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1. Which of the following standard units is
defined in terms of an object as
opposed to an event?

A. Kilogram *
B. Meter
C. Second
D. All of the above

2. Two forces of 10 N each act on an
object. The angle between the forces is
120. The magnitude of their resultant is

A. 10 N *
B. 14 N
C. 17 N
D. 20 N

3. A pencil 10 cm long is placed 100 cm in
front of a mirror of focal length + 50 cm.
The image is

A. 3 cm long and erect
B. 10 cm long and erect
C. 3 cm long and inverted
D. 10 cm long and inverted *

4. In the matrix management organization,
which of the following is true?

A. The functional manager is
responsible for employee skills
improvement. *
B. The project manager is responsible
for employee skills improvement.
C. The project manager is responsible
for the employees annual
D. The employee is responsible for his
or her own skills improvement.

5. Carbon dioxide is composed of what
percentage of dry air of atmosphere by

A. 0.03 % *
B. 0.13 %
C. 0.01 %
D. 0.09 %

6. A particle moving with respect to an
observer has a mass ______ that of an
identical object at rest with respect to
the observer.

A. greater than *
B. much lesser than
C. the same as
D. slightly lesser than

7. A 200-g ball moving at 5.0 m/s strikes a
wall perpendicularly and rebound
elastically at the same speed. The
impulse given to the wall is

A. 1 N
B. 2 N
s *
C. 2.5 N
D. 10 N

8. How many MeV are there in 3 amu?

A. 2478 MeV
B. 2590 MeV
C. 2653 MeV
D. 2793 MeV *

9. Which of the following ratios is correct in
providing a physical meaning for the
Reynolds number, Re?

A. Re = buoyant force / inertial force
B. Re = viscous force / inertial force
C. Re = drag force / viscous force
D. Re = inertial force / viscous force *

10. Conversion factors make use of

A. A relationship between two units or
quantities in fractional form *
B. The fact that units are always
written as whole numbers
C. Numbers which cannot be divided
into smaller units
D. A direct connection between weight
and volume

11. A toboggan reaches the foot of a hill at a
speed of 4.0 m/s and coasts on level
snow for 15 m before coming to a stop.
The coefficient of kinetic friction is

A. 0.004
B. 0.05 *
C. 0.16
D. 0.27

12. A 1.0-lb slug mass has a kinetic energy
of 1.0 ft. lb when its speed is

A. 0.25 ft/s
B. 1.0 ft/s
C. 1.4 ft/s *
D. 8.0 ft/s

13. What is the formula for a straight-line
depreciation rate?

A. (100% - % net salvage
value)/estimated service life *
B. % net salvage value/estimated
service life
C. Average net salvage
value/estimated service life
D. Average gross salvage
value/estimated service life

14. It is often desired to know the number of
atoms, n, in a crystal structure that
posseses more than a specified amount
of energy, E. Which of the following
equations gives n, given that N is the
total number of atoms present, M is a
constant, k is the Boltzmann constant,
and T is the temperature of the

A. n = (M/N)e^(-kE/T)
B. n = (EM/N)e^-kT
C. n = MNe^(-E/kT) *
D. n = MNe^(-kT/E)

15. A solid circular disk weighing 32.2 lb
and having a diameter of 3 ft is
suspended at its midpoint horizontally
from the end of a vertical steel wire 3 ft
long and 1/8 inch in diameter. The shear
modulus of elasticity for the wire is G =
12 x 106 lb per sq. in. Determine the
period of torsional vibration.

