ple<aren instrument for analysis
Ple<aren eamship touchdown supports cause counter-
cloc'wise impressions due to ship #irations .in a
spiral-shaped anti-!ra#ity oscillation.
Ple<aren eamships - 4 anti-!ra#ity oscillation centers% 1
at each of the 3 touchdown supports and 1 in the ottom
center of the ship
0ffects of touchdown oscillations upon plants
(reemasons - no help !i#en y e2traterrestrial or other
spirit forms) http)**www.!aia!*masonic-
Numer of chemical elements that e2ist in the uni#erse
Numer of elementary particles that e2ist in the
uni#erse 46uestion5
(3;> children want to !i#e Sem<ase a 'itten
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - ha#e domestic pets% includin! cats
, do!s which were rou!ht from 0arth to the Pleiades
lon! a!oO not allowed to ta'e current 0arth animals due
to latent sic'nesses that could affect animals on the
Pleiades worlds
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - capale of disinfectin! thin!s
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - animals from other worlds only
allowed if necessary
.0ther. - a fine-sustance material that penetrates
throu!h e#erythin!
7heory of -elati#ity 4&lert 0instein5 - prolems with it
4not answered5
Ple<aren .!o#ernment. - Ei!h +ouncil
Ple<aren shoes , clothin! similar to ours ut made from
artificial materials
Ple<aren clothin! similar to what will e fashionale on
0arth N204: &.M.
1enara - a !irl from planet Meron in the Ke!a system%
to ta'e o#er contact with 1eier for a few months
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - ta'e #acations 4holidays5 also
1enara - .#ery pretty% #ery dar'-s'inned% flashin! with
deli!ht in life.
3 !ifts from the (3;> !roup memers for Sem<ase
Eans Schut?ach - .a secret etween him and. Sem<ase
Ple<a 4Plei<a5 4Sem<ase8s sister5
1enara8s eamship - anti-!ra#ity tue
1enara - 10 centimeters shorter than Sem<ase% dar'
rown s'in , .ne!roid mar's. li'e the Eottentots
40uropean racial influences5% #ery pretty lac' eyes
Sem<ase , 1enara lau!h at 1eier sayin! .e welcome
in the world of the earthworms.
1enara8s race - early 0arth ancestorsO 7he EunsO
ne!roid races of &frica
Sarat lan!ua!e - Ple<aren lan!ua!e
=osan lan!ua!e - common e2traterrestrial alliance
inter!alactic lan!ua!e% thou!h different lan!ua!es also
found on each world
Jenan lan!ua!e - lan!ua!e of 1enara8s race
1enara - on 0arth for the first time
Sem<ase - had to e2ercise 4 years of intensi#e study
efore she could !i#e answers to 1eier
+IN7&+7 :2
@7hursday% &u!ust 12% 19F:% 3)03 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es G0-G1
Sem<ase postpones her #acation from 0arth
Eerert -un'el wrote a letter to Sem<ase .which nearly
caused her to weep.
1rs. $. - delusional woman claimin! contact with
&s'et , other 07s
Ei!h +ouncil - possiility for 1eier to !et in direct
contact with them
1enara8s race - 3%150 years ahead of 0arth in total
Ple<aren race - 3%500 years ahead of 0arth in total
19508s -ussian flyin! disc with 4 people 43 men% 1
woman5 launched into space y a secret or!ani?ation
that used plans ta'en from Na?i ;ermanyO
communications systems destroyed causin! the ship to
!o off course , drift into space
Luet?al ta'es a #acation from 0arth on &u!ust 15% 19F:
1r. -ei?8s 7heosophical*-osicrucian notes , charts
4./ruc'e ?ur (reiheit. @/rid!e 7o HiertyA , .Mie
+hroni' #on &'a'or. @19F:% =arl /ru!!erA5 see
+ontacts 4G%50%53%55%:2 - drawin!s found to e .fully
worthless , of no meanin!.
/oo' from 1r. -ei? 4.Mie +hroni' #on &'a'or. @19F:%
=arl /ru!!erA5 - Pleiadians*Ple<aren unale to
sustantiate anythin! in the oo')
-eli!ious , semi-reli!ious heresies% cheats , imposters
07s can eliminate lost items on 0arth y transmittersO
destruction mechanisms uilt into o<ects , instruments
4normally made with synthetic materials5 used y
e2traterrestrials for use while on 0arth
Selecti#e warnin! de#ice - .small white o<ect.% detects
un-re!istered rain-wa#e patternsO second one carried
on Pleiadians*Ple<aren8 elts
3nstrument on Pleiadians*Ple<aren8 elts that incinerates
lost items to a .#iscous rown-lac' mass. - 1eier tests
this process and 'eeps the remains
Synthetic material for Ple<aren instruments - once
incinerated% compounds loo' similar to 0arth materials
Eans Schut?ach report) eamship sounds recorded on
;ood (riday 19F: 4&pril 1:% 19F:5
+IN7&+7 :3
@$ednesday% Septemer 22% 19F:% 4)11 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1enara8s eamship - only e6uipped with a planetary
dri#e% near the !round !enerates !as accumulations that
can catch fire and urn% so normally doesn8t directly
land her ship
Haser pistol - 1eier as's to orrow Sem<ase8s
+arlo Misch 4see +ontact :55 - fraudulent contactee%
19:0% 0loa 407 from +assiopeia system5
+assiopeia - only a few star systems ha#e human
0loha 4or 0lhoa% not 0loa5 - name of friend of Sem<ase
in the +assiopeia system
>(I in 3ran - newspaper report read y 1eier
Septemer 22% 19F:)
+ows distured y the oscillations of the security
instruments of Sem<ase8s eamship
1r. &rendt 4-imstin!% ;ermany% see +ontact 515 ,
1ario /ertossi 4contactee% see +ontacts 3G%51%:35 -
critics*defamers of 1eier
Swit?erland - map where earth6ua'es may e e2pected%
made y Sem<ase
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - only ma'e themsel#es #isile to a
few , only when they are aware of their e2istence
....when a form of life is only con#inced y so-called
e#idence aout a matter% then this doesn8t mean any
more than a new elief. /ut 'nowled!e% truth and
wisdom can not e elaorated y such 'ind of e#idence%
ut only y ones own laor of thin'in! and inner
reachin! of clarity y an inner !enerated e#idence of
truth.. - word-for-word speech of Sfath repeated y
Sfath 4Sem<ase8s !randfather5 - 1eier last heard from
him in 1953% died
Sfath8s pear-shaped eamship - !ift from a nation in the
Sirius star system
Sirius star system - 2 coloni?ed planets)
+IN7&+7 :4
@Saturday% Ictoer 2% 19F:% 5)1G p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 151-152
1ario /ertossi
1r. &rendt
Eans Jaco
M>3S7 4Meutsche >(I*3(I-Studien!emeinschaft5
=arl H. Keit) =arl H. Keit)
+olman Kon =e#ic?'y
3lse Kon Jacoi
.Pulic ufolo!ical circles% where some idiots elie#e
they 'now e#erythin!. --1eier
....7ypical for the human ein! of the 0arth% as he
always see's only for the material% and completely
o#erloo's the essential #alues% which are the spiritual
ones. -Sem<ase
Muplicity of 0arth humans
200-300 years 0arth humans will reco!ni?e
e2traterrestrial forms of life e2istin!
Possile official e2traterrestrial contact N2000 &.M.
Pleiadians*Ple<aren proaility calculations of 34R
chance of 1eier re<ectin! contact
Hetter from Eerert -un'el for Sem<ase
1artin , 1ara - 2 new friends of 1eier% astrolo!ers
+arlo Misch 4see +ontact :55 - fraudulent contactee%
N19:0% 0loa 407 from +assiopeia system5
2 eamships from +assiopeia early-19:0s% se#eral crew
memers% 4 month stay on 0arthO 1 ship 4piloted y
0lhoa5 destroyed in 19:2% 2nd ship 4piloted y &har5
left 0arth N19:9 , was flun! into a stran!e dimension
1enara8s laser pistol used y 1eier @Septemer
29% 19F:A
-ala - !irlfriend of 1enara
Secret /ra?ilian neo-Na?i !roup flyin! disc attac' on
1eier at $in'elriet near $et?i'on
Sem<ase arri#es in 1enara8s eamship 4Ple<a 4Plei<a5
usin! Sem<ase8s ship5
+IN7&+7 :5
@Saturday% Ictoer 23% 19F:% 2)4F a.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Ptaah
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 21:
Secret /ra?ilian neo-Na?i !roup flyin! disc at
$in'elriet near $et?i'onO fires a .shinin! missile. at
Ptaah induces certain feelin!s in some people y
thou!ht impulses
.$e 'now #ery well what we are doin!% and why we do
it.. -Ptaah
Secret or!ani?ations in ;ermany and +anada that stole
Na?i flyin! disc plans after $$33
DDDDD Munneer! - ;erman head of a secret neo-Na?i
!roup in /ra?il tryin! to assassinate 1eierO use
technical apparatus to ne!ati#ely influence people
a!ainst 1eier includin! 1ario /ertossi , 1r. &rendt not constrain your assumpti#e feelin!s% ut li#e
accordin! to them and oser#e them as you ha#e
learned. -Ptaah to 1eier
&ttac' a!ainst 1eier - wheel lu!-nuts loosened on a
friend8s car
Secret /ra?ilian neo-Na?i !roup flyin! disc attac' on
1eier at $in'elriet near $et?i'onO 5 people in#ol#edO
disc stolen from a e2traterrestrial crew who made an
emer!ency landin! in /ra?il% interstellar propulsion
dri#e destroyed ut planetary !ra#itation dri#e still
functionin!O li!ht missile fired at 1eier
+arlo Misch 4see +ontact :55 - fraudulent contactee%
N19:0% 0loa 407 from +assiopeia system5
1artin , 1ara - 2 new friends of 1eier% astrolo!ers
Ste#ens note) Kladimir 7er?is'i% researcher of Na?i
flyin! disc pro!ram
+IN7&+7 ::
@$ednesday% No#emer 10% 19F:% 2)1G p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!es 2F-2G
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 10%14-15%35-
Presents - usually !i#en y 0arth humans as an
7he meanin! of words , their e2act #alues
7eddy ear - !ift from Eerert -un'el for Sem<ase%
remains in Sem<ase8s ship
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - do not ha#e thin!s li'e teddy ears
&strolo!ical si!ns , symols - ori!in 12%000 years a!o
, meanin!O now e2ist in their ori!inal >r-form
@ori!inal*archetypal formA
&strolo!y - necessity of !ettin! the concerned time
down to the second
7ime of irth - when the top of the head first emer!es
from the #a!ina% not when the ay is completely out of
the womO influences from outside the mother8s wom
, natural protection field of the womO human de#elops
its asic character inside the protected wom
1eier - e2act irth time% 11)00.00 a.m.% measured y
&strolo!ical symol for 0rra 4Ple<aren planet5 - drawin!
y Sem<ase
&strolo!ical symols - .the layin! part. e2presses the
de!ree of alance 4harmony5
1artin 4astrolo!er friend5 - pre#ious incarnation
connection to 1eier , his e2pertise in astrolo!y
.Jour dreams are a medicine for you.. --Sem<ase
2-pa!e letter from 1artin , 1ara - .7hou!hts &out
7he Sentient Hife of 7he Pleiadians.
.7he natural cosmic laws order a unitary , harmonic
de#elopment in compass to all concerns of all le#els
ale for e#olution...spiritual , material de#elopment
proceed constantly in harmony with one another....
He#itation - control of !ra#itational forces throu!h
spiritual forces of the human% only when .deli#ered
from the 8wei!ht8 of the non-spiritual
0arth humans !o#erned y materialism causin! in<ury
to spiritual e#olution
Since 193F 41eier8s irth year5% &!e of &6uarius
mo#in! human de#elopment away from materialism
towards harmony
&!e of &6uarius e!an (eruary 3% 1G44O midpoint was
(eruary 3% 193F 41eier8s irthday5O full passa!e on
(eruary 3% 2025 4or 20305
N2:44 &.M. 4G00 years5 - temporal aim of 0arth human
e#olution reached
....a hard lan!ua!e is demanded for tellin! the facts%
ecause only y harsh lan!ua!e can the earthhuman
ein! e tempered to thin'.. -Sem<ase
;reed for possessions 4materialism5 - de!ree of
influence determined y ones entan!lement at earlier
Ho#e , hate
0rra 4Ple<aren planet5 - en#y no lon!er 'nown
1aterialism , anti-materialism - defined , effects on
thin'in!% etc.
