Salem Public Schools

}uly 11, 2u14

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Bi. Stephen Russell, Supeiintenuent of the Salem Public Schools, announceu the
appointment of seveial new piincipals foi the upcoming 2u14-1S school yeai.

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Thomas Nilaschewski began woik at the Bates School on }uly 1
. Ni. Nilaschewski ieplaces
ietiiing piincipal Thomas Lavalley. Ni. Nilaschewski iecently ieceiveu his Nastei's Begiee
in School Leaueiship fiom Baivaiu 0niveisity. Buiing this past spiing he seiveu as Inteiim
Assistant Piincipal at the Bates School. Ni. Nilaschewski is fluent in Spanish anu a 2u14
winnei of the Sontag Piize in 0iban Euucation. Be iesiues in Beveily with his wife anu

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William Shevoiy was foimally appointeu as the Piincipal of the Nathaniel Bowuitch School
effective }uly 1, 2u14. Piioi to his appointment, Ni. Shevoiy hau seiveu as the Inteiim
Piincipal of the Bowuitch School beginning in }anuaiy 2u14 anu also successfully seiveu as
a Bousemastei at Salem Bigh School foi 6 yeais. Ni. Shevoiy attenueu the 0niveisity of
Nassachusetts at Amheist anu Salem State 0niveisity. Be obtaineu his Nastei's Begiee in
0iganizational Nanagement fiom Enuicott College in 2uu7. Ni. Shevoiy iesiues in
Naibleheau with his wife anu chiluien.

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ulenn Buins has been appointeu as Piincipal of the Collins Niuule School. Be is following
long-time Piincipal Naiy Nanning who ietiieu in }une. Ni. Buins will begin his woik in
Salem in eaily August. Be eaineu his Nastei's Begiee in Auministiation fiom Pioviuence
College anu his unueigiauuate uegiee fiom Biiugewatei State 0niveisity. Buiing the past
1u yeais he has woikeu within the Fall Rivei Public Schools as a miuule school teachei,
school ieuesign coach anu, most iecently, vice Piincipal foi Cuiiiculum & Instiuction at the
Talbot Niuule School. Supeiintenuent Russell notes that "his uiiect expeiience woiking in
an uiban school setting anu his woik in extenueu leaining time schools will complement
many of the school impiovement effoits alieauy unueiway at the Collins Niuule School."
Ni. Buins will be ielocating to the Noith Shoie.

The piincipal seaich piocess began in }anuaiy with the foimation of a uistiict-baseu
piincipal scieening committee maue up of paients, teacheis, school committee membeis
anu auministiatois, woiking with the Collins Centei of 0NASS-Boston. Buiing the couise of
theii woik they ievieweu ovei 1uu letteis of inteiest¡iesumes. Seveial iounus of inteiviews
weie conuucteu anu the positions ieposteu. These effoits iesulteu in seveial canuiuates
being iecommenueu foi fuithei consiueiation. Supeiintenuent Russell, woiking the Collins
Centei anu seveial othei piofessional ieciuiting consultants, Nayoi Biiscoll, anu uistiict
office staff, continueu the piocess.

"I want to extenu my sinceie thanks to eveiyone involveu who contiibuteu to these
appointments anu to oui paients, staff anu stuuents foi theii patience. I believe that we
have a stiong gioup of inuiviuuals, well suiteu to help leau oui schools foiwaiu."