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Set List singers Chorus? Score available?

#1 Willkommen (underscore) Allen L. no yes

#2a Instruction to the audience
Allen L.
no yes
#2b Let me (us) entertain you Allen L. Full chorus needs arranging
#3 I hope I get it Mara Fraccaro Full chorus yes
#4 The understudy Mara Fraccaro no yes
#5 Sing!
Shannon Halliwell
Blake Beckemeyer Full chorus yes
#6 Girls in 14G
1. Madison Angus
2. Katie Cochrane
3. Madison Arsenault
(scat) no yes
#7 Altos's lament needs arranging
#8a Me
Ben Braz (gaston)
Catherine St-Arnaud
(belle) no yes
#8b The Mob Song Ben Braz (gaston) Ful chorus yes
#9 Poor Unfortunate Souls
Shannon H. (ursula)
Erica Lee Martin (ariel) no yes
#10 Brimstone & treacle
Catherine St-Arnaud
Erica Lee Martin (m.
andrews) no yes
#11 Mama I'm a big girl now
Rebecca townsend
Katie Cochrane
Samantha Hart
Girl Chorus
+ Madison Arsenault
+ Courtney Dugan
+ Madison Angus
(as the three mothers) yes
#12a Dear old Shiz Madison Angue (glinda) Full chorus yes
#12b What is this feeling
Madison Angus
Courtney Dugan
(elphaba) Full chorus yes
#13a Mama who bore me Shannon Taylor (wendla)no yes
#13b Mama who bore me (reprise)
Rebecca townsend
Katie Cochrane (thea)
Samantha Hart (ilse)
Courtney Dugan
(martha) no yes
#14 Da-Doo Allen Girl Chorus needs arranging
Mezzo Chorus
#15 You could drive a person crazy
(Martha) Rebecca
(April) Courtney Dugan
(Kathy) Madison
Arsenault no yes
#16 There's a fine fine line Mara Fraccaro (Kate) no yes
#17 Taylor the latte boy Shannon Taylor no yes
#18 My Own Best Friend
Claire Martinez
Rachel Weinfeld Girl Chorus yes
#19 As Long as he needs me Adena Cahill (Nancy) no yes
#20 Musical Theatre Boys
Rachel Weinfeld
Adena Cahill no yes
#21 Wash that man outta my hair needs arranging
#22a All I ask of you
Stephen Deturbide
Rachel Mundy
(christine) no yes
#22b All I ask of you (reprise)
Christopher Jackson
(phantom) no yes
#23a Epiphany Peter Bass no yes
#23b A little priest Shannon Halliwell no yes
#24 Your Fault
Christopher Jackson
Courtney Dugan
Shannon taylor
patrick simms (baker)
Katie Cochrane (little
red) Into the woods cast you guys have it!
#25 Tonight quintet
Blake Beckermeyer
Patrick Simms (Riff)
Claire Martinez (Anita)
Catherine St-Arnaud
Ben Braz (Bernardo)
Boy (and Mezzo) Chorus
Ben Braz
Christopher Jackson
Peter B.
Courtney D.
Adena C.
Patrick S.
Stephen D.
Allen L.
Erica Lee M.
Samantha H.
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#26 Do you hear the people sing yes
#27 Bows & Exit Music N/A
Girl Chorus
Full chorus
Full chorus