1arria!e - meanin! for each partner defined
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - human li'e us% ha#e feelin!s li'e
lo#e% friendship% sympathy% antipathy% etc. only much
finer% more sensiti#e , deep-seated
.3n the run of e#olution to hi!her le#els% all feelin!s
ecome finer and more detailed% and in conse6uence
need intensi#e control.. -Sem<ase
07s - .made the mista'e of controllin! their
feelin!s too much.O corrected that% after meetin! 1eier%
y far-reachin! decision of the Ei!h +ouncil for the
e2traterrestrial alliance , other less-de#eloped races
1eier - .you often let yourself e !uided y your
feelin!s alone.
Pleiadians*Ple<aren on 0rra - .the more hi!hly
de#eloped ones of the alliance.
Passions 4cool and warm5 - estalished , caused within
spiritual de#elopmentO special characteristics for a
certain de#elopment
Passions - fade when physical ody dissol#es 4y
e#olution5 towards spiritual e2istence
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - don8t ha#e wild passions anymore%
not li'e 0arth humans
0rranians - people of planet 0rra 4named as y 1eier5
Sem<ase - no more presents to e accepted% teddy ear
Il!a $alder - trouled #ery much for Sem<ase8s
&ssassination attempts on 1eier - 3 attac's made y 2
!roups% 1 y 3sraelis 41osadB5 the other 2 y secret neo-
Na?i !roup in /ra?il
3sa -ashid - murdered 1arch 19F: y 3sraelis 41osadB5
in /a!hdad
Vionists - destroyed the truth 2%000 years a!o
4Jmmanuel8s true teachin!s5O .their !reed for world
command is endless.% etc.
Secret neo-Na?i !roup in /ra?il - stole Na?i , +anadian
flyin! disc plans% ha#e uilt them , use them
07 crew who made an emer!ency landin! in /ra?il -
crew died when air-tan's ran out% reathed a poison !asO
ship stolen y /ra?ilian neo-Na?is was destroyed y
Pleiadians*Ple<aren when they weren8t !uardin! it
Secret neo-Na?i !roup in /ra?il - .fear for their
e2istence ecause of you 41eier5.
7almud Jmmanuel - referred to
7ruth dama!ed .y power-hun!ry , possession-thirsty
1ars proe
1ars - e2otic iolo!ical life forms that feed off all
iolo!ical life% not understood as such y 0arth
scientists 4pre#iously e2plained y &s'et , Sfath5
1ercury - metal coreO planet is contractin!O reference to
;reat Journey of July 1F% 19F5 4+ontact 315
;reat Journey photos 4July 1F% 19F5% +ontact 315 -
reference to uni#ersal arrier photo-inspired paintin!
4space colony5 , Mr. ;erard =. I8Neill8s article in
Smithsonian 1a!a?ine 4(eruary 19F:5)
1eier8s writin! style
+ontact -eport transmissions - symolic picture
transmissions put into words y 1eier
3ncrease in e2traterrestrial spaceships 4rooters ,
android ships5 comin! to 0arth - aductions for
e2periment , testin!
+arlo Misch 4fraudulent contactee5 - 0lhoa 407 from
+IN7&+7 :F
@7hursday% No#emer 11% 19F:% 3)45 p.m.O thou!ht
+ontact person) Sem<ase
+arlo Misch 4fraudulent contactee5 - 0lhoa 407 from
+assiopeia5 did not ha#e contact with MischO name
.0loa. 'nown y Misch from old te2ts and reli!ious-
oriented or!ani?ations
0lohim - old name
+IN7&+7 :G
@(riday% No#emer 12% 19F:% 00)4F a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Secret neo-Na?i !roup in /ra?il
3llo!ical thin'in! of 0arth humans - cause prolems for
Si!rid =inet - letter to 1eier containin! Smithsonian
1a!a?ine article
Smithsonian 1a!a?ine 4(eruary 19F:5 article y Mr.
;erard =. I8Neill on space colonies with uni#ersal
arrier photo-inspired paintin! @illustrator8s name
>ni#ersal /arrier photo 4July 1F% 19F5% +ontact 315 -
.center of the arrier. .an e!!-shaped formation.%
paintin! has it as circle-shapedO photo has .flic'erin!
opalescent ener!y.% paintin! has a landscape
1ars% Kenus , Jupiter - photos y 1eier July 1F% 19F5
used on 7K show shown No#emer G% 19F:
Jupiter , Ptaah8s spaceship - photos y 1eier July 1F%
19F5% hoa2 copies made .y information y intuition
@from the Pleiadians*Ple<arenA. shown on another 7K
show in 19F:O Ptaah8s !reatspacer ship .transmitted as
an outline picture.O .it simply had to happen.
.3n your present e2cited state% you re!ard e#erythin! for
too dar'.. - Sem<ase
3ntuiti#ely inspired paintin!s and drawin!s - important
for the Ple<aren mission
1eier to mo#e from Einwil to Einterschmidruti on
&pril F% 19FF
+ontact -eport transmissions - symolic picture
transmissions put into words y 1eierO people will say
the reports aren8t word-for-word true% ut they are
1eier8s writin! style - !roup memers write similarly
.Eumans o#erta'e the speech and nearly the true-to-the-
word 'ind of e2pression of another.
0n!elert $achter essay - .1inutes of a Study. to e
pulished in Mecemer 19F: (3;> monthlyO also in
1eier8s writin! style
+IN7&+7 :9
@(riday% Mecemer 10% 19F:% 00)41 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Sem<ase was on #acation on 0rra for 3 wee's
0aster 3sland - symol-form of writin!O Sem<ase not
allowed to translate it% .connections would e re#ealed
which the earthhuman ein!s are still not admitted to
'now.) http)***Ytrance*fischer.html
0aster 3sland - history% heads 4monoliths5)
7iahuanaco - history from ancient times to :F2 /.+.)
Hast decisi#e coloni?ation of 0arth y e2traterrestrials
was 13%000 years a!o
Kiracocoha 4.Kiracocha.5 - semi-3E$E% fled from Hyra
with followers% .Hyranians.% 11 meters tallO he
con6uered 7iahuanaco , 0aster 3sland% settled on small
island of 1ot 4today called 1otunui% island near New
Vealand5) http)**www.sacred-*nam*inca*inca01.htm
+heruim - ody !uards of KiracocohaO irdli'e-human
.1ot. - means .ird. in ancient Ple<aren lan!ua!eO
.1ot-3sle. means .3sland of /ird-Eumans.
0aster 3sland , 7iahuanaco - inhaitants were
descendents of e2traterrestrials from earlier times who
had immi!rated to 0arthO instructed y the fled Hyranian
!iants in operatin! .appliances , machines. to erect the
!iant 0aster 3sland Eeads
Pisco% Na?ca , Sacsayhuaman @all in PeruA - also
settled y the !iant Hyranians
0aster 3sland - e!!-shaped stones there represent
spaceships of the !iant Hyranians that had this shape
Hyranians - after se#eral thousand years an epidemic
struc' them% they fled in their spaceships% !ot lost in
space% presumed deadO too' all their technolo!ies ,
instruments with them
0aster 3sland Eeads - red hats were an attempt y the
islanders to please the !iants , rin! them ac'O hats
represented the space helmets of the !iantsO hats made
from mi2ture of red soil% sand , small stones% molded in
a small #olcanic crater% lifted into place y crane-li'e
Hast si!n of !iants was in a solar system of &ndromedaO
thousands of years later some &ndromedan 41G0
centimeters @N58A a#era!e hei!ht5 <ourneyed to 0arth ,
.rou!ht a messa!e of the !iants to 7iahuanaco , li#ed
there for 20 years , F months. 4592 /.+. - N5F1 /.+.5
7iahuanaco - &ndromedans constructed electrical
ener!y centers with under!round cales protected y
half-tue channels 4this stumps today8s archaeolo!ists5)
&ndromedans in 7iahuanaco - N5F1 /.+. struc' y the
same mysterious epidemic that afflicted the !iant
Hyranians% fled into space% presumed dead
Ither !iant e2traterrestrial races - not all are li'e the
Hyranians% coloni?ed all continents of 0arth
+yclops% titans% dwar#es - also settled on all continents%
either left 0arth or died
Eyperoreans - splinter !roup of their descendents%
rememered in history as the !ods , semi-!ods of
;ree' mytholo!y
Eeracles - N3 meters tall @son of Veus% written of y
1eier - saw a Eyperorean with &s'et% se#eral meters
Noah - 3.10 meters tall
&dam - sli!htly less than 4 meters tall
;il!amesh - Sumerian 'in!*semi-!od% F.5 meters tall)
;reat ell - ancient unit of hei!ht measurement
Small ell - ancient unit of hei!ht measurement
Eei!ht - normal accordin! to any !i#en race% anormal
only when there8s a racial de!eneration
Eei!ht of 0arth humans - why so small when ancestors
were !iantsB
Mwarf-li'e races
Names - elected accordin! to a life form8s e#olutional
positionO prolems that result from a wron!ly !i#en
1eier - name defined as .Preser#er of the 7reasure.
1eier - nic'name ./illy.% concerns aout it ein! used
Sem<ase8s name - means semi-3E$E% .ishrish. 4female
form% male form is .ishwish.5% .elo. means .semi. in
Ple<aren lan!ua!eO 0lo-3shwish
Jacous /ertschin!er - pre#iously named .Jaco.
4which was suitale for a time5O .us. endin! added%
meanin! .!od protects. or .the 'in! of wisdom
protects.O .Jaco. means .!od 'ills. or .the 'in! of
wisdom 'ills.
1il'y $ay !ala2y - !ala2ial central sun*star is 53%000
li!ht years from the sunO properties of that central star ,
the formation of suns , planets from it
>ni#ersal central sun 4star5 - ori!in of all materiali?in!%
cross-material matter includin! !as atoms in spaceO
.consists of pure spiritual stuff ut which is already
fluffy condensed.% mil'y-white color @see ;reat Journey
effects of hyper-leaps% +ontact 31A #isile as li!ht
4.spiritual matter of this shape is <ust li!ht.5O seen from
0arth as a fine mil'y lineO its li!ht power is
immeasuraleO located rou!hly in the middle of the
>ni#ersal central !ala2y - seen from 0arth as a line% an
immense flash constantly enlar!in!
.;enesis. - (3;> oo'% e2plains where the spiritual
matter 4stuff5 comes fromO .8li!ht fla'es8...are condensed
spiritual ener!ies risin! from the +reation% !enerated y
her% created y will% ideas.
7he +reation - .not a li#in! ein!.% the uni#ersal
consciousnessO .leads , !o#erns...consciousness.O
doule-spiral shaped o#al formation% the doule-spiral
arms .li#e pulsin! as spiritual ener!y and rotate
towards each other.)
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - .how little we 'now in spite of our
enormous 'nowled!e.. -Sem<ase
Petrified 90-centimeter footprints of adolescent !iants
on 0arth% : to :.5 meters tall 4a#era!e5
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - those on #acation from 0arth
return mid-1ay 19FF
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences - trian!ular 4delta-shaped5 eam-
spreadin! spaceship with .!audy eams of li!ht in
front...ehind was a colorless li!hteam play.% ho#ered
ao#e 1eier8s house for N20 minutes% people in the
house e!an to act stran!ely
1eier !roup communication system - arran!ed for y
the women
....Jou should 'eep your hopes within reasonale
limits% which namely you are 6uite well ale to do% if
you do not mo#e your feelin!s into it.. -Sem<ase
3ncident in#ol#in! an .SS chief. 4e2-Na?i5 at >ster
Mecemer F% 19F: 9)40 p.m.) e2traterrestrial dwarf race
- from a small planet in a pre#iously un'nown 4to the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren5 star systemO 110 centimeters tallO
e2pedition spaceship commanded y scientists% landin!
trac' in the snow% 3.5 meters circumference% 4
touchdown supports% landed ecause Pleiadians*Ple<aren
had a small impulse-sender de#ice neary 4which ser#es
their telemeter discs for orientation5O footprints no
lon!er than 23 centimeters% 1 set of footprints in snow
with no leadin!-in trac'sO landed due to an in#oluntary
time shift caused y faulty space-dri#eO one of them
too' samples of plants% ice , water from a neary pool%
another !ot materials from the forest% 3rd one in a
ho#erin! #ehicleO will e ta'en ac' to their time ,
home world y Ptaah
+IN7&+7 F0
@7hursday% January :% 19FF% 00)01 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in 49 Luestions% pa!e 34
unofficial 0n!lish translation)
Noah - 3.10 meters tall 4measurement corrected due to
clerical error5
& primary 4first5 molecule of spiritual ener!y ecomin!
matter contains 49 atomsO the atoms are an intermediate
etween spiritual ener!y , material matter
Se#en-fold synthesis of matter - F planes each different
structurally , y .#alue.O earth scientists only aware of
the Fth and :th planes% wor'in! on the 5thO earth
scientists call the Fth plane the atom plane% 4ut actually
the 1st plane is the atomic plane5O and they call the :th
plane elementary particles 4ut this is actually the 2nd
plane5O .there e2ists a micro-atom-plane eside the atom
plane% which draws throu!h all spiritual ener!etic ,
rou!h-material matter.