A. 7.45 s
B. 8.17 s *
C. 9.32 s
D. 9.85 s

16. A ball is thrown at a 40 angle below the
horizontal at 8.0 m/s. After 0.40 s the
horizontal component of its velocity will

A. 5.1 m/s
B. 6.1 m/s *
C. 6.7 m/s
D. 10.4 m/s

17. A lens placed 9.00 cm from a postage
stamp produces a virtual image of it
3.00 cm from the lens. The lens has a
focal length of

A. 2.25 cm
B. + 2.25 cm
C. 4.50 cm *
D. + 4.50 cm

18. Which of the following statements is

A. For a diatomic molecule, the bond
dissociation energy is the change in
the enthalpy of the reaction when
the diatomic molecule is separated
into atoms.
B. The average bond energy is the
approximate energy required to
break a bond in any compound in
which it occurs.
C. The energy released when a
gaseous molecule is formed from
its gaseous atom can be estimated
using average bond energies.
D. Change in H is negative when
energy is absorbed in the formation
of a compound from its elements. *

19. A ball dropped from a height of 3.0 m
bounces up to a height of 1.0 m. The
coefficient of restitution is

A. 0.33
B. 0.58 *
C. 1.7
D. 3.0

20. The program evaluation and review
technique (PERT) method of scheduling
differs from the critical path method
(CPM) because the PERT method:

A. Uses weighted averages of activity
durations to calculate project
duration. *
B. Uses dummy activities to
represent logic ties.
C. Uses free float instead of total
float in the schedule calculations.
D. Uses bar charts instead of logic
diagrams to portray the schedule.

21. A road slopes upward so that it climbs
1.0 m for each 12 m of distance along
the road. A car whose weight is 10 k N
moves up the road at a constant speed
of 24 m/s. The minimum power the cars
engine develops is
A. 1.7 k W
B. 2.0 k W
C. 20 k W *
D. 0.24 MW

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22. The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) is
defined as the order quantity which
minimizes the inventory cost per unit
time. Which of the following is not an
assumption of the basic EOQ model
with no shortages?

A. The demand rate is uniform and
B. There is a positive cost on each
unit inventoried.
C. The entire reorder quantity is
delivered instantaneously.
D. There is an upper bound on the
quantity ordered. *

23. Which of the following radioactive
substances have small masses?

A. Beta rays *
B. Alpha rays
C. Gamma rays
D. Y-rays

24. The 2.0-kg head of an ax is moving at
60 m/s when it strikes a log. If the blade
of the ax penetrates 20 mm into the log,
the average force it exerts is

A. 3 k N
B. 90 k N
C. 72 k N
D. 180 k N *

25. As the volume of the cube becomes
larger and larger, the surface area-to-
volume ratio

A. increases
B. decreases *
C. remains the same
D. sometimes increases and
sometimes decreases

26. Which cast iron is easy to machine and
have good wear resistance?

A. Gray cast iron *
B. Malleable cast iron
C. Ductile cast iron
D. White cast iron

27. What is the molarity of ethanol in 90-
proof whiskey? Density of alcohol = 0.8
g/ml. (MW ethanol = 46 g/mole)

A. 5.34 M
B. 6.68 M
C. 7.83 M *
D. 8.24 M

28. What is next to the fundamental state in
the electron orbital angular momentum?

A. S state
B. G state *
C. P state
D. D state

29. What is the crystal structure at room
temperature of gamma iron?

A. FCC *
D. Either FCC or HCP depending on
the temperature

30. An 800-kg car moving at 80 km/h
overtakes a 1200-kg car moving at 40
km/h in the same direction. If the two
cars stick together, the wreckage has an
initial speed of

A. 8 km/h
B. 40 km/h
C. 56 km/h *
D. 60 km/h

31. Oxides, carbides, nitrides and glasses
are all _____.

A. rubber
B. polymers
C. ceramics *
D. all choices are correct

32. A 200-kg satellite circles the earth in an
orbit 7.0 X 10 m in radius. At this
altitude g =8.2m/s. The speed of the
satellite is

A. 38 m/s
B. 0.85 km/s
C. 7.6 km/s *
D. 7.9 km/s

33. What is the energy associated with a
photon of wavelength lambda?

A. h/lambda
B. ch(lambda)
C. h(lambda) *
D. hc/lambda

34. One mole of O2 has a mass of

A. 32 g *
B. 16 g
C. 8 g
D. 64 g

35. A motor takes 8.00 s to go from 60 rad/s
to 140 rad/s at constant angular
acceleration. The total angle through
which its shaft turns during this time is

