Load a object repository in QTP during runtime we can add object repository at runtime in 2 different ways: 1.

when u write below syntax in Action1 Syntax: RepositoriesCollection.Add(Path) Ex: RepositoriesCollection.Add(E:\OR\ObjRes.tsr) if write in Action1 it will automatically add the Object Respository to the Action1 (i.e Edit Menu-->Action-->Action Properties-->Associate Repository tab) at runtime. no need to add the object repository before running. 2. Add the object repository at runtime by using AOM (Automated Object Model) Ex: Dim qtAppn Dim qtObjRes Set qtAppn = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") qtAppn.Launch qtAppn.Visible = True qtApp.Open "E:\Test\Test2", False, False Set qtObjRes = qtApp.Test.Actions ("Login").ObjectRepositories qtObjRes.Add "E:\OR\ObjRes.tsr", 1 The above example Add the Object Repository(ObjRes.tsr) to the "Login" action in Test2. Here also no need to add the object repository in Test2. 3.This code with work definitely... Public Function LoadUnloadTsr(sTsrMap) Dim qtApp, qtRepositories Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ActionName = Environment("ActionName") ' am just getting the action name Set qtRepositories = qtApp.Test.Actions(ActionName).ObjectRepositories ‘just creating an object in order to access repositories of the above said qtRepositories.RemoveAll ' removing all previously associated repositories. qtRepositories.Add sTsrMap,1 ' Action the repositort.


Set qtApp = Nothing End Function For single Repository: sTsrMap = "C:Bottom.tsr" Call LoadUnloadTsr (sTsrMap) For Multiple Repository Dim sTsrMap sTsrMap=Array(“C:1.tsr”,”C:2.tsr”) For i=0 to Ubound(sTsrMap) Call LoadUnloadTsr (i) Next 4. The following example clears the run-time list of associated shared object repositories and then use the Add method to add the specified object repository to that list. RepPath = "\MercurySORSMySharedObjectRepository.tsr" RepositoriesCollection.RemoveAll() RepositoriesCollection.Add(RepPath) Pos = RepositoriesCollection.Find(RepPath) RepositoriesCollection.Remove(Pos) RepositoriesCollection.Add(RepPath) Window("Microsoft Word").WinObject("Microsoft Word Document").Click Pos = RepositoriesCollection.Find(RepPath) 5.Another way: ' Declare the Application object variable Dim qtApp 'As QuickTest.Application Dim qtRepositories 'As QuickTest.ObjectRepositories ' Declare an action's object repositories collection variable Dim lngPosition ' Open

' Create the Application object QuickTest Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Launch qtApp.Launch ' Set QuickTest to be visible QuickTest qtApp.Visible = True ' Get the action's object repositories collection Set qtRepositories = qtApp.Test.Actions("action_name").ObjectRepositories ' Get the object repositories collection object of the action ' Add MainApp.tsr if it's not already in the collection If qtRepositories.Find("your tsrfile.tsr") = -1 Then ' If the repository cannot be found in the collection ' Add the repository to the collection qtRepositories.Add "your tsr file.tsr", 1 End If