E3S7I-J I( 7E0 &-J&NS - ancient home worlds
were planets within Hyra near Ke!aO mastered space
fli!ht 22Q million years a!o , #isited 0arth in its early
de#elopmentO rou!ht anished criminals to 0arth for
punishment who mi2ed with early nati#e 0arth human-
li'e creaturesO Mestroyer planet dama!ed Hyra-Ke!an
home worldsO later de#eloped disc-shaped eamshipsO
con6uerin! warsO Hyra-Ke!an lieration war 230%000
years a!oO .more than :0R of all culture was dama!ed
, completely destroyed.% 3 planets of Hyra system
dissol#ed to ener!y y a weapon called .o#er-'ill. 4now
ein! de#eloped on 0arth% written aout in science
fiction no#els5O commander of the terrori?in! armies an
3E$E named &saelO &sael fled with 3:0%000 people
4.titan-si?ed.5 in 1G3 !reat-spacers , 253 space-
reconnaissance ships to the &sael System 4@the PleiadesA
star system with 254 youn! lue-white stars5% later ta'e
possession of the worlds of the Eesperides SystemO on
the Eesperides worlds centuries later% &sael dies%
succeeded y his dau!hter Ple<a 4an 3E$E5% .&sael
System. name chan!ed to .Ple<a-System. @the
PleiadesAO Ple<a commanded e2peditions to the SIH
system% which had een where a part 4Kenus5 of a
destroyed 4y the Mestroyer planet millions of years
a!o5 planet of the Hyra-Ke!a system was transplanted
4see +ontacts 5 , :05O Ple<a e2pedition to SIH system
too' control of 1ars% 0arth , 1alona% later returned
ac' to Hyra-Ke!a system lea#in! some ehind to mi2
with the races thereO Ple<a died and later Hyra-Ke!ans
4Pleiadians5 returned a!ain to 0arth , 1alona 44th
planet5% fi!hts for !o#ernment arose% 0arth was
e#acuated to Hyra-Ke!a worlds% 1alona remained
coloni?ed until destroyed y war etween its 2 nations
4remains are the &steroid /elt5O later% Hyra-Ke!a
criminals a!ain anished to 0arthO later 0arth coloni?ed
a!ain y se#eral hundred !reat-spacers of Hyra-Ke!ans
4Pleiadians5 for :%000 years% later destroyed y warsO
later war ro'e out a!ain in Hyra-Ke!a system% 3E$E
leader Pele!on , other Hyra-Ke!an .titans. tra#eled to
0arth 50%000 years a!oO in Hyra-Ke!a the wars were
fou!ht to their end , !o#ernment was !i#en o#er to
spiritual leaders% final peace was found and N2: &.M.
Pleiadians disco#ered y e2pedition a semi-spiritual
world in the &ndromeda system inhaited y semi-
spiritual ein!s who ecame the Ple<aren alliance .Ei!h
+ouncil. in 2: &.M. 41%951 years a!o% see sentence
1F05O under Pele!on8s leadership on 0arth with 200 su-
leader scientists% hi!h-cultured ci#ili?ations arose on
e#ery continent , peace lasted 10%000 years% until
3E$E named Jesas murdered the follower of Pele!on
, too' command of all nations% war ro'e out , 100s
of thousands fled to /eta-+entaurus 4./arnard8s Star.5O
etc.% etc.
Eistory of &tlantis 4see +ontacts 55 , 595- N31%000
/.+. 433%000 years a!o5 descendents of the /eta-
+entaurus @BA refu!ees coloni?ed 0arth a!ain% !uided y
3E$E named &tlant who was married to 3E$E named
=aryatideO &tlantis 4city , continent5 uilt under
&tlant8s leadershipO Smaller-&tlantis uilt under
=aryatide8s leadershipO 1u uilt under the leadership of
=aryatide8s father 1urasO 1G%000 years passed in
flourishment% until N13%000 /.+. 415%000 years a!o5
scientists tried to sei?e power ut sudued , escaped to
/eta-+entaurus 4./arnard8s Star.5 re!ion
Eyperorea 4(lorida5 - N11%000 /.+. descendents of
the &tlantis power-mon!ers*escapees to /eta-+entaurus
returned to 0arth for re#en!e 4meanwhile had increased
their lifespan up to 1%000 years y research , e2tended
'nowled!e5% led y 3E$E named &rus .the ararian.
who also had 200 su-leaders*scientistsO &rus con6uered
northern lands of 0arth 4.Eyperorea.5% 0arth8s a2is at
that time was different% .efore a turn of the 0arth
chan!ed its a2is. 4i.e. (lorida used to e in the northern
re!ion of 0arth8s ma!netic pole efore the a2is chan!ed
to what it is now5O &rus8s son &rus 33 attac'ed what are
now the lands of 3ndia% Pa'istan% 3ran 4Persia5% etc.
inhaited y the Sumerians 4peace lo#in!% dar'-s'inned
]not ne!roid% ut 0uropid^ , tall% mainly traders ,
a!riculturalists @sentence 1F:A% descendents of Sirians
who had settled on 0arth 33%000 years a!o when the
Ple<a-System people did5O @sentences 1F3-1F5A
Sumerians e2pelled y &urus 33% returned to their old
homeland .etween the +aspian Sea , 1ount &rahat
@&raratA.O 3ndia% pre#iously named &rya% named after
&rus 33% which had split from Eyperoreans , allied
with inhaitants of 1u , &!hartaO &rus 3 4.the
ararian.% father of &rus 335 meanwhile constantly
attac'ed 1u , ;reater &tlantisO those wars lasted 1%502
years% 1u , &tlantis were destroyedO &rus 3 murdered
in old a!e% after destruction of 1u , &tlantis% y his 3rd
son Jeho#anO @sentences 1F2-1F9A some descendents of
&rus 3 .preser#ed themsel#es as the &usists. until
Jeha#8s time 4N3%400 /.+.5 when 1:0%000 of them
4called ;reat-&ryans% ad#ocated &rus 38s ideas55
deserted Jeha#8s !o#ernment% wandered , plundered
northwest to east% attac'ed the Sumerians in 3ndia ,
settled there
Eerew*Jewish Eistory - Jeho#an too' power , sei?ed
control of 3 nations , the EyperoreansO 1 of those
nations su<u!ated y Jeho#an were descendents of an
3E$E named &rmus who had settled in the re!ion of
&rmenia 33%000 years a!o 4from the Ple<a-System5O 2nd
nation su<u!ated y Jeho#an were the &ryans 4of
3ndia5O 3rd .nation. was not a nation ut .a worldwide
alliance of !ypsies...interspersed y spies , saoteurs of
Jeho#an.% the .Eerews. 4.Eeraons. in ancient
Ple<aren lan!ua!e% later .Eerons.% names meanin!
.!ypsies.% .dre!s of society.% .outcast.5% the .Jews. of
today% who then .constantly incited fi!hts , 6uarrels
within the whole world.O 4sentence 1435 .Peace on
0arth will finally e then when% when this mi!ht-thirsty
, murderous self-called Eeraon race-connection has
ecome completely scattered.O Jeho#an !o#erned
NF%000 years a!o 4N5%000 /.+.B5% murdered y his
only son Jeha# who too' control of !o#ernment 3%400
/.+. , ruled the 3 nations*races wic'edly 4.demandin!
lood , death.5 until 3%320 /.+.O Jeha# had 3 sons%
&russem 41st orn5% Ptaah , SalamO &russem murdered
Jeha# , tried to sei?e power ut thwarted y his
rothers who anished him , F2%000 followersO
@sentences 1:F-1F1A Ptaah , Salam 4sons of Jeha#5
alon! with .hea#enly sons.% Eyperoreans , .the
emi!rants from the Ple<a-System led the further
!o#ernment y common a!reement...and created
peace.O Ptaah 42nd son of Jeha#5 ruled for 93 years%
stric'en with an un'nown disease , died% his rother
Salam 43rd son of Jeha#5 ruled alone until an old man%
re-connected with .the home worlds. , their form of
!o#ernment% , handed o#er !o#ernment to his son
Ple<os 2%040 years a!o 4F3 /.+.B5O Ple<os followed the
!uidance of the Ei!h +ouncil when it was estalished in
2: &.M. 41%951 years a!o5 , prepared the lon! hoped
for return to the Pleiadians*Ple<aren8 home worlds in 33
&.M. 41%944 years a!o5 after Jmmanuel had een orn ,
educated for a prophet for his missionO Ple<os ordered
the procreation of Jmmanuel
History of the &i'eh (ntelligences - &russem 41st son
of Jeha#5 secretly returned to 0arth with an army ,
settled .deep inside the !round , deep elow the
pyramids. of 0!ypt% center estalished in e2istin!
rooms , structures eneath the ;reat Pyramid of ;i?ehO
their !oal reached throu!h lyin!% deceit% intri!ues%
wron! teachin!s% delusional reli!ious lectures , cults%
etc.O their lifespans decreased due to ein! cutoff from
their technolo!ies% research% etc.% today 419FF5 li#e to 94
years a#era!e 4a#era!e lifespan of 0uropean human
N19FF was F4 years5% no lon!er ale to reproduce%
dyin! out , less than 2%100 in numer% all to e dead
within 3 decades 4200F &.M.5 @;i?eh 3ntelli!ences
e2pelled from 0arth N19FG y the Pleiadians*Ple<arenAO
&russem !o#erned until 3%010 /.+. when he was
forcefully e2iled y a mutineer named Eenn 4called
.Jeho#a% the +ruel Ine. y the Eeraons5O
Eenn 4.Jeho#a.5 ruled 30 years until 2%0G0 /.+. when%
as an old man% he was displaced y his nephew
=ama!ol 3% who sei?ed command of the ;i?eh
3ntelli!ences to e2tend the center elow the ;reat
Pyramid into a center of world power , dominationO
=ama!ol 3 coerced all earthly reli!ions into his control
, demanded human sacrifices , spread cults .which
are partly preser#ed e#en until the present.O =ama!ol 3
remo#ed from power y his son =ama!ol 33% died
imprisoned in a dun!eonO =ama!ol 33 ruled ,
committed mass murders% li#ed to old a!e , died
Mecemer 2F% 19F:O @sentences 1G0-1G1A no new leader
since then% decisions to e made y common conclusion
.the unlimited possiilities of the spiritual forces. -
Sem<ase 4sentence 415
3E$E - .!od.% .'in! of wisdom. 4sentence 425
Pleiades - the stars8 name traces ac' to Ple<a
43E$E dau!hter of &sael5% maintained in 0arth
histories in ;ree' mytholo!y
+alendar year - also maintained on 0rraO in#ented y
Ple<aren ancestors
Ple<aren calendar year e!ins 49%F11 years a!o 4when
the final peace was estalished5% 4F%F34 /.+. in 0arth8s
Pleiades planets named y numers until the Ei!h
+ouncil too' o#er in 2: &.M. , desired names for the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren use 2 yearly chronolo!ies - one
ased on final peace 44F%F34 /.+.5% other on Ei!h
+ouncil8s !uidance 4.spiritual synchroni?ation ,
harmoni?ation.5 42: &.M.5
0arth6ua'e in 7an!shan% +hina on July 2G% 19F: - aout
1 million deadO G93%000 'illed% 20G%000 seriously 4life-
lon!5 in<ured% G11%000 in<ured% F0%000 missin!)