A. 320 rad
B. 640rad
C. 800 rad *
D. 1600 rad

36. The principal quantum numbers
(denoted as n) are positive number and
range from
A. 1 to 7 *
B. 1 to 8
C. 1 to 6
D. 1 to 5

37. A brass rod 5.0 ft long with a square
cross section 0.50 in on a side is used
to support a 520-lb load. Its elongation
A. 0.0008 in
B. 0.0048 in
C. 0.0096 in *
D. 0.048 in

38. Which of the following statements
regarding a galvanic cell is FALSE?

A. A negative value of cell voltage
means that the reaction in the cell
proceeds spontaneously from right
to left.

B. If the standard potential of a cell is
zero, a concentration difference
alone is sufficient to generate a
C. It is possible to have a gas
electrode in a galvanic cell.
D. The cell voltage is totally
independent of the number of
electrons transferred in a given
reaction. *

39. A shearing stress that acts on a body
affects its

A. width
B. length
C. volume
D. shape *

40. An astronaut whose total mass is 100 kg
ejects 1.0 g of gas from his propulsion
pistol at a speed of 50 m/s. His recoil
speed is

A. 0.5 mm/s *
B. 5 mm/s
C. 5 cm/s
D. 50 cm/s

41. The specific heat of soil is 0.20 kcal/kg-
degC and the specific heat of water is
1.00 kcal/kg-degC. This means that if 1
kg of soil and 1 kg of water each receive
1 kcal of energy, ideally,

A. the water will be warmer than the
soil by 0.8 deg Celsius
B. the soil will be 5 degree Celsius *
C. the water will be 5 degree Celsius
D. the water will warm by 1 degree
Celsius and the soil will warm by
0.2 degree C

42. Under very slow deformation and at high
temperature, it is possible to have some
plastic flow in a crystal at a shear stress
lower than the critical shear stress.
What is this phenomenon called?

A. Creep *
B. Twinning
C. Slip
D. Bending

43. Calculate the volume of 0.3 N base
necessary to neutralize 3 liters of 0.01 N
nitric acid.

A. 0.05 L
B. 0.10 L *
C. 0.15 L
D. 0.20 L

44. Five kg of aluminum (Cv = 0.91 J/gmK)
at 250K are placed in contact with 15
kg of copper (Cv = 0.39 J/gmK). If any
transfer of energy is prevented, what will
be the final temperature of the metals?

A. 321 K *
B. 334 K
C. 341 K
D. 358 K

45. Which element is expected to have a
sea of electrons?

A. Cobalt *
B. Chlorine
C. Hydrogen
D. Oxygen

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46. What is the principle behind why a jet
plane flies in air?

A. The thrust of the jet compensate for
the force of gravity. *
B. The weight of the air whose volume
is equal to the volume of the plane
is more than the weight of the
C. The flow of the air around the wings
causes an upward force, which
compensate for the force of gravity
D. The gravity does not act on the
body moving with high speed.

47. The Bohr model of the atom

A. explained the color lines in the
hydrogen spectrum
B. could not explain the line spectrum
of atoms larger than hydrogen
C. had some made-up rules without
D. all choices are correct *

48. The elements with atomic number of 2,
8, 18, 36 and 54 are all ______.

A. alkali metals
B. halogens
C. noble gases *
D. transition elements
49. The maximum density of water is at
what temperature?

