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Book Title : The Fanged King

Designed Activities : Role play

Level : Advanced Learners
Teaching Aided Materials : A fake fangs, a wooden senduk, kain pelikat, fake chains, fake
sword, a boar mask (refer Appendix A).
1. Teacher divides students into 6 groups.
2. Teacher gives each group a different cut of scenes from the story The Fanged King.
3. The scene cut is labeled from 1 to 6.
4. Teacher distribute the items that will be used in the scene:
A fake fangs that represent the king, a wooden senduk represent the royal chef, kain
pelikat represent villagers, fake chains represent prisoner, fake sword represent royal
guard, a mask that represent the boar.
5. One student from each group will be the narrator while the other will act as the
6. Students will be given 5 minutes to come up with their own dialogue that is suitable with
their characters and scene.
7. The dialogue need to be in one sentence only.
8. Students will present their act according to the sequence of the story.
9. Group with the scene cut labeled with number 1 will start first and followed with the
group with scene cut labeled 2,3,4,5 and 6.
10. Teacher guides students throughout the activity.

Book Title : Work & Play
Designed Activities :
Level : Elementary Learners
Teaching Aided Materials : Slideshow presentation, handouts (refer Appendix B & C).
1. Teacher distributes handouts for each student.
2. Teacher explains to students that they need to fill in the blank in their handouts according
to what they will see in the slideshow.
3. Teacher shows the slide show containing the story of Work & Play.
(Certain objects and animals in the story will be replaced with pictures)
4. Teacher read the story to students.
5. Teacher pauses at the picture and asks students what is this?
6. Teacher tells students to write their answer in the space provided in the handout.
7. Teacher discusses the answer with students after they had finished answering.

Book Title : The Crane and The Snake
Designed Activities : Picture Strips
Level : Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Learners.
Teaching Aided Materials : Pictures and strips of selected scenes (refer Appendix D).
This activity consists of three stages:
a) First Stage
1. For the first stage, students only need to match the strip from the story The Crane
and The Snake with the pictures of four selected scenes.
2. Teacher pastes pictures of 4 selected scenes on the white board.
3. Teacher prepares a box filled with strips from the story.
4. Teacher asks for volunteers to come to the front and pick a strip from the box.
5. Teacher tells students to read the strip loudly and paste it at the right picture on the
white board.
6. Teacher discusses the answers with whole class.

b) Second Stage
1. For the second stage, students need to fill in the blank with suitable words based on
the given pictures.
2. Teacher pastes the strips containing the cut scene from the story.
3. A few words will be take out and left blank.
4. Teacher will randomly pick a student at a time to come to the front.
5. Students need to put in proper words in the blanks to complete the story.
6. Each student will be asked to fill in only one blank.
7. The process is repeated with teacher calling another student to the front.
8. Teacher discusses the answer when all the blanks are filled with words.

c) Third Stage
1. The last stage, students will be asked to come up with a sentence to describe the
2. Teacher randomly picks a student and asks the student to make a sentence that
describes any picture on the white board.
3. The process is repeated with different students.