Predictions for 19FF - ased on proaility calculationsO
e2traterrestrial spaceships 4ships descried5 come to
0arth , search for contact with 0arth humans
1eier - departs the ship lea#in! !oin!-away footprints
in a field ut none leadin!-to
1eier - as's Sem<ase if she would sometime !reet his
friends y radio
;uido 1oosru!!er essay - .3mportant +onsiderations)
>(I 02posures +ritically 02amined.O includes mention
of the !roup alloon test , elimination of the 3-5 meter
tall fir tree y Sem<ase
+IN7&+7 F1
@1onday% January 10% 19FF% 2)14 a.m.O thou!ht
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Predictions for 19FF @some specific topicsA - ased on
.prophetic si!ht. , proaility calculationsO hea#iest
earth6ua'es in 900 years 4re!ions named% includin! San
&ndreas fault5O new islands formed y undersea
#olcanic eruptions% 1st one in JapanO #olcanic eruption
in Vaire with se#eral thousand dead @January 10% 19FF
Nyira!on!o #olcano at ;oma% VaireAO unusually hea#y
snowfalls e!innin! .tomorrow. January 11% 19FF%
which lead to summer drou!htsO e2traction of oilO
world-wide irth control , FQ year irth-stopO increased
terrorism% .the !uilt therefore is in the main the nation
of 3srael , the states supportin! it% $orld $ar 3
threatens% .can only e a#erted if the nations of the
world come to an a!reement to dissol#e to!ether the
state of 3srael% whereafter then all orders of all states
are dissol#ed , a world !o#ernment of non-political
manner% ut a spiritually !uided one% which must e
e2ercised.O scientists will de#elop .an e2tremely
dan!erous , deadly weapon% y which the concerned
state !ains !reat power. @E&&-PBO see +ontacts F9 ,
+IN7&+7 F2
@7hursday% (eruary 3% 19FF% 00)0F a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier8s 40th irthday - Pleiadians*Ple<aren offer .#ery
est wishes.
1eier instructed to loo' for new home*location - re!ion
.Nearly all flat land in the north of Swit?erland. will e
destroyed y later atomic fires from war
;roup financial concerns - .impulses of truth. sent to
others% leadin! them to assist
(3;> ;roup memers - .1any ones of your !roup will
find their ne2t incarnation in the +enter.O first
@memersA will incarnate etween 2012-2025 as
females% others 2033-203: as males% remainder etween
2045-20F2 .esides se#eral further person whose names
are still un'nown to you% ut who in the run of the ne2t
time% and in the ne2t years% will still meet with you.O
.7he missions of the different ones are #ery different
there% and are often hardly reco!ni?ale y themsel#es.
/ut they are of importance , far-reachin!% in the future
as well as today% e#en if the sin!le person still does not
reco!ni?e this.
1eier - 'nows when , how he will die .une2pectedly
, unassumed.O .after G00 years you will a!ain e the
centerpoint of your innermost !roup.O .you incarnate in
rapid se6uence se#eral times at different places of the
0arth% to fulfill your mission with other nations , races
of this world.
(3;> ;roup memers - .will reco!ni?e @./illy.A at
each appearance% li'e they will themsel#es amon! one
another.O some of their children will die .soon.% part
will reincarnate y 201FO .looser !roup memers. will
reincarnate e!innin! in 1995O other details of !roup
memer reincarnations referred to
(3;> ;roup memers - .a special help. needed to e
ale to reincarnate at the Sem<ase-Sil#er-Star-+enter
(3;> 1editation +enter - .a center for oscillations ,
radiations y the ener!ies of crystals% etc..
Eimalayan monastery - .where certain !urus% real
masters% destine their ne2t place of reirth.
+IN7&+7 F3
@1onday% (eruary F% 19FF% :)34 p.m. Q additional
contact 11)11 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
!uest y radio contact) Jacous /ertschin!er
Einterschmidruti house , property up for sale soon
(3;> ;roup memers - ale to determine their ne2t
incarnation at the (3;> center
.Primary ori!in.
(3;> ;roup memers - future incarnation spiritual
leaders , teachers of 0arth
Einterschmidruti land properties - to e ou!ht in
sprin! 19FG
/illy 1eier 4.1iranos 1.5 spea's to Jacous
/ertschin!er 4.1iranos 3.5 from Sem<ase8s eamship
#ia his radio set
(3;> ;roup memers - list of descendents names as'ed
Sem<ase oser#es airplanes ta'in! off at =loten airport
1eier ends the contact , appears on the !round in front
of Jacous /ertschin!er
/eamship apparatus - teletransmitter 4de-materiali?ation
, re-materiali?ation transporter5
Jacous /ertschin!er report of this contact.
+IN7&+7 F4
@1onday% (eruary 14% 19FF% :)11 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 101%2F1
Einterschmidruti house , property - financial concerns
(3;> - first F years .will e #ery hard , troulesome.
(3;> - !uidance ad#ice !i#en y the
.a photo!raphic e#idence. to e sent to 1eier within 14
+IN7&+7 F5
@1onday% (eruary 21% 19FF% 11)31 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 102
Einterschmidruti house , property - ou!ht% initial
sur#ey e!un 4Ste#ens note5
Mwarf e2traterrestrial !roup - 4 07sO 115 centimeters
tallO li#e on a smaller nei!horin! planet to 0rraO
noticed in pulic in their spacesuits durin! a festi#alO
don8t reathe o2y!enO analy?e radiations , suterranean
earth-shiftsO purified the cellar of the (3;> centerO 1
cau!ht on film sli!htlyO in#esti!ate homes of (3;>
memers includin! 0n!elert $achter8s where his cat
.went cra?y.
(3;> !roup memers - list of names !i#en y Sem<ase
Ple<aren instrument that re!isters sleep and .twili!ht-
sleep. y symols
1enara in her ship chased y a Swiss <et fi!hter plane
.&nimals are #ery sensiti#e , feel us as well in an
in#isile state.. -Sem<ase
Sem<ase writes a !reetin! 4.some short lines.5 to the
(3;> !roup memers
1eier - teleported from the eamship to the !round in
front of Jacous /ertschin!er8s elderly father while
rainin! 41eier was dry5
$itness report - .Ni!htly &ssi!nment 3n 7he
Schonener!er--e!ion 4VE5% Murin! -ain &nd 1ud.
y /ernadette /rand% Jacous /ertschin!er @fatherA%
Jacous /ertschin!er @sonA% , 0n!elert $achter
+IN7&+7 F:
@1onday% 1ay 23% 19FF% F)43 p.m.A
+ontact person) 1enara
Ste#ens8 (oreword) 4 different translations of the
+ontact Notes% e2plainedO ./illy 1eier is not satisfied
with this translation either.O .$e rou!ht these notes
from there without their actual permission% and
pulished them a!ainst their desire.
Ste#ens8 Preface) first Ste#ens associations with 1eier
in July 19FFO M&H >ni#erse% 7he M&Hs% , the
uni#ersal arrierO story of the parchment fra!ment with
1eier8s incarnational prophet procession from 0noch to
/illy% disco#ered in an 0!yptian tom in a pyramid%
initial translation to ;erman y &s'et% further
translation y 1ichael Eesemann
1eier8s early tra#els with &s'et to 3ndia% etc.% &sho'a
&shram% Phoal +han!% Ma#id Eurleurt% 11 spaceship
photos from 3ndia
letter from 1eier mentionin! 300 3ndia photos% mon'ey
.0mperor Eanuman.)
story of Phoal +han!
;ary =inder8s .&n Ipen Hetter to the >(I
information aout the contacts 4statistics5 , Sem<ase8s
reco#ery% etc.
1eier - short telepathic contact with Sem<ase who is in
another time*dimension
-ace , racism 4racial pre<udice5
1eier - .!i#e@sA no compliments.
1enara in Luet?al8s ship which can time-tra#el - will
time-shift return 1eier a few minutes after he left the
1eier as's 1enara if she will lea#e a landin! trace at
the new +enter
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences - try to pre#ent (3;> center ein!
uiltO in alliance with secret neo-Na?i !roup in /ra?ilO
ne!ati#e mental influences on some !roup memersO 1
memer influenced y a .wron! medium. which leads
her to find .certain parallels etween the truth and the
deceptions offered her.
Muty , responsiility
2 people who wor' a!ainst the !roup , re#eal internal
!roup secrets
;roup memers - some want .command positions.O
4sentence 555 .(rom the first to the last person of them%
they are all of the same worthO the 'nowin! one e2actly
li'e the less 'nowin! one.O re!ulationsO .proposal
re!isters.O concerns aout pre#ious lifetime incarnations
4sentence 595 ....superstition and misleadin! untruths
lead the searchin! and e2plorin! one towards unreal and
wron! ways.
$itnesses statement y 4 men wor'in! with 1eier
+IN7&+7 FF
@7uesday% 1ay 31% 19FF% 9)0F p.m.A
+ontact person) Ptaah
Ste#ens intro) 1eier disappeared from a roof where 3
others were wor'in! with him% returned a!ain N3G
minutes later
&pparatus - teletransmitter
1editation +enter at (3;> - !roup memers records
!i#en to the Ei!h +ouncil who determine the !roup
composition , meditation times
1any forms of 0arth human mentality not understood
y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences , the secret neo-Na?i !roup in
1eier - .under no circumstances do lea#e your country.
2 people who wor' a!ainst the !roup y etrayal
;roup memers - ne!ati#e influences upon themO
dan!ers of dri#in! ecause of those influences
.the radiations of the constellations of the'e
#alid their influence in stron!est form.
1eier - .3 only then can ha#e a necessary discussion
when they @!roup memersA come to me.O !roup
memers don8t want to urden 1eier
Ple<aren eamship - .escape pit. 4anti-!ra#ity pit5
+IN7&+7 FG
@$ednesday% July :% 19FF% 3)19 p.m.A
+ontact persons) 1enara% &lena
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 109-110
&lena - from the planet Sater in the star system 10H in
HyraO 14G centimeters tall
2nd eam pistol @first one used y 1eier on Septemer
29% 19F:O see +ontact :4A - pictures ta'en with &lenaO
older than pre#ious eam pistol y N:00 years%
descried in detailO emits .dissociation oscillations.
4which destroy certain artificial matter5% .comustion
radiations. 4eliminator*disinte!rator5 , .narcoti?in!
effect. 4for self-defense5O newer eam pistols are 1*3rd
si?e , tuned only to the carrier*owner8s rainwa#e
1enara8s ship - not a eamship for deep space fli!ht%
flies y .densification , hi!h-compressed e2haust of
atmospheric !ases. which don8t other animalsO
eamship radiations , #irations do distur*e2cite
animalsO ale to e screened from si!ht% a technolo!y
de#eloped 2%9G3 years a!o
/eam pistol - demonstration film also made 4sentences
&lena to 1eier - .if you can not e2press yourself as you
would li'e y words% then 3 ne#ertheless concei#e the
#irations of your feelin!s% and these ma'e your words
understandale for me.
1eier - possesses !reat 'nowled!e of numerous manual
laor s'illsO s'ills normally learned in 3 years learned in
2-3 months or less
1eier - .if here or there somethin! went wron!% 3 often
had to e 6uite un'ind.O he had to .teach a memer of
the !roup y harsh lan!ua!e.O .#ery often 3 also snatch
up uncontrolled thou!hts.
.$heat separated from the chaff.
&pparatus - detects thou!hts approachin!
.Protecti#e umrella. - radiates all around the center
durin! contact
;roup memer statement - .7he Shot /y /eam-Pistol.
Ste#ens addendum - .7he Haser Pistol Photos.
+IN7&+7 F9
@Saturday% July 1:% 19FF% 3)3F p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 4:-4F%109
Sem<ase returns% ha#in! #isited .different future epochs
of time. concernin! the !roup memers
.3 ou!ht not and am not allowed to interfere directly
with your laor for e#olution. -Sem<ase
0n#y , e!otism
19FF predictions - more than 2*3rds from 1eier8s
'nowled!e , proaility calculations , .a form of
future #ision.
(3;> +enter - openin! e!innin! of No#emer 19FF
.the newest horrile dama!e weapon of the &mericans.
.7he !reater and more wic'ed the anti-propa!anda
a!ainst you and your !roup appears% and a!ainst us% all
the !reater are the positi#e successes. -Sem<ase
Eans Jaco% 1ario /ertossi , 1r. &rendt
1eier - .within earlier millenniums% you collected
innumerale e2periences with such thin!s% and ne#er
&pparatus - for e2aminin! 1eier8s illness% infection
from meat parasites poisonin! the lood , affectin!
certain rain cells 4causin! his pessimistic attitude5
&pparatus - parasite neutrali?er
Parasites that lead to sic'ness , poisonin! - acilli%
#iruses% microes% salmonella% patho!enic or!anisms
Ir!an transplants - anti!en serums% fetal tissue 4stem
cells5O auric forces within the transplanted or!anO etc.
