Iana Seales: The Right to Equality?

Dear Editor,
I refer to Iana Seales’ column “The Right to Equality” and would appreciate the opportunity to rebut!
We had offered last week that Iana Seales was going to struggle to find the words sufficient to collect
her commission this week since all that she parrots is opposite to fact, truth detail and evidence.
We were not disappointed!
She is now obviously reading, and writing, from a script prepared by sasod!
Other than to again ask her, ad nauseam, to address and respond to the facts in the on-line article "Why
Isn't Homosexuality Considered a Disorder on the basis of Its Medical Consequences?”
( http://www.wf-f.org/Melonakos.... ), we should progress from this new example of intellectual
cowardice to the more important implications of Iana's misrepresentations.
Why do Guyana’s Christians ... and law-abiding citizens generally ... HAVE to oppose "gay rights"
The answer lies in the fact that ... homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and transsexualism
(constituting the “community" that defines the LGBT movement) are the ONLY psycho-sexual disorders
or pathologies so diagnosed that see as their inevitable and non-negotiable ends the destruction of key
creation-structures in the civilized and Christian world-views ... manhood, womanhood, sex, family,
marriage, fact, truth, detail evidence, logic!
How significant is this?
Simply put, the existence/celebration of the one means the nullification of the other!
It also proves a general rule. When a mental or psycho-sexual disorder is given the space to consider
itself "normal", it will always, without exception, seek to impose its madness on society! Crime within
the “gay” community has been shown to reach astronomical proportions (See, for example, the “Hiding
Dirty Laundry” section of Dr. Judith Reisman’s law review “Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth”;
www.drjudithreisman.com/archives/regent.pdf ).
So ... just how comfortable are Christians in Guyana with being "told" by Iana Seales what their roles are
relative to their very survival? Perhaps Melanie Phillips' article "How Britain is Turning Christianity into
a Crime"(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new... ) will answer that question.
Sound public policy obviously lies in advocating for medical/psychiatric/spiritual treatment, healing,
recovery ... and the eradication of the "LGBT-pathologies" considered by its victims as "essential to their
Dr. Jeffrey Satinover in "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth" referred to Seales’ refusal to attend to
the evidence as "...denial so intense that self-examination is entirely precluded ..."!
The centerpiece of Iana’s bumbling effort to deceive, however, will devolve to her desperate focus on a
comment the Pope made some months ago. To place the context of Iana Seales’ interpretation of those
comments … and her (perhaps uninformed/unintended) misinformation and deception… in perspective,
Catholics in Guyana need look no further than the online article “Pope: Abortion, gay marriage among
world's greatest threats” ( http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/religion/2010-05-13-pope-abortion-
gays_N.htm ).
Iana Seales, in effect, rails against the Pope, against Catholics, against common sense … in this last
insertion. She diminishes herself, scholarship and journalistic focus in the process.
Or, equally likely, she has just ‘benefitted’ from used and abused under the skilful “handling” of sasod
and its donor-community. In the tradition of Esau and Jacob, exactly how much does a mess of pottage
cost these days? It is likely that she is just regurgitating what she was fed!
Iana needs to be careful that her column does not degenerate into ... willful bigotry against Christians!
She should protect her journalistic career by not selling it short on an altar of "gay rights". She should
and must focus on fact, truth, detail and evidence!
In the process of so doing, she will encounter true intolerance from those she considered friends while
writing this article, and may even lose her column, but will find that they were friends worth losing to
protect her journalistic integrity!
Yours faithfully
Roger Williams
July 13, 2014

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