A. 0C
B. 4C *
C. 100C
D. 50C

50. Which of the following statements is

A. Increasing the temperature
decreases the activation energy.
B. The Arrhenius equation can be
used to determine the activation
energy of a reaction. *
C. Activation energy is the difference
in energy between the reactants
and the products.
D. Molecules can collide in any
orientation, and a reaction occurs if
there is enough energy

51. A Carnot refrigerator operates between
two reservoirs. One reservoir is at a
higher temperature, Th and the other is
at a cooler temperature, Tc. What is the
coefficient of performance, COP, of the

A. Th/Tc
B. Th Tc/Th
C. Th/Tc Tc
D. Tc/(Th Tc) *

52. A steel wire has a fundamental
frequency of vibration of 400 Hz. The
fundamental frequency of another steel
wire of the same length and under the
same tension but whose diameter is
twice as great is

A. 100 Hz
B. 200 Hz *
C. 400 Hz
D. 800 Hz

53. Which of the following statements about
cold-worked metal is FALSE?

A. Cold-working a metal significantly
reduces its ductility.
B. Col-working causes a slight
decrease in the density and
electrical conductivity of a metal.
C. There is a considerable increase in
the hardness and the strength of a
cold-worked metal.
D. Cold work decreases the yield point
of the metal. *

54. What is the reason why certain isotopes
have an unstable nucleus?

A. Because the number of protons
outweight the number of neutrons.
B. Because the number of protons
outweight the number of electrons.
C. Because the number of electrons
outweight the number of protons
D. Because the number of neutrons
outweight the number of protons. *

55. The Van der Waals forces of attraction
between molecules is weakest in which

A. Neon
B. Argon
C. Helium *
D. Xenon

56. For a heat engine operating between
two temperatures (T2 > T1), what is the
maximum efficiency attainable?

A. 1 T2/T1
B. 1 T1/T2 *
C. T1/T2
D. T2/T1

57. If 1.0 kg of punch of specific heat
capacity 3.4 k J/kg. C at a temperature
of 5C is poured into a 1.0-kg glass
punch bowl that is at 20C, the final
temperature of the punch is

A. 6C
B. 8C *
C. 10
D. 12C

58. Wave nature of matter is not apparent in
our day to day working because the
wavelength of matter is

A. directly proportional to energy
B. inversely proportional to energy
C. directly proportional to momentum
D. inversely proportional to
momentum *

59. Which of the following is FALSE?

A. Ceramics are inorganic,
nonmetallic solids that are
processed or used at high
B. Metals are chemical elements that
form substances that are opaque,
lustrous, and good conductors of
heat and electricity.
C. Oxides, carbides and nitrides are
considered to be within the classes
of materials known as glasses. *
D. Polymers are formed by many
atoms with low molecular weight,
bonded together by primary
valence bonds.

60. The difference between an echo and a
reverberation is

A. an echo is a reflected sound;
reverberation is not
B. the time interval between the
original sound and the reflected
sound *
C. the amplitude of an echo is much
D. reverberation comes from
acoustical speakers; echoes comes
from cliffs and walls

61. Which combination of elements forms
crystalline solids that will dissolve in
water, producing a solution of ions that
can conduct an electric current?

A. Metal and metal
B. Metal and nonmetal *
C. Nonmetal and nonmetal
D. All choices are correct

62. Two pieces of wire of the same
materials have their lengths in the ratio
of 1:2 and the diameters in the ratio 2:1.
If they are stretched by the equal forces,
elongation will be in the ratio of

A. 1:2
B. 2:1
C. 1:8 *
D. 8:1

63. An object 40 cm from a converging lens
has an image 40 cm away from the lens
on the other side. The focal length of the
lens is
A. 20 cm *
B. 40 cm
C. 60 cm
D. 80 cm

64. When an electron in a hydrogen atom
jumps from an orbit farther from the
nucleus to an orbit closer to the nucleus,

A. emits a single photon with an
energy equal to the energy
difference of the two orbits *
B. emits four photons, one for each of
the color lines observed in the line
spectrum of hydrogen
C. emits a number of photons
dependent on the number of orbit
levels jumped over
D. none of the choices

65. A magnifying glass is to be used at the
fixed object distance of 10.0 mm. If it is
to produce an erect image magnified
5.00 times, its focal length should be

A. + 2.0 mm
B. + 8.0 mm
C. + 12.5 mm *
D. + 50.0 mm

66. When an ideal gas undergoes an
unrestricted expansion, no cooling
occurs because molecules _____.

A. are above the inversion
B. do equal work to lose energy
C. do not exert any attractive force on
each other *
D. collide without any energy loss

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67. Anyone who has whirled a ball on a
sting knows that, if the balls speed is
less than the critical value, the string
goes slack. This critical value is equal to
square root of ______.