Euman species - hi!hest de#eloped physical creature of
#ery defined characteristics not found in animals or
.7he earthhuman ein! will wal' his own way in any
case% ecause he has predetermined this already y the
!reat mass of himself. -Sem<ase
0arthly standards of conduct - Pleiadians*Ple<aren had
to learn to understand these forms of thin'in! ,
.Hoose !roup formed with the intention of roery.
Ne!ati#e thou!hts y !roup memers
1ista'es and learnin! from themO self-education
@in 1(7P4p!.11: sentences N100-101 repeated with
different translationsA
Mesire for domination% e!oism etc. .ou!ht to e
destroyed in a controlled way or else #ery soon
6uarrels and en#y will ra!e a!ain.
1eier8s urden of li#in! on 0arth - lonelinessO .you are
this hea#y urden for them @the !roupA , for all the
other human ein!s of 0arth.O trust , lo#e should e
offered y the !roup to release the lonelinessO unale to
find a spiritual teachin! partner on 0arth
./etter off are all those who can weep outside% to !i#e
e2pression to their feelin!s% and to release them that
way. -Sem<ase
Mreams - .they do rin! release to you @/illyA , a
certain poise.
.&t #ery early times thin!s eha#ed e2actly as they now
eha#e within my life. - 1eier
1eier - .produced a demanded thin!*s. that must e
ta'en to 0rra for purification from ne!ati#e radiations ,
1eier - ele#ation to !lorification .li'e in earlier times.
must e pre#ented
;roup memer% woman - incarnation of Saul*Paul% at
that time confused y Jmmanuel8s firewor's
demonstration on the road to Mamascus
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences - .their center lyin! #ery e2actly on
a center of the ma!netic radiation. used for force attac's
a!ainst the center*!roup
.Iscillations of the stars.
(3;> +enter - .has to e finished #ery e2actly at the
fi2ed point of time.
/eam pistol photos 4July :% 19FF5 - distortions caused
y the protecti#e shield from 1enara8s shipO Jacous8
tractor ima!e 4from days efore5 appeared y infrared
;roup memers - Ple<aren ship demonstrations seen as
entertainment% rela2ation or a .pri#ile!e.% pressin! the
.essential spiritual concerns to the ac'!round.
Swiss army - watchin! 1eier8s !roup to try to capture
1editation +enter , (3;> house - 2 compass readin!s
for North pole% one in the meditation center pointin!
towards 0arth8s old ma!netic north pole @(loridaBA
which is also the current !alactic ma!netic north pole%
other in the house pointin! towards 0arth8s current north
pole in ;reenland
7elemeter!istration.5 discs - fly directly ao#e the
(3;> center% for locatin! the .position of the facet
courses of the ma!netic streams.O recently e6uipped
with course-staili?ers which acti#ate automatically .if
the li!hts for course-correction !et switched off y
thou!ht influence. 4which 1eier has done @also ;uido
1oosru!!er in &merica early-19908sA5O Ple<aren
telemeter discs unale to crash% e2cept possily into
each other if they !o off course% in which case they
dissol#eO other e2traterrestrial races8 telemeter discs can
.Hi'e e#ery human form of life% you need the steady
new testin! of your spiritual forces. -Sem<ase
Spiritual 7eachin!s)
Meath - desire to e sure that there is .life after death.
otainale .if e#ery sin!le one will o#ercome his own 3%
ecause in truth% it is only the fo! of the e!o and the 3
which pre#ents the outloo' towards the 'in!dom or
sphere of the true li#in!% the spiritual sphere% ein!
away from the chan!e of risin! or dyin!. 4Sem<ase5O
.e!otism , materialism and all other unworthy of the
human ein! concerns to which he ecame su<ect and
y which he is imprisoned. 4Sem<ase5O spiritual !rowthO
.for many human ein!s. physical death means .the
e!innin! of their essential life...the !radual re-li!htin!
of the inner sohar.% reincarnation
.Inly y true inner reirth can the dar'ness or dim li!ht
of one earthly life e finished% that is% when the li!ht of
the inner sphere ecomes conscious to you% and when
the wor'in! of the spirit of life no lon!er appears a
hollow fate to you% which in truth you yoursel#es
!enerate and create y wron! education. 3f then finally
the sohar is shinin! inside of you% then you see the
in#isile% the power of the spirit and its unlimited force
for ein! the true wor'in! fact.... -Sem<ase
.7he Ither $orld. 4after physical death5
.Ine life is arran!ed in order into the ne2t one% and the
one assists the other for li#in!% for ein! arran!ed at a
certain time a!ain into the perishin!% when it has
completed its time and tas'. -Sem<ase
Hife and Meath - .7he life does not stri#e for the
o#ercomin! of the sin!le case of death% ut towards the
o#ercomin! y e#olution of the death and risin! in
itself.O .the final !oal of all creations...the +reation...the
>ni#ersal +onsciousness.
.7he actual sense of life within the material realm. -
.Self-con6uest of the steadily wantin! to dominate 3%
and followin! e#olution in the whole of spirit. 7o
con6uer yoursel#es then% is meanin! that you should
help your hi!her self towards the #ictory% to reco!ni?e
in this way a still hi!her self% namely the creational 3%
into which you will awa'e y still hi!her e#olutions.
+ertainly% this is one of the most difficult laors of your
life% ut moreo#er as well the #ery most eautiful% most
worthy and richest one.. -Sem<ase
.your spirit life inside of you is a piece of the spiritual
ener!y of the +reation.O .to e at one with the spirit of
life inside of yoursel#es% with the part-piece of +reation
inside of you.O true freedom , freedom from fear of
death , death itselfO .7o e at one with the part-piece of
creational ener!y inside of yoursel#es also means to
reco!ni?e ehind the outer e!o your other e!o% which
namely is the creational 3. -Sem<ase
.7o see himself truly and to reco!ni?e oneself - one8s
most ori!inal 3% which reaches ao#e all spheres and
limitations and eyond is floatin! in all senses towards
the all-!reat-temporal and humanly inconcei#ale
re!ions of the +reation...y which he reco!ni?es the
death for only the other side of life% which% li'e in the
physical sphere is sleep% which detaches from the
wa'efulness of day.. -Sem<ase
.7he Ither $orld. - .the separate 'in!doms of this
world and the Ither $orld are one sin!le 'in!dom and
sphere% coe2istin! in the same place% ut <ust
otherwise dimensioned% ut within the same time-
.Need and pains% li'e <oy and deli!ht% do always 'eep
the scale in alance% ut y your wron! thin'in! alone
you o#er-#alue your need and pain% re!ister these and
'eep them in constant memory% while far too soon you
for!et the e#ents of deli!ht and luc' and let them
! with poise in these matters and rememer the
positi#e li'e the ne!ati#e to preser#e that in memory..
1illions , illions of years will pass efore 0arth
humans reali?ation of the hi!hest !oal
.in the present you...truly ha#e to sei?e the helpin! hand
and the offered 'nowled!e of truth% to #alue this and to
elaorate it towards the !oal. -Sem<ase
7hou!ht transmissions 4.tal'in! y thou!ht.5 - symolic
pictures re-translated y 1eier
Sem<ase pri#ately discusses hi!her concerns% .which
still can not e understood y the earthhuman ein!s of
the present.% with 1eier
+IN7&+7 G0
@$ednesday% &u!ust 24% 19FF% 12)01 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!e 235
&u!ust 10% 19FF Sem<ase senses pain in 1eier and
crashes into a tree% rea'in! the top off
&u!ust 12% 19FF - remote-controlled
mechanical*artificial prayin! mantis restin! on the
Sem<ase-dama!ed tree% carryin! a mutated acteria
sprayed on 1eier and implanted in the treeO Luet?al ,
others .elaorate a means which 4since &u!ust 23%
19FF5 he diffuses throu!hout the atmosphere. to control
the spread
&u!ust 1:% 19FF - Pe!asus refu!ees - creature with lar!e
fluorescent eyes% aout as tall as Eerert -un'el%
spotted y 1eier
=oni Schut?ach in his airplane flies close y Sem<ase8s
screened , perimeter-protected eamship
Sem<ase8s eamship - has many weapons
/eamship weapon - used y 1eier to urn the surface
of the area of the infected tree from 3G meters awayO
operation e2plained
Pe!asus refu!ees - e#il-minded% united with ;i?eh
+IN7&+7 G1
@Sunday% Septemer 4% 19FF% 11)03 a.m.A
+ontact persons) Ptaah% Luet?al% Sem<ase
1r. ; - contactee from ein! of the ne2t-hi!her sphere%
oeyed his mission at first ut then ecame ea!er for
profit from itO lost contact ut wasn8t aware of it%
delusionally thin's he is still in contactO wants control
o#er the (3;> !roup
.the material aspects of life ha#e to e rou!ht into
connection with the spiritual. -Ptaah
1eier - pre#ious incarnation .aout 1%500 years a!o.
@1uhammadA he tau!ht physical , spiritual teachin!s
4now mostly only spiritual teachin!s5
Swamis% !urus , meditation teachers
.Ne#er a memer of your !roup should appropriate any
heresies from outside% ut tune himself only onto the
truth% which he !ets from you.. -Ptaah
SXances - ne!ati#e radiations
-emote-controlled mechanical*artificial prayin! mantis
- created y ;i?eh 3ntelli!ences with the help of the
Pe!asus refu!ees
&u!ust 29-30% 19FF - (3;> wall collapses 4tossed 1Q
meter forward5 y oscillation-#irator usin!
microwa#es% caused y the ;i?eh 3ntelli!ences ,
Pe!asus refu!ees in their ship
Pe!asus refu!ees - made connections with the secret
neo-Na?i !roup in /ra?il
(3;> +enter - essential worth , dan!er to ;i?eh
Pe!asus refu!ees - oscillation-#irator with microwa#es
causes instant a!in! when used on people 4not allowed
y ;i?eh 3ntelli!ences ecause it would re#eal their
e2istence to the pulic5O ener!ies are !enerated y .an
e2actly defined oscillation of thou!ht. 4;i?eh
3ntelli!ences unale to do this% must rely on Pe!asus
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences - reli!ions .are their est helpin!
means in the purpose of their plans for world
Pe!asus refu!ees - will e captured y Ptaah and ta'en
to their home planet
Ple<aren telemeter disc - stationed constantly ao#e the
(3;> +enter to monitor acti#ities
(3;> -e!ulations of order - come from the Ei!h
7ime comes for 1eier to dedicate his teachin!s
primarily to e#olution of the spirit
1eier - instructed not to !o eyond 30 'ilometers from
the +enter or !i#e lessons outside the +enter
1eier8s successor .is <ust !rowin! up.
SIH System approaches the constellation of Eercules
which will e reached in 20%000 years
/ermuda 7rian!le% 1ada!ascar , Japanese Me#il8s Sea
.dimension doors. - how they are !enerated y cosmic
radiationsO no lon!er !enerated since July 10% 19FF and
none other on the planetO these places are on .facet
crossin!s. li'e the (3;> +enterO 9GR of e#ents at these
places attriutale to natural e#ents
Parapsycholo!y - parapsycholo!ists , other
superstitious foolsO .the stupidity of man'ind still 'nows
no ounds.
99.5R of all .supernatural contentions. are <ust lies
0lsi 1oser often recei#es impulses from Sem<ase
(3;> -e!ulations If Irder 414 points5
+IN7&+7 G2
@7uesday% Septemer :% 19FF% :)04 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
;roup memers - data , meditation times !i#en
1editation center - #entilation% electrical illumination%
meditation data e2plained
;roup memers - F points of #alue concernin!
