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Stephanie Pacheco Albano

Summary/Evaluation Essay
July, 9th

Global Warming And His Consequences Around The World


The climate is constantly in change, a consequence of global warming and our bad
actions. Here will be put forward two articles talking about global warming consequences.
The first one is talking about flash floods and was written by Matt McGrath from BBC News
Science & Environment. The second is exposing wildfires written by Katherine Harmon from
Scientific American. Both are good articles and each one has strengths and weak points, but
has their value.

Article #1: Climate change to boost summer flash floods, says study

According to the article Climate change to boost summer flash floods, says study by
Matt McGrath, could be five times more of extreme rainfall events and these are causing
really severe flash floodings in UK. This results by only a computer model, and its the
scientists caution about that subject. These flash floodings has had devastating impacts on
communities what encouraged scientists to resarch about how global warming might affect
these events. They used 1.5km grid spacings instead of the normal 12km. The results showed
and increase rainfall and found that summers would be drier overall in the summer, there
could be five times more hourly than the common. Reveals that global warming will make
downpours more frequent during Britishs summers.

Stephanie Pacheco Albano
Summary/Evaluation Essay
July, 9th

Article #2: Wildfires Fuel Climate Change

The article Wildfires Fuel Climate Changes by Katherine Harmon discuss the
contribution of warmer climate increasing fires and resulting more greenhouse gases. The
wildfires used to be just a result of climate change, but now its more than that. Theyre also
contributing to the overall warming trend in a unithinkable way. Fires are accepted as natural
parts of carbon and climatic cycles and his use in massive scale results in a greater impact. As
a large force fire has much power of devastation and high levels of his activity can change the
climate. Theyre getting bigger and stronger resulting in dries summers, which are only
poised to get worse with climate change. The next time is create models to research and
understand phenomenons like these. They also pose a risk of upsetting new carbon trading
schemes and they can release huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere with one
fell poof.

Evaluation of Article #1:

The article Climate change to boost summer flash floods, says study is good. The
title is according to the subject and has good information, but I dont think its totally reliable.
The research was made with only one computer model. Is a new tecnhology, but is the first
time this experiment happens and there arent other results to compare. And if theyre wrong?
Its necessary more research to have a conclusion like the exposed in the article. It was a little
repetitive, nothing that disturbs the fluidity but could be more direct with less paragraphs.
Maybe is because its an article published in online news.

Stephanie Pacheco Albano
Summary/Evaluation Essay
July, 9th

Evaluation of Article #2:

Another repetitive article, but with more credibility. Wildfires Fuel Climate Change
has good information bases on real facts, bringing up interesting hypothesis and an alert to
humanity. A natural part of earth that possibly affects the greenhouse gases. The argument has
bases and I agree that researchs to help understands these effects are very important. In fact,
the climate is changing and we need to understand whats happening to the earth so we can
help it.


Global warming is a fact we cant deny. The climate is changing everyday. Many natural
disasters are occurring and humanity is in dangerous. Not just the humanity, but all live
creatures. Were suffering an increase of temperature, and maybe some species won't survive
this. In both articles we see alarming situations. In one side we see flash floods, a result of the
increase of sea levels. In the other we see wildfires. Water and fire. Both natural elements.
Both involved in global warming. Maybe it can be a natural cause, but I dont think so.
Humanity, unfortunately, is contributing and is necessary to running out of time to try to fix
this. To save our planet.

Stephanie Pacheco Albano
Summary/Evaluation Essay
July, 9th


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