A. the twice the product of the length
of string and gravitational
B. the product of the mass,
gravitational acceleration and the
length of string
C. product of the length of string and
gravitational acceleration *
D. Square root of the quantity mass
and gravitational acceleration
divided by the length of the string.

68. What material is usually used for high
resistance thermocouple?

A. Platinum *
B. Palladium
C. Molybdenum
D. Rhodium

69. A football player kicked a football,
football does not behave as a wave
because the de Broglie wavelength
corresponding to football is

A. infinite
B. much greater than the dimensions
of the field but not infinite
C. of the same order as the
dimensions of the field
D. much less than the dimensions of
the fields *

70. According to the activity series for
metals, adding metallic iron to a solution
of aluminum chloride should result to

A. a solution of iron chloride and
metallic aluminum
B. a mixed solution of iron and
aluminum chloride
C. the formation of iron hydroxide with
hydrogen given off
D. no metal replacement reaction *

71. A gas is compressed from 5 L to 3 L
under an average pressure of 2 bars.
During the compression 0.3 kJ of heat is
given off. The internal energy of the gas

A. decreases by 0.1 kJ
B. is unchanged
C. increases by 0.1 kJ *
D. increases by 0.4 kj

72. A man invested in two investments with
the same present worth but of unequal
lives. He is expecting to have ______.

A. identical salvage values
B. different salvage values
C. identical equivalent uniform annual
cash flows
D. different equivalent uniform annual
cash flows *

73. What is the origin of the energy
conservation equation used in flow

A. Newtons first law of motion
B. Newtons second law of motion
C. The first law of thermodynamics *
D. The second law of thermodynamics

74. Which is not a property of Molybdenum?

A. It has very low tendency for oxide
formation *
B. It is used extensively in mercury
C. It has lower melting point than
D. It is wetted by mercury

75. Which one of the following is standard
temperature and pressure (STP)?

A. 0 K and one atmosphere pressure
B. 0 degree Fahrenheit and zero
C. 0 degree Celsius and atmosphere
pressure *
D. 100 degree Celsius and zero

76. The quantum mechanics model of the
atom is based on

A. the quanta, or measured amounts
of energy of a moving particle
B. the energy of a standing electron
wave that can fit into an orbit *
C. calculations of the energy of the
three-dimensional shape of a
circular orbit of an electron particle
D. Newtons law of motion, but scaled
down to the size of electron particle

77. Substance A has a pH of 2 and
substance B has a pH of 3. This means

A. substance A has more basic
properties than substance B
B. substance B has more acidic
properties than substance A
C. substance A is ten times more
acidic than substance B *
D. substance B is ten times more
acidic than substance A

78. A fish frozen in the clear ice (n=1.3) of a
frozen lake appears to be 40 cm below
the surface. Its actual depth is

A. 31 cm
B. 46 cm
C. 52 cm *
D. 80 cm

79. On what plane is the Mollier diagram

A. p-V
B. p-T
C. s-u
D. h-s *

80. The nuclear force is

A. attractive when nucleons are closer
than 10^-15 m *
B. repulsive when nucleons are closer
than 10^-15 m
C. attractive when nucleons are
farther than 10^-15 m
D. repulsive when nucleons are farther
than 10^-15 m

81. During wet season, some roads in Metro
Manila have coefficient of frictions
reduced to half their usual values. Under
this condition, the maximum safe
velocity for rounding the curves of these
roads will reduce to ____ of its usual

A. 69 %
B. 50 %
C. 25 %
D. 71 % *

82. An acid solution of unknown
concentration is to be titrated with a
standardized hydroxide solution that will
be released from a buret. The buret
should be rinsed with _____.

A. a sample of the hydrogen solution *
B. a neutral salt solution
C. distilled water at room temperature
D. hot distilled water

83. What is another term for work

A. Strain hardening *
B. Stress hardening
C. Function hardening
D. Substance hardening

84. Based on the Bohr-Sommerfeld model
of atom, what electron orbital
momentum state is it if the angular
momentum is equal to 1?

A. D state
B. S state
C. P state *
D. G state

85. The rate of radioactive decay can be
increased by increasing the

A. pressure
B. temperature
C. size of the sample *
D. all of the above

86. Which of the following materials have
the largest ultimate strength for tension?

A. Copper *
B. Aluminum
C. Iron
D. Pine wood (parallel to grain)

87. Light leaves a slab of transparent
material whose index of refraction is 2.0
at an angle of refraction of 0. The angle
of incidence is

A. 0 *
B. 30
C. 45
D. 90

88. Which of the following units are
measures of rates?

A. amp and volt
B. coulomb and joule
C. volt and watt
D. amp and watt *

89. Which quantity below is known as the
single payment present worth factor?
The symbol ^ represents exponentiation.

A. (1 + i)^
B. (1 + i)^

C. (1 + i)
D. 1/[(1 + i)^n 1]

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90. How is the material purchase price
variance defined?

A. (quantity purchased x actual price)
(quantity purchased x standard
price) *
B. (quantity issued standard
quantity)(standard price)
C. (actual price standard
price)(quantity used)
D. (quantity purchased quantity
used)(actual price)

91. KBP Code imposes what penalties for
stations committing a grave offense for
the second time during radio

A. P 40,000 *
B. P 30,000
C. P 50,000
D. P 20,000

92. What is work-in-process classified as?

A. An asset *
B. A liability
C. An expense
D. A revenue

93. The gradient series cash flow increases
by G each year until t = n, which time
the final cash flow is _____. The symbol
^ represents exponentiation.

A. (n 1)G *
B. n(G)
C. (1 + G)^

D. n(1+G)

94. If a Carnot engine exhausts heat at
140F is to have an efficiency of 33%, it
must take in heat at

A. 200F
B. 440F *
C. 660F
D. 900F

95. Which of the following thermodynamic
relations is incorrect?

A. TdS = dU + pdV
B. TdS = dH Vdp
C. U = Q W
D. H = U pV *

96. A man borrows P 100,000 at a rate of
6% compounded continuously for 5
years. How much must be pay annually
if money is compounded continuously?

A. P 22,591.22
B. P 23,859.87 *
C. P 24,385.29
D. P 25,338.16

97. Adding sodium chloride to water raises
the boiling point of water because

A. sodium chloride has a higher
boiling point
B. sodium chloride ion occupy space
at the water surface *
C. sodium chloride ions have stronger
ion-ion bonds than water
D. the energy of hydration is higher

98. If the shear stress in a fluid varies
linearly with the velocity gradient, which
of the following describes the fluid?

A. It is inviscid.
B. It is a perfect gas.
C. It is a Newtonian gas. *
D. It has a constant viscosity.

99. The greenhouse effect results in warmer
temperature near the surface because

A. clouds trap infrared radiation near
the surface
B. some of the energy is re-radiated
back toward the surface *
C. carbon dioxide molecules do not
permit the re-radiation to leave
D. carbon dioxide and water vapor
both trap infrared radiation

100. What would happen to the energy of a
photon if its wavelength were reduced
by a factor of 2?

A. It would increase by a factor of 2. *
B. It would increase by a factor of 4.
C. It would decrease by a factor of 2.
D. It would decrease by a factor of 4.