1ediums 4spiritualists5 , sXances - ne!ati#e radiations
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences - learned of the foundin! of the
(3;> +enter throu!h analy?in! a !roup memer8s
suconscious thou!hts released throu!h a medium
1r. ; 4see +ontact G15
;roup memers - 49 memers
+oncentrati#e meditation - only allowed durin! ni!ht
;roup memers - if one lea#es% their .stored radiations.
are eliminated in the meditation center
+IN7&+7 G3
@Saturday% Septemer 10% 19FF% F)53 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier uses an .astral space-leap. on 3 occasions to try
to analy?e 1r. ;8s aura and otain information from his
suconscious , is attac'ed y 1r. ;8s resistance loc'O
1eier mas's his astral space-leap y 2 different wron!
coordinates 4New Melhi , -an!oon5
+oncentrated force*powers acti#ated y the
+IN7&+7 G4
@Sunday% Septemer 11% 19FF% 3)4G a.m.O thou!ht
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Sem<ase tries to analy?e 1r. ; , is attac'ed li'e 1eier
was% almost losin! her life ut her sister Ple<a interfered
to pre#ent that
+oncentrated force*powers acti#ated y the
&pparatus - .searcher eam. analy?ers destroyed y the
concentrated force of 1r. ;8s suconscious
+IN7&+7 G5
@7hursday% Septemer 15% 19FF% 4)11 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Ptaah
1r. ; - his consciousness% elie#in! he is still in contact
with hi!her life forms% misleads his suconscious%
which creates a #icious circle of delusionO his
suconscious 4influenced stron!ly y reli!ious
concerns5 defended itself from 1eier , Sem<ase8s
analysis attempts
+onsciousness , suconsciousness - feed each other
0ner!ies , auric forces of reli!ious elief - .7hese
forces represent an immense accumulation% a !i!antic
form of concentrated ener!y% which clasp your world
li'e a closed sphere and often cause ad harm.O the
cra?y faithful elie#ers produce these reli!ious forces
.y their elief , fluidum of elief.% which they assume
to e .forces of dar'ness.
1eier - attac'ed at 0insiedeln 1onastery 4Schwy?%
Swit?erland5 y reli!ious forcesO told to shun such
places) http)**www.'loster-*weseite*en!lish*en!lish.htm
1editation center times - #alues for each memer
determined y their radiations% .the fluidum and the
cosmic oscillations. Q other #ery important factors
&ura - #iolet color corresponds to a low le#el of
de#elopment% caused y faith in somethin! wron!O
#iolet , ultra#iolet erroneously assumed to e
protecti#e when it is actually ne!ati#e
.;reat $hite /rotherhood. - false teachin!s aout
.ascended masters.% the .3 &m.% ./rid!e 7o (reedom.%
etc.) http)***!w.html
+IN7&+7 G:
@$ednesday% Septemer 21% 19FF% 3)2G p.m.A
+ontact persons) Ptaah% Sem<ase
1eier - decision-ma'in! ailities
.+ult of the ody. - na'edness% nudists
1editation pyramid - dan!ers
1eier may end his missionO Sem<ase weepsO Ptaah
1eier !i#es Sem<ase more oo's to read , comment on
+IN7&+7 GF
@$ednesday% Ictoer 5% 19FF% 2)45 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Sem<ase accidentally crushes a deer with her eamship8s
protection shield
&pparatus - warnin! de#ice when the eamship is close
to a li#in! creature
$hy 1eier said he was thin'in! of endin! the mission
e2plained y the Ei!h +ouncil - to cause the <ealous
wron!-thin'in! memers to reflect and chan!e
(inal piece for the meditation center to e purified -
soon to e ta'en y Sem<ase
Sem<ase comments on the oo's 1eier rou!ht last
time - mista'es% ut some !ood #alues
Southern-wind weather , storms - cause afflictions
odily% mentally , emotionallyO adrenaline le#el
.+orrect steerin! of the psyche. - #ery important
Psychiatry , psycholo!y - 1eier has !reat 'nowled!e
1eier8s moped lifted y Sem<ase8s eamship - placed
down at Murstelen
Sem<ase8s thou!hts towards other !roup memers - only
a few recei#e them as impulses
+IN7&+7 GG
@1onday% Ictoer 1F% 19FF% 4)12 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
(3;> +enter meditation room - electrical wirin! ,
paintin!O to e cleaned and .disradiated.O to e used in
the future y 1eier while writin! the contact reports ,
!i#in! lectures , tal's
1eier8s .loc'ade. - ale to .tie off your irradiation of
forces , thou!hts towards the outside.
.Spiritual sciences.
7elemeter disc - protecti#e de#ice installed withinO
ho#erin! stationary ao#e the +enter
Southern-wind weather , storms - details of why they
affect peopleO climactic pressure chan!esO odily
production of acids% ases% mineral salts , hormonesO
adrenaline , noradrenalineO electrolytes
.7he more e#ol#ed the human ein! is y spiritual
si!ht% all the more is he ale to control then these thin!s
and to master them% y which way he e#en then fashions
his life for the est% when ne!ati#e influences from the
outside affect him.. -Sem<ase
1r. ; - Ptaah as's &s'et if a mechanical or electronic
protection de#ice can y uilt for 1eier in case 1r. ;
disco#ers 1eier8s locationO .disinte!rator. 4apparatus5
for eliminatin! .auric forces.O installed in the telemeter
disc ao#e the +enter
1eier - lectures planned at a school in Vurich-=loten
1eier as'ed y &dolph to influence the lotteryO denied
Eerert -un'el , ;uido 1oosru!!er had pre#ious
lifetime connections with 1eier8s pre#ious incarnations
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - su<ect to mista'es , sometimes
ma'e errors
Ictoer 13% 19FF hi<ac'in! of a Hufthansa airplane -
unfoldin! e#ent discussed , elaoratedO 1o!adishu%
SomaliaO ;udrun 0nsslin% &ndreas /aader% Jan-+arl
-aspe murdered y ;erman prison !uards)
/eamship demonstrations - percei#ed y some as a
pri#ile!e or e2pected , moreO with a few e2ceptions%
.we can not !rant these unreasonale desires in any
way% ecause they contradict the meanin! of our tas's.O
.&part from this% there is no importance of our ships and
oursel#es and our e2istence at all% ut only and solely
for the mission of all of us....O possiility of a new*false
reli!ion or idoli?ation arisin! otherwise
+IN7&+7 G9
@(riday% Ictoer 2G% 19FF% 2)14 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
Ste#ens note) e2planation of the ;erman word
.milliard. 4illion5)
+ontact report transmissions - 1eier wor's lar!ely #ia
his suconscious which controls the mo#ements of his
hand 6uic'ly
1eier warned of insincere future new .memers. who
may see' control% profit , power or turn .etrayer. to
do harm to the mission
1ista'es - sincerity , coura!e needed to confess
mista'es to oneself , othersO .etterin! himself y
chan!in! and reco!nition of his mista'es and for their
/etrayal - .with the earthhuman ein!% unfortunately
etrayal is #ery much e2pressed amon! selfish , mi!ht-
thirsty human ein!s.
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - spo'en for douters% the truth ,
meanin! of the missionO .the !oal of impro#ement , the
asolute.O .the law of the +reational% of complete-
uni#ersal sense , meanin!.O .uni#ersal consciousness.
Hectures - aout the Pleiadians*Ple<aren , their
eamships% 1eier not allowed to e urdened y them
in the future% .in the first place it is not of !reat
importance. and secondly depri#es 1eier of time
needed for his .essential mission.
1eier as'ed to let Eerert -un'el ta'e o#er the 3
lectures at Vurich-=loten
Hetters*6uestions for Sem<ase - copied y her% ori!inals
'ept y 1eierO her answers transmitted to 1eier who
writes them down on sheets of papers where Sem<ase
has written her nameO copies of the transmission
answers to e 'ept with the ori!inal 6uestion-lettersO
Sem<ase not ale to easily use 0arth writin! tools or the
handwritten 0arth lan!ua!e
0lsi 1oser - a oo' !i#en to Sem<ase to comment uponO
oo' copied y Sem<ase
(3;> +enter - purified of ne!ati#e forcesO a place of
calm% peace , lo#e
Jacous /ertschin!er - pic's up on Sem<ase8s thou!ht
;roup memers indi#idual meditation times*data - the
will as a factorO .when the indi#idual persons troule
themsel#es for the processes of learnin! the lessons.O
.the necessary measure of concentration.O auric forces
4.material amount of fluidism.5% a certain amount must
e eradicated in the memers , .a 6uite definite
6uantity has to ecome stored in 6uite a definite time.
&!e , !enesis of the present M0-N >ni#erse -
calculated .since its last state of slumer.O
4F%000%000%000%000 years oldO .se#en-!reattemporal
7he .Primary >ni#erse.% e2plained
.;reattime. 4measurement5 - 1 !reattime C
311%040%000%000%000 years
7he .&ncient +reation. - y idea .!a#e rise. to .our
.Period of slumerin!. - 1 !reattime
&!e of .our +reation. - :%5FG%G40%000%000%000 years
Luestion) where did humans first arise in the uni#erseO
not 'nown y Sem<ase
Perry -hodan 4science fiction character5 - oo's written
y =arl Eerert Scheer , +lar' +arlton% ideas
.inspirationally-impulsi#ely recei#ed y the authors ,
written down.) http)**www.perry-rhodan-*inde2199G.htm
Spaceships , eamships - mainly piloted y female
forms of life
$omen - more sensiti#e in communicatin!% thus more
companionale than males
Ither e2traterrestrial human races who ha#e male-
dominated societies
+ulture , de#elopmental le#el of a society can e
determined y the form of manual acti#ity of women
$omen - physically less suited for strenuous laor% ut
more suited towards laors that re6uire a delicate touch%
li'e flyin! a spaceship
Sem<ase sends !reetin!s to (3;> memers from herself%
Ptaah% Ple<a% Luet?al% 1enara% &lena , others
+IN7&+7 90
@(riday% No#emer 11% 19FF% 4)14 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier tries .callin!. Sem<ase - .my calls ha#e simply
faded away somewhere% without ha#in! found
resonance.O she was strictly occupied
.7he troulin! for a real success does not only depend
#ery much on the will% ut as well on an understandin!
of the whole lesson , e2ercise. -Sem<ase
;roup memer - E. .is urdened y ody-or!anic ,
psychic imalances.*.impurity of the ody. which
causes a steady feelin! of slac'ness% tiredness%
incontentedness% apathy , a!!ressionO can e
detrimental to the meditation center concerns*item
which stores hi!hly concentrated ma!netic forcesO !roup
memer8s impurity effects noticed y 1eier as .a #ery
peculiar fumi!ant smell.O neutrali?ed y the
Pleiadians*Ple<arenO efore E. !oes into the mediation
pyramid a!ain he must clean his ody% clothes , mouth
@smo'in! BBA
.3t is all ri!ht correct that you spend much patience with
each human ein! and concede in this way for him
always still a chance until the itter end. - Sem<ase to
1eier as's Sem<ase aout his .later life. in respect to
his present parentsO answer not allowed to e !i#en
&sina 4+y!nian e2traterrestrial !irl5 - first appears at the
+enter No#emer G% 19FF N11)30 p.m.% 1eier with
+lair hear a peculiar animal callO +lair lea#es
fri!htenedO eamship noise heard% tape recorder
recordin! itO fi!ure suddenly appeared partly in the
shadowO apish face 4monstrous% li'e a mi2ture etween
a fish , a fro! with a lar!e mouth% li'e an .amphiian
human.5% somethin! li'e whaleone ao#e the s'ull%
female ody% fin!ers twice as lon! as 0arth humans%
e2cellent eyesi!ht 4saw 1eier8s pistol in the deep
dar'ness5% 1:0 centimeters tall% ale to communicate
telepathicallyO words spo'en were .1ur!% mur!.%
meanin! .peace% peace.
Ither e2traterrestrial life forms can ha#e #oices #ery
different from 0arth humans
+y!nians - amphiian humans who in earlier times li#ed
in the water as well as on the landO ha#e a .clumsy
lan!ua!e.% primarily communicate #ia telepathyO their
home worlds*race located in the constellation of Mene
2%000 li!ht-years from the SIH system
&sina8s spaceship with a protecti#e screen re!istered y
one of the Ple<aren8s telemeter discs in southern 0uropeO
cylinder-shaped ship 12 meters in diameter
1eier - commended y Sem<ase for his ad#anced
ailities far ao#e all other 0arth humansO praises cause
1eier to !et upsetO con#ersation aout the meanin!s of
.3 am sorry. and .3 feel sorry. 4omitted y Ste#ens5
+ontact report transmissions - pre-reports to e
transmitted y a new apparatus% constructed y Luet?al
, his friends% which can transmit a 2-hour con#ersation
in 30 minutes as a series of pictures which can e
translated , written down y 1eier as fast as a
computer mi!ht wor'
Sem<ase often sad that she can8t ha#e contacts with the
many people who thin' aout her
+IN7&+7 91
@7hursday% No#emer 1F% 19FF% 5)24 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier forced to 'ill his do!
+y!nians - 4 e2pedition ships from the home worlds
with whereaouts un'nownO unale to communicate
with their home worlds due to limited ran!e of their
communicators 41%400 li!ht years5O utili?e only primary
telepathyO hei!htened senses ale to recei#e , analy?e
radiations from all forms of lifeO +y!nian !o#ernment
led y the one with the stron!est% most forceful
oscillations on their planetO they are a #ery timid race
Primary telepathy
Spiritual telepathy
1eier - .emits the hi!hest radiations on the 0arth.
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - ha#e oscillations se#eral times
hi!her than 1eierO radiations asored inside their
stations , eamships so as not to influence 0arth
humansO if their radiations were freely released amon!
0arth humans they would .strai!hten themsel#es
accordin! to us.
.-adiations. - such as sympathy , antipathy% .pro ,
.Hessons of truth. - effects upon those who recei#e the
lessonO a #oluntary relatedness to the lesson !i#er ,
their location is !enerated inside the recei#er
.Ne!ati#e or untruthful lessons. - no connection is
!enerated ecause the lesson is ased on coercionO
similar happens with fanatical eliefs
1eier forced to 'ill his do! - the do! 'illed 2 chic'ens
, 1eier saw .a stran!e yellow fire reflectin! li'e a
will-o8-the-wisp in his eyes.O the do! wasn8t sic' ut
sufferin! from periodic confusions causin! a desire to
1eier - was attac'ed y a ti!er in eastern 3ndia 419:0s5
.you ha#e listened to your suconscious and treated
accordin! to its dictates% which doin! was all ri!ht%
which yet you were not ale to reason out for you
reflected too much on feelin!s o#er these matters.
+IN7&+7 92
@$ednesday% No#emer 23% 19FF% 2)34 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1eier - due to e2haustion% his .loc'ade. collapses
causin! him to .act li'e cra?y and turn mad.% also from
.e#il-minded oscillations forced into you...y a reflector
means of the ;i?eh 3ntelli!ences.O e2hausted y helpin!
11Q others durin! the ni!hts or y sendin! impulses to
them to help them which !i#es 1eier only semi-sleep
.while you perform hea#iest laor y your spirit ,
consciousness.O 1eier ta'en into Sem<ase8s eamship to
ha#e his ner#es re!enerated
1eier as's Sem<ase if he can try recei#in! the report
transmissions with a -emin!ton electric typewriter
+IN7&+7 93
@7uesday% No#emer 29% 19FF% 00)43 a.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
1issin! film*photos - fell into 1eier8s trashcan% the
contents of which !ot incinerated in the 'itchen
fireplace y him
1artin Sor!e 4alias 1artin Mu#al5 - plotted with his
!irlfriend , .E. a!ainst the !roup
.(or other human ein!s of the 0arth...chances should
e !i#en for that they sei?e them , ecome ale to learn
y reco!nition of themsel#es. -Sem<ase
.the otherones ha#e to learn to learn. -Sem<ase
&sina , the +y!nians - stayin! with their ship at the
Ple<aren stationO while on a 4-year <ourney their ship8s
interplanetary dri#e 4and radio de#ice5 had een
destroyed y an e2plosion causin! them to drift in space
for 2Q years in hiernation*deep-sleep in water
chamers% awo'en y roots when they drifted towards
0arthO +y!nians ha#e old-fashioned technolo!y !i#en to
them less than 4%000 years a!o% which they are unale to
repair themsel#esO ship to e repaired y the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren and returned to the +y!nian home
Science (iction writers - .they are writin! y
inspirational manner.
1eier as's Sem<ase if she will transmit as a report the
short tal' with &sina as well as otain a picture of her
&sina had 'issed 1eier and Sem<ase on the chee' - the
normal manner of !reetin! amon! +y!nians
+IN7&+7 94
@Saturday% Mecemer 3% 19FF% 1)01 p.m.A
+ontact person) Sem<ase
(eruary 5% 19FG - mar's the time when .the primary
necessary 6uantity of forces has !ot stored. in the
meditation center% also si!nals the end of Sem<ase8s
current mission
Eans Jaco 'eeps the partially urned film he was told
y 1eier to destroy
+IN7&+7 95
@Saturday% Mecemer 1F% 19FF% F)5G p.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
7hursday% Mecemer 15% 19FF 2)3: p.m. - Sem<ase8s
accident in the meditation centerO found in her ship y
Luet?alO ro'en ri!ht arm , fracture at the ase of her
0n!elert $achter - wron!ly thin's he is ein! sent
impulses y the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
&mata Stetter - writin! self-!enerated .transmissions.
she thin's are comin! from the Pleiadians*Ple<aren etc.
3nspirational +ontactees - 22%4:3 people recei#in!
inspirational impulses from the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
&s'et8s race 4M&H >ni#erse5 - more technolo!ically
ad#anced than the Pleiadians*Ple<aren
+IN7&+7 9:
@$ednesday% Mecemer 21% 19FF% F)53 p.m.A
+ontact person) 3sados
.$hen anyone !i#es a promise% then such should e
'ept% and so under any circumstance.. --1eier
1eier - .sends his spiritual consciousness wanderin!. to
find out what happened to Sem<ase% tra#els to 0rra ,
sees Sem<ase in an operatin!-type room apparently
rain-dead in a comatose state
3sados - Ple<aren% uses a lan!ua!e translator instrument
.7he spiritual consciousness is ne#er decei#ed. --1eier
Sem<ase8s accident - Ptaah tra#eled to the M&H >ni#erse
to see' help from &s'et8s people who could not help% so
she turned to a hi!her race% the SoneansO Sonean
scientists tra#el to 0rra to operate on Sem<ase% remo#in!
dama!ed parts of her rain% insertin! artificial
protoplasmic parts% etc.
+IN7&+7 9F
@$ednesday% Mecemer 2G% 19FF% G)0G p.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
3sados is Sem<ase8s temporary replacement
Ple<a will e a constant companion to her sister Sem<ase
while she reco#ers
&rtificial protoplasmic rain tissue needs 3-4 years to
fully incorporate itself
7he rain of each life form is the seat , steerin! center%
needin! a special ener!y supply which now comes from
the .cosmic-electrical ener!y of life.
Soneans - human race of the M&H >ni#erseO a#era!e
a!e is 2%3:0 yearsO a#era!e hei!ht is 1F5 centimetersO
head-len!th*si?e is 50R more than 0arth humansO their
race is called .Sona.O de#eloped 4000 years eyond the
7imars - name of &s'et8s people*raceO helped the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren to attain the de#elopment le#el of
the Soneans
M0-N >ni#erse - name !i#en our uni#erse y the
7imars of the M&H >ni#erseO Pleiadians*Ple<aren <ust
call it .Iur >ni#erse.
$hy Pleiadians*Ple<aren don8t maintain contacts with
0arth humans physically - e2plained in detailO
.oscillations of the 0arth human reach up to 90 meters.O
Pleiadians*Ple<aren de#eloped 3%500 years eyond 0arth
humansO Pleiadians*Ple<aren use an instrument to protect
them from ne!ati#e oscillations when wal'in! amon!
0arth humansO 1eier does not emit these ne!ati#e
Pleiadians*Ple<aren li#e .dimensionally-shifted. .inside
a parallel system of the Pleiades.O that dimension
1eier8s sense of humor , <o'e-tellin!
+IN7&+7 9G
@(riday% Mecemer 30% 19FF% 11)34 p.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
&mata Stetter lea#es the !roupO self-deluded
0lementary ein!s 4fairies% de#as5 - not usually seenO
li#e in a hi!her .sphere of #iration.O their e2istence is
necessary for flora , faunic lifeO unale to communicate
with humans , #isa-#ersa
Iccult !roup at (indhorn 4Scotland5 - false claim of
culti#atin! plants with assistance from .elementary
ein!s.O plants !rowth due to the #irations of the
fanatical well-meanin! elie#ers)
Pleiadians*Ple<aren also 'iss each other li'e 0arth
humans do
+IN7&+7 99
@$ednesday% January 4% 19FG% 10)04 p.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
Sem<ase home a!ain under the care of her sister Ple<a
>nreasonaility% small-mindedness , me!alomaniac
delusions of some (3;> !roup memers , <ud!in! the
eha#ior of others
+IN7&+7 100
@(riday% January :% 19FG% 4)11 a.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
Pleiadians*Ple<aren also ma'e mista'es and learn y
Pleiadians*Ple<aren need to fully understand the ways of
0arth humans
Stran!e impulses emitted y &mata Stetter a!ainst
certain (3;> !roup memers due to <ealousy% etc.
Miet - side effects of eatin! too much or too little meat%
and #e!etarianism
+IN7&+7 101
@1onday% January 1:% 19FG% 00)0G a.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
+antonal Eousin! Mirector letter to (3;> tryin! to
prohiit uildin!
;o#ernment leaders% anarchists , terrorists
1eier uses his writin!s% superior 'nowled!e as a
.weapon.O will not use his spiritual forces as a weapon
1eier ends coins% spoons% etc. to pro#e it to s'eptics
1eier often lonely due to his ad#anced state
Mwar#es as'ed to come and clean the center , &mata
Stetter8s , 0n!elert $achter8s rooms
1eier as's if information is 'nown aout a pyramid
sun' in the /ermuda 7rian!le - not 'nown
-eincarnation - durale facts , lo#es are emedded
from lifetime to lifetime and ecome awa'ened in the
ne2t lifetime
Mwar#es were at the (3;> +enter 4 times
+ontact Note transmissions - telepathic transmissions
e2haust !reat physical stren!thO 1-hour telepathic
transmission e6uals 23 hours of physical e2ertionO
1eier8s forces re!enerate after such transmissions
.Stran!e Powers. report y 1enara #ia un'nown
person) 1eier8s mo#in! of a 1*2 ton o#en in mid-19FF%
endin! spoons , coins , fin!erprint emedded in a
coin y the use of his spiritual forces 4.y purest force
of mind.5
+IN7&+7 102
@7uesday% (eruary 21% 19FG% 3)41 a.m.A
+ontact persons) Luet?al% 1enara
Ple<aren apparatus - .protection umrellas.
/irthdays - Pleiadians*Ple<aren ha#e small friendly
!atherin!s% not i! celerations
.spiritual process of thin'in!.
&pparatus - .rain analy?er.
Pleiadians*Ple<aren - also sometimes !enerate .impure
thou!hts. li'e any other human ein!
1enara 'isses 1eier
1eier - should ac'nowled!e his ailities , stren!ths
(3;> +enter attac'ed y the ;i?eh 3ntelli!ences who
tried to destroy it y a supersonic oomO trian!ular
remote-controlled spaceship% destroyed y 1enara after
the incidentO similar incident occurred to 1eier years
pre#ious in a cotta!e near Vahedan in the Persian ;ulf
&sina , the +y!nians stranded on 0arth se#eral more
months while their interstellar dri#e is ein! repairedO
1eier a!ain as's to ta'e a picture of her
Sem<ase to return in 1ay 19FG
1eier as's Luet?al if he8s e#er flown in an airplane - no
1editati#e e2ercises and meditati#e trainin! needed for
new !roup memers
Necessity of learnin! a true form of meditation
Mwar#es will come .ne2t Saturday. around 1)00 p.m. to
e!in .clarifyin!. the (3;> +enter% a :-hour process
7he words .incarnation. and .reincarnation. mean the
sameO .incarnation. is an are#iation of
.reincarnation.% oth of ancient ;ree' lan!ua!e ori!in
1eier to recei#e transmissions from Petale , &rahat
&thersata circa June 19FG
1eier wants to !i#e some lessons in the autumnO
instructed not to !i#e any more lessons aout the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren , their ships% only the spiritual
3lse #on Jacoi incorrectly translates the +ontact Notes
to 0n!lish% a!ainst the orders of Luet?al% interpretin!
them with distortions , false philosophiesO she had
!i#en them to +ol. $endelle Ste#ens
+IN7&+7 103
@$ednesday% 1arch 1% 19FG% 2)51 a.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
;i?eh 3ntelli!ences attac's on (3;> memers
Nutrition - effects of eatin! too much meat
+IN7&+7 104
@Saturday% 1arch 1G% 19FG% 3)32 a.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
0motions% arro!ance% en#y% etc.
>pcomin! lectures at =loten
Sem<ase to return in mid-1ay 19FG
(3;> !roup memership concerns - action and future
(3;> !roup memers should #isit the Sem<ase Sil#er
Star +enter
7ime tra#el to San (rancisco in the future - earth6ua'e%
San &ndreas fault% photos ta'en% 7ransamerica /uildin!
Photos ta'en from inside the ship - floor hatch #iewin!
plate% prolems% etc.
0lsi Schroeder - nic'name 2000 years a!o was
.=alan'a.% real name was 1a!dalena 0li?aeth 1aria
Ste#ens annotation) 11 color photo!raphs ta'en of the
future San (rancisco earth6ua'e% photos and ne!ati#es
ta'en y Ple<aren scientists for e2amination% inspired
photo appeared in ;0I 1a!a?ine @Septemer 19FF
issue% 3SSN 0342-G311% Eeinrich /auer*;runer , Jahr
&;% Eamur!% ;ermanyA) http)**www.!*
+IN7&+7 105
@$ednesday% &pril 5% 19FG% 00)31 a.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
F years of difficulty to come
Ste#ens-0lders-$elch team , 7K crew 4JapanB5 #isit
Ither e2traterrestrial intelli!ences mi!ht e!in official
contacts with 0arth humans
1eier ad#ised not to fly on airplanes
(3;> !roup memers ha#e to learn to succeed after
1eier8s death
&nonymous articles in $asserman 1G and 21 written y
1enara 4see pa!e 3215
Luet?al analy?es thou!hts , impulses 4ne!ati#e ,
positi#e5 of !roup memers
Self-pityin!% self-fa#oritism , e!o-in<ury
/afaths , ;i?eh 3ntelli!ences attac' on 1eier on
1arch 30% 19FG y psychic-shoc'
Pleiadians*Ple<aren consider remo#in! /afath creatures
to a remote !ala2y
Luet?al .not li#in! within your earthly world of
thin'in!% ut further up in a position of de#elopment.
+IN7&+7 10:
@1onday% &pril 10% 19FG% 3)41 p.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
Mocumentary film .+ontact. to e filmed in mid-1ay)
....the elie#ers of the cultic reli!ions% who lay aside
their own responsiility% and ma'e a ;od or saints liale
for all.. --Luet?al
0arth-human forms of thin'in!
(eelin!s re#ealed y forms of thin'in!
;eo 1a!a?ine @3SSN 0342-G311% Eeinrich
/auer*;runer , Jahr &;% Eamur!% ;ermanyA article
with paintin! of future San (rancisco earth6ua'e with
destroyed 7rans&merica /uildin!% Septemer 19FF
issue% similar to 1eier photo% transmitted to painter y
inspiration from the /aawi 3ntelli!ences)
/aawi 3ntelli!ences .responsile for many inspirational
transmissions. 4see 7J 4)2:O see Ste#ens8 .>(I +ontact
(rom Planet /aa#i.5)
1eier photos 4ne!ati#es5 ta'en to /ar in $et?i'on then
sent to a processin! la in $adenswil
....other !roups...non-earthian intelli!ences...what they
are doin! in this time is not our matter.. --Luet?al
0arth humans need to learn correct forms of thin'in!
Ple<aren de#ices stationed at the +enter to store all
thou!hts , discussions
Ple<aren8s .mission% which we chose y our own free
sense of oli!ation.
Swiss tele#ision 47K5 showin! a 1eier .film. on 1ay
19% 19FG :)00 p.m.
-adio wa#es from !roup memers in contact with 1eier
durin! a contact are asored y the eamships
Ste#ens8 annotation) 1G00 pa!es of contact notes
rou!ht ac' throu!h 19G2O model >(I uilt y a
Eollywood special effects studioO 1eier stayed for 1
year at the &sho'a &shram in 1ehrauli% 3ndia N19:4O
Phoal +han! >N representati#e and her 1eier story
1eier-Ste#ens correspondence) 0n!lish #ersion
pulished y Ste#ens ased on the #ersion sold to him
y 1eier in 19F9O ori!inally copied y (3;> former
!roup memer &mata Stetter who .partly chan!ed the
meanin! unauthori?ed and also copied wron!.
+IN7&+7 10F
@Saturday% 1ay 20% 19FG% 2)50 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Plei<a
e2cerpts in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 105%10:
1eier with Sem<ase , Plei<a flies o#er the Sem<ase-
Sil#er-Star-+enter for 1eier to spea' y radio to the
(3;> memers
+IN7&+7 10G
@7hursday% June 1% 19FG% :)31 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Luet?al% Ptaah
+IN7&+7 109
@7hursday% June G% 19FG% :)14 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Luet?al% Ptaah
+IN7&+7 110
@Sunday% July 9% 19FG% 2)40 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Luet?al
+IN7&+7 111
@1onday% July 1F% 19FG% G)03 a.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Luet?al
+IN7&+7 112
@$ednesday% July 19% 19FG% 10)03 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Luet?al% Sem<ase
+IN7&+7 113
@Sunday% &u!ust :% 19FG% 10)31 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Luet?al% Sem<ase
Pope John Paul 3
Pope John Paul 33 - 2:4th pope% comin! in Ictoer
19FG% of Polish irth% =arol $o<tyla% third from the
last*final popeO he will e lamed for 3srael ma'in! a
pact with the KaticanO his death will e .in the near
2:5th Pope @Pope /enedict _K3% Joseph -at?in!erA
2::th last*final Pope - .with the numer 5 in his Pope-
election-#alue.O he .will introduce the !reat world-end-
e#ent in finality. losin! his seat in the Katican which
will e totally destroyed 4see +ontact 215% Eenoch
+IN7&+7 114
@7hursday% &u!ust 24% 19FG% 2)33 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Luet?al% Sem<ase
+IN7&+7 115
@7hursday% Ictoer 19% 19FG% :)04 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Sem<ase% Ptaah% Luet?al
e2cerpt in &nd Still 7hey (lyP% pa!es 192-193
e2cerpt in 1essa!e (rom 7he Pleiades oo' 2% pa!es
Ste#ens introduction - prophesy notes read y 1a<or
-udolph Pestalo??i and I. -ichard Norton
Jonestown% ;uyana massacre 4Jim Jones% Peoples
7emple5 - details @No#emer 1G% 19FGA)
Shah of 3ran o#erthrown
Koya!er 3 space proe near Jupiter
Jupiter8s .red spot. - a storm% rotates counter-cloc'wise
Saturn% >ranus and Jupiter ha#e rin!s
-in!s of Jupiter - defined)
3o 4moon of Jupiter5 - #olcanic
Ither lar!er moons of Jupiter - red% yellow% rown
, white in color
Jupiter - an unformed sun*star
Jupiter - mostly li6uid helium , hydro!en Q potash salts
, sulphur
3o 4moon of Jupiter5 - once completely co#ered with
0uropa 4moon of Jupiter5 - ice co#erin!
&malthea 4moon of Jupiter5 - 200 'ilometers in len!th
3o 4moon of Jupiter5 - most #olcanically acti#e ody in
SIH system
3o 4moon of Jupiter5 - #olcanic dust source of rin!s of
I#erthrow of the Shah of 3ran 41ohammed -e?a
&yatollah =homeini - sentences 100 people to death
Shah of 3ran murdered =homeyni8s father
+hinese in#asion of North Kietnam - late-(eruary
$orld $ar 333 4$$3*$$3335 - started y another
in#asion of N. Kietnam y +hina
Jupiter has 1F moons total
Japanese Nippon tele#ision documentary
>(I +ontact from the Pleiades #ol.1 - to e pulished
Sep*Ict 19F9
1eier recei#ed $orld $ar 3 prophesies on (eruary 2%
Ju!osla#ian dictator 7ito8s death within 3 years in
con<unction with Saturn
-ussian in#asion of &f!hanistan at end of 19F9
3ndira ;andhi elected Prime 1inister of 3ndia , her
$est Pa'istan alliance with +hina
3ndira ;andhi 4.the scorpion.5 ma'es political mo#es
towards -ussia
3ran 4Persia5
>S&% N&7I , >N 4>nited Nations5
1eier instructed to write to all !o#ernments in (eruary
&dication of Lueen Juliana of Eolland to /eatri2%
Sprin! 19G0)
19G0 Summer Ilympics in 1oscow
Ple<aren mission to ta'e full effect in aout 100 years
420F4 or 20F55
1eier8s ne2t incarnation - circa 20F5 4Q*- 2-3 years5O
earlier incarnations% he had .many old , famous
names.O a prophet now% in the past% and in the futureO
orn now to undermine cult reli!ions , sectsO ne2t
incarnation .to start a new reli!ious drama....O past
incarnation ori!inated in HyraO future incarnation to
lea#e 0arth in 3999O many li#es on 0arth% spirit from the
depths of the >ni#erse% he mentioned this G500 years
Spiritual death of Josip /ro? 7ito% dictator of
Ju!osla#ia% on (eruary 24% 19G0 10)10 p.m.% odily
death on 1ay 4% 19G0 3)04 p.m.)
3ranian hosta!e crisis - Jimmy +arter8s sendin! troops%
12 'illed @&pril 24-25% 19G0A)
Hondon police stormin! 3ranian emassy
Jimmy +arter to offer refu!e to the Shah of 3ran
Lueen 0li?aeth , Prince Philip to #isit Swit?erland in
&pril 19G0
Pacific Icean off &merica% hurricanes to e!in late-
(eruary 19G0
San &ndreas fault
1ount St. Eelen8s #olcanic eruption @1ay 1G% 19G0A)
San (rancisco earth6ua'es
1eier warned of dan!er y pains .in the small of his
19G0 Summer Ilympics in 1oscow - oycott a#erted
due to 1eier8s actions
1eier8s open letter 4dated (eruary 1G% 19G05 ur!in! no
oycott of the 19G0 Ilympics in 1oscow) foundin! of
the !ames in 4:G /.+. y PeleponO history of the
modern Ilympics since 1G9: where political intri!ues
ha#e een in#ol#ed)
http)**www.olympic.or!*u'*!ames*inde2Du'.asp O ;ree'
island of +rete ac6uired y the Eellenes N3%500 years
a!o durin! the time of the eruption of the Santorini
#olcanoO So#iet in#asion of &f!hanistanO $orld $ar 333
+IN7&+7 11:
@Saturday% Ictoer 2G% 19FG% 11)53 a.m.A
+ontact person) Luet?al
+IN7&+7 11F
@$ednesday% No#emer 29% 19FG% 3)12 p.m.A
+ontact persons) Ptaah% Sem<ase% Luet?al
Parchment fra!ment with 1eier8s incarnational prophet
procession from 0noch to /illy% disco#ered in an
0!yptian tom in a pyramid
&sina 4+y!nian e2traterrestrial !irl5
Proclamation letter sent 4dated January 5% 19F95 to the
!o#ernment of the >.S.&. on ehalf of the
Pleiadians*Ple<aren of 0rra 4dele!ates) Ptaah% Luet?al ,
Sem<ase5) offer of consultation , ad#ice for peace ,
education of 0arth humans towards truth , spiritual
lessons #ia their mediator ./illy. 0duard &lert 1eier
4.prophet of the new time.5O stipulations , re6uirements
for Ple<aren ad#ice , assistance% the fundamental
condition ein! the >.S. !o#ernment must liti!ate
a!ainst reli!ious sects , their riseO dan!ers of cultic
reli!ionsO Jim Jones 4didn8t elie#e any of his reli!ious
teachin!s , lies5% People8s 7emple , the Jonestown%
;uyana massacre 4211 followers committed
suicide% 140 murdered5% influence of &merican
politiciansO 90R of &mericans deluded y cultic
reli!ions towards fanaticism li'e nowhere else on 0arthO
foundin! of &merica% slau!hter of nati#e peoples% sla#es
from &fricaO power- , lood-thirsty JewsO
+reation alone is the ori!in of all life in the uni#erseO
education of the &merican people aout the dan!ers of
reli!ion , 'nowled!e of truth y the spiritual lessons
#ia tele#ision47K5 pro!rams .destinied. y the
Pleiadians*Ple<arenO this possiility for Ple<aren contact
, assistance will e !i#en only once% F-month
timeframe for ac'nowled!ement of , decisions y the
people , the !o#ernment of &merica 4si!ned y the
presidency5 re!ardin! this proclamation 4endin! June
30